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01:41 Ycros Hi, are there any good tools for bulk-editing MARC data? (either from the raw MARC XML format or the MARC format itself)
01:41 chris there are a couple of freeware tools
01:42 chris which would be so much cooler if they were actually free software
01:42 chris but there is MarcEdit
01:42 chris and the Marc utils from ptfs
01:42 chris both can do bulk, they both are developed for windows tho, and only slightly work on linux
01:43 chris but if you have access to a windows machine
01:43 chris[…]it/html/index.php
01:43 chris would probably be my pick
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01:46 Ycros chris: yeah, free software preferable. Hmm, okay will look into those, thanks
01:47 chris if you do find a free software one, id love to know about it .. id love if either of the tools (marcedit or[…]tadata-converter)
01:47 chris would release under a free software license
01:48 chris hi irmalibraries
01:51 eythian chris: any chance of finding friendly sponsors to get together to get one written? How hard could it be? ;)
01:51 Ycros chris: I'm actually working with irmalibraries :)
01:51 chris eythian: the thing is, the marc utilites is perl, using a lot of the same modules we use
01:52 chris its really frustrating
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01:52 larsw note to self: this is not vi, control-w does not delete a word here *sigh*
01:52 chris heh
01:52 chris Ycros: ahh cool ;)
01:52 chilts heh
01:53 larsw chris, so looks to me like most of the code is already out there, and is free, so only the actual app code to do bulk editing would be needed, to write a truly free app... just needs to find someone to sponsor the development, or willing to do it themselves
01:53 chris yeah
01:53 Ycros chris: just trying to work out an easy way of bulk editing/cleaning up data - either new stuff that's being imported or already inside koha
01:53 chris i usually end up scripting
01:53 larsw I know nothing about anything related to libraries, so couldn't even start to estimate, but I would assume it would be less than two weeks of full time work
01:54 chris larsw: you are most likely right
01:55 chris_n larsw: I saw a vi irc client script once
01:55 irmalibraries hi all .. distracted for a minute ...
01:55 chris_n iirc it did not work so swell
01:56 Ycros chris: well scripting is the previous solution that one of the other developers irma was working with was using. As in, spitting things out in a csv/tsv format, then irma would edit that inside a spreadsheet app
01:56 chris eek
01:57 chris_n double-eek
01:57 chris i was more meaning using MARC::Batch and MARC::Record etc
01:57 Ycros yes, I gathered :)
01:57 chris i can send you a script
01:58 chris that does a bulk update of isbns
01:58 chris as an example
01:58 * chris_n was thining of loading lots of marc records into a spreadsheet and trying to stay sane
01:58 chris and one that groups together marc records
01:58 chris using isbn
01:58 chris (ie removes duplicates)
02:01 chris if you pm an email address ill send it along it might help out
02:01 Ycros chris: is it possible to get a tabular view in MarcEdit somehow?
02:01 chris havent used it in years
02:01 Ycros ah :)
02:01 chris so im not the best person to ask
02:03 chris larsw: yep, all the work would be UI
02:03 Ycros indeed
02:05 chilts every time I've tried GTK2 in Perl, I got bogged down in creating the UI :(
02:05 chilts one day though :)
02:08 eythian chilts: libopengl-perl
02:09 chilts not sure they're the same thing (or were you just pointing it out?)
02:10 eythian they're not the same thing, just hinting that an opengl editor would be neat :)
02:10 chris patches accepted eythian  :)
02:11 chilts :)
02:13 Ycros chilts: Design the UI using glade, and then just load up the glade file
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02:14 chilts Ycros: past experience points to never using a UI editor ... but I guess I have to re-evaluate that one (it's been a long time since I started believing that)
02:15 Ycros nooo, GUI design sohuld be done in a GUI :)
02:15 Ycros it's much easier, it's very tedious to do everything by hand
02:16 larsw glade is totally the way to go
02:16 larsw (not that I have experience with perl+gtk, but I have some with python+gtk)
02:18 Ycros yeah, I'm also a Python guy :)
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02:21 chilts yeah, you guys are probably right :)
02:22 * chilts still has nightmares from a previous project
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03:40 Amit_G hi chris
03:40 Amit_G good morning #koha
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04:57 kf good morning #koha
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05:02 Amit_G heya kf
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05:03 kf hi Amit_G
05:03 hdl_laptop hi
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05:13 kf hi hdl_laptop
05:13 hdl_laptop see you
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05:20 CGI649 Hi
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05:36 Amit_G Hi all, how to revert last commit via git
06:17 kf which koha version added multi marc support?
06:18 kf I m not sure, but I think I have a mistake here in my presentation hm
06:19 kf hm, ok, koha history.txt says  98 September 25 2002        Koha 1.3.0 released - Mulitple MARC flavours supported
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06:46 Joandgeorge Irma: are you about?
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06:58 paul_p hello world
06:59 kf good morning paul_p
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07:05 Amit_G heya paul_p
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07:27 chris kf: 1.3.0 was the first one that supported unimarc and marc21 .. but the 3 means its was a development release
07:28 chris so the first producton release was 2.0.0
07:49 kf chris: so 2.0.0 is correct?
07:49 chris for stable yes
07:49 chris 1.3.0 was the first development release
07:49 chris for it
07:54 kf now im confused :)
07:56 chris ok, so the second number in our numbers is how you tell if it is a stable or development release
07:56 chris even numbers = stable
07:56 chris eg 3.0.x 3.2.x, 3.4.x etc
07:56 chris orignally 2.0.0 was going to be 1.4.0
07:57 kf ok
07:57 chris but it was so major, we decided to call it 2.0.0 instead
07:57 kf I changed it to 2.0 on my slide
07:57 chris so leading up to 2.0.0 we did some 1.3.x releases
07:57 chris but they were for testing
07:57 chris not to use in a real library
07:58 kf ah :) thx chris!
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09:29 chris anyone have a minute to test something for me?
09:38 magnus chris: ask, don't ask to ask ;-)
09:40 chris heh
09:40 kf magnus++ ;)
09:40 chris http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]
09:40 chris vs
09:40 chris http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]
09:41 magnus same results, different facets?
09:42 chris the facets change if you reload
09:42 chris :82 is not using apache
09:42 chris its nginx and fastcgi
09:42 chris port 80 is apache
09:47 magnus :82 seemed slightly faster, but now i get "502 Bad Gateway"
09:48 chris yup, ive busted it :)
09:48 chris cool slightly faster was what i was going for
09:49 magnus just my impression, 502 popped up just as i was trying to measure it with firebug
09:49 chris slightly faster and 1/1000th the resources
09:49 magnus heh, that's a nice number!
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09:58 chris 502 gone away?
10:00 magnus nope
10:06 chris right, plan b
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10:22 * magnus sneaks out to get a breath of fresh air
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10:43 kf sorry, was at lunch
10:48 chris right
10:48 chris http://opac.koha.workbuffer.or[…]
10:48 chris hopefully no more 502's
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10:54 magnus sorry chris, i'm still getting 502'd
11:08 chris dang it
11:08 chris ah well it mostly works, i just have to learn more about threading and sockets and fastcgi
11:08 chris Amit_G: i see you just registered for kohacon .. are you coming?
11:08 * chris hopes so
11:08 Amit_G chris: i m planning
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11:15 Amit_G heya nicomo
11:15 nicomo hi Amit_G
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12:31 kf have you seen that?
12:31 kf my presentation has too many slides for another screenshot :( I need more time!
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13:13 chris_n g'morning
13:14 kf good morning chris_n
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14:54 * chris_n thinks its awful quiet in here today
14:54 chris_n @wunder 28334
14:54 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 13.9�C (10:49 AM EDT on April 14, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 35%. Dew Point: -1.0�C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1019.9 hPa (Steady).
14:59 wizzyrea @quote random
14:59 munin wizzyrea: Quote #45: "<CGI988> sekjal - you are a genious!!!!! asking me about the browser!!!! yes it's the #$%$#%$#ing IE was messing my cataloguing, oh I hate miscrosoft, the evil!" (added by gmcharlt at 02:00 PM, November 05, 2009)
14:59 wizzyrea hehe
15:06 chris_n it's M$ attempt to "govern" the rest of the software world through force that is so nasty
15:07 chris_n if they want their unique implementations and closed source, they can have it; just as long as they keep it to themselves :)
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16:38 len hello everyone, aparently migrating to zebra has been more complicated than expected, especially for the authorities. Now when I search an authority I always see 0 biblios like the authority is not used. In the zebra log there is a strange error: Search biblios ERROR 114 1 1+0 RPN @attrset Bib-1 @attr "1=Koha-Auth-Number" 50. Any ideeas?
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16:45 Nouman hi
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17:01 len aparently for each authority found, another query @attrset Bib-1 @attr "1=Koha-Auth-Number" id_authority is done
17:02 len with returns an error 114
17:06 wizzyrea len:[…]faq/searching/#18 all of these things are ok?
17:08 len yes
17:08 len I've commented the entry in crontab and executed by hand the rebuild to check for errors
17:09 len there is none, except the warn related to Heading-Main and Any
17:09 len and yes, as koha user, checked also permissions on the zebradb dirs
17:13 len the problem seems similar to the one described at the end of this bug:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1906
17:13 munin Bug 1906: normal, P3, ---,, RESOLVED WORKSFORME, Zebra Authority search fails with a new (from git) Koha installation
17:14 len but there is no solution, and the bug is old and resolved
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17:35 len can the problem be in zebra version?
17:36 len I have idzebra-2.0.34
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18:19 chris_n nice:
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18:28 owen Wow that's kinda making my brain hurt
18:34 Nouman joined #koha
18:39 wizzyrea oh man, that's great... but yea, wow brain hurt
18:40 * wizzyrea is in backwards world
18:41 wizzyrea backwards for me anyway
18:41 wizzyrea normal for some
18:43 chris_n yeah... they did a spectacular job imho
18:46 wizzyrea it looks really great, and it all works which is even better :D
18:48 fredericd joined #koha
18:48 fredericd hi
18:49 * chris_n notices a watch-dog script he wrote has begun to spam his inbox :-P
18:49 chris_n hi fredericd
18:56 chris morning
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19:00 magnus morning chris
19:04 chris_n g'morning chris
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19:08 chris_n between js, perl, catalyst, dbic, and php I'm about to go stark, raving mad
19:13 len even after installing last version of zebra same error
19:13 len lost ...
19:15 chris_n len: I'm not familiar with authorities as we don't use them presently, but you might want to post to the list
19:16 len is there a way not to use them?
19:17 len most of the biblios are manualy entered (not using z3950)
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19:17 len and the process of entering an authority before each biblio is a bit long
19:17 chris there certainly is len
19:17 chris what you need to do is go to the marc frameworks
19:18 chris (under administration)
19:18 len ok
19:19 chris[…]?ch=x3614#AEN3617
19:19 chris scroll down to
19:19 wizzyrea oki
19:19 chris so what you do is find the subfiled you want to turn the authorities off on
19:20 chris say 100a
19:20 chris and switch the thesaurus to blank (instead of what its set to now)
19:23 len yes, the problem is that now there will be no more check for typos
19:23 len I tried using BibliosAddAuthority to true and the effect was that a lot of duplicated authors are found
19:26 len but thank you anyway, it's always good to know ;)
19:27 chris :)
19:28 chris i think the way to use them best
19:28 chris is to load all the authorities at the start
19:28 chris from some big authorities file
19:30 len I agree with you, but this is not the case here :(
19:39 brendan joined #koha
19:41 chris_n wb brendan
19:41 brendan :)
19:45 magnus g'night #koha
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20:02 cait good night #koha
20:02 cait :)
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20:11 owen good night #koha
20:12 owen :)
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20:43 len good night
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22:17 chris hmm my server at home is having issues
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22:36 larsw does Koha keep a changelog of any sort in the source tree?
23:57 chris it used to back in the days of cvs
23:58 chris but not anymore i dont think
23:59 larsw yeah, I can't find one
23:59 larsw release notes (NEWS files) might be a good idea

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