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00:15 redmr i did a controlled fresh install of 3.2 alpha and upon my 1st web installer page, i got an error not found.    Is that a preqreq?  I only installed the ...yaml-syck module as listed in Makefile.PL
00:16 redmr either way i added the Yaml module and the installer begins fine.
00:17 redmr I'm sure everyone here is enjoying National Library Week
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01:22 chris
01:26 chilts nice site, it's simple but it works :)
01:26 chilts the words take on more meaning
01:26 chris "You can see why we choose Koha to manage your library because it is the best."
01:28 eythian Needs a comma :)
01:28 eythian or a semicolon
01:29 gmcharlt dunno, the ambiguity could flatter Koha *and* the library contemplating Koha
01:30 eythian gmcharlt: ooh, good point.
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02:35 wajasu i'm staging records into 3.2alpha.  When you hit the manage stage records link, and it gives a page with a table with all the records imported, thats a bit too much if you stage 16000 records.
02:35 wajasu it used to only show 100 or so at a time.
02:36 wajasu show that be left that way?
03:37 larsw does Koha still insist on the sax parser to be XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser? I am following INSTALL.debian-lenny, whcih tells me to run misc/, which tells me I have XML::SAX::Expat instead
03:37 larsw this is from a fairly recent git version
03:38 larsw on Debian squeeze
03:38 chris afaik, the MARC::File::XML module we use depends on LibXML
03:38 chris ill check that though
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05:10 brendan heya Amit_G
05:11 Amit_G hi brendan
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06:58 kf good morning #koha
06:58 kf chris: around?
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07:26 Amit_G heya kf
07:29 kf hi Amit
07:48 chris am now kf
07:48 chris whats up?
07:48 kf new translation problems (
07:48 kf I will add a screenshot to the bug
07:49 chris righto
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08:32 magnus g'day #koha
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12:18 jwagner G'morning all....
12:19 chris hi jwagner
12:21 jwagner chris, aren't you up awfully late?
12:21 jwagner (and hi)
12:23 magnus or awfully early...
12:23 chris its not too bad
12:24 chris 12.30am
12:24 chris will be going to sleep soon
12:25 * jwagner could use a nap and I've only been at work for an hour....
12:25 gmcharlt good morning
12:26 jwagner morning, gmcharlt
12:31 chris i have an annoying cough that is keeping me awake
12:32 * jwagner sends chris tea, sympathy, and cough drops
12:33 chris_n g'morning all
12:34 owen 12.30am is about when my boy was up for the 4th time... *yawn*
12:34 owen He sleeps with a flashlight *and* a sword and still won't get a drink of water by himself.
12:35 * owen thinks Maybe a bigger sword...
12:35 chris_n hehe
12:36 chris_n we woke up the other night to the sound of what we thought was a nest of baby mice... it turned out to be a nest of baby rabbits directly under the porch
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13:07 kf hi #koha
13:08 wajasu morning
13:08 jwagner Guten tag, kf
13:09 kf hi jwagner
13:09 chris_n heya kf
13:09 kf heya chris_n
13:11 kf chris_n: I have a question about use of <fine></fine> in html notices, I tested with EUR and the result was not really readable (strange characters instead of EUR or €)
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13:11 DRUlm Hell-o
13:14 jdavidb hi, kf.  :)
13:14 jdavidb mornin', DRUlm. :)
13:14 jdavidb @quote random
13:14 munin jdavidb: Quote #36: "<pianohacker> first, burn the perl book" (added by jdavidb at 03:12 PM, September 25, 2009)
13:16 kf hi jdavid :)
13:18 DRUlm Hey, what is the new, I hear all of the dudes carry it?
13:18 DRUlm (I mean "news" not new)
13:18 DRUlm (David Bowie reference)
13:19 * jdavidb watched a much-younger-than-now Bowie in _Labyrinth_ a couple of days ago.
13:20 DRUlm Yeah, pretty good. Any news in Koha-land?
13:20 chris_n kf: I'll setup and test it in a bit... it worked fine with several symbols on my dev machine when I did that work
13:20 chris_n @seen pianohacker
13:20 munin chris_n: pianohacker was last seen in #koha 3 weeks, 5 days, 18 hours, 10 minutes, and 59 seconds ago: <pianohacker> that's all :)
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13:24 kf chris_n: no problem, I just wondered if I my configuration was wrong.
13:39 chris_n kf: here's what it looks like from here
13:39 chris_n The following item(s) is/are currently overdue and are accruing fines:
13:39 chris_n "A Short History of Western Civilization" by Harrison, John B, 909.09821 H2451, Barcode: JL08030003 Current fine: �2,25
13:39 chris_n Thank-you for your prompt attention to this matter.
13:39 chris_n so I'd guess its something local
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13:41 kf chris_n: oh, how does your entry in notices look likeß
13:42 kf chris_n: I got   €0,00
13:42 chris_n The following item(s) is/are currently overdue and are accruing fines:
13:42 chris_n <item>"<<biblio.title>>" by <<>>, <<items.itemcallnumber>>, Barcode: <<items.barcode>> Current fine: <fine>EUR</fine></item>
13:42 chris_n Thank-you for your prompt attention to this matter.
13:43 kf <item><<biblio.title>> / <<>>, <<items.itemcallnumber>>, Barcode: <<items.barcode>> Gebühr: <fine>EUR</fine></item>
13:43 chris_n looks ok
13:44 kf I got the same result for html notices (print) and email
13:44 kf this is a weird week, I should not be surprised
13:45 chris_n hmm... in the message_queue table I have this: Current fine: �2,25
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13:46 chris_n but it appears fine in the recipient's email client
13:46 hilongo Hello #Koha  :)
13:46 hilongo How's all that magic going?
13:47 kf chris_n: ok, perhaps our cpan module is too old or something?
13:49 chris_n kf: I don't think so, I require 1.28 in the 'use'
13:49 chris_n so it would throw and error if you had a different version
13:50 kf chris_n: I checked the message_queue table (using the report module) and there its € too
13:51 chris_n checking with a different mysql client displays the EUR symbol correctly
13:52 chris_n I'd imagine its a utf8 issue, but that's a guess
13:52 chris_n I wonder if anyone else who is using the overdue notice and running code from HEAD or alpha could test?
13:53 kf chris_n: our installation is near to current head, missing only the last patches
13:55 chris_n owen: about?
13:55 owen Yes
13:55 chris_n are you setup to test the overdue notices with the currency formatting?
13:56 * chris_n is trying to verify kf 's issue
13:57 owen Unfortunately no
14:00 kf chris_n: thanks :)
14:00 jwagner paul_p, online?
14:00 paul_p jwagner, yes I do
14:01 chris_n kf: I'll see if I can get someone else to verify the status of this and get back to you
14:03 kf chris_n: thx for your help. I really like that feature, the library will be very happy too.
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14:11 len hello everybody
14:13 len I have a follow up question regarding yesterday talk about nozebra to zebra migration
14:15 len I migrated to zebra, done a rebuild_zebra, fixed authorities search as described here:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3072
14:15 munin Bug 3072: major, P5, ---,, NEW, 'Heading-Main' authority-index breaks authority searching in STABLE
14:16 len and I have added -b -a -z in crontab
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14:16 len however new entries are not indexed and cannot be found, I have to reindex everything each time with -b -a
14:17 len any ideeas?
14:28 chris_n len: you need to setup a cron job to run rebuild_zebra
14:29 chris_n hold on and I'll post an example
14:29 len oui
14:29 len sorry
14:29 len yes, I've setup already one
14:29 len */10 * * * * /usr/share/koha304/bin/migra​tion_tools/ -b -a >/dev/null
14:30 chris_n /home/koha/​ration_tools/ -a -b -z
14:30 len the problem is that I've tried  */10 * * * * /usr/share/koha304/bin/migra​tion_tools/ -b -a -z >/dev/null as in the doc and it does not work
14:30 len I've tried by hand and with -z nothing is reindexed
14:31 chris_n just to check: this is being run as your kohauser?
14:31 len yes
14:31 chris_n run this -a -b -z -v
14:31 len running with -v
14:31 len gives me
14:32 len Zebra configuration information
14:32 len ================================
14:32 len Zebra biblio directory      = /usr/share/koha304/var/lib/zebradb/biblios
14:32 len Zebra authorities directory = /usr/share/koha304/var/lib/zebradb/authorities
14:32 len Koha directory              = /usr/share/koha304/intranet/cgi-bin
14:32 len BIBLIONUMBER in :     999$c
14:32 len BIBLIOITEMNUMBER in : 999$d
14:32 len ================================
14:32 len ====================
14:32 len exporting authority
14:32 len ====================
14:32 len Records exported: 0
14:32 len Records exported: 0
14:32 len ====================
14:32 len REINDEXING zebra
14:32 len ====================
14:32 len ====================
14:32 len exporting biblio
14:32 len ====================
14:32 len Records exported: 0
14:32 len Records exported: 0
14:32 len ====================
14:32 len REINDEXING zebra
14:32 len ====================
14:32 len ====================
14:32 len CLEANING
14:33 len ====================
14:33 len it seems no changes are detected
14:33 imp baaah, use pastebin please
14:33 chris_n len: yeah, using works better :)
14:34 * chris_n regrets the fact that we have no ops and so the topic line is not set
14:34 len sorry, here it is:
14:34 chris_n len: so what do koha-zebradaemon.log  and koha-zebradaemon-output.log say?
14:34 chris_n and koha-zebradaemon.err
14:36 chris_n @seen si
14:36 munin chris_n: si was last seen in #koha 9 weeks, 0 days, 6 hours, 26 minutes, and 5 seconds ago: <si> have a good meeting, all
14:37 len error log is empty
14:38 len in log there is a lot of Index 'Heading-Main' not found in attset(s)
14:39 len in fact only this
14:40 * chris_n had this very problem, but cannot remember what fixed it to save his life :P
14:41 chris_n I ran with -r for a long time
14:41 len I will check further, thank you anyway ;)
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14:50 chris_n len: there are others who are real zebra gurus, so maybe a post to the list will generate a solution
14:51 len maybe I will find a solution, I am always an optimiste ;)
14:57 hilongo len: you have set up PERL5LIB and KOHACONF variables correctly?
14:57 len yes
14:57 len if I don't set them the script does not work at all
14:59 hilongo and the owner of /var/lib/zebradb/bilios is the same as you are running rebuildzebra?
15:00 len yes, I tested the permissions for /var/run/zebradb, /var/lock/zebradb and /var/lib/zebradb
15:02 * hilongo is out of ideas ..... for now
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15:05 hilongo oh!... and zebraserver is running? if you do something like ps aux|grep zebra
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15:06 len yes:
15:09 hilongo yep ... loks exactly like mine :P ... but try ps aux|grep zebra.. just for the fun of seeing all the parameters
15:13 len
15:14 chris_n len: don't run zebraqueue daemon
15:14 chris_n it is deprecated
15:15 len what should I run?
15:15 chris_n just zebra
15:15 chris_n the cronjob replaces the zebraqueue daemon
15:15 len I was under the impression koha uses the zebraqueue to pass queries to zebra
15:16 chris_n nope, zebraqueue was intended to index entries on the fly
15:18 chris_n but it does not work well
15:18 chris_n hence the change to as a cronjob
15:19 len maybe there is a conflict, I will try this
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15:32 kf hm working on my presentation
15:33 wizzyrea chris_n wasn't there some kind of memory leak in zebraqueue?
15:33 kf there was a nice term about how the community works with different vendors involved
15:33 wizzyrea coopetition?
15:34 kf wizzyrea+++
15:34 * wizzyrea first heard it from gmcharlt
15:34 wizzyrea >.>
15:34 kf thank you!
15:34 wizzyrea :D
15:34 jwagner kf, not directly relevant to your hold notice problem, but I spotted a problem with the print notice version now in head.  See Bug 4386
15:34 kf is there a quote or something?
15:34 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4386 major, P2, ---,, NEW, New print notice feature not obeying email address for hold notices
15:34 wizzyrea I think it's in wikipedia, actually. It's kind of a "real" thign
15:34 kf jwagner: thx! I did not test print hold notices yet, but will remember!
15:35 wizzyrea yikes, that's a crazy bug
15:35 jwagner Not sure where the problem crept in.  We'll work on it when we get a chance, but hdl may get there quicker.  He knows what changes he made in the code.
15:35 chris_n jwagner: can you confirm kf's currency problem?
15:35 jwagner No, haven't tested for that, and don't have the time right now.
15:36 jwagner I was actually looking at something different (holds-related) in current head, & ran into this one.
15:36 kf not having time sounds really familiar :(
15:37 * jwagner wishes the cloning module would get finished :-(
15:44 len chris_n: just to say thank you. I stopped the zebraqueue, restarted zebra and it seems to work with rebuild_zebra -a -b -z
15:44 chris_n len: great!
15:45 chris_n the docs need a bit of updating which will probably happen before the 3.2 stable release
15:48 wizzyrea ooh, wonder how often people run into that one
15:48 wizzyrea maybe it should be a faq
15:48 wizzyrea there are lots of common faq's about zebra
15:49 len unfortunatelly you never know which one applies to your version
15:50 len but I think 3 is much better than 2. I had a lot of problems with z3950 search in 2
15:50 len and now everything works, even encoding problems are solved
15:57 chris_n wizzyrea: I'm guessing that zebraqueue daemon will disappear from 3.2
15:57 chris_n maybe gmcharlt has a word on that
15:58 chris_n but it still might be good to add to the list
15:58 gmcharlt chris_n: didn't have any particular plans on doing so, but I'll push a patch to move it out of the way
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16:08 kf ok, will finish my slides tomorrow - by äkoha!
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16:21 jwagner Anybody online who works with the installer language directories?
16:22 jwagner The uk-UA mandatory directory doesn't have a sample_notices.sql file, but the other four language directories do.
16:22 jwagner Don't know if that's a problem.
16:22 gmcharlt jwagner: it can be a little inconsisent from language to language
16:22 gmcharlt typically we'd rely on whoever is maintining the language to keep it up to date
16:22 jwagner So it's OK to submit a patch without including that one?
16:23 gmcharlt but if you're feeling helpful and want to submit a patch to ensure that there aren't bits missing, that's fine
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17:49 jwagner gmcharlt, see patch for Bug 4377 -- I haven't tried creating a notice file before, so please check it carefully.
17:49 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4377 blocker, P5, ---,, NEW, cannot confirm hold due to missing letter
17:49 gmcharlt jwagner: ok
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18:40 cait hi all
18:43 wizzyrea hey cait
18:43 cait hi wizzyrea
18:44 wizzyrea get your preso done?
18:46 jdavidb Hi, cait. :)
18:49 brendan :D
18:54 * jdavidb waves to brendan
18:54 cait wizzyrea: not finished yet, presentation is on thursday
19:09 brendan @wunder 93117
19:09 munin brendan: The current temperature in ASOS_HFM SANTA BARBARA, CA, Santa Barbara, California is 13.9�C (11:45 AM PDT on April 13, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 30.00 in 1015.8 hPa (Rising).
19:11 jwagner @quote random
19:11 munin jwagner: Quote #9: "pianohacker ponders drumstick->ear as a method of food acquisition...We haven't gone to this good mexican restaurant in a while..." (added by wizzyrea at 04:23 PM, June 19, 2009)
19:14 owen I think munin gives us quotes from pianohacker because it's been so long since we've seen him in person
19:17 jwagner See, munin has a personality too! I've long thought so.
19:23 chris morning
19:24 owen good morning chris
19:25 chris hiya owen
19:25 wizzyrea ah, it's chris and owen, the people with the hilarious kids
19:25 wizzyrea all mine does is talk about shopping with blue whales
19:25 chris thats pretty hilarious
19:25 brendan morning
19:26 chris_n heya chris
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19:40 chris ok, bus time
19:41 chris bbl
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19:49 owen ok, home time
19:49 owen bbt [tomorrow]
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20:01 hdl_laptop hi
20:01 brendan hi hdl_laptop
20:02 chris_n howdy hdl_laptop
20:02 cait hi hdl_laptop
20:02 hdl_laptop good how are you ?
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20:13 wizzyrea is our equivalent to this right?
20:13 jransom Koha Subcommittee members: who would be available for an irc meeting in 45 mins at 9am NZ time?
20:13 wizzyrea bc I think it's a neat idea to highlight how active your project is by linking to the log of patches accepted :P
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20:14 jransom If anan alert subcmmittee members of this message I would appreciate that: Galen, Henri, Rachel, Chris, Geoorge, me
20:15 jransom Driving to work now but will be online by 9am
20:15 gmcharlt jransom: pong, and agreed re meeting time
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20:19 hdl_laptop k
20:29 chris_n wizzyrea: that would be a nice addition
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20:32 richard hi
20:33 chris_n hey richard
20:34 chris morning
20:34 richard hi chris_n and chris
20:35 richard chris: got some playmates for your dogs -
20:35 richard the dog on the left is my partner's dog and i picked up the chap on the right on saturday
20:35 chris cute!
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20:42 chris richard: im sure my dogs will bark like mental retards whenever they walk past :)
20:43 richard :)
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20:46 chris_n hi Jo
20:48 chris_n bbl
20:54 Jo hi Chris
21:01 Jo is now known as Joandgeorge
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21:35 SelfishMan_ is now known as SelfishMan
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