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00:00 chris release notes should be there
00:00 chris misc/release_notes
00:00 chris in git anyway
00:00 larsw so they are
00:00 larsw well hidden :)
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00:01 larsw I should perhaps add those release notes to the Debian package I am making
00:01 larsw not sure if it should be just the newest one or several of the newest ones or all of them
00:01 chris thats a good question
00:01 chris there will be a new for 3.2
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01:45 jo Chris?
01:56 chris heya
01:57 jo i'm all yours for about 15 mins
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02:17 Lendz hello can somebody help me please
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04:08 Amit_G heya brendan
04:27 brendan hi Amit_G
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06:07 magnus g'day #koha - from underneath a cloud of icelandic volcano ashes
06:08 nicomo hi magnus
06:08 nicomo wow, what happened?
06:09 magnus hi nicomo. there's been a huge eruption in iceland and a cloud of ashes is drifting east. all air traffic in northern and western norway is shut down. it may affect the rest of europe during the day...
06:10 nicomo hum... you didn't push the BBQ a bit too strong, did you?
06:11 nicomo ok: airports in Ireland shut down as well
06:11 nicomo in Scotland too
06:12 magnus it wasn't me! not quite time for bbq here yet...
06:12 magnus ;-)
06:13 nicomo @wunder bodo, norway
06:13 munin nicomo: The current temperature in Bodo Vi, Norway is 4.0�C (8:00 AM CEST on April 15, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 3.0�C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Falling).
06:13 nicomo yes, 4°C : BBQ in felt hat and gloves
06:13 nicomo @wunder lyon, france
06:13 munin nicomo: The current temperature in Lyon Satolas, France is 5.0�C (8:00 AM CEST on April 15, 2010). Conditions: Mist. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 4.0�C. Windchill: 5.0�C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Steady).
06:15 nicomo 5°C, pfff I might as well be in Bodo
06:15 nicomo let's hope the sun warms that up during the day
06:16 magnus yup, that's not much better!
06:17 magnus we have been promised lots of rain, so the sun won't help us much
06:30 brendan oh wow a volcano eruption....
06:30 * brendan goes off to read the news...
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06:57 Amit_G heya nicomo
06:57 Amit_G @wunder New Delhi
06:57 munin Amit_G: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 40.0�C (12:00 PM IST on April 15, 2010). Conditions: Unknown. Humidity: 10%. Dew Point: 3.0�C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Falling).
06:57 nicomo hi Amit_G
06:57 nicomo wow, 40°C, that's crazy stuff
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07:06 magnus i'd rather have my 1/10 part of that, i guess
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07:38 Amit_G @wunder Bangalore
07:38 munin Amit_G: The current temperature in Bangalore, India is 30.0�C (11:30 AM IST on April 15, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 44%. Dew Point: 20.0�C.
07:38 Amit_G @wunder Dehradun
07:38 munin Amit_G: The current temperature in Dehradun, India is 36.0�C (11:30 AM IST on April 15, 2010). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 12%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 29.73 in 1007 hPa.
07:38 Amit_G @wunder New Delhi
07:38 munin Amit_G: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 41.0�C (12:30 PM IST on April 15, 2010). Conditions: Unknown. Humidity: 10%. Dew Point: 3.0�C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Steady).
07:38 Amit_G @wunder Nagpur
07:38 munin Amit_G: Error: No such location could be found.
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10:01 magnus hm, looks like koha is the subject of some happening i Germany right now: ;-)
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10:58 Amit_G @wunder New Delhi
10:58 munin Amit_G: The current temperature in New Delhi, India is 42.0�C (4:00 PM IST on April 15, 2010). Conditions: Unknown. Humidity: 8%. Dew Point: 1.0�C. Pressure: 29.71 in 1006 hPa (Falling).
11:03 chris magnus: that will be kf
11:04 chris she was presenting koha there
11:04 magnus nice
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11:34 chris_n @wunder 28334
11:34 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 7.3�C (7:36 AM EDT on April 15, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 98%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Windchill: 7.0�C. Pressure: 30.00 in 1015.8 hPa (Steady).
11:35 chris_n g'morning all
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11:41 chris_n hey jwagner
11:41 jwagner Morning, chris_n
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11:41 hdl_laptop hi jwagner
11:42 hdl_laptop chris_n and america
11:42 hdl_laptop and all
11:42 jwagner Bonjour hdl_laptop
11:44 chris_n heya hdl_laptop
11:44 chris_n and an extra good morning to nengard
11:45 nengard aww well good morning to you all too :)
11:46 magnus hm, i was looking for a script to do batch anonymization of readinghistory (to be run from cron), but couldn't find one. did i miss something?
11:49 paul_p hello world
11:50 chris_n howdy paul_p
11:51 * chris_n is glad to see support companies and clients committing publicly to contribute new devs back to the community
11:52 magnus yeah, that was a very good newsletter - looking forward to the described enhancements!
11:53 paul_p mmm... nengard should have fixed my poor english :'(((
11:53 nengard i'm sorry paul - I can still edit it :( I was rushing to get it out on time
11:54 hdl_laptop magnus : there is online
11:54 paul_p nengard, feel free, as i'm sure there are a lot of mistakes/misspelled/misworded/miswhatever things !
11:54 hdl_laptop it is in tools
11:55 magnus hdl_laptop: i know, but i was looking for something to run from cron
11:56 hdl_laptop should be written in cleanup_database in misc/cronjobs
11:56 magnus with the new privacy settings, norwegian libraries will probably have to anonymize at least once a day, and that sounds more like a job for cron than the intranet... ;-)
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11:57 hdl_laptop once a day ????
11:57 magnus yeah, cleanup_database might be a good place for it
11:57 chris_n magnus: can you just call the correct script used in the staff client side?
11:58 chris yeah you could just curl it
11:58 chris with a cron job
11:58 chris #!/bin/sh
11:59 hdl_laptop chris he would have to be authenticated
11:59 magnus the ideal is that returned loans are anonymized imediately on return - if there was some way to set default privacy to 2 that would probably be best, anonymizing daily is a good second best
11:59 chris yep you can do that with curl
11:59 chris_n you can authenticate too
11:59 chris_n snap
12:00 * chris_n thinks chris is up late or early depending on the prospective
12:00 chris late, havent gone to sleep yet
12:00 chris otoh i now have my dev koha searching the local db and project gutenberg using pazpar2 and groupng the results nicely
12:01 chris_n very nice
12:01 jdavidb chris++
12:01 chris_n is it hard to setup?
12:01 * magnus will look into automating anonymization with curl
12:02 chris chris_n: no
12:02 chris you just edit hte pazpar2 conf, add another target
12:02 chris and switch the systempreference to use pazpar2 to search
12:03 chris the gotcha is, it uses the fieldmapping table
12:03 chris so you have to populate that
12:03 chris for at least subtitle
12:04 chris_n does koha have an interface for populating that table?
12:04 chris yep
12:04 chris in the admin section
12:06 chris the nice thing is, you could build a union catalogue really easy with it
12:07 chris where it breaks down, is doing complicated searches
12:08 chris but for the opac it works well
12:08 * chris_n runs off to try it
12:08 chris
12:08 chris here 2 secs
12:09 chris;a=blobdi​ff;f=etc/pazpar2/koha-biblios.xml;h=93abc3​16d9f5029d943a6d749c7b43d261d96a72;hp=dc0f​ba0a283ed6a2c0fb3b36d4a52cc298cfee23;hb=89​563a39d69dfbec8aa17e7d8a2fb48c89601bab;hpb​=0cd6d3cc52c4cf1b90f512665ba6cb61f91b1bb7
12:10 chris (add a http:// on the front) :)
12:11 * alohabot waves while eating....
12:12 alohabot oops, wrong window...
12:15 chris​it;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/ashs
12:15 chris the last 2 commits there
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12:25 owen Hey all
12:25 * owen marvels at the amazing eating waving bot
12:26 owen nengard++ # for the newsletter!
12:27 nengard :)
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12:37 paul_p 'morning chris
12:39 chris ok, time for sleep for me
12:39 chris have a good day all
12:52 jdavidb @karma jdavidb
12:52 munin jdavidb: Karma for "jdavidb" has been increased 19 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 19.
12:52 jdavidb @karma jwagner
12:52 munin jdavidb: Karma for "jwagner" has been increased 22 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 22.
12:52 jdavidb hmmm...
12:53 jwagner jdavidb++ # for the SQL help just now
12:53 jdavidb w00t!
12:53 * jwagner asks if that makes jdavidb feel better
12:54 jdavidb Karma boosts are always a good thing.
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13:22 owen @karma karma
13:22 munin owen: Highest karma: "chris" (120), "gmcharlt" (119), and "owen" (93).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-51), "failed" (-36), and "-" (-23).  You (owen) are ranked 3 out of 764.
13:23 owen Hm, that didn't work as expected.
13:23 jdavidb @karma
13:23 munin jdavidb: Highest karma: "chris" (120), "gmcharlt" (119), and "owen" (93).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-51), "failed" (-36), and "-" (-23).  You (jdavidb) are ranked 16 out of 764.
13:24 owen But how much karma does karma have?
13:24 jdavidb hm.
13:24 chris_n too bad we cannot merge karma for different nicks we've used
13:25 jdavidb indeed!
13:25 chris_n @karma chris_n
13:25 munin chris_n: Karma for "chris_n" has been increased 43 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 43.
13:25 chris_n @karma fbcit
13:25 munin chris_n: Karma for "fbcit" has been increased 27 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 27.
13:25 chris_n @karma
13:25 munin chris_n: Highest karma: "chris" (120), "gmcharlt" (119), and "owen" (93).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-51), "failed" (-36), and "-" (-23).  You (chris_n) are ranked 9 out of 764.
13:31 * chris_n thinks its funny that the opening of an html comment tag equates to negative karma
13:32 jdavidb heh.  one would think that more comments is a *good* thing...
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13:39 chris_n is anyone around running pazpar?
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14:45 wizzyrea hey nengard: i like the idea of people adding their "what's coming" posts to the newsletter, that's awesome
14:45 nengard i like it too :)
14:45 wizzyrea nengard++
14:45 nengard not everyone reads the RFCs in the wiki
14:45 nengard whereas a lot of people see the newsletter
14:46 wizzyrea ^^ and it would be SO COOL if the rfc's in the wiki were linked from the newsletter. I
14:46 wizzyrea (if existent, of course(
14:46 wizzyrea )
14:46 wizzyrea )
14:46 wizzyrea sorry, I can't leave them open like that
14:46 wizzyrea >.<
14:51 owen :D
14:52 owen Hey everyone, watch me make wizzyrea's teeth hurt:
14:52 owen (
14:52 owen ...
14:54 chris_n rfcs_linked_to_newsletter++
14:54 chris_n very good idea which would get them more exposure
14:55 chris_n )
14:55 * chris_n helps wizzyrea escape
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15:04 wizzyrea lol it's a good thing chris_n saved you ;)
15:04 wizzyrea I was here having a seizure
15:04 wizzyrea ;) j/k
15:04 * jdavidb wonders....if he puts a space in the : ), is it no longer a :) anymore, that would cause wizzyrea to twitch...
15:13 * jwagner wonders what poor wizzyrea has done to deserve all this!
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15:15 hilongo Hello there to all :)
15:21 wizzyrea lol... you guys
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15:27 wizzyrea owen: for whatever reason this made me think of you (something about the headline)[…]em-delicious.html
15:28 * owen growls "They'll eat what's put in front of them and they'll like it!"
15:29 wizzyrea lol
15:30 wizzyrea favorite line: "you’re afraid they’ll balk at trying the store brands, save those name-brand boxes and put the store brand bags inside them." Seriously?
15:31 owen You never know what kids are going to latch on to: the other day my son demanded I give him cereal from the unopened box, *not* the opened one.
15:32 wizzyrea Fair enough, i guess I haven't gotten to the "quirky request" stage
15:32 wizzyrea unless you count going shopping for a blue whale, if you count that we're already there
15:32 * jwagner wonders WHERE one goes shopping for a blue whale....
15:32 wizzyrea "spud, what did you do today?" "I wen shop for boo wale!"
15:33 wizzyrea sitter doesn't know where it came from either. Just loves whales I guess.
15:33 wizzyrea anyway, enough off topic >.>
15:35 jwagner Nonsense.  We LIVE for off-topic!
15:35 owen Lately morning around here have been 100% water cooler
15:35 jdavidb Spud is never off-topic.  But don't tell him that.
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16:02 chris_n @later tell chris I got pazpar2 up and running with gutenburg... very slick
16:02 munin chris_n: The operation succeeded.
16:05 brendan joined #koha
16:06 chris_n heya brendan
16:08 owen Oh no, no more nicomo? Say it ain't so!
16:08 owen[…]kes-the-next-step
16:09 nicomo what do you mean no nicomo? I'm not dying, am I?
16:09 nicomo don't scare the **** out of me like that owen
16:09 nicomo :-)
16:09 owen I think if the news were that bad you'd be the first to know!
16:10 nicomo or not
16:10 nicomo ;-)
16:10 wizzyrea so you are leaving biblibre?
16:12 nicomo well, not right away
16:12 nicomo probably july
16:12 nicomo it's been a great and fun ride, I have to say
16:12 wizzyrea :( we will miss you
16:12 wizzyrea but not yet!
16:13 nicomo both BibLibre and the Koha community will have a special place in my heat
16:13 nicomo heart is what i meant
16:13 nicomo that wasn't "a job", more of an adventure
16:13 wizzyrea :D
16:13 nicomo :D
16:14 nicomo but I think it's actually a good evolution for BibLibre : that will strengthen the company, and thus Koha
16:18 magnus_away is now known as magnus
16:20 * chris_n wonders if magnus is having to sweep ash off of his porch
16:21 * wizzyrea was wondering the same thing
16:21 magnus chris_n: not yet, just sleet so far...
16:21 chris_n how far are you from the volcano?
16:23 magnus about 1.600 kilometers according to google earth
16:26 paul_p wizzyrea, & owen : hopefully that may mean I'll be more present in the community, as Philippe should take care of some things I was doing. At least that's what I expect (+ we are on our way to hire 3 new ppl in the next weeks)
16:27 paul_p which, I hope, you'll consider as a good news ;-)
16:27 wizzyrea I DO, I so do.
16:27 owen I think that's great news paul_p
16:27 wizzyrea ya
16:27 wizzyrea speaking of which
16:28 wizzyrea does biblibre have a feed for news items?
16:28 wizzyrea < would like to add it to the website if so
16:29 paul_p wizzyrea,
16:29 paul_p should give you the RSS feed isn't it ?
16:30 owen Yes paul_p, but interesting that the individual post page doesn't
16:31 nicomo -> to fix
16:33 magnus chris_n, wizzyrea: me and the volcano:[…]844901199874d79aa
16:34 wizzyrea I like that map
16:34 chris_n a good deal of water between you and it :)
16:34 wizzyrea I didn't realize you were so far north :)
16:34 * owen wishes there were a "me" on that map too
16:36 magnus i think we are quite safe from the actual eruption, yes, but noone knows how long the ash will keep pouring into the air.
16:36 wizzyrea oh yea, you probably won't be scorched by hot lava lol
16:37 paul_p time to leave for me (& go with my 1st son at cell phone vendor :'((( )
16:37 chris_n uh oh
16:38 paul_p left #koha
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16:54 wizzyrea am I way behind, do you guys use this?
16:56 jwagner is now known as jwagner_meeting
17:02 jdavidb I've never used that, wizzyrea, but it looks very clever.
17:03 hdl_laptop joined #koha
17:05 chris_n wizzyrea: only on occasion when it comes up in a google search; I've never posted there
17:07 wizzyrea I like anything that's a place for brain dump
17:12 * jdavidb hands wizzyrea a copy of _Getting Things Done_, by David Allen.
17:15 wizzyrea mmm, now that, I cannot get into
17:15 wizzyrea :?
17:15 wizzyrea :/
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17:16 jdavidb Most organizing systems start from the mission-and-vision, and that confuses geeky people a lot; Allen starts from organizing the daily ho-hums, and works *up.*  Much more sensible, to me anyway.
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19:41 nengard new Koha YouTube Group -- well not new apparently I created it ages ago and never added anything to it - so now it has 26 videos I found on YouTube for Koha - so if I missed any add yours - and feel free to join the group
19:41 nengard I also set one up on Vimeo to be fair - but there is only one video on there ...
19:41 wizzyrea omg, that is awesoms
19:41 wizzyrea awesome, even
19:41 nengard :)
19:41 nengard it's really really hard to search for Koha videos on youtube
19:41 nengard cause there are other kohas
19:41 nengard so i was getting annoyed
19:42 nengard i did my best to find them all
19:42 nengard I'll email the list of course as well
19:42 nengard and do a blog post
19:43 chris_n are there any other vim addicts in the room?
19:43 wizzyrea :D I added it to the links
19:43 chris_n nengard++ # for the videos
19:53 rhcl I use vi mostly, but sometimes also Kate.
19:54 moodaepo nengard++
19:54 rhcl some of the foreign vids are funny
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19:56 chris_n so much for typing vim commands into xchat... :-P
19:57 wizzyrea !!
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19:58 chris_n rhcl: do you know if the tab chars (^I) which show up occasionally are remnants of editing on win32?
20:05 chris morning
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20:30 chris_n heya chris
20:31 chris heya, i see you got pazpar2 going
20:39 genji joined #koha
20:39 genji hiya all
20:41 wizzyrea hey genji
20:42 genji wizzyrea:  whens the next irc.katipo restart? its been too long without topic or op.
20:42 wizzyrea you are totally asking the wrong person
20:42 wizzyrea :)
20:43 wizzyrea si might know
20:43 wizzyrea or richard
20:43 genji ah...
20:43 richard joined #koha
20:43 magnus_away is now known as magnus
20:43 genji Talk of the devil..
20:43 chris they dont restart
20:43 chris we arent the only ppl who use the server, its only if it crashes or something
20:43 genji ah.
20:43 wizzyrea mass kick!
20:43 wizzyrea :D
20:43 chris yeah or everyone could just leave
20:44 chris if everyone parts then the first join gets ops
20:44 chris hard to do, cos of the timezones
20:44 genji ah yeah.... lurkers anonymous.
20:45 genji thought wizzyrea was the one that restarted, just before a meeting, due to os updates?
20:45 wizzyrea no sir
20:45 chris nope, wizzyrea is in kansas, and runs the website
20:45 wizzyrea ^^
20:45 wizzyrea (US)
20:46 genji ah... my bad memory again..
20:46 * wizzyrea pats genji
20:46 wizzyrea it's ok
20:47 genji bad thought, a restart could happen, and ops could go to a auto-reconnect lurker.
20:47 chris yep
20:48 chris not really a problem
20:48 wizzyrea it'd be munin or something
20:49 chris if it became a problem, ie a hostile entity got ops, iptables would fix that
20:50 genji .... #gitconspiracy?
20:50 * magnus just added a couple more koha-funnies to the youtube group
20:51 genji koha-funnies?
20:51 * wizzyrea goes to look
20:53 chris_n chris: yup, after a bit of a tussle figuring out where all the __VARS__ were that needed to be sub'd out :)
20:53 chris ah yep ;)
20:54 chris_n added as well
20:54 chris_n although the results screen wants a little work on formating
20:56 magnus genji: i think someone said the non-english ones were funny... ;-)
20:56 genji huh?
20:56 genji whats a koha-funny?
20:56 magnus or words to that effect
20:56 chris he missed the koha videos bit i think
20:56 chris
20:56 chris genji
20:56 genji haven't seen them.. thanks.
20:57 chris 07:57 < rhcl> some of the foreign vids are funny
20:57 * chris finishes with the context ;)
20:57 magnus thanks for clearing that up chris! well past bedtime here in ashland, i guess
20:57 chris hehe, sleep well
20:58 chris_n lol :-)
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21:15 magnus ... and so to bed
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