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00:11 chris hey chilts
00:12 chilts hiya :)
00:13 chris curry yet? :)
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01:33 brendan @wunder 93117
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01:51 brendan hiya chris_n
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03:24 brendan @seen pianohacker
03:24 munin brendan: pianohacker was last seen in #koha 2 weeks, 6 days, 8 hours, 13 minutes, and 57 seconds ago: <pianohacker> that's all :)
03:26 chris yeah havent seen him for ages
03:26 brendan I miss pisnohacker
03:26 brendan I wonder where he's going to uni next year
03:27 chris i hope MIT
03:27 brendan last I heard MIT was a no :(
03:27 chris the fools
03:27 brendan I think we should right a letter of recommendation from koha-community
03:28 brendan spelling is failing me
03:28 chris :)
03:28 * mason waves at brendan/chris
03:29 brendan heya mason
03:29 brendan mason++
03:29 chris heya mason
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03:33 brendan hi Amit_G
03:34 Amit_G hi brendan, chris
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05:41 kohamongol hi, alll
05:41 kohamongol hi, everybody
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05:46 ineedhelpkoha hi, everybody
05:46 kohamongol sds
05:46 ineedhelpkoha is there anyone who knows about koha,
05:47 ineedhelpkoha I really really need help
05:47 kohamongol hello
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06:12 Ropuch Morning #koha
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06:13 magnus good morning, #koha!
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06:48 Amit_G heya Ropuch, magnus
06:48 magnus hi Amit_G
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07:15 kf good morning #koha
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07:54 kf jwagner: around?
08:01 chris i think its the middle of the night in the US
08:02 chris 4am
08:11 paul_p hello chris & kf & al
08:11 chris hiya paul_p
08:13 kf hi chris and paul_p
08:14 kf chris: I tested the po files from pootle yesterday, so far I found no untranslated buttons :)
08:16 kf chris: bug 4208
08:16 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4208 critical, P1, ---,, NEW, Many submit buttons are not translatable in 3.2
08:17 chris cool
08:25 kf chris: there was some confusion (ebegin asked about the bug on irc), because no patch attached - I saw that hdl wrote a patch (
08:26 chris yep, not sure it has been pushed yet
08:27 chris but yeah would be good to attach it
08:27 Ropuch Hi kf, chris
08:28 kf ok
08:30 kf chris: do you want me to attach it? I was not sure it was what you did before updating pootle
08:30 kf hi Ropuch
08:30 chris yeah i applied it locally then ran the update on the german files
08:31 kf ah ok
08:32 kf not sure how to attach it, I will add a link to the mailing list archive
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08:35 chris that works :-)
08:36 kf ok, done
08:36 Amit_G heya kf
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08:37 kf hi Amit_g
08:37 kf @wunder Konstanz
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08:46 chris kf: thanks for that
08:47 kf chris: no problem :)
08:49 kf will need some help later with zebra :( I tried adding a new index for record control numbers (used for linking bibs to each other in $w)
08:54 chris ahhh hdl_laptop is a guru with that
08:55 hdl_laptop hi chris
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08:56 chris there he is :)
09:00 kf :)
09:00 kf hi hdl_laptop
09:02 kf hdl_laptop: I have a problem with zebra and adding new indexes and chris recommended you as zebra guru. but the problem is on my laptop at home, so you are save :)
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09:04 hdl_laptop can you describe that in details in an email. So that we can spare time.
09:04 hdl_laptop what you did
09:04 hdl_laptop What you want
09:04 hdl_laptop What you tested
09:04 hdl_laptop you can have some clues using zebraidx -S
09:05 hdl_laptop btw there should be a symposium about Koha in France by the end of May
09:05 kf hdl_laptop: I hope I have time to work on it today after work, will write you an email if zebra stays stubborn
09:05 kf hm but will be in french?
09:06 kf hdl_laptop: and thx for the offer!
09:06 hdl_laptop I think so
09:06 hdl_laptop
09:07 kf I regret that I took Russian in school and not French :(
09:07 chris hdl_laptop: you should put that up on
09:07 hdl_laptop chris Yes.
09:07 chris hdl_laptop: is it at the SAN OP library ?
09:07 hdl_laptop yes
09:08 chris kf: its worth going just to see that library :)
09:09 kf I will give a talk on koha next week
09:09 * chris wishes he could go, hdl_laptop say hi to bruno and arnaud from me
09:10 chris kf: ohh cool
09:10 kf
09:10 chris in zurich?
09:11 kf yes :)
09:11 chris very cool
09:12 chris you will be speaking in german eh?
09:13 chris i have a friend from nz who now lives in fribourg
09:13 kf yes
09:13 miguel joined #koha
09:13 chris cool, she speaks german
09:14 miguel hi all
09:14 chris hi miguel
09:14 kf hi miguel
09:21 thd fredericd: are you present?
09:28 magnus the meeting is in half an hour, right?
09:29 chris yup
09:29 magnus goody
09:29 chris according to my calculations
09:30 Genji joined #koha
09:30 Genji hiya all!
09:31 Genji Hmm.....  theres  a distinct lack of Topic:
09:33 thd Genji: and no one seems to have permissions to set a topic :)
09:34 Genji Yes.... my GenjiScreen has been continuously lurking, waiting to be the first connection, if the server ever goes down..
09:34 Genji Guess it never has.
09:35 Genji Theres a community meeting of some sort today?
09:35 magnus Genji: yup[…]etingnotes10apr07
09:36 Genji cool.
09:56 Genji whos actually awake?
09:58 kf oh, today is meeting?
09:58 thd not me
09:58 Genji yes, i believe, in 2 minutes time?
09:59 kf oh :( will miss most of it I think
10:00 kf bbl
10:00 Genji huh... christmas island is ahead of new zealand...
10:02 thd who is conducting the meeting?
10:03 thd who is here?
10:04 chris i am
10:04 Ropuch Me too
10:04 Colin I'm here
10:04 magnus me 2
10:04 chris but we probably need gmcharlt if it is to be useful, at least for the 3.2 bit
10:05 chris we could cover the other items on the agenda, and anything else people want to talk about as well
10:05 thd Do we have anyone to cover 3.0?
10:06 chris hdl_laptop was here earlier
10:07 thd hdl_laptop: ping
10:07 thd chris: are you starting the meeting for the presently assembled?
10:08 collum joined #koha
10:09 chris if people want to, i have nothing to talk about
10:10 thd I could propose a topic if of discussion if no one is yet present to cover important agenda items
10:11 * thd hunts for the link
10:12 thd[…]g-td27799812.html
10:12 chris yep we need gmcharlt to talk to that point to
10:12 thd Was there no reminder for this meeting?
10:12 chris no
10:13 thd I have been making many reminders and reminding others about reminders.
10:13 thd This should be a lesson to us in the absence of reminders people will forget.
10:15 collum[1] joined #koha
10:16 Genji first i knew of this meeting, is the committee saying that the entire committee says its unnecessary to attend this meeting? no progress has occured on
10:17 Genji "All koha subcommitteee members were contacted to discuss whether any point in us meeting: answer no. Chris, Galen et al are all equally up with the play as I am." from joann
10:17 chris that was the meetng this morning genji
10:17 Genji ah... hmm.. okay.
10:17 chris and they were both announced (the community handover meeting this morning and this one)
10:18 chris and posted on the site and the wiki
10:18 chris just not a reminder sent out yesterday
10:18 Genji anyway, im here. Hiya chris.
10:18 collum left #koha
10:19 chris i suspect the time of this meeting is pretty bad for non insomniacs (like thd :))
10:19 Ropuch ;>
10:19 chris its what 5.20am or something?
10:20 gmcharlt good morning - sorry, thought 10:00 UTC+0 would be 07:00 EDT
10:20 thd 6.20 AM in Florida
10:20 chris there ya go
10:20 chris yeah 7 is more managable
10:21 Genji so, whos meeting chair?
10:21 thd 7 is less manageable for me
10:22 collum[1] left #koha
10:22 gmcharlt well, do we have a quorum to get started now?
10:22 thd we may be missing informed content about the state of 3.0
10:22 collum joined #koha
10:23 chris i think so
10:23 thd paul_p: are you present?
10:23 gmcharlt I saw hdl_laptop was here 1.5 hours ago
10:23 gmcharlt so maybe he'll jump in
10:23 gmcharlt so ....
10:23 gmcharlt belatedly
10:23 gmcharlt let's get this meeting started
10:23 gmcharlt round of intros
10:24 * gmcharlt = Galen Charlton, RM, Equinox
10:24 * Ropuch = Piotr Wejman, Biblioteka CSNE
10:24 thd Thomas Dukleth, Aggme, New York City
10:24 * chris = Chris Cormack, TM, Catalyst
10:24 thd Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
10:25 collum Garry Collum, Kenton County Public Library
10:25 magnus Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway
10:25 * Genji = Waylon Robertson, edusearch devel, 33rd contributor, Palmerston North, New Zealand.
10:25 chilts Andy Chilton, Catalyst IT
10:26 Colin Colin Campbell PTFS-Europe
10:28 gmcharlt small, intimate meeting, I see :)
10:28 gmcharlt agenda is
10:28 gmcharlt - Update on [[:en:development:roadmap3.2]].
10:28 gmcharlt - Update on [[:en:development:roadmap3.0]].
10:28 gmcharlt - Follow-up on actions from [[meetingnotes10mar03]].
10:28 gmcharlt - Developer documentation
10:28 gmcharlt - Agree times of next meetings.
10:29 gmcharlt re 3.2 - I'm working on the backlog of patches that have been submitted - will be pushing the bugfixes with aim of getting a 3.2 alpha 2 out the door in a couple weeks
10:29 mason oops, running late...
10:29 mason = Mason James, KohaAloha. NZ
10:30 gmcharlt and if chris doesn't mind, I think we're in a position where a 3.4 branch should be started soon to accept the new features that keep coming in
10:31 Colin gmcharlt: How big is the backlog?
10:31 chris a 3.4 branch ... or a 3.2 branch and the features go into master?
10:33 gmcharlt Colin: about 150 bugfixes patches, and more features patches, some of which are masquerading as bugfixes
10:33 gmcharlt chris: a 3.2 branch with new stuff going into master is fine, though you'll need to merge often over the next few weeks if we do it that way
10:34 gmcharlt althernative is a future branch that gets merged into master when we split off 3.2 for maintenance
10:34 chris im easy either way, one big merge at the end or smaller ones along the way
10:35 chris whatever is easier for you
10:35 gmcharlt either way, we'll either new help getting gitosis perms worked out on or get up
10:35 chris yup
10:36 chris i have permission to push, for 3.0.x anyway
10:36 gmcharlt Colin: if you would start QM work now and do a patch testing and signoffs for 3.2 and give me pullable chunks of testable patches, that would be a good thing
10:36 chris but we will need to give fredericd permission to push up po files
10:37 Colin gmcharlt: ok
10:37 chris Colin: and any that look like new features that i could pull that would be most excellent
10:39 chris i think ill make a new_features branch and then when we branch 3.2.x for maintenance merge that back into master .. i think thats easiest
10:39 gmcharlt chris: sounds good
10:40 gmcharlt was it brendan who offerred to host
10:40 kf hi, sorry for being late
10:40 chris i think so
10:40 hdl_laptop here
10:42 chris you just pushed a bunch now gmcharlt ?
10:42 gmcharlt chris: starting to
10:42 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: good morning - let's move on to the 3.0.x update
10:42 * chris tests .. nope i cant push a new branch
10:43 chris so we will need cfouts help with that
10:43 chris or, shift git
10:43 gmcharlt right
10:43 gmcharlt chris, why don't you see if cfouts will help you set up the new branch and permissions
10:43 chris will do
10:43 hdl_laptop 3.0.x still has one problem I have to cope with : xsltfiles.
10:43 chris ill drop him an email first thing in the morning when im more coherent
10:44 hdl_laptop But the branch is stable enough
10:44 nengard joined #koha
10:45 hdl_laptop I also have to care about some reserves isssues that were reported on the koha-fr channel
10:46 chris you are still planning a 3.0.6 release?
10:46 hdl_laptop Yes.
10:46 chris cool
10:46 hdl_laptop as soon as those two problems can be coped with
10:47 thd hdl_laptop: In what way are xsltfiles a problem?
10:47 hdl_laptop change on xslt preferences.
10:47 gmcharlt which were not forward-compatible with work being done in 3.2
10:47 hdl_laptop to take file patchs and urls instead of being hradcoded.
10:48 hdl_laptop yes.
10:48 thd Thanks for the clarification
10:49 hdl_laptop any questions ?
10:50 tirabo joined #koha
10:50 mason none from me
10:51 chris nor me
10:51 gmcharlt ok, moving on to follow-up from action items from previous meeting
10:51 gmcharlt I think main thing hanging over is updating the bug assignees
10:52 tajoli joined #koha
10:53 chris ah yes
10:54 kf will bugzilla move to too?
10:54 mason can that re-assigning be done easily using the web-gui?
10:54 chris yep, you can change the default assignees easily that way
10:55 mason ok, i thought so...
10:55 chris kf: yes, catalyst will probably be hosting it
10:55 * chris makes sure to follow that up with the sysadmins tomorrow
10:56 * nengard = Nicole Engard (who is late)
10:56 chris (we have the ok to host it, just need to make it happen but the urgency came off a little bit, but the plan is still to move it afaik)
10:56 gmcharlt chris: cool
10:56 gmcharlt ok, moving on
10:56 gmcharlt next agenda item is developer documentation
10:57 * kf = Katrin Fischer, BSZ
10:57 Genji with PTFS acquiring liblime, its possible that you could get bugzilla's actual database, chris?
10:57 chris it is a possibility
10:58 chris i have xml of all the bugs, if that doesnt pan out tho .. it would be much nicer to get the db of course
10:58 tajoli Hi [tajoli = Zeno Tajoli , CILEA], for developer documentation I think that my offer about MySQL is under this topic
10:58 nengard gmcharlt my goal was to get something written to make people new to koha and possibly to programming to feel more comfortable jumping in ... but i don't think i made that clear and so i have no clue where we are with developer docs since so many people had opinions :)
10:58 * Genji nods. "Can always ask first, then if that fails, xml it.'
10:59 nengard the problem is i can't write it alone - cause i don't know what i don't know :)
10:59 gmcharlt nengard: I think the main issue is that I was concerned whether you were right a tutorial or (as I think some others may have been wanting) normative documentation that sets development standards and policies
10:59 thd nengard: Whereof one does not know one can ask and cajole.
11:00 nengard well i think we need both
11:00 nengard and in both cases i couldn't do it alone
11:00 tajoli For me is clear that I need to coordinate SQL docs with this effort
11:00 gmcharlt but, no offense, you are not the one to write the latter
11:00 Genji An idea, is to create a wikibook?
11:00 gmcharlt normative dev standards *must* be *openly* discussed by *all* active developers
11:00 nengard no offense taken - but i don't see anyone who should be writing it jumping in :)
11:00 gmcharlt either on koha-devel or on the wiki
11:01 thd nengard: we once had a now out of date document about the coding standards in
11:01 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: ok.
11:01 chris i agree
11:01 hdl_laptop But when should we start talking about that ?
11:01 gmcharlt which is not to say that the final result couldn't benefit from editorial cleanup, which you could contribute to, nicole
11:01 nengard thd is it still there? someone could take that and update it - or lots of someones
11:01 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: nothing stopping anybody from doing it whenever
11:01 chris the coding guidelines on the wiki are a good start
11:02 gmcharlt if we want to do some like making discussing the coding guidliness a stnading agenda item for the general IRC meetings
11:02 gmcharlt we can do that
11:02 tajoli About automatic estraction of info in C4:: ?
11:02 thd I would be willing to contribute to that as well as documenting some arcana with which I am especially familiar.
11:02 chris[…]:codingguidelines
11:03 tajoli And guidelene to write perldoc comment inside them
11:03 thd I may be heading for a time crash lasting a few weeks but I will persevere
11:03 tajoli guidelines
11:03 chris yep, thats in the guidelines already
11:03 chris[…]ingguidelines#pod
11:04 gmcharlt well, there's clearly a desire, so I propose that we go ahead and set up the standing agenda item I mentioned
11:04 gmcharlt to make it easier to manage (i.e., to not have it turn into discussions that are not concreate enought to act on)
11:05 gmcharlt I further propose that specific points of change be added to that agenda item each month
11:05 gmcharlt i.e., not to make it completely open
11:05 hdl_laptop gmcharlt++
11:05 gmcharlt but limit it to just 2 or 3 gudineline items a month
11:05 chris sounds like a plan to me, and i think that any ideas should be added to that wiki page and talked about on koha-devel too
11:05 chris lots of people can't make the meetings
11:06 gmcharlt nengard: I don't want to put you off - I agree that a tutorial is a good thing, and I agree that there is a real need for better editorial work and organization on the wiki
11:07 gmcharlt but ultimately, coding guidelines are driving by everybody who is submitting patches, with the caveat that the RM has discretion about rejecting patches that just don't work or don't follow the guidelines
11:08 chris as does QA
11:08 gmcharlt and it is quite possible that we'll have to get to the point that if you are an active contributor and submit a patch that doesn't follow the guidelines
11:08 gmcharlt it will be held over until any problems are fixed
11:09 thd Held over with gentle encouragement for the kittens I presume
11:09 Genji its not the RM or QA's responsibility to make a patch conform to guidelines,  even if the patch is great and successful, if it doesn't conform, back it goes to the patcher?
11:09 chris yep, we have been quite lenient about that in the past, but with the volume of patches now, the RM can no longer fix them
11:09 gmcharlt Genji: generally, yes
11:09 gmcharlt I give more leeway to somebody who is a new contributor
11:10 gmcharlt or who is clearly eager but needs guidance on coding
11:10 chris *nod*
11:10 Colin plus if we fix them all we continue to get rogue patches
11:10 kf tutorials would help here
11:11 kf I think im one of the beginners who will need help to make patches better
11:11 Colin what might help is some good examples (the codebase does not always supply them)
11:11 chris yup
11:11 thd That is the greatest problem
11:11 chris maybe we (you and I) could pick a good patch or 2 each month
11:11 thd Do as is stated not as one sees.
11:12 chris to use as examples
11:12 chris patches of the month :)
11:12 thd chris++
11:12 gmcharlt chris: worth trying
11:12 Genji Back in the long distant past of koha, there was CVS... everyone committed patches to it... and features and some libraries just used a cvs dump to run..if a bad patch or feature went in, and a library dled and ran with the cvs... but now we have Git, RM's and QA's... fantastic.
11:13 gmcharlt and hopefully soon a small army of module maintainers and bug wranglers
11:13 gmcharlt ok
11:13 gmcharlt to sum up
11:13 gmcharlt 1. we'll wait nengard's tutorial (you mean you aren't done yet? ;)
11:13 gmcharlt 2. we'll add a standing agenda item to discuss specific changes to the coding guidelines
11:14 collum If we are working on a file that has code that does not conform to the standards, should we refactor?
11:14 chris only if you do it an separate patch
11:14 gmcharlt collum: yes, but with caveats
11:14 gmcharlt i.e., what chris said
11:14 collum ok
11:15 gmcharlt and if the changes involving more than just textual formats
11:15 gmcharlt adding test cases is a really, really, really, really
11:15 gmcharlt really, really, really
11:15 gmcharlt good idea
11:15 chris :)
11:15 gmcharlt did I say it was a good idea?
11:15 chris larsw will be pestering us all about that
11:15 chris he has been testing test coverage of koha
11:15 chris its about 12%
11:16 chris we need that about 88% higher
11:16 chris or at least 80%
11:16 chris :)
11:17 kf how difficult is it to write test cases?
11:17 magnus a little howto on tests, or a pointer to some good ones, would be appreciated then :-)
11:17 kf magnus++ :)
11:17 Ropuch :)
11:17 chris kf: its actually not too hard, its easier if you do the test first, then write the code so that it passes
11:18 chris[…]ment:unit_testing
11:18 gmcharlt ok, then I think we're ready for the final agenda item, setting the time of the next meeting
11:18 magnus chris: nice, hadn't seen that
11:18 gmcharlt 19:00 UTC+0 on 5 May?
11:19 chris thats not quite true anymore, but its a good start
11:19 chris actually most of it is true
11:19 chris gmcharlt: works for me
11:20 thd chris: what is not true?
11:21 chris the directory structure where the tests live
11:21 chris but yeah, have a look in the t dir
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11:23 hdl_laptop ok for me
11:23 IrmaCalyx Irma from CALYX - sooo sorry I am late - Hi all :-)
11:23 * mason waves at irma
11:24 gmcharlt ok, thanks all
11:24 * chris goes to sleep
11:25 thd good night chris
11:25 tajoli for me 9:00 UTC+0 on 5 May is ok
11:25 * thd needs to sleep shortly
11:25 Colin sweet dreams of successful tests
11:25 tajoli sorry 19:00 UTC+0 on 5 May
11:25 tajoli is ok
11:26 mason thanks again galen
11:28 hdl_laptop thanks
11:29 Genji me too. sleep callith.
11:29 Genji night all.
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11:35 rickw_ joined #koha
11:35 jdavidb joined #koha
11:50 juan one question. Anybody could review or test our development about Mail in Koha?
11:52 juan were are going to commit a new development, our Fines in days module, which has differences with the one that will be included in new version of Koha
11:55 Amit_G left #koha
11:55 juan is now known as juan|away
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12:03 CGI920 joined #koha
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12:11 owen joined #koha
12:16 hdl_laptop juan|away: no time for that at the moment but quite interested.
12:17 * owen reading the meeting log, offering regrets for being absent
12:18 jwagner There was a meeting?
12:19 nengard i'm having a problem that makes no sense - i can't seem to check out an item to a patron with an overdue item - i don't get a message pop up - just an empty yellow box and there are no errors in the log file ... but i have no preferences set that should stop me from checking the item out .... ideas?
12:19 jwagner nengard, see Bug 4036
12:19 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4036 blocker, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, Two conditions missing from circ template messages: USERBLOCKEDOVERDUE  and USERBLOCKEDREMAINING
12:20 * owen shakes his fist at Bug 4036
12:20 nengard ick - that's a big issue
12:20 nengard grrr
12:21 jwagner I think there are a couple of other related bugs, this was the one that came up in the search.
12:21 kf yes
12:21 jwagner Basically, the system thinks there's a reason not to allow checkout/renewal, but the screen doesn't know what the reason is so it displays the empty box.
12:21 kf bad bug
12:21 * owen likes the "patch of the month" suggestion
12:22 jwagner ?
12:22 nengard but the system does think there is a reason .... so how do i find that reason so i can get the darn thing to let me check out so i can get the screenshots I need??? :)
12:22 nengard jwagner - from the meeting minutes
12:22 jwagner Try a different patron/item?
12:23 nengard did that
12:23 nengard tried lots of combos
12:23 nengard if the patron has at least one item overdue (which I need) then i can't check out
12:24 nengard and if the system thought there was a reason wouldn't it be in the log ... well maybe not if it's not an error - just a reason ... grrr
12:26 kmkale joined #koha
12:27 thd-away joined #koha
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12:27 thd-away is now known as thd-power-failu
12:28 thd-power-failu is now known as thd-power-fail
12:28 kf nengard: it blocks because its the day the item is due I think... which makes no sense
12:29 kf nengard: it should at least be overdue
12:29 kf nengard: I was testing notices and fines and this bug forced me to change all my test cases :(
12:30 nengard kf meaning today is the day the item is due?
12:30 kf yes
12:31 nengard well when i specify to make the due date a diff date it still won't check out
12:32 kf you cant check out to a patron with an overdue book right now
12:32 kf I think the yellow box should be something like
12:32 nengard grrr - okay
12:32 kf this patron has overdoes, still want to check out another book? y/n
12:32 thd left #koha
12:34 * chris_n also offers regrets for missing the meeting this morning
12:34 thd-power-fail is now known as thd
12:34 owen Koha has NEVER before blocked a checkout because a patron had overdues. I don't know why it should start now.
12:35 * jwagner speculates, sheer perversity?
12:37 owen Will someone be sending out an official notice of the next Koha General meeting date and time?
12:37 nengard have tricked the system by editing the db directly - not good practice but i need to get this image :)
12:38 jwagner trickery++
12:41 hilongo joined #koha
12:42 kf I think it should be possible to deactivate some of those warnings
12:42 hilongo good morning everyone :)
12:42 hilongo I guess I'm a little late for the meeting
12:44 jwagner At least you remembered that there WAS a meeting, unlike some of us :-)
12:45 Ropuch ;>
12:46 Ropuch Maybe there's a way to have reminders send to list automagically by callendar app on koha-community ;>
12:48 kf gmcharlt: just send you another mail with the sample data from yesterday converted for import into koha
12:48 gmcharlt kf: thanks
12:50 nengard left #koha
12:50 kf gmcharlt: I tried to describe what our program does, just ask if its not clear what I meant
13:19 Colin left #koha
13:23 ftherese1 joined #koha
13:23 ftherese1 hello... why do you suppose git doesn't supply the french install stuff?
13:24 ftherese1 + how do I add it?
13:25 paul_p bonjour ftherese
13:25 paul_p ftherese1, you're right, git doesn't include localized koha. But it includes the translations & the tool to generate them
13:25 ftherese1 salut paul_p
13:25 paul_p look in misc/translator directory
13:26 ftherese1 alors... thanks
13:26 ftherese1 je m'y met
13:26 paul_p ftherese1, and we have a french channel (very quiet...) on freenode, #koha-fr
13:27 ftherese1 that's why I came here ;)
13:27 ftherese1 I had more success here in the past
13:27 ftherese1 is now known as ftherese
13:39 cm joined #koha
13:39 owen Hi cm
13:39 cm hi owen!
13:40 cm do you know if anyone's planning on adding xslt templates for the staff interface?  iirc, they're not in 3.2 yet.
13:40 Nate joined #koha
13:41 tomascohen joined #koha
13:41 owen cm: They are in the latest version, at least for the detail page. Not for the search results page.
13:43 kf cm: I tested them, detail works fine
13:43 cm thanks.  i think the search results page is where i'm missing them the most, though.  there are a couple issues that i think would be easier to fix in xslt, like adding subtitles and the problem with ampersands.
13:44 owen There is some work in progress which should improve display of subtitles.
13:44 owen What problem with ampersands?
13:45 kf Im not sure, but perhaps you could already add a xslt template for search results in 3.2, I think there is a sysprf
13:45 sekjal joined #koha
13:45 kf xslt stylesheet
13:45 cm where they show up as "&amp;"
13:46 owen cm: I don't think I've seen that
13:46 cm the opac search results did the same thing; i submitted a patch that fixed it, though it was probably kind of a hack.
13:46 kf XSLTResultsDisplay Show biblio records on result page in the staff client - I set it on using xslt stylesheet but not sure it changed anything
13:47 * chris_n notes another migration to closed-source LLEK
13:48 cm yeah, i think the sysprefs were changed to separate the xslt templates for the opac & intranet (they were both using the same template at one time), and now the ability is there to have it, but the template doesn't exist.
13:49 owen Exactly.
13:49 owen chris_n: Where?
13:49 * magnus wonders why anyone would choose LLEK at this time...
13:50 owen magnus: Perhaps a library that had been in negotiations with LibLime for a while?
13:50 magnus owen: yeah, probably
13:50 owen Oh here it is: http://www.librarytechnology.o[…]
13:50 chris_n snap
13:51 cm owen:  i think the ampersand issue has something to do with this bug:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3326
13:51 munin Bug 3326: normal, P5, ---,, NEW, xml entity refs display incorrectly in results page if exported and indexed as xml
13:51 cm we're indexing as xml
13:52 owen Okay, that's new to me. What is the difference between indexing as xml and the standard?
13:52 ftherese paul_p: so I need to do something like ./translate install fr-FR?
13:52 ftherese perl that is
13:52 paul_p ftherese, yep
13:53 Sharon left #koha
13:55 cm owen:  you can either store your records as marc or marcxml, and choose to use one or the other with
13:55 cm i don't remember exactly why we settled on storing records as marcxml, but i think it had to do with migrating our records from dev_week to koha3
13:57 kf bye #koha :)
13:57 kf left #koha
13:57 magnus is now known as magnus_away
13:58 ftherese paul_p only one error... hope it isn't serious
13:58 ftherese Use of uninitialized value $pref_name in concatenation (.) or string at line 173.
13:59 ftherese and at line 131
14:01 tirabo left #koha
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14:09 bgkriegel joined #koha
14:10 ftherese paul_p: I installed the fr-FR translation, which looked like it worked, but I still have only en as an option
14:15 owen is now known as owen-away
14:15 ftherese should it have been named just "fr" instead of "fr-FR"?
14:18 jcamins joined #koha
14:18 jcamins Good morning, #koha
14:19 jcamins Does anyone know if there is an idiot's guide to creating custom indexes in Zebra?
14:21 chris_n it seems that in all of our code-style deliberations we should consider "requiring" the initialization of all vars when they are first defined
14:21 chris_n this would avoid *many* warns in comparisons
14:21 paul_p ftherese, fr-FR, and pls activate it in sysprefs / i18n tab
14:21 bgkriegel left #koha
14:22 ftherese I haven't installed the system yet
14:22 ftherese j'ai besoin de l'unimarc
14:23 tirabo joined #koha
14:23 paul_p ftherese, so, you must have french setup & don't need to do anything with sysprefs
14:23 paul_p (but it must be fr-FR)
14:23 ftherese so... why won't it let me select fr-FR from the setup menu?
14:23 ftherese after running translate install fr-FR
14:27 ftherese ... frustration
14:28 ftherese why won't the setup page let me select another language?!?
14:34 CGI557 joined #koha
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14:46 paul_p ftherese, pls check you've a directory $KOHA/koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/fr-FR ?
14:46 ftherese it includes these files:
14:46 ftherese columns.def  css  includes  js  lib  modules  xslt
14:46 ftherese @paul_p
14:46 munin ftherese: Error: "paul_p" is not a valid command.
14:47 ftherese sorry munin
14:47 paul_p ok, so it exist. so it's translated.
14:47 ftherese right... I tried restarting apache2
14:47 ftherese reloading it
14:48 ftherese and refreshing the browser
14:48 ftherese but it won't show the fr-FR in the menu
14:48 ftherese on /cgi-bin/koha/installer/
14:48 paul_p grrrr... should do
14:49 ftherese do I need to give it the translate -p update?
14:50 ftherese upon reading the documentation
14:50 ftherese it just looks like that deals with only a few of the files
14:53 bgkriegel joined #koha
14:57 ftherese I guess I'll just let it go
14:57 ftherese forget about it
15:02 bgkriegel left #koha
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15:20 tekonivel joined #koha
15:23 ricardo joined #koha
15:23 ricardo Hi everyone
15:23 juan|away is now known as juan
15:25 ricardo I have a development question: is there a way to have a "stack trace" displayed somewhere (screen, log...) for a function call in Koha? I'm having, for some authority searches, a Crash ("Can't call method "fields" on an undefined value at /koha/koha30xclone/C4/ line 890.")  and I would like to debug this...
15:25 ricardo ... but the function that contains that line is called from several places (so, I think a trace would be nice)
15:27 Kivutar left #koha
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15:33 gmcharlt jdavidb: about?
15:33 jdavidb present, more or les.
15:34 gmcharlt just wondering if you have any comments on the three-patch series for bug 3482 that hdl_laptop sent on 3/17
15:34 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3482 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, Print overdue and hold notices for patrons without email addresses
15:35 jdavidb I've seen them (meaning, I have them in my inbox, and know they are there) but have not had minutes enough to rub together to *do* anything with them.  I haven't forgotten; am just thoroughly buried.
15:39 thd is now known as thd_sleeps
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15:59 jcamins Does anyone here happen to know how to make zebra recognize additional attributes, without modifying bib1.att?
16:00 moodaepo yes
16:01 jcamins Really? How do you do it? I tried creating a separate file, and adding it to zebra-biblios.cfg, and it doesn't seem to recognize my new attributes.
16:03 chris_n @wunder 28334
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16:03 jdavidb @wunder 20817
16:03 munin jdavidb: The current temperature in Langley Fork Park, McLean, Virginia is 31.6�C (11:28 AM EDT on April 07, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 26%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 29.81 in 1009.4 hPa (Falling).
16:03 francharb left #koha
16:05 moodaepo jcamins: my yes was for another window sorry : (
16:15 Nouman joined #koha
16:20 cait joined #koha
16:20 cait hi #koha
16:21 jwagner hi cait
16:21 Nouman hi
16:21 jdavidb hi, cait! :)
16:21 cait :)
16:27 indradg_ @wunder kolkata
16:27 munin indradg_: The current temperature in Kolkata, India is 30.0�C (9:50 PM IST on April 07, 2010). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: 26.0�C. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011 hPa (Steady).
16:38 sjeffery joined #koha
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16:39 sjeffery Can anyone link to an example record showing the issues of a periodical held by a library in Koha? Having the darndest time tracking an example down.
16:46 tomascohen hi everyone
16:46 tomascohen i was wondering if is koha-zebraqueue-daemon needed?
16:47 paul_p tomascohen, it's deprecated. You should put -z in the crontab
16:50 ricardo Bye all!
16:50 ricardo left #koha
16:57 tomascohen paul_p: thanks!
16:58 sjeffery left #koha
17:13 mib_umdivv joined #koha
17:13 mib_umdivv hi all
17:13 Ropuch Hi
17:14 mib_umdivv does anyone know of a Koha Copy Cataloging Cheat Sheet, Checklist, Guide, Tutorial
17:14 mib_umdivv or anything of that sort?
17:20 Nouman left #koha
17:29 mib_umdivv ?
17:29 indradg_ left #koha
17:34 adegroff joined #koha
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19:41 chris gmcharlt: thanks for all the pushing, thats a ton of patches :)
19:41 cait hi chris
19:41 chris heya cait
19:41 cait perhaps you can help me?
19:41 cait i want to add a new index to zebra
19:42 gmcharlt chris: I think there are three new committers for history.txt today
19:42 chris oh cool, i saw the 2 catalysters (donovan and srdjan)
19:42 cait I wonder because /etc/zebradb exists in directory kohaclone (git) and koha-dev
19:42 chris who was the other one?
19:43 gmcharlt Cindy Ames
19:43 cait now not sure where to change it - koha-dev is not in git, but it seems koha uses koha-dev and not files under kohaclone?
19:43 gmcharlt cait: the koha-dev one is the one that is actually used by the Zebra process
19:43 chris ahh awesome
19:43 cait hm, but how do i make my patch when i change files in koha-dev?
19:44 gmcharlt cait: if it's something to submit, you'll have to change both versions
19:44 cait ah ok
19:44 chris gmcharlt: im really happy how many female developers we have .. its nowhere near 50% but its way better than most projects
19:44 cait I plan to submit everything as soon as possible, perhaps some smaller patches and enhancements
19:45 chris yay!
19:45 cait but I still need a lot of time for small things :(
19:45 gmcharlt chris: agreed.  not that we should be resting on our laurels regarding that, of course
19:45 chris yeah, last time i sat on laurel i got a punch
19:45 cait resting on our laurels?
19:46 gmcharlt doh - I walked right into that
19:46 chris its an old saying cait, (but laurel is also my wife's name)
19:46 chris its to do with laurel wreaths isnt it gmcharlt ?
19:46 cait what does it mean?
19:46 chris shouldnt become complacent
19:46 gmcharlt chris: I think so
19:47 chris ie we shouldnt think the job is done
19:47 cait gmcharlt: is there mroe than changing record.abs, bib1.att and properties.ccl and reindex?
19:48 chris cait: http://idioms.thefreedictionar[…]m/rest+on+laurels
19:48 gmcharlt cait: no, that's it
19:48 cait chris: thank you!
19:48 nicomo left #koha
19:48 cait gmcharlt: thx!
19:48 jwagner left #koha
19:50 tomas left #koha
19:50 chris ok bus time
19:56 wizzyrea_laptop joined #koha
19:57 magnus_away is now known as magnus
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20:13 larsw joined #koha
20:23 richard joined #koha
20:23 richard hi
20:33 chris back
20:33 richard hey chris
20:33 cait ok, all files changed - testing now
20:35 chris_n enough of DBIx::Class for one day :P
20:35 * chris_n heads home
20:36 chris good luck cait
20:36 cait thx :)
20:42 cait ok, I can find the records with $w now in any, but not with my index rcn: or Record-control-number:
20:43 chris gmcharlt: alex arnaud too
20:43 gmcharlt yep
20:43 chris 4 new committers
20:43 wizzyrea_laptop left #koha
20:44 cait ah typo :)
20:45 chris that makes 109
20:45 sekjal left #koha
20:51 cait hmpf
20:53 cait hm, still not working
20:55 chris i need a synonym for freedom
20:56 rhcl_away fired
20:56 rhcl_away laid off
20:56 rhcl_away unemployed
20:56 rhcl_away divorced
20:56 rhcl_away happily divorced
20:56 chris one thats not from a janis joplin song
20:56 larsw autonomous, unhindered
20:56 chris ohh thanks larsw
20:57 chris i like autonomous
20:57 cait[…]l?q=rcn:006869769 results in error 404 :(
20:57 chris dang
20:58 larsw chris, :)
21:00 cait Record-control-number 1=1045
21:00 cait rcn Record-control-number
21:00 cait att 1045    Record-control-number
21:00 cait I dont see, whats wrong with those
21:02 cait ok, time to go to bed - good night #koha
21:04 chris night cait
21:04 cait left #koha
21:09 brendan joined #koha
21:12 chris hi brendan
21:22 brendan hi chris
21:22 brendan made it back home :)
21:23 brendan left #koha
21:23 brendan joined #koha
21:25 chris cool :)
21:27 brendan_ joined #koha
21:27 magnus good night, #koha
21:27 magnus left #koha
21:28 brendan__ joined #koha
21:31 Jo joined #koha
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21:34 brendan__ is now known as brendan
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21:55 brendan @wunder 93117
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22:13 moodaepo @wunder 56001
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22:20 thd_sleeps is now known as thd
22:55 * mason waves from kapiti
22:57 * richard waves at mason from wellington
23:29 brendan_ joined #koha
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23:29 brendan_ is now known as brendan

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