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01:53 wajasu gonna do an install of the koha alpha. is there an impending beta coming inthe next week, and I'll wait.
01:53 chris alpha2 in the next week, id wait for that
01:53 chris the RM just pushed a big pile of patches yesterday
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02:00 wajasu is that in koha git?
02:00 chris yes
02:03 wajasu i ran from git, the trie dpulling a week or 2 later. i did not see any changes.  is that because the RM doesn't push patches but every week or two?
02:04 chris yes
02:04 chris they are pushed when they have been tested
02:06 wajasu i wish there was some html content (even if it is display:none by default) in the div for the search logo and search box.  then I could do a CSS style and add my square logo,  with library name as large test above the searchbox.  Wiithout messing with the header div above, thus using lest screen realestate at the top of my page.
02:07 chris send a patch with the change to the template and there will be
02:08 wajasu ok.
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03:30 Jo chris: are you about?
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03:39 Amit_G hi all
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06:07 Ropuch Morning #koha
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06:45 magnus g'day #koha!
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06:48 Ropuch Hi magnus
06:48 magnus hi Ropuch
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07:27 kf good morning #koha
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07:29 Ropuch Good morning kf
07:30 kf hi Ropuch
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07:50 magnus hi audun
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08:08 CGI369 hi
08:08 CGI369 good day
08:09 CGI369 can i ask for help in setting up koha?
08:11 CGI369 i am done installing but when i access servername:8080 i cannot establish connection
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12:00 jdavidb g'mornin, #koha.
12:02 magnus g'day, jdavidb
12:03 jwagner Morning, all
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12:12 jdavidb the new ptfs demo server is loaded up with the data from dev2, ready for you to do any last-minute tinkerin'.  When you've got it like you want, I'll snapshot that for keepers.
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12:15 hdl_laptop hi all
12:15 * jdavidb grumbles about wrong windows, and goes to get more caffeine.
12:17 * jwagner suggests an IV :-)
12:20 kf :)
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12:30 jwagner @quote random
12:30 munin jwagner: Quote #36: "<pianohacker> first, burn the perl book" (added by jdavidb at 03:12 PM, September 25, 2009)
12:31 owen Anyone seen pianohacker lately?
12:31 jwagner He hasn't been on in a long time.  School work?
12:31 jdavidb @seen pianohackr|work
12:31 munin jdavidb: pianohackr|work was last seen in #koha 5 weeks, 1 day, 11 hours, 20 minutes, and 8 seconds ago: <pianohackr|work> parents keep _threatening_ to break an arm, but I think they're kidding
12:31 jdavidb @seen pianohacker
12:31 munin jdavidb: pianohacker was last seen in #koha 3 weeks, 0 days, 17 hours, 21 minutes, and 27 seconds ago: <pianohacker> that's all :)
12:32 magnus that could sound a bit ominous...
12:33 * jdavidb misses pianohacker. :(
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13:07 owen Anyone up for a general git question? I want to track a (non-Koha) web development project with git
13:08 owen I'm thinking I set up my existing in-production project as a repo, and clone that locally
13:08 owen Can I create branches in my local clone and push them to the live system as branches alongside the official in-production branch?
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13:11 hdl_laptop owen: you could
13:14 owen Any opinion on whether that is a sensible way to do it? I'm just trying to figure out the best workflow
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13:24 schuster gmcharlt - after reading some of those patch comments yesterday on Patches(or maybe the day before, I'm really busy and trying to keep up with email) I know why you are the RM!
13:24 * gmcharlt steals the title of Curmudgeon-in-chief from jdavidb and jwagner ;)
13:25 gmcharlt owen: makes perfect sense
13:25 ebegin good morning all
13:26 jwagner gmcharlt, I surrender it cheerfully (if that isn't out of character) :-)
13:26 owen Thanks gmcharlt
13:31 * jdavidb was never Curmudgeon-in-chief; that's jwagner's cover story.
13:32 * jwagner grumbles appropriately
13:32 * jdavidb thinks jwagner is about as sweet n wonderful as they get.  (Disclaimer:  biased.)
13:32 * jwagner says that's MY cover story :-)
13:33 owen jdavidb: Your opinion is suspect because jwagner is in a position to bribe you with cookies.
13:33 jdavidb :D  and she *does*, owen.
13:33 owen Cookies must be distributed widely if we're to have an objective view.
13:33 jwagner Harrumph.
13:34 jwagner Now, if we could figure out some way to get me to Kohacon, and if NZ didn't confiscate cookies at the border, maybe....
13:35 * jdavidb is thinking of baking up something yummy for our group next week.
13:37 kf coookieess...
13:38 * jdavidb would send kf some cookies, but is unsure how well shipping them would work.
13:38 schuster send them to a website they could get full from... ;)
13:39 * jwagner is hungry now....
13:39 jdavidb (!)  schuster, you triggered an idea.  Could put my mix in a jar, ship that.  just add liquids, mix, n bake.  :)
13:39 kf :)
13:39 * kf likes that idea
13:40 kf <- cookie mixes in jars
13:41 jdavidb I've done that with my recipe before, kf.  it makes a nice gift for folks.
13:42 kf im not good at cookies, I normally do cakes :)
13:43 jdavidb I've also done it with my muffin mix; add milk, egg, and a banana...
13:46 * kf is now hungry too
13:50 jdavidb hm..  makes notes to self to remember to internationalize the recipe before making as gift for non-US-ians.
13:53 jwagner Gotta head out for an appointment (and maybe a second breakfast :-) ) -- see you later.
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14:03 magnus_ it's a good thing it's usually around dinner-time here by the time you US-ians start talking about cookies...
14:04 kf :)
14:04 * sekjal just remembered that he has a bunch of Easter cookies in the kitchen!
14:04 owen The hazards of working from home...
14:05 sekjal ::nom nom nom::
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14:33 kf hm - has no bug in bugzilla, but a patch was submitted. Does it make sense to add it to bugzilla too? its kind of a blocker, you cant use search functions when adding subscriptions.
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14:34 CGI904 hi
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14:48 cm hi #koha
14:49 wizzyrea_laptop mornin
14:49 cm i'm having a problem with facets on 3.2--they're only showing facets for the current page's results for me.  can anyone else confirm this?
14:50 cm morning, wizzyrea_laptop.  :)
14:50 wizzyrea_laptop :)
14:50 hdl_laptop cm *sigh
14:50 hdl_laptop hi
14:50 cm indeed!
14:50 hdl_laptop It is not only 3.2 related
14:51 kf cm: its not a bug, its how it is
14:51 cm i could have sworn it was fixed.
14:51 kf ok, pehaps it is a bug... :)
14:51 owen Perhaps better called a compromise?
14:51 owen Is it performance-related?
14:51 * owen can't remember
14:52 hdl_laptop Nope problem with zebra facets and diacritics
14:52 cm i noticed it a while ago and thought we did something to break it on our test install, but we reverted to the original and it was still that way.  :P
14:52 kf hm I thought that ptfs had a bug for this with sponsored improvements, but not sure
14:53 hdl_laptop cm: zebra facets are based on indexed data
14:53 hdl_laptop And not on pure data
14:53 cm perhaps i'll do a fresh reindex just to be sure.
14:53 hdl_laptop i.e. processed data from icu or charmaps
14:53 cm cross your fingers!
14:53 jdavidb kf:  that's a new one on me, if so.  jwagner might know something about that.
14:54 kf perhaps im completely wrong, there is just something in the back of my mind ... hmm i hate this feeling
14:55 cm i definitely know what you mean.
14:59 kf ok, forget what I said, i will do some searching until I remember
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15:04 cm i'm using marcxml, if that makes any difference.  reindexing now.  it'll be quite a while before it's done.
15:04 kf found something:[…]n-td27766418.html
15:05 kf but its not what I had in mind hm.
15:07 juan hi
15:08 juan I work in Xercode
15:08 juan you can ask me something about our facets management
15:09 juan but i think it is not what you are searching
15:10 kf I thought I read about planned improvements for facetted search somewhere
15:11 kf because the facets only show for the first page
15:13 juan we are investigating and testing pazpar2 in koha to generate facets to all the pages, not only for the first one
15:15 kf it would be really nice to see facets working for all pages
15:18 cm well, there's this:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3154
15:18 munin Bug 3154: major, P5, ---,, NEW, OPAC Search refining by facets is wrong
15:20 cm i could have sworn it included all results at one point, though.  /me is feeling crazy.
15:20 slef hi all
15:20 cm hi slef
15:21 slef I'm feeling crazy too.  It's been a mad March for me.
15:22 cm at least March is over.  :)  But isn't april the cruelest month?
15:24 slef Would anyone be so kind as to remind me why we have frameworks?  Some days it's the fundamental questions which stump me and[…]raphic-frameworks doesn't really explain it.
15:24 slef aha,[…]?ch=x3614#AEN3617 has a bit more, but still not a great answer
15:25 owen We use different frameworks so that different catalogers don't have to filter through tags which aren't relevant to the type of material they're working with
15:25 wizzyrea_laptop I think at a basic level it's so we can define what shows in the OPAC records/what gets entered at cataloging time?
15:25 wizzyrea_laptop ^^ what owen said
15:26 wizzyrea_laptop so say you have an ILL, and you don't want a big long record
15:26 wizzyrea_laptop use the fast add framework
15:26 owen ^^ what wizzyrea_laptop said
15:26 cm yep, that's how we use them too.
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15:28 slef great, thanks.  How does it affect OPAC records?
15:28 wizzyrea_laptop brendan about?
15:28 slef OPAC records display
15:28 owen It doesn't
15:28 wizzyrea_laptop oh, I thought it did. I misunderstood.
15:28 slef I think this is a cataloguer question rather than one for us programmers, isn't it?  I don't think I should answer "back to library school" to the client though ;-)
15:29 slef sorry for highlighting wizzyrea_laptop's misunderstanding :)
15:29 cm yeah, i don't think it's fully implemented for display.  it just uses the default framework, IIRC.
15:29 wizzyrea_laptop ah it's ok :)
15:29 wizzyrea_laptop we've been told lots of things that may or may not be true >.>
15:29 wizzyrea_laptop <.<
15:29 wizzyrea_laptop :)
15:29 slef and with my memory, I remember none of them!
15:29 wizzyrea_laptop (along the way, that is. Not so much lately)
15:30 owen What's a cataloguer question slef? The purpose of frameworks?
15:30 slef yes
15:31 slef ok, I think this is final question: "Koha to MARC mapping - Define the mapping between the Koha transactional database (SQL) and the MARC Bibliographic records. Note that the mapping can be defined through MARC Bibliographic Framework." so can we define different Koha to MARC mappings for different frameworks?
15:32 kf hm
15:32 kf I always thought its the same everywhere when I change it - but did not test it
15:32 kf I always use koha-to-marc-mapping page
15:34 slef so have we... I wonder if it will kill my cat if I do it the other way
15:34 chris_n slef: cat eq catalog... I hope... ;)
15:36 * slef tries on our test server... which I really shouldn't do because I don't think I've backed up the database recently
15:38 kf slef: good luck .)
15:38 kf bye #koha
15:38 cm bye, kf.  :)
15:38 * chris_n encourages slef to back up at all costs
15:39 slef Interesting in the online help "# Koha link : very important. Koha is multi-MARC compliant. [...] When the user want to search on "title", this link is used to find what is searched (245 if you're MARC21, 200 if you're UNIMARC)."
15:41 wizzyrea_laptop bbl, gotta go do a presentation at KLA conference.
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15:42 slef oh it's OK, I have a backup
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15:48 hdl_laptop slef: you should not use a different mapping for different frameworks alsthough you could
15:51 slef hdl_laptop: why should not?
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15:59 slef I am wondering if it will help a library use MARC records from two different sources with koha fields in slightly different tag subfields.
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16:00 cm what about zebra indexing?  does that refer to the frameworks?
16:01 slef that is my worry
16:01 cm i bet it doesn't
16:02 gmcharlt cm: no, there's no direct connection
16:03 gmcharlt getting indexing definitions stored in the database and generating Zebra config files from that
16:03 gmcharlt would be a way to help tie them to the overall MARC framework structure
16:03 slef so basically we have no option except remapping MARC records as they come in to all follow the same mapping?
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16:04 slef Is the "Koha is multi-MARC compliant" line in the online help still accurate?
16:04 gmcharlt it's compliant in the sense that one Koha datbase could use UNIMARC, another MARC21, etc.
16:04 gmcharlt but not in the sense that vastly different MARC encodings could currently live in the same database
16:05 gmcharlt at least not without rather a lot of hackery to get things consistently indexed
16:05 cm i think so.  that's what we've been doing.  i wish there was a pre-import templating system for the batch import tool to tell koha what data goes into which fields.
16:05 slef Is that how people would understand "multi-MARC"?  Sounds like we're claiming multiple MARCs in a Koha to me.
16:06 slef cm: I think we're pondering converting to MARCXML and using XSLT as one option.  How do you do it?
16:07 cm on our dev_week install we have a preimport script that moves fields around and then imports them with bulkmarcimport.
16:07 cm i haven't quite decided how to do it yet on 3.2.
16:07 gmcharlt slef: dunno; certainly could reworded to give the correct info that Koha-the-software can support a variety of MARC formats, but not that Koha-a-particular-database-instance-thereof can
16:07 slef cm: moving them around using MARC::* modules directly?
16:07 cm most of our libraries get records from one or more vendors
16:08 cm lemme look.
16:08 slef cm: ta
16:09 cm nope.  we use the SimpleMARC pm that kyle wrote & included in koha-tools.
16:10 slef ah, that might be worth a look... I know using MARC::* directly didn't look particularly elegant
16:12 cm it works pretty well.  he's updated it a bit for our upgrade to 3.2, but I don't know if he's committed that version to koha-tools yet.  it's handy for moving stuff around.
16:12 cm if not, i can heckle him.  :)
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16:14 cm looks like the version in the repo is 2 years old.  i'll ask him to update it.
16:14 slef Would it be good to link koha-tools from ?
16:15 cm yeah, possibly.  but a lot of what's there is for dev_week.
16:15 slef is till up and updated it seems
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16:16 wizzyrea_preso hi peeps :)
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16:16 slef hello wizzyrea_split_personality
16:17 joetho just visiting!
16:17 slef that's what they all say at first
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16:20 joetho whew I will post a little vid of wizzyrea doing her lightningfast presentation a little later
16:20 joetho I am on the front row of course, heh heh heh
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16:33 slef I was going to say that I was quite impressed with but joetho is gone.
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16:53 indradg @wunder jaipur
16:53 munin indradg: The current temperature in Jaipur, India is 33.0�C (10:00 PM IST on April 08, 2010). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 16%. Dew Point: 4.0�C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013 hPa (Steady).
16:54 schuster Posting another bug dealing with lost books and returns...  This may have to be on our development list to get cleaned up...  ugly...
16:54 schuster bug 4379
16:54 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4379 trivial, P5, ---,, NEW, Lost item charged, but if returned not credited to patron
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16:56 jwagner schuster, that's on more-or-less current head?
16:56 brendan morning
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17:00 cait hi #koha
17:00 * jdavidb waves and sends cookies to cait.
17:00 jwagner hi cait
17:01 cait hi and thx for the cookies :)
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17:11 cait somone willing to help me find my error in zebra? I want to add a new index Record-control-number (short rcn). It think indexing worked, because I can find the titles in simple search, but not with my index name rcn:
17:11 cait this is what I did:
17:15 cait hm.
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17:27 hdl_laptop cait: I think what you are missing is bib1.att modification so that 1045 is linked with Record-control-number
17:28 hdl_laptop (bib1.att used to be case-sensitive. I guess it isnot any longer.)
17:28 hdl_laptop cait: otherwise, you could just use
17:29 hdl_laptop
17:29 hdl_laptop and you wouldnot even have to reindex.
17:29 hdl_laptop HTH
17:30 cait hi hdl_laptop
17:30 cait sorry, was in the kitchen, give me a minute
17:30 cait I added this line to bib1.att: att 1045    Record-control-number
17:30 cait its the last line in pastebin
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17:31 hdl_laptop is there no other att 1045 in bib1.att ?
17:32 cait hm I saw none, but let me check to make sure
17:32 cait no
17:32 cait do i need to restart zebrasrv to make it work?
17:33 hdl_laptop don't think so but at least reindex the whole stuff.
17:34 cait I changed the file as you suggested, no difference, will reindex now
17:34 cait and thx for your help, i really need to solve this so I can continue with the next step
17:36 cait any options I should use or is -b enough?
17:41 hdl_laptop -b -reset
17:41 cait hdl_laptop: I reindexed with -b -r - but no change
17:41 hdl_laptop what you could do is try and index 2 records.
17:41 hdl_laptop directly with zebra
17:42 cait hdl_laptop: I search for 006869769 and get three results, which is corret, one in 001 and to in $w I added to my new index
17:42 hdl_laptop and what do you have in your zebra logs, if you log your queries.
17:42 cait i can search for Control-number:006... and find the one with 001
17:43 cait can you tell me where those are?
17:43 hdl_laptop in logs koha-zebradaemon-output.log
17:44 hdl_laptop usually your devinstall/var/log/koha-zebradeamon....
17:44 cait ah, no, its not there
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17:54 cait hdl_laptop: thx, I will try to redo everything from scratch und hope it will work in the end
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18:32 cm i just finished reindexing.  no change in the facets.  still just the results for the current page.  :(
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18:56 * jdavidb finds all these wizzies very confusing.
18:56 wizzyrea_laptop whoa no kidding
18:57 wizzyrea_laptop wtf is going on at my office lol
18:57 cait my zebra is stubborn :(
18:58 wizzyrea_laptop have you tried spanking it?
18:58 cait I would like to
18:59 cait I just want to add a new index :(
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19:29 cait hm it works now and I have no idea why :)
19:30 chris_n @quote add cait: hm it works now and I have no idea why :)
19:30 munin chris_n: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
19:31 chris_n yes munin
19:31 cait hey :)
19:32 chris_n well that stinks...
19:33 chris_n munin will not allow me to identify because my hostmask is wrong... and I can't add a hostmask because I'm not identified...
19:33 munin chris_n: Error: "will" is not a valid command.
19:33 * chris_n hates tight-loops
19:34 * cait shares one of jdavidb's cookies with chris_n
19:35 * chris_n pours cait a glass of milk
19:35 cait :)
19:35 * chris_n has this vague idea that munin is related to zebra somehow ;)
19:36 * cait nods
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19:45 chris @quote add cait: hm it works now and I have no idea why :)
19:45 munin chris: The operation succeeded.  Quote #71 added.
19:46 chris_n thanks chris
19:46 chris np
19:46 cait chris! ;)
19:57 * chris goes to catch his bus
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20:24 richard hi
20:27 * magnus_away goes offline
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20:37 chris back
20:51 ebegin chris, I'm happy to see that you are using!
20:51 chris gotta walk the walk if you are gonna talk the talk :-)
20:52 ebegin :)
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20:54 * larsw realizes that searching for "chris" is perhaps not the most effective way
20:54 chris heh
20:55 chris where are you searching that?
20:55 larsw on :)
20:55 chris ahh
20:55 larsw yup, found and subscribed
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21:04 cm bye all!
21:04 cm left #koha
21:06 * larsw looks at the cost analysis thread on koha@ and wonders if enough is being done for libraries to share catalog record data, instead of duplicating effort
21:06 chris larsw: the answer is no really, was a good initiative, but it kinda of withered
21:06 chris
21:08 larsw I know nothing of library management but I assume some of the record data is shareable between libraries, but some is specific to each library
21:09 chris there is a lot in library of congress
21:09 chris and the national libraries of most countires have lots of catalogue records
21:10 chris basically in a marc record (marc21 anyway) everything except the item specific (barcode etc) data is sharable
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21:20 mib_zq3jns hi
21:20 cait good night all :)
21:20 cait left #koha
21:22 mib_zq3jns you know if someone is investigating Perl Template Toolkit  Â¿?
21:22 chris yes
21:22 mib_zq3jns im miguel of xercode
21:22 chris have you looked at the rfc's for 3.4?
21:23 mib_zq3jns yes
21:23 chris its on the roadmap for 3.4
21:23 chris and ive already done some work on it
21:23 mib_zq3jns oh
21:23 chris[…]velopment:rfcs3.4
21:24 chris[…]fs/heads/template
21:24 chris but my current focus (as should everyones be) is getting bugs fixed so we can release 3.2
21:24 chris before we start creating new bugs :)
21:26 mib_zq3jns so do we, but we are interested in the multilingual
21:27 mib_zq3jns it is impossible to maintain multiple language
21:27 chris oh?
21:27 chris others have managed with the .po files
21:27 mib_zq3jns puff
21:27 chris with 3.4 we will still be using .po
21:28 mib_zq3jns yes ¿?
21:28 chris the french guys have been running multilingual for years
21:29 chris on the fly translation is slow, prerendered templates will always outperform that
21:29 mib_zq3jns but ... I believe we should take advantage of this development
21:30 chris sure, if you can make it work fast :)
21:31 mib_zq3jns any major programming language used. po
21:31 chris yes, koha uses .po
21:31 chris pretty much all of linux uses .po
21:31 mib_zq3jns :D
21:33 mib_zq3jns nd I think they should take to correct relative paths
21:33 chris like i say, if you can make it work fast on the fly, go for it :)
21:33 chris last time i tried it was a significant performance decrease
21:35 mib_zq3jns significant performance decrease = mod_perl
21:35 chris mod_perl is certainly an option
21:36 chris it does tie koha hard to apache tho
21:36 chris and currently you can run it with any webserver
21:36 chris nginx + fast_cgi would be my option
21:37 chris so as long as when we add mod_perl we dont stop it being able to work without mod_perl that would be ok
21:37 mib_zq3jns nginx ¿?
21:37 chris super fast webserver
21:37 chris
21:39 mib_zq3jns do you any test of this ?
21:40 chris we run nginx at work
21:40 chris but i havent had time to try nginx + fast cgi and koha yet
21:40 chris its on my list
21:40 chris i know that nginx is about 1000 times faster than apache to serve
21:40 chris (or maybe it just feels that way ;))
21:40 chris at least for the sites we use it on
21:41 mib_zq3jns we tested perlRun
21:41 mib_zq3jns but fail in Zoom library
21:41 chris yeah
21:42 mib_zq3jns we send an email to indexdata but nothing
21:43 mib_zq3jns sometimes returns no results, but if you press F5 ... yes
21:43 chris yeah we would have to probably do some work on that module
21:44 chris and send patches
21:45 chris or it may be just that we need to change our koha code
21:45 chris so we clean up
21:45 chris ie destroy connections
21:45 chris once you start persisting objects, you need to be much more careful about that
21:46 mib_zq3jns anyway, our main objective is to create the facets with pazpar2
21:46 chris cool
21:47 chris you should talk with gmcharlt about that
21:47 chris a rewrite of C4::Search is planned for 3.4 and he is interested in that
21:47 mib_zq3jns i talk with Damien Henri
21:48 mib_zq3jns but itÅ› very difficult road
21:49 chris well gmcharlt is going to be the main person for the search rewrite, so i would definitely talk to him too
21:49 gmcharlt yep
21:49 mib_zq3jns the Zebra facets not advanced
21:49 gmcharlt :)
21:51 mib_zq3jns We can arrange a date for these developments, in Spain is a little late, and this issue requires attention
21:51 mib_zq3jns :P
21:52 mib_zq3jns if you pleased, of course
21:53 chris maybe send a mail to koha-devel suggesting a time
21:53 chris and people can respond to that
21:58 mib_zq3jns then about the Perl Template Toolkit, does not include multi language and not relative paths neither
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22:13 gmcharlt mib_zq3jns: well, HTML::Template::Pro doesn't include explicit multi-language support either, but we've been able to work around that
22:14 richard chris: this might need updating ->
22:14 richard see koha
22:16 richard gmlcharlt: in koha3.2 when you have independant branches on, do each of branches need to have the same system preferences (loan lengths, fines etc)?
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22:17 brendan can you beat me chris?
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22:39 gmcharlt richard: system preferences are still global, even with indy branches
22:39 richard thought so. thanks
22:40 gmcharlt richard: things like circ policy matrixes are keyed to the branch, though, and several settings have been mvoed to the matrix level that used to be global sysprefs
22:41 richard that sounds very cool
22:42 richard just had a query from someone wanting to set up a consortium and was wondering if it would be better to tell them to wait for 3.2
22:44 richard seems to be the way to go
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