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00:17 Nate gnight #koha!
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07:12 chris evening
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07:24 chris hi magnus
07:24 magnus hi chris
07:25 magnus i see you have had some norwegian visitors in NZ...
07:25 chris heh, that made the news there?
07:25 chris they arent the most popular ppl in nz at the moment
07:25 magnus oh, yes
07:26 magnus completely understandable!
07:27 magnus we're not all like that, though... ;-)
07:28 chris hehe i know
07:28 magnus at least NZ got on the news here, can't remember the last time...
07:28 chris my parents visited norway last year, and my ex girlfriend lives there, she is married to a norwegian
07:29 magnus so when are you coming? ;-)
07:29 chris its on my list to do :)
07:29 magnus goody! make sure you come and visit Bodø, then!
07:29 chris lars (who is working on the debian packaging) tells me i have to visit finland too
07:30 magnus i had a couple days in Helsinki a couple years ago - nice city!
07:30 magnus if you need an excuse:
07:31 chris ohhh, ive kinda blown my travel budget for this year already, but maybe i can do next year :)
07:32 magnus that was early!
07:32 magnus good thing you don't have far to go for KohaCon, then!
07:33 chris yeah, its not my work budget, but my leaving wife with the kids budget :-)
07:34 magnus ahhh, i see ;-)
07:35 chris having to travel a bit round nz this year for koha stuff, and did singapore already
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07:37 kf good morning
07:38 chris hi kf
07:41 kf hi chris
07:43 kf chris: any news about button translation?
07:44 chris hdl sent a patch, i have to test it with the frederics new translation script
07:45 chris let me check right now
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08:05 paul_p hello world
08:07 chris hi paul_p
08:08 chris kf: rebuildng the po files now
08:10 kf chris: oh thank you!
08:10 kf just came back, we are playing with our new telephones :)
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09:10 chris kf:
09:11 kf thx, will take a look later - have to solve another problem first
09:17 hdl_laptop chris I saw some new string introduced with jquery 3.2 which looks untranslatable
09:18 hdl_laptop fredericd: I saw some new string introduced with jquery 3.2 which looks untranslatable
09:19 hdl_laptop i should have told fredericd rather
09:24 kf chris: I think it worked - I found some button texts now, will ask my colleague to update our installation on Wednesday (when he is back)
09:27 chris cool
09:30 kf chris++ :)
09:31 kf hm, some strings are a bit problematic
09:31 kf " alt="" class="thumbnail" />
09:32 kf ">Click to open in new window
09:32 kf &type=xw10">Click to open in new window
09:32 kf from 3.2 opac
09:33 chris yes, the templates need to be fixed in those cases
09:33 kf ah ok :)
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12:32 owen Hi #koha
12:32 jdavidb Hi, owen. :)
12:33 owen Anyone here have any advice about conducting inventory?
12:33 jdavidb "Doctor, it hurts when we do this."  "Then don't do that."
12:34 owen :P
12:35 jdavidb hehehe.
12:35 jdavidb In nearly 20 years in Library IT, on three different ILSes, I've not yet seen a way to do inventory that didn't involve a substantial amount of pain and suffering.
12:36 owen jdavidb: Have you had any Koha clients conduct inventory using the built-in inventory tool?
12:37 jdavidb I haven't heard of any of our customers trying it yet, no.  A couple have talked about it a little, but not seriously.  Whether that's out of FUD from having done it on other systems, or because of lack of other resources to execute, I can't say.
12:38 jdavidb It seems to be one of those tools that everyone wants their ILS to have, but no one actually *wants* to use.
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12:41 owen We've gone too long without an inventory, so we're going to take the plunge
12:42 owen The basic needs are pretty easily met: Check everything in, do a report on which items haven't been seen
12:42 jdavidb 'bout like Unicorn's system, then.  Mark everything "seen", then look for things that aren't checked out, but haven't been "seen" since before you started wanding items.
12:43 owen Right. I think the only thing we're going to want which isn't built in is a mass update of items not found. A global "missing in inventory" lost setting for those items.
12:44 jdavidb If you can snag the barcodes of all those items, should be easy enough to write a little script to shove 'em all past C4::Items::ModItem for that.
12:46 jdavidb C4::Items::ModItem++    # it takes care of marc and marcxml 952s, and reindexes when necessary, very intelligently.
12:47 jwagner owen, see Bug 4353 -- is this the correct approach?
12:47 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4353 enhancement, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, Add div tags to staff advanced search page
12:49 owen jwagner: I think you could just add IDs to the existing divs couldn't you?
12:49 owen Or are the existing ones not in groupings you're looking for?
12:49 jwagner There weren't any existing divs in the staff advanced search.
12:49 jwagner OPAC, yes, but not staff
12:49 owen Oh sorry I was looking at the OPAC
12:50 owen Yes, absolutely
12:50 jwagner OK, I'll send this out as a patch in a few minutes.  Thanks for checking.
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13:00 hdl_laptop owen: we worked on inventory for 3.2.
13:00 hdl_laptop Some things were not really neat about circulation process.
13:01 hdl_laptop SHould be in master now.
13:01 owen hdl_laptop: Can you describe what kind of changes you made?
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13:02 owen We're not using 3.2 in production, so I'm curious what kind of problems you've solved.
13:04 hdl_laptop mm it is not in master.
13:05 hdl_laptop Maybe not sent.
13:05 hdl_laptop But it was dealing with circulation and all the special status items.
13:07 owen I don't understand... "special status items?"
13:11 hdl_laptop
13:11 hdl_laptop Here you are
13:12 hdl_laptop You can choose to ignore items which are "damaged", withdrawn....
13:12 kf 3297 words need attention                        ... it never ends
13:15 owen hdl_laptop: I see, when you're running post-inventory reports you can configure which statuses will be ignored
13:16 hdl_laptop you can even choose which items to consider IN your inventory
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13:18 * owen prepares to go under
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13:20 * chris_n hands owen__ a life preserve
13:21 chris_n heya nengard
13:21 owen__ I always forget just how many times a VirtualBox upgrade will kill my connection
13:21 nengard hiya
13:21 chris_n s/preserve/preserver/
13:21 kf hi nengard - hope you feel better
13:21 owen__ Hand me some preserves, it'll keep me out of a jam
13:21 nengard thanks kf - so far this morning is going much better
13:22 kf good to hear that!
13:22 nengard just have to get back into the swing of things - that's hard
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13:25 owen__ nengard, I'll ask you what I asked jdavidb: Have any of your Koha libraries done inventory?
13:26 nengard not that i know of - i always show how to do it - but never had a library tell me after the fact that they did it
13:28 owen__ Well then nengard, hopefully I'll have an item for the May Koha newsletter: "Inventory: What are you all afraid of?"
13:29 owen__ Either that or "Inventory: Be very afraid!"
13:29 nengard awesome!!
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13:29 nengard LOL
13:29 owen__ is now known as owen
13:30 owen I can see a whole list of library-related articles based on horror movie tag lines: "Reference Desk: Don't. Fall. Asleep."
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13:30 owen "Cataloging: No one can hear you scream (because you're in the basement)"
13:32 chris_n hehe
13:33 chris_n so with rfid, one presumably could just walk down the stacks and inventory would be automagic?
13:34 owen That's what we were told in 2001 or whenever we first heard about RFID at the library
13:34 owen In fact we were told that RFID would shelf-read for us too
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13:39 chris_n shelf-read == tell if it is on the shelf or not?
13:39 owen Tell if the books are in order
13:40 * gmcharlt wonders if that has worked for anybody in practice
13:41 collum Shelf reading is traditionally the reward shelvers receive when there's nothing left to shelve.
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13:43 owen gmcharlt: What I was later told was that no RFID technology can pinpoint the position of a tag that accurately
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13:46 paul_p hello owen & chris_n & nengard & gmcharlt & collum : good morning !
13:46 owen Hi paul_p
13:46 collum Do RFID scanners read from left to right or do they pick up the tag with the most strength?
13:46 collum Good morning paul_p
13:47 gmcharlt hi paul_p
13:47 collum If there is a stack of items with RFID tags?
13:47 owen collum: I think they pick up everything within their range without any sequence, but I don't really know
13:47 gmcharlt collum: I think it's less specific - distince of tag from scanner
13:47 gmcharlt I don't know how directional it is
13:47 collum I always wondered, but never investigated.
13:50 chris_n collum: it depends on the language the rfid tags are encoded in.... ;-)
13:52 chris_n if shelf-reading really worked, it seems that inventory would be instantaneous and continual
13:52 hdl_laptop hi all
13:52 chris_n howdy hdl_laptop & paul_p
13:52 owen If my shelf were intelligent and networked it could tell me if the right books were on it
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13:54 collum Once again we come to my dream of RFID with GPS.
13:55 gmcharlt hi hdl_laptop
13:56 * collum as a bureaucrat wants to spend $20 so $10 items won't get lost.
13:59 * chris_n quickly casts his vote for collum
14:00 * gmcharlt votes for collum as long as he gets the equipment contract ;)
14:02 Sharon Good morning - quick question.  Are there any limits to how long a Comment can be in the OPAC?  I have a library who wants to encourage adding book reviews to the catalog.
14:04 owen Sharon: There's not a limit on the database field which contains the review text
14:04 owen (type: text)
14:05 Sharon great.  So they can be long winded, if they want to be.  Thank you, Owen.
14:06 * owen would love to hear if your library has success with their campaign
14:07 Sharon I'll keep and eye on it and report back!
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14:21 juan asdfasdf
14:22 chris_n btegbteg
14:23 owen Mxyzptlk
14:23 * gmcharlt welcomes the invasion of cats, puppies, and small children to #koha ;)
14:24 rhcl So much better than the usual big children....
14:26 kf gmcharlt: hi gmcharlt, still interested in marc21 data from our union catalog?
14:26 gmcharlt kf: I am
14:28 kf gmcharlt: I was a little worried to give you data from one of our libraries without asking them. But I talked to my colleague and she told me I can order the changes of one day in our union catalog with authorities but without holding data (dont know how big this will get...) - is this ok for you?
14:28 gmcharlt kf: sounds lovely
14:29 kf ok, I will write a ticket for my colleague to make you a nice package :)
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14:30 juan hi all
14:30 juan i would like to talk about apache proxy and how handle ip remote addresses
14:32 juan when koha runs though a proxy server
14:32 juan it detects the ip from this proxy, not the real ip address of the visitor
14:32 juan and this is a problem, because do not works well
14:33 * chris_n seems to remember the need to setup the x-forward header
14:33 chris_n but I've never messed with apache proxy
14:33 chris_n only squid
14:33 juan but i think is the same situation
14:34 chris_n juan: maybe this will help:[…]8/06/02/3323.aspx
14:34 juan i think Squid send the real ip in HTTP_FORWARED_FOR variable
14:35 chris_n s/x-forward/x-forwarded-for/
14:35 juan i solved it changing and CGI/
14:35 juan but i dont know if it was the better way
14:37 rhcl On this page:
14:37 rhcl The entry for Feb 3 reads: Tarballs of Koha 3.2 alpha available
14:37 rhcl But all the links are for 3.02. Is I missing something?
14:38 chris_n and could be made to also check x-forwarded-for based on a syspref perhaps
14:38 rhcl I suppose 3.02 may be the pre 3.2, but maybe a quick line there could explain that?
14:39 juan i cha
14:39 rhcl Nevermind, if you read the third entry there's a quick reference to that.
14:39 rhcl Everybody back to sleep...
14:39 chris_n juan: see also
14:40 juan chris_n: I changed cpan's, because it resolve only REMOTE_ADDR
14:40 juan chris_n: let me see
14:40 Sharon Another comments question - how does a patron delete a comment that has been approved? Is there a "my comments" tab that I'm just not seeing?
14:40 chris_n opps... but in any case, a fix to Koha's libs would certainly be welcomed I'm sure
14:42 chris_n juan: actually, that link to perlmonks probably does not apply here
14:42 gmcharlt Sharon: oddly, that facility doesn't current exist
14:43 juan chris_n: yes ..., I think koha does not take into account running it though a proxy
14:43 Sharon might have to put in an enhancement bug for that.  There doesn't seem to be any easy way to delete an approved comment by either the patron or the librarian
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14:44 juan gmcharlt: now, when I implement a koha into a new server, i have to put my version and my changed, but I think koha would be modified to take into account this issue
14:45 juan and if I dont have to change from cpan, is better ...
14:46 chris_n juan: it seems you may need to be running mod_perl which iirc causes some issues for koha
14:46 gmcharlt juan: sure - send a patch; I'm pretty sure that the CGI::Session folks also accept patches
14:47 juan gmcharlt: a few months ago  I send an email to CPAN author, but i have no answer yet
14:47 gmcharlt eh, that's unfortunate
14:47 gmcharlt try opening a bug on CPAN and attaching the patch
14:48 juan gmcharlt: ok, i'll try
14:48 juan anyway, i will commit my changes to our repository in github
14:48 juan and you can evaluate them
14:48 juan when i have it commited, i'll send a message to koha-devel
14:49 gmcharlt ok
14:50 juan It works perfect under a proxy, but i would receive any oppinion about this change
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14:54 kf question :) I need to change the shelving location for a call range in 3.1.61 (no batch editing) - is there an easy way to do this? will it be enough to change items table and reindex?
14:56 jdavidb kf, you would save yourself some pain and suffering by getting the itemnumbers, and feeding them to C4::Items::ModItem.  That would take care of the marc/marcxml changes, and the indexing, all in one run.
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14:57 jmill2010 hi all
14:57 jmill2010 i have a question :)
14:57 kf jdavidb: not sure I know enough perl
14:58 kf jdavidb: will the other method work too?
14:58 jdavidb The other method won't change the marc/marcxml, so reindexing would not do any good.
14:59 jdavidb you'd need to run misc/maintenance/, which would clean up the marc/marcxml, and reindex for you.
14:59 kf hm. ok, so I need to update marcxml and item in the database
14:59 jmill2010 some students (patrons) are allowed to check out certain books for the entire semester, how would you set that up in Koha, or is it a matter of just having the option to override at circ
14:59 kf is this script save in a production environment?
15:00 jdavidb yep.  I've used it several times.
15:00 jdavidb it treats the item-table stuff as official, and recreates the 952s from it for all biblios.
15:00 kf jdavidb: I think this is the easiest way for us right now - thank you :)
15:01 jdavidb (and it pumps them into zebraqueue, so they'll reindex automatically.)
15:01 jdavidb you be4tcha.
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15:04 jmill2010 i mean it can be any student, depending on financial need, and it can be any type of book, depending on availability
15:06 owen jmill2010: If it's a random combination of circumstances you'll probably have to use the "specify due date" widget on the circulation page
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15:07 jmill2010 yes, owen, it is random
15:08 jmill2010 awesome
15:08 jmill2010 thanks!
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15:20 jmill2010 just need to confirm :)
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15:50 * jdavidb__ peers quizzically at jdavidb and jdavidb_.
15:50 kf clonesß
15:51 kf ?
15:51 jdavidb__ Enough of me to get *half* of what I need to do finished, maybe.
15:52 * kf wrote myself a lot of tickets, feel a little overwhelmed now
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15:52 kf i need clones too
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16:19 kf ok, time to ignore my tickets :) - bye #koha
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17:31 juan|away gmcharlt: hi, galen
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18:00 * chris_n hates being invite to webinars that don't support *nix
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