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07:54 kf good morning :)
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08:00 hdl_laptop hi kf
08:03 kf hi hdl :)
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10:16 chris hi kf and hdl_laptop
10:21 kf hi chris
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11:56 jdavidb @wunder 20817
11:56 munin` jdavidb: The current temperature in Potomac Highlands, Rockville, Maryland is 9.2�C (7:54 AM EDT on March 29, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Windchill: 9.0�C. Pressure: 29.76 in 1007.7 hPa (Falling).
11:57 jdavidb ...which doesn't tell the story, of course.  Rainy, nasty, grey morning here.  Mornin', #koha.
12:02 * kf would be happy with rain
12:02 kf @wunder Konstanz
12:02 munin` kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Germany is 13.0�C (1:56 PM CEST on March 29, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 71%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.82 in 1009.7 hPa (Steady).
12:02 kf hay fever
12:05 gmcharlt @wunder 32605
12:05 munin` gmcharlt: The current temperature in FoxFire Woods, Gainesville, Florida is 15.6�C (8:04 AM EDT on March 29, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 100%. Dew Point: 16.0�C. Pressure: 29.69 in 1005.3 hPa (Steady).
12:08 kf gmcharlt: I m working on xslt changes for analytical records (linking between recods in general)
12:09 gmcharlt kf++
12:09 kf gmcharlt: using $w if possible and a text link
12:09 kf gmcharlt: just to let you know, because its a topic on the mailing list - will try to write something there too
12:10 gmcharlt will you need any new indexes?
12:10 kf yes
12:10 kf one for $w
12:10 kf we called in control-number-link or something in our test installation
12:11 kf several fields with subfield $w in one index, I wrote down the requirements and we have the index in our test installtion, I will try to submit patches for everything as soon as its tested, but perhaps will need some help with git sometimes :)
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12:25 kf gmcharlt: reading the emails about analytics: do you think $w + text link will work? I read that some people also catalog isbn and issn - is this 'standard'?
12:26 gmcharlt kf: yes, they do, and it is "standard"
12:26 gmcharlt so, for example, 77x$x and 77x$z would be used as well
12:26 kf hm ok
12:27 kf I just had our records to look at and was not aware of this possibility
12:27 gmcharlt part of the problem is that there is no one good current identifier for works, expressions, and manifestation
12:28 gmcharlt the OCLC number comes closest, at least for certain languages
12:28 gmcharlt but can be difficult to get at
12:28 kf perhaps I will start with a solution for $w and text in $a and x and z can be added in the next step
12:28 kf we have unique identifiers from the union catalog, but I know our situation is a bit special
12:30 kf dont know about works, expressions and manifestations, but for essays and such things
12:30 kf gmcharlt: is a new index a problem?
12:30 gmcharlt nope
12:31 kf ok :)
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12:58 kf hm I wrote to koha mailing list, but its not there yet
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13:07 gmcharlt fredericd: what's the git protocol clone URL for;a=summary
13:08 kf ah, email arrived .)
13:30 * jdavidb is increasingly frustrated by diacritics.  Again.
13:30 * kf feels with jdavid
13:31 kf what is your problem?
13:32 jdavidb I did a prior experiment using icu, with less-than-wonderful results (couldn't see any change).  During some transition talks here, kados had said he had the problem whipped, *without* using ICU, but more and more I get the suspicion that he wasn't telling the whole story.
13:33 kf hm
13:33 jdavidb So I'm trying again with ICU, based on the guidance in bug 2629, and we'll see how it goes.
13:33 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2629 major, P1, ---,, NEW, Diacritics not being ignored when searching
13:33 kf we have good experiences with icu
13:34 kf ignoring diacritics for search
13:34 jdavidb I'm using the ICU chain from Comment #3 on this bug; we'll see how it turns out.  Reindexing a database now.
13:34 jdavidb Right.  I've got a db that contains the name Justo Gonzalez (with an accent over the a), but not without the accent, so I'll know right quick if it worked.
13:35 jdavidb Want to be able to search without typing the accent.
13:35 kf I can look at our server how our file looks
13:35 jdavidb If I can find something that *works*, I'll run it on everyone's stuff, and make many customers happy.
13:36 kf but I think its quite similar
13:36 jdavidb If you're happy with your results, kf, I'd *love* to get a look at your icu-chain.
13:37 kf my colleague got it working, but I can search the file for you
13:37 kf perhaps you might want to look at our opac - bibliotheque bibliothèque and bibliothéque are the same results there
13:38 * jdavidb looks.
13:38 kf can you give me the path?
13:39 jdavidb sweet!  yeah, that's *just* what we want.
13:40 jdavidb My ICU chain is in koha-dev/etc/zebradb/etc/icu.xml, but a grep in etc/zebradb/etc for icu_chain should find it.
13:42 kf perhaps you need to change something else
13:43 jdavidb before, transliterate rules were getting errors, but so far they haven't, this time...we shall see.
13:44 kf I can ask my colleague what he did - but not before Wednesday
13:44 kf I you want me to look at other files I can do
13:46 jdavidb okay.  I've got a test run about 2/3 done.  Cross fingers.
13:46 * kf crosses fingers
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14:01 jdavidb morning, jwagner
14:01 jwagner morning
14:01 * chris_n` glares at chris_n
14:03 jdavidb Two chris_n-s!  yay!
14:03 * jdavidb assigns a big bunch of bugs.
14:05 * jwagner hopes the two chris_ns are not locked in mortal combat somewhere....
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14:28 chris_n` heh
14:28 chris_n` power outages sometime cause unintentional cloning :)
14:28 jwagner So THAT's how it's done!
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14:39 jdavidb well, okay.  kf, it sorta worked, thanks for crossing your fingers.    But I'm having another odd behavior--I have to specify an index now, to get what I want...   kw:gonzalez works, but gonzalez alone returns no results.  (*everything* returns no-results.."twain", even.)
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14:40 kf jdavidb: turn off all search options
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14:40 kf jdavidb: and turn them on one after the other... one of those is your problem
14:40 kf jdavidb: I always forget which one
14:40 kf and we turned off some more because not all work with hebrew
14:42 jdavidb ah-hah.  QueryFuzzy seems to be the culprit.
14:43 jdavidb now González  and Gonzalez return the same number of hits.
14:44 jdavidb kf++
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14:56 wizzyrea good mid-morning CDT
14:56 jdavidb Hi, wizzyrea! :)
15:00 kf karma! :)
15:34 jdavidb @karma kf
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15:34 jdavidb @karma
15:34 munin` jdavidb: Highest karma: "gmcharlt" (116), "chris" (115), and "owen" (91).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-47), "failed" (-36), and "-" (-23).  You (jdavidb) are ranked 16 out of 748.
15:35 gmcharlt poor punctuation - so underappreciated
15:36 kf :)
15:36 kf @karma ie
15:36 munin` kf: Karma for "ie" has been increased 0 times and decreased 8 times for a total karma of -8.
15:37 kf hm
15:37 jdavidb @karma jdavidb
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15:40 kf 456 words need attention       :)
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16:06 kf Intranet for 3.1.x/3.2             100                                                                       Complete              yay :)
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16:15 jmill2010 hi all
16:15 wizzyrea ok, I have a jquery question
16:16 wizzyrea I want to get rid of the No Holds Allowed text
16:16 wizzyrea
16:16 wizzyrea it doesn't have any tags around it except <td></td>
16:16 wizzyrea I have been able to select to the cell, but I don't know how to change the text
16:16 wizzyrea or remove it, actually
16:16 wizzyrea everything I've tried removes the cells, and I know that I need to be more specific, but I'm not sure the code allows it?
16:17 wizzyrea can I say everything *not* in a <p></p>?
16:18 wizzyrea I think it's the only thing outside the p, but inside the TD
16:25 jmill2010 I have a general question regarding barcode systems, how do i figure that out, i don't see any info about that in the manual
16:25 jwagner wizzyrea, as a guess, try this in intranetuserjs: $("#searchresults span:contains('No holds allowed')").remove();
16:26 wizzyrea hmmm interesting approach, I was looking at :not()
16:28 wizzyrea :( no, that doesn't do it
16:29 jwagner Oh, well, was just a guess :-(
16:29 wizzyrea ty tho
16:29 jwagner May have to wait until owen is online.
16:30 kf hi liz
16:30 kf still need help?
16:31 wizzyrea I'm thinking something like #searchresults td:not(:p).(something)
16:31 wizzyrea yea lol
16:31 jwagner Maybe $("#searchresults span:contains('No holds allowed')").replaceWith(" ");
16:34 kf I have an idea
16:34 kf give me a mom to test
16:36 kf hm, does not work as expected :(
16:37 jmill2010 regarding barcode systems, i don't see any info about that in the manual
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16:39 schuster hello everyone!
16:39 schuster My question today is - can I load a batch of records with items and replace the existing items through the web interface?
16:39 jwagner jmill2010, what are you looking for?  What kind of barcode to use?  Or barcode reader?
16:40 kf tried $("td:contains('No holds allowed')").html(""); but selector needs to be more specific
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16:40 jmill2010 all of the above
16:40 kf schuster: yes, using matching rules
16:40 kf ah no
16:40 kf you cant replace items
16:40 kf sorry, need to read more carefully
16:41 jmill2010 say I buy a barcode scanner and printer, what then
16:41 schuster hmmm Drat.
16:41 kf once an item is created with a specific barcode, you cant delete or change it with the web interface
16:41 schuster OK game plan 2...  Thanks
16:42 jwagner jmill2010, so far as I know, Koha can read any standard barcode.  If you can scan the barcode into a text file, it should work with Koha.
16:43 jmill2010 just like that, no need to configure anything?
16:44 jwagner I think there's a syspref for barcode reader that you might want to set to cuecat (that being the nearest equivalent).
16:45 jmill2010 thanks, jwagner, where would that syspref be?
16:45 kf hm cuecat is special
16:45 kf its a special barcode reader device which encodes the barcode
16:46 kf the cuecat setting is to decoe the barcode as far as I know
16:46 kf so you might want to use no setting
16:46 * kf owns a declawed cuecat
16:47 jwagner kf, thanks.  I thought I remembered reading that cuecat was a generic for any type of reader.
16:48 jwagner Syspref is itemBarcodeInputFilter, under Administration, System Preferences, Circulation.  You probably also want to turn off autoBarcode under the Cataloging sysprefs
16:48 jmill2010 so i guess any barcode scanner will do, or does anyone recommend a particular model/brand?
16:49 kf cuecat:
16:49 kf jmill2010: you can program barcode readers to use different barcode codes
16:50 kf I think the reader is not that important as long as it can read your code (most readers will read all common barcode codes)
16:52 jmill2010 awesome, thanks, guys!
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17:00 kf wizzyrea?
17:03 chris_n` jmill2010:[…]ode_scanner_notes
17:04 jmill2010 Thanks, chris_n!
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17:20 kf ok, time to leave office :)
17:20 kf bye all
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17:41 jdavidb @seen nengard
17:41 munin` jdavidb: nengard was last seen in #koha 2 days, 23 hours, 38 minutes, and 14 seconds ago: <nengard> wizzyrea a sinus infection - a bad one
17:41 jdavidb Gosh.  Long time out, for her.
17:47 hdl_laptop jdavidb : QueryFuzzy introduces a zebra 5=103 which is not supported with icu
17:48 hdl_laptop jdavidb: she is ill
17:50 wizzyrea oh bother, missed kf
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17:57 wizzyrea hey, is there any movement on changing the order of the edit items table?
17:58 wizzyrea those first 6 or so subfields need to be displayed at the end, not the beginning
17:58 wizzyrea the end of the row*
18:08 jdavidb hdl_laptop: I remember hearing last week about her being sick.  :/  Hope she gets well soon...miss her smilin' face.
18:09 wizzyrea terrible asthma attack brought on by a sinus infection, she told me
18:09 wizzyrea twitter/facebook said she left hospital yesterday
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19:28 chris_n` monday-- #for good measure
19:28 * chris_n` wonders what chris_n got done today ;)
19:35 wajasu me too
19:36 wajasu gonna try that alpha tar
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19:40 richard hi
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19:52 chris morning
20:04 chris_n` hey richard && chris
20:04 richard hi chris_n
20:04 richard and chris :)
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22:09 chris_n its far too quiet in here for a monday
22:09 chris thats cos its tuesday
22:09 chris_n hehe
22:40 gmcharlt zing! ;)
22:42 chris tis a pretty quiet tuesday too
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23:48 brendan evening #koha
23:49 chris hiya brendan
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