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07:07 Nouman I want to deploy Examination project also
07:08 Nouman Is any one know the Free ware Examination project similar like KOHA-ILS
07:08 chris koha isn't freeware
07:09 paul_p hi chris & al
07:09 chris hiya paul_p
07:09 Nouman Chris: I think KOHA is opensource and free ware
07:09 chris no its free software, not free ware, freeware is free proprietary programs
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07:10 Nouman ok do u know examination project like koha or another famous
07:10 Ropuch Hi chris , IrmaCalyx
07:10 IrmaCalyx Hi there :-0
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07:11 chris ive never heard of examination project
07:11 chris hi Ropuch and IrmaCalyx
07:11 Nouman ok
07:11 Nouman Any one know the name of Online examination project
07:12 chris you mean moodle?
07:12 IrmaCalyx
07:17 Nouman is any one other which is  related to Examination Branch of University
07:17 Nouman I want to Computerized Examination branch from manual work
07:22 Nouman student records, transcripts, enrollment & other functions
07:32 hdl_laptop hi chris
07:32 miguel hi all
07:32 hdl_laptop hi miguel
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08:00 kf good morning #koha
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08:38 alex_a good morning kf
08:44 kf good morning alex_a
09:01 kf hm my report is limited to 20 results in 3.01.61 - is there a trick I can get all results displayed?
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11:42 jdavidb mornin', #koha.
11:43 hdl_laptop hi jdavidb
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12:06 kf morning jdavidb :)
12:06 kf hi hdl
12:12 hdl_laptop hi kf
12:19 jwagner morning all
12:20 kf hi jwagner
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12:30 owen Hey all, anyone now what's up with chris's IRC log?
12:30 owen
12:30 owen 404
12:33 gmcharlt dunno - maintenance?
12:33 kf is there a way koha can renew borrowers automatically?
12:34 chris_n owen: check the buffer
12:34 chris_n he was having problems last evening
12:34 kf my librarian wonders because she wanted to renew borrowers and they had a strange date set
12:35 chris_n and g'morning
12:35 owen chris_n: That's where I was looking to check the buffer ;)
12:35 gmcharlt chris_n: chicken, meet egg :)
12:35 jdavidb @seen Colin
12:35 munin` jdavidb: Colin was last seen in #koha 1 week, 4 days, 19 hours, 58 minutes, and 14 seconds ago: <Colin> We don't want to get people's hopes up
12:35 chris_n <chris> hmm 7.56am the bots signed off, and i cant shell into my machine at home, i wonder if the baby has eaten it
12:35 owen chris_n: Thanks, now you're my buffer.
12:36 chris_n <chris_n> hehe
12:36 chris_n <jdavidb_no_life> :P
12:36 chris_n <chris_n>
12:36 chris_n * chris_n tries to imagine chris 's baby devouring his computer
12:36 chris_n <jdavidb_no_life> Hey!  That's about *me!*
12:36 chris_n * jdavidb_no_life has The Knack.
12:36 chris_n * richard ( has joined #koha
12:36 chris_n <chris> heh
12:36 chris_n gmcharlt: lol :)
12:36 * chris_n forgets that not everyone uses an irc proxy
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12:42 hilongo Hello #koha  :)
12:42 kf chris_n: is down too, he wrote something on twitter that he will look at it after work
12:43 hilongo does anyone knows why my koha lives one day in the past?
12:44 owen Wrong system date on your Koha server?
12:45 hilongo whenever a book is returned, the systems logs the return date as if the item was returned yesterday...
12:45 hilongo hmm... nope ... checked that and date is ok in server
12:45 sekjal Ah, I know this one.  Bug 4326
12:45 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4326 normal, P4, ---,, NEW, Items marked as returned yesterday, even if checked out today
12:45 sekjal patch sent
12:46 hilongo ahhh ... great ... :D
12:47 hilongo so... how do I get that patch... git fetch?
12:47 sekjal I don't think it's been committed yet, but it's been sent to the list.
12:49 sekjal[…]March/005897.html
12:50 owen Is the patch not attached to the bug report?
12:51 hilongo owen: nope ... at least I don't see it
12:51 hilongo sekjal: Thanks! checking it right now...
12:52 sekjal oops.  patch now attached to bug report
12:54 * sekjal adds this step to his bug-patching process
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12:57 owen patch_attaching++
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13:24 ccurry gmcharlt: First, good morning. Can you decipher an error message from misc/maintenance/ for me?
13:24 ccurry Could not retrieve bib x from the database - record is corrupt.
13:24 ccurry I then get "Number of bibs with errors:               79058" at the end of the script.
13:24 ccurry Any way of determining exactly how these records are corrupt?
13:25 gmcharlt ccurry: that's a lot - how does that compare with the total number of bibs in your database?
13:25 ccurry 219459 total
13:26 ccurry Many of the records id'ed as corrupt were created in Koha.
13:28 gmcharlt ccurry: we'll need to look at them - if you add the following line to the script
13:28 gmcharlt print STDERR GetXmlBiblio($biblionumber); # before the line that increments $num_bad_bibs
13:28 gmcharlt you can then rerun the script but pipe STDERR to a file
13:28 gmcharlt e.g.
13:29 gmcharlt 2> bad_bibs
13:29 gmcharlt don't need to run it to completion, you can cancel it after you get some bad bibs recorded
13:30 ccurry ok; it'll be a while; I don't think the errors started until the end, about 140K in; at this point it seems to id'ed all records as corrupt
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13:30 ccurry *seems to have
13:30 gmcharlt oh, interesting
13:31 gmcharlt in that case, that may actually one bad record throwing off the parsing of the subsequent records
13:31 ccurry Does the 2 in " 2> bad_bibs" stand for STDERR
13:31 ccurry That's interesting
13:31 gmcharlt yes
13:31 ccurry I wish my shell history was longer; I could go back and see where it started
13:32 ccurry I'll run it again and let you know what errors I see.
13:32 ccurry Thanks for your help.
13:32 gmcharlt ccurry: before you do that - just a sec - something else has occurred to me
13:32 ccurry ok
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13:33 gmcharlt ccurry: what do you get when you run
13:33 gmcharlt perl -MMARC::File::XML -e 'print $MARC::File::XML::VERSION, "\n"'
13:34 ccurry 0.88
13:34 gmcharlt thought so
13:34 gmcharlt if I'm right, what you actually should do is upgrade to MARC::File::XML 0.92 (you'll have to do it from CPAN, not the Debian package)
13:35 gmcharlt then when you rerun the sync script, it should only turn up one (or a handful) of records that are actually corrupt
13:36 ccurry sweet.  and that error output will give me the record numbers, I assume, so I can check them out?
13:37 gmcharlt that's in the log messages, but if you want to guarantee that the biblionumber is next to the malformed XML, you can do something like
13:37 gmcharlt print STDERR $biblionumber . ' - ' . GetXmlBiblio($biblionumber);
13:39 gmcharlt you can also get the right version of MARC::File::XML by pulling the libmarc-xml-perl package from squeeze instead of lenny
13:41 ccurry That's good to know.  I just cpanned it.
13:47 kf ok, i have no idea how these borrowers got renewed - will do some tests tomorrowe - bye #koha
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13:58 owen In PHP prepared statements you have to specify the type of variable you'll be putting in: " bind_param('i', $i); " $i is type "i", an integer.
13:58 owen Is this not true of Perl?
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13:58 ccurry gmcharlt: so, to pull libmarc-xml-perl from squeeze, I'd just have to add the squeeze sources to sources.list and apt-get install as usual?  It's better to grab debian packages than cpan them, right?
13:58 owen Perl doesn't care what it's getting when you "$sth->execute( @bind_params );"
13:58 owen ?
13:59 gmcharlt ccurry: you'd do apt-get install -t squeeze libmarc-xml-perl after update sources.list
13:59 ccurry ah; nice.  thanks.
13:59 gmcharlt owen: Perl itself doesn't care; the database layer is hoping that the passed parameters will be of the right datatypes, of course
14:00 ccurry and any apt-get install commands I issud without the -t option would pull from lenny sources?
14:01 gmcharlt yep
14:01 gmcharlt as you presumably don't want to upgrade to sqeeze just yet, or at least, not just on account of a single Perl module
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14:10 ccurry gmcharlt: awesome.
14:10 ccurry not quite yet.
14:10 ccurry Thanks again. I'll let you know what I find in the sync error log.
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14:29 * jdavidb waves at wizzyrea_laptop.
14:29 wizzyrea_laptop hi :)
14:29 * jdavidb waves at collum and moodaepo, too.
14:30 * paul_p waves at everyone too
14:30 collum Hi jdavidb
14:30 moodaepo Hello #koha : )
14:31 collum and all
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14:37 hilongo hello collum
14:37 hilongo hello moodaepo
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15:00 hilongo ok .. aplied the patch for bug 4326 and worked out fine :)
15:00 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4326 normal, P4, ---,, NEW, Items marked as returned yesterday, even if checked out today
15:00 sekjal huzzah!
15:01 wizzyrea_laptop oh dear lol that's  a doozy
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16:33 owen In the inventory tool, when one chooses to "skip copies on loan," the SQL is modified to add "WHERE issues.date_due IS NULL"
16:34 owen ...and adds "LEFT JOIN issues ON items.itemnumber = issues.itemnumber"
16:35 owen Why would issues.date_due be NULL?
16:35 gmcharlt it's how a left join works
16:35 gmcharlt if a parent table (in this case, items) does not have a matching row in the child table (in this case, issues)
16:36 gmcharlt the output contains a row anyway, but the columns coming from the child table are presented as all being null
16:37 gmcharlt to help your googling, I should also point out that "left join" is short for left *outer* join
16:40 owen Okay, finally getting it... the "issues.date_due IS NULL" is looking at the result of the JOIN, not the contents of issues
16:40 gmcharlt right
16:48 ccurry gmcharlt: sync finished with same 79058 records identified as corrupt.  I got a huge list of bibnumbers in the log file, but nothing else.  I added "print STDERR $biblionumber . ' - ' . GetXmlBiblio($biblionumber);" on line 81, between "print "\nCould not retrieve bib $biblionumber from the database - record is corrupt.\n";" & "$num_bad_bibs++;"
16:48 ccurry Do I need to restart the server for the new perl module to take effect...or is there something else going on?
16:50 gmcharlt ccurry: what do you get when you run the query select count(*) from biblioitems where marcxml is null or marcxml = '';
16:52 ccurry is that statement missing something at the end, near  â€?
16:52 ccurry SELECT COUNT(*) FROM biblioitems WHERE marcxml IS NULL; gives me 0
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17:07 ccurry gmcharlt: just found an interesting thing: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM biblioitems
17:07 ccurry returns 140401
17:07 ccurry This, I think, explains why the scripts ends there...140402 is the first biblionumber that throws an error.  I checked my live server and the same count gives me 219641.  I guess something went wrong in the loading of MySQL data in the test server.  I'll try loading the data fresh and see if the count is restored.  Thanks for your help and sorry I blamed your script for something that was...
17:07 ccurry ...clearly my fault!  Cheers!
17:07 gmcharlt ah, thanks for hte udpate
17:08 wizzyrea_laptop in the logs, where it says "librarian", what are you supposed to put in there
17:08 wizzyrea_laptop like, name of librarian?
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17:10 gmcharlt log search?  the borrowernumber of the staff user, I believe
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17:41 DarrellUlm Hello
17:43 wizzyrea_laptop ohh, ty
17:43 DarrellUlm Anyone getting Zebra Error 109 when searching? What's up with that?
17:44 wizzyrea_laptop dumb question, are you running zebra as the koha user?
17:45 DarrellUlm No, should I be when doing the rebuild_zebra
17:45 wizzyrea_laptop yea, I believe so, i think 109 is perms.
17:45 wizzyrea_laptop but I could be remembering that wrong
17:47 chris owen: websites back
17:48 owen Thanks chris, I hope it wasn't a crisis
17:49 DarrellUlm So don't run as root when rebuilding?
17:49 wizzyrea_laptop correct
17:49 DarrellUlm Ah, I see
17:49 gmcharlt dunno, depending on how much old equipment you have, may be cheaper to have atu deveop a taste for servers ;)
17:50 DarrellUlm Well, that makes sense (?) but certainly there is a reason.
17:50 chris owen: naw power cut, and disks needed a fsck
17:50 DarrellUlm Just a test server, migrated stuff to 3.2a
17:50 wizzyrea_laptop don't we all
17:52 DarrellUlm Hmmm, so should the <dev> install also be as the koha user? for some reason?
17:53 gmcharlt DarrellUlm: as a non-root user, yes
17:53 gmcharlt there isn't anything special about what you call the user account
17:55 DarrellUlm true in general, I am just referring to the Koha Install - install for other software like Nagios on Linux for instance is different - Koha has many interesting aspects to the install
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18:01 * owen realizes it's already April 1 somewhere:[…]nternet-explorer/
18:02 DarrellUlm All in all the upgrade works well from 3.0 -> 3.2
18:03 DarrellUlm A few things with the label tables, could just be my install, didn't cause any real probs
18:04 jwagner Just found either a bug or a puzzler.  The admin syspref noItemTypeImages appears to have no effect at all in the OPAC.  If an item type has an image assigned, it will display regardless of whether the syspref is on or off.  Is this by design?  Or should the OPAC be told to obey the syspref?
18:07 sekjal jwagner: is this the case in both XSLT and nonXSLT modes?
18:08 jwagner Regardless, I think -- I'm seeing the icons show up on the advanced search page which doesn't use XSLT, and when I searched the code I couldn't find any opac-related use of the setting.
18:09 jwagner Yep, just tested & the icons show in non-XSLT as well for title display.
18:10 DarrellUlm Question on this, is non-XSLT going to be the standard again due to the speed issues of XSLT?
18:10 jwagner The syspref does seem to affect staff mode display, just not OPAC.
18:11 * jdavidb nominates jwagner to fix the bug she found.     dooooo eeeet...
18:11 * jwagner glares at jdavidb
18:11 * jdavidb runs n hides.
18:12 * jwagner thought jdavidb was busy working on something -- what's he doing making comments in here?
18:12 jdavidb :P  Checking in, switching from one interrupt-the most-important-thing task, to another.
18:13 jwagner I'll open a bug report.  I wanted to see if anyone knew the history on this -- whether it was by design or not.
18:13 chris jwagner: does it have an effect in the staff client?
18:13 chris and there isnt an opaconly one? (lots of sysprefs have one for opac one for staff)
18:14 * chris will bbiab
18:17 jwagner chris, there is not an equivalent OPAC syspref.  If the syspref is set to not display images, they still show in staff advanced search.  They do not show in the staff title display page.
18:21 jwagner I hadn't noticed this before because I hate the item type icons and never configure a system with them if I can help it :-)
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19:13 DarrellUlm The item type icons are useful to patrons many would say.
19:20 jwagner I think it's one of those "love 'em or loathe 'em" things.
19:21 DarrellUlm Ha! :)
19:29 DarrellUlm Hmmm, perhaps a list could be made!
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19:30 richard hi
19:36 DarrellUlm Hello
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19:52 chris back
19:56 richard hi chris
19:56 chris hiya richard
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20:50 * chris_n wanders by
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