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04:15 Amit_G hi brendan
04:19 brendan heya Amit_G
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06:30 Ropuch Morning #koha
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07:04 magnus good morning #koha!
07:05 Ropuch Hello magnus [;
07:06 magnus hello Ropuch
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08:37 mason chris:  u about re: hlt reboot?
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09:23 mason chris:
09:24 mason chris: all good....
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10:34 kf hi #koha
10:37 hdl_laptop hi kf
10:37 kf hi hdl_laptop
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10:39 juan-xercode hi
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10:47 chris_n g'morning
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10:50 hdl_laptop hi juan-xercode
10:50 juan-xercode hi henri
10:51 kf h juan-xercode :)
10:51 juan-xercode hi kf
10:52 juan-xercode yesterday i've been trying to set koha under a
10:52 juan-xercode but, no success
10:52 juan-xercode i always get it working under a subdomain like
10:52 juan-xercode anybody try it??
11:00 kf @wunder konstanz
11:00 munin` kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Germany is 18.5�C (11:58 AM CET on March 25, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 39%. Dew Point: 4.0�C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009.0 hPa (Falling).
11:08 chris juan-xercode: there are too many hardcoded paths in the templates for that to work easily
11:12 kf hi chris
11:14 chris hi kf
11:33 kf @wunder konstanz
11:33 munin` kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Germany is 18.9�C (12:28 PM CET on March 25, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 39%. Dew Point: 5.0�C. Pressure: 29.79 in 1008.7 hPa (Steady).
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12:44 owen Hi #koha
12:45 jwagner morning, owen
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12:48 kf morning owen and jwagner
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12:49 chris_n owen: do we use jquery.tablesorter.js for our table sorting?
12:50 chris_n good morning as well :)
12:52 owen Hi chris_n, yes we do
12:53 owen This one:
12:53 chris_n I just noticed that they have a table pagination addon for that script which might be a nicer way of handling pagination for long tables
12:54 owen Except don't you have to load the contents of all "pages" before you can display it that way?
12:55 chris_n I'm not sure, I just saw the add-on and had the thought
12:55 chris_n if it uses some sort of ajax type call back to grab each "page" it would not be too heavy
12:56 owen I you disable javascript and view this page you'll see a giant table:
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12:57 kf owen: looks really nice
12:58 chris_n but if I view the page source with js on, I do not see the entire table in the source
12:58 jwagner Question for folks, true or false? "Koha only supports Code 39 barcode symbology for printing scannable barcodes on hold-transfer slips"
12:58 * chris_n is not an initiate in these things, however
12:58 chris_n jwagner: maybe
12:58 jwagner chris_n, nothing like a definitive answer :-)
12:59 chris_n there is support for a number of barcode types in various sections of Koha
12:59 chris_n I'm not sure what that section in particular supports
12:59 kf jwagner: I never saw a barcode on a hold slip...
12:59 kf ?
12:59 jwagner Me either.
13:00 chris_n jwagner: it would probably be trivial to add if it does not
13:00 owen jwagner: Is that a LEK thing?
13:00 chris_n I think both of the barcode modules support nearly all forms of barcode
13:00 kf I was told that the printers can be a problem
13:01 chris_n kf: that might be true
13:01 kf because some slip printers dont produce readable barcodes
13:01 kf slip printer? whats the right word?
13:01 jwagner owen, not sure
13:06 collum It's mentioned in documentation under itembarcodelength -
13:07 collum llek documentation
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13:07 jwagner collum, thanks.  I'm going to have to get familiar with all that.
13:08 collum just did a google search. :)
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14:16 chris_n yo-yo internet today brendan?
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14:38 slef Hi all.
14:38 slef hdl_laptop: what does MT2116 mean on a commit log?
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14:45 nengard woo hoo - irc not blocked ;)
14:45 jdavidb hi, nengard.
14:45 nengard hiya
14:45 Sharon did you get any sleep at that 'place of healing' nengard?
14:45 nengard no
14:45 nengard well 2 hours
14:45 nengard so no
14:46 nengard at 12am they came in to give me an IV - and then right after that the woman in the bed next to me decided it was time to wake up and talk
14:46 Sharon they tried to give my brother benedryl as a sleep aid and it didn't work, so he didn't sleep and it took longer to get better
14:46 nengard so first she tried to talk to me and then to the nurse
14:46 nengard and finally at 2am they took her away
14:46 nengard so i could sleep
14:46 Sharon lordy!
14:46 wizzyrea are you in the hospital right now?
14:46 nengard and it took another 2 hours to fall asleep with all the beeping and lights
14:46 nengard yes
14:46 wizzyrea poor thing
14:46 nengard they want to keep me another night
14:46 nengard :(
14:46 wizzyrea :( indeed
14:46 nengard i want my bed and my room darkening shades
14:47 nengard and the lack of beeping!!
14:47 Sharon need ear plugs, eye patch thingy and some hard core drugs
14:47 nengard i did put my ipod on eventually
14:47 Sharon I have to have all of that just to sleep in a hotel
14:47 nengard but those eye patch things bug me
14:47 wizzyrea ipod touch? there's an app called naturescape that has sweet nature sounds
14:47 wizzyrea and white noise
14:47 nengard in the hotels i take the towels and stick them in all the crevices that have light :)
14:47 nengard wizzyrea - oooooo - i'll look for that
14:47 Sharon my kind of light sleeper.
14:48 slef nengard: hope you get well soon
14:48 nengard thanks - me too!!
14:48 wizzyrea I bet you're tired of this :/
14:48 nengard now i'm going to try and poke at the manual some - and maybe some bugs cause i'm soo sooo bored
14:48 slef does anyonw know what does MT2116 mean on a commit log?
14:48 slef anyone
14:48 * wizzyrea has no clue
14:48 nengard i think those are biblibre bug numbers
14:48 nengard the MT ones
14:49 nengard i forget how to find those details though .... brb
14:49 wizzyrea nengard You're like that chick from house a couple of weeks ago
14:49 wizzyrea with the constant running blog of everything
14:49 nengard the blogger?? :)
14:49 slef commit 523735ef6b97944dcbbb882704702028c7373c0e makes little sense to me
14:49 wizzyrea lol yea
14:49 nengard trust me i have left plenty out :) hehe
14:50 wizzyrea lol
14:51 slef I've not had time to read blogs for a couple of weeks. Not looking forward to opening my feedreader.
14:52 nengard most of my updates have been via facebook and twitter
14:52 nengard slef i can't find the link to the biblibre bugs site
14:52 nengard sorry
14:53 nengard but i do think that's what those numbers are - internal bug numbers
14:53 nengard cause i had an issue before with documenting a patch
14:54 slef right... I'll hang around in hope of a biblibre.commer appearing
14:54 slef or reading their scrollback ;-)
14:55 nengard wizzyrea any little website tweaks that need doing? anything at all ??? :)
14:55 wizzyrea um... we could work on transferring faq questions
14:56 nengard did some of them  -but good idea
14:56 nengard i'll do more
14:56 hdl_laptop slef yes MT is Mantis.
14:56 nengard can anyone edit those? or just the creator? I ask cause some may be out of date
14:56 hdl_laptop our bugtracker.
14:57 slef hdl_laptop: can you tell me what MT2116 was about?
14:57 slef brb
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14:57 wizzyrea the faq's?
14:57 wizzyrea for now you have to have pretty high level access to edit the faq's
14:58 wizzyrea I was working on the permissions part of it but got pulled off to do something else
14:58 wizzyrea oh, and I don't know if you saw the part about how if you type IRC in a post it will automatically link to the meebo widget
15:00 kf @wunder konstanz
15:00 munin` kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Germany is 20.7�C (3:58 PM CET on March 25, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 32%. Dew Point: 3.0�C. Pressure: 29.76 in 1007.7 hPa (Steady).
15:00 nengard wizzyrea i saw you were going to do that - but didn't try it :) awesome!
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15:16 kf 2389 words need attention
15:16 * kf sighs
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15:27 * chris_n hopes nengard gets well soon :)
15:28 nengard aww shucks :) thanks chris_n
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15:35 nengard woo hoo - just heard the nurse say that the woman in the room with me (who likes to wake up at 2am and talk to herself and everyone around her - even if we're sleeping) is getting moved today! :) maybe a little better chance of sleep tonight
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15:43 slef back
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15:43 slef hdl_laptop: can you tell me what MT2116 was about?  In particular, what made it worth changing C4::Record's interface and adding more dependencies during 3.0.x series?
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15:46 slef juan-xercode: yoyo?
15:47 juan-xercode i'm testing a new irc
15:47 juan-xercode :)
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15:51 chris_n heya slef
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15:52 slef juan-xercode: it's going badly.
15:52 slef hi chris_n
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15:57 jfbucas Hi
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16:00 jfbucas Does anybody have any experience or documentation regarding the migration from Heritage to Koha?
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16:11 slef jfbucas: I might.
16:11 * slef looks at his notes
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16:18 jfbucas thanks slef
16:19 slef jfbucas: what's the manufacturer's name?
16:19 slef I thought that was Oxford something or other but that's not on my notes.
16:23 jfbucas
16:24 jfbucas
16:24 nengard joined #koha
16:24 slef jfbucas: yep, not in my notes, so I guess I've no experience yet.
16:25 jfbucas ok, thanks anyway
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16:25 slef jfbucas: you could try searching the lists and so on, but I think I've heard it doesn't speak standards.
16:25 brendan joined #koha
16:25 slef jfbucas: Aha
16:26 slef jfbucas: so unless you've bought that, I guess you're locked in. :-(
16:27 slef jfbucas: even then, it doesn't say if it exports copy information, so you might still have to do a stocktake.
16:27 jfbucas we bought it yes
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16:28 jfbucas hum, that's what I'm afraid of
16:28 slef "elements of Heritage cataloguing not present in MARC, such as adding administration dates and linking to associated documents" erm, pretty sure MARC can have those, but I guess it depends exactly what they mean by MARC.
16:29 jfbucas I'm not exactly familiar with MARC or MARC 21
16:30 jfbucas but I guess that's a standard to describe what can be described for each item of the catalog
16:30 jfbucas the main problem I have with heritage is that it is not compatible with OpenSource systems
16:31 slef jfbucas: simple test is to export a MARC record and look for copy data in the usual places (tags 852 and 952 IIRC)
16:31 slef MARC21 = MAchine Readable Cataloguing for the 21st century
16:32 jfbucas ok
16:33 slef Well, we ( speak about free software more than plain open source, but I know what you mean.
16:33 slef it doesn't follow open standards
16:33 nengard found something that appears to be blocked
16:33 nengard can't do z39.50 searches from here
16:33 jfbucas I'd just like to be able to get rid of the old Windows server
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16:34 slef nengard: set up a VPN and route UDP over it? ;-)
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16:35 nengard thanks for the tip - will do if i get desperate enough - but i have plenty of other work I can do instead
16:35 slef jfbucas: sounds like a good aim.
16:36 jfbucas :-)
16:37 slef nengard: seriously, connecting to a remote server and doing a search from there might be easier.
16:38 nengard oh i know - but i didn't have to do the search afterall - I found the answer elsewhere - that's all I meant :)
16:38 jfbucas slef: I've managed to export the catalog to some coma separated big text file
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16:47 CGI546 Can Anyone please tell me how to change in OPAC layout? Like changing the color scheme
16:48 CGI546 Basically I am interesting in modifying .CSS file that I have added through Administration section.
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16:50 CGI546 I want to modify CSS file that I already added. But I don't know how to access that file ..
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17:14 kf CGI546: you cant add a file through administration, just point to it
17:14 jwagner_away is now known as jwagner
17:14 kf use OPACUserCSS to copy and paste your css directly into the syspref
17:15 kf if you want to use a separate file you need to store it somewhere where you can access and change it, on your koha server or perhaps somewhere else on the web
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17:27 CGI956 anyone here?
17:28 CGI956 greetings
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17:28 sekjal hi, CGI956
17:28 CGI956 hi, sekjal
17:28 CGI956 i'm a newbie
17:28 CGI956 total
17:29 sekjal welcome
17:29 CGI956 thank you
17:29 CGI956 i do need help, i'm rather confused about some things
17:30 sekjal hopefully we can clarify some stuff for you
17:30 CGI956 i've gone through the implementation checklist
17:30 CGI956 that liblime emailed me
17:31 CGI956 one thing, how do i "determine your production db's staff client and OPAC urls"?
17:32 CGI956 (btw, if anyone from liblime's here, please make sure you answer your emails please)
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17:33 sekjal I wouldn't want to speak to LibLime's intent with that question, but I'd think it would mean what URLs do you want for your OPAC and for your staff client
17:33 sekjal for example, and
17:33 brendan joined #koha
17:34 CGI956 it seems that i would have to tell koha that
17:34 jwagner CGI956, I'm still getting familiar with Liblime's procedures (I manage implementations for PTFS), but in general we might have an internal server name for the system, and a name that you want it known by to the world.
17:35 jwagner As in sekjal's examples, that would be how you want the URL to be, perhaps similar to your other web sites.
17:35 CGI956 yes, indeed
17:35 CGI956 but i wonder if i have to pay for that extra or what
17:36 jwagner I don't speak to contracts :-) but it should just be a simple matter of a DNS alias.
17:36 CGI956 oh ok
17:36 CGI956 i wish they would answer my emails, they take a million years
17:37 CGI956 can i send you guys the url to my opac?
17:37 CGI956 see what it looks like
17:37 wizzyrea we don't really do support for liblime, unfortunately
17:37 wizzyrea but you can send it :)
17:37 CGI956 yes i mean just to have a look
17:37 CGI956 i just need to get my bearings as it were
17:37 wizzyrea fair enough
17:37 CGI956
17:38 jwagner That's pretty much straight out of the box.  Any ideas on what you'd like it look like?  Other Koha sites that you like?
17:38 wizzyrea hurray
17:39 CGI956 only one example i know is this one
17:39 jdavidb joined #koha
17:40 wizzyrea yep, owen did that
17:40 * owen waves
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17:40 CGI956 yep, having gone through the implementation checklist it seems i've only configured the behind-the-scenes stuff such as circulation policies
17:40 wizzyrea owen did most of the design of koha, actually (the UI)
17:40 wizzyrea koha3 anyway
17:41 CGI956 awesome :)
17:41 jwagner owen++
17:41 wizzyrea yep, he's awesome
17:41 CGI956 so how do i go about making changes, say, if i wanted it to look a little like that other page
17:41 wizzyrea hehe, owen I had never realized you have a branch "coolville"
17:42 wizzyrea I want to live there.
17:42 owen Yup, we've really got a Coolville.
17:42 jwagner Better than a Splitsville :-)
17:42 wizzyrea there are lots of tips here
17:42 wizzyrea
17:42 wizzyrea owen's blog
17:43 wizzyrea on how to customize
17:43 jwagner CGI956, you can do a lot with stylesheets and settings -- I'll help you with that.
17:44 CGI956 really, that'd be great, jwagner!
17:44 wizzyrea it's kinf of her job ;)
17:45 CGI956 cool :-)
17:46 slef jfbucas: sounds fun(!)
17:46 jwagner it is now, wizzyrea :-)
17:47 * wizzyrea high fives jwagner
17:47 jwagner But I don't promise to make your site look as good as owen's!
17:47 wizzyrea ^.^
17:47 CGI956 that's fine :-)
17:47 CGI956 i just want it to be functional
17:48 jfbucas slef : thanks for your help !
17:48 jfbucas bye everybody
17:48 jfbucas left #koha
17:49 jwagner Gotta go to a meeting, back later.
17:49 jwagner is now known as jwagner_meeting
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17:56 kf bye #koha :)
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18:59 CGI727 hi
18:59 CGI727 hi all
18:59 CGI727 i know that i can set up a calendar for holidays/days closed
18:59 wizzyrea[…]z&channel=%23koha
19:00 CGI727 but
19:00 wizzyrea this interface is a little nicer for IRC
19:00 wizzyrea plus you can pick your nick
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19:00 mib_c7cf7d nice
19:00 mib_c7cf7d thanks!
19:00 wizzyrea yep, from
19:00 mib_c7cf7d this is much better
19:01 mib_c7cf7d so i just save the link?
19:01 wizzyrea or you can always get it by going to and click on support -> free
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19:01 mib_c7cf7d awesome
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19:01 mib_c7cf7d it's the same list just a diff interface?
19:01 wizzyrea yep
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19:02 wizzyrea and you can choose a nick so we know who you are
19:02 wizzyrea ;)
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19:02 wizzyrea so.. holidays
19:02 salk_koha joined #koha
19:03 salk_koha hello?
19:03 wizzyrea that wouldn't be salina kansas would it?
19:03 wizzyrea hi ;)
19:03 wizzyrea oh dear, I just freaked you out
19:03 mib_vdkcno my library is closed weekends and there is no one to check in returned items
19:03 salk_koha no, ok
19:03 wizzyrea ok
19:04 mib_vdkcno so how do i make sure that fines are not calculated for weekends?
19:04 mib_vdkcno the calendar module doesn't seem to offer that option, does it?
19:05 wizzyrea I think this can be done, but no, I don't think it's in the calendar
19:05 owen mib_vdkcno: Do you have a "finesCalendar" system preference?
19:05 owen "Specify whether to use the Calendar in calculating duedates and fines"
19:05 owen One of its settings is "noFinesWhenClosed"
19:06 mib_vdkcno let me check...
19:06 mib_vdkcno yes yes
19:06 wizzyrea yep, ty that's what I was thinking of owen
19:06 mib_vdkcno but isn't that just to enable the calendar to function
19:07 mib_vdkcno and in the calendar i have holidays such as christmas, etc
19:07 mib_vdkcno but how do i do it for saturdays and sundays
19:07 wizzyrea the option is "no fines when closed"
19:07 owen mib_vdkcno: You should specify a repeating holiday for Saturdays and Sundays
19:07 mib_vdkcno aaaaaaah ok
19:07 mib_vdkcno :-)
19:09 mib_vdkcno gee, thanks!
19:10 wizzyrea we aim to please
19:10 mib_vdkcno what a great list!
19:10 owen Channel. :)
19:12 mib_vdkcno i'll be back with my nick
19:12 mib_vdkcno left #koha
19:12 wizzyrea i hate that cgi irc interface
19:12 wizzyrea it's terribad
19:13 jmill2010 joined #koha
19:13 jmill2010 now that makes sense
19:13 jmill2010 :-)
19:13 wizzyrea :) wb
19:14 wizzyrea owen did you see the vid we posted demoing the weird holds business?
19:15 owen I don't think so
19:15 wizzyrea (and if so, is it the same stuff you're seeing)
19:15 wizzyrea[…]ous-holds-issues/
19:18 owen Naturally charles xavier is at Hiawatha. Everyone knows that.
19:19 wizzyrea ^.^
19:19 wizzyrea what you didn't know was that barack obama was from bern ks
19:20 owen Everyone knows that!
19:21 salk_koha I've got a question about getting/debugging Amazon content... but in exchange for help or just to help my karma I'd also like to contribute a php script I wrote that translates MARC items info from the Koha 2.27  to Koha 3.x standard... Any takers?
19:22 wizzyrea
19:22 brendan_ joined #koha
19:22 owen wizzyrea: I've never see the "in transit from nobody" thing... At least I've never seen that actual status on an item. I don't know that it hasn't happened.
19:22 salk_koha OK I'll add to contribs
19:22 brendan left #koha
19:22 brendan_ is now known as brendan
19:22 wizzyrea well, it happens when you get two items for the same patron at the same library, but checking one in triggers the next hold
19:23 sekjal wizzyrea:  My initial guess is that priority number that's displayed on the holds confirmation page is being passed directly into the database, instead of recalculated on the fly
19:23 wizzyrea every time we do it we get slightly different (though usually explainable) results
19:23 sekjal and then having multiple, equal priorities is leading to the wirecrossing on checking/transfer
19:23 wizzyrea that's what my thought was sekjal
19:23 jmill2010 left #koha
19:23 wizzyrea no, the priorities get rewritten when the first hold is filled
19:23 wizzyrea they are pretty much auto correcting
19:24 wizzyrea our speculation is that it's a race about what happens when two people mod the same reserve row at the same time
19:24 sekjal left #koha
19:25 wizzyrea some data is written from both requests, but the output display doesn't compensate for that
19:25 wizzyrea oh drat he's gone
19:26 sekjal joined #koha
19:26 wizzyrea sekjal: repeat for you: our speculation is that it's a race about what happens when two people mod the same reserve row at the same time
19:27 wizzyrea the output is showing what's already there, but the submit is actually writing
19:27 wizzyrea and you can have 2 writing at the same time
19:27 wizzyrea the same data on 2 items, or different data on the same item
19:27 brendan left #koha
19:28 brendan joined #koha
19:28 wizzyrea theoretically you should never have the same item in 2 locations at once
19:29 wizzyrea so that condition is, meh
19:29 chris_n unless you invoke the clone method... ;-)
19:29 wizzyrea but writing identical hold fulfillment data on two items = yikes
19:29 * wizzyrea invokes the clone method on an iron skillet and bonks chris_n with it
19:30 wizzyrea drat, it didn't work, I only got the rubber one.
19:30 * chris_n hides under his desk
19:30 wizzyrea :) j/k
19:30 chris_n :)
19:30 wizzyrea I luv u?
19:30 wizzyrea ;)
19:31 chris_n your skillet is probably broken now if the truth were known ;)
19:31 wizzyrea that your head is harder than the hardest steel?
19:32 wizzyrea that sound you hear... that's my mind blowing.
19:32 chris_n weeeell... that depends on who you ask
19:33 richard joined #koha
19:33 richard hi
19:33 chris_n heya richard
19:35 salk_koha ok, just added my contrib - "Koha v 2.2x to v 3.x MARC migration tool, revision 1.0"
19:35 wizzyrea excellent :
19:35 wizzyrea :)
19:36 salk_koha Now.. can someone help w/Amazon debugging
19:36 salk_koha I'm not getting anything in the koha_error_log
19:36 salk_koha and I have my debug level set in the prefs to 2
19:37 salk_koha I have put in my ID and private key (Secret Password in Amazon lingo) into the prefs.
19:38 brendan_ joined #koha
19:39 brendan left #koha
19:40 brendan_ is now known as brendan
19:44 wizzyrea I don't recall what your problem was exactly
19:44 wizzyrea ?
19:44 wizzyrea with amazon
19:44 wizzyrea can you elaborate?
19:45 salk_koha well, I don't see any of the cover images in the catalog from amazon
19:45 salk_koha none of the 'enhanced content' is viewable
19:45 salk_koha but I have turned on all of the appropriate prefs related to amazon content
19:45 wizzyrea you have all of these prefs set correctly?
19:45 wizzyrea
19:45 salk_koha standby
19:46 wizzyrea is there a firewall or other content filter blocking amazon access from where the server is?
19:46 wizzyrea that layout may not be similar to what you're looking at but the names are the same, I believe
19:48 wizzyrea
19:48 salk_koha yes, the prefs are slightly different since I'm using 3.00.04 but I have all of this set similar and have both the ID and private key ( is this what amazon calls the 'secret access key'?)
19:49 wizzyrea i believe so
19:49 salk_koha I don't have *any* firewall rules in place.
19:49 brendan_ joined #koha
19:49 salk_koha but I am going to double check that there isn't anythign on our switch that might be blocking there
19:49 brendan left #koha
19:49 brendan_ is now known as brendan
19:49 salk_koha do you know what port I need to have open?
19:50 salk_koha do you know what port I need to have open?
19:52 brendan_ joined #koha
19:52 brendan left #koha
19:52 brendan_ is now known as brendan
19:54 wizzyrea well it's port 80 traffic
19:54 wizzyrea if youc an surf from your server (theoretically) amazon images should work
19:55 wizzyrea if I had to guess you have a typo or a space in one of your amazon keys
19:55 wizzyrea that got me one
19:55 wizzyrea once
19:55 wizzyrea a space or tab at the end of the key made it not work
19:56 salk_koha ok, ill try that
19:56 salk_koha do you know of any logs that I can check to see where it's failing?
19:57 wizzyrea I don't, maybe someone else does
19:57 wizzyrea you might try the apache logs
20:00 chris morning
20:01 chris @wunder wellington nz
20:01 munin` chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 16.0�C (8:00 AM NZDT on March 26, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Rising).
20:01 wizzyrea @wunder lawrence, ks
20:02 munin` wizzyrea: The current temperature in Channel 6 Downtown, Lawrence, Kansas is 13.7�C (3:00 PM CDT on March 25, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 46%. Dew Point: 2.0�C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014.1 hPa (Steady).
20:02 wizzyrea ooh, by a hair chris
20:02 salk_koha thanks, nothing there
20:04 owen left #koha
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20:05 slef @wunder Weston-super-Mare SOMERSET
20:05 munin` slef: The current temperature in Weston-Super-Mare, United Kingdom is 7.5�C (8:00 PM GMT on March 25, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 89%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Windchill: 5.0�C. Pressure: 29.33 in 993.1 hPa (Rising).
20:11 chris sekjal: you about?
20:12 sekjal yes, chris, I'm here
20:12 chris is the nyu health sciences koha opac on the web?
20:12 sekjal
20:12 chris thank you :)
20:12 sekjal gladly
20:18 collum joined #koha
20:27 nicomo left #koha
20:36 jwagner_meeting is now known as jwagner
20:36 jwagner left #koha
20:37 brendan left #koha
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21:03 cm left #koha
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21:23 larsw joined #koha
21:28 hilongo Hello there ...
21:28 chris hi hilongo
21:29 hilongo I'm having some problems in my 3.0.6 installation with diacritics and searching ...
21:30 hilongo I was wondering if importing my records vis XML would be helpful
21:30 chris ahh you probably want to chat with the french guys, they have solved those, its to do with zebra
21:30 chris you have to make sure its using dom, and do some other thing i forget
21:30 chris if/when you find out, let me know and ill add it to the searching FAQ
21:31 hilongo ok ...
21:31 chris lemme do a quick mailing list search
21:32 hilongo if you find nothing .. I'll throw it to the list and wait for some french answer :)
21:32 chris word-phrase-utf.chr
21:32 chris[…]g-utf.chr;hb=HEAD
21:33 hilongo hmmm... the bad news is that my word-phrase-utf.chr is the same ...
21:33 hilongo But I think I have some other problem ...
21:33 chris sort-string-utf.chr?
21:35 hilongo cause I have some records with some type of diacritics and some other records with a different type of diacritic...
21:35 hilongo _Hard to explain ... :P
21:36 jmill2010 joined #koha
21:38 jmill2010 how do I define holds per item type?
21:39 Nate left #koha
21:40 jmill2010 i've checked under item types and there is nothing that will allow to set a hold policy
21:41 hilongo some of my accented o lokks like "C3B3" and some others looks like "cc81"
21:41 wizzyrea jmill that's under circ and fine rules
21:41 hilongo jmill2010: did you look at Circulations rules?
21:41 jmill2010 yes
21:42 jmill2010 also there is nothing there regarding holds
21:42 wizzyrea
21:42 wizzyrea that's the circ and fine rules
21:43 jmill2010 apparently i don't have that choice
21:44 wizzyrea what version?
21:44 hilongo I'm with 3.0.6 and I have it ...
21:44 jmill2010 koha express
21:44 jmill2010 by liblime
21:44 jmill2010 :-(
21:45 wizzyrea nah no need to frown
21:46 wizzyrea actually express probably doesn't have that
21:46 wizzyrea would have been developed after the release you are using
21:47 chris jmill2010: you could email ptfs and ask them to upgrade you ?
21:47 wizzyrea and when we ask for version, we want you to go to More -> About Koha
21:47 jmill2010 ok
21:47 jmill2010 i'll check
21:47 wizzyrea that is easier for us to get a handle on than koha express :)
21:47 wizzyrea b/c we don't know what version they're running
21:48 wizzyrea easy enough to ind out though
21:48 wizzyrea find, even
21:48 jmill2010
21:48 jmill2010 koha version:
21:48 chris ah yeah, thats pretty old
21:49 wizzyrea :/ yea you probably don't have the itype holds stuff
21:49 wizzyrea sorry :(
21:49 jmill2010 ok geez :-)
21:49 jmill2010 it's funny cause i got it only last Friday
21:50 jmill2010 things change pretty fast
21:50 jmill2010 unless liblime's given me a very old version just for kicks
21:50 wizzyrea oh that's old like, a couple of years
21:50 wizzyrea they um, yea they do that
21:50 jmill2010 !!!
21:51 jmill2010 they should be called liblame, shouldn't they
21:51 wizzyrea 2 releases back, anyway
21:51 * wizzyrea did not suggest that you say that
21:51 chris 3.02 was released 3 even
21:51 wizzyrea just for the record
21:51 chris June 4 2009
21:51 chris 3.0.2 was released
21:51 chris 3.0.5 released december 15 2009
21:52 chris 3.0.6 any day now
21:52 wizzyrea oh so not *that* long but still several releases back
21:52 chris about 400 patches ago
21:53 wizzyrea I wouldn't worry too much about it jmill, we are hopeful that ptfs will make their customers happy
21:53 jmill2010 yes
21:53 wizzyrea so if you don't like something, complain
21:53 jmill2010 so am i
21:53 wizzyrea ;)
21:53 jmill2010 thanks, yep!
21:53 * wizzyrea is a habitual complainer ;)
21:53 chris i lie 847 patches ago
21:54 wizzyrea real thorn in their side
21:54 chris[…]sion3.0/tags.html
21:54 wizzyrea ok. 10 mins early, but gonna head out
21:54 * chris is unofficial koha historian
21:54 wizzyrea pff unofficial
21:54 wizzyrea I think you mean "the guy anal enough to keep all the history and records in order"
21:54 wizzyrea ;)
21:54 chris heh
21:54 jmill2010 so hopefully ptfs will provide the latest version
21:55 wizzyrea once it gets released, I imagine they will, yes
21:55 chris yep hopefull they will upgrade to the latest stable
21:55 chris i expect them to, they seem competent
21:56 jmill2010 i already got in touch with one of them earlier today through this list
21:56 wizzyrea right, jane
21:56 chris cool
21:56 jmill2010 yes, jwagner
21:57 wizzyrea she's super nice
21:57 wizzyrea competent, too
21:57 jmill2010 perfect
21:58 wizzyrea I would recommend at least for now sticking with whatever support contact info they've given you, though. They are totally swamped
21:58 wizzyrea we can help you with some stuff, so if it's minor it doesn't hurt to ask
21:58 CAP4364 joined #koha
21:59 CAP4364 left #koha
21:59 wizzyrea but this isn't really a forum for LL customers to get help that only LL can provide.
21:59 wizzyrea if that makes sense
21:59 jmill2010 yes it does
21:59 juan-x joined #koha
22:00 jmill2010 it's just the LL hasn't answer any of my emails since two days ago
22:00 jmill2010 answered
22:01 wizzyrea yea, that happens. They're in transition, I imagine it can only get better
22:01 jmill2010 yes, i guess that's what it is
22:01 wizzyrea anyway, come hang out with us anytime ;)
22:01 wizzyrea ok, off to get the spud
22:01 wizzyrea later peeps
22:01 wizzyrea is now known as wizzyrea_away
22:01 chris cya later
22:02 jmill2010 later
22:02 jmill2010 thanks for everything:)
22:02 wizzyrea_away sure thing
22:05 jdavidb left #koha
22:07 jmill2010 yep now that i'm revising my implementation checklist it appears that many of my questions have to do with the fact that I have an old version, which explains the discrepancies between what the manual says and what actually on my koha
22:08 jmill2010 what i actually see in my koha system, i mean
22:09 chris yep that would make sense
22:14 wajasu joined #koha
22:21 chris_n liblame... hehe
22:24 jmill2010 :)
22:24 jmill2010 just a joke
22:26 saorge_ joined #koha
22:30 saorge left #koha
22:31 chris_n jmill2010: not to worry, they have earned all of the jokes and otherwise... but we are trusting that better things will come now that PTFS is in charge
22:33 jmill2010 indeed, thanks, chris_n
22:39 brendan_ joined #koha
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22:39 brendan_ is now known as brendan
22:50 |miugel| joined #koha
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