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00:11 chris_n heya mason
00:12 mason arent you sposed to be outside!
00:12 * mason wags finger in a stern manner
00:13 mason altho its prolly getting dark now, for you..
00:14 chris_n yup, but it was nice for awhile :)
00:15 mason we have gale-winds over here :/
00:15 * chris_n hands mason a kite ;)
00:15 mason[…]es-hit-Wellington
00:16 mason we only *just* landed in wellington, nz on monday
00:16 chris_n wow, 130kmh
00:16 mason ... before the airport got closed
00:17 mason the pilots got 3 rounds of applause ;)
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00:18 * mason had his seat firmly in the upright position
00:18 * chris_n would rather be on the ground when it gets that windy down low
00:18 chris_n vertical_wind_shear--
00:19 chris_n though we get them all the time here
00:19 chris_n and some buildings don't survive
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01:32 chris_n g'night #koha
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06:18 Nouman hi all
06:18 Nouman I want to add more virtual shelves in koha, How can I add
06:19 Nouman there are some samples values in virtual shelves, which are present after installation
06:20 Nouman I want to add values in virtual shelve how can I add
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06:25 IrmaCalyx Hi #Koha
06:25 Nouman ?
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06:26 Nouman I want to add some shelves. How can I add
06:26 Nouman there are some samples values which are present right from installation
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06:34 Nouman is any one there?
06:46 Nouman ??
06:56 Nouman what is the difference b/w authorized values and item types
07:01 chris you should read the manual, the answers to those questions are in there
07:01 Nouman I read but not getting
07:01 chris i cant explain it better than the manual
07:02 Ropuch Hi chris
07:02 Nouman mean I want to ask which one is performing function for shleves
07:02 Nouman authorized values or item types
07:02 chris neither
07:03 Nouman I want to create different shelves for different subjects. just like religion, philosophy
07:04 chris yep, you just name them something like that and add items to it
07:04 Nouman and want to keep each and every book in different shleve
07:04 Ropuch Hm
07:04 Ropuch Nouman: I have the feeling that you're mixing virtual shelves with location
07:04 Nouman mean?
07:05 Nouman I read Lists, loc and authorized values but not getting yet
07:05 Ropuch Virtual shelves - "Lists" are just what they're named
07:05 Ropuch LITS
07:05 Ropuch uh
07:05 Ropuch There's no point to have "each and every book" on different list
07:06 Ropuch If you want to "divide" your books into categories: reiglion, philosophy, economy, whatever
07:06 Ropuch Use Location
07:06 Nouman Yeah exactly
07:06 Nouman mean authorized value
07:07 Nouman ?
07:07 Ropuch Yup, Category Location
07:07 Nouman then what is the list
07:07 Nouman is it favourites?
07:07 Nouman of individual patron
07:07 Ropuch Kinda
07:08 Ropuch There's 3 types of lists: open, public and private
07:08 Ropuch I think Lists were named virtual shelves before
07:08 Nouman how can I see all books placed in one loc like (eg: philosophy)
07:09 Nouman I read it all open,public private... but what is the exact purpose of virtual shelve...Im still confuse
07:10 Ropuch Let's call list a list and forget the "virtual shelves"
07:10 Ropuch In the there is an option to "Browse Shelf"
07:11 Ropuch Its showing the books with same "Location"
07:11 Nouman browse shelf?
07:12 Ropuch[…]?biblionumber=601
07:12 Ropuch See the "Browse Shelf link"?
07:12 Ropuch I believe it has to be enabled in sysprefs
07:13 Ropuch But to see all the books with Location=Philosophy
07:13 Ropuch Hm
07:13 Nouman ok thanks
07:13 Nouman what is mean of Hold?
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07:14 Ropuch Nouman: in which context?
07:15 Nouman if some one is want to hold book mean he  is requesting for that book to staff
07:15 Nouman is it?
07:15 Ropuch
07:15 Ropuch When a book or other item is currently on loan, most libraries permit another borrower to place a "hold" on it by contacting the circulation desk. The patron who has the item checked out will not be permitted to renew it, and the person placing the "hold" will be entitled to check it out after it has been returned. Some online catalogs include a feature that allows the user to place an item on hold without staff assistance.
07:16 Ropuch odlis is good place to check if you're unsure with some library related words [;
07:17 Nouman ok thanks
07:17 Nouman sorry to say, I want to ask another Question
07:17 Ropuch It's no problem :)
07:18 Nouman 'browse shelve' show the books of all in shelve loc
07:18 Nouman orl lists
07:20 Ropuch It shows adjacent boks with the same LOCation value
07:20 Nouman mean shelve loc
07:20 Nouman ?
07:21 Ropuch Yes
07:22 Nouman is it possible from opac, that he can view the different LOC valye
07:22 Nouman Location Values in library
07:23 Ropuch Hm
07:23 Ropuch It should be possible
07:23 Ropuch Does your call number consists of loc value?
07:25 Nouman I dont know ?
07:25 Nouman how can I see it
07:37 Ropuch What your call number looks like?
07:41 Nouman Im not getting
07:46 Nouman Im not getting call no
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08:11 crackjack hello all
08:11 crackjack I have a problem in KOHA records and items
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08:12 crackjack while importing data from MARC -- converted form ISO, it makes record for each data
08:13 crackjack with no items in it
08:13 crackjack but what I need is that, the record must contain 1 item with the accession number as the barcode of the item
08:13 crackjack is this possible?
08:16 chris item data is stored in the 952 field in MARC for koha
08:16 chris you could use something like marcedit to add those to your MARC file then import
08:17 crackjack ok
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08:17 crackjack does that mean that I use accession number in iso and use field 952 for the barcode?
08:18 chris 952 subfield p is where the barcode goes
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08:21 braedon|home anyone here good at coming up with software project code-names, or resultant "product" names?
08:22 chris im a fan of names that have nothing to do with the project, i hate descriptive names
08:22 chris or worse acronyms
08:22 braedon|home even recursive acronyms?
08:22 chris well the original one is good :)
08:23 braedon|home i agree for codenames
08:23 chris i like ones like apache, firefox etc
08:23 braedon|home but not for product names
08:23 braedon|home not that i would only take descriptive product names :P
08:24 braedon|home my last uni project was codenamed articuno. we never came up with a product name
08:25 braedon|home (not that it was really required for a uni project, but it was a little strange calling it articuno in the final report)
08:26 chris i dunno, some of the most succesful products are non descriptive codenames
08:27 braedon|home how do you feel about geek referential names? :P
08:27 chris depends entirely on who your target audience is
08:28 braedon|home do you prefer no one gets it, to preserve the illusion of non description, or that everyone does?
08:28 chris people can know what it is, without the name saying it
08:28 chris i know a prius is a car
08:29 chris its not called electric-petrol-hybrid car
08:29 braedon|home haha
08:30 braedon|home well, i'm not about to call it "peer-to-peer-extended-web-cache", don't worry :)
08:30 chris :)
08:30 braedon|home and i don't think PTPEWC is a acceptable acronym
08:30 chris i think the main thing is a name that isnt already in use
08:30 braedon|home yah
08:31 chris and then the byline is the next most important
08:32 braedon|home the only idea i have had so far was "twine"(vaguely descriptive), influenced by one of the research systems ours will be partially drawing from, and from "philotic twining" in enders game
08:32 chris :)
08:33 braedon|home but, alas, there is a web service of some kind using it
08:33 chris yeah
08:33 braedon|home now i can't break away from the enders game reference idea
08:34 * braedon|home curses his one track mind
08:34 chris twixt
08:34 braedon|home (someone would probably try to sue me if i called it "Ansible")
08:35 chris ah darn, thats in use too (a board game)
08:35 braedon|home ya
08:35 braedon|home go wikipedia
08:35 chris betwixt and between i was thinking :)
08:35 braedon|home (or rather damn it for removing ignorance as a defence)
08:36 chris :)
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08:38 braedon|home lets try this - i need a codename urgently so i can create a repository
08:42 braedon|home TINARA.D
08:42 chris heh
08:42 braedon|home TINARA.D Is Not A Recursive Acronym. Damn
08:43 * braedon|home is useless at this
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09:02 braedon|home chris: my flatmate just suggested twinelight :)
09:04 braedon|home so tempted....
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11:21 crackjack hello all
11:22 crackjack how can I change the dafault currency to my country's currency
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11:35 crackjack how can I change the dafault currency to my country's currency
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11:35 crackjack how can I change the dafault currency to my country's currency
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11:45 * jdavidb goes "harrumph!"
11:45 * jwagner_meeting says "that's MY line!"
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12:02 jdavidb @wunder 20817
12:02 munin` jdavidb: The current temperature in Langley Fork Park, McLean, Virginia is 7.3�C (8:01 AM EDT on March 24, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: 3.0�C. Windchill: 7.0�C. Pressure: 29.93 in 1013.4 hPa (Rising).
12:07 chris_n long meeting jwagner ;)
12:07 chris_n @wunder 28334
12:08 munin` chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 7.6�C (8:06 AM EDT on March 24, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 92%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Windchill: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.68 in 1005.0 hPa (Steady).
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12:20 jdavidb @quote random
12:20 munin` jdavidb: Quote #21: "<owen> I think we need more quotes!" (added by jdavidb at 12:18 PM, August 06, 2009)
12:21 kf chris: wow
12:30 jwagner chris_n, those meetings do drag on....
12:33 chris_n heh
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12:45 jdavidb Here's a patron-search thing...when searching for a patron by name, you have to specify the first part of the surname.  "Brown" will find John Brown, but not Jane Smith-Brown.  I see how that's done in C4::Members::SearchMember--surname LIKE $searchstring%.
12:46 jdavidb One of our customers is suggesting that it work like so:  surname LIKE %$searchstring%
12:46 jdavidb Thoughts from anyone on that?
12:48 owen jdavidb: I notice in our production version,, a search for "van" will return firstname "vanessa", surname "van dyke" and surname "vandyke"
12:49 owen That's certainly how I would expect it to behave--but doesn't sound like the behavior you're seeing
12:49 jdavidb Ours is doing that too.  But I bet it won't find Jane Thompson-Vandyke
12:50 jdavidb In the advanced-search method that is most-used, it's searching for surname or firstname or othernames LIKE <foo>% or % <foo>%.  (note that space in the second.)
12:50 owen Oh, because "van" is at the beginning of my results
12:50 jdavidb got it.
12:51 jdavidb But I don't want "smith" to return Jerry Oversmith, so LIKE %<foo>% is probably a bad idea.
12:52 jdavidb I'm thinking add another OR to look for %-$searchstring%, to explicitly handle hyphenated names.
12:52 owen Right, a search for "ivan" doesn't return "sullivan" but it returns "Ivankovic"
12:53 owen I wonder if we're looking for a technical solution to a meatspace problem: "Hey lady, what's your last name?"
12:55 jdavidb I've known some women who were tetchy about that sort of thing, so I'm hoping to user-proof the interface here.  The way it's coded, you can enter "Steuben" and get "Von Steuben" but not "Von-Steuben".
12:58 owen I guess if it's intelligently interpreting the space it makes sense to extend that to the hyphen
12:58 owen (I wonder if our French colleagues have this problem)
12:58 * jdavidb pings France.
12:59 jdavidb Would it be useful to make that a regexp, to ignore punctuation appearing prior to the entered term, in all cases?
12:59 jdavidb so that Angelo would return D'Angelo?
13:02 jdavidb surname REGEXP '[:punct:]$searchstring'  , in other words.
13:05 hdl_laptop hi jdavidb
13:05 jdavidb howdy, hdl_laptop.  :)
13:05 hdl_laptop good.
13:05 hdl_laptop longing to see your patch for  multiple reserves ;)
13:06 hdl_laptop jdavidb: depending on your icu configuration but I guess this is already done.
13:06 jdavidb :)  So jwagner was telling me.  I'm trying to kill some support tickets, and get that out to you soon.    Things have been a little crazy.
13:07 jdavidb How does icu configuration affect patron search in circulation?  (Lordy, have I missed out on something *that* huge?)
13:07 hdl_laptop jdavidb
13:08 hdl_laptop For us this would not be quite we want.
13:08 jdavidb Okay.    What would work, that wouldn't break things for y'all?
13:09 hdl_laptop jdavidb: I had not read the logs before speaking of icu
13:09 jdavidb :P  oh.  whew!
13:13 hdl_laptop we were asked to search only on field start with and not word start with. But I also guess ppl hadnot thought about those compound names such as d'anglesy or Laurent-Vauclare
13:13 jdavidb I'd like to get at the post-punctuation part of punctuated last names, but don't want to break things for others--changing the LIKE % $search% to REGEXP '[[:punct:][:space:]]$search' would do what I want, I think.
13:15 hdl_laptop I think this would be ok.
13:15 hdl_laptop In performance terms, how does regexp compres with Like ?
13:16 jdavidb Ick.  A quick Google search points out that LIKE is much, much faster.
13:21 jdavidb It'd be cheaper to add another LIKE to look for the hyphen, than to change the LIKE-space to REGEXP.
13:26 jdavidb hdl_laptop: take a look here:[…]rch-solution.html    he combined a more-general LIKE with REGEXP to get the precision they want, without the huge speed sacrifice of just REGEXP.
13:28 jdavidb mysql apparently does the LIKE first, then REGEXPs against what's left in the set.    I'll experiment with that approach, and see how it goes.
13:38 jdavidb it worth saving 3/100 of a second, on a db of 34,000-ish patrons..?
13:39 * chris_n notes that YUI3 has depricated CSS Grids
13:39 chris_n deprecated even
13:43 hdl_laptop jdavidb: 3/100 no. But REGEX only compared to LIKE with regexp went from 6 seconds down to .2
13:43 hdl_laptop say .3
13:43 hdl_laptop thats a factor 20
13:45 jdavidb The like-with-regexp returns the same result for me as the just-regexp version, too.  Sounds like it'll be worth it to do it that way.
13:45 owen chris_n: Deprecated them? As in, no more YUI Grids?
13:46 jdavidb For smaller DBs, won't make a *huge* difference, in truth, but it could, for big ones.
13:46 hdl_laptop jdavidb++
13:46 jdavidb :)  Thanks, hdl_laptop!
13:47 hdl_laptop jdavidb: don't forget me... please :D
13:47 jdavidb I won't! :)
13:48 chris_n owen: it sort of sounds like they are going to roll out entirely new CSS grids:
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13:49 * chris_n imagines a script which will generate n rows of valid random bibs/patrons/etc to be used to create various sized dbs for performance testing
13:49 owen An upgrade to YUI3 would be a pain in the ass in general.
13:50 owen ...but I haven't found CSS Grid system I like better than YUI for the kind of thing we do
13:50 owen Lots and lots of good CSS Grid systems for exclusively fixed-width designs, few with flexible options
13:53 * owen questions the wisdom of releasing YUI3 without a Grids component while promising to put it back later
13:53 * owen imagines releasing Koha 4.2 without a cataloging module because we decided to rewrite it for 4.6
13:55 jwagner owen, sounds like a plan to me :-)
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14:02 chris_n owen: lol
14:02 chris_n yeah, I thought grids was most of the point of yui
14:03 owen This is actually just another piece of evidence that the YUI people don't care about grids.
14:03 owen I've asked questions about grids on the YUI forum and not gotten a single response.
14:03 chris_n I'm working on a small in-house app and was going to use yui3, but will probably fall back to 2 now
14:03 owen Whereas I've asked questions about Javascript and gotten a response right away: RTFM!
14:04 * owen uses YUI only while holding his nose
14:04 chris_n I've asked questions on their irc channel and had about the same level of response there
14:04 * chris_n looks around for his cloths pin
14:05 * jwagner says "On the Internet, no one can see you hold your nose"
14:05 Ropuch Hello #koha
14:05 owen I'm encouraged by yesterday's release of the latest version of jquery-ui. I would replace much of our YUI widgets with jquery ones if I could
14:06 owen For instance, new in jquery-ui 1.8:
14:08 chris_n nice
14:12 owen No built-in menu handling like YUI has with their button widget though.
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14:35 wizzyrea_home question for the international folks
14:35 wizzyrea_home is now known as wizzyrea
14:36 wizzyrea do you have a translation engine of choice for automagic translations?
14:39 bgkriegel wizzyrea: no. We use to "tune" a po file, then feed it to google or another program to translate, but the results are not good. There are many word that translate differently depending on context. But could be a starting point.
14:40 * wizzyrea is looking at automagic translations for the koha-community site
14:40 wizzyrea so you were using google
14:40 bgkriegel at the very beginning
14:41 wizzyrea my options are: google translation services, promp online translator, altavista babel fish, freeTranslator
14:41 wizzyrea promt
14:41 bgkriegel we use this, and all online dictionaries
14:45 wizzyrea
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14:48 wizzyrea can somebody who speaks/reads one of those languages check how well it works?
14:48 wizzyrea i know it probably suffers from the context recognition problems that all online translators do, but it's better than nothing, right?
14:49 bgkriegel It's a good starting point :)
14:49 Ropuch wizzyrea++
14:50 Ropuch Translation are clumsy, but - as bgkriegel said - it's good starting point :)
14:50 wizzyrea yay! ok thanks very much for looking at it. We can pick a different translation engine if someone knows of one that's better than google
14:51 Ropuch wizzyrea: i think thoe automated putput is pretty much the same
14:51 Ropuch You're able to grab "what the hell is that page about", but that's all ;>
14:51 Ropuch *the aoutomated output
14:51 Ropuch ugh
14:51 Ropuch I'm tired ;>
14:52 wizzyrea yea, that's been my experience with the automated translations
14:52 wizzyrea if you're feeling perky you can get a little out of it anyway
14:53 wizzyrea I think I want to put the translation flags in the footer though
14:56 Ropuch Yup - it's good to have them anyway :)
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15:00 chris_n gmcharlt: *snap* :)
15:01 gmcharlt heh
15:02 * chris_n can't type fast enough
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15:19 wizzyrea ok, the oracle at google is failing me: I have a connection to a remote mysql server, I want to pull the results of a query back to my local machine as CSV... can it be done? I've tried INTO OUTFILE but that puts it on the remote server
15:20 wizzyrea (yea, i've got the terminated by and enclosed by bits in there as well to make it CSV)
15:20 wizzyrea (but getting the output local is what I really need)
15:21 gmcharlt wizzyrea: if you're using the mysql client, you can just pipe into a file
15:22 wizzyrea like, do a mysql -e > myfile?
15:22 gmcharlt yep
15:22 wizzyrea der
15:22 wizzyrea th
15:22 wizzyrea ank you
15:22 wizzyrea I think I've only had chocolate and coffee since yesterday noon
15:23 wizzyrea which I'm sure to some seems like the perfect day
15:23 wizzyrea but it does lend itself to not thinking properly
15:23 gmcharlt wizzyrea_wired: quick!  type!  faster!
15:23 wizzyrea lol
15:25 kf hm, I think we have a problem with grace periods and intervals > 1 - when invervall is 7 , first charge is seven days after due date. In my opinion it should be the day after grace period ended - but I think this might be not what all libraries expect?
15:26 wizzyrea gold star gmcharlt. Don't you like it when it's an ez question?
15:26 gmcharlt indeed I do :)
15:27 wizzyrea kf: i think that's what I would expect
15:27 kf wizzyrea: so im not alone :)
15:27 wizzyrea no fines until I was a week overduye
15:27 wizzyrea overdue, even
15:27 kf ah ok
15:27 kf hm
15:27 kf perhaps its because we are used to different behaviour
15:28 wizzyrea I mean, that's the definition of "grace period" where I come from anyway
15:28 kf our other liberaries (not koha) charge weekly in this state
15:28 wizzyrea AH
15:28 kf they have grace periods from 0 - 7, often 2
15:28 kf days
15:28 kf so you have a little more time to give the book back and then you get the first charge, a week later the second...
15:29 wizzyrea so you are setting your fining interval at 7 days, the fines accrue every 7 days
15:29 kf but 7 days is too long for most
15:29 kf yes
15:29 kf but if I do that - grace period is irrelevant
15:29 wizzyrea and you want the first week free?
15:29 kf no
15:29 wizzyrea right
15:29 wizzyrea ok, so yea, you wouldn't set the grace at all in that case
15:29 wizzyrea I think
15:30 wizzyrea because the first fines wouldn't be charged until the end of the 1st week
15:30 wizzyrea its like a built in grace period
15:30 kf I would prefer: day_after_due_date = first_fine_date and seven days later second fine
15:30 hdl_laptop I think that we fixed that on a dev branch
15:30 kf harrumph g
15:31 kf hdl_laptop: can I take a look at it?
15:31 wizzyrea then yea, it doesn't work how you want it to
15:31 hdl_laptop -    WHERE date_due < CURDATE()
15:31 hdl_laptop +    WHERE DATE(date_due) < CURDATE()
15:31 wizzyrea which I'm sure you're like "well duh, I told you that"
15:31 wizzyrea :)
15:31 hdl_laptop try this in GetOverdues
15:32 kf wizzyrea: yes, I knew, but I was not sure if its intended to work like that or a bug
15:33 kf hdl_laptop: not sure if we are talking about the same thing, but this seems to solve something else I noticed
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15:46 juan-xercode hi community
15:46 gmcharlt is now known as community
15:46 * community waves at juan-xercode
15:46 community is now known as gmcharlt
15:46 * gmcharlt stops being meglomaniac ;)
15:47 juan-xercode :)
15:47 juan-xercode i got a question
15:47 juan-xercode about apache proxy ...
15:47 juan-xercode to serve several koha installations with only one domai
15:47 juan-xercode domain
15:48 juan-xercode i want to do this stuff
15:48 juan-xercode -> goes to koha1 installation
15:48 juan-xercode -> goes to koha2 installation
15:49 juan-xercode i put this on other type of software and it works perfectly, but not in koha
15:49 gmcharlt juan-xercode: if you can, it's easier to using subdomains and do,, etc.
15:49 juan-xercode yes,
15:49 juan-xercode at this time i have it working with subdomains
15:50 juan-xercode and several koha installations under por 81, 82 ...
15:54 miguel-xercode left #koha
15:58 wizzyrea i guess he gave up
15:58 kf me too...
15:58 kf hm, not really
16:00 juan-xercode left #koha
16:01 owen joined #koha
16:02 owen is now known as owen-away
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16:10 wizzyrea joined #koha
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16:11 wizzyrea joined #koha
16:11 wizzyrea erg
16:11 * jdavidb hands wizzyrea the duct tape
16:19 wizzyrea I apple-w'd on the wrong window
16:20 jdavidb "Then don't do that," the doctor said...
16:21 nicomo joined #koha
16:27 wizzyrea hi nicomo
16:28 wizzyrea this is on, using google translator, what do you think?
16:28 hdl_laptop wizzyrea: just read it. And...; Well, it is ggl translate.
16:28 hdl_laptop Better than nothing
16:28 hdl_laptop And quite cool
16:28 wizzyrea is there something better that we should be using?
16:29 wizzyrea (besides humans, of course)
16:29 wizzyrea is that an ok location on the page for the translations?
16:29 wizzyrea i'm having a web design waffle moment
16:30 * jdavidb hands wizzyrea the butter and syrup.
16:30 wizzyrea mmm tasty waffle
16:35 chris_n wizzyrea: Belgian?
16:37 hdl_laptop wizzyrea: not that I know of
16:40 wizzyrea man I make killer waffles with apricot beer
16:40 wizzyrea come to kansas some day and I'll make them for you
16:40 wizzyrea well any fruit beer really
16:40 wizzyrea we made some pretty good waffles with (terrible to drink) pumpkin beer
16:42 owen-away left #koha
16:48 francharb joined #koha
16:50 Sharon_ joined #koha
16:59 Sharon left #koha
17:00 jwagner is now known as jwagner_meeting
17:00 Sharon_ left #koha
17:03 juan-xercode joined #koha
17:04 alex_a left #koha
17:10 mason left #koha
17:11 alohabot left #koha
17:13 * chris_n feels sorry for those with no zebra
17:15 miguel-xercode joined #koha
17:16 Kivutar left #koha
17:19 jdavidb chris_n++ # "many sorrows..."
17:25 kf ok, time to leave :)
17:26 kf bye #koha
17:26 kf left #koha
17:27 CGI355 joined #koha
17:28 CGI355 left #koha
17:29 laurence left #koha
17:31 alohabot joined #koha
17:32 jwagner_meeting is now known as jwagner
17:33 alohabot left #koha
17:33 juan-xercode sorry gmcharlt, i loose my internet connection
17:42 alohabot joined #koha
17:54 owen-away joined #koha
17:54 owen-away is now known as owen
17:58 miguelxercode joined #koha
18:11 acj4296 joined #koha
18:12 acj4296 does anyone know if there is a way to batch search a list of ISBN numbers in Koha?
18:13 owen For what purpose acj4296?
18:14 masonj joined #koha
18:15 masonj is now known as mason
18:15 acj4296 i have a list of 450 books that i'd like to see if we have and am looking to avoid searching title by title.
18:15 owen acj4296: Can you query mysql directly?
18:17 acj4296 owen: i could try, but my sql is quite terrible.
18:17 chris_n owen: what attribute controls the color a link turns when hovered over?
18:18 owen a:hover
18:18 chris_n tnx
18:19 owen chris_n: Extra tip: It is recommended to declare link colors in a specific order. a:link {}, a:visited {}, a:hover {}, a:active {}
18:19 chris_n ahh, will do
18:19 owen ...because of precedence issues
18:19 owen (which I've never encountered myself, but I'm dutiful)
18:24 owen Sorry acj4296 I don't know what to suggest
18:24 acj4296 thanks
18:24 Sharon joined #koha
18:30 acj4296 left #koha
18:31 cait joined #koha
18:31 cait hi #koha
18:36 jwagner hi cait
18:36 cait hi jwagner
18:37 cait hm learning math for exam on friday or work on xslt files?
18:38 tekonivel joined #koha
18:38 jwagner cait, I'd say None of the Above :-)
18:41 cait hm
18:41 cait thats my problem
18:53 chris_n cait: learning the math will go quicker ;)
18:53 chris_n and be less frustrating
18:54 cait chris_n: not sure
18:57 cait math can be very frustrating too
18:58 wizzyrea here cait
18:58 wizzyrea[…]pies-winners.html
18:59 wizzyrea this will make you feel math-ier
19:02 cait hm cake... :)
19:02 cait it makes me hungrier :)
19:03 jdavidb Math is delicious![…]&Category_Code=QC
19:06 cait :)
19:06 * chris_n will trade math work for xslt work :)
19:11 cait :)
19:22 jdavidb left #koha
19:26 richard joined #koha
19:26 richard hi
19:27 chris morning
19:27 richard hi chris
19:32 cait hi chris
19:33 chris heya cait, did you see this?
19:35 cait chris: yes, I was really surprised!
19:36 juan-xercode left #koha
19:36 jwagner Me too!  But honored by the company :-)
19:38 cait yes - great company :)
19:39 brendan joined #koha
19:39 chris hopefully we have even more to list next year :)
19:39 chris jwagner: use it for your performance review ;-)
19:41 brendan left #koha
19:41 jwagner chris, THERE'S a thought!  But I just had mine last month, so it would have to wait for a year....
19:43 nicomo left #koha
19:44 chris ahh :)
19:44 owen left #koha
19:46 cait performance review?
19:47 chris_n nice chris
19:47 francharb left #koha
19:47 jwagner cait, yearly review of how well an employee has done the job -- identify problem areas, areas for personal development.  Also used as input for pay raises :-)
19:47 cait ah
19:48 cait thx! :)
19:48 jwagner Gotta run, see you all tomorrow.
19:48 cait bye jwagner
19:49 jwagner left #koha
19:51 rhcl so cait, what area of math are you studying? I've recently developed an interest in statistics
19:53 chris ohh thats not math
19:53 cait distance study computer science - so not really math, its the first course, its about logic, I dont know all the english terms
19:54 chris says the math major ;)
19:54 rhcl ic
19:54 chris you want to get into pure maths, set notation, group theory ... thats the fun stuff
19:54 * chris is biased of course
19:55 rhcl I had elementary stats way back when, and found it mildly interesting, but not enough to per sue after that.
19:55 cait I like graph theory - does that count? started to explain something yesterday with: imagine it is a graph... this course really changes something in your mind
19:55 chris graphy theory is fun too
19:55 rhcl But my last couple of grad classes in stats were really interesting.
19:56 wizzyrea what is it they say... there are lies, damn lies, and statistics?
19:56 rhcl graph theory? Is that like matrix math?
19:56 chris matrix, lists
19:56 chris its the basis of a lot of computer science
19:57 rhcl[…]%28mathematics%29
19:57 chris[…]ics)#Graph_theory
19:57 * chris_n wrote a program in pascal once to solve simultaneous equations using matrices
19:57 larsw joined #koha
19:58 rhcl chris_n: interesting
19:59 rhcl Anybody use R?
19:59 owen-away joined #koha
19:59 owen-away is now known as owen
20:00 cait uh[…]-failure-and-dns/
20:00 miguelxercode left #koha
20:01 cait no wikipedia - cant study math :)
20:01 chris rhcl: naw, we had to use some hideous proprietary thing when i was doing statistics at university
20:03 rhcl The University of Kansas-Lawrence (WizzyRea's hometown) uses it and they have an R Users Group.
20:03 rhcl Would like to attend but just a bit too far to drive.
20:04 rhcl SPSS has an OSS equivalent in PSPP, we had to use SPSS
20:08 * owen asks rhcl to say it not spray it
20:09 wizzyrea lol
20:09 wizzyrea my hubs just sent me
20:09 wizzyrea which I said was inherently in opposition to my beliefes
20:09 wizzyrea beliefs
20:12 rhcl Fly Spray is actually fairly useful.
20:12 rhcl  <- better initial link
20:14 larsw left #koha
20:17 rhcl Can you imagine a Windows 2003 server in command of this?[…]th-toshiba-tie-up
20:20 owen left #koha
20:21 * wizzyrea cowers
20:27 Sharon left #koha
20:42 * chris_n thinks it would work better if it were powered by embedded *nix
21:06 Jo joined #koha
21:15 hdl_laptop bye
21:15 chris cya hdl_laptop
21:15 chris hi Jo
21:15 rhcl bye
21:18 cait good night :)
21:18 cait left #koha
21:18 wizzyrea jo: how's your daughter?
21:23 Jo Hi Liz
21:23 wizzyrea heya
21:23 Jo just had a call from her
21:23 Jo she is pretty upset
21:23 wizzyrea I've been thinking of you and your family all day
21:23 Jo we got the video pulled from youtube within 6 minutes of asking for help on twitter
21:23 wizzyrea what a terrible thing to have happen :(
21:24 wizzyrea but that is amazing (the video thing)
21:24 Jo but she gets to school today and itturns out the police didn't go and get the cellphones off the 3 girls who videoed it
21:24 Jo and the video is now feral in our community
21:24 wizzyrea omg, that is awful
21:25 Jo rb
21:25 Jo brb
21:29 Jo headmaster on phone ... interviewed the girls involved. at least the father of the main instigator is appalled at his daughters behaviour
21:33 wizzyrea :(
21:33 wizzyrea kids can be so mean
21:34 larsw joined #koha
21:35 wizzyrea if that was my kid she'd wouldn't have another cell phone until she could pay for it herself. And maybe not even then.
21:35 wizzyrea (or any other device capable of recording anything)
21:35 * wizzyrea mutters
21:36 Jo I am appalled at how nasty these girls are
21:36 Jo the beating is one thing but the ongoing bullying of the video is just breath taking
21:36 mib_l1cmfg joined #koha
21:36 Jo Chris: just looking at dates for go live.
21:36 wizzyrea ok, I'm going to pick up some seeds and my spud.  jo, tell your daughter that we are thinking of her
21:37 wizzyrea if there's anything internet-y we can do to help out, let us know.
21:37 chris righto Jo
21:37 Jo I'm just so glad she didn't get pummelled - but she is now racked with guilt that she didn't defend her friend
21:37 Jo the wtitter response was awesome last night
21:37 chris Jo: she did the right thing
21:38 Jo yep - I know.
21:38 Jo her brother cried when he saw the video - asked her why she didn't get in the thick of it - she was her friend!
21:39 Jo i explained its a boy thing - testerone - boys are different to girls
21:39 chris yeah, thats a boy reaction, we have to save the day even if it ends up making everything worse
21:39 chris if she got involved it would have spiraled
21:39 Jo and it would have turned the 1:2 fight into an all out brawl
21:39 chris and then the dad wouldnt have been able to break it up
21:39 Jo right
21:39 Jo back to koha
21:40 Jo you wanty to come to #hlt
21:40 chris done
21:41 Jo hiya
21:41 Jo so we are looking at official formal launch on 35th may
21:41 chris psst over at #hlt
21:41 Jo staff training from 10th may
21:41 Jo bum
21:41 Jo (jo is an idiot)
21:45 larsw does Koha have a target operating system (and release)? I was setting up a development environment yesterday, and Koha in git seems to require newer modules than the lenny release of Debian has
21:45 larsw so I wondered if that was intentional
21:46 eythian larsw: I think currently they're versioned at about Debian testing.
21:46 larsw some where even newer than that: the Storable perl module, for example: Koha wants 2.21, Debian (even unstable/sid) has 2.20.
21:49 eythian larsw: dh-make-perl is your friend then :)
21:50 larsw sure, but I do not know if the versioned dependencies are intentional or not
21:53 chris unintentional
21:53 chris for the most part
21:54 chris i think ppl when adding the dependency just add the latest cpan version, if if there is nothing in that they need
21:55 larsw right
21:55 larsw so I should bring this up on a case-by-case basis on the devel list, I guess
21:57 chris yes please
22:05 CGI181 joined #koha
22:05 CGI181 hello
22:06 CGI181 3-day newbie here :)
22:07 CGI181 :(
22:08 CGI181 left #koha
22:08 CGI181 joined #koha
22:09 CGI181 can anyone answer a question?
22:10 CGI181 In the Implementation Checklist, it says NoZebraIndexes = 0
22:10 CGI181
22:10 CGI181 But in the manual, it says that we should leave the default value.
22:10 CGI181
22:10 CGI181 What should I do? Leave it as default or should I write a 0?
22:10 CGI181
22:17 CGI181 anyone here besides me?
22:17 larsw CGI181, I do not know the answer, but I would guess that if you use Zebra, you can set it to 0; if it does not work, you can change it later
22:19 CGI181 thanks, i was thinking: what if i just leave things as they are, i.e. if NoZebra is OFF then what does it matter what the indexes are... Makes sense? (Just bouncing off ideas)
22:35 CGI181 re
22:40 bgkriegel joined #koha
22:59 CGI181 there things on the Implementation Checklist that do not even appear on the system anymore or have been moved
23:01 davi left #koha
23:02 braedon|home left #koha
23:08 CGI181 anyone?
23:08 CGI181 anyone with at least some experience?
23:09 CGI181 left #koha
23:09 CGI181 joined #koha
23:10 CGI181 sos
23:12 sekjal left #koha
23:15 bgkriegel perhaps are all sleeping
23:15 CGI181 yes!
23:16 CGI181 lol
23:20 Nate left #koha
23:21 CGI149 joined #koha
23:21 CGI149 left #koha
23:22 juan-xercode1 joined #koha
23:25 CGI181 someone should write a koha for dummies
23:26 russ brooke did an excellent koha for newbies for v2
23:26 CGI181 really, where is it, i'll google it
23:28 CGI181 is it the one by B W Johnson?
23:29 russ ype that is it
23:29 CGI181 oh ok
23:29 CGI181 i had it already
23:29 CGI181 i will review it again
23:29 russ it will be way out of date
23:30 CGI181 yes
23:30 CGI181 right now i wanna know one basic thing
23:30 CGI181 my library is brand new there are no records to migrate
23:30 CGI181 meaning i have to start adding records from scratch
23:31 CGI181 through copy cataloging i guess
23:32 CGI181 so in Koha i should just go to cataloging>new record?
23:38 bgkriegel left #koha
23:39 CGI181 ...
23:41 CGI181 left #koha
23:50 juan-xercode1 left #koha
23:53 juan-xercode1 joined #koha
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