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06:07 wajasu if you run from git, do you just 'git pull' or 'git fetchj
06:07 wajasu get fetch to get the latest
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07:13 Ropuch Morning #koha
07:18 chris hi Ropuch
07:24 Ropuch Hi chris
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07:24 CGI853 hi
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07:29 ppak anybody can help me to solve this problem..
07:29 ppak MARC acquisition system Import into the reservoir  Import results :      * 0 imported records     * 0 not imported because already in catalog     * 0 not imported because already in the reservoir     * 2 not imported because they seem not to be in MARC format (or ISBN/ISSN missing) !     * 2 records parsed     * Back
07:36 Amit_G hi Ropuch, chris
07:37 Ropuch Hi Amit_G
07:38 Ropuch ppak: where did you get the records you're trying to import?
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07:42 paul_p hello world
07:42 ppak i get from other lib opac..
07:46 Ropuch Hi paul_p
07:48 Ropuch ppak: Can you paste the file you're trying to import to
07:48 Ropuch There's only 2 records in it, right?
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07:52 ppak i'm not try for this one..
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08:11 ppak i've done it..tq 4 ur help
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09:02 kf hi #koha
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09:11 miguel-xercode hi all
09:16 miguel-xercode I wonder if there is the option to select or change styles koha to provide, for example, about koha default styles for the catalog and other for kids catalog ?
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09:58 Willem Hi, does anyone know why the following doesn't update the patron info:  ModMember( borrowernumber => '503', address => 'My New Address' ); it is run by perl without errors and even returns as true, but afterwards, the patron info is still the same. I'm using ModItem successfully to update item info.
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10:12 hdl_laptop Willem: which version ?
10:14 Willem our koha version is is that what you're asking?
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11:40 jdavidb howdy, #koha.
11:41 kf hi jdavidb
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12:21 chris_n greetings #koha
12:22 jwagner G'morning chris_n
12:27 chris_n doesn't 'git checkout -b committish' create a topic branch at the commit referenced by committish?
12:32 jdavidb no, it would create a branch named commitish, at the current HEAD.  what you're probably looking for is 'git checkout -b branchname commitish', I think.
12:34 chris_n jdavidb: bingo :)
12:35 jdavidb :)
12:59 jwagner Any XSLT experts on this morning?
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13:00 jwagner I'm working on Bug 4276, trying to strip out the parens.
13:00 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4276 critical, P5, ---,, NEW, "Related subjects" search is OPAC doesn't work with chained subject terms
13:01 jwagner In the chopPunctuation section of MARC21slimUtils.xsl, it has <xsl:when test="contains('.:,;/ ', substring($chopString,$length,1))">
13:02 jwagner I was trying to add the parens into that, but it either ignores them completely or thinks they're trying to close the call.  I tried escaping them with backslashes \(\) but it ignored that.  How to make this section include parens as punctuation to be stripped out?
13:07 * chris_n admits that he gave up on the xslt stuff awhile back
13:08 chris_n the civicrm web installer checks directory permissions and flags those incorrect... that would be nice to implement in the koha web installer
13:08 chris_n it might head off a whole herd of zebra problems
13:09 * jwagner has visions of herds of zebras running amok
13:10 braedon|home what is with all the zebra jokes today?
13:10 chris_n yes, they are easily spooked :)
13:10 braedon|home both on here, and in the mailing list
13:10 braedon|home has no one previously realised "Zebra" is the name of an animal?
13:10 * braedon|home finds it rather perplexing
13:11 owen Each of those people has finally reached the stage where Zebra has driven them insane.
13:11 * jwagner thinks we'll find humor whever we can....
13:11 chris_n they are long standing actually and tend to flare up when the herd stampedes
13:12 chris_n however, when all is quiet on the western front so to speak, the joke tend to ebb
13:12 jwagner Now, see, if we replaced zebra with SOLR, we could make jokes about solar eclipses etc.
13:12 chris_n perhaps with such a change we'd finally see the light of day?
13:12 owen And Ed Begley Jr.
13:12 collum jwagner: there is a chopBracketsls
13:12 collum oops
13:13 collum chopBrackets function in MARC21slimOPACResults.xsl
13:13 collum I wonder if you can copy that and change it to chopParens
13:15 jwagner collum, I was trying a separate chopParens function initially but had no luck.  I'll take another look.  The chopBrackets looks like the same syntax, and the brackets aren't escaped -- <xsl:if test="substring($string, 1,1)='['">
13:16 collum The escaping looks correct, but I wonder if chopString just removes the last character of a string.
13:16 * collum doesn't like xslt
13:18 * jwagner doesn't like it either.
13:18 kf hey
13:18 kf I m starting work on xslt right now - dont make me give up :)
13:20 jwagner No, no, escape while you still can!!!
13:21 * jwagner thinks it would help if I knew what I was doing, rather than fumbling with an unfamiliar language and syntax.
13:31 hdl_laptop jwagner: there are very good xslt tutorials online
13:34 jwagner hdl_laptop, I've been working through some of them.  Not too much help, so far.
13:38 * chris_n takes another guess at erik's problem
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13:51 jwagner collum, I'm not having any luck with the parens problem, and I have to break off to work on other stuff.  I can try to come back to it later, but I don't know when, sigh.
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13:53 kf jwagner: need to implement links with $w between titles - need to understand marc first, xslt after that... :(
13:54 jwagner kf, then you're REALLY done for :-)
13:54 collum np. I'm not able to look at it again till next week.
13:54 kf yep :)
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14:45 wizzyrea_home nengard: images again, but much much better
14:45 wizzyrea_home I think this may work now
14:45 wizzyrea_home (yes, it's still broken atm)
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14:48 CGI474 Hi I want to transfer data from one server to another server. I don't know how to transfer that data. Can anyone please help me with that.. Both the machine have same versions,
14:48 hdl_laptop mysqldump
14:48 hdl_laptop on the first server
14:48 hdl_laptop mysqldump >file.sql
14:49 CGI474 ohk let me try
14:49 CGI474 thanks a lot
14:49 hdl_laptop mysql database -u user -ppaswd <file.sql
14:49 hdl_laptop Be CAREFULL
14:49 CGI474 I am not working on live data so I think I can take chance even if it not works good
14:50 CGI474 If I am successful then I will get my hand on live data
14:56 wizzyrea_home @later tell nengard squee!
14:56 munin` wizzyrea_home: The operation succeeded.
14:57 wizzyrea_home @later tell nicomo thanks for fixing the characters in the appendix. HTML generation of the manual seems to work great now. :)
14:57 munin` wizzyrea_home: The operation succeeded.
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15:02 wizzyrea oh snap
15:02 wizzyrea[…]racy?from=twitter
15:03 wizzyrea I think the first comment sums it up
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15:17 sekjal wizzyrea: agreed
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15:26 wajasu something peculiar.  i am running out of git (origin), and i load my 16000 records.  I search and some show up duplicated in the results.
15:27 wizzyrea[…]on/faq/searching/
15:28 wizzyrea see 1
15:28 chris_n wizzyrea++ #for such excellent work
15:29 wizzyrea chris did it
15:29 wizzyrea >.> I just set up the infrastructure
15:29 chris_n chris++ #ditto
15:29 chris_n seems we are on our way to taming the zebra
15:29 wajasu I'll try that out.  Yeah community!
15:30 sekjal wizzyrea++ . Thanks for all your efforts on the Koha site
15:33 wizzyrea :) thanks, it's fun and for a good cause.
15:34 sekjal had there been plans discussed for redoing using the new site?  It seems like the kind of content that WP would manage well
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15:36 wizzyrea yes, in fact it does seem like it would work there
15:36 wizzyrea I'm waiting on DNS for subdomains
15:36 wizzyrea Si is on holiday
15:36 sekjal okay, cool.
15:36 wizzyrea but I do think contribs would work there
15:36 wizzyrea and things like the report library
15:36 wizzyrea er, or not
15:36 wizzyrea that's probably better on the wiki
15:37 * wizzyrea changes her mind quickly a lot
15:37 * jwagner thinks that's better than never changing it at all :-)
15:37 sekjal I'm late in posting my III migration code I promised at C4L.  perhaps I just should post to the existing contribs and redo it if/when we switch
15:38 wizzyrea well re-do = copy/paste
15:38 wizzyrea ;)
15:38 wizzyrea or download/upload, as the case may be
15:38 wizzyrea I'd go ahead and post it
15:39 sekjal yeah, I should.
15:39 sekjal but that means I have to give the XSLT a good twice-over, to give the best possible example to build from
15:39 sekjal yuck
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16:00 wajasu wizzyrea++
16:01 wajasu chris_n++
16:01 wajasu my zebra is blushing
16:01 wizzyrea hehe
16:01 wajasu it worked.
16:04 wajasu when I import with 952$8REF (i.e. ccode=REF), i look in items.ccode and only see null's, FIC and NFIC, but no REF.
16:05 wajasu i tried advanced search with limit = Reference and no results.
16:05 wajasu do I need to set a marc to koha mapping, or make a new framework?
16:06 wizzyrea try the 1st marc/koha mapping
16:06 wajasu to get 952$8 indexed, or to get items.ccode filled in?
16:06 wajasu ok
16:07 * wizzyrea is not an indexing guru, I just know where to look
16:09 wajasu i looked at the koha to marc mapping and 965$8 looks like its mapped in this default framework.
16:10 wajasu the question is, should i be getting REF in my items.ccode when 952$8 is REF?
16:11 wajasu or is this a field used for nozebra mode?
16:11 wajasu and I need to look to zebra indexing (i.e. export...952$8)
16:12 kf $8 is an authorized calue
16:12 kf value
16:12 kf i REF defined in auth value LOC?
16:13 wajasu i thought it was CCODE?
16:13 kf in the database ist items.ccode
16:13 wajasu its confusing because I have REF in CCODE, LOC, and itemtypes.
16:13 kf there the code is saved and a description for the code is in auth value
16:13 kf LOC
16:13 kf ah sorry
16:13 kf its CCODE
16:13 kf LOC ist for $c
16:15 * kf got a bit confused while reading marc records
16:17 wajasu i put REF in $c as well when I built my import records.
16:22 kf hm I think you shoudl find out why it did not get imported as ccode - is it still present in marcxml?
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16:23 kf koha is case sensitive there - REF and ref might cause problems
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16:26 wajasu you mean the marcxml that gets exported?
16:27 kf hm not sure - I would look in biblio/biblioitem?.marcxml first
16:27 kf you said RED is not in items.ccode
16:27 kf REF
16:27 kf perhaps someone else can help you better
16:28 kf its time for me to go home now
16:29 kf im sorry
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16:33 wajasu no problem. you gave me a lead.
16:33 wajasu thx
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16:46 wajasu i found a bug in my program that massages my import marc records. koha is fine.
16:47 wizzyrea whew what a relief ;)
16:47 wizzyrea man, don't you just love it when you have a problem, and it turns out to be the people, and not the system.
16:47 wizzyrea </sarcasm>
16:48 wizzyrea erm, unrelated to your issue, wajasu
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17:15 chris_n another LLEK limitation
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17:21 owen Did we improve on LLEK by doubling the hard-coded limit? ;)
17:21 miguel-xercode hi all
17:21 miguel-xercode one question
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17:24 miguel-xercode its possible use in koha to use a domain by adding /koha1 /koha2
17:25 * owen imagines a script that would automatically file a bug for every FIXME in Koha's code
17:26 chris_n owen: nice
17:26 gmcharlt owen: only if that script can translate to FIXME notes into something that makes sense ;)
17:26 chris_n miguel-xercode: do you mean run multiple koha installs on a single box?
17:31 chris_n hmm... "grep -rhc FIXME * | perl -lpe '${_{_}}+=+${_}}{${_}+=+${_{_}}'" from the root of my repo reports 643 FIXME's
17:32 * chris_n declines to answer questions about that bit of obfuscation as it was stolen from
17:33 * owen has never understood the use of least not ones without accompanying bug reports
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17:35 miguel-xercode not the case, though, too. I refer that in very generic domain like a great institution, to use a proxy through using these types of url.
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17:50 chris_n miguel-xercode: I would think that would be a function of whatever reverse proxy one was running
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18:36 chris morning
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18:39 chris_n hi chris
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19:34 richard hi
19:35 chris_n howdy richard
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19:42 wajasu the legacy database i am migrating had some records that are marked as RESERVE.  I translated those to notforloan in 952$7.
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19:42 wajasu i don't have a ccode for Reserved.
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19:43 wajasu i see a table called reserves.   should i be somehow getting my imports in there?
19:44 wajasu are reserves holds?
19:44 wajasu (i.e. the same?)
19:45 chris yes
19:46 wajasu so when a person puts a hold on a book, it mean to hold it for them until they come to pick it up. (though the table is called reserves).
19:47 wajasu And my librarian must use the term Reserved, to mean not for loan.
19:48 chris yes
19:48 chris in nz ppl call them reserves
19:48 chris hence the table being called reserves
19:48 wajasu ahh
19:50 wajasu it seems that if i somehow configure another libraries z3950 server, when i search, can i get their books in the results also?
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19:54 chris no
19:54 chris but you can search them when you are cataloguing
19:55 chris if you want to search more than one Z39.50 server in something like the opac, you would have to do some work setting up pazpar2 and getting koha to search that (which in turn searches any number of targets)
19:56 chris the existing Z39.50 search function is just for searching when you are cataloguing items so you can import a catalogue record rather than typing it all in yourself
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19:59 wajasu i see the "All libraries" option in the advanced search for staff client.  lib of congress is enabled in the x3950 servers.  how do i get it to query other servers?
20:00 wajasu Advanced search --> Location and Availability section
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21:32 CGI018 hello?
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21:33 CGI018 hello?
21:33 CGI018 anyone?
21:33 CGI018 newbie here :-)
21:39 larsw hi there
21:39 larsw I am a newbie myself
21:40 CGI018 geez :)
21:40 CGI018 where be the experts
21:41 CGI018 how new are you, larsw?
21:41 wizzyrea <  not an expert, but not really a nub
21:41 * wizzyrea can try to help
21:41 wizzyrea what's up
21:41 CGI018 awesome
21:41 CGI018 thanks, wizzyrea
21:41 CGI018 i have a question right now
21:41 wizzyrea shoot
21:43 * wizzyrea should mention that she has to go in 20 minutes
21:43 CGI018 i'm going over the Implementation Checklist and under OPAC Config, it says one should turn off OpacPasswordChange if using LADP authentication
21:43 CGI018 idk what that really means
21:44 wizzyrea are you using LDAP for patron authentication?
21:44 CGI018 idk
21:44 CGI018 that's the thing
21:44 CGI018 who can i ask
21:44 wizzyrea example: do you have a server somewhere that controls all of your authentication services across your network?
21:44 wizzyrea the IT people, likely
21:44 wizzyrea I'm guessing (only a guess) that you can ignore this statement
21:44 CGI018 ok, i'll have to do that
21:45 wizzyrea are you having a specific problem?
21:45 wizzyrea related to logging into the OPAC?
21:45 wizzyrea or just going through the checklist
21:45 wizzyrea (and where did you find this checklist, if I may ask)
21:45 CGI018 going through checlist and making decisions as i go along
21:45 wizzyrea ah
21:46 CGI018 it's part of the koha documentation
21:46 CGI018[…]ntation-checklist
21:48 wizzyrea i would not worry about LDAP until you know whether or not you are actually using it
21:48 CGI018 thanks, i've made a note to ask the IT people just in case
21:48 wizzyrea how big is your library?
21:48 CGI018 tiny
21:48 wizzyrea then no, you probably aren't running it
21:48 CGI018 tiny academic
21:49 wizzyrea but, academics... mayb eyou are
21:49 wizzyrea hard to say
21:49 CGI018 did you configure your koha ils yourself?
21:49 wizzyrea I have done it, yes
21:49 wizzyrea but not with LDAP
21:50 wizzyrea and so you know, the real official koha site is at
21:50 wizzyrea it's the one that's actually up to date
21:50 moodaepo wizzyrea: someone should add that link to irc welcome banner!
21:51 wizzyrea someone would have to have operator to do that :(
21:51 * moodaepo wonders if wizzyrea has that access : )
21:51 wizzyrea I do not :(
21:51 moodaepo ah so you don't : (
21:51 moodaepo man I need to learn to type looking at the screen!
21:52 wizzyrea but you probably want to tell any 'CGIXXX' users that they are looking at the wrong site
21:52 moodaepo Do you know who does? gmcharlt?
21:53 CGI018 oh boy thanks for that info
21:53 CGI018 i'll bookmark it now
21:54 wizzyrea there aren't any ops online right now
21:54 wizzyrea afaik the only ones who have it work at katipo
21:54 wizzyrea k-c has a nicer IRC interface, as well
21:54 wizzyrea that lets you choose your nick
21:54 wizzyrea ;)
21:56 CGI018 thanks for your help, wizzyrea
21:56 wizzyrea one caveat about k-c:  not all of the content has been moved, it's still in process, or being reworked, or... but is the site that is and will be maintained
21:56 wizzyrea sure thing. Pop back again sometime and let us know how it works out :)
21:56 larsw chris tells me no one is an op, and the way to get someone to become an op is for everyone to leave and then someone to re-create the channel
21:56 CGI018 certainly
21:56 CGI018 till next time
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21:57 wizzyrea bogus. lol
21:57 moodaepo larsw: really! no way
21:57 wizzyrea :)
21:57 wizzyrea that is certainly one way to do it
21:57 larsw I don't know how things work here, I do know that's how it works (or worked years ago) on the original ircnet
21:57 chris its the way irc works, you cant op someone if you aren't an op, and the last op disconnected
21:57 chris before opping anyone else
21:57 moodaepo ok who is lying to the nooob?
21:57 larsw some irc networks have chanserv, which takes care of keeping channels and op status alive
21:57 wizzyrea on freenode if you are the owner of the channel you can op yourself
21:58 wizzyrea what he said
21:58 wizzyrea but not this one, apparently
21:58 chris yeah cos there is a bot running to do that
21:58 wizzyrea we need to op a bot
21:58 chris well to do that we need ops ;)
21:58 wizzyrea ^.^
21:58 larsw freenode has a chanserv, this network does not seem to have one
21:59 wizzyrea and we can't kick anybody... because we don't have ops!
21:59 moodaepo Is there a official Koha pastebin type site? Or one that is usually used?
21:59 larsw this is all very democratic now
21:59 wizzyrea ah, there is that ppls use
21:59 wizzyrea i think that's the URL anyway
21:59 * wizzyrea is feeling kind of dumb today
22:00 chris yep theres that
22:00 chris or you can use
22:00 larsw shouldn't matter which pastebin one users, though?
22:00 chris nope
22:00 wizzyrea nah
22:00 wizzyrea one minute!
22:00 chris has a bot associated
22:01 * larsw sees alohabot
22:01 wizzyrea ok... off to get my kiddo. ttyl :)
22:01 pastebot "chris" at pasted "see" (1 line) at
22:01 wizzyrea is now known as wizzyrea_home
22:02 moodaepo I'm a fan of this type of header > "Official Koha Channel | | 3.0.5 & 3.2 Alpha | | Large Pastes @"
22:03 moodaepo @weather 56001
22:03 munin` moodaepo: The current temperature in South on Monks, Mankato, Minnesota is 14.3�C (5:02 PM CDT on March 23, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 29%. Dew Point: -3.0�C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013.1 hPa (Rising).
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22:22 chris moodaepo: yep, cant do a thing about it currently
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23:16 chris_n @wunder 28334
23:16 munin` chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 17.6�C (7:14 PM EDT on March 23, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 13%. Dew Point: -11.0�C. Pressure: 29.47 in 997.9 hPa (Rising).
23:16 * chris_n wonders why he is inside on such a beautiful evening
23:16 chris_n off to fix that problem ;-)
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