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00:31 jovax hi all
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00:42 jovax hi all
00:43 jovax im installing koha in debian
00:44 jovax but i have existing hunter system librarian edge's
00:44 jovax did somebody know to import the data of librarian edge's in to koha
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01:37 jovax hi chris
01:37 chris hi jovax
01:38 jovax i am installing koha using debian
01:39 jovax i have existing hunter system the librarian edge's
01:40 jovax how to import the data of hunter system into koha
01:40 jovax did you have idea
01:40 chris this is the first ive heard of the hunter system, so I don't know
01:40 chris does it store its bibliographical data as MARC?
01:41 jovax ah ok
01:42 jovax somebody here can help my problem
01:42 chris probably best to ask on the mailing list
01:43 richard if it's this one, it says it is MARC compatible -[…]arians_edge2.html
01:46 chris so it would just be figuring out how to get the borrower data out
01:46 chris assuming it has a nice marc export
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03:37 Amit_G morning all
03:44 brendan hi amit
03:45 brendan hi Amit_G
03:45 Amit_G hi brendan
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06:16 Amit_G heya nicomo
06:16 nicomo hi Amit_G
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07:15 Ropuch Morning #koha
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08:58 alohabot[…]d=10062565&page=1
08:59 chris hmm seems a dangerous road to go down when you depend on public goodwill to exist
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09:34 kf hi #koha
09:36 Ropuch Hi kf
09:36 magnus hi kf
09:36 chris hi kf
09:37 kf hi Ropuch, magnus and chris
09:37 kf :)
09:37 kf @wunder Konstanz
09:37 munin kf: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Germany is 9.9�C (10:28 AM CET on March 22, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 78%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Windchill: 10.0�C. Pressure: 30.20 in 1022.6 hPa (Steady).
09:38 magnus @wunder bodo, norway
09:38 munin magnus: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is 0.0�C (10:20 AM CET on March 22, 2010). Conditions: Light Snow Showers. Humidity: 75%. Dew Point: -4.0�C. Windchill: -8.0�C. Pressure: 29.68 in 1005 hPa (Steady).
09:38 magnus light showers? my window is plastered with snow...
09:41 chris[…]ght=560&width=640
09:42 chris wellington today
09:43 chris you can see ppl go flying in the wind :)
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10:02 kf finally spring weather here :)
10:06 chris_n @wunder 28334
10:06 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 19.0�C (6:02 AM EDT on March 22, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 83%. Dew Point: 16.0�C. Pressure: 29.76 in 1008 hPa (Rising).
10:10 chris you're up early chris_n
10:24 paul_p chris : and the grand slam is for us :D
10:24 paul_p chris: did you saw the match ?
10:24 paul_p was much different than the previous french ones !
10:26 chris yes, very low scoring
10:29 chris_n chris: yup, the rain woke me up a little after 5 local time
10:29 chris_n and it was not "light" contrary to the report above :)
10:30 chris heh
10:30 chris @wunder wellington, nz
10:30 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 17.0�C (11:00 PM NZDT on March 22, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 13.0�C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010 hPa (Steady).
10:30 chris i wish it did wind speed too
10:31 chris_n that would be nice
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11:17 magnus anyone had a look at in relation to koha yet?
11:19 chris im sure gmcharlt will have
11:20 chris bedtime for me
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11:59 gmcharlt magnus: a Koha connector for FulfILLment will be one of the first that comes out, needless to say
12:00 magnus gmcharlt: nice!
12:00 magnus i forgot how close the ties have become for a moment
12:00 magnus the timeframe for the development is 2 years?
12:01 gmcharlt if there's anything of immediate interest in fulfillment to you, drop Mike Rylander a line
12:01 gmcharlt yep, two years - we're working on infrastructure code node
12:01 gmcharlt *now
12:03 magnus i was just at the norwegian library conference promoting koha, and quite a number of people who showed an interest in it were asking about ill, so being able to tell them that something is happening is nice
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12:07 kf lunch :)
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14:21 collum jwagner: I did some work on bug 4276 Friday night, but feel free to change anything you see fit.
14:21 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4276 critical, P5, ---,, NEW, "Related subjects" search is OPAC doesn't work with chained subject terms
14:22 collum I was so happy to find a 'near' solution that I submitted a patch.
14:23 jwagner collum, I saw that, thanks!  Our [expletive deleted] network has been down all morning, but we'll load it & try it as soon as we can.
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14:53 * jdavidb waves to nengard.
14:53 nengard hi jdavidb
14:54 jdavidb :)
14:58 * chris_n reaches out the window and waves on I95N toward jdavidb
14:58 nengard hehe
14:58 chris_n and nengard also
14:58 nengard where on 95 are you? and why are you chatting and driving?? :)
14:58 gmcharlt chris_n: keep your eyes on the road!  harrumph! ;)
14:58 chris_n sorry, I95N is about 100 yds from my office window :)
14:59 chris_n no driving and texting here
14:59 chris_n nengard: also about 1/4 mile from exit 77
14:59 * jdavidb waves back at chris_n
15:00 chris_n can't seem to get away from 95 between being born in FL and living in VA, MD, and NC... :-P
15:00 * magnus has heard that you shouldn't drive and send text messages at the same time, but never heard anything about irc...
15:00 jwagner Now, magnus....
15:01 magnus um, yes, jwagner? ;-)
15:01 jwagner Harrumph!
15:03 nengard chris_n don't the exits restart in each state? Anyway - I'm at exit 40 off of 95 in PA :) if you want lunch :) hehe
15:04 chris_n can I do that trip during my lunch hour?
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15:12 paul_p gmcharlt++
15:13 paul_p (for git access to MARC::Record)
15:15 gmcharlt hi paul_p
15:15 gmcharlt speaking of MARC::Record - have you guys run across any need to use marcxchange instead of marc21slim?
15:23 paul_p hdl, any answer to galen's question ?
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15:33 wizzyrea wow, that looks like the koha K
15:34 gmcharlt wizzyrea: somewhat, yes
15:34 gmcharlt not close enough to make any of us rich, I suspect ;)
15:35 wizzyrea lol, damn shame that
15:35 wizzyrea I have to get rich so I can work on koha all the time (because you're probably not going to get rich working on koha all the time)
15:38 * jdavidb is able to feed himself and the Evil Minion on working on Koha full-time, but "rich?"  naah.
15:39 chris_n for your better understanding of how government works:
16:02 nengard hey all - when is our next koha meeting?[…]rc_meetings:start
16:02 nengard or should i say meetings?
16:06 magnus General IRC Meeting - 10:00 UTC+0 on 7 April 2010[…]10-03-03#i_405064
16:07 magnus Community Handover - 6 April 2010 at 19:00 UTC+0[…]10-03-02#i_403640
16:07 magnus as far as i can tell, nengard
16:08 nengard thanks magnus, I'll update the schedule page
16:08 magnus nice
16:15 nengard k - wiki updated - don't know if the agendas are right -but at least they're on the agenda
16:18 wizzyrea oh oh
16:18 wizzyrea posts on
16:18 wizzyrea event posts
16:19 wizzyrea nengard you want to be in charge of that?
16:19 wizzyrea we could put the agendas there in addition/instead of the wiki
16:19 wizzyrea make a new category for "meetings"
16:19 nengard I can do that
16:19 wizzyrea doesn't matter to me
16:19 nengard me either ;) hehe
16:19 wizzyrea i know you have lots to do
16:19 nengard I can do it for these 2 and if someone else gets to it before the next meetings that works for me too :)
16:20 wizzyrea I'm wondering if the site isn't a better place than the wiki
16:20 wizzyrea for that kind of stuff
16:20 wizzyrea it is at least better categorized
16:20 rhcl Is there not a link on koha-community to the chat meeting info?
16:20 rhcl canx previous
16:21 wizzyrea I think there is, but I am a proponent of keeping events and whatnot in the blog instead of on the wiki
16:21 wizzyrea wiki=static-like documentation, meetings are transient
16:21 rhcl events are transient
16:22 wizzyrea yes, that's my point
16:22 wizzyrea (I think we're talking about the same thing)
16:22 rhcl $sudo set ignore me
16:23 wizzyrea :( never
16:23 wizzyrea ;)
16:23 gmcharlt wizzyrea: though keep in mind that the *outcomes* of the meeting aren't transient
16:23 wizzyrea right, meeting outcomes I think are rightfully on the wiki
16:24 wizzyrea it may have to be duplicated in both places
16:24 gmcharlt I don't care mch either way, but one reason why the meeting agendas are on the wiki is to allow anybody to add agenda items
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16:24 wizzyrea though I don't think you want to announce the meetings on the wiki > good point, gmcharlt... add agenda items in the comments maybe?
16:25 gmcharlt yep, though doing that does mean that ideally somebody would take responsibility for updating the main post with the current agenda
16:25 gmcharlt prior to the meeting
16:26 nengard i added links to the agendas to the website
16:26 wizzyrea yea, idk. I need to think about it. Definitely though the meetings need to be added to the blog. Does each meeting have a page on the wiki?
16:26 nengard yes
16:26 nengard[…]eral-irc-meeting/
16:26 nengard[…]over-irc-meeting/
16:27 wizzyrea yea, that's fine by me. One thing I would probably add to every post that mentions IRC, is add the mibbit widget link
16:27 wizzyrea I'll do it to show what I mean
16:28 gmcharlt if we're going to do that, can we include the year in the URLs?
16:28 gmcharlt otherwise, that'll make for icky permalinks next year
16:28 wizzyrea true
16:30 wizzyrea I changed the slug only on both of those
16:30 nengard makes sense
16:31 wizzyrea[…]eral-irc-meeting/
16:33 wizzyrea note the one small addition of "in the Koha IRC channel" that links to the mibbit widget that gets you right in (just enter your nick)
16:34 * wizzyrea wants to make it very accessible for librarians to participate
16:34 gmcharlt wizzyrea: maybe stick that in the posting template so that posters remember to do it?
16:35 wizzyrea ? I'm not sure what you mean
16:35 wizzyrea sorry, monday, I'm a bit thick
16:36 nengard remember that WP will handle the slugs gracefully - it won't let you end up with dups
16:36 nengard just as an FYI
16:36 wizzyrea yep, it will, but they will be ugly if you have two April-monthly-community-handover-irc-meeting-2
16:37 wizzyrea er, if you have, strike the two
16:37 wizzyrea kind of leaves you going "uh, which one was that"
16:38 gmcharlt wizzyrea: I meant adding something to the WP post editing form that reminds people to wrap mentions of the Koha IRC channel with that (rather hard-to-remember) mibbit URL
16:38 wizzyrea OH I see.
16:38 wizzyrea yea
16:42 wizzyrea I'm wondering if we could create some shortcodes using this plugin
16:42 wizzyrea
16:43 wizzyrea type in :kohamibbit: and it inserts the html for the link
16:43 wizzyrea or something
16:44 wizzyrea heh[…]mezonecalculator/
16:45 nengard awesome
16:45 nengard there is a plugin for everything WP related!! :) I love it
16:45 wizzyrea except docbook ;)
16:45 wizzyrea ^.^
16:46 wizzyrea though there may be soon
16:46 nengard yeah i guess
16:46 wizzyrea it's just redonk that it doesn't work
16:46 nengard but what we had wasn't so bad -
16:47 gmcharlt wizzyrea: +1 text-replace
16:47 wizzyrea no, wasn't so bad, but the generation method was skipping a bunch of stuff at the end b/c of bad characters
16:48 wizzyrea and there doens't seem to be a way to make it ignore the errors
16:48 Ropuch Hello wizzyrea, nengard, gmcharlt
16:48 wizzyrea heya
16:48 gmcharlt hi Ropuch
16:50 kf bye #koha - time to enjoy spring weather :)
16:50 kf left #koha
16:50 * jwagner got takeout Chinese for lunch (BAD jdavidb!), and the fortune says "Idleness is the holiday of fools"
16:51 jwagner I could use a foolish holiday....
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16:53 * jdavidb perks up at his name.  Waving his hand in a vague gesture, he mumbles, "This was the chinese food you really wanted, Jane."
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16:59 nengard wizzyrea - can i use diff characters to make it easier?
16:59 nengard i mean the doc itself validates - but i can try another way to make it work in WP
17:00 wizzyrea i'm not sure, we may end up just doing it a different way
17:00 wizzyrea which I'm ok with
17:00 wizzyrea I think
17:00 wizzyrea I have a couple of ideas
17:00 nengard k
17:00 * wizzyrea is learining a lot about Jade/OpenJade
17:00 nengard keep me posted and i'll do whatever to help out
17:00 wizzyrea kk
17:01 schuster question about FullFillment - is that going to use the open NSIP or some other generic standard?  The website if very non informative as it is in a formative stage I guess.
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17:08 magnus schuster: i was wondering about that too, it actually says "seamless access to materials owned by libraries using FullfILLment", which sounds like it's not going to interoperate with any other systems...
17:09 magnus but i guess it's early days yet, they are obviously adhering to "release early, release often"
17:09 magnus ;-)
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18:16 jwagner collum, online?
18:17 collum present
18:17 jwagner Finally getting a chance to test your subject search -- works nicely for the most part, but I think I've found one problem.
18:18 collum What's that?
18:18 jwagner If a subject string has a paren in it, like Science Study and teaching (Higher) United States, it doesn't find any results.
18:18 jwagner The same string without the paren works -- Science Study and teaching Higher United States
18:18 * collum does a harrumph!
18:18 jwagner Shouldn't be hard to write in a line to strip those out.  I don't know if there are any other special chars we would need to worry about.
18:19 * jwagner says "my work here is done -- the whole world is now harrumphing!"
18:19 jwagner Any cataloger types online who know what other chars might show up in subject headings?
18:20 chris_n harrumph #for good measure
18:20 collum And for you catalogers, what subfields should be searched in the 700, 710, and 711 tags?
18:21 * jwagner welcomes chris_n to the Ancient & Honorable Society
18:23 jwagner It looks like it's also searching on the 710 field? Is that correct?
18:24 jwagner Those shouldn't be in a subject search, I don't think.
18:24 collum Yep.  I added subield b to 710.
18:24 collum Corporate title.
18:24 collum So you search for United States. Department of Health.
18:24 collum Instead of United States.
18:25 jwagner Interesting -- the search I just did (via subject entry) found a 710a entry.
18:26 collum Should be a combination of a and b.
18:26 jwagner None of the 710 subfields are indexed in Subject on this system, I think.
18:26 collum Sorry jwagner. It doesn't search in subject.
18:27 collum Probably general keyword.
18:27 * collum once again does not have acces to koha at the moment.
18:27 jwagner Hmmm.  Maybe it's using it as a backup?  I did the dc=su&q=American Association of University Professors Periodicals flavor.
18:27 jwagner At any rate, it's MUCH better than before....
18:28 jwagner (idc etc., that is)
18:28 collum Yep.  Still not perfect.
18:28 collum A phrase search would be better.
18:30 jwagner collum++ for getting us this far!
18:30 * collum has a revelation. 710 is an author search.
18:30 * collum smacks himself in the head.
18:31 jwagner That's what I was wondering, why the 710 was in there.
18:31 collum killing two birds with one patch.
18:34 gmcharlt sufficient to kill bugs - leave the poor birds alone ;)
18:35 * jwagner hears plaintive cheeping dying off in the distance
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18:39 wizzyrea well, I've made it automagic that when you type IRC in a post on it adds the mibbit link
18:39 wizzyrea I could also do things like link the word wiki to the koha wiki
18:42 * wizzyrea likes automagic
18:44 rhcl wizzyrea should be a coder
18:46 collum sorry had to run off
18:46 collum jwagner: all of the authority links are going to have the same problem.
18:46 collum That's why the 710 was included.
18:47 collum But I don't know what subfields to include, without the links being annoying.
18:47 collum Now I must go pick up the kid, an apologize to the birds.
18:48 chris morning
18:48 collum s/an/and/
18:48 wizzyrea good morning chris
18:48 * chris_n wonders if having spiders in one's code would help deal with other code bugs?
18:48 chris_n howdy chris
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18:59 chris ok bus time
18:59 owen is now known as owen-away
18:59 wajasu my koha test box is working well. legacy library db parsed copy catalogued, and marc records built, staged and imported fine. hurray!
18:59 gmcharlt wajasu++
19:01 wajasu i wrote a script to help install all the perl dependencies on archlinux and have been running it in a schroot for both x86 and x86_64.
19:03 wajasu should I write a INSTALL.archlinux?  Or if this linux distribution too risky for folks to run koha on (i.e. when they do a pacman update, they might break their installation, since its a rolling release distribution.
19:03 wajasu s/if/is/
19:08 wajasu the library I am setting this up for wants a course specific reserve module.  is there one on the roadmap? should I write it and contribute it? (like http://man.waldo.kohalibrary.c[…]
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19:15 gmcharlt wajasu: an INSTALLL.archlinux is a good idea - I'm not familiar with the platform myself, but I assume that anybody using it would be aware of its peculiarities
19:17 gmcharlt regarding course reserves, a mainstream verison of a module would be a nice idea - if you decide to write one, send an email to koha-devel with your proposal to give others a chance to speak up if they have or are already working on one
19:29 wizzyrea so I've just discovered something interesting
19:29 wizzyrea and I haven't tested it in 3.2
19:29 wizzyrea yet
19:29 wizzyrea say an item that is destined for local hold is 1st cataloged as on order, then the itype is changed to local hold only, it seems that the items are still in the usual hold pool
19:29 wizzyrea so local hold is ignored
19:29 wizzyrea now, walk in itypes work fine when switched
19:29 wizzyrea walk in = no holds
19:29 nengard hmmm
19:29 wizzyrea i'm not sure I've seen that particular thing pinpointed before
19:30 wizzyrea the home branch can still check it in, still gets transited
19:30 wizzyrea but the remote branch can't do anything with it b/c the itype says they shouldn't be able to
19:30 wizzyrea so the item gets sort of abandoned
19:30 wizzyrea the statuses are messed up anyway
19:32 wizzyrea it's like throwing the items in the pool, you can't get them out without getting them wet
19:34 wizzyrea koha think items that items eligible when the item was on order are still eligible even though their itypes have changed
19:34 wizzyrea at least the pick list will go ahead and pick them
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19:46 richard hi
19:46 wizzyrea hey richard
19:47 * wizzyrea pokes richard about the dns
19:47 wizzyrea or is that russel?
19:47 chris back
19:47 wizzyrea sorry if that's not you
19:47 richard bit of a hold up as si is currently on holiday in the usa
19:47 wizzyrea AHA
19:47 wizzyrea ty kindly for the update
19:48 gmcharlt richard: where in the States?  we'll track him down ;)
19:49 gmcharlt seriously, to tack on to wizzyrea's poke, I'll need name server for whenever you can
19:49 gmcharlt *name service
19:49 richard Bozeman - wherever that is
19:49 chris montana
19:50 chris send lee to talk to him :)
19:52 wizzyrea montana is a beeeeg place
19:54 chris she has a car
19:54 chris hehe
19:55 sekjal I remember driving across Montana... work up on the Western border, drove all day at a "reasonable and prudent" speed, and still went to sleep that night in Montana
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20:11 chris that error from erik is weird, has anyone seen a search that works in the staff side but not the opac?
20:13 chris_n that is some major weirdness to be sure
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20:18 wajasu i am running on kohagit as well, and wonder when it will be released, because I need to put an instance in production for my library.  It will probably run for years, since its a one man library,but i don't want to do a migration in the next year.
20:21 wajasu kohagit(Mar12th pull)->Administration->Inter​aceOptions->virtualshelves.  Should this show?  "Allow" staff and patrons to create and view saved lists of books
20:21 wajasu or would this be for showing the virtual shelves in the webpage (i.e.  < bk1  bk2  bk3 > )
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20:36 chris wajasu: we have an alpha out, and are fixing bugs, probably will be a second alpha release, and then depending on how that looks a beta sometime after
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21:20 brendan @weather 93117
21:20 munin` brendan: The current temperature in ASOS_HFM SANTA BARBARA, CA, Santa Barbara, California is 16.1�C (2:00 PM PDT on March 22, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 29.96 in 1014.4 hPa (Falling).
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21:43 wizzyrea chris: we have a situation kind of like that, but the opac search actually errors, where the staff side doesn't
21:43 wizzyrea re: erik
21:45 wizzyrea search moon
21:45 wizzyrea or new moon
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21:48 chris ah ha
21:48 chris ive fixed this i think
21:49 chris lemme look
21:50 chris whats causing that is zebra is giving it back a biblio, that doesnt exist
21:51 chris biblionumber at least, so koha tries to get that biblio from the koha db and make a marc object from it, then call leader on it
21:51 chris now if the object doesnt exist, that call fails
21:52 wizzyrea ok wait... so there's a bib on the first page of results for moon that is nonexistent?
21:52 wizzyrea is that what you're telling me?
21:52 wizzyrea so it's a problem in the index
21:52 wizzyrea ?
21:52 chris thats exactly what im telling ya
21:52 wizzyrea bitchin, I'll pass it on
21:52 chris yes, but koha should handle that more gracefully
21:53 chris its the coins stuff
21:53 wizzyrea so it would require a full index
21:53 chris my ($biblionumber) = @_; my $record = GetMarcBiblio($biblionumber);
21:53 chris # get the coin format my $pos7 = substr $record->leader(), 7, 1;
21:53 wizzyrea so why wouldn't it happen in the staff client... xslt?
21:53 chris no coins in staff
21:53 wizzyrea AHAHAHA (lightbulb)
21:54 brendan joined #koha
21:54 chris can you switch off coins?
21:54 * chris cant recall
21:55 chris doesnt look like it
21:55 wizzyrea i'm not sure
21:55 chris not with a syspref
21:56 chris you dont have a login to your server eh?
21:57 chris cos a quick fix while you wait for the reindex is comment out $_->{coins} = GetCOinSBiblio($_->{'biblionumber'});
21:57 chris in
21:57 wizzyrea no :(
21:57 chris ill do a real fix for GetCOinsSBiblio
21:57 wizzyrea but I will send it to the people who can fix it and see if they can
21:57 * wizzyrea muttesr
21:58 chris so that it fails gracefully not asplodes
21:58 wizzyrea I like things that don't go assplodey
21:58 chris and maybe i will add in even more case changes
21:58 chris i mean seriously people!!!!
21:58 wizzyrea hehe
21:59 wizzyrea assplodey... I'm going to use that more often
22:00 wizzyrea ok, with thtat I'm going home
22:00 chris spotya
22:00 wizzyrea oh, chris... I need a little bit of help with the manual, when you have a little bit of time (not today, maybe tomorrow) I'm flummoxed
22:01 wizzyrea the docbook stuff
22:01 wizzyrea I promise I'll try not to be dense
22:01 wizzyrea ;)
22:01 wizzyrea is now known as wizzyrea_home
22:04 chris k
22:18 saorge_ joined #koha
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22:30 larsw what are coins in the Koha context?
22:31 chris
22:31 chris lets you use something like zotero and build a bibliography
22:32 larsw ack
22:32 chris  <-- is pretty nice
22:34 braedon|home joined #koha
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23:23 mason_in_oz is now known as mason_in_nz
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