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01:04 * chris_n wanders by
01:04 chris hi chris_n
01:05 chris_n heya chris
01:07 chris_n wizzyrea_away: nice
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01:22 wizzyrea_laptop *yawn*
01:25 * chris_n wonders if could be used to integrate openid into koha
01:28 wizzyrea_laptop oh chris_n
01:28 wizzyrea_laptop what do you think of this:
01:29 chris_n <chris_n> wizzyrea_away: nice
01:29 chris_n :)
01:29 chris_n that's what set me off on the openid tangent
01:29 wizzyrea_laptop I was trying to think of ways to make bugzilla more friendly
01:29 * chris_n is always going off on tangents
01:29 wizzyrea_laptop ie making some canned searches and putting a pretty front end on it
01:30 chris_n yup, it looks very nice
01:30 wizzyrea_laptop i'm not sure why librarians are so intimidated by it
01:30 wizzyrea_laptop its no worse than your common OPAC
01:30 wizzyrea_laptop just as many nerd knobs to be sure
01:31 chris its easier to say its too hard than to write decent bug reports
01:31 chris OOPS did i say that outloud
01:31 wizzyrea_laptop HAHA
01:32 wizzyrea_laptop decent bug reports *are* hard to come by
01:32 wizzyrea_laptop which is why we use jing
01:32 wizzyrea_laptop :P
01:32 chris :)
01:32 wizzyrea_laptop much easier to just SHOW you
01:32 wizzyrea_laptop jing is like, amazing
01:32 chris ok, off to talk koha architecture with larsw
01:32 wizzyrea_laptop ooh, good luck
01:33 wizzyrea_laptop can you openid with bugzilla?
01:34 wizzyrea_laptop i'm beginning to see why you like it
01:34 wizzyrea_laptop you know, chris_n, there's a wp plugin for openid, It can't be that hard to implement
01:35 wizzyrea_laptop the hard part is probably associating your openid with your koha account
01:35 chris_n yeah, I was just looking at Net::OpenID::Consumer
01:35 chris_n its a bit dated, but might provide some idea for how to get there from here
01:37 wizzyrea_laptop it's php, but this is the implementation we use on
01:37 wizzyrea_laptop
01:50 wizzyrea_laptop
02:04 wizzyrea_laptop actually, I moved it
02:04 wizzyrea_laptop
02:07 * chris_n 's eyes are crossed after reading the openid spec's... 8-Z
02:07 wizzyrea_laptop oh dear
02:08 chris_n time to call it a day, g'night
02:08 wizzyrea_laptop gnite
02:12 gmcharlt chris: cool
02:19 wizzyrea_laptop ok, I'm done fiddling with for tonight. Time to make some virtual creatures bleed
02:19 wizzyrea_laptop ttyl :)
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06:57 Amit_G hi all
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07:10 Ropuch Morning #koha
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07:28 cait @wunder Konstanz
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08:36 chris evening
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08:46 kf hi #koha
08:48 Ropuch Hi kf ;[
08:48 Ropuch [;
08:48 kf hi Ropuch
08:50 hdl_laptop hi all
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09:57 Amit_G heya paul_p
10:15 chris_n @wunder 28334
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10:23 gmcharlt good morning
10:28 kf good morning gmcharlt
10:28 kf I have to resend a patch from my colleague from my email address (he was not subscribed) - just write his name in it as comment?
10:29 gmcharlt kf: to preserve his attribution, you could attach his patch to your email
10:30 kf ah ok, will send it as attachement - thx gmcharlt!
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11:41 jwagner Good morning all.
11:43 gmcharlt hi jwagner
11:44 kf hi jwagner
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11:51 * jwagner mumbles about morning coming too EARLY in the day....
11:57 gmcharlt worse, it does this EVERY SINGLE DAY
11:57 * collum mumbles in agreement.
11:58 gmcharlt jwagner: I'm pleased to report that your harrumphing meme has spread to Equinox
11:59 collum harrumph++
11:59 kf :)
11:59 kf lunch time (finally)
12:04 jwagner Harrumph!
12:04 jwagner gmcharlt, remember that I claim copyright & demand royalties :-)
12:05 gmcharlt jwagner: a check for 500,000 virtual simoleons is in the mail
12:06 jwagner :-)
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12:35 kmkale hi guys i have a very newb query about applying patches
12:35 kmkale I have pulled from git and want to apply[…]6ede052bfc#patch1
12:36 kmkale How would I go about it? what git command?
12:36 gmcharlt kmkale: what do you have - a patch file?
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12:39 kmkale yes the patch proposed in the above likn is what I want to apply to my local dev install
12:39 gmcharlt if so, git apply <patch_file> or git am -3 -u <patch_file> shoudl do it
12:40 kmkale so should I download the diff from the link and save it as a patch file?
12:40 kmkale tyhen apply with git-apply?
12:40 gmcharlt right - but note that what you want to download is the 'raw' link from that page
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12:41 kmkale oh. Thanks. Let me try that right away..
12:44 kmkale gmcharlt: it gave
12:44 kmkale kk@kk:~/kohaclone$ git am -3 -u icu.patch
12:44 kmkale Applying: use of icu.xml
12:44 kmkale /home/kk/kohaclone/.git/rebase-apply/patch:40: trailing whitespace.
12:44 kmkale Koha is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
12:44 kmkale warning: 1 line adds whitespace errors.
12:45 gmcharlt the whitespace errors can be ignored
12:45 gmcharlt if you do git show
12:45 gmcharlt it should show you the patch you just applied
12:46 kmkale it does. cool. Thanks..
12:49 gmcharlt note that you'll have to update the zebra config files actually invoked by zebrarsv with those changes before you reindex
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12:51 kmkale zebra config is under the dev tree for this dev install
12:51 gmcharlt that makes it easy
12:53 kmkale running rebuild now
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13:01 kmkale gmcharlt: humm not so. zebra config files are in /home/kk/koha-dev/etc/zebradb/etc and this install tree is in /home/kk/kohaclone/etc/zebradb/etc
13:01 gmcharlt ah, ok - that's what I thought
13:01 kmkale so is there a easy way of updating the zebra config files?
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13:02 gmcharlt you can try using git apply of the patch file form /home/kk/koha-dev
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13:03 kmkale ok let me try that..
13:06 kmkale :) yes that did it
13:06 kmkale Thanks a bunch
13:06 gmcharlt yw
13:07 kmkale where are we with that git for dummies we had discussed in some past irc meeting? ;) I need it..
13:11 Ropuch kmkale: is quite usefull
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13:16 kmkale thanks ropuch
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14:38 wizzyrea_away I would like to come up with bug submission guidelines, I'm looking at these as a guide:[…]riting_guidelines
14:38 wizzyrea_away is now known as wizzyrea
14:39 wizzyrea they don't already exist do they?
14:39 wizzyrea I'm thinking something librarian friendly
14:39 kf I think I saw something on the wiki
14:41 wizzyrea AHH
14:41 wizzyrea ty for mentioning that, I found it
14:41 wizzyrea[…]portingfornewbies
14:41 kf[…]rtingfornewbies&s[]=bugs
14:41 kf ah, you beat me
14:41 wizzyrea great minds ;)
14:41 kf :)
14:41 kf would be nice to link to it from bugzilla
14:42 wizzyrea I'm working on this:
14:42 wizzyrea and it's corollary, this:
14:42 kf wizzyrea++
14:43 kf great!
14:44 kf hm enhancing koha is under about and search bugs under support?
14:44 wizzyrea yea, they can be moved
14:45 wizzyrea my mind works in a strange way sometimes
14:45 wizzyrea but here's my logic
14:45 wizzyrea lets say a librarian comes to our site
14:45 wizzyrea they want to know About -> Enhancing Koha
14:45 wizzyrea but if they have a problem, they're going to want to Support -> look for bugs
14:46 wizzyrea because i have heard over and over that if you call an enhancement bug a "bug" then it is intimidating and people won't do it
14:46 nelsonf Hi ya'll, what's to prevent someone with an older version from submitting a bug that's already been addressed in a later version?  We're using 3.00.01 and I often hit bugs that were fixed by 3.0.4.
14:46 nelsonf sorry to interrupt
14:46 wizzyrea np ;)
14:47 wizzyrea nothing I suppose
14:47 wizzyrea though the solution would probably be to update
14:48 chris_n nelsonf: they will probably be marked fixed and the appropriate bugfix pointed to
14:49 nelsonf I just clicked on your search-bugs link to find a problem I'm having with inventory, and
14:49 chris_n if one is really stuck on an earlier version, they could then dig up the patch and apply it locally I suppose
14:49 nelsonf it only lists NEW and ASSI
14:49 wizzyrea yes, that link only searches open bugs.
14:49 joetho how about a bug manager?
14:50 nelsonf chris_n: I would *really* like to know how to do this - dig up a patch and apply it, as
14:50 wizzyrea but I could do it so that it searches all
14:50 nelsonf we seem to be stuck in our current version
14:50 chris_n nelsonf: it is not as easy as it sounds unfortunately
14:51 nelsonf the story of my life :-)
14:51 joetho it is so nice to have a little input on what goes on the various koha pages and wikis.
14:51 chris_n at times there may be other intermediate changes to the code which make the patch unable to be applied
14:51 wizzyrea actually,  the front page search of bugzilla performs the same search
14:51 wizzyrea I think you have to nerd knob to get closed bugs
14:52 chris_n nelsonf: then it is a matter of making the changes to the code manually
14:52 chris_n for simple changes that's ok, but the more complex they are the more difficult that becomes
14:53 nelsonf I just posted to the koha-dev, about a bug that Galen said should be backwards compatible,
14:54 nelsonf it would be nice to know such a thing.
14:54 chris_n very cool... a patch to standardize the cancel buttons
14:54 * chris_n winks at owen
14:54 chris_n who appears absent atm
14:55 chris_n nelsonf: are you running your koha over git?
14:55 kf wizzyrea: sorry, got distracted by mails, I like the way your mind works :)
14:56 nelsonf chris_n: i've heard we should get into a git stream, but I don't think so,
14:56 nelsonf our techies installed about a year ago, and
14:56 nelsonf we haven't taken any updates since then, only the occasional patch
14:57 chris_n nelsonf: running over git is a big plus when it comes to that sort of thing
14:57 chris_n even upgrading is much easier imho
14:58 sekjal chris_n:  completely agreed.  git is the way to go
14:58 nelsonf so I've heard, but I haven't a clue what  "running over a git" means... truth be known
14:59 sekjal nelsonf: Git is the distributed version control system Koha uses.
14:59 sekjal you can clone the complete history of the project from our central repository
14:59 chris_n nelsonf: maybe this will be of some help:[…]lopment:git_usage
15:00 nelsonf I've visited and poked around
15:00 nelsonf chris_n: thanks, I'll have a read
15:03 chris_n nelsonf: this method also lends it self to making local customizations easier to maintain during upgrades, etc.
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15:18 nelsonf wizzyrea: Using your search-bugs link, I'm going to try and track down a bug that nengard thinks was fixed and then try to determine whether I can apply the patch in my version of koha.  Maybe I'd be on thin ice,
15:18 nelsonf because I don't know whether the bugfix requires additional code elsewhere to ensure that it works properly.
15:19 wizzyrea you may want to search directly from bugzilla, I believe that the front page search and the website search both only search open bugs
15:19 wizzyrea that's at
15:19 wizzyrea actually, you'll want
15:20 nelsonf I click on the "advanced bug search" link and this lets me search all, open and closed.
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15:20 nelsonf Oh, that link is to!
15:21 wizzyrea :)
15:21 wizzyrea my goal is to make a friendlier front end for it
15:22 kmkale gmcharlt: I can now report that the patch definitely works on head with Devanagari data
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15:23 gmcharlt cool
15:24 kmkale it also works with truncation. is that the right term?
15:24 kmkale i saw a discussion in bugzilla that icuchain and zebra had problems with it
15:29 kmkale i mean when searching for  à¤®à¤¾à¤¤ i get  à¤®à¤¾à¤¤à¤°à¤®à¥  and माती  along with मात
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15:30 hdl_laptop kmkale: very good.
15:30 hdl_laptop Have you fixed some icu problem for that ?
15:30 kmkale but I see that a title starting with मात is listed last in the search after stuff like मातृ and माते etc. should that not be reverse?
15:31 hdl_laptop what have you done ?
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15:32 Willem Hi, I'm having trouble using ModMember to update member info - This is what I tried: ModMember( borrowernumber => '503', address => 'My New Address' ); but although the module goes through perl without complaining and gives 'true'  as a result, the field isn't being updated in the koha patrons. Any advice?
15:32 kmkale hdl_laptop: i have pulled git head and applied the patch in[…]5acd9fc6ede052bfc
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15:33 hdl_laptop ok.
15:33 hdl_laptop But there are problems with right truncation
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15:34 kmkale hdl_laptop: can you please explain?
15:34 kmkale is that what I am seeing here? with the serch term coming last in the list?
15:38 hdl_laptop I tried to search history with *story
15:39 hdl_laptop But it failed and zebra told it was an unknown truncation attribute.
15:39 hdl_laptop I donot have such a behaviour without icu
15:40 kmkale i used to use icu.idx with that i dont get मातृ or माते etc..
15:41 kmkale with icu.xml in the patch i get all these words too but the original search term  à¤®à¤¾à¤¤ is listed last in both icu.xml as well as icu.idx based searches
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15:41 kmkale is that the correct behaviour?
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15:45 hdl_laptop hehe /me is not really a hindi professional
15:45 hdl_laptop ah... it is a problem with sorting....
15:45 hdl_laptop wowowo
15:45 kmkale but you know more than just english :)
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15:52 kmkale hdl_laptop: wowowo??
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15:57 kf have a nice weekend all
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15:58 kmkale there is one unrelated thing I have just noticed. This is on server running 3.00.00, is I search for a term I get a list of libraries on left. But the list of libraries on the page is only for items which are displayed in that page. i.e. if an item is displayed on 7th page in library x then library x is not in the list of libraries on 1st page
15:58 kmkale is that correct behaviour?
16:01 hdl_laptop kmkale: sorry I have to take a train
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16:02 kmkale hdl_laptop: thanks
16:03 kmkale do let me know if you think of something
16:05 wizzyrea anyone have any comments on the changes I've made to this:[…]portingfornewbies
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16:05 jdavidb Harrrrumph.
16:05 wizzyrea that good huh?
16:06 jdavidb Annoying to commute nearly an hour to the doc's office, only to be rescheduled because they lost track of my appt.  Then an hour back, of course.
16:06 wizzyrea hrmph indeed.
16:07 jwagner Well, jdavidb, you can come help me with my problem code.  That should cheer you up :-)
16:07 jdavidb Atop the problems you already emailed me, you mean?  Harrrrumph!
16:07 * jwagner grins
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16:29 wizzyrea alright, I think I'm done fiddling with[…]portingfornewbies
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16:37 Colin wizzyrea: I think the link to koha-testing mailing list could go there have been no posts since 2005
16:37 wizzyrea aha, that was a carryover from the original content, I'll nuke it
16:38 Colin We don't want to get people's hopes up
16:38 wizzyrea lulz
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16:49 wizzyrea wtb links to the worldwide koha sites
16:49 wizzyrea i have koha-fr
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17:10 brendan morning #koha
17:11 sekjal morning, brendan
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17:12 jdavidb howdy, brendan. :)
17:13 brendan jdavidb - how goes it?
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17:14 jdavidb Going well, brendan.  :)  things have been a little bit wild this week, you might imagine.  But making progress on some projects.
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17:21 SJeffery So do suggestions in bugzilla go under the category they apply to or some suggestions category? Or nowhere?
17:24 wizzyrea enhancement :)
17:25 SJeffery I'm going suggest an enhancement that the enhancement label be changed to suggestion:)
17:26 wizzyrea lol, fair enough
17:27 wizzyrea though most of us have been trained to add them as enhancements
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18:07 nengard when is the next irc meeting?
18:07 nengard all ofthe meetings on the wiki have past ...
18:08 nengard[…]rc_meetings:start
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18:16 jwagner collum, online?
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18:23 cabillman Hi everyone. I have a question regarding the accountlines table
18:24 cabillman I have a nice overdue/fine report written for our librarians which pulls data from the accuontlines table
18:24 cabillman everything appears to be working correctly.... but yesterday our elementary librarians decided they won't be charging fines anymore
18:26 cabillman patrons with overdue books + no fines do not appear in the account lines table
18:26 cabillman in the cron job there is a line UpdateFines(...) if ($amount >0)
18:27 cabillman is it ok to remove that check?
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18:36 collum jwagner?
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18:50 jwagner collum, sorry, been fighting code (and it's winning).  See my update to Bug 4276
18:50 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4276 critical, P5, ---,, NEW, "Related subjects" search is OPAC doesn't work with chained subject terms
18:51 collum Yep.  I don't have access to koha right now.
18:51 sekjal[1] is now known as sekjal
18:51 collum Did you guys check for subfields vxyz in the indexes for 650.
18:51 jwagner Yes, the index settings include the entire 650 -- all subfields.
18:52 collum Huh.
18:52 jwagner I don't know if there is any way to phrase a search that says these terms all have to be in the same field.  Any zebra or search experts online?
18:52 collum Me neither.  That would be ideal.
18:53 jwagner Haven't tried your code yet with these known index settings -- am fighting another problem. But I will, & will let you know if it works.
18:53 collum It will look pretty, but the searches won't work.
18:53 jwagner Well, pretty counts :-)
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19:01 chris morning
19:01 brendan morning chris
19:02 brendan @weather 93117
19:02 munin brendan: The current temperature in ASOS_HFM SANTA BARBARA, CA, Santa Barbara, California is 13.9�C (11:35 AM PDT on March 19, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 12.0�C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017.2 hPa (Steady).
19:02 brendan burrrr cold today
19:02 chris @wunder wellington nz
19:02 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 15.0�C (7:00 AM NZDT on March 20, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 13.0�C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
19:03 chris_n @wunder 28334
19:03 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 23.0�C (2:41 PM EDT on March 19, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 10%. Dew Point: -11.0�C. Pressure: 29.94 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
19:03 * chris_n wins :)
19:03 chris yep :)
19:03 brendan by a landslide
19:04 chris i think we may get close today, 3pm is the hottest part of the day usually
19:04 chris_n we need something like catalyst's $c->log->foo('bar');
19:04 chris log4perl chris_n
19:04 chris_n actually, let me rephrase that: we need catalyst ;-)
19:05 chris[…]b/Log/
19:05 chris well nope, bit taking good ideas from catalyst and using them is good :)
19:05 chris we use log4perl at work quite a lot
19:06 chris_n centralized logging might be a nice bit of work for 3.4
19:06 chris_n as part of the general cleanup
19:06 chris if you add a log object to C4::Context, then you could do $context->log->foo('bar')
19:06 chris where foo = warn, error, debug etc
19:07 chris yup
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21:12 chris eeek
21:12 wizzyrea ieek?
21:12 * chris tries to write a post to stop the bad advice on the koha list
21:13 wizzyrea oh from otis?
21:13 chris don't delete you koha and reinstall to rebuild zebra!!
21:13 chris yeah and stefan
21:13 wizzyrea zoinks
21:13 chris wrting it up now
21:21 collum joined #koha
21:24 chris done
21:34 chris maybe i should add that to the FAQ
21:36 SJeffery Hurray for documentation:)
21:36 wizzyrea yea that would probably be a good one
21:37 wizzyrea get on it ^.^
21:38 chris theres plenty of documentation, hooray for having it in one place
21:39 wizzyrea oh chris did you see my enhancement/bugs search things on k-c?
21:39 wizzyrea and I'm still fighting with the manual.
21:39 * wizzyrea mutters something evil about docbook
21:42 chris yep looks good
21:42 chris did you see i updated the about page too?
21:42 wizzyrea hehe yae
21:43 chris_n zebra has gotten itself in trouble again ;)
21:44 SJeffery left #koha
21:44 chris chris_n: im coming to like zebra
21:44 chris it does pretty much exactly what you tell it to
21:44 * chris_n thinks maybe just an understanding of running --help might go a long way
21:44 chris the fact we tell it to do some retarded things is our fault
21:45 chris_n I agree whole heartedly
21:45 chris_n I have found zebra very cooperative now that I know it better
21:45 chris *nod*
21:47 chris so how do i add a question to the faq?
21:48 wizzyrea are you logged in?
21:48 chris yep
21:49 chris i see edit or delete
21:49 wizzyrea yea, you have to go the back end to do that
21:49 wizzyrea to add
21:49 wizzyrea so click settings -> DS FAQ
21:49 wizzyrea then pick your category, -> add question
21:50 chris ah ok
21:50 wizzyrea I haven't started (and haven't gotten nicole in on the job) migrating the faq fro mthe old site
21:50 wizzyrea oh and I reworked the bug submission guidelines on the wiki
21:51 wizzyrea it was like "click here for our guidelines, now click here and read this"
21:51 wizzyrea I was like, um, no
21:52 wizzyrea so if there's anything in there you find objectionable or wrong
21:52 wizzyrea you can blame me :P
21:54 chris i guess you need to flush the cache for it to show?
21:55 chris reading the wiki now
21:57 chris looks fine to me
21:57 sekjal left #koha
21:57 wizzyrea ah, chris, I don't ahve a page set up for that category yet, one min I"ll add it
21:57 wizzyrea I had to do work, work and got interrupted.
21:57 wizzyrea ;)
21:58 chris_n work? they make you do that there?
21:58 wizzyrea[…]on/faq/searching/
21:58 wizzyrea I know right~!
21:59 chris ta
21:59 wizzyrea you can do that too, you just need to add the little shortcode to a page
21:59 chris now i can just go[…]/faq/searching/#5
21:59 chris next time someone asks that question :)
21:59 wizzyrea :D
22:00 wizzyrea I <3 it. The site is going to be so awesome...
22:01 rhcl left #koha
22:01 wizzyrea bbl, 5pm time to pick up lil chum
22:01 wizzyrea is now known as wizzyrea_weeken
22:06 collum I'm looking for a bib with a 710 field, so I can test some code. Anyone know a quick sql query I can use to find a bib that has a specific marc field?
22:07 chris ah there is a way to query inside the xml, i forget
22:07 collum I could always just add a field, but If I can be lazy, I would prefer that.
22:08 chris_n collum: search the irc logs for the query chris references
22:08 collum will do.
22:10 Sharon left #koha
22:11 chris[…]09-11-25#i_348004
22:12 collum Ahh.  Perfect.  Thanks chris.
22:12 saorge_ joined #koha
22:19 saorge left #koha
22:28 chris the problem with answering questions on the mailing lists, is you get 8 more questions off list
22:28 chris and someone needs to show nengard
22:32 rhcl_home joined #koha
22:42 chris_n collum:[…]10-01-26#i_378258
22:42 chris_n opps
22:43 collum chris_n:  Cool, thanks.  I'll save that with the other query. I actually got enough from the other query to be lazy.
22:44 chris_n lazy... what code is all about
23:50 davi left #koha

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