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00:49 chris crazy day
01:03 * SelfishMan looks around room
01:03 * SelfishMan decides to go back to sleep
01:04 * chris_n follows SelfishMan's example
01:04 SelfishMan I'm just going to assume that the PTFS thing is a nightmare
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01:50 joetho2 i think it meets most definitions
01:51 joetho2 wierd
01:51 joetho2 a little horrible
01:52 joetho2 recurring
01:52 joetho2 you sound crazy when you try to explain it to someone else
02:28 * larsw prepares to send a 33 part patch series to koha-patches, hopefully it will go OK
02:56 chris :)
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06:53 IrmaCalyx Hi all
06:57 chris hiya IrmaCalyx
07:03 IrmaCalyx Hi Chris
07:03 chris how goes sydney?
07:04 IrmaCalyx Calyx & Co is doing fine thks
07:05 chris good to hear :)
07:05 Ropuch Morning #koha
07:12 chris hiya Ropuch
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07:45 chris hi laurence
07:45 laurence hi chris
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08:16 nagaindian_chen hi all i am the new user
08:19 nagaindian_chen from Chennai
08:21 nagaindian_chen i got training from university of madras koha workshop last week
08:24 chris cool
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08:25 chris hi alex_a, hows the 2nd day going? :)
08:26 hdl_laptop hi
08:26 chris hiya hdl_laptop, ltns
08:26 chris hows things going?
08:50 slef hdl_laptop: can you pull smallbugs from git:// please?  It contains a backported fix for Bug 2547 which ought to get into 3.0.x.
08:50 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2547 normal, P3, ---,, NEW, $ sign in boraccount / fines / account tab
08:50 slef morning all
08:55 chris hi slef
08:58 Ropuch Hi slef
08:58 chris slef: can you push 3.0.x to gitorious please
08:58 chris i just killed it by accident
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09:00 slef chris: will do
09:01 chris thanks
09:15 slef chris: I think that's done. Had a little local problem during pull.
09:17 Ropuch chris: are you still in chrage of pootle?
09:18 Ropuch I've just registered an account for our trainee, so he can make some suggestion that i can review later
09:19 slef just read the PTFS buys LibLime news, including the "PTFS pledges to enhance and maintain the site" bit :-(
09:19 Ropuch But with the new account I'm able to add/delete entries in translations - they don't show as suggestions
09:22 chris slef: yeah, i think we just continue on with koha-community and let PTFS come to us when they decide to join the community
09:22 chris Ropuch: whats the username?
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09:39 paul_p hello world
09:39 paul_p chris about ?
09:40 slef hi paul_p
09:40 chris hiya paul_p
09:40 slef chris was about 0921
09:40 paul_p I think everybody already knows that PTFS has bought LL (finally !)
09:42 paul_p the important sentence on the PR is : "PTFS pledges to enhance and maintain the site as the focal point for the world’ s Koha activities– the place to find the latest information on Koha support, documentation, news, and downloads."
09:42 chris yeah, slef and I commented on that already
09:43 chris i would be much much much happier if it said
09:43 chris PTFS pledges to work with the rest of the koha community to .....
09:43 chris as it stands it reads like 'we plan to be like liblime and do whatever we want'
09:44 chris what i said earlier was
09:44 chris 22:22 < chris> slef: yeah, i think we just continue on with koha-community and let PTFS come to us when they decide to join  the community
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10:07 paul_p back from phone call...
10:07 chris :)
10:07 paul_p my opinion on this is that it would have been more clear if PTFS had written : "PTFS pledges to re-open" instead of "PTFS pledges to enhance and maintain"
10:08 paul_p but i'm an optimitic man, so, i'll say it will be a good news at the end.
10:08 chris :)
10:08 slef hope for the best but prepare for the worst
10:09 slef do we think the "it's all off" was one side trying to move the price?
10:09 chris who knows, US business practices make my brain hurt
10:09 paul_p I had JY on phone 3 weeks ago. He asked me a question that sounded strange, but now is more clear : "what would make the community happy". I answered "just give back to the community". he added "is that all?" I answered "maybe give back the trademark, but that's a US specific problem we don't have in Europe"
10:10 paul_p my feeling (totally un-argued) is that PTFS realised they could say "no" to the LL price and just would have to wait a little bit to see LL going back and say "OK, which price do you want to pay"
10:10 paul_p if I'm right, then, they were right to do that ;-)
10:11 paul_p + josh had only 2 options : sell at the PTFS price or loose everything
10:11 chris we'll probably never know
10:11 paul_p right
10:11 chris and im not sure it even matters :)
10:12 chris as i see it, the ball is in ptfs court, we just keep on keeping on, and they do whatever they decide to do
10:12 paul_p i agree with you.
10:13 paul_p but i'll send a mail to JY to congratulate him & say i've noticed the "PTFS pledges...", and ask for what it could mean
10:15 chris cant hurt
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10:39 Ropuch[…]bliographic-data/
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10:42 gmcharlt greetings
10:42 chris_n g'morning gmcharlt
10:43 * chris_n goes to scare up breakfast
10:43 gmcharlt then you cook it? ;)
10:43 gmcharlt sounds rather labor intensive
10:45 chris morning usa
10:45 gmcharlt hi chris
10:45 chris the cormack family goes to the football[…]p?g2_itemId=72383
10:46 gmcharlt hopefully now that Jo is a "mover and shaker", she'll be listened to more regarding Koha community requests ;)
10:46 gmcharlt atu looks like a little bee
10:47 gmcharlt oops, sorry, wrong kid
10:47 chris_n gmcharlt: not too labor intensive... bagals and microwave bacon :)
10:47 chris[…]w-Phoenix-vs-Jets
10:48 chris kahu loves singing the "wellington is wonderful song" ... it was really loud, you can hear the goals (if you have sound onr your computer, that sound is from the microphone on the pitch)
10:50 chris "wellington is wonderful, we have the wind, the rain, and the phoenix" :)
10:51 gmcharlt and sponsorship by Sony, I see :)
10:51 chris the club is mostly bankrolled by one guy
10:52 gmcharlt one of the guys in suits in the slideshow?
10:52 chris yep
10:52 chris its the only nz team, in the australian league, and the only team that sells out its stadium :)
10:53 braedon|home well, this year
10:53 braedon|home previously, not so much
10:54 chris since its been in wellington it has had consistently bigger crowds than the australian teams
10:54 chris when it was auckland .. yeah it had about 5 people :)
10:54 braedon|home haha
10:54 chris i saw the kings play, they were horrible
11:28 chris i reckon catalyst could run a smoulder server gmcharlt
11:28 chris i had one running for stuff
11:28 chris so i know how to set it up
11:29 chris and now, bed time
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11:36 gmcharlt chris: cool
11:36 gmcharlt and good night
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12:16 jwagner Good morning all
12:16 collum Good morning jwagner
12:17 * jwagner must not be awake yet. Started to head into the kitchen to get my tea, then realized it was sitting in front of me.
12:18 jwagner hdl_laptop or paul_p, online?
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12:23 owen Hi everyone
12:24 gmcharlt hi jwagner
12:24 jwagner Hi
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12:25 gmcharlt hi schuster
12:27 paul_p hi jwagner  & everyone
12:28 jwagner paul_p, question for you.  I'm working through the 3.2 version, and you have a syspref for OpacPrivacy.  I can't find where to apply it, though.  Am I missing something?
12:28 paul_p jwagner, I don't understand your question
12:29 jwagner I thought you had a feature for anonymizing patron reading history in this version, and the OpacPrivacy syspref seems to be for that, but I can't see that it does anything.  Is there something else that needs to be set?
12:29 schuster Hey all - looks like another day of speculation!
12:30 paul_p maybe the patch hasn't been applied by gmcharlt ?
12:30 paul_p schuster, right ! maybe we have more interesting things to do (like hacking ;-) )
12:30 jwagner I'm trying to identify where we have parallel development -- we have a feature for wiping reading history too.
12:30 jwagner schuster, speculation is our middle name :-)
12:30 gmcharlt paul_p: opacprivacy is present in the code
12:31 jwagner Turning the syspref off or on doesn't seem to make a difference, though -- I can still see old checkouts.
12:31 gmcharlt hmm, bug, then, I suppose
12:32 paul_p jwagner : the privacy is applied only when you run the anonymizer
12:33 jwagner A script?
12:33 paul_p tools/
12:33 jwagner OK, I'll check that out. Thanks.
12:35 jwagner I didn't see a place for the patron to opt in or out, though -- is it all or nothing?  i.e., every patron's history will get wiped?
12:35 paul_p jwagner, there's a script
12:35 paul_p where the patron can say 1- never anonymise, 2- follow the library rules 3- immediatly anonymize
12:36 jwagner But where does the patron say that?  I'm logged into the OPAC and I don't see an option.
12:41 paul_p jwagner, just sent you the patch I submitted in december
12:42 paul_p in (where is used), there is a new tab "my privacy"
12:43 paul_p that is displayed if syspref "OPacPrivacy" is ON
12:43 jwagner Got it.  Is that in head yet? I updated my system yesterday but am not seeing that tab.
12:43 jwagner The syspref is on.
12:44 paul_p just look in, you should see "my privacy"
12:44 paul_p if it is not, then ping galen and ask him about what may have happend ;-)
12:45 jwagner pinging gmcharlt :-)  I don't see that code in
12:46 * gmcharlt will check
12:46 gmcharlt jwagner: would you happen to have a synopsis of the areas of parallel development you've done?
12:46 paul_p gmcharlt, do you need my december patch ?
12:47 gmcharlt paul_p: nope, the archive has all
12:48 jwagner Overall I see about five major areas where we have overlap.  In a couple of cases, I think we can merge ours into yours; we're going to have to look at the others more closely.
12:49 gmcharlt what are the five areas?
12:49 jwagner The problem children are going to be batch item edit, batch item delete (both of which I think we can combine ours into BibLibre's), bib merge, reading history, and fast add.
12:49 jwagner There are a couple of others where our development was almost identical.  These five, though, take different approaches.
12:51 jwagner bib merge may be the easiest -- we took very different approaches, and both may be able to coexist without conflict.  The question is whether that would be too confusing for users.
12:52 gmcharlt that one may be resolved by having both in early 3.4 and seeing which one works best before settling on one when 3.4 is released
12:53 paul_p gmcharlt, we already have our bib merge in 3.2 (I think)
12:53 gmcharlt right
12:53 gmcharlt the PTFS version would go into 3.4, and we'd see which one "wins"
12:53 jwagner paul_p, ours is a different approach (lives under tools) -- there would be no direct code conflict, I think.  Just usability questions.
12:53 gmcharlt or else just have a system preference to choose one or the other
12:54 gmcharlt in the long run, though, there would be a code maintenance issue
12:54 paul_p ( my fault, but we have some other new features on the way, that I should add to the wiki...)
12:54 gmcharlt paul_p: yep, get on that, please :)
12:54 paul_p like bulkedit biblio
12:54 jwagner And to bugzilla?
12:54 paul_p jwagner, yep, on both
12:54 gmcharlt yep
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12:55 paul_p did everyone see my announcement about alex_a being the new BibLibre developer ? (started yesterday)
12:55 gmcharlt hi alex_a
12:55 jwagner I think all of our current devel list is in bugzilla except for maybe one or two.  I have some new devel that I need to get sorted out & entered.
12:55 jwagner Welcome alex_a
12:56 alex_a Hi
12:56 alex_a hi gmcharlt
12:56 alex_a thanks jwagner
12:57 owen Hi alex_a
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13:12 CGI445 hello
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13:26 jwagner @quote random
13:26 munin jwagner: Quote #44: "<thd> People make bugs fairly much in the degree to which they contribute to the code" (added by gmcharlt at 04:07 PM, October 30, 2009)
13:27 schuster Question for you programmer type and release managers...  I am working on a command line batch load utility which is about done.  We mimicked the staff interface, and in doing so there are "responses/defaults" that can be done during a load.
13:29 schuster What our programmer did was to direct it to a file so if the table row was referenced as it loaded the file would also load the default.  My question is - where should that "default" file live?  I see the living in the cronjobs folder so is it ok for this "default" file to live there as well?
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13:37 schuster Jane can't decide who she wants to be today...  watch out that either means lots of productivity or looking for a way to not be productive.
13:37 jwagner Harrumph.
13:37 schuster jdavidb - must not be around... ;)
13:38 jwagner schuster, I'm ALWAYS looking for a way to avoid doing any work :-)  Sometimes that involves more work than doing the original work would have.....
13:38 gmcharlt schuster: misc/cronjobs is fine for now for that file
13:40 schuster thanks gmcharlt - he had setup a new directory during testing to house his temporary testing files, but I'm going to have him tweak a couple other things before we submit this.  I need to do a little more testing on 3.2 as it was based on 3.0 code, but I don't think there were any patron load modifications for 3.2.
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14:33 rhcl Quote "do we think the "it's all off" was one side trying to move the price" de slef
14:33 rhcl yes, clearly so
14:33 slef hi rhcl
14:33 slef any guess as to which way? ;-)
14:34 * owen would think the buyer had the power
14:37 rhcl Hey slef
14:43 wizzyrea_laptop humbug.
14:53 hilongo bgkriegel: Hola Bernardo! :)
14:57 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: have you received the many bug fix patches I have been sending this week ?
14:57 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: yep, I'm going through them
14:58 hdl_laptop cool
15:00 bgkriegel hi hilongo
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15:12 hdl_laptop Hola migue
15:12 hdl_laptop l
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15:35 miguel-xercode hello henrry
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15:58 schuster grumbles as can't get the table sorter to work on intranet
15:59 owen Does your javascript match the table ID? Does the table have a <thead> and  a <tbody> ?
16:01 schuster Yes on table ID, checking on tbody I know it has a thead.
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16:03 brendan afternoon #koha
16:03 schuster now does have a tbody - but still no cute little dropdowns arrows for sorting. blah...
16:03 sekjal afternoon, brendan
16:06 schuster My biggest concern is where the function is on the detail.tmpl on the intranet there are LOTS of functions there.
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17:23 chris morning
17:23 sekjal morning, chris
17:23 owen Hi chris
17:23 chris_n g'morning chris
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18:24 owen Somewhere between Kentucky and North Carolina. Makes a certain amount of sense I guess.
18:39 jwagner @quote random
18:39 munin jwagner: Quote #22: "<jdavidb> owen: you wouldn't know this, being the skinny thing you are, but it is also good for maintaining a panoramic physique, like mine." (added by gmcharlt at 12:24 PM, August 06, 2009)
18:39 * wizzyrea_laptop wonders what "it" is
18:40 * collum was sort of filling in the blanks.
18:41 owen I'm pretty sure it was bacon.
18:41 collum That was one of my blanks.
18:42 jwagner I think there are other bacon-related quotes, so that's likely....
18:49 chris ok bus time
18:49 chris back in 40 mins or so
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19:08 * chris_n wishes for a huge bacon cheeseburger
19:08 wizzyrea_laptop me too, actually. Dangit, now I'm hungry
19:10 * jwagner had a sudden flash to that commercial about the dog demanding BACON!!!
19:11 jwagner Now I'm hungry too!
19:15 * chris_n passes around virtual-burgers... which are only slightly worse than soy-burgers
19:15 * jwagner is suddenly not hungry any more....
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19:32 cm can anyone tell me if the librarian login on 3.2 has been moved to the right side of the screen recently (rather than centered) or is it just something I did?
19:35 owen cm you must have done something
19:35 cm i figured!  i feel less crazy now.  thanks, owen.
19:35 jwagner I've seen that occasionally -- just refresh the page.
19:36 owen Incomplete stylesheet load maybe?
19:36 cm hmm, maybe. jwagner:  it's been that way a while now on my test server.
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19:50 chris back
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19:51 chris lol
19:51 chris ed sharpe, 9 years of moaning
19:52 chris its gotta be a record
19:52 owen Nice, hunh?
19:52 chris yeah he shoulda added, and give me LCCN too!!!
19:53 chris i could reply and say, the way i remember it, and the list archives confirm you spent years demanding the community to write some code free of charge for you
19:53 richard :)
19:53 chris and that is the sum total of your contribution
19:54 chris but i think ill just vent here instead :)
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19:58 CGI436 Hi guys
19:58 chris hi CGI436
19:58 CGI436 I'm getting a mysql error in my koha-error.log, and I can't check out some items to some people
20:00 chris whats the error?
20:00 CGI436 [Tue Mar 16 11:43:15 2010] [error] [client] [Tue Mar 16 11:43:15 2010] DBD::mysql::st execute failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'FROM  issuingrules, , referer: <host>/cgi-bin/koha/circ/ [Tue Mar 16 11:43:15 2010] [error] [client] [Tue Mar 16 11:43:15 2010]
20:01 CGI436 I should have put separate lines on separate lines
20:01 CGI436 [Tue Mar 16 11:43:15 2010] [error] [client] [Tue Mar 16 11:43:15 2010] DBD::mysql::st execute failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'FROM  issuingrules, , referer: <host>/cgi-bin/koha/circ/
20:01 CGI436 [Tue Mar 16 11:43:15 2010] [error] [client] [Tue Mar 16 11:43:15 2010]                    issues , referer: <host>/cgi-bin/koha/circ/
20:01 chris
20:01 chris is a good way to paste those things
20:01 CGI436 [Tue Mar 16 11:43:15 2010] [error] [client] [Tue Mar 16 11:43:15 2010]                    LEFT JOIN ite' at line 3 at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 2079., referer: <host>/cgi-bin/koha/circ/
20:02 chris sounds like you are missing some issuing rules ... what version of koha? you can find out on the about page
20:03 pastebot "CGI436" at pasted "mysql error" (4 lines) at
20:03 CGI436
20:03 brendan joined #koha
20:03 chris ta
20:04 CGI436 I was able to run the mysql query in question against my mysql server via the command line without any problem
20:04 chris so pretty close to latest master .. (one db update back)
20:05 chris hmm that error message doesnt have the full query
20:05 CGI436 let me see if I miss pasted
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20:08 pastebot "CGI436" at pasted "mysql error" (3 lines) at
20:10 chris_n CGI436: is that paste correct?
20:10 chris still only looks like a fraction of the query
20:11 CGI436 That's all that shows up in the logs.
20:11 chris how did you test it then?
20:11 CGI436 There's only one query in that uses issuingrules
20:11 chris yes but it contains different variables every time
20:12 CGI436 It binds to a constant
20:12 chris it depends on the itemtype and the branch and the borrower category
20:13 CGI436 Let me look. It seemed to me it got a table of values
20:14 chris starts at line 2065 in C4/
20:15 chris great big query, with lots of joins
20:15 pastebot "CGI436" at pasted "issuing rules query" (6 lines) at
20:15 owen left #koha
20:15 chris yeah thats not the query your error is complaing about
20:15 chris see /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 2079
20:16 sekjal the CanBookBeRenewed function
20:16 chris *nod*
20:16 CGI436 Great, I thought I was going crazy.
20:18 CGI436 So does this mean my "issuing rules" table is improperly structured, or improperly populated?
20:20 collum left #koha
20:20 chris_n bbl
20:21 chris im guessing the latter
20:21 chris but it could be the former too :)
20:21 CGI436 The news keeps getting better.  Am I right in thinking that I should be able to fix this via the web interface?
20:22 chris could you put a warn
20:22 chris actually ignore that
20:22 chris yeah check the circulation rules first
20:22 chris /cgi-bin/koha/admin/
20:23 CGI436 Thanks for your help.  I'll be back if I can't make progress.
20:23 chris good luck
20:43 liw joined #koha
20:48 * russ goes to get a coffee before meeting
20:49 CGI436 chris, are you still there?
20:49 schuster left #koha
20:50 chris yep, 10 minutes until a meeting about kohcon10 though :)
20:50 * richard follows russ' lead
20:50 CGI436 Thanks for your help.
20:50 CGI436 I wasn't able to find anything in my rules, but I don't really know what I'm looking for
20:50 CGI436 The problem occurs when I try and check out something that doesn't circulate
20:51 CGI436 to a faculty member
20:51 CGI436 but not when I try and check out the same item to myself.
20:51 CGI436 When I check out to myself, I get a litlle "do you want to override" message
20:52 CGI436 I just get a yellow bar without the override option when I check out to the faculty member.
20:52 CGI436 Does that spark anything in your imagination?
20:52 miguel-xercode joined #koha
20:56 chris and if you try a different itemtype?
20:57 CGI436 Do you mean try to check out an item of a different type, or change the type associated with this item?
20:58 BobB joined #koha
20:58 BobB Good morning #koha
20:58 Ropuch Try to check different item first - then you should be able to identify if problem is associated with patron-type or item-type
20:58 Jo joined #koha
20:58 Ropuch Good evening #Koha
20:58 Jo hi all
20:59 CGI436 O.K. Ropuh
20:59 BobB Hi Jo
20:59 CGI436 Thanks for your help, chris I know you've got to get to the meeting, and I've got to get out of here myself.
21:00 richard hi Jo
21:00 richard and BobB and Ropuch
21:01 russ ok so KohaCon10 Volunteers meeting
21:01 russ time to start
21:01 russ who is here?
21:01 Jo Joann Ransomn, HLT
21:01 * russ -> Russel Garlic, Catalyst IT
21:01 Jo Deborah Macdonald, HLT
21:01 Jo is now known as DebJo
21:01 richard Richard Anderson, Katipo
21:01 BobB Bob Birchall, CALYX
21:02 sekjal left #koha
21:02 * gmcharlt = Galen Charlton, Equinox, listening in
21:02 miguel-xercode Miguel Calvo, Xercode
21:02 cm left #koha
21:02 Ropuch Piotr Wejman, Biblioteka CSNE (just an observer)
21:03 liw Lars Wirzenius, Catalyst (just observing for now)
21:04 russ ok pretty light turn out today
21:04 russ anyone know where nengard is?
21:04 chris Chris Cormack, Catalyst
21:04 chris sick
21:04 BobB Irma will join in a minute
21:04 Brooke joined #koha
21:05 Brooke hi
21:05 chris heya Brooke, we are just doing intros
21:05 russ ok so agenda -[…]s#march_10am_nzst
21:05 russ so on the first topic
21:05 russ 1. Speakers/call for papers update
21:05 russ I'll sub for Nicole
21:06 russ We have had a number of papers lodged (i guess is the best way to say it)
21:06 russ but still looking for more.
21:06 Brooke awesome
21:06 chris yep, we have about 1 days worth, need a couple more
21:07 DebJo any obvious gaps? (I'd like to something buty havn't decided what yet :)
21:07 richard is there a list of what has been put forward so far?
21:07 BobB I thought I could do a paper on project governance - try to flesh out what it might mean and some options
21:07 Brooke brave man, you
21:08 russ BobB that would be cool
21:08 BobB Has anyone else offered to do that?
21:08 russ not as yet
21:08 Brooke ta da
21:08 russ nicole is the best one to talk about the papers
21:08 Brooke sold to the man in the second row
21:08 BobB The hardest part is 'what it is not'
21:08 chris koha in schools, koha + kete, faceted searching, open library and koha, setting up koha in a uni in india, one about GPL/sharing etc, and one from lee
21:08 russ and as she is not here
21:08 DebJo has walter put his hand up to do one on kete-koha
21:08 chris about their experisnce
21:08 chris yep DebJo
21:09 chris thats a brief summary
21:09 chris up there ^
21:09 russ thanks chris
21:09 DebJo cheers
21:09 liw I assume there is still ample time to propose talks?
21:09 chris tons of time
21:09 russ yep august
21:09 russ so i think we are doing pretty well for the moment :-)
21:10 russ so in summary, we have some talks, we want more, don't be afraid to put a submission in
21:10 Brooke grand
21:10 russ and more talks from librarians would be awesome
21:10 DebJo i'm thinking something about librarians working 'different;y' when they get involved with koha ie open source community rather than with vendors
21:10 chris that would be choice jo
21:10 DebJo that old 'learned helplessnes' chestnut
21:11 chris battered library syndrome
21:11 russ i'll sign you up now :-)
21:11 DebJo lol
21:11 Brooke yes indeed
21:11 chris i heard it described as today
21:11 DebJo maybe Brooke or Nicole and I could do it together :)
21:11 DebJo panel discussion format
21:11 Brooke I will do whatever you or Chris tell me to, hence dogsbody
21:12 chris DebJo: i think its best coming from a librarian, so you and brooke maybe
21:12 DebJo cool
21:12 chris you dont want vendors telling you how to behave with vendors :-)
21:13 Brooke psha
21:13 chris oh i know the title of your talk
21:13 Brooke next thing you say will be "You know, you should do open source stuff" ;)
21:13 chris "Dude, its my library,"
21:13 DebJo I'm not hip enough :)
21:13 chris heh
21:14 Ropuch ;>
21:14 russ righto moving on
21:14 russ Item 2 Website
21:15 * Brooke takes cover
21:15 russ ok so we have registered a domain name
21:15 chris
21:15 chris *shazam*
21:15 russ so please update your links
21:15 russ and we have a logo
21:16 Brooke loves it
21:16 russ our designer tells us it is a play on rebirth and building upon each others work with the egg
21:16 DebJo I do too
21:16 russ anyways
21:16 russ there is a bunch more content up there now
21:16 russ thanks to reed for the content on how to get to little old NZ from the US
21:17 reed np
21:17 Brooke dunno about this week
21:17 Brooke but last week airfares dipped substantially
21:17 Brooke from about 1500 to about 1000 lowest
21:17 chris lee has booked her tickets already
21:17 chris hopefully last week
21:18 DebJo I've booked my apartment already
21:18 russ :-)
21:18 russ rachel is going to be working on a partners programme/ideas for parteners and kids when she gets back from her trip
21:18 DebJo yay Rach
21:18 Brooke unfortunately, there is no way a charter jet is viable unless we rob a bank or steal a corporate one
21:19 Brooke but I did check into it
21:19 chris :)
21:19 gmcharlt the chartering or the stealing^Wborrowing?
21:19 Brooke >.>
21:19 Brooke <.<
21:19 Brooke all of the above
21:19 gmcharlt :)
21:20 russ i think the site all hangs together now and there are no dead links, but if anyone spots anything, please let either chris or myself know
21:20 Brooke will do
21:20 richard sure
21:20 russ i am still looking for ideas around t-shirt printing
21:21 russ i was thinking cafepress, but there was some talk of that being a bit pricey
21:21 gmcharlt would a redirect from to be out of order?
21:21 Brooke
21:21 Brooke they'll print anything on anything else
21:21 chris nope, seems fine to me gmcharlt
21:21 liw russ, would it be helpful to run a link checker against the site?
21:21 Brooke might not be the cheapest, but they usually don't screw up, and if they do they fixerate it
21:21 DebJo cafepress do good quality sweatshirts and heavy tees though
21:22 russ Brooke: thanks i'll have a look
21:22 russ liw: you offering? :-)
21:22 liw russ, sure
21:22 russ liw: great thanks
21:22 DebJo mayoral reception in Levin
21:23 russ one of our designers here at catalyst is working on a t-shirt design
21:23 IrmaCalyx joined #koha
21:23 Brooke hi Irma
21:23 IrmaCalyx G'day all
21:23 russ so once that is sorted, unless we find a better alternative we will set up cafepress shop for those who are interested
21:23 russ hi irma
21:23 DebJo very cool
21:24 russ content we would still like for the site
21:24 russ is some travel advice from the EU
21:24 russ and from AU
21:25 Brooke well the Aussies can just swim.
21:25 russ Aussies are very good at swimming
21:25 chris its cos all the animals try to kill them
21:25 russ but if anyone has anything to add there, just send it through to me
21:25 BobB Ha!  The ditch is one of the roughest oceans!!:)
21:25 chris you have to be fast to survive in aus
21:26 russ but please encourage people to look at the site
21:26 russ chris: we might need to take the video of the kingswood racing off the template :-)
21:26 chris :)
21:26 chris thats on their cos that video was made by librarians :)
21:27 russ heh
21:27 DebJo hey should we be putting logos up of the other businesses which have sponsored conference
21:27 BobB DebJo: Mayoral reception?  Was that a serious suggestion?
21:27 russ DebJo getting there
21:27 russ and BoB can we handle that last please
21:27 DebJo cool.
21:27 BobB OK
21:28 DebJo yes - serious offer ogf a mayoral recption.
21:28 russ ok item3 Sponsorship
21:28 DebJo councillors are keen, asked me to ask Mayor.
21:28 russ DebJo can we cover that after sponsorship please
21:28 chris psst agenda DebJo :)
21:28 bankhead left #koha
21:28 DebJo Thursday 28th Oct is suggested at 5ish
21:28 russ ok a big thanks to Irma and Bob for their donations
21:28 DebJo oops
21:29 chris calyx++
21:29 russ we will be adding the Caylx logo to the site as soon as we get one through
21:29 DebJo go Calyx ++
21:29 DebJo and libriotech too I guess
21:29 chris libriotech dont currently have a logo, which is why they are just listed
21:29 chris they would be the first logo otherwise as they donated first
21:29 russ Chris and I are working with another sponsor that means we will be able to meet our minimum target for the venue
21:30 DebJo fantastic
21:30 richard cool
21:30 DebJo just looking, the second depoist is not due until 25th July $1046.25
21:31 russ once i have sorted that out and finalised it, then i will go out to approach the other sponsors
21:31 russ DebJo: ah cool, good to know that
21:31 IrmaCalyx it would be nice to have some libraries as sponsors not just service providers...
21:31 DebJo HLT will kick in $500
21:31 russ i think that should be no problem
21:31 * Brooke cheers
21:31 russ thanks HLT :-)
21:31 DebJo (i'm thinking donation in lieu of registrtaion fee)
21:32 miguel-xercode I would like to know which are the economic conditions to become a sponsor
21:32 Brooke modest and scaling :)
21:32 russ miguel-xercode: not sure i understand
21:32 DebJo give enough that it feels good
21:32 IrmaCalyx DebJo ...I like that !
21:33 BobB russ: Is it true that donations so far are in the range of $250 to $1,000 NZ - is that good guidance for others?
21:33 russ miguel-xercode: if you are interested in sponsoring, then perhaps we can talk off list
21:33 russ BobB: yep good point
21:33 miguel-xercode yes
21:34 DebJo dons to date: $250, $750, $1000
21:34 IrmaCalyx NZ $
21:34 DebJo yep
21:34 miguel-xercode I want to talk tomorrow if possible
21:34 Brooke Chris makes the top donor Mickey Mouse flapjacks, ya?
21:35 russ miguel-xercode: great - i will msg you my contact details
21:35 DebJo yay miguel-xercode :)
21:35 miguel-xercode because Spain is a little late, and have a family to go to bed
21:35 Brooke thank you miguel
21:36 russ miguel-xercode: no problem, thank you for showing up today
21:37 chris sorry phone :(
21:37 russ ok so in summary, we have enough money to secure the venue, we will still be seeking more sponsorship so that we can provide more for attendees
21:37 russ but it is all going well at the moment, and will ramp up in April
21:37 Brooke wunderbar
21:37 nengard joined #koha
21:37 * nengard Nicole Engard, ByWater Solutions  (sorry I'm late)
21:37 russ gmcharlt: can you please send me the email addy of someone I can talk to at Equinox
21:37 Brooke Nicole!
21:37 nengard I'm sorry
21:37 gmcharlt russ: that would be me -
21:38 nengard got hit with a round of vey sick feeling
21:38 DebJo hola!
21:38 gmcharlt hi nengard
21:38 russ gmcharlt: easy :-)
21:38 nengard did someone do my update for me?
21:38 Ropuch nengard: shouldn't you be just lying in bed and getting better? ;>
21:38 russ nengard: chris did a good summary for you
21:38 nengard thanks chris!
21:38 DebJo now git thee back to bed woman
21:38 nengard and Ropuch, yes, but I wanted to make to be here if I was needed
21:38 russ ok so that is the agenda sorted
21:38 russ just a note, i havent heard from Mark at ASHS
21:39 russ so no more detail on the road trip just yet
21:39 DebJo re road trip?
21:39 DebJo shall i email him since i first raised the issue
21:39 russ sure
21:39 DebJo and happy to back him up if he can't do that job
21:39 russ i think chris and i would like the road trip to be SEP :-)
21:40 liw what is this road trip?
21:40 DebJo as in seperate or September
21:40 russ someone else's problem :-)
21:40 richard someone else's problem
21:40 DebJo sweet as
21:40 russ once you have it sorted, just let us know the details and we can post it to the site
21:40 DebJo sure
21:41 Brooke dorky Librarian question
21:41 Brooke do we have a bibliography yet?
21:41 BobB Cos' folks will have to know - to book flight to Auckland, not Wellington
21:41 russ Brooke: no, you offering ?
21:42 nengard bibliography of what?
21:42 Brooke not that I think y'all would do so
21:42 Brooke reads to get you in the mood for conference
21:42 Brooke and help with travel and such
21:42 DebJo penguin history of NZ
21:42 russ right we have some travel related links on the site
21:43 BobB NZ History of Penguins:)
21:43 russ but if you want to write one up, then we can publish it sure
21:43 Brooke *nod*
21:43 DebJo (skip the 50s and 60s bit - was boring)
21:43 russ DebJo: so civic reception
21:44 DebJo k
21:44 russ what were your thoughts there? are the council going to pay for a bus or two?
21:44 chris liw: there is an idea for ppl flying into auckland to take a roadtrip down to wellington, with some of the koha librarians from auckland
21:44 DebJo at the trust meeting sthe councillors with library responsibilities asked me to write to the mayor and ask him to host a small civic reception in Levin for 100 - 150 people :)
21:45 DebJo curent mayor said yes - happy to.
21:45 DebJo but one proviso is we have an electin betweennow and then and if current mayor gets dumped new mayor may not want to...
21:45 russ ok sounds cool - so does that mean a logistics effort to get people from Wellington to Levin?
21:45 russ or is the council going to provide for that?
21:45 DebJo but my money says existing mayor is sitting pretty
21:46 CGI552 joined #koha
21:46 DebJo so council would pay for the reception ie food and drinks
21:46 DebJo getting people wgtn to lvn and back again is not included.
21:46 russ right
21:46 DebJo but i would like to look at funding for a bus or 2
21:46 chris would need 2 or 34
21:46 chris heh
21:46 chris 2 or 3
21:46 russ right - i have a good contact at a bus company
21:46 DebJo and we could look at combining it with a dinner somewhere
21:47 BobB OK, so idea would be hire a bus, get to Levin, tour HLT, civic reception, return to Wellington - delegates pay bus fare?
21:47 DebJo so leave wgtn 4pm,
21:47 chris if the train wasnt so annoying could train to paraparaumu and bus from there
21:47 russ DebJo i suggest earlier than that
21:47 chris s/annoying/broken/
21:47 russ 4pm is going to be hell to get through Kapiti
21:47 DebJo can I get some pricing together before thenext meeting?
21:47 miguel-xercode left #koha
21:47 russ that sounds fine
21:47 nengard left #koha
21:47 russ if you can come up with a proposal that would be great
21:48 russ and then we can discuss it
21:48 DebJo ok: we'll come back with a proposal incl pricing, timing etc.
21:48 russ if you like I can talk to my contact and get you some bus pricing as well
21:48 DebJo that would be brilliant Russ
21:48 russ ok so i think that is a good point to close
21:48 russ BobB and Irma I would like to catch up with you some time
21:49 russ to talk about some ideas
21:49 russ but at the rate it is going, it will be early next week before i have some clear time
21:49 russ i will ping you then
21:49 BobB russ: any time; today is OK
21:50 russ Any one got any last questions? or can I wrap this up?
21:50 BobB russ: next week is ok too
21:50 BobB Next meeting?
21:51 russ Monday 19th April 22:00 UTC
21:51 DebJo Thanks Russ - excellent job herding cats
21:51 russ that is Tuesday 20th, 10am NZ time
21:52 russ I will do the minutes sometime later today
21:52 DebJo thanks everyone
21:52 BobB Thanks Russ; thanks all
21:52 russ thanks all
21:52 Brooke see you in a monthish
21:52 richard thanks russ
21:53 Brooke left #koha
21:53 * russ wanders off
21:53 CGI552 left #koha
21:53 IrmaCalyx Cheers all!
21:53 IrmaCalyx left #koha
21:54 BobB left #koha
22:06 saorge joined #koha
22:13 saorge_ left #koha
22:31 CGI436 left #koha
22:40 jdavidb joined #koha
22:41 jdavidb left #koha
22:57 bankhead joined #koha
23:00 bankhead can't get Authen::CAS::Client to install -- any advice?
23:04 chris whats the error its giving you?
23:05 bankhead make test had returned bad status, won't install without force
23:06 bankhead when I did cpan Authen::CAS::Client
23:06 chris have you ever installed a module from the tarball, (not using cpan)
23:06 bankhead not yet
23:07 chris if so, i would suggest doing that, and seeing what test actually failed, and if its harmless do make install anyway
23:07 chris (it might be trying to connect to a cas server, which will fail as you dont have one)
23:07 bankhead ok
23:10 bankhead Authen-CAS-Client-0.05.tar.gz ?
23:10 chris yep
23:11 bankhead thx
23:34 bankhead make test said all good
23:36 chris cool, sudo make install
23:36 chris and you should be done
23:36 liw left #koha
23:36 bankhead yeah I did sudo make install
23:36 chris cool
23:37 bankhead I think it is good
23:37 chris yep, should be fine
23:37 bankhead then can I go back and do my koha again?
23:37 chris was that the only missing module?
23:38 larsw joined #koha
23:38 bankhead that was on e of about 8-9 and I did all og them
23:38 DebJo is now known as Jo
23:38 chris if so, you dont need to run perl Makefile.PL again
23:38 bankhead does it mess it up to do over?
23:38 chris (unless you want to change how you answered your questions)
23:38 Jo Chris: i have to go to council meeting, but promise will check tocjkets after that
23:38 chris nope its no harm
23:38 bankhead ok
23:38 Jo tickets (even :)
23:38 bankhead thx
23:38 chris Jo: cool
23:42 larsw left #koha
23:46 larsw joined #koha
23:46 larsw left #koha
23:46 larsw joined #koha

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