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00:00 Ropuch I can still install 3.05 without a problem following the same routine
00:00 Ropuch And the stem is updated
00:00 Ropuch s/stem/system
00:00 chris weird
00:00 Ropuch Isn't it?
00:01 Ropuch But the problem occur when trying to install on fresh system
00:02 chris its gotta be something to do with the dbd mismatch
00:02 chris maybe remove mysql-server etc
00:02 chris install libdbd-mysql-perl first, then the server after?
00:04 Ropuch Doing it right now :)
00:10 Ropuch Whoa
00:11 Ropuch I worked
00:12 Ropuch I've apt-get remove --purge mysql-server-5.1 libhtml-template-perl mysql-client-5.1 mysql-server-core-5.1 libdbd-mysql-perl
00:12 chris interesting
00:13 Ropuch Then apt-get install libdbd-mysql=perl
00:15 Ropuch And then apt-get install mysql-server
00:15 Ropuch (I've removed /etc/mysql after purging it, don't kniow if it matters)
00:16 Ropuch Ok, I should be sleeping for at least an hour
00:16 Ropuch Good night and see you in the morning, I'll try to reproduce the error at work
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01:53 Genji gotta smile at this. When i told my boss about upgrading from 3.0rc1 to 3.0.x head: "i don't think we will get a lot from upgrading. the version we upgrading to is not a major change from what we already have."
01:54 chris heh, only about 500 bugfixes is all
01:54 Genji ya.. i said.. the major changes are hidden, because they are bugfixes. not feature upgrades. we won't 'gain' new features, but fix broken thngs... one of them might be the 700 field resaving problem.
01:59 Genji which is the correct thing to say yes/
01:59 Genji ?
02:00 chris yup
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03:54 * ebegin just spent long hours in order to customized the opac... the experience is always painful...
03:54 ebegin I wish I had time to rewrite part of the prog template...
04:01 Amit_G heya ebegin
04:01 ebegin Hey amit!  How are you?
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05:13 Nouman hi
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07:17 Ropuch Morning #koha
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08:12 paulab Hi!
08:17 paulab I have a question about Koha fines. I set Koha to make patrons to pay a fee each month, by setting an enrollment period of a month. If one month the patron doesn't pay the fee they can't loan any more.
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08:19 paulab The problem is, I need to set up koha to keep growing the debt if the months go on and the patron still doesn't pay the monthly payment
08:20 paulab Exist a way to doing this, or the only way is to create a script on cron, running monthly to increase patrons debt
08:20 paulab ?
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08:24 magnus hello, #koha
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09:25 hdl_laptop hi magnus
09:25 magnus hi hdl_laptop
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10:25 psychokiller it's a miracle
10:25 psychokiller i've installed Koha !!!
10:26 psychokiller Ropuch
10:26 psychokiller you've written that you don't know if removing /etc/mysql after purging it
10:26 psychokiller matters or not
10:27 psychokiller well you have to remove it yes
10:27 psychokiller remove the mysql server AND TRASH the directory TOO and THEN re install libdbd-mysql-perl and then mysql server
10:27 psychokiller it worked for me
10:31 Ropuch I know
10:31 Ropuch :)
10:31 Ropuch I just want to be sure that installing libdb-mysql-perl before installing mysql-server solves the problem
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10:32 psychokiller NO
10:32 psychokiller the problem is the FOLDER
10:33 psychokiller if you dont trash the folder
10:33 psychokiller it doesnt work
10:33 psychokiller i did it by mistake the other way round
10:33 psychokiller i first installed the server
10:33 psychokiller then libdb
10:33 psychokiller without trashing the folder
10:33 psychokiller no good
10:33 psychokiller i did it again in the right order didnt happen either
10:33 psychokiller but when i trashed the folder it works
10:34 psychokiller so this is in Pel language ?
10:34 psychokiller oh shit
10:34 psychokiller what similarities are there between perl and php ?
10:36 Ropuch I'm not a programmer so I can't tell you
10:36 Ropuch[…]ve/phpvscgi.shtml
10:37 Ropuch
10:39 chris
10:40 Ropuch Hi chris
10:40 Ropuch ;>
10:41 chris heya Ropuch :)
10:42 Ropuch I wonder if i should fill an ubuntu bug
10:42 Ropuch It looks like some packaging/dependency handling problem
10:44 psychokiller the Ubuntu Lobby will be attacking you then
10:44 psychokiller they are going to kidnap you in the middle of the night
10:44 psychokiller and demand ransom from the koha community
10:46 Ropuch Maybe you should start to write novels instead of struggling with Koha? ;>
10:46 chris Ropuch: might be worth searching see if anyone else has reported, cos its nothing to do with koha
10:46 chris it would be breaking all sorts of things
10:48 psychokiller what's the admin page for koha ?
10:48 psychokiller hmm cant find it
10:49 Ropuch chris: I'm finishing new Koha install one, with libdbd-mysql-perl installed first, not as a part of mysql-server dependency
10:50 Ropuch
10:50 psychokiller aha
10:50 psychokiller i forgot the port
10:50 psychokiller and i got the user interface
10:50 psychokiller instead of the admin interface
10:51 chris Ropuch: good idea
10:51 psychokiller Ropuch I once tried to file a Joomla Bug
10:51 psychokiller and I got hate-mails
10:51 psychokiller they started phoning in Midnight
10:51 psychokiller saying YOU RE GOING TO DIE
10:51 psychokiller and then hung up
10:51 Ropuch psychokiller: what can I say: maybe you've done it wrong? ;>
10:52 psychokiller oh im kidding but what im trying to say is that the Ubuntu Guys are going to DENY it
10:52 psychokiller they deny knowledge
10:52 psychokiller just like in the X - Files
10:53 chris that has not been my experience
10:53 paul_p everybody say hello to alex_a, the new Biblibrian ;-)
10:53 chris hi alex_a :)
10:54 psychokiller what a Biblibrian ?
10:54 psychokiller a bisexual librarian that is ?
10:55 magnus hi alex_a
10:56 Ropuch Hi alex_a [;
10:56 psychokiller " Please log in with the username and password given to you by your systems administrator and located in your koha-conf.xml configuration file. "
10:57 psychokiller <user>kohauser</user>
10:57 psychokiller <password>zebrastripes</password>
10:57 psychokiller is that it ?
10:57 Ropuch kohaadmin/katikoan
10:58 psychokiller aha
10:58 psychokiller but thats not in the XML file !
10:59 psychokiller is there something wrong i should know about >
10:59 psychokiller ?
10:59 chris could you login with it?
10:59 chris if so, then it is definitely in the file, near the bottom
11:00 psychokiller nope
11:00 psychokiller thats not the passes my friend Ropuch
11:00 chris its whatever you typed in when it asked you for it when you were installing
11:00 psychokiller aha !
11:00 psychokiller kohaadmin and katikoan
11:01 psychokiller there's a double a there
11:01 psychokiller ok ok
11:02 psychokiller Ropuch if you Complete your guide im going to translate it in Greek
11:02 psychokiller and setup a blog for my thesis
11:02 psychokiller or something
11:02 Ropuch Go for it
11:03 psychokiller it's not complete YET !
11:03 psychokiller you have to make changes
11:03 Ropuch chris: it seems that installing libdbd-mysql-perl first doesn't fix it
11:03 psychokiller there's some cd missing and what about the last step ?
11:03 Ropuch What step?
11:04 psychokiller the one you removed libdbd and server
11:04 psychokiller and then the folder etc
11:04 psychokiller etc
11:04 psychokiller and another thing
11:04 psychokiller[…]
11:04 psychokiller after this
11:04 psychokiller i see a nice white screen
11:05 psychokiller is that it ?
11:05 psychokiller no step=2 in the way ?
11:06 chris right, sleep time for me
11:06 magnus good night chris
11:07 psychokiller right ?
11:07 psychokiller only one step ?
11:07 Ropuch psychokiller: what langiage have you selected?
11:07 psychokiller greek
11:07 psychokiller i better go for english ?
11:07 Ropuch At least try it
11:07 Ropuch Maybe it's greek translaton issue
11:09 psychokiller well somebody has to do something with the greek translation
11:09 psychokiller maybe that someone will be me in the future if you help me
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11:10 psychokiller Select your MARC flavour                                                                  Unimarc
11:10 psychokiller Marc21
11:10 psychokiller what should i install
11:10 psychokiller Unimarc or Marc21 ?
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11:13 Ropuch psychokiller: it's your call
11:14 Ropuch I'm using Marc21 as it's more popular in Poland
11:14 psychokiller have to check out what they use in Greece
11:17 Ropuch Oh man
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11:17 Ropuch psychokiller: i must apalogize to you
11:17 Ropuch Actually all this DBD error is my fault
11:18 Ropuch I/wordpress must have messed up with quotes
11:18 Ropuch Remeber sudo echo "grant all on koha.* to 'kohaadmin'@'localhost' identified by 'katikoan';" | mysql -uroot -p
11:18 Ropuch The quotes where escaped and we fixed that
11:18 Ropuch init-connect=\'SET NAMES utf8\'
11:18 Ropuch Here's the prblem
11:19 Ropuch init-connect='SET NAMES utf8'
11:19 Ropuch And all works just fine
11:19 Ropuch I don't know where those escapings came from
11:20 Ropuch You can call me at midnight and whisper death-threats for wasting your time ;/
11:21 Ropuch But, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?
11:21 psychokiller no
11:21 psychokiller who said that ?
11:21 psychokiller Nitzse ?
11:22 psychokiller have you added the cd commandds in your guide ?
11:22 psychokiller is it ok now ?
11:24 Ropuch I'm not sure where there is 'cd' missing?
11:25 Ropuch I fixed init-connect part, so it shuold be ok
11:25 psychokiller on the Makefile thing
11:25 psychokiller on perl
11:26 Ropuch tar -zxvf koha-3.00.05.tar.gz && cd koha-3.00.05
11:26 Ropuch it's there
11:26 Ropuch But
11:26 Ropuch Hm
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11:27 Ropuch I can split it in two
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11:29 Ropuch done
11:30 Ropuch case closed
11:35 psychokiller it is ?
11:35 psychokiller should i make the blog?
11:36 psychokiller why libraries keep using MARC and not XML ?
11:36 psychokiller i think XML can do what MARC can
11:36 psychokiller but i guess there are millions books already MARCed
11:36 psychokiller so they'll have to XMLem from the start ?
11:38 Ropuch Yes (millions MARCed books), no ('xmling' from the start)
11:38 Ropuch MARC is a standard, so any serious ILS can handle MARC records
11:39 psychokiller but lets say Poland before 1989
11:39 psychokiller they didnt use MARC did they ?
11:39 psychokiller that was an american system
11:40 psychokiller they must have something else
11:40 psychokiller Russia had MARC for its libraries ?
11:40 Ropuch What's your point?
11:40 Ropuch Before 1989 it was pre-autoamization era of polish libraries
11:41 Ropuch Our standard was paper catalogue card
11:41 psychokiller well it was pre -automatization pretty much everywhere
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11:41 psychokiller but CCCP should have its own machine catalogue of books
11:41 Ropuch And - as some systems were adopted - we're started on using marc
11:42 Ropuch psychokiller: I don't know, I'm not an expert on MARC-adoption history in every country
11:43 psychokiller so a MARC record is printed on a book ? or is it only inside a computer ?
11:43 Ropuch Geez
11:43 psychokiller only the DEWEY record is printed in the book ?
11:43 Ropuch What you mean by DWEWY redcord?
11:44 Ropuch You mean CIP?
11:44 psychokiller DDC
11:44 psychokiller where you will find it in the shelves
11:44 psychokiller i know thats printed on the books , just wondering if the MARC record was printed too.
11:44 Ropuch I know what a DDC is, but I'm not sure what you mean by "DDC record" ;>
11:45 psychokiller lol
11:45 psychokiller the DDC number that is and letters
11:45 psychokiller thats printed here in greek libraries on the side of the book
11:45 Ropuch Call number
11:45 Ropuch Or Shelfmark
11:46 Ropuch And if you have books sorted by DDC/UDC
11:47 Ropuch They have *Dc symbol on spine
11:47 Ropuch psychokiller: here's marc record example
11:47 Ropuch
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11:48 Ropuch I don't think you want to print it on the books
11:48 psychokiller print in on the cover
11:50 psychokiller ill think ill go with MARC21
11:51 psychokiller i see some digitalisations projects have used it already
11:51 psychokiller here in greece
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11:55 psychokiller hi collum
11:55 psychokiller kentucky fried chickens ?
11:56 collum Hi, psyhokiller.
11:57 psychokiller should i go with Zebra or not ?
11:57 psychokiller is Zebra's installation a pain in the ass ?
11:59 psychokiller noZebra that is
12:00 collum It's fairly straight forward.  You just have to make sure you have the correct environment variables set and that it is run by your koha user.
12:01 psychokiller i will not set up zebra for the moment
12:02 psychokiller so the staff interface is
12:02 psychokiller ?
12:04 collum Probably,, or just http://localhost:8080
12:06 psychokiller ok
12:06 psychokiller so is Koha the best LIS out there ?
12:07 psychokiller or are Proprietary ones still in the lead ?
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12:08 hilongo hello everyone ...
12:08 psychokiller hello
12:09 hilongo nice nick... :)
12:10 psychokiller from argentina ?
12:11 hilongo yep
12:11 psychokiller Still Mrs Kirhner there ?
12:11 hilongo @wunder Mendoza, Argentina
12:11 munin hilongo: The current temperature in Mendoza Aerodrome, Argentina is 18.0�C (3:00 AM ART on March 15, 2010). Conditions: . Humidity: 41%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.85 in 1011 hPa (Rising).
12:12 hilongo ha ha ... yes ... She's still here
12:12 psychokiller @wunder Athens, Greece
12:13 munin psychokiller: The current temperature in ARGYROUPOLI, Argyroupoli, Greece is 14.4�C (2:12 PM EET on March 15, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 52%. Dew Point: 4.0�C. Pressure: 29.91 in 1012.8 hPa (Steady).
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12:14 hilongo HOla tomás :)
12:15 hilongo seems that all argentinians decided to show up today :)
12:15 psychokiller maybe Diego Maradona will enter next
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12:16 Kivutar1 lol
12:16 nahuel lol
12:16 nahuel ar-gen-tina !
12:17 hilongo ha ha ha ... Hmmm ... I keep inviting him ... so maybe ;)
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12:18 psychokiller do you know Jorge Altamira ?
12:20 hilongo no, I don't
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12:27 schuster owen - quick question about javascript - I see in the opac-reserve.tmpl - a call for click "when specific copy function is clicked do x..."
12:28 schuster $(".selectspecific").click(function() {
12:28 schuster Can I change that to an onload option so it is automatically selected?  what would I call it?  load?  it doesn't follow my standard javascript so wasn't sure what to use.
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12:33 owen schuster: Checking...
12:37 jwagner Good morning, all.  Is anyone doing anything with electronic bookplates?  One of my sites is asking.  So far the possibilities seem to be an 856 link in the title record and/or the 952u link in the item record.
12:40 * owen has never heard of an electronic bookplate
12:42 jwagner owen, see the "Purchased With" link under the call number at -- it's probably more common in academic/research libraries.
12:42 owen schuster: My first thought is that you'll need to duplicate the contents of $(".selectspecific").click(function() on document load, but you'd have to restrict it to the holds page only
12:45 schuster so this is actually calling an external javascript?  Is that what you are telling me?
12:46 owen I don't have a complete answer on the solution schuster, but you'll have to try to accomplish it via opacuserjs...unless you can edit opac-reserve.tmpl
12:46 schuster I was looking for a quick fix to force users to make copy specific holds rather than first available as that would force local only holds.
12:46 schuster I can edit opac-reserve.tmpl - that's what I'm playing with...  The beauty of self hosting ;)
12:47 owen That's much easier then.
12:47 schuster Document my changes well so that in the next upgrade I can either edit again or see about an enhancement.
12:48 owen Hmmm... except the $(".selectspecific").click(function() uses $(this) to pass a biblionumber...
12:49 owen Maybe try changing it to $(".selectspecific").each(function()
12:50 schuster That is all pretty criptic because later click - the button to place hold actually passes the biblionumber - there's a couple of click(function() on the page - that's why I was wondering if I could change that from a click to onload. but the terms are different than what I have learned so far.
12:50 schuster learned with javascript that is.
12:54 owen Just changing it to each() doesn't work...
12:54 owen I'll have to think on it some more later schuster.
12:55 owen jwagner: That's an interesting example. My library is trying a bookplate fundraiser right now, it would be neat to be able to link to them in the OPAC
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12:59 Fallor Hi #koha :)
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13:04 collum jwagner: What a wonderful idea. Public libraries, at least ours, mainly use bookplates for items that are purchased or donated as memorials.
13:04 collum It would be nice to link from the ILS.
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13:14 jwagner Sorry, was away for a few minutes.  The main purpose for the bookplate seems to be public stroking of donors :-) but I was just talking to some of our librarians here, picking their brains.  How it's set up may depend on what else they want to get out of it -- reports for a particular donor by year, etc.
13:16 jwagner I've tried a test record, and either/or the 856 or the item uri field seem to work fine.
13:16 owen If all they needed was that link then the database of donor information could be kept separately from Koha
13:17 jwagner The item uri field seems to be indexed, but I can't figure out how to limit a search on it.  Any ideas on that?  I tried uri:searchstring but it didn't work.
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13:21 chris_n` jwagner: is that information the same as 952$e "Source of Acquisition"?
13:21 chris_n` is now known as chris_n
13:22 jwagner No, the 952 u, Uniform Resource Identifier
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13:31 jwagner chris_n, I suppose it could also be in the 952e.
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13:31 chris_n jwagner: we use 952e to note donor sort of info
13:32 jwagner But that doesn't hot-link to another site, like an electronic bookplate, correct?
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13:52 magnus hm is there any way to make electronic journals appear in the results when a search is limited to one specific branch?
13:54 jwagner magnus, I'm not sure how Koha might do it.  In Unicorn, I did some involved setup that worked.  First we created a separate branch for eresources and added item records for all of them with that branch.  Then we defined search groups for the OPAC where instead of using the individual branches, the group was defined as branch + elibrary branch.  That way limiting to the search group (transparent to user) searched both automatically.
13:54 jwagner I know there's a library group function in Koha, but I've never tried doing anything with it.
13:56 magnus thanks jwagner, i see what you are getting at, and it sounds like a solution that might work. i think there has been some problems with the library group function in koha not actually doing anything, though?
13:57 jwagner No clue on that one.  I'd like to see it work, though -- this was a tremendously useful function in Unicorn and could be for Koha too.  If an eresource is available to all users, you want to make it easy to find.
13:58 jwagner I've worked in libraries where an eresource was only available to a particular branch (separate subscriptions).  In that case, the item record belonged to the branch, not the elibrary branch.
13:58 magnus makes sense!
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14:15 oceb hi
14:16 brendan @weather 93117
14:16 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 6.8�C (7:14 AM PDT on March 15, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 71%. Dew Point: 2.0�C. Windchill: 7.0�C. Pressure: 30.11 in 1019.5 hPa (Rising).
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14:16 oceb @weather 93117
14:16 munin oceb: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 6.8�C (7:14 AM PDT on March 15, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 71%. Dew Point: 2.0�C. Windchill: 7.0�C. Pressure: 30.11 in 1019.5 hPa (Rising).
14:17 oceb any latinoamerican people here?
14:19 jwagner There were a bunch earlier.  Dunno if they're still online.
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14:21 oceb hi jwagner where are you from?
14:21 jwagner Maryland
14:23 oceb Mmm Im from Lima,Perú. Where i can found more info about kohacon2010?
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14:43 jwagner @quote random
14:43 munin jwagner: Quote #60: "<owen> My 9-month-old may not be walking yet, but she's got great bib control." (added by gmcharlt at 12:31 PM, February 19, 2010)
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14:53 moodaepo Ropuch++ # for helping psychos, again.
14:54 Ropuch Thanks
14:54 jwagner moodaepo, you know that COULD be interpreted in multiple ways.....
14:55 Ropuch He was using my guide, so feel little obligated
14:55 jwagner But I agree with how you probably meant it :-)
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14:55 Ropuch Besides his problems were kinda my fault ;>
14:55 moodaepo jwagner: Er haven't had my caffeine yet so I claim what ever is the nicest meaning one can derive out of that : )
14:55 Ropuch ...and my patience leveled up to whole new dimension
14:56 jwagner moodaepo, I've had two cups of tea, but caffeine doesn't help :-(  It's a Monday morning, what can I say???
14:56 moodaepo Ropuch: It's hard to help someone with some many problems and even though you had a typo it wasn't your job to completely spoon feed : )
14:56 moodaepo s/some many/ so many/
14:57 Ropuch moodaepo: I know, but I like challenges ;>
14:58 * jwagner thinks up ways to send new challenges in Ropuch's direction
14:58 Ropuch And I was able to seek & destroy my typo
14:59 Ropuch jwagner: ;-)
15:14 schuster jwagner and magnus - I was able to use the multi-branch opac with a modification to the location to get it to search 2 locations at the same time similar to what Jane did with Unicorn
15:14 schuster - will bring back searches for branch 001 and 901 locations - we have all our streaming and ebooks loaded into 901 location.
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15:15 magnus schuster: sounds intriguing...
15:17 jwagner schuster, good work -- maybe write up how you did it for the wiki?
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15:34 schuster[…]c32_multiple_opac - criptic will have to see if I can give an example of the setup.
15:40 magnus is now known as magnus_away
15:44 Sharon one of our libraries just reported that our morning holds queue report (or whatever you folks call it) didn't realize yesterday was dst.
15:45 jwagner Sharon, in what sense?  Was the job cronned to run at 2:00 AM or something?
15:45 Sharon cron job runs at 7 am, but this morning it ran at 8
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15:45 Sharon one of our libraries pulled materials at 7:40, only to have the list regenerate at 8
15:46 jwagner Sounds like the server clock didn't change times, then.
15:46 Sharon I'm told by another team member we had to send a reminder last year.
15:46 Sharon guess we shoulda done the same this year!  You'd think the server could do that on its own...
15:47 jwagner When Congress changed the dates on DST, most OS sites sent out patches for the various types of servers.  Maybe that didn't get applied to yours?
15:47 jwagner Our servers updated themselves OK.
15:47 jwagner I'll bet yours will reset itself automatically in a couple of weeks, on the old DST weekend.
15:47 jwagner But that's not a good answer.
15:49 collum The time zone package for debian is tzdata.  It probably needs to be updated.
15:50 collum But that's not a good answer either.
15:51 slef I don't see why the US doesn't fall in line with Europe on the DST change. We've coordinated nearly 30 countries, but the US can't coordinate one?
15:52 collum slef: Not sure why either.  To throw another wrench into the works.  It's a state by state decision.
15:52 Fallor left #koha
15:53 Sharon maybe.
15:53 Sharon I'm sending a request - we'll see if it's fixed.
15:53 Sharon in one state, it was a county-by-county decision!
15:55 jwagner The state I grew up in didn't observe DST at all.  Only practical difference was that for half the year, the TV programs were an hour later than the other half....
15:55 slef Can someone remind me how to use gitweb?  I'm trying to check if[…]a6a86d1188df3d9d8 is in current 3.0.x addressing Bug 2547
15:55 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2547 normal, P3, ---,, NEW, $ sign in boraccount / fines / account tab
15:58 schuster So are we still using for now?  I have an enhancement/ I want some input on...
15:59 schuster RFC type stuff.
15:59 jwagner Don't see why not.
16:00 jwagner Have you done a bugzilla on it?
16:03 schuster well what do you know...
16:03 schuster bug 3340
16:03 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3340 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Enhancement for borrower loading command line
16:05 schuster Anyone care to comment on this?  I have a programmer who has set it up and we are testing it this week.  For the default values he has created a seperate file so in case you wanted to set default values you could or just leave the file blank
16:05 schuster It also puts the output to a file so you can see the results later for errors etc...  Need to test that more to see what types of errors are thrown.  Currently it is loading files from what I can tell exactly as if I do it through the web interface.
16:12 toins left #koha
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16:28 jwagner @quote random
16:28 munin jwagner: Quote #34: "<chris> oh except that time .. when katipo decided to write an ils just for fun, then forced HLT to use it" (added by gmcharlt at 02:23 PM, September 16, 2009)
16:32 Kivutar joined #koha
16:34 slef bbl
16:34 juan-xercode joined #koha
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17:05 brendan joined #koha
17:08 * jwagner is getting dizzy with all the comings and goings....
17:17 alex_a left #koha
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18:00 Ropuch Huh
18:00 jwagner ?
18:02 Ropuch Is it possible to set up two libraries with different setting on one koha install?
18:03 Ropuch One with simple aquisition, seconf with normal, budget-based
18:04 jwagner Two different instances?  Or running off the same library/MySQL database?
18:04 Ropuch One instance
18:04 jwagner I don't know, then.  Two different instances is possible.
18:05 toins joined #koha
18:05 Ropuch So maybe I'll just set up onother koha
18:05 Ropuch It would be safer, as it's going to be used by non-librarian ;>
18:11 paul_p left #koha
18:12 mib_768b0o joined #koha
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18:16 joetho joined #koha
18:24 SJeffery joined #koha
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18:49 cait joined #koha
18:49 cait hi all
18:50 jwagner hi cait
18:51 Ropuch Hi cait
18:52 cait hi jwagner and ropich
18:56 SJeffery Hi jwagner, I have been in touch with him.
18:56 SJeffery Just had a massive new project come up, so all this stuff is on hold for a few weeks.
18:57 tomascohen left #koha
19:01 Nate joined #koha
19:06 rhcl joined #koha
19:21 sekjal joined #koha
19:36 oceb joined #koha
19:37 oceb cri cri cri...
19:43 richard joined #koha
19:45 chris morning
19:46 oceb morning chris
19:46 jwagner morning, chris
19:48 gmcharlt hi chris
19:50 Ropuch hI gmcharlt, chris
19:50 chris gmcharlt: i was switching on syndetics for hlt, found some bugs (some variables not being passed to the template)
19:51 chris ill send a patch later today
19:51 gmcharlt cool
19:51 chris http://opac.koha.catalystdemo.[…]iblionumber=63369
19:51 chris syndetics and librarything
19:55 jwagner chris, see my patch this week for Bug 4314 if you're going to be doing anything with the Syndetics and LibraryThing links.  Would hate to bump heads....
19:55 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4314 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Flag for SSL Enabled to fix 3rd Party Enhanced Content in OPAC
19:55 sekjal left #koha
19:55 chris nope yours are all template side
19:56 chris mine is
19:56 larsw joined #koha
19:56 jwagner Oh, good.  I was having visions of massive merge conflicts....
19:56 jwagner On that note, see you all tomorrow!
19:56 chris the problem was SyndeticsEnabled was never being set
19:56 chris so the template never did anything anyway :)
19:56 jwagner Well, that's not helpful of it :-)
19:57 jwagner left #koha
19:57 chris gmcharlt: did you see the mail from larsw ? any objection to him fixing up licensing statements?
19:57 gmcharlt nope
19:58 chris cool
19:58 gmcharlt no objection, that is, although not in one big batch - one per directory, I think
19:58 chris sounds good to me
19:59 larsw one per directory? hmm... ok, I can do that
19:59 gmcharlt hi larsw
19:59 larsw greetings
20:05 chris[…]e/2140493436.html
20:10 gmcharlt cool!
20:10 collum left #koha
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20:52 schuster yes way cool thanks for sharing Crhis.
20:52 schuster chris
21:03 SJeffery left #koha
21:06 si is now known as rachel
21:08 jwagner joined #koha
21:08 * jwagner clears throat
21:09 jwagner[…]e.aspx?pressId=84
21:09 * jwagner ducks for cover :-)
21:09 cait oh
21:10 richard wow
21:10 oceb oh
21:10 chris oh, i thought that got called off
21:11 chris ouch
21:12 jwagner ouch?  That's MY line!!!
21:12 chris "PTFS pledges to enhance and maintain the site as the focal point for the world’ s Koha activities– the place to find the latest information on Koha support, documentation, news, and downloads. "
21:12 chris not a single mention of working with the community at all
21:12 chris *sigh*
21:13 jwagner I wouldn't read too much into that right now, chris.  I'm not authorized to speak on any issues, but a lot of things are still under discussion.
21:13 chris yeah, it is a public statement tho, starting off on the wrong foot and all
21:13 CGI735 joined #koha
21:14 rachel is now known as si
21:19 Lee joined #koha
21:19 oceb left #koha
21:20 CGI735 left #koha
21:20 Lee Just got an email from Jane Wagner that PTFS closed the deal with LibLime
21:20 gmcharlt hi Lee
21:20 Lee hey Galen did you know?
21:20 gmcharlt and jwagner said as much in channel, and I believe she is hiding ... right there! ;0
21:20 jwagner Eeeep!  You spotted me!!!
21:20 gmcharlt no sooner than you did
21:20 Lee lol
21:21 jwagner The announcement just came out a few minutes ago.
21:21 Lee Well that is a HUGE surprise for me!!!
21:21 jwagner But I guess that answers the question of whether the email made it to the listserv -- I haven't seen it yet.
21:21 Lee ummm yup loud and clear
21:22 Lee so is it effective immediately?
21:22 Lee is Josh staying on as an consultant?
21:22 jwagner Right now I don't know anything beyond what is in the press release.  It didn't go final until I left for the day, so I'm logged in from home.  I'm sure we'll all get briefed tomorrow.
21:23 Lee ah
21:23 jwagner Everyone needs to be aware that this will NOT be a speedy process.  It's going to take time to integrate all the systems and get up to speed.
21:23 jwagner And it will also take time to get answers to all the outstanding questions on community issues.
21:24 Lee will PTFS come to KohaCon? and what about the and trademark...
21:24 Lee oops
21:24 Lee typing before reading
21:25 Lee I will be patient...I am just stunned
21:25 Lee sorry for the deluge of Qs
21:25 jwagner Believe me, we are aware of all the questions.  I just don't have any answers yet.
21:25 nengard joined #koha
21:26 Lee Well I think John Y should send you NZ...
21:26 Lee hey Nicole how ya feeling?
21:26 jwagner I'd love to go to NZ.  So would several others on our staff.  This could get ugly....
21:27 nengard like crap - but was told discussion was going on here - so i thought i'd pop in
21:27 Lee rock paper sissors
21:27 Lee yeah big doings at PTFS
21:28 jwagner Things are going to be interesting over the next few months, that's for sure.
21:29 Lee it can only get better IMHO
21:30 Lee I know the WALDO peeps are major players at LL but there are lots of us self hosted peeps too
21:31 jwagner And we'll have to get up to speed on every one of you.  chris, how are those cloning and time travel scripts coming?
21:31 chris :)
21:31 chris still buggy
21:31 schuster left #koha
21:32 Lee it would be good to have you at KCon so we can get some face time with PTFS
21:32 nengard k - back to napping for me ... maybe i'll be up to talking (or typing) more tomorrow :(
21:32 Lee besides ...we like you...:D
21:32 Lee feel better
21:33 nengard left #koha
21:33 Lee So no one else is surprised - am I the last to know...Chris...:/
21:34 larsw left #koha
21:34 larsw joined #koha
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21:53 collum joined #koha
21:54 jwagner be back in a few -- supper is calling my name.
21:54 chris eat well
22:00 chris Lee: not quite last :)
22:03 Lee nice... and i thought we were friends:P
22:07 jwagner back :-)
22:07 toins joined #koha
22:10 toins left #koha
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22:34 jdavidb joined #koha
22:37 Lee I just got my reservations...arriving on the 18 of Oct leaving on the 8 of Nov.
22:37 Lee :D very happy
22:38 Lee Chris what day will I be arriving the 19 or the 20?
22:41 davi left #koha
22:51 jdavidb left #koha
22:52 Lee left #koha
22:53 bgkriegel joined #koha
23:07 jwagner I'm going to call it a day.  Talk to you all tomorrow!
23:08 jwagner left #koha
23:11 collum left #koha
23:21 chris @later tell Lee if you leave on the 18th will probably arrive on the 20th
23:21 munin chris: The operation succeeded.
23:26 richard left #koha
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23:55 CGI333 left #koha

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