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00:48 Genji bug: when the cataloger do a new record which contains more than one author he put the first author in field #100 , and the rest of the authors in 700 (it is a repeatable field) then save the record. Later on another  cataloger will go over new records to make sure that all the data have been entered correctly and there are nothing missing. If the other cataloger changes anything in the record and save it, the content of the fields 700 get
00:49 Genji is it  this bug?[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2265
00:49 munin Bug 2265: blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---,, RESOLVED FIXED, Problem (bloquing) in MARC editor, duplicated fields
00:49 Genji koha3rc1
00:49 Genji no patch attached...
06:04 Genji okay, its not bug 2265.. just figored out how to get bugs out of git logs... looked over the diff... not the problem..
06:04 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2265 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---,, RESOLVED FIXED, Problem (bloquing) in MARC editor, duplicated fields
08:12 Ropuch Morning #koha
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16:49 psychokiller hi
16:49 psychokiller is there anyone willing to help me here ?
16:50 psychokiller Ropuch are you the Pole ?
17:00 psychokiller I have followed an install tutorian on Koha on UBUNTU 9.10
17:00 psychokiller *but show no koha
17:00 psychokiller but so no koha
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17:04 psychokiller hi toins
17:04 psychokiller do you have koha installed ?
17:04 toins hi psychokiller
17:04 toins yes
17:07 psychokiller can you give some advice on how can i install it ?
17:07 psychokiller everything they 've told me is false
17:08 hdl_laptop psychokiller: I donot think this is the way to ask for help
17:09 psychokiller well I can be more specific
17:09 psychokiller but I want to know if someone is eager to help me
17:09 psychokiller because i have to switch to UBUNTU
17:12 toins psychokiller: what's wrong ?
17:22 psychokiller i followed the steps
17:22 psychokiller and it didnt work
17:22 psychokiller one minute i ll switch to UBUNTU
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17:31 oceb hi
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17:34 psychokiller im back
17:35 psychokiller this is  what i followed
17:35 psychokiller
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17:37 psychokiller can't  do this perl Makefile.PL
17:37 psychokiller in which folder should I enter perl Makefile.PL ?
17:37 toins psychokiller: you can follow the file install.ubuntu to install it on ubuntu
17:38 toins here is the file :[…]LL.ubuntu;hb=HEAD
17:38 psychokiller that was meant for UBUNTU server
17:38 psychokiller that's what they told me
17:42 hdl_laptop perl Makefile.PL should be done in the directory you cloned the koha files.
17:43 hdl_laptop locate Makefile.PL
17:44 Ropuch psychokiller: hi there
17:44 psychokiller hi
17:45 Ropuch psychokiller: just like hdl_laptop said:
17:45 Ropuch locate Makefile.PL
17:46 psychokiller i think i found it
17:46 psychokiller its on my home directory
17:47 psychokiller called "orestes"
17:47 psychokiller inside there is a dir called koha
17:47 psychokiller and there i found
17:47 psychokiller ok how do i get there >
17:47 psychokiller ?
17:48 psychokiller oooh
17:48 psychokiller i did it
17:52 psychokiller im in this stage now sudo make install
17:52 psychokiller dont know what he is doing
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17:57 psychokiller I have this problem this :
17:58 psychokiller cd /etc/apache2/sites-available/ && sudo cp -s ../../koha/koha-httpd.conf ./koha
17:58 psychokiller cp: cannot create symbolic link `./koha' to `../../koha/koha-httpd.conf': File exists
17:59 Ropuch So it exist - you must have gone through that step already with previous install attempts
17:59 Ropuch Skipt that step then ;)
18:00 psychokiller Gotowe!
18:00 psychokiller i do this
18:00 psychokiller and i get this :
18:00 psychokiller Koha error The following fatal error has occurred:                          DBD driver has not implemented the AutoCommit attribute at /usr/lib/perl5/ line 705. Compilation failed in require at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 25. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 25. Compilation failed in require at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 24. BEGIN failed--compilation abo
18:00 psychokiller sorry
18:00 psychokiller DBD driver has not implemented the AutoCommit attribute at /usr/lib/perl5/ line 705.
18:00 psychokiller Compilation failed in require at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 25.
18:01 Ropuch Hmn
18:01 psychokiller BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 25.
18:01 Ropuch Okidoki
18:01 psychokiller Compilation failed in require at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 24.
18:01 Ropuch cd ~/koha
18:01 psychokiller Done that
18:01 Ropuch make clean
18:02 Ropuch sudo rm -fr /usr/share/koha
18:02 Ropuch perl Makefile.PL
18:02 Ropuch make && make test
18:03 Ropuch I have an impression that you skipped the "make && make test" last time
18:04 psychokiller nope
18:05 psychokiller do i have to do the PORT thing again ?
18:05 psychokiller Konfigurujemy apacha
18:05 psychokiller do i have to configure Apache ?
18:05 psychokiller the APACHA guy >
18:05 psychokiller ?
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18:15 psychokiller i did make and make test
18:15 psychokiller what next ?
18:15 psychokiller Ropuch ?
18:15 psychokiller are you with me ?
18:20 Ropuch Next is
18:20 Ropuch sudo make install
18:31 psychokiller did that
18:32 psychokiller what next ?
18:32 psychokiller i enter the ip ?
18:32 psychokiller i get an ERROR
18:39 psychokiller Ropuch ?
18:39 psychokiller are you there ?
18:39 psychokiller why is it so difficult to install Koha ?
18:40 Ropuch I'm now
18:41 Ropuch So what is happeninga fter you try browsing to ?
18:42 psychokiller The following fatal error has occurred:
18:42 psychokiller DBD driver has not implemented the AutoCommit attribute at /usr/lib/perl5/ line 705.
18:42 psychokiller Compilation failed in require at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 25.
18:42 psychokiller BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 25.
18:42 psychokiller Compilation failed in require at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 24.
18:42 psychokiller BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 24.
18:42 Ropuch Ok ok
18:42 psychokiller Compilation failed in require at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 27.
18:42 Ropuch Use pastebin :)
18:42 psychokiller BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 27.
18:42 psychokiller what pastebin?
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18:42 psychokiller there are many out there
18:43 psychokiller
18:43 psychokiller here
18:43 psychokiller what can I do ?
18:45 Ropuch Seems like mysql bug
18:46 Ropuch Ok
18:46 Ropuch mysql -u kohaadmin -p katikoan
18:46 Ropuch drop database koha;
18:46 Ropuch create database koha;
18:47 Ropuch And then try again
18:47 psychokiller oh oh
18:47 psychokiller what is the default password
18:47 psychokiller for mysql ?
18:47 psychokiller i just entered and entered again
18:47 psychokiller kohaadmin ?
18:47 psychokiller koha ?
18:48 Ropuch kohaadmin
18:48 Ropuch pass: katikoan
18:49 psychokiller mysql -u kohaadmin -p katikoan
18:49 psychokiller when i do this
18:49 psychokiller it asks me for a password
18:49 Ropuch mysql -u kohaadmin -p
18:49 psychokiller i press either my usual Ubuntu one
18:49 Ropuch An then - when asked for password - enter katikoan
18:50 psychokiller ok
18:50 Ropuch oh, wait
18:50 Ropuch Uh, sorry, I'm little sleepty
18:50 Ropuch \mysql -u root -p
18:50 psychokiller its in
18:50 Ropuch mysql -u root -p
18:50 psychokiller in the mysql directory ?
18:50 psychokiller because im in now
18:51 Ropuch You're in mysql console then
18:51 Ropuch Ok, try drop database koha;
18:51 Ropuch Success?
18:52 psychokiller welll....
18:52 psychokiller i get an arrow
18:52 psychokiller does that mean i deleted it ?
18:52 psychokiller i dont see any activity
18:53 Ropuch ;
18:53 Ropuch You must have forgot the ; at the end
18:53 psychokiller aha
18:53 psychokiller i get this
18:53 psychokiller the server has gone away !
18:53 psychokiller LOL
18:53 psychokiller where did he go ?
18:54 Ropuch Hehe, don't know, he's not at my place for sure ;>
18:54 Ropuch ok, quit it
18:54 psychokiller
18:54 psychokiller the server isnt working
18:55 psychokiller mysql is f.. up
18:55 psychokiller hasn't been insTALLED right
18:56 psychokiller i know about mysql but i've only used it from phpmyadmin
18:56 psychokiller not in a srtict text based mode
18:56 psychokiller so what should I do ?
18:58 Ropuch sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart
19:00 psychokiller how do i quit ?
19:00 psychokiller from the mysql console ?
19:00 Ropuch just quit
19:01 Ropuch You can try ctrl+c
19:01 psychokiller * Stopping MySQL database server mysqld                                 [ OK ]
19:01 psychokiller * Starting MySQL database server mysqld                                 [ OK ]
19:01 psychokiller * Checking for corrupt, not cleanly closed and upgrade needing tables.
19:01 Ropuch Ok
19:02 Ropuch mysql -u root -p
19:02 Ropuch after you log in
19:02 Ropuch drop database koha;
19:02 Ropuch create database koha;
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19:03 psychokiller what's the password ?
19:04 Ropuch I think your system one
19:04 psychokiller no its not
19:04 Ropuch Hm
19:05 psychokiller ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
19:05 Ropuch mysql -u root
19:06 psychokiller yes
19:06 Ropuch I'm pretty sure you've been aksed for password while installing mysql-server
19:06 psychokiller and then drop
19:06 Ropuch yup
19:06 psychokiller and create
19:07 Ropuch and then grant
19:07 psychokiller aha
19:07 Ropuch grant all on koha.* to 'kohaadmin'@'localhost' identified by 'katikoan';
19:07 Ropuch then quit
19:07 psychokiller but the db had no rows
19:07 psychokiller it seems logical
19:07 psychokiller but dont know
19:07 Ropuch :)
19:07 psychokiller lets see
19:07 psychokiller should i create a new one ?
19:07 Ropuch yes
19:07 psychokiller and name it koha again ?
19:08 Ropuch yes
19:08 Ropuch create database koha;
19:08 psychokiller i granted it too
19:08 psychokiller im quitinig
19:08 psychokiller lets see
19:09 psychokiller ok im listenign , what next ?
19:10 Ropuch Cross your fingers and browse to
19:10 psychokiller shit
19:11 Ropuch Still DBI error?
19:11 psychokiller yeap
19:11 Ropuch hym
19:11 psychokiller DBD to be exact
19:11 Ropuch apt-cache show mysql-server | grep Version
19:12 psychokiller Version: 5.1.37-1ubuntu5.1
19:12 psychokiller Version: 5.1.37-1ubuntu5
19:13 Ropuch Same as mine
19:13 Ropuch sudo apt-get install libdbd-mysql-perl
19:13 Ropuch But I'm sure you have this already installed
19:14 Ropuch sudo apt-get install --reinstall libdbd-mysql-perl
19:14 Ropuch But actually I'm running out of ideas
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19:17 psychokiller did that too
19:17 psychokiller next ;
19:17 psychokiller ?
19:18 Ropuch
19:18 psychokiller yep sitll shit
19:18 Ropuch Really, I don't know what is causing the problem
19:19 psychokiller your tutorial is wrong ?
19:20 psychokiller should i post my error in a forum ?
19:20 psychokiller maybe someone can help ?
19:21 Ropuch Sure, I think you can try posting on koha mailing list
19:23 psychokiller mailing list ?
19:23 psychokiller it's more quick than the forum ?
19:23 Ropuch
19:24 Ropuch I'm not aware of any official Koha forum
19:24 Ropuch It looks like problem with dbi
19:26 psychokiller mono 101 ?
19:26 psychokiller ego kano 300
19:26 psychokiller xaxa
19:26 psychokiller sorry
19:26 psychokiller sorry
19:26 Ropuch apt-cache show libdbi-perl | grep Version
19:26 psychokiller that was going to someone else
19:26 Ropuch Yep, probably for some cirrilic user
19:26 Ropuch ;>
19:26 Ropuch I bet on russian speaking person as you were to attend russian course ;>
19:27 Ropuch Can you tell me the output of apt-cache show libdbi-perl | grep Version on your system?
19:27 psychokiller Version: 1.609-1
19:28 Ropuch Huh
19:28 psychokiller is it a pirated edition ?
19:28 Ropuch I have no ideas left
19:28 psychokiller lol
19:29 psychokiller well has anyone used your guide ?
19:30 Ropuch We can try purging & reinstaling your mysql-server, but there's good chance that I'm just wasting your time
19:30 psychokiller Koha-bugs     Activity from the Koha bugs database (
19:30 psychokiller should i post there ?
19:30 Ropuch psychokiller: yup, a friend of mine installed koha with it before I published it
19:30 Ropuch psychokiller:
19:31 Ropuch It looks more like perl-mysql problem than a Koha one
19:33 Ropuch psychokiller: but I must admit my guide was tested on default Ubuntu Dekstop 9.10 install
19:34 psychokiller so can i trash perl and mysql all together ?
19:34 psychokiller maybe it is because i installed Xampp
19:34 psychokiller before koha ?
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19:34 Ropuch Well, maybe - I really don;t know
19:35 Ropuch I'd rather apt-get remove --purge Xampp, I'm not sure if removing perl is safe
19:35 Ropuch I guess forced removal of perl can render your system uselss
19:36 psychokiller ok lets trash xampp
19:36 psychokiller cant find it ?
19:36 psychokiller ha
19:36 psychokiller what is this guy talking about ?
19:37 psychokiller how do i uninstall in UBUNTU ?
19:38 Ropuch How you got it installed?
19:39 psychokiller synaptic
19:41 Ropuch So try to find and remove it from synaptic as well
19:45 psychokiller doesnt find it
19:45 richard joined #koha
19:46 psychokiller maybe it wasnt synaptic after al
19:46 psychokiller l
19:46 Ropuch So it's just a name of "group of choices"
19:46 Ropuch ls /opt
19:47 Ropuch If you installed xamp from sources it should be there
19:48 Ropuch psychokiller: you something on the pc you're trying to install Koha on?
19:48 psychokiller sorry?
19:48 Ropuch I'm sorry for my english
19:48 Ropuch Your pc with ubuntu server
19:49 Ropuch Is tehre something else installed on it? Or you have it just for testing Koha?
19:49 Ropuch s/tehre/there
19:49 psychokiller there are other thing too of course
19:50 psychokiller its called lampp
19:50 psychokiller aha
19:50 psychokiller not xampp
19:50 Ropuch sudo /opt/lampp/lampp stop
19:51 psychokiller still cant get it to delete it
19:51 psychokiller what the hell ?
19:51 Ropuch I don't know
19:54 psychokiller ok lets wait an see in the mailing list
19:54 psychokiller it;s very nice that its so easy to install it
19:54 psychokiller lo
19:54 psychokiller l
19:54 Ropuch Well it's more likely you've messed up your ubuntu installation
19:55 Ropuch Actually I'm gonna install ubuntu on virtualbox and test it
19:55 Ropuch Just now ;>
19:55 psychokiller from windows ?
19:55 psychokiller Vista ?
19:55 psychokiller if it works tell me to trush Ubuntu in a sec
19:56 psychokiller i mainly want it for Koha
19:58 Ropuch You have 9.10 or 8.04 LTS edition?
20:02 Ropuch I'm going with 9.10 desktop ed, I don't have server iso here
20:02 psychokiller 9.10
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20:12 larsw on the page, second paragraph in the main text, it says 'For a comprehensive overview of features visit the Koha feature map.'
20:12 larsw could the words 'feature map' be made a link to the feature map?
20:13 psychokiller aha
20:13 psychokiller[…]P-to27897327.html
20:14 psychokiller its seems im online despite posting in a mailing list
20:14 Ropuch Archives are accessible ;>
20:15 Ropuch Ok, I should have fresh ubuntu machine ready in few minutes
20:17 psychokiller are you running on Windows ?
20:22 Ropuch No, I'm Linux Mint right now, I'm installing Ubuntu inside VirtualBox
20:22 Ropuch But I was using xp when writing and testing my guide
20:24 Ropuch It would be quicker if I was on my old machine, I had a snapshot for clean & updated Ubuntu install there
20:31 psychokiller are you set up ? ready to blow your self apart ?
20:32 Ropuch Almost there ;>
20:44 Ropuch Updatin
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21:01 psychokiller are you there yet ?
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21:11 Ropuch I have slow internet connection, so updating takes some time
21:11 psychokiller well is it through ?
21:12 psychokiller well I guess the mailing list is more slow than the irc channel
21:12 Ropuch In 2 minutes ;>
21:12 Ropuch Well, it's sunday evening here ;>
21:12 psychokiller well its sunday almost everywhere
21:12 psychokiller anyway
21:13 psychokiller im not going to comment on the installation of koha and how i review it
21:13 psychokiller im not talking about your guide
21:13 Ropuch You can always write your won guide when you succeed
21:13 Ropuch ;>
21:13 psychokiller "when I succeed"
21:14 psychokiller that sums it up in one line
21:14 psychokiller nothing to add
21:14 psychokiller lol
21:14 Ropuch ;>
21:14 Ropuch Ok, here we go
21:24 psychokiller you've following the guide ?
21:24 Ropuch Doing it right now
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21:36 psychokiller have you caused WW III ?
21:37 Genji whats the major differences between koha 3.0 and 3.2?
21:37 Ropuch I'm about to comp;ile koha
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21:38 psychokiller Genji ill tell you when i manage to install Koha in the first place
21:39 Ropuch Genji: new aquisition module, for example
21:39 Ropuch New label creator
21:40 Genji what about, for a purely digitial library?
21:40 Genji just pdf files.
21:42 Ropuch psychokiller: compiling
21:42 psychokiller compile it god damn it
21:45 Ropuch My laptop wasn't thefastest one on the market, and I'm running Ubuntu inside a Vbox so ;>
21:45 psychokiller ok
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21:46 Ropuch I could spent another 50$ and get t6670 proc with virtualization suppoort, but I'm not that heavy Vbox user ;>
21:46 Ropuch But so far so good
21:56 Ropuch installing
21:57 Genji what features make koha 3.2 more useful than koha 3.0 head,for a purely digital library?
21:57 psychokiller Genji did you install 3.0  ?
21:57 richard Genji: the answers might be here -[…]velopment:rfcs3.2
22:00 Genji however, these rfc's are proposed features of 3.2.. and not necessarily features that exist now, in the 3.2 branch, right?
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22:14 cait @wunder leipzig
22:14 munin cait: The current temperature in Leipzig Schkeuditz, Germany is 2.0�C (10:50 PM CET on March 14, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: -1.0�C. Windchill: -4.0�C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Steady).
22:14 psychokiller ok
22:15 psychokiller Ropuch i think
22:15 psychokiller WW III is coming
22:15 Ropuch Finishing :)
22:15 cait hi #koha
22:15 Ropuch Hello cait
22:16 cait hi Ropuch
22:20 Genji okay, whats the method of upgrading a non-gitted, modified koha 3rc1 to current 3.0.X?
22:21 psychokiller no method at all
22:21 psychokiller better commit suicide
22:22 Genji suicide isn't avaliable as a git commit option.
22:22 psychokiller you're lucky you've installed koha in the first place
22:22 cait genji there is a way
22:22 cait I did it before using git
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22:23 Genji cait: okay, so, could you email me some help?
22:23 cait sorry, my documentation is lost and I am a linux newbie
22:23 cait perhaps I can google it for you, give me a mom
22:23 Genji sorry,you can't have mine.
22:24 Genji oh, spelling mistake..right..
22:24 Ropuch psychokiller: I have the same error you have
22:24 cait ?
22:25 psychokiller lol
22:25 psychokiller well tha's comforting
22:25 Ropuch Not really ;>
22:25 psychokiller or how the english say that
22:25 Genji cait: read what you wrote...
22:26 psychokiller maybe its the 9.10
22:26 psychokiller that's causing it
22:26 Ropuch Could be
22:26 psychokiller your friend did he have 9.10 ?
22:26 cait dont see the mistake
22:26 cait but its late
22:26 Ropuch Yep, but i was some time ago
22:27 Genji i could not get koha running under ubuntu.
22:27 Genji debian works.
22:27 cait we use ubuntu
22:27 Ropuch So some packagaes could have been updated
22:27 cait works fine
22:27 Ropuch cait: worked fine for me till today
22:27 cait what happened?
22:28 Ropuch
22:28 Genji cait:any luck with google?
22:28 cait Genji: sorry, its a script, you can download the new snapshot, run the script, tell it where your config file for koha is and everything is ok
22:29 Ropuch After clean install i got pretty much same error
22:29 Ropuch #
22:29 cait it was not difficult
22:29 Genji cait: what script/
22:29 Ropuch DBD driver has not implemented the AutoCommit attribute at /usr/lib/perl5/ line 705 & /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 30
22:30 Ropuch I can't log into my production box to check DBI version
22:30 Ropuch Hm, wait, i should have 3.005 installed on my old laptop
22:32 cait Genji: sorry, I need t sleep its late here and library congress tomorrow
22:32 Genji Ropuch:
22:33 Genji cait: don't have a link/
22:33 Ropuch Genji: [13 Nov 2006 10:47]
22:33 Ropuch I looked into it when psychokiller showed me his error
22:33 cait its the normal way to update from one stable release to another
22:34 psychokiller Ropuch can you tell us what Ubuntu version your friend have that installed koha with your guide ?
22:34 psychokiller id like to switch to that version IMMEDIATELY
22:34 Ropuch psychokiller: it was 9.10
22:35 Ropuch But as I said: itr was some times ago, so some of packAGES must have been updated
22:35 psychokiller he was joking
22:37 cait ok, time to sleep, good night
22:38 Ropuch Good night
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22:43 Ropuch I'll try to install Koha on ubuntu that has not been updated for 1 month
22:47 psychokiller brb in 1 min
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22:53 psychokiller Ropuch any progress?
22:55 Ropuch Finishing install on outdated system
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23:08 Ropuch I went ok
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23:13 psychokiller really?
23:13 psychokiller what do you mean ?
23:15 Ropuch I mean: I've just installed Koha on my old outdated laptop
23:16 psychokiller with a NON-update 9.10 ubuntu ?
23:16 Ropuch Yep
23:16 psychokiller so if you NOW update your UBUNTU
23:16 psychokiller will it work ?
23:18 Ropuch I don't want to update it yet
23:21 psychokiller will it work on a WUbi ?
23:21 psychokiller
23:22 Ropuch I've never used Wubi
23:31 psychokiller did you update ?
23:31 psychokiller lol
23:32 psychokiller so someone will have to inform all the people on planet earth
23:32 psychokiller You either UPDATE in Ubuntu 9.10 or you install first koha
23:32 psychokiller its your choice
23:36 Ropuch Or maybe I'm doing something terribly wrong in my guide ;>
23:37 psychokiller have you found it ?
23:37 chris if you update from 8.04 to 9.10
23:37 chris you will be changing perl versions
23:37 psychokiller maybe if i DOWNgrade ?
23:37 psychokiller will it work ok ?
23:37 chris and hence will need to re cpan any modules you installed that way, since they will be installed for 5.8
23:37 chris not 5.10
23:38 psychokiller DOWNgrade for koha
23:38 chris any modules that were packaged, will upgrade tho
23:39 Ropuch Hi chris
23:39 Ropuch I was on 9.10 when writing and testing my guide
23:39 Ropuch The same mysql, libdbd-mysql-perl & libdbi-perl versions
23:40 chris cool
23:40 Ropuch The only thing that i can tell is different at first glimpse is kernel version: 2.6.31-20 vs 2.6.31-14
23:40 chris yeah ive installed on 9.10 fine plenty of times
23:41 chris installing koha on 8.04 then upgrading to 9.10 will change perl versions, so you will have missing modules, but they can just be installed, i have done that too
23:41 Ropuch
23:41 Ropuch So it's something with my guide
23:42 Ropuch I've just installed 3.0.5
23:42 chris and it works?
23:42 Ropuch But when trying to install on fresh ubuntu it's showing DBD error
23:42 Ropuch chris: yup, as expected *cough*
23:43 chris ok, what happens if you sudo cpan DBD::Mysql
23:43 Ropuch[…]ugust/019654.html
23:43 Ropuch I've found something like this
23:44 Ropuch chris: one sec, I'll boot up Vbox
23:44 chris ah yes dselect ... dselect is deprecated
23:45 chris check the INSTALL.debiah-lenny guide
23:45 chris spelt right of course
23:45 Ropuch I know, but I used aptitude (ubuntu)
23:45 chris sudo install_misc/
23:45 chris ah right
23:45 chris and it still did a mismatch of versions?
23:48 Ropuch[…]ugust/019654.html
23:48 Ropuch uh
23:48 Ropuch
23:49 Ropuch But libdbd & libdbi was installed as a dependency of mysql-server
23:50 chris yep
23:50 chris the one you install via cpan would take preference
23:50 chris since it comes earlier in the path
23:50 chris trap for young players
23:51 chris but we can use it to our advantage in this case, if we cpan on DBD::mysql
23:51 chris then it will take precedence over the ubuntu package, and we can confirm if its a problem with that version
23:52 Ropuch Version: 4.011-1ubuntu1 <-that's lates libdbd package
23:53 chris yep
23:53 Ropuch So - should I remove mysql-server, cpan DBD::mysql and then reinstall mysql?
23:53 chris nope
23:53 chris just try cpan DBD::mysql
23:53 chris that will install 4.013
23:53 chris then see if you still get the autocommit error
23:53 Ropuch Ok
23:54 Ropuch (I tried to install DBD::*M*ysql ;>
23:54 chris ahh sorry my typo
23:55 psychokiller Ropuch did it work ?
23:57 Ropuch /usr/bin/perl Makefile.PL INSTALLDIRS=site' returned status 512, won't make
23:58 chris bummer, was worth a try
23:59 Ropuch But the question is why?
23:59 Ropuch I got this laptop month ago, installed HEAD on the same day
23:59 Ropuch Installed 3.0.5 few times and it went smooth

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