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00:31 bankhead to check to see if zebra running ? ps axf | grep "zebrasrv"
00:32 gmcharlt bankhead: yep
00:32 bankhead gmcharlt: i get 30724 pts/0    S+     0:00      \_ grep zebrasrv
00:32 chris if thats all you get
00:32 chris its not running
00:33 bankhead it said update-rc.d: warning: /etc/init.d/koha-zebra-daemon missing LSB information
00:33 bankhead does that matter?
00:34 chris im not sure, but i dont think so
00:35 bankhead Is there another way to start it besides the start?
00:36 bankhead and does it matter that I haven't done the web installer yet?
00:41 chris_n bankhead: no, zebra should run independent of the web installer
00:42 bankhead thx
00:46 chris_n bankhead: I think '/path/to/zebrasrv -f /path/to/koha-conf.xml' will start zebra
00:48 bankhead thats the command line way? as opposed to the shell script?
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01:26 chris_n bankhead: yup
01:32 bankhead chris_n: ok i get  [fatal] lock file /home/koha/koha-dev/var/lock/​zebradb/biblios/ [Permission denied]
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01:37 chris_n you will probably have to execute it as your kohauser
01:38 bankhead I thought I did, my kohauser is koha
01:38 bankhead and my terminal says koha @koha
01:39 chris_n who owns /home/koha/koha-dev/var/lock/​zebradb/biblios/
01:40 bankhead not can I determine?
01:41 chris_n ls -l /home/koha/koha-dev/var/lock/​zebradb/biblios/
01:42 bankhead it says No such file or directory
01:42 chris_n ls -l /home/koha/koha-dev/var/lock/zebradb
01:43 bankhead there is just a readme there
01:43 chris_n paste the complete output
01:44 bankhead ls: cannot access /home/koha/koha-dev/var/lock/​zebradb/biblios/ No such file or directory
01:44 chris_n sorry, of  ls -l /home/koha/koha-dev/var/lock/zebradb
01:44 chris_n it should look like
01:44 chris_n koha@biblios:~/koha-prod$ ls -l var/lock/zebradb
01:44 chris_n total 8
01:44 chris_n drwxr-xr-x 2 koha koha 4096 2010-01-15 08:54 authorities
01:44 chris_n drwxr-xr-x 2 koha koha 4096 2010-01-15 08:58 biblios
01:45 bankhead yes
01:45 bankhead total 8drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 2010-03-16 17:03 authoritiesdrwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 2010-03-16 17:03 biblios
01:45 chris_n ahh... there's the problem
01:45 bankhead i see
01:45 bankhead root
01:45 chris sudo chown -R koha  /home/koha/koha-dev/
01:45 bankhead am I toast?
01:45 chris_n you probably need to do 'chown -R koha:koha /home/koha/koha-dev
01:45 chris *snap*
01:46 chris_n chris: snap
01:46 bankhead ok
01:46 chris_n wow
01:46 chris_n they say great minds get stuck in the same rut ;)
01:46 chris heh
01:47 bankhead chris_n: chown -R koha:koha /home/koha/koha-dev ?
01:47 chris_n either way will be do the same thing
01:48 chris_n that probably explains why the daemon did not start as well
01:48 chris only root can do chown you will need sudo
01:49 chris_n yup, sorry
01:49 bankhead got it
01:49 chris_n bankhead: try starting the zebra daemon again for kicks
01:49 bankhead ok
01:50 bankhead I redid  ls -l /home/koha/koha-dev/var/lock/zebradb
01:50 bankhead and it is koha now
01:50 chris_n cool
01:50 bankhead the shell or the command line /usr/bin/zebrasrv -f /home/koha/koha-dev/etc/koha-conf.xml
01:51 chris try the shell
01:51 chris it might jsut work now, the permissions could well be what was stopping it
01:52 bankhead now ps aux | grep zebrasrv ?
01:52 chris_n yup
01:53 bankhead my god it worked
01:53 chris :)
01:53 chris_n nice
01:53 bankhead is this good? koha     30958  0.0  0.0   3496   528 ?        Ss   18:50   0:00 daemon --name=koha-zebra-ctl.koha --errlog=/home/koha/koha-dev/​var/log/koha-zebradaemon.err --stdout=/home/koha/koha-dev/​var/log/koha-zebradaemon.log --output=/home/koha/koha-dev/var​/log/koha-zebradaemon-output.log --verbose=1 --respawn --delay=30 --user=koha koha -- /usr/bin/zebrasrv -v none,fatal,warn -f /home/koha/koha-dev/etc/koha-conf.xmlkoha
01:53 chris_n we really need to have a permissions section in the INSTALL files
01:53 bankhead is it really working?
01:53 chris yes that is good
01:53 chris next thing you have to do
01:53 chris_n and Makefile.PL could do more permission fixing probably
01:54 chris is set up the cron job
01:54 bankhead right
01:54 chris chris_n: it does it ok on a standard one, just does it wrong on a dev one
01:54 chris so it shouldnt be too hard to fix
01:54 chris_n ok, I'm off to sleep
01:54 chris_n g'night
01:54 bankhead thanks so much
01:55 bankhead chris: can I do the web installer now and add my records?
01:56 chris yep
01:56 chris the search wont work until you set up the cron job though
01:56 bankhead otay! Is this cron job hard to ?
01:56 chris but you can do that after the web installer
01:57 chris not too hard there is an example file in misc/cronjobs/
01:57 chris called crontab.example
01:57 chris you just have to comment out the ones you dont want to run, and change a few paths
01:57 chris then as the koha user
01:57 chris type crontab -e
01:57 chris and paste in the file
01:58 chris OR you can put the file in /etc/cron.d/
01:58 chris but you have to make more changes that way
01:58 bankhead is the file that you paste in?
01:59 chris no crontab.example
01:59 chris after you have edited it
01:59 bankhead ok I am getting it
01:59 chris cool ;)
01:59 bankhead edit it to run rebuild_zebra
01:59 chris at the top it sets some variables
01:59 chris you need to fix them to your paths
02:00 chris eg /home/koha/koha-dev/etc/koha-conf.xml
02:00 chris instead of what it has currently
02:00 bankhead ok
02:00 bankhead I will work on it
02:00 bankhead thanks!
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06:45 Ropuch Morning #koha
06:48 chris hi Ropuch
06:52 Ropuch Hi chris
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08:01 hdl_laptop @wunder Montpellier
08:01 munin hdl_laptop: The current temperature in Montpellier, France is 6.0�C (8:00 AM CET on March 17, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: 1.0�C. Windchill: 4.0�C. Pressure: 30.39 in 1029 hPa (Steady).
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08:35 paul_p hello world !
08:38 chris hi paul_p
08:39 Amit_G hi paul_p, chris
08:40 chris hi Amit_G
08:41 paul_p chris: do you think France will get the "big chelem" this year ? I think so. Just 1 match against UK, that have nothing to win, except having France not doing "big chelem"
08:41 chris :) yeah they are the better team
08:41 chris so i think they will
08:43 * paul_p think so (and M. Bastareaud is back for this match ;-) )
08:44 * paul_p still has no idea about what happened in NZ though... we don't speak of that anymore here. And when someone ask the trainer or a player, he get "stop asking, we have more important things to deal with, like next match"
08:44 chris :)
08:45 chris ahhh, yeah he drank to much and fell over
08:46 chris then made up a story about being beaten up because he was embarassed
08:47 chris (the hotel security footage showed him returning to his room unhurt)
08:57 nicomo_laptop hi guys, that's not basketball you're talking about, right?
08:57 nicomo_laptop paul_p: they don't know basketball in Marseille, do they?
09:02 paul_p nicomo_laptop, we don't know Rugby in Marseille either. But i'm from Beziers, the city that ruled the french Rugby when I was young ;-)
09:03 nicomo_laptop Ah, and doesn't not anymore, right? Sad.
09:03 nicomo_laptop uh, bad english
09:03 paul_p nicomo_laptop, right. they are in 2nd or 3rd league nowadays :(
09:04 nicomo_laptop really? That far down the rankings? yuk
09:04 paul_p 3rd :''''((((
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09:15 jransom hiya all
09:15 Amit_G hiya jransom
09:16 jransom Amit: do you know who is the Release maintainer of stable release?
09:17 chris its hdl_laptop jransom
09:17 paul_p hi jransom
09:17 jransom hiya
09:17 hdl_laptop jransom: hi
09:17 chris
09:17 hdl_laptop Yes ?
09:17 jransom hi hi
09:17 hdl_laptop congrats
09:18 hdl_laptop (Movers & Shakers)
09:18 jransom just getting an email out for the koha subcommittee of HLT
09:18 jransom thank you (blushes)
09:19 jransom So this looks like the team:
09:19 jransom HLT Rep: George Sue, Kaitiaki - Rachel Hamilton-Williams Release Manager 3.2: Galen Charlton Release maintainer of stable release: Henri-Damien Laurent Translation Manager: Chris Cormack HLT Head of Libraries: Joann Ransom
09:19 jransom plus 1 position to be appointed / coopted
09:19 jransom wondering about Rachel and the Kaitiaki position and juggling babies etc
09:20 chris yeah, i think we can say that its currently vacant
09:20 jransom so we do need to have an election fr that position then
09:20 chris well the committee kinda is the kaitiaki now
09:20 jransom how do we do that (due process and all)
09:20 paul_p jransom, and before the election, we should well define the purpose of this position.
09:20 jransom nods
09:21 chris im not sure the position needs to exist now we have the subcommittee
09:21 paul_p couldn't the HLT head of library be considered as kaitiaki ?
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09:22 joann I think that would give me 2 votes :)
09:23 chris i cant remember, the committee changes when the positions change eh? (when 3.2.0 is released)
09:23 joann suggest that as Rach is officially still kaitiaki, we wait for her resignation and then refill that position
09:23 joann yes
09:23 chris yeah, that will work
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09:25 joann sorry
09:25 joann web based mibbit and a dodgy connection not a good combo
09:25 chris yeah
09:25 joann rules here:[…]isation:hlt:rules
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09:26 chris i think wait for resignation, maybe timed with 3.2.0 release
09:26 joann so by my reading would be George, Jo, Galen, Chris, Henri, Rach + 1 to be decided
09:26 chris since then it all changes anyway
09:26 joann yes.
09:26 joann George has suggested that we could hold the first meeting of the Koha subcommittee at 7am NZ time on either Wednesday the 24th or Wednesday the 31st March.
09:27 joann are you suggesting though that we wait until 3.2 is released for first meeting?
09:27 joann i don't see an urgent need for a meeting t be honest
09:28 joann but we should meet sometime :)
09:28 chris im not sure that there is anything to currently meet about :)
09:28 joann I agree
09:29 joann hdl_laptop: do yu have an opinion?
09:29 hdl_laptop no need to hurry
09:30 joann ok. I shall send an email to the members i listed above and suggest that no urgency to meet unless sometimes feels strngly that we should?
09:30 chris sounds good to me
09:40 joann Chris: I have done hours and hours and hours of testing tonight. Its looking quite good :)
09:43 chris cool
09:45 joann have to go to bed soon so i can get up again :)
09:46 chris yep, im off to auckland tomorrow, at some point i hope to have a week in wellington :)
09:46 chris singapore last week, dorkland this week
09:47 joann did Laurel and the boys go with yu to Singapore?
09:48 joann hw did it go?
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11:07 gmcharlt chris: hdl_laptop: etc: I don't see an urgent need for a meeting right away either
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11:08 hdl_laptop hi gmcharlt
11:08 hdl_laptop still reviewing patches ?
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11:10 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: and pushing them, as you can see
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11:11 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: yep I saw
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11:11 hdl_laptop I sent some more for 3482
11:11 hdl_laptop (followups
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11:11 hdl_laptop )
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11:11 hdl_laptop Maybe PTFS would like to test them also
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11:12 gmcharlt but note that some of your patches will end up being deferred to 3.4, most likely - something like C4/ is a good idea but a bit more than just a simple bugfix
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11:13 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: you have always had the option of sending your patches to other parties for testing and their signoff, and I encourage you to do that
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11:15 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: I expected you would reject C4/IssuingRules to 3.4 But I wanted your opinion pn that. Since to my mind even though it is more than just bug fix, it should be done the sooner.
11:16 chris too close to release imho
11:16 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: the first patch for bug3482 I sent to PTFS but had no feedback on that.
11:17 jdavidb hdl_laptop: I saw your email on that; I've been out of the office all week; expect to hear something back today or tomorrow, depending on how many fires I have to put out.
11:18 chris howd the campaigning go jdavidb ?
11:18 hdl_laptop Note that if I remind correctly, I have not used the module in the scripts.
11:18 hdl_laptop jdavidb: the patch proposed for bug3482 is quite old but I sent some more today
11:19 hdl_laptop jdavidb: And I had sent you them, as I had promised.
11:19 jdavidb Very well.  Most of my state's reps are already aboard on the legislation we are interested in, but we landed a few more folks.  We've got the votes to pass it, if the sponsor can jump through the procedural hoops.
11:20 chris thats great
11:22 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: noted the third party emailing proposition
11:23 chris well i have meetings all day tomorrow, so i should get some sleep
11:23 chris have a good day all
11:23 hdl_laptop sleep well
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11:47 * jwagner opens a bleary eye
11:47 jwagner Good morning, I think.
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11:51 hdl_laptop hi jwagner
11:55 jwagner Bonjour
12:09 chris_n g'morning all
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12:20 owen Hello world.
12:28 gmcharlt hi owen, jwagner, chris_n
12:30 Ropuch Hi gmcharlt, owen jwagner chris_n ;-0
12:32 jwagner Hello all.
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12:40 schuster hello Koha community.
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12:55 Fallor hi guys :)
12:57 Ropuch Hello
12:57 janewagner Hmmm.  Two days in a row I've gotten disconnected when trying to do a quote.  Maybe munin doesn't love me any more?
12:58 Fallor i was wondering what
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12:58 Fallor whoops
12:58 janewagner is now known as jwagner
12:58 Fallor ... what's the easiest way to switch from nozebra to zebra?
12:58 Fallor is there some script that would assist in this or is it all manual?
12:58 gmcharlt Fallor: manual, but not too hard
12:58 * owen thinks "Jump from a tree as one runs by?"
12:58 Fallor i've got some variables that i'm stuck with
12:59 gmcharlt variables in the Zebra config files?
12:59 Fallor yep
12:59 Fallor[…]a-to27701562.html
12:59 Fallor i posted it to the mailing list some time ago, but no help there
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13:00 Fallor actually i don't remeber exactly where those were :D
13:02 gmcharlt ZEBRA_SRU_HOST = DNS name of your server
13:02 gmcharlt ZEBRA_SRU_AUTHORITIES_PORT = usually 9999
13:02 gmcharlt ZEBRA_USER = kohauser
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13:03 gmcharlt ZEBRA_DATA_DIR = depends on waht your original installation mode was - dev or standard?
13:04 Fallor can ZEBRA_SRU_HOST just be "localhost"?
13:04 Fallor the installation mode is standard
13:04 gmcharlt yes
13:04 Fallor ok i'll try to hunt them down now :D
13:05 Fallor i.e. find a file where they're at
13:05 gmcharlt ZEBRA_DATA_DIR would then be /var/lib/koha/zebradb
13:05 Fallor what's ZEBRA_DATA_DIR for stadard installation?
13:05 Fallor standard even
13:05 gmcharlt I just told you that :) /var/lib/koha/zebradb
13:06 Fallor ah, ok, thanks :)
13:06 gmcharlt and the files you're looking to to change are most likely located in /etc/koha
13:07 Fallor i think they're in /etc/koha/zebradb somewere
13:07 gmcharlt right, but a couple zebra settings are also referred to in /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
13:07 Fallor oh, there are two more
13:08 Fallor 9999?
13:08 gmcharlt 9998 for biblios, 9999 for authorities
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13:08 Fallor ok :)
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13:11 schuster PTFS network playing havoc with jdavidb and jwagner... ;)
13:11 schuster Glad to see them both here today.
13:11 jdavidb :)  I'm back from the Halls of Congress,
13:11 jwagner I thought maybe we were getting subtle hints from the community :-)
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13:11 schuster jdavidb - site seeing or work?
13:11 gmcharlt jwagner: no, you just need to tell your gateway that we don't bite :)
13:12 schuster We are community we just want to help now open up and let us in!
13:12 jwagner We had some network issues yesterday, but I thought they were fixed.  Sigh.
13:12 jdavidb Lobbying, with an activist organization whose goals I support.  Went with friends to lobby for employment non-discrimination.
13:12 gmcharlt jdavidb: what's the org?
13:12 schuster For Open Source programmers I suspect... ;)
13:14 jwagner schuster, I'm From The Government And I'm Here to Help You?
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13:15 jdavidb I have GLBT friends here, who have faced enormous job discrimination.  Last week, HRC went, this week was the National Center for Transgender Equality.  They asked for allies to come out, too.  :)
13:16 Fallor bugger
13:16 Fallor i managed to f*** up zebra-biblios.cfg
13:16 Fallor /etc/koha/zebradb/zebra-biblios.cfg:1 missing colon after '5~'
13:17 owen jdavidb++
13:17 owen The_Man--
13:17 Fallor I think my editor inserted some special character somewere
13:18 Fallor found it
13:18 jdavidb Thanks, owen.  I just happen to think that everyone should be able to get and retain jobs based on their qualifications and performance, not other matters.  Kinda a no-brainer to me.
13:19 schuster jdavidb++
13:20 jdavidb This bill is easily passable:  198 cosponsors in the House, 45 in the Senate.  It's just tied up in procedural things.  But the lead sponsor has said he's gonna push as soon as this health-care fooraw gets done.
13:21 gmcharlt jdavidb++
13:23 Fallor Can't locate Unix/ in @INC
13:23 Fallor :(
13:24 Fallor I have this: /usr/lib/perl/5.8.8/i486-linu​x-thread-multi/Sys/
13:24 gmcharlt that's Sys::SysLog; you need Unix::SysLog; what platform are you using?
13:24 Nate joined #koha
13:25 Fallor this is slackware 12.2
13:25 Fallor actually it seems to be 12.0
13:27 gmcharlt ok, off-hand I don't now how/if slackware packages Perl modules
13:27 gmcharlt but doing
13:27 gmcharlt cpan Unix::Syslog
13:27 gmcharlt should install the module
13:28 Fallor ok, we'll see
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13:29 * jwagner asks nicomo if he brought chocolate :-)
13:31 Fallor ok, the daemons are up
13:31 Fallor or at least it seems that way ;)
13:32 Fallor next i'll dump the database and create a zebra-index
13:32 Fallor and then reset the nozebra variable
13:33 Fallor is that all i need to do or is there something else?
13:36 gmcharlt that's it
13:37 Fallor cool, thanks again gmcharlt :)
13:38 schuster daemons ahhh run to the hills!!! :)
13:39 gmcharlt schuster: daemons are your friends!
13:39 gmcharlt trust me ;)
13:41 schuster I saw kyle's patches submission today I sure hope that all looks good and gets included with 3.2!!!
13:41 schuster Now if I could only figure out how to control those daemons...  or at least the ones in my head...
13:42 * jwagner asks what operating system schuster's head is running
13:44 Fallor I get two error messages when building the index:
13:44 Fallor [warn] No such record type: grs.marcxml.record
13:45 Fallor [fatal] fopen /var/lib/koha/zebradb/biblios/key/key1.tmp [No such file or directory]
13:46 gmcharlt Fallor: do you have a /usr/lib/idzebra-2.0/modules directory on your system?
13:46 Fallor nope
13:46 Fallor doesn't seem to be there
13:47 chris_n` joined #koha
13:47 gmcharlt ok, please check for it in /usr/local/lib and whereever else slackware stores libraries
13:47 Fallor it's actualli in /usr/local/lib
13:47 gmcharlt ah, ok
13:47 Fallor zebra is installed from source
13:47 gmcharlt what files does that directory contain?
13:48 Fallor mod-alvis.*, mod-dom.*, mod-grs-marc.*, mod-grs-regex-*, mod-grs-xml.*
13:48 gmcharlt ok
13:48 Fallor .a .la and .so of all of those
13:49 gmcharlt then the most like issue is that that the modulePath setting in zebra-biblios.cfg and zebra-authorities.cfg isn't pointing to that directory
13:49 Fallor ok, i'll check
13:50 Fallor right you are
13:50 Fallor they're pointing to nonexisting /usr/lib/idzebra...
13:50 Fallor that's fixed now
13:51 schuster jwagner - you dont' want it...  leaks all the time.
13:51 hdl_laptop @seen pianohacker
13:51 Fallor still the same fatal message
13:52 gmcharlt ok
13:52 gmcharlt did the warning go away, at least?
13:52 chris_n hdl_laptop: munin is on lunch break
13:52 Fallor yep, but i got a lot of new warnings :D
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13:53 Fallor i think some of them have to do with the correct directories not being present under /var/lib/koha/zebradb
13:54 gmcharlt var/lib/koha/zebradb
13:54 gmcharlt rather, creating /var/lib/koha/zebradb/biblios and /var/lib/koha/zebradb/authorities should be sufficient
13:54 Fallor i created them, but they don't seem to be enough
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13:55 Fallor i also created key, register and shadow under biblios
13:55 Fallor because those were the ones that the warnings were about
13:56 owen schuster: Did you get your tablesorter working yesterday?
13:57 Fallor This is what is says now:
13:58 Fallor could it be about the ownerships/permissions of the directories?
13:59 wizzyrea_laptop joined #koha
14:00 schuster owen - no, I have a few other things that I am working on - my ADD got the best of me doing several things getting nothing done.  I left it alone and maybe next week I can look at it again and see if I can see where I went wrong.
14:01 sekjal Fallor: ownerships/permissions could be a possibility, I'd think
14:01 Fallor so how should i set them?
14:02 Fallor actually that was not the problem
14:02 Fallor i made them world-writeable and the error is still there
14:03 jwagner Let's see if munin is really back.
14:03 jwagner @quote add <schuster> Now if I could only figure out how to control those daemons...  or at least the ones in my head...
14:03 munin jwagner: The operation succeeded.  Quote #69 added.
14:03 sekjal Fallor: how many records are you indexing?  The only other similar problem I know is when indexing a large number of records, the cache goes over the default 4GB
14:04 Fallor Zebra says: Records exported: 4239
14:05 Fallor so it's not that big
14:05 sekjal no, that's way to low for the 4GB limit.  hmm... I've exhausted my Zebra-taming knowledge for now.  sorry
14:07 Fallor this is the strange thing:
14:07 Fallor 16:01:06-17/03 zebraidx(10221) [fatal] zebra_begin_trans: cannot open register
14:07 Fallor why can't it open the register?
14:08 Fallor and then there is that isamb/isamA thingy
14:08 Fallor whatever that is :D
14:08 sekjal perhaps (back on the ownership/permissions track) it needs to be executable as well as writeable?
14:09 Fallor well they were directories, so...
14:09 gmcharlt just the directories
14:09 gmcharlt there are no programs in the Zebra data directory that need to be made executable
14:11 Fallor
14:11 Fallor that's what I get now
14:12 Fallor cannot open register is still there
14:12 gmcharlt Fallor: I would suggest remove any files under /var/lib/koha/zebradb (leaving the directories) and trying again
14:13 hdl_laptop @seen pianohacker
14:13 munin hdl_laptop: pianohacker was last seen in #koha 3 weeks, 2 days, 13 hours, 19 minutes, and 32 seconds ago: <pianohacker> Cool! Most of the credit on that to fredericd, glad someone finally put the pieces together :)
14:13 hdl_laptop @seen pianohacker|work
14:13 munin hdl_laptop: Error: 'pianohacker|work' is not a valid nick.  That nick is too long for this server.
14:13 hdl_laptop @seen pianohacker|wrk
14:13 munin hdl_laptop: I have not seen pianohacker|wrk.
14:14 Fallor ok, only one warning left now :)
14:14 jdavidb @seen pianohackr|work
14:14 munin jdavidb: pianohackr|work was last seen in #koha 2 weeks, 0 days, 13 hours, and 3 seconds ago: <pianohackr|work> parents keep _threatening_ to break an arm, but I think they're kidding
14:14 Fallor 16:12:33-17/03 zebraidx(10262) [warn] Record didn't contain match fields in (bib1,Local-number)
14:14 hdl_laptop looks like you donot have any biblionumber
14:15 hdl_laptop or no fields
14:15 Fallor err...
14:15 Fallor how is that possible?
14:15 hdl_laptop mmm either you are using nosanitize and your biblio was migrated
14:16 Fallor mind you, this is originally a voyager database that was imported to koha 2.2 and then converted to koha 3.0, so I guess anything is possible :D
14:16 hdl_laptop OR you are using english UNIMARC
14:16 Fallor nope, i'm using MARC21
14:16 Fallor somewhat modified, though
14:16 owen schuster: I sent a patch to your gmail account
14:16 gmcharlt Fallor: I'm sure you have a bib ID, it may just be different than what the default config expects
14:16 Fallor it has some features of old FINMARC-92 and MARC21-Fin
14:17 hdl_laptop can you check the biblionumber in your Koha2Marc Mappings ?
14:17 gmcharlt easy enough to fix - could you check your MARC frameworks and see what biblio.biblionumber is being mapped to?
14:17 Fallor yep, just a moment
14:17 Fallor it's 090c
14:18 hdl_laptop So in your record.abs, you should have a line melm 090$c Local-number
14:18 gmcharlt it's probably curently set to a line like this
14:18 gmcharlt melm 999$c      Local-Number:n,Local-Number:w,Local-Number:s
14:18 gmcharlt changing to 090$c will fix it
14:19 gmcharlt similarly, check to see where biblioitemnumber is set
14:19 gmcharlt note that the record.abs to be changed is the one for biblios, obviously
14:19 Fallor ok, but where is record.abs?
14:20 gmcharlt under /etc/koha/zebradb/
14:21 gmcharlt /etc/koha/zebradb/marc_defs​/marc21/biblios/record.abs
14:21 gmcharlt assuming your current MARC flavor is marc21
14:21 gmcharlt if it's UNIMARC, s/marc21/unimarc/
14:22 Fallor ok, found it
14:22 OCEB joined #koha
14:23 Fallor marc links i have biblionumber in both biblio and biblioitems
14:23 Fallor in biblioitems it's not linked anywere
14:24 gmcharlt that's fine
14:26 Fallor the index building seems to work now
14:26 OCEB morning
14:26 Fallor seems good, no warnings, no errors
14:27 Fallor let's try to make the actual switch then
14:28 Fallor well... it doesn't find anything :D
14:28 Fallor no results match your search for...
14:31 Fallor oh, i'm getting errors
14:31 Fallor (again)
14:32 Fallor they're not errors actually
14:32 Fallor just some logging blah blah
14:33 Fallor no, they are actually errors afterall :D
14:34 Fallor
14:34 Fallor wrong username?
14:35 gmcharlt ZEBRA_USER and ZEBRA_PASS references in koha-conf.xml must match same values in zebra-biblios.cfg and zebra-authorities.cfg
14:38 Fallor passwd: /etc/koha/zebradb/etc/passwd
14:38 Fallor that's in zebra-biblios.cfg
14:38 Fallor koha-conf.xml has the password set
14:39 gmcharlt and they match?
14:39 Fallor oh, there's the problem
14:39 Fallor there are still two variables unset in that passwd file
14:41 Fallor now they match, but the problem presists
14:42 Fallor well, in koha-conf.xml there are <user></user> and <password></password> tags
14:42 Fallor and in passwd [username]:[password]
14:42 Fallor but they're the same
14:43 OCEB Hi to all
14:43 OCEB i have a question about cataloguing
14:44 OCEB field 'hidden' have some values like -6 -5 -1 0 1 4 7 etc
14:44 OCEB what means each value?
14:45 Fallor maybe i should re-run the index building because the passwd file was wrong when i did it
14:45 gmcharlt Fallor: shouldn't be necessary - instead, try bouncing zebrasr
14:46 Fallor ok, now it works :)
14:47 Fallor i hope there are no more unset variables anywere
14:47 jwagner OCEB, see[…]raphic-frameworks
14:49 OCEB =O
14:49 OCEB thanks jwagner
14:49 OCEB mmm i have another question
14:50 OCEB why record editor is not saving "#" character in indicators field?
14:50 Fallor there is still no boolean search in opac :(
14:55 Fallor is it possible to have and/or/not visible in OPAC the way they are in staff client?
14:56 OCEB boolean search is working fine for me in OPAC :S
14:59 owen Fallor: Are you looking for the boolean dropdowns on the advanced search page? Click the "More options" link to show them
14:59 Fallor they don't show up in OPAC for me
14:59 Fallor for some reason
15:01 jwagner OCEB, # is not a valid indicator.  It's frequently used as a visual indicator in documentation to mean a space, which is a valid indicator.
15:05 OCEB uhmmm
15:05 OCEB ok
15:07 wizzyrea_laptop left #koha
15:07 OCEB our librarians are accustomed to using # in indicators
15:07 OCEB haha
15:07 gmcharlt Fallor: is the expandedSearchOption syspref on?
15:07 nengard left #koha
15:08 Fallor gmcharlt: yes
15:09 Fallor clicking on "more options" in opac only adds [+] to the end of last search field
15:10 Fallor for adding more search fields
15:10 Fallor but no boolean dropdowns
15:10 wizzyrea_laptop joined #koha
15:12 OCEB @Fallor : wich version of koha are you using?
15:12 munin OCEB: Error: "Fallor" is not a valid command.
15:13 OCEB Fallor : wich version of koha are you using?
15:13 Fallor
15:13 hdl_laptop left #koha
15:13 wizzyrea_laptop schuster: lol
15:13 hdl_laptop joined #koha
15:17 OCEB I am not sure but when i was using koha 3.0.0 dropdowns was not showed
15:18 Fallor OCEB: which version are you using now?
15:19 OCEB 3.0.5
15:19 Fallor ok, so maybe i'll need an upgrade
15:19 Fallor i'll try that tomorrow
15:20 OCEB ok
15:20 OCEB i am sure that you cant see search for date ranges
15:20 OCEB too
15:21 Fallor no, i can't, you're right about that
15:21 Fallor this is what my opac looks like:
15:21 OCEB yeah
15:22 OCEB my opac looks like
15:22 OCEB[…]ha/
15:24 Fallor that's exactly what i want too :)
15:24 Fallor so upgrade it is
15:25 Fallor have you gotten the limiting by itemtype to work?
15:25 Fallor i'm having problems with that (also) ;P
15:25 bgkriegel joined #koha
15:26 OCEB haha
15:26 OCEB yeah, it works fine for me
15:27 OCEB left #koha
15:27 Fallor i wonder what's the glitch there
15:27 oceb joined #koha
15:28 oceb omg i closed the window
15:29 Fallor OCEB: what do you have in marc links for itemtype?
15:29 Fallor i have 942c
15:32 oceb i also have 942 c
15:34 Fallor i wonder why it doesn't work for me then
15:38 chris_n jwagner: finally got my huge cheese burger :)
15:38 oceb mmm
15:38 nicomo_laptop left #koha
15:39 oceb Fallor : what values do you have for itemtypes-code?
15:39 jwagner chris_n, are you trying to make me hungry again?
15:40 * jwagner pauses for chocolate break.
15:41 Fallor OCEB: you mean in "item types and circulation codes"?
15:41 oceb yeah
15:42 Fallor codes are aani, archive, dvd, kausijulk, kirj, nuot, video
15:44 Fallor is that important?
15:47 oceb i think search for item types is working fine :P
15:48 oceb try to search 'folk' on Nuotti
15:48 oceb it works fine
15:48 oceb but item images doesnt correctly
15:48 oceb in 942 c every result have NUOT
15:48 Fallor yep, you're right, it seems to work now
15:49 oceb yeah
15:49 oceb but
15:49 oceb try to search
15:49 oceb 'folk'
15:49 oceb on Äänite (CD)
15:49 oceb it produces a production mode - trapped fatal error
15:50 Fallor whos
15:50 Fallor (whoa i meant to say :D)
15:50 oceb haha
15:50 oceb :)
15:50 Fallor i need to see what's that about
15:51 Fallor this is a bit of a frankenstein database
15:52 Fallor however is you try "udmurtia" and then "äänite", it works fine again :D
15:52 Fallor except for the wrong icons that is
15:52 Fallor i hope the upgrade will fix the icon thingy
15:53 oceb what happends
15:53 oceb if you desactivate xlst on OPAC syspref?
15:53 oceb xslt*
15:53 Fallor well actually it doesn't really work because it doesn't limit anything :D
15:53 Fallor it shouldn't show books if i choose to search for cd's
15:54 Fallor if i disable xslt terrible thing happen :D
15:54 Fallor the results page is all wrong and we don't get the information that we want
15:55 Fallor it doesn't seem to fix anything either
15:55 oceb mmm
15:55 oceb you see my opac?
15:55 oceb im not using xslt :P
15:56 oceb xslt searchs on leader fields
15:56 oceb maybe your marc record info in that fields is wrong
15:57 oceb because of that you see different icons
15:58 Fallor i don't think so
15:58 Fallor the source of most of the record is finnish national library
15:58 Fallor it should be pretty good quality data
15:58 Fallor most of the records
15:59 Fallor it can be a problem with items somehow
16:00 Fallor i'll check the marc leader though
16:00 oceb ok
16:00 oceb i have a patch to search from 942 in results to show the correctly icon that i want on opac search
16:01 Fallor oh?
16:01 oceb yeah
16:01 Fallor what
16:01 Fallor 's it like
16:01 Fallor (that enter is just on the wrong place on this keyboard :D)
16:01 oceb yeah
16:02 oceb jajaja
16:02 oceb but i think it just works with xslt disabled
16:02 Fallor yeah, probably and we really need xslt
16:03 Fallor anyway i'll continue this tomorrow
16:03 Fallor now i'm off, it's past six already
16:03 oceb =o
16:03 Fallor thanks a lot for all your help :)
16:03 oceb its 11:02 am in Perú
16:03 wizzyrea_laptop OCEB: hey, we're in the same time zone :D
16:03 Fallor we're on the other side of the world
16:03 oceb haha
16:04 oceb and i planning to come to kohacon
16:04 oceb its a dream!
16:04 oceb xD
16:04 wizzyrea_laptop we are going to be so confused when we get there lol
16:04 wizzyrea_laptop what day is it? Am I in the future?
16:04 wizzyrea_laptop ;)
16:04 oceb wizzyrea_laptop : where are you from?
16:04 Fallor you need to get a prescription for sleeping pills
16:04 wizzyrea_laptop US/Kansas
16:04 Fallor or alternatively just some good quality russian vodka ;P
16:05 wizzyrea_laptop I was thinking melatonin
16:05 wizzyrea_laptop the worst part will be my (then) almost 3 year old we're bringing with us
16:05 Fallor so where is this kohacon and when?
16:05 oceb New Zealand
16:05 oceb october :P
16:05 oceb
16:06 Fallor ok, long flight for you guys
16:06 oceb yeaaaaah
16:06 wizzyrea_laptop yep
16:06 oceb we want to have a presentation
16:06 oceb in kohacon
16:07 oceb to speak about our koha experience
16:07 oceb :)
16:07 Fallor that's always useful
16:07 Fallor hope it gets published in the net also :)
16:07 oceb yeah
16:08 Fallor i've worked with four koha installations in finland
16:08 Fallor but it's still in a very small scale
16:08 oceb if organizers accept us , i think our dream to go to new zealand will be fulfilled :D
16:08 Fallor this global music centre is by far the most difficult so far
16:09 oceb jaja
16:09 oceb I started with koha 8 months ago
16:10 oceb of course at the beginning he had no knowledge about Perl or Koha
16:10 Fallor i still haven't got much knowledge about perl :D
16:10 oceb This has been a long road but I am more than happy with the experience and my library too:)
16:10 Fallor i understand the code when i see it (at least to some extent)
16:10 oceb hahaha
16:11 oceb me too
16:11 Fallor but i cannot write it
16:11 oceb i have some knowledge of php
16:11 Fallor yep, me too
16:11 oceb so perl was ... similar but complicated :P
16:11 Fallor but all i really know well is shell scripting
16:11 oceb =O
16:12 Fallor i've been maintaining a few unix-systems for some years now
16:12 Fallor they have absolutely nothing to do with libraries, though :D
16:13 oceb jajaja
16:13 oceb me too
16:13 oceb but now .. i can cataloguing here too  hahaha
16:14 Fallor cataloguing is not that bad
16:14 Fallor i'm actually a librarian, though :D
16:14 oceb =o
16:14 Fallor well librarian to be anyway
16:14 Fallor i haven't completed my master's thesis yet ;P
16:15 Fallor i think it has a birthday soon
16:15 Fallor it turns five or something :D
16:15 oceb hahaha
16:15 oceb :D
16:16 oceb im just a Software Engineer student ._.
16:18 Fallor ok, how many years does it take in peru in average?
16:18 Fallor to become an engineer
16:18 oceb uhmmm
16:19 oceb five years
16:19 oceb i need 2 more :(
16:19 Fallor it's about the same here
16:19 Fallor but people rarely manage it in five years
16:20 Fallor seven is more realistic
16:20 oceb bad grades :P
16:20 oceb well
16:20 oceb I hope to finish at 5 years
16:20 bgkriegel left #koha
16:21 Fallor i hope to finnish in ten :D
16:21 Fallor (or finish, i always get them mixed up)
16:22 Fallor well, now i'm really off
16:22 Fallor i'm starving
16:22 Fallor nice talking to you and see you :)
16:22 Fallor (and thanks)
16:22 oceb nice :)
16:22 oceb dont worry
16:22 oceb bye
16:23 Fallor left #koha
16:29 Kivutar left #koha
16:32 alex_a left #koha
16:34 francharb left #koha
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16:53 jmr joined #koha
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17:04 jmr joined #koha
17:07 sekjal which should take priority: ceilingduedate or globalduedate?
17:10 hdl_laptop good question
17:10 hdl_laptop depending on the user you should have different answers
17:10 sekjal I would think the correct answer would be "don't try to use both at once", but since since one can, there should be some kind of systematic way of determining it
17:12 sekjal so, it could be universally one or the other, or "the earlier", or "the latter"
17:13 gmcharlt sekjal: might be easier to do something to enforce the "not both at once" requirement
17:13 hdl_laptop ceilingDuedate is defined, any datedue calculated cannot be after that date
17:14 hdl_laptop and GlobalDuedate is used in circ/circulation script
17:14 hdl_laptop and fixes return date for any item
17:14 hdl_laptop any borrower
17:14 Ropuch Oh, I have 4 suggestion on pl-staff translation project on pootle
17:14 sekjal so, right now, GlobalDueDate is overriding CeilingDueDate, since with GlobalDueDate, CeilingDueDate never even gets calculated
17:14 Ropuch I'm not alone! ;>
17:16 hdl_laptop Yep
17:16 hdl_laptop Ropuch: congrats
17:17 Ropuch With two persons we can call ourseves 'polish koha community' ;>
17:20 sekjal right now, the self-checkout tool doesn't respect globalduedate; I'm thinking it would make sense to pull the check for GlobalDueDate into CalcDueDate, so any way you come at it, the constraint is respected
17:21 jmr left #koha
17:21 gmcharlt sekjal: yep, that needs to be brought into CalcDueDate
17:21 sekjal okay, gmcharlt, will do!
17:22 gmcharlt ideally, circ/ and every other place that does checkouts should contain zero knowledge of circ policies
17:24 jmr joined #koha
17:24 sekjal so, I'm making the modifications now, but that brings back the question of priority, global vs. ceiling
17:25 sekjal the way I've coded it so far, the earliest date is chosen
17:26 hdl_laptop seems fair
17:27 hdl_laptop (at least a fair understanding ;) )
17:27 hdl_laptop Not "that" fair to library users though
17:27 Ropuch Is there a way to sent a message to pootle user?
17:27 hdl_laptop (from users point of view)
17:29 sekjal or we could restructure the sysprefs as per gmcharlt's suggestion.  one for the date itself, the other to indicate how to treat it (before, exactly, after)
17:30 hdl_laptop Ropuch : when accepting suggestion i guess
17:30 hdl_laptop Or if you have administration rights
17:32 paul_p left #koha
17:32 hdl_laptop sekjal: could be quite hard to maintain
17:33 hdl_laptop if we get 3 or more Dates like that.
17:33 hdl_laptop for instance, calendars and vacation management per library. in a network of libraries
17:34 hdl_laptop But could be interesting for global system preferences
17:36 sekjal I think I'll just patch it to take the earlier date for now, and keep the syspref changes in mind for the future
17:57 chris_n` left #koha
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18:02 adegroff joined #koha
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18:18 collum joined #koha
18:20 chris_n` joined #koha
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18:27 CGI990 Hi guys
18:27 CGI990 I'm still trying to figure out if I've got a problem with my database structure or with my database content or what.
18:27 pastebot "CGI1990" at pasted "mysql error" (21 lines) at
18:28 CGI990 I see two problems with the mysql statement
18:28 CGI990 an extra comma at the end of the list of fields to be selected,
18:28 CGI990 and a missing value for issuingrules.branchcode =
18:29 bankhead joined #koha
18:30 CGI990 It's worth noting that there is no time stamp on the mysql log, so I can't be positive this query coresponds to this error, but I feel pretty confident in the assertion.
18:51 CGI990 Is anybody there?
18:59 jdavidb The comma at the end of the first line may be your problem.  Shouldn't be one, before a  FROM.
19:01 jdavidb ...and yeah, the other missing value for issuingrules.branchcode.
19:01 jdavidb It'd be a structural problem if you were getting "no such column" sorts of errors.  This query is just not worded right, is all.
19:02 toins joined #koha
19:02 CGI990 Thanks for getting back to me jdavidb
19:03 CGI990 Where do you think the comma before the FROM came from?
19:04 jdavidb I'd be looking at C4/, about line 2079, like the error message suggests.
19:04 jdavidb Make sure that what ever routine is going on there is building that query up properly
19:05 CGI990 So should I be reporting this as a bug?
19:05 jdavidb That *might* point a finger at a content/structural problem, or some other issue.  If it turns out to be a problem with code, then yes, it should be logged as a bug.
19:06 owen left #koha
19:06 CGI990 O.K. I'll poke around some more.
19:06 CGI990 Thanks for your help.
19:07 jdavidb You betcha. :)
19:12 pianohacker joined #koha
19:12 pianohacker Just wanted to say that Kyle Hall rocks for partial payment
19:12 pianohacker that's all :)
19:12 pianohacker left #koha
19:19 * chris_n looks around for pianohacker's phantom
19:24 schuster pianohacker ++ second from schuster
19:25 schuster Ok group - I've never done this before so how would I "install" a patch on my system?
19:25 schuster I've downloaded it so now what do I do?
19:25 * chris pops in from the airport
19:26 chris applying it to a git checkout?
19:26 jdavidb left #koha
19:26 schuster yes.
19:26 schuster no actually an email attachment sent to me directly.
19:27 schuster but I suspect the person who sent it did a git command to "package" it
19:27 cm joined #koha
19:30 CGI990 In my systempreferences table the CircControl variable has the value ItemHome Branch, but this option is not listed in the "options" field of CircControl.
19:31 CGI990 Should I change the value to "ItemHomeLibrary" directly in mysql, or can you direct me to the koha page where this variable would be set?
19:32 richard joined #koha
19:32 richard hi
19:32 chris schuster: in your git checkout
19:33 chris make a branch
19:33 chris git checkout -b testing_patch
19:33 chris something like that
19:33 schuster OK
19:33 chris then
19:33 chris git am -s -3 -i -u /the/path/to/the/patch
19:35 brendan left #koha
19:35 chris_n heya richard
19:36 chris_n and chris @airport
19:36 chris heya chris_n and richard
19:36 richard hi chris and chirs_n
19:36 richard chris_n even
19:37 chris_n "other things"... hehe
19:37 chris :)
19:38 bankhead Hola, help with cron job? I am getting "bad minute error" whatever I do
19:38 schuster OK thanks chris - I got an error - does not match index - If I have edited the file already will that cause it to fail?
19:38 chris definitely
19:39 schuster OK - I may try it on another "test" system and see what happens.  If I decide to go ahead and apply the patch regardless with git-am -i -3 --skip
19:39 schuster will that just overwrite that file no matter what?  before I do it...
19:40 chris if you skip it it wont apply
19:40 schuster ah.
19:41 schuster Is there a way I can look at the file to compare it to the one I already have?  Even to print it out?
19:41 chris which file?
19:41 chris the patch?
19:41 chris yeah its just test
19:41 chris text even
19:42 schuster OK thanks that's what I will do and see if I can make my file work.
19:42 chris yeah i doubt that :)
19:42 schuster If I decide it is ok is there a way to FORCE the patch?
19:42 chris editing patches almost never works
19:42 chris only by making the changes manually
19:43 schuster I just wanted to compare the patch with the file I already have.  OK Manually it is!
19:43 schuster Thanks for your time and again I learned something new!
19:43 chris usually a bad index means the person who sent the patch either didnt rebase first, or its based against a different branch (eg 3.0.x vs master)
19:43 schuster chris - the work you are doing for HLT will that be released with 3.4 or have you submitted them with 3.2?
19:44 schuster different branch - so my second test will probably work as it is head.
19:44 schuster I can compare that at least to work on getting it in my current version.
19:44 chris bugfixes for 3.2
19:44 chris im not doing any new features for HLT, so yeah pretty much all will be submitted for 3.2
19:45 chris (or have been already)
19:46 chris 80% of the work for the hlt upgrade was data tidy up (its always a good opportunity for that)
19:46 chris there are 2 features waiting to be submitted for 3.4
19:46 chris they were for Albany senior high school though
19:46 chris recommendations, and star ratigins
19:46 larsw joined #koha
19:46 chris hi larsw
19:47 larsw hi, chris
19:47 * chris is just using the free wifi at the airport
19:48 chris ok time to wander down to the gate
19:48 * chris waves bye
19:49 larsw bye, chris
19:56 larsw left #koha
20:00 schuster Thanks everyone for the help today.
20:01 jwagner left #koha
20:03 adegroff left #koha
20:04 chris_n` left #koha
20:05 CGI990 Hi
20:05 CGI990 My Labels.PM has use version; our $VERSION = qv('1.0.0_1')
20:06 CGI990 My has use C4::Label 1.000000;
20:07 CGI990 Sorry, has use C4::Label 1.000000;
20:07 CGI990 Sorry, has use C4::Label 1.000000;
20:07 CGI990 Advice?
20:11 sekjal CGI990: is it causing a problem?
20:11 sekjal my code looks like that, and I haven't noticed an issue
20:11 sekjal but I don't work my label maker too hard, so I might be missing something
20:13 collum left #koha
20:27 schuster chris got me to git am -s -3 -i -u /the/path/to/the/patch - and on the other test system I have running head it seems to have applied, is there more I need to do?
20:29 sekjal wizzyrea_laptop: around?
20:29 wizzyrea_laptop yep, sup?
20:30 sekjal did you ever come to a resolution on the holds problems you were having?
20:30 wizzyrea_laptop um, no, not really
20:30 wizzyrea_laptop though we did figure out where a lot of our anomalies came from
20:30 sekjal oh?
20:30 wizzyrea_laptop simultaneous processing of holds
20:31 wizzyrea_laptop so, say you have two libraries
20:31 wizzyrea_laptop two items
20:31 wizzyrea_laptop two holds
20:32 wizzyrea_laptop library a and library b check in different items at the same time, chances are good that one of the holds is going to be messed up, because if they are even close to simultaneous the items will both show an alert to transfer to the same patron
20:32 sekjal Do you have your AllowHoldDateInFuture syspref turned on?
20:33 sekjal (if you don't mind my asking)
20:33 wizzyrea_laptop 31 libraries processing their holds queue all between the hours of 8am and noon you get a lot of synchronicity on popular titles
20:33 wizzyrea_laptop I don't think we have that in our current codebase
20:34 sekjal ok
20:34 wizzyrea_laptop it's also part of the reason that it's pretty hard to test
20:36 sekjal I'm working on some holds problems I thought sounded similar, and my current suspect would only trigger if that syspref was ON
20:37 wizzyrea_laptop ahhh
20:37 nicomo_laptop joined #koha
20:42 Ropuch Hi wizzyrea_laptop
20:42 wizzyrea_laptop heya :)
20:43 Sharon wizzyrea_laptop did our video about that holds issue get attached to a bug report?
20:44 wizzyrea_laptop no I don't think so
20:44 wizzyrea_laptop it's on my screencast though
20:44 wizzyrea_laptop not sure which bug to attach it to
20:44 Sharon hmmm. a new one? or 4040 or 3270?
20:45 wizzyrea_laptop bug 4040
20:45 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4040 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, Checking in an already confirmed on-hold item results in duplicate dialogs
20:45 wizzyrea_laptop no, not that one
20:45 wizzyrea_laptop bug 3270
20:45 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3270 major, P5, ---,, NEW, Cancelling a hold request after transfer initiated orphans item
20:45 wizzyrea_laptop no, not that one either
20:45 gmcharlt wizzyrea_laptop: possible a new one is needed
20:46 wizzyrea_laptop gmcharlt did the video help?
20:46 gmcharlt yes, it is useful
20:47 wizzyrea_laptop i know we messed up the first case
20:51 wizzyrea_laptop this is the vid, for those interested:[…]8630-e91bf02c47d1
20:56 wizzyrea_laptop logmein is tricky
20:56 russ left #koha
20:57 alan joined #koha
20:57 alan hello
20:57 wizzyrea_laptop I should note that that was on our production system, which is a bit back from head, but the issue still exists in alpha 3.2
20:57 alan I have a question with a new installation, can anybody help
20:58 wizzyrea_laptop we can try
20:58 alan thanks
20:58 alan I set the auto cardnumber variable to 1 because the system kept saying "invalid card number"
20:59 alan even with the auto cardnumber enabled, it says "invalid card number"
20:59 alan I checked the logs, and nothing shows up
20:59 oceb left #koha
20:59 alan can you help me?
20:59 schuster Way cool!!  Wizzyrea_laptop good job documenting visually what happens and tracking it down.
21:00 wizzyrea_laptop thanks, we try. We are highly motivated by our librarians who are annoyed by those problems every day.
21:00 alan can anyone help me?
21:00 wizzyrea_laptop ;)
21:00 schuster Well spring break is here and I am taking 2 days to play with the boys and then the weekend is here so see you all in 4 days...  I may lurk in the late hours of the evening just to stay caught up.
21:01 wizzyrea_laptop alan, I'm thinking about your problem. I sort of recall that there was some issue about enabling/disabling auto card numbers
21:01 wizzyrea_laptop like once you picked one, you couldn't go back or something. But that's been a long time ago
21:02 alan this is a new install, i just want to create patrons
21:02 schuster alan - what version are you on.
21:02 wizzyrea_laptop so you haven't imported patrons at all?
21:02 wizzyrea_laptop do you have patron categories created?
21:02 alan no
21:02 alan how do i do that?
21:02 wizzyrea_laptop AH
21:03 wizzyrea_laptop one sec
21:03 alan if it is create a mysql table, then I have already done that
21:03 schuster in the client go to more/about
21:03 wizzyrea_laptop nope, not that
21:03 alan yes
21:03 wizzyrea_laptop one moment
21:03 schuster I'm on for example
21:03 wizzyrea_laptop more -> administration
21:03 wizzyrea_laptop Patron categories
21:04 wizzyrea_laptop do you have anything defined there?
21:04 alan no
21:04 schuster good catch wizzyrea - you need to do more setup
21:04 wizzyrea_laptop ok you will need to. one minute and I will link you a pic of what mine looks like
21:05 cm left #koha
21:05 schuster left #koha
21:05 Nate left #koha
21:05 wizzyrea_laptop[…]8630-e91bf02c47d1
21:06 wizzyrea_laptop oops, wrong
21:06 wizzyrea_laptop[…]8630-e91bf02c47d1
21:06 wizzyrea_laptop blarg
21:06 wizzyrea_laptop
21:06 wizzyrea_laptop there we go
21:07 wizzyrea_laptop yes, I really do have 1k unread in my greader
21:07 wizzyrea_laptop ;)
21:07 alan which catagories do i add?
21:07 wizzyrea_laptop any that you want
21:07 wizzyrea_laptop you can add just one if you like
21:07 wizzyrea_laptop PT Patron type Adult
21:07 wizzyrea_laptop with whatever parameters you like
21:08 wizzyrea_laptop what kind of library is it?
21:09 alan When I enter the catagory, it says its entered but it dosn't appear on the list
21:09 alan left #koha
21:10 wizzyrea_laptop ohh kay.
21:13 nicomo_laptop left #koha
21:14 CGI990 sekjal:  (Sorry about the delay) It's making noise in my logs, but the effect seems to be that labels printed into cvs files are error messages instead of cvs files of labels
21:14 alan joined #koha
21:14 alan hi
21:15 alan my internet flicker
21:15 alan ed
21:15 alan sorry
21:15 sekjal CGI990:  eww, yeah, that definitely counts as problems.
21:16 CGI990 Do you suppose I could just remove the version number from the calling script
21:17 alan when I create a catagory, it says it created one, but it is not on the list
21:18 alan how do i fix that?
21:18 sekjal CGI990: I suppose you could.... but I'm not sure what ripple effect that might have
21:18 wizzyrea_laptop I'm not sure exactly, I haven't heard of that happening
21:19 wizzyrea_laptop if it's a truly fresh install, you might consider reinstalling and installing the default values
21:19 wizzyrea_laptop help me out here peeps, can you just drop/recreate the koha DB and re-do the web installer?
21:19 sekjal alan: what's your AddPatronLists system preference set to?
21:20 wizzyrea_laptop (I can't remember)
21:20 CGI990  doesn't work now, so I doubt it will have much ripple effect.  I'm assuming it just makes the csv files.  If there are incompatibilities, I'm no worse off than I am now.
21:20 alan what is AddPatronLists?
21:21 sekjal CGI990: true enough, I suppose.  worth a go, if nothing else
21:22 sekjal alan: it's a system preference in Koha to tell it whether should show specific patron categories in the new patron menu, or general, hardcoded ones like Adult, Child, Organization, Staff, Statistical and Professional
21:22 wizzyrea_laptop it's a preference under global system preferences
21:22 wizzyrea_laptop is that a new pref sekjal?
21:23 sekjal wizzyrea_laptop: not sure when it was added
21:23 wizzyrea_laptop ah, it's in ours
21:24 wizzyrea_laptop but it's got different values... ours is category_type vs categorycode
21:24 alan where would I find it?
21:24 wizzyrea_laptop more -> administration -> Global System Preferences
21:24 wizzyrea_laptop search for AddPatron
21:31 alan i don't even see the more tab, maybe its because i am using version 2.2.9
21:32 sekjal alan: that could well be.  I don't know anything about versions prior to 3.0 (when I got into the game)
21:32 wizzyrea_laptop ah, yea
21:33 * wizzyrea_laptop also does not know 2.2.9
21:33 alan I do have a preferences menu though
21:33 wizzyrea_laptop any particular reason you're not using 3.0.5
21:33 wizzyrea_laptop ?
21:33 alan i am using the win 32 version
21:34 alan I would like to upgrade though
21:34 wizzyrea_laptop ah
21:35 wizzyrea_laptop the honest truth is that koha doesn't work optimally on win32
21:35 wizzyrea_laptop in fact, it barely works.
21:36 alan how do you upgrade?
21:37 wizzyrea_laptop I'm sorry, that isn't my area of expertise, I have only ever run it on debian/ubuntu
21:37 alan Oh, you can use it on ubuntu?
21:37 wizzyrea_laptop yes, in fact it will work a lot better for you
21:37 alan ok, where can i get it?
21:38 wizzyrea_laptop
21:38 alan thanks, bye
21:38 alan left #koha
21:45 sekjal well, time to knock off for the day, and enjoy the rest of the sunlight.  cheers, #koha
21:45 sekjal left #koha
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22:11 russel is now known as russ
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