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01:23 wajasu tryin to run koha-dev (i.e. koha git),  did make, test, install and now trying to configure httpd vhost, but getting forbidden.
01:23 wajasu i'm pre-webinstaller
01:24 wajasu if my DocumentRoot files are not owned by root in the koha git that I pulled, could that be why I get Forbidden access via the httpd vhost?
01:36 masonj yeah, i think so
01:37 brendan hey masonj
01:38 brendan do dates need to be zero padded for  ?
01:38 brendan I think I've just always ignored that... :)
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02:27 chris_n g'evening
02:56 irmalibraries Hi all...just coming to hang out a little
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03:19 wajasu when you run a koha git dev setup, do you run make as the non-root user that you pulled git with?  I need my httpd virtual host config to have permission to read/write  /home/USER/kohagit any suggestions?
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04:06 chris_n wajasu: I usually runn make as the user I develop with
04:06 chris_n or on production boxes as my kohauser
04:07 chris_n heya Amit_G
04:07 Amit_G heya chris_n
04:20 wajasu figured it out.  my /home/USER was drwx------ so it prevented me form walking the directory ad httpd. so i did chmod go+rx /home/USER
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04:56 wajasu ok i'm running via git.
04:57 wajasu nicer perferences editor.
04:57 wajasu save all is nice.  some ajax in there too? :)
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05:12 Nouman Good morning
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07:02 Ropuch Morning #koha
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07:25 Genji hiya all. wooops! by accident, in a marc to mysql table script, i left in a ModMarcBiblio... didn't modify the $record that Getmarcbiblio sent... just did modmarcbiblio on it..... with the correct biblionumber  and framework.... so... no data lost?
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07:36 * magnus listens closely for the sound of bugs being squashed...
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09:02 Genji hiya... can i use the same install of koha (same perl files, different template directory), with an altered koha-conf.xml and have another koha running?
09:04 magnus Genji: not quite that simple, i'm afraid...
09:04 magnus i think the best thing to do is to have a dev install, and then choose different locations to install into
09:05 magnus that way zebra can store it's files in different locations without too much of a problem
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09:16 Ropuch sample_budgets are out of head install?
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09:18 Ropuch I don't know if i should close bug 3866
09:18 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3866 minor, P4, ---,, NEW, Errror in sample_budgets.sql
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12:08 Ropuch Hi nengard
12:08 nengard hiya
12:08 nengard how's the squashing going?? :)
12:09 Ropuch Actually channel is abnormally quiet today
12:10 Ropuch Nobody said anything since I asked my questiion 3 hours ago
12:12 nengard yikes
12:12 nengard time to tweet :)
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12:25 magnus let's hope it's quiet because everyone is busy squashing bugs ;-)
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13:04 chris_n *yawn*
13:04 chris_n g'morning #koha
13:05 Ropuch Hi chris_n
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13:36 * owen brought my stomping boots, but is helping interview catalogers later today
13:37 schuster Ooooo what a cheery uplifting experience catalogers are always so full of life. ...;)
13:38 owen They are now. It's later that we'll crush their spirit
13:38 schuster Ask them the really good questions...  So have you implemented FRBR before?
13:39 schuster How would you implement RDA in an opensource environment.
13:39 schuster Or throw them way off...  We've decided to do away with Dewey and use the Owenian shelving scheme and ask them if they have heard of it...
13:40 owen We actually have a question about FRBR and RDA on our list. I think it got put on their just so we could see their "deer in headlights" look
13:40 owen Geeze I'm having real grammar fails this morning. Gotta warm up my fingers a little.
13:40 schuster Yep that's how we all are I think...  speaking of - who is the best person in the community with MARC framework?
13:41 owen thd-away actually designed the MARC structures themselves I think, not sure who is best with the implementation
13:41 owen Probably gmcharlt
13:41 schuster owen - I've started playing with a kids interface and in a not to distant future will want someone - "you" to tell me what doesn't work or needs to be changed to keep it more in the community way.
13:42 schuster I've decided to implement cookies as that can set the location and possibly other limits as the library needs.  Any concerns there right off?
13:43 owen Not based on that information
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13:44 schuster OK I should have a basic structure in a couple of weeks.  There are a couple of things that may be odd, ie once the items actually display and getting back to the kids interface where they went into the standard interface.
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13:52 owen Hi sekjal
13:53 gmcharlt schuster: implementing RDA?
13:53 gmcharlt good question! :)
13:53 sekjal morning, owen
13:54 gmcharlt but as an initial step, there are some additional MARC21 tags that were added to support RDA fields
13:54 gmcharlt so initially, just means extending the MARC framework
13:55 gmcharlt however, that's truly minimal - if Karen Coyle and others have their way, RDA would be an opportunity to change rather a lot about how cataloging metadata gets exchanged
13:56 * owen pictures this Karen Coyle commanding a base inside a volcano in the Pacific
13:58 owen Anyone else run into this before?
13:59 owen It happened after I turned XSLT on for OPAC results
13:59 gmcharlt it probably means that there's a syntax error in the stylesheet or that it's not findingit
14:02 owen gmcharlt: It was working just 5 minutes ago, no changes to any files
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14:12 owen Hm, the OPAC error log says " Use of uninitialized value in string eq at kohaclone/opac/ line 508"
14:15 * paul_p happy to announce that toins will be back to koha coding in the next few days !
14:15 paul_p (part time for instance)
14:23 nengard k - got a webinar to teach - be back later
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14:29 owen Aha... OPAC XSLT results will not appear unless the  XSLTResultsDisplay (*not* the  OPACXSLTResultsDisplay ) preference is set
14:30 gmcharlt bug, then
14:31 owen Better a bug than insanity on the part of the user
14:38 jdavidb Delusional insanity is usually treatable, owen, except...oh..wait..
14:38 * jdavidb thinks of several people he knows in the library industry.
14:38 jdavidb Nevermind.  Bugs are easier.
14:40 wajasu running koha git.  configured defaultClassificationSource as lcc (not dewey decimal).  When I go to add an item, the 942 field doesn't default to it, and I have to select lcc (library of  congress classification). Is that correct?
14:43 chris_n a cool feature would be to have Koha generate bibliographic entries according to one's favorite formatting flavor (MLA, Chicago, etc) from lists
14:43 wajasu That when adding the biblio part. after the save, then the actual item does default correctly to lcc.
14:43 sekjal chris_n: agreed.
14:43 wajasu but that might be because of my selecting lcc
14:44 * chris_n was inspired by owen's post to David Bucknell
14:44 chris_n I can think of a boat-load of students who would be eternally grateful for such a feature
14:45 sekjal chris_n: it probably wouldn't be that technically difficult to do, once you had the profiles for the citation formats.
14:46 sekjal you may even be able to reverse it: take in a citation in MLA (let's say) in a text box, and have Koha tell you whether you have it or not
14:46 chris_n sekjal: yup... some sort of simple parser to do marc2foo
14:51 sekjal the real trick would be if we could get Koha to parse arbitrary citations (where the formatting could be weird/wrong).  saw something about doing that at Code4Lib last year...
15:02 * chris_n will add an enhancement req for it
15:06 schuster hmmm it already works with Zotero so it has the basics to pass...???
15:06 wizzyrea so... I think I've found a condition where fast server = mucked holds
15:06 wizzyrea esp if you have a very active DB
15:06 chris_n schuster: is that re: form and style?
15:07 owen What kind of mucked holds wizzyrea ?
15:07 wizzyrea I need help proving it, I've got evidence but no hard data
15:07 wizzyrea the kind you see: weird priorities, first available above only item, duplicate items sent to fill the same hold
15:07 owen We've got all that!
15:08 wizzyrea and mostly on very hot titles
15:08 wizzyrea right?
15:08 owen I don't know that it's limited to hot titles or not, but I've definitely seen it on hit titles.
15:09 wizzyrea so here's my theory (well, it's aided by other, bigger brains than mine, I just connected the dots)
15:10 wizzyrea our problems got a lot worse after we were migrated to a much higher performance server
15:11 wizzyrea where pretty much everything is held in RAM, transactions are super fast
15:11 wizzyrea so imagine if you will the following scenario
15:11 owen Oh my god, holds are traveling back and forth through time!
15:12 wizzyrea you have a bib with 40 items (HAHAHA owen...)
15:12 wizzyrea you have 31 libraries
15:12 wizzyrea you have every library picking holds/processing the return bin all at the same time
15:12 wizzyrea library 1 and library 2 pull the same title at the same time
15:12 wizzyrea check it in
15:13 wizzyrea what should happen is that there should be some queuing right then, but I don't think there is
15:13 wizzyrea I think if they are close to simultaneous, you can get the different items assigned to the same targe
15:13 wizzyrea t
15:14 wizzyrea and any other wierd manipulation of the queue list for a title you can think of
15:14 wizzyrea so, say an item is checked in and a hold is deleted close to simultaneously
15:14 wizzyrea am I out of my mind?
15:14 wizzyrea it sort of explains everything
15:15 wizzyrea so... it's not explicitly the code, if that makes sense
15:15 owen It sounds like it might explain the duplicate consigned items, but I don't think it can explain the multiple priority ones and the weirdly high priority numbers
15:17 wizzyrea but what if you have 4 different operations working on the same bib at the same time?
15:17 wizzyrea seems to me like that's a recipe for queer behavior
15:18 wizzyrea all advancing/editing/changing status of items
15:19 sekjal wizzyrea: sounds like a theory worth investigating
15:19 owen I suppose you could test by checking in two copies of an on-hold item simultaneously on two workstations
15:20 owen Synchronized circ
15:20 sekjal owen: the latest Library Olympics game!
15:21 wizzyrea hehe
15:22 schuster I have not played with Zotero much lately...  I know nengard knows it quite well.  what are you asking form and style?
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15:23 wizzyrea yea, that's my problem, I don't know how best to test it
15:25 wizzyrea 1. I don't have a super fast epic machine that can hold all of mysql in RAM 2. how exactly do you emulate 31 libraries processing items simultaneously
15:25 wizzyrea my creativity is failing me here
15:29 sekjal when I was looking at holds a couple weeks ago, there were a couple bad calls in to _FixPriority().
15:29 gmcharlt I think wizzyrea has been testing fixes to that, but it didn't help completely
15:30 sekjal gmcharlt: ah, okay, I lost track of where we were with that
15:32 wizzyrea not completely :/
15:32 wizzyrea our situation is... this really started  happening in earnest when we were moved to this high memory instance
15:32 wizzyrea our problems
15:32 wizzyrea and this is on OLD code
15:32 wizzyrea not even the new stuff
15:33 wizzyrea I mean, for load testing we have a pretty good production setup
15:35 wizzyrea nothing like a bunch of users to mess things up :_
15:35 wizzyrea :)
15:35 wizzyrea (I love our librarians, they're smart and capable and wonderful. They give the best problem reports)
15:35 wizzyrea (even though we hate getting problem reports
15:35 wizzyrea )
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15:42 owen wizzyrea: FWIW, I tried doing a simultaneous checkin of two copies of an on-hold title
15:42 wizzyrea anything?
15:42 wizzyrea or it worked right
15:42 wajasu thinks it would be nice to have a call number creation helper when adding a new biblio/item according to the default classification rules. (i.e. lcc)
15:43 owen I did get matching "hold found" messages, but nothing out of the ordinary even after confirming simultaneously
15:43 wizzyrea wait wait
15:43 wajasu maybe with the virtual shelves as well
15:43 wizzyrea ok
15:43 wizzyrea you got IDENTICAL hold found messages?
15:43 wizzyrea what happens if you accept and transfer both
15:43 wizzyrea so did one of them error out?
15:43 wizzyrea what are the statuses like?
15:43 owen Only one got allocated.
15:44 wizzyrea but you could print slip and transfer
15:45 wizzyrea for bnoyth
15:45 wizzyrea both
15:45 wizzyrea so as a staff member
15:45 wizzyrea you see that message
15:45 wizzyrea and you act
15:45 owen Right, so it would explain why an item would get sent and then get no message upon check-in.
15:45 wizzyrea ok, so that's a good thing to know
15:46 wizzyrea what version do you have owen?
15:46 owen
15:47 wizzyrea so you're a little bit ahead of me
15:47 wizzyrea 30ish DB revisions
15:47 owen I suppose the next time one of your librarians received a book with a hold slip which didn't prompt them for any hold you could check the statistics table for when that item was last checked in, see if another of that biblio's items was checked in at the same time
15:48 owen Kind of tedious, but...
15:54 wizzyrea hmm true
15:56 owen I'm not sure how you would solve the problem... Add some kind of logic to the hold confirmation process to warn the user if that hold had already been filled?
15:57 * paul_p apologize not to be with you for this squashing session, but with my home being robbed, i'm tired & many sleeping hours late :'(
15:57 owen What a terrible thing to experience paul_p! :(
15:58 paul_p owen: true.
15:59 gmcharlt paul_p: I'm sorry to hear that
16:06 wajasu using the koha git, and staging my 16000 marc records, when its done, it returns all 16000 on page 1, but chunks for latter pages numbers. that changed from 3.0x? 16000  on the resulting page is maybe too big?
16:06 brendan sorry to hear that paul_p
16:06 brendan best of luck to you
16:14 chris_n sorry paul_p
16:15 * chris_n hopes they catch the scoundrels
16:16 paul_p chris_n: The scientific police has found 3 fingerprints on the window they broke to enter, so maybe...
16:18 paul_p just for fun : here in France, the "NCIS" tv series is quite famous. Our 2 oldest boys were expecting someone like on the TV coming. They were disappointed to see a single person, completly common, without any sign or tee-shirt, or gun,... :D
16:20 owen paul_p: If they were a little older they'd be wishing it was the Abby character who visited ;)
16:20 wizzyrea owen: I don't know what the code looks like for holds, so i'm speculating wildly on this
16:21 paul_p owen: Simon (almost 15) like Abby, but is not really a gothic fan ;)
16:21 * wizzyrea flaisl her arms
16:21 wizzyrea flails even.
16:21 wizzyrea but what about this
16:21 owen It's hard to type when you're flailing
16:21 wizzyrea instead of waiting for the user to say "yes, confirm this"
16:21 wizzyrea confirm by default, then UN do if the hold is denied by the user
16:22 wizzyrea so, the moment it pops you a message
16:22 wizzyrea it should say "print slip"
16:22 wizzyrea or ignore
16:22 paul_p wizzyrea: nicomo already asked for this (it's gmail behaviour). But it's VERY complex to implement in fact. really
16:22 wizzyrea i believe it
16:23 wizzyrea but... ahem... other ILS's don't have this problem :(
16:24 nicomo wizzyrea: it seems you and I and many others have expectations biased by the Google Gods
16:25 wizzyrea nicomo: I have an expectation that when 2 items are checked in at the same time for a hold, only one of them has the option to print slip and transfer
16:25 wizzyrea :)
16:25 nicomo see, just what I was saying
16:25 nicomo ;-)
16:25 wizzyrea lol, so how does google do it >..
16:25 wizzyrea >.>
16:25 wizzyrea how DO they DO IT
16:25 wizzyrea :D
16:26 * wizzyrea made herself laugh
16:26 nicomo which is always good, to a point... don't scare your co-workers though
16:27 wizzyrea lol they're used to me giggling at virtual things
16:28 wizzyrea what I'm saying is that the moment an item is checked in, if it is to fill a hold, it needs to lock it's item rightthen, until the user decides what to do
16:29 wizzyrea flip a bit saying "in process" or something
16:29 wizzyrea or waiting user
16:29 nicomo +1
16:29 owen wizzyrea: But think about the simultaneous check-in scenario:
16:30 owen One item gets allocated for the priority 1 patron
16:30 owen The other item gets allocated for the priority 2 patron.
16:30 wizzyrea the user with the dupe would get another message saying "check this item in again, that item is not available"
16:30 owen The first item gets its allocation cancelled
16:30 wizzyrea or that hold isn't available, I mean
16:31 owen That's assuming there is only one hold
16:31 wizzyrea flip the bit back to "ready"
16:31 wizzyrea you have ready for hold, and waiting user
16:32 wizzyrea basically, if there is a wait status (a message on the screen) the item should be unavailable to all other clients
16:33 wizzyrea other clients are free to pick from any other item to fill holds, just not that one
16:33 wizzyrea (or any with wait messages)
16:33 wizzyrea i know, it's impossible to implement
16:33 nicomo holds give me headaches, to tell you the truth
16:34 wizzyrea they give everybody headaches
16:34 owen ditto
16:34 nicomo really? Now I feel better already
16:34 nicomo :-)
16:34 wizzyrea :)
16:35 nicomo wizzyrea: I see your point, but I'd say you need to really think it through; with holds, sideeffects happen really quickly
16:35 wizzyrea ok, so barring a technical fix (which I contend will *have* to be done sooner rather than later) -- how do you mitigate this problem?
16:35 wizzyrea hehe, yea, we've noticed that
16:37 wizzyrea I mean, with 31 (soon to be 33) libraries, all open between 8am and 8pm, how do we reduce the number of times a duplicate item is sent to fill any given hold?
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16:41 nicomo wizzyrea: such a good question everyone went silent
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16:42 wizzyrea the chances of items from the same bib getting scanned in our system is alarmingly high
16:43 wizzyrea (that is to say, it happens daily)
16:46 gmcharlt and patrons have an annoying habit of all wanting the Harry Potter du jour ;)
16:46 wizzyrea yea, and it really sucks to have a popular title out of commission because of a dupe hold :(
16:46 wizzyrea er, dupe transit
16:47 wizzyrea takes an item out of circulation for at least 3-4 days while it's finding it's way to it's next proper location
16:47 wizzyrea (assuming that it's not chain-duped, of course)
16:48 schuster I have forced copy specific holds - and people are using our webself check option but holds continue to pop up that should be copy specific so there may be something else yet amiss.
16:48 schuster The pop up says this title is on hold for... but it can't be as it was a copy specific request.
16:49 wizzyrea that sounds like human error to me -- where someone placed a title level hold by accident
16:49 wizzyrea oh wait you said you disallowed that
16:49 wizzyrea never mind
16:51 owen is now known as owen-away
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17:26 sekjal_ is now known as sekjal
17:28 schuster Very odd thing...  I have a title Polio - Hecht - that on the bib display has one item on it - but in the summary display has 5...  What's wrong with this picture?
17:28 schuster When I edit the record there is only one item but when I search by barcode for an item that isn't displayed it brings up this bib...???
17:29 schuster - search polio and then look for the one by hecht
17:30 wizzyrea schuster: almost every time I've had a funky display like that flipping the framework for the bib helped (it rewrites the record). you can then flip it back to whatever framework it was originally.
17:32 schuster hmmm reindex required?
17:33 wizzyrea I don't think so, but I don't know for sure
17:33 schuster I've got a log in with our support company to see what they say.
17:33 wizzyrea (and that hasn't fixed every one of them, some we had to have help with, and they didn't tell us what they did)
17:34 schuster that was helpful...
17:34 owen-away is now known as owen
17:34 owen It was probably a proprietary process
17:44 schuster my proprietary data... ;)
17:48 owen is now known as owen-away
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19:26 magnus um, shouldn't the value of a syspref with type = YesNo be either 1 or 0?
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19:33 magnus if so, i'm either missing something or there is something wrong with the booleans in the .pref-files:
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19:36 jdavidb That first select you did, magnus, returned 62 "0" and 90 "1" values, on one of my test instances, but it's not at 3.2A
19:37 magnus thanks, jdavidb - it looks like the most instersting question is if you have changed any prefs with the new syspref editor?
19:38 jdavidb On a 3.2A, I get 1 NULL, 90 "0" and 54 "1" values.
19:38 jdavidb I haven't, but the 3.2A box is jwagner's sandbox, not mine.  She *might* have.
19:39 magnus could you try and change something and then change it back and do the sql again?
19:39 jdavidb Sure, just a moment.
19:41 jdavidb Same result; I checked to make sure I had dinked a YesNo-defined var, too.
19:42 jdavidb TagsModeration is my NULL one.
19:42 magnus hm, strange!
19:43 jdavidb sysprefs.sql defined it that way; this is a fresh installation.  (or was, when I did it.)
19:44 jdavidb Probably want to patch that to make it zero by default, rather than NULL, just for tidiness' sake.
19:44 nengard hi all - i need at least one more koha tip article and one more article with news from a koha library - any takers??
19:45 * jdavidb heard "koha tip article" and couldn't help thinking, "if you stand a Koha server on the smallest side, it will tip over more easily."
19:45 nengard goofy boy
19:45 jdavidb :P
19:58 owen-away is now known as owen
20:10 magnus hm, looks like my yes/no/1/0 problem only happens when i have selected norwegian as the language for the staff client, not when i have selected english...
20:12 psychokiller joined #koha
20:12 psychokiller hi
20:12 psychokiller i've been trying to find someone to help me with installation for koha
20:13 psychokiller is anybody kind to do so ?
20:17 jdavidb left #koha
20:19 owen What's causing you trouble psychokiller?
20:19 psychokiller nobody ?
20:19 psychokiller i have installed Ubuntu server
20:19 psychokiller are you willing to help ?
20:20 psychokiller so should i change to Ubuntu ?
20:20 psychokiller ACtually i installed Ubuntu server in a virtual box in Ubuntu 9.10
20:20 owen Where are you running into trouble?
20:21 psychokiller ill tell you all about it when i switch to ubuntu in 2 minutes
20:21 psychokiller brb
20:21 psychokiller left #koha
20:21 rhcl well
20:28 psychokiller joined #koha
20:28 psychokiller hey owen
20:28 psychokiller im in Ubuntu now
20:28 psychokiller i have some problem i think with Perl
20:28 psychokiller cant install it
20:29 sekjal left #koha
20:29 psychokiller i think i i didnt go beyond 1.6
20:30 * owen thought Ubuntu had Perl by default
20:30 psychokiller it has ?
20:30 psychokiller but the install txt
20:30 psychokiller says to install it
20:31 * owen has only installed Koha from scratch a couple of times, could be wrong
20:31 rhcl If you do >perl -version, from a console, it shows perl is not installed?
20:31 psychokiller that is a normal Ubuntu ?
20:31 psychokiller sorry but don't i have to insTALL koha
20:31 psychokiller on a UBuntu SERVER ?
20:32 psychokiller instead of plain desktop Ubuntu ?
20:32 owen You can install on Ubuntu Desktop if you want to
20:32 owen That's what I test Koha on.
20:32 psychokiller i can ?
20:32 psychokiller anyway perl is on Ubuntu server
20:33 psychokiller but what is the STEP-By-step procedure ?
20:33 psychokiller in plain english
20:34 Ropuch blazingmoon
20:35 Ropuch[…]k3-on-u810-1.html
20:36 psychokiller i have 9.10 instead of 8.10
20:36 nengard wizzyrea around?
20:36 schuster How can I test Z39.50?  My test/production connection to MarcEdit keep kicking me that it isn't available.
20:36 magnus left #koha
20:37 Ropuch psychokiller I have step-by-step copy/paste guide to ubuntu 9.10, but it's in polish
20:38 psychokiller polish ?
20:38 Ropuch You can always try google translate
20:38 psychokiller can i googletranslate it ?
20:38 psychokiller oh yes
20:38 Ropuch
20:38 psychokiller long live the Pope
20:39 Ropuch As it's meant to be copy & paste guide For My Mom, even poor translation should be good ;>
20:39 psychokiller did your mon install it ?
20:40 Ropuch Not yet, but I'm gonna make her do it when I;m at home finally ;>
20:41 psychokiller thats in Warsaw ?
20:41 Ropuch I wanted to give oportunity to trykoha to polish average librarian Jane without technical knowledge
20:41 Ropuch Warsaw is our capital, I live in Wroclaw, my parents in Piotrkow Trybunalski, about 150km from Warsaw
20:41 psychokiller thats less than 2 hours away !
20:42 psychokiller dont complain
20:42 wizzyrea did you come here to help, or to insult us?
20:42 wizzyrea s/to/for
20:42 psychokiller me ?
20:42 psychokiller i came to BE HELPED
20:42 psychokiller lol
20:42 Genji joined #koha
20:43 Ropuch psychokiller: I'm not complaing, just answering your question :)
20:43 Ropuch Hi wizzyrea
20:44 joetho schuster: see pm
20:45 Ropuch Anyway: in this guide I'm using standard Ubuntu desktop install, but I believe any missing dependencies will be installed by apt
20:49 wajasu joined #koha
20:49 owen psychokiller: I would imagine the web it full of Ubuntu install guides which cover installing Apache, Perl and MySQL. I somehow managed it.
20:49 psychokiller thats not my problem
20:49 owen If google translate does a bad job on Ropuch's guide you could do some searching
20:49 psychokiller i have installed XAMP
20:49 psychokiller and other
20:50 psychokiller im installing the polish one
20:50 owen I would recommend installing things the Ubuntu way rather than XAMP.
20:51 wajasu running koha via git.  I can't seem to figure out how to print a barcode label.  by what link/path?
20:51 owen wajasu: Tools -> Label creator
20:51 schuster do you have the quick spinelabel option turned on in cataloging syspref?
20:51 wajasu new batch?
20:52 wajasu i did do a quick spine label. (no barcode)
20:53 Ropuch owen: i started by writing guide hot to install & configure VirtualBox on Windows and then Ubuntu inside it
20:53 wajasu i see.  add batch, they search and select
20:56 wajasu i'm running schroot, with aufs  (arch32 --> koha perl --> kohagit  stacked via aufs).  Its fast and less disk space.  Now I have a schroot aufs stack with archlinux64 --> koha perl -->kohagit.
20:59 nengard left #koha
20:59 Sharon left #koha
21:00 wajasu ok. i see select a batch and export to pdf
21:00 biglego left #koha
21:02 Sharon joined #koha
21:05 irmalibraries left #koha
21:08 joetho is now known as joethoks_away
21:18 Genji left #koha
21:19 psychokiller inserting this
21:19 psychokiller sudo echo "grant all on koha.* to \'kohaadmin\'@\'localhost\' identified by \'katikoan\';" | mysql -uroot -p
21:19 psychokiller i get this answer
21:19 psychokiller ERROR at line 1: Unknown command '\''.
21:20 owen Have you tried logging in to mysql directly and trying the "grant all" from there?
21:21 psychokiller no
21:21 psychokiller i removed the \ s
21:21 psychokiller and it seems it worked
21:21 Ropuch psychokiller: remove \
21:21 Ropuch oh
21:21 Ropuch :)
21:22 owen left #koha
21:23 psychokiller im going on
21:23 psychokiller and on
21:24 Ropuch Installing perl modules?
21:26 psychokiller yes
21:26 psychokiller done that
21:28 Ropuch Hope the guide is useful
21:31 psychokiller it is up to now !
21:31 psychokiller ill tell you if it goes smoothly in a while
21:32 psychokiller so how is Poland this year ?
21:32 psychokiller still hating the Russians ?
21:32 Ropuch hehe
21:32 Ropuch Some people do, some don't, some don't care
21:32 Ropuch ;>
21:33 psychokiller yes but 'officialy' you have to hate Russians ? don't you ?
21:33 Ropuch Lol, no
21:33 psychokiller come on ... that's what they teach you in school
21:33 Ropuch 20 years ago we 'officialy' had to love them
21:33 psychokiller in history lessons
21:33 psychokiller well not russians per se
21:34 psychokiller that was the CCCP
21:34 Ropuch psychokiller: I must have ben reading another books
21:34 psychokiller it was Lenin after all who was the first statesman to claim that the 3rd partition was null!
21:34 psychokiller come on now guys
21:34 psychokiller he did it
21:35 psychokiller ok i admit he made a wrong invasion in 1920-21
21:35 psychokiller but he laid the ground for polish independence
21:35 Ropuch We have different definitions of 'independence' then
21:36 joethoks_away GO PSYCHOKILLER GO
21:36 joethoks_away jk
21:36 Ropuch But I still don't hate russians :)
21:36 psychokiller you're polish you hate Russian by definition
21:36 psychokiller lol
21:37 joethoks_away now now now.
21:37 Genji joined #koha
21:37 joethoks_away That would be an american phrase, meaning "get back to being productive and happy"
21:37 Ropuch Yea, yea, I;m polish, which mean I'm drunkard and stealing cars in Germany is job, i hate russians, eat only sausage, drinks wodka instead of morning coffee
21:37 joethoks_away See how easy that was?
21:37 joethoks_away Thank you.
21:38 Ropuch :)
21:38 psychokiller no actually i know only ONE stereotype for Poles
21:38 psychokiller that is THEY HATE RUSSIANS
21:38 psychokiller dont know much...
21:38 psychokiller lol
21:38 Ropuch Oh, that's quite light-stereotypes
21:39 psychokiller so Poles are stealing cars in Germany ?
21:39 psychokiller never heard of that I thought Greeks where doing that
21:39 psychokiller *were
21:39 Ropuch Being accused of hatingrussians is not that bad comparedto being perceived as filthy barrbarin drunk thief ;>
21:39 Ropuch Well
21:40 psychokiller are poles going to Germany ?
21:40 joethoks_away <---clears throat, loudly
21:40 Ropuch ;>
21:40 psychokiller have they surpassed the greek and the turkish community there ?
21:40 Ropuch psychokiller: dunno actually
21:41 Ropuch Once I've read some german joke" "Visit Poland during holiday, your car is already there"
21:42 psychokiller ha
21:42 Ropuch ha
21:42 psychokiller that's just racist jokes
21:43 psychokiller we have same jokes for Albanians here
21:43 psychokiller dont like em
21:43 psychokiller actually i would rather beat some asses of those who spread em
21:43 psychokiller well actually the fucking germans shouldn complain to much
21:43 psychokiller as they start a war every 30 years
21:44 psychokiller sorry about that...
21:44 Ropuch But if I came to your country and I'll get a job and will be working hard, be good neighbour you don't say" "poles are good and hard working people"; if I'' go to your countryand rob your houes, you'll probably generalize" poles are thieves" ;>
21:44 psychokiller I wouldnt do that
21:44 Ropuch psychokiller: let's cut ther discussion here
21:44 richard careful psychokiller, there are people from nationalities here
21:44 psychokiller ok
21:44 psychokiller sorry
21:44 Ropuch This channel is not about nation steretypes and hatred
21:45 psychokiller sorry
21:45 psychokiller i apologize
21:45 joethoks_away Correct. Change subject back to Koha please.
21:45 Ropuch Besides - like richard said - we have people from all around the world
21:45 Ropuch Anyway, psychokiller, how is your Koha install?
21:46 psychokiller well it seems i have reached a stupid step
21:46 psychokiller the one of downloading koha itself
21:46 psychokiller which i already have
21:46 psychokiller so im waiting ....
21:47 psychokiller wget
21:47 psychokiller im in this step
21:47 psychokiller but oh well that is pointless
21:47 psychokiller because i already have the .gz thing
21:47 psychokiller can i abort it from the console ?
21:47 Ropuch So you can skip it and proceed to next step
21:47 Ropuch ctr+c
21:54 psychokiller ooops
21:54 psychokiller perl Makefile.PL
21:54 psychokiller i get this
21:54 psychokiller Can't open perl script "Makefile.PL": No such file or directory
21:55 Ropuch Oh
21:55 Ropuch cd koha-3.00.05
21:55 Ropuch and than perl Makefile.PL
21:55 Ropuch It was second part of step you skipped
21:55 bebbi joined #koha
22:00 psychokiller ha
22:00 psychokiller you've written this ?
22:00 psychokiller "Probably already drank tea"
22:01 psychokiller well not Tea exactly
22:01 psychokiller lol
22:01 Ropuch That was written by uncle google, but yes, the comments are mine ;>
22:02 Ropuch I didn't want to write another technical install guide, my comments were meant to encourage people to proceed with install
22:03 psychokiller no no i was commenting about the Tea par
22:03 psychokiller t
22:03 Ropuch I'm yet to find out if this approach is working
22:03 psychokiller Ropuch
22:04 psychokiller i just entered
22:04 psychokiller sudo make install
22:04 psychokiller Instalujemy sudo make install Trochę to trwało, ale jesteśmy juz prawie przy końcu.
22:04 psychokiller and got this
22:04 psychokiller as a response
22:05 psychokiller /usr/bin/perl "-Iblib/arch" "-Iblib/lib" fix-perl-path.PL blib
22:05 psychokiller /usr/bin/perl "-Iblib/arch" "-Iblib/lib" rewrite-config.PL blib/KOHA_CONF_DIR/koha-conf.xml
22:05 psychokiller Can't open blib/KOHA_CONF_DIR/koha-conf.xml for read at rewrite-config.PL line 172.
22:05 psychokiller make: *** [blib/KOHA_CONF_DIR/koha-conf.xml] Error 2
22:05 psychokiller is the error 2 OK ?
22:05 psychokiller or not
22:05 psychokiller ?
22:05 Ropuch Strange
22:06 psychokiller yes ?
22:06 Ropuch 23:04 < psychokiller> Instalujemy sudo make install Troch� to trwa�o, ale jeste�my juz prawie przy ko�cu.
22:06 Ropuch You've pasted this line?
22:07 psychokiller no
22:07 Ropuch Just sudo make install?
22:07 psychokiller i pasted this :  sudo make install
22:08 psychokiller should i proceed ?
22:09 Ropuch Give me sec, I'm doing make just now
22:10 Ropuch You've run make && make test?
22:15 Sharon left #koha
22:16 psychokiller sorry ?
22:16 psychokiller ive run make install
22:16 Sharon joined #koha
22:16 psychokiller ah yes and kame and make test
22:16 Ropuch After perl Makefile.PL - have you run make && make test
22:16 psychokiller you 're right
22:16 Ropuch Before running sudo make install?
22:17 psychokiller yes i did that
22:18 psychokiller i got a lot of :
22:18 psychokiller Manifying ....
22:18 psychokiller etc
22:18 psychokiller and at the end
22:18 psychokiller Can't open blib/KOHA_CONF_DIR/koha-conf.xml for read at rewrite-config.PL line 172.
22:18 psychokiller make: *** [blib/KOHA_CONF_DIR/koha-conf.xml] Error 2
22:21 schuster left #koha
22:22 psychokiller oh shit
22:22 psychokiller when i go this step
22:22 psychokiller :
22:22 psychokiller Gotowe! Teraz możemy udać się pod adres, odpowiedzieć na kilka pytań i cieszyć się własnoręcznie zainstalowanym systemem bibliotecznym. Jeśli nic nie zmienialiśmy w trakcie konfiguracji, logujemy się na konto kohaadmin z hasłem katikoan.
22:22 psychokiller i get this
22:23 psychokiller Koha error The following fatal error has occurred:                          DBD driver has not implemented the AutoCommit attribute at /usr/lib/perl5/ line 705. Compilation failed in require at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 25. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 25. Compilation failed in require at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 24. BEGIN failed--compilation abo
22:23 Ropuch Ok ok
22:23 Ropuch So first remove /usr/share/koha
22:23 Ropuch sudo r, -fr /usr/share/koha
22:24 Ropuch guh
22:24 Ropuch sudo rm -fr /usr/share/koha
22:24 psychokiller yes...
22:24 psychokiller done that
22:24 Ropuch Then run make clean
22:24 psychokiller ?
22:25 psychokiller what do i type ?
22:25 Ropuch make clean
22:25 psychokiller that does nothing
22:25 psychokiller make: *** No rule to make target `clean'.  Stop.
22:25 psychokiller thats what it responds
22:26 psychokiller orestes@orestespc:/etc/apache2/sites-available$
22:26 psychokiller im in this directory
22:26 psychokiller maybe that is the problem
22:26 Ropuch Go to your koha-3.00.05
22:26 psychokiller that is cd what ?
22:26 Ropuch directory
22:26 Ropuch Where you extracted the tar file
22:27 psychokiller well...
22:27 psychokiller hmmmmm
22:27 psychokiller where is that
22:27 psychokiller lets see
22:27 psychokiller what is the default by your install?
22:28 Ropuch cd ~/projekt-koha/koha-3.00.05
22:28 psychokiller aha
22:28 Ropuch And then make clean
22:28 psychokiller well it seems fine now
22:28 psychokiller i did that
22:29 psychokiller next ?
22:29 Ropuch rm -rf ./blib
22:29 Ropuch just to be sure
22:29 psychokiller did that
22:29 psychokiller nothing special
22:29 Ropuch And then unfortunatelly perl Makefile.PL
22:29 psychokiller but nothing weird either
22:30 psychokiller done that
22:30 psychokiller no error dispaly
22:30 psychokiller *display
22:30 Ropuch You've done with basic configuration?
22:30 psychokiller i pressed ENTER in all
22:30 psychokiller lol
22:30 Ropuch :)
22:30 Ropuch make
22:31 psychokiller sorry ?
22:31 wajasu are book covers cached one retrieved?
22:31 Ropuch And go grab some tea, it takes some time in 3.00.5 ;>
22:31 psychokiller shouldn't i do make && make test ?
22:32 Ropuch When make is finished we'll run make test :)
22:32 psychokiller what's the problem if i do both twice ?
22:32 davi left #koha
22:33 psychokiller both at the same time that is
22:33 psychokiller (and im not going to drink tea this time of hour)
22:34 psychokiller oh its READY
22:34 psychokiller no error
22:34 psychokiller YEAAAAAAAH!!!
22:34 psychokiller oh no
22:34 psychokiller there is an error
22:34 Ropuch ?
22:34 psychokiller Can't open blib/KOHA_CONF_DIR/koha-conf.xml for read at rewrite-config.PL line 172.
22:34 psychokiller make: *** [blib/KOHA_CONF_DIR/koha-conf.xml] Error 2
22:35 psychokiller i assume it is the same error
22:35 psychokiller not sure 'though
22:35 Ropuch It's the same
22:35 psychokiller so what is the remedy ?
22:35 Ropuch Can you run
22:35 Ropuch df -h
22:36 psychokiller yes
22:36 Ropuch Maybe you've run out of disk space?
22:36 wizzyrea it looks like your config file didn't get written correctly
22:36 Ropuch wizzyrea: the questin is why
22:36 psychokiller Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
22:36 psychokiller /dev/sdb2             7.4G  4.1G  3.0G  59% /
22:36 psychokiller udev                 1007M  276K 1007M   1% /dev
22:36 psychokiller none                 1007M  772K 1006M   1% /dev/shm
22:36 psychokiller none                 1007M  100K 1007M   1% /var/run
22:36 psychokiller none                 1007M     0 1007M   0% /var/lock
22:36 psychokiller none                 1007M     0 1007M   0% /lib/init/rw
22:36 psychokiller /dev/sdb5              27G  5.0G   22G  19% /home
22:36 psychokiller /dev/sdb3             432G  107G  326G  25% /media/???? ?????
22:37 Ropuch I'm sure the disk space is not the issue here
22:37 psychokiller so what is the step i've done wrong ?
22:37 Ropuch I can't say really
22:38 Ropuch I found similar error message:[…]April/017794.html
22:39 Ropuch psychokiller: I'm really guessing here, but can you wget another tarball of koha?
22:39 psychokiller what tarball would that be ?
22:40 Ropuch Ok
22:40 Ropuch cd ~/projekt-koha/ && rm -fr koha-3.00.05
22:41 Ropuch Then start wit
22:41 Ropuch With
22:41 Ropuch wget
22:41 psychokiller hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
22:41 Ropuch ANd try to proceed, if the error will occur again, I'm out of ideas
22:41 psychokiller i already have that
22:41 Ropuch I know
22:41 psychokiller but well lets try it anyway
22:42 Ropuch Your box seems to handle make pretty fast ;>
22:45 psychokiller my box ?
22:45 psychokiller what box ?
22:45 psychokiller my Ubuntu Desktop is not on a Virtual Box
22:45 psychokiller its real
22:48 Ropuch I mean your computer
22:48 Genji left #koha
22:51 Genji joined #koha
22:59 psychokiller it displays :
22:59 psychokiller sudo gedit /etc/apache2/ports.conf
22:59 psychokiller oops soory
22:59 psychokiller not really
22:59 psychokiller Saving to: `koha-3.00.05.tar.gz.1'
22:59 psychokiller that's what its displaying
22:59 psychokiller is it ok ?
23:01 Ropuch yep
23:01 Ropuch Now
23:01 Ropuch rm koha-3.00.05.tar.gz
23:01 Ropuch mv koha-3.00.05.tar.gz.1 koha-3.00.05.tar.gz
23:01 psychokiller well downloading is not quite done
23:01 psychokiller he
23:01 Ropuch ohg
23:02 Ropuch Then wait till it's done
23:02 hdl_laptop left #koha
23:03 chris left #koha
23:03 eythian left #koha
23:04 Ropuch After it's done, paste the two lines I'ce gave above and start with tar -zxvf koha-3.00.05.tar.gz && cd koha-3.00.05 step
23:04 Ropuch It's about time to get some sleep for me
23:04 psychokiller sleep ?
23:04 psychokiller thats pointless
23:04 Ropuch ;>
23:05 Ropuch It's gonna be a busy day tomorrow
23:05 chris joined #koha
23:06 Ropuch Anyway - I hope you succeed
23:06 Genji left #koha
23:06 eythian joined #koha
23:06 psychokiller well if i dont
23:06 Genji joined #koha
23:06 psychokiller you'll see me again
23:06 psychokiller !
23:06 psychokiller lol
23:06 Ropuch ;>
23:08 psychokiller gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
23:08 psychokiller koha-3.00.05/koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/sv-SE/js​/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/media/media.htm
23:08 psychokiller koha-3.00.05/koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/​prog/sv-SE/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_m​ce/plugins/media/editor_plugin_src.js
23:08 psychokiller tar: Unexpected EOF in archive
23:08 psychokiller tar: Unexpected EOF in archive
23:08 psychokiller tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
23:08 Ropuch I should be online tomorrow 8-9am (gmt+1)
23:08 psychokiller what i get
23:08 Ropuch Hm
23:09 Ropuch wget exitted without error?
23:10 psychokiller yes
23:10 psychokiller no error there
23:10 psychokiller thats what i get after some activiyt
23:10 psychokiller with the tar.... command
23:10 Ropuch huh
23:10 Ropuch ok
23:11 psychokiller ok?
23:11 psychokiller should i proceed ?
23:11 Ropuch clean your ~/projekt-koha directory and try get koha from mirror
23:11 Ropuch it's not ok
23:12 psychokiller a mirror ?
23:12 psychokiller but how can i do that from a console ?
23:12 Ropuch wget http://d10xg45o6p6dbl.cloudfro[…]ha-3.00.05.tar.gz
23:13 psychokiller ok
23:13 psychokiller go to sleep
23:13 Ropuch Yep
23:13 psychokiller actually
23:13 Ropuch Good night
23:13 psychokiller i cant see you tommorow
23:13 psychokiller because i have a russian lesson
23:13 psychokiller lol
23:14 Ropuch I have german lesson in the evening ;>
23:14 psychokiller ill be here the day after tommorow
23:14 psychokiller ok bye
23:14 Ropuch Bye
23:16 Genji left #koha
23:24 Genji joined #koha
23:40 moodaepo @wunder 56001
23:41 moodaepo @weather 56001
23:41 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in South on Monks, Mankato, Minnesota is 1.9�C (5:37 PM CST on March 09, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 95%. Dew Point: 1.0�C. Windchill: -2.0�C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1003.9 hPa (Falling). Dense fog advisory in effect until 6 am CST Wednesday...
23:44 psychokiller @weather 56001
23:44 munin psychokiller: The current temperature in South on Monks, Mankato, Minnesota is 1.9�C (5:42 PM CST on March 09, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 95%. Dew Point: 1.0�C. Windchill: -2.0�C. Pressure: 29.65 in 1003.9 hPa (Falling). Dense fog advisory in effect until 6 am CST Wednesday...
23:44 psychokiller @weather 000007
23:44 munin psychokiller: Error: HTTP Error 500: Server Error
23:45 psychokiller @weather 00999
23:45 munin psychokiller: Error: HTTP Error 500: Server Error
23:51 johnindy_ left #koha
23:59 psychokiller is anybody here ?
23:59 psychokiller Koha error The following fatal error has occurred:                          DBD driver has not implemented the AutoCommit attribute at /usr/lib/perl5/ line 705. Compilation failed in require at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 30. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 30. Compilation failed in require at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/ line 23. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted

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