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02:48 Genji hiya... marc field 653 is complete phrases.. subjects.
02:48 Genji marc21 biblio records.abs has subject:p in that line.
02:49 Genji yet if i do 'scan @attr 1=21' it always breaks all the results into words...
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03:23 Amit hi all
03:23 Amit hi brendan, chris
03:23 gmcharlt hi Amit
03:23 Amit heya galen
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04:16 wajasu ok. I finally built a PKGBUILD called perl-graphicsmagick that builds a Graphics::Magick module for the corresponding graphicsmagick package.  I guess i should call it perl-graphicsmagick.  (debian calls theirs perlmagick)
04:17 wajasu maybe I should call it perl-perlmagick  (but it supplies and Graphics::Magick).  Oh. this is for archlinnux folks.
04:23 gmcharlt wajasu++
04:30 wajasu i just reused the graphicsmagick PKGBUILD, but run a similiar ./configure with --with-perl  and cd into the appropriate subdirectory and perl Makefile.PL, and walla, just the perl stuff.
04:30 wajasu i will adjust the version dependencies accordingly.
04:31 wajasu I started to do this for the latest graphicsmagick download, and it won't build with the current PKGBUILD.  There is an error in compiling for code that uses libpng.
04:34 wajasu my archlinux is at the latest libpng 1.4.0-2.  But it seems the png_info struct might have changed, so this seems like a tough dependency problem.
04:36 wajasu if code in graphicsmagick needs to change to use and API now, what does that mean for all the other apps that use libpng?  must they all get tweaked?  Or will there just need to be multiple versions of libpng installed?
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05:11 nod_ chris: any idea what push command i should use to push to my originmaster?
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06:50 Genji hiya... marc field 653 is complete phrases.. subjects.
06:51 Genji marc21 biblio records.abs has subject:p in that line.
06:51 Genji yet if i do 'scan @attr 1=21' it always breaks all the results into words...
06:51 Genji whats wrong?
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07:12 chris nod_: git push -f
07:17 chris (-f is force .. so you can either do that, or rebase from your originmaster first)
07:21 chris man i wish i understood authorities so i could answer pauline, but that documentation may as well be written in swahili for as much sense as it makes to me
07:22 chris hdl_laptop: are you around?
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07:42 chris @later tell hdl_laptop did you see the question about 3.0.6, i see the file at but no announcement yet?
07:42 munin chris: The operation succeeded.
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08:21 chris @later tell fredericd
08:21 munin chris: The operation succeeded.
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08:34 kf good morning all
08:34 chris hi kf
08:34 kf hi chris
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08:48 wajasu i'm having problems getting HTTP::OAI , PDF::API2::Simple, and POE to install.  (trying koha 3.02.00-alpha.
08:52 wajasu HTTP::OAI complains about    perl-xml-sax-base: /usr/share/man/man3/XML::SAX::Base.3pm.gz exists in filesystem
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10:00 Ropuch Morning #koha
10:22 hdl_laptop wajasu: have you tried deleting that ?
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11:37 tekonivel chris: i think i was told that you're the person who can mend Pootle
11:37 tekonivel chris: it was a bit b0rken yesterday
11:38 tekonivel chris: but fine now. if you did something about it, thanks
11:38 tekonivel if someone else mended, thanks to whoever it was :)
11:39 tekonivel s/\(mended\)/&1 it/
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11:59 brendan morning #koha
12:08 gmcharlt good morning
12:08 gmcharlt brendan: how was the rest of preconference?
12:09 brendan it was really nice.  had a few newbies so we answered questions and showed them around koha
12:09 brendan didn't get a chance to bug-squash
12:09 brendan ended up talk about zebra more than anything else
12:11 gmcharlt cool
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12:41 hdl_laptop hi
12:43 kf hi hdl_laptop
12:44 hdl_laptop hi kf
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12:49 jdavidb Mornin', #koha.
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12:55 gmcharlt hi hdl_laptop, jdavidb
12:56 hdl_laptop hi gmcharlt
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13:01 biglego morning everyone
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13:25 owen Hi #koha
13:25 jdavidb Hi, owen! :)
13:26 gmcharlt hi owen
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13:26 jwagner G'morning
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13:37 tekonivel hard to translate "issue"
13:38 magnus that word means so many different things in norwegian too...
13:38 tekonivel it can mean 1) a problem "i have an issue" 2) an event "list of smth issued today" or a 3) issue of a subscription "a new issue of Library Journal"
13:39 owen tekonivel: It was even harder when we called "check-outs" "issues"
13:39 tekonivel also hard to google that word
13:39 tekonivel owen: yeah... that would be meaning #2 on myt list
13:40 tekonivel owen: i wonder if i can count that "issue" is not used in that meaning in Koha 3 OPAC, when i'm tranalating it...
13:40 tekonivel i could trust the term "issue" is used only in the meaning #3
13:40 owen tekonivel: I hope so. We tried to eliminate that usage.
13:41 tekonivel f.ex. "Today's Issues" (string number 960)
13:41 tekonivel it would mean newspapers, and journals that have arrived in the library today, not checkouts for patrons done today
13:42 tekonivel owen: soooo many thanks for your efforts :)
13:42 tekonivel library-lingo can be a tad tricky sometimes
13:43 kf tekonivel: look at the template list
13:43 kf its a good indicator for context sometimes
13:43 owen I see... The self-checkout module has that instance of "today's issues."
13:43 tekonivel i'm translating all "issue"s in the meaning #3, and hope to come back to them at testing time, hopefully at the end of the list
13:43 tekonivel end of the week, i mean!
13:44 tekonivel kf: yeah yeah
13:44 tekonivel kf: it would be soo hard to translate without the context
13:44 tekonivel i'm marking all the suspicious strings as fuzzy, and will re-iterate trough them later and take a peek at the sourcecode at that time
13:45 tekonivel however the git repository has changed since 3.0
13:45 tekonivel f.ex. ../../koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/prog/en​/modules/sco/circulation.tmpl:137 seems to have moved
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13:46 kf self check out
13:46 tekonivel i wish pootle had direct links to the sourcecode that would spawn a new browser with or something
13:46 kf so probably a case for issue = checkout
13:46 tekonivel kf: yeah, propably. i'm marking it fuzzy for now
13:47 kf yes, this idea has been aorund for some time
13:47 kf would really like that too
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13:47 kf or a tooltip with string number in koha...
13:48 tekonivel kf: yeah, that'd be nice. luckily there's the line number
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13:49 tekonivel but i'm not peeking at src at this time
13:50 * tekonivel feels like a champion
13:50 tekonivel only mr./mrs./ms. nobody to beat on the Pootle stats
13:50 * jwagner cheers for tekonivel
13:50 tekonivel i've make 204 suggestions, nobody has 268
13:51 tekonivel also 665 translations, i'm fourth on that list
13:51 tekonivel (i'm mace on Pootle)
13:51 tekonivel it's quite brainmelting work, though
13:52 tekonivel but well worth it, i'm sure :)
13:52 tekonivel only 42 translations behind chrisc, more for Kaz and PSchouten
13:53 tekonivel i guess a lot of people work offline and then upload, so Pootle doesn't gather their stats
13:53 tekonivel so they're out of the game
13:54 * tekonivel has taken a look at Emacs po-mode
13:54 owen Patch for Bug 4244 submitted
13:54 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4244 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Use "checkouts" instead of "issues"
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13:55 tekonivel O_o
13:55 tekonivel uuh
13:55 * tekonivel feels open source+community development love
13:55 tekonivel <3
13:55 tekonivel it's quite different with Innovative Millenium products, you know
13:56 tekonivel owen: cheers
13:56 owen easy_fixes++
13:57 * sekjal is well aware of what's what with Innovative's Millennium
13:57 owen Hi sekjal and brendan, how did it go yesterday?
13:57 * owen is sorry to have missed it
13:57 sekjal I'm at Code4Lib right now, and will be talking on the migration from Millennium to Koha tomorrow
13:57 brendan hiya owen
13:57 tekonivel sekjal: i should sent our system librarians there
13:58 sekjal owen: went pretty well.  Smaller group, half devs and half users in the morning, mostly all users in the afternoon
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13:58 tekonivel sekjal: too bad i'm not in the position to do that :)
13:58 brendan it went well
13:58 brendan atz and galen stopped by also
13:58 sekjal tekonivel: it's a good time.  I can make sure you get the slides and link to the video, when it's ready
14:00 tekonivel sekjal: lovely!
14:00 owen I'm glad you guys didn't have to travel through snow to get there
14:00 tekonivel owen: we've got plenty here in Helsinki :)
14:00 sekjal it was a REALLY long drive, but dry the whole way.
14:03 sekjal alright, Code4Lib begins!
14:03 gmcharlt @quote random
14:03 munin gmcharlt: Quote #45: "<CGI988> sekjal - you are a genious!!!!! asking me about the browser!!!! yes it's the #$%$#%$#ing IE was messing my cataloguing, oh I hate miscrosoft, the evil!" (added by gmcharlt at 02:00 PM, November 05, 2009)
14:03 tekonivel on Pootle: i also with there was a button to accept a suggestion. now it's copy paste with mouse
14:03 tekonivel s/copy/copy+/
14:03 tekonivel oh well
14:06 * owen adds Helsinki to his list of stops on an imaginary Koha World Tour
14:07 * sekjal sekjal adds Helsinki to his world clock thinger on his phone
14:07 brendan oh I like that idea a "Koha World Tour"
14:07 tekonivel owen: ELAG 2010?
14:07 * brendan signs up
14:07 magnus is a good reason for visiting Helsinki this year...
14:07 tekonivel magnus: i'll be there
14:07 magnus i *think* i will too
14:08 tekonivel magnus: awesome
14:09 magnus the programmes are usually good, and helsinki is a nice city!
14:09 tekonivel magnus: yeah i think ELAG is one of the most interesting library conferences
14:10 tekonivel and such a history thhey've got
14:10 * tekonivel has never attended, though
14:10 magnus me neither, but i've heard a lot of good things about it
14:11 magnus perhaps we could have a koha meetup?
14:11 tekonivel also, it's automation stuff mostly, which in itself is of only utilitarist value
14:11 tekonivel magnus: u jeah
14:11 tekonivel magnus: not that there'd be very many Koha installations in Finland though
14:12 tekonivel magnus: about 5, very few of which are in production (not to mention online)
14:12 tekonivel magnus: maybe situation has changed by ELAG :)
14:12 magnus but at least there would be some interested people, and i guess more koha people will be coming from "outside" besides me
14:12 tekonivel magnus: you've got a norwegian company giving support for Koha
14:13 magnus that's me! ;-)
14:13 tekonivel magnus: yeah i figured :)
14:13 magnus hehe
14:13 tekonivel magnus: i'm sure that has an impact on libraries' willingness to adopt Koha
14:13 magnus i sure hope so! ;-)
14:14 magnus at least they can't blame lack of support for not looking into it
14:14 magnus any companies in Finland, or everyone just doing things themselves?
14:14 tekonivel i've been pointing some finnish libraries your way (i don't know if you do internation business), but i hope more Kohas would appear here too
14:15 magnus wow, thanks! i would certainly not turn away customers, but of course i don't speak finnish...
14:15 paul_p tekonivel: a company giving support is a BIG boost. Look at Koha adoption in France. Why is it so important ? because we started supporting very early
14:15 tekonivel i'm not a Koha-fundamanetalist by no means, but we've basically got Axiell hegemony here so i'm (/we're) trying to fuel the discussion and not let it die down
14:16 tekonivel paul_p: yeah, libraries (at least here) don't do any moves if they cant't get (paid) support
14:16 magnus way to go, tekonivel!
14:17 paul_p tekonivel: sounds fair : libraries don't always have an internal IT team
14:17 tekonivel magnus: no company provides Koha support, basically one guy has been actively speaking about it and doing installations
14:17 tekonivel magnus: he also translated (at least parts) of Koha 2, as a hobby
14:17 tekonivel well, i guess he got paid for it too
14:17 tekonivel at least some of it
14:18 magnus interesting! do you know who that guy is?
14:18 tekonivel paul_p: yeah certainly they don't, and here the organization of public libraries is so spread out a lot of the municipalities have their libraries ran by basically a handful of ppl, and they're no programmers
14:18 tekonivel magnus: sure, it's Pasi Korkeila
14:19 tekonivel magnus: no wait, Pasi Korkalo
14:20 tekonivel he's at Oulu University, but i haven't yet discussed with him what have been his motivations
14:22 magnus probably the same as the PasiK i've seen on the lists, then
14:25 tekonivel magnus: yeah i'm sure
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14:26 tekonivel magnus: there are only so many Pasi K:s interested in Koha in this small country :)
14:26 magnus probably... ;-)
14:29 tekonivel all sorts of thoughts cross my mind while translating
14:31 tekonivel f.ex. Koha has hardcoded strings that talk about "a librarian". However in Finland "a librarian" excludes anyone with a worktitle "library assistant". no generic term for everyone working in a library exists in our language, though i've been simply talking about "kirjastolainen"
14:31 tekonivel that's something like a "a person of library"
14:31 magnus is now known as magnus_away
14:32 tekonivel also Koha talks about circulation desks, but it's basically a meaningless concept in small libraries because there's only one desk
14:32 tekonivel besides a lot of the functions can be done online or over the phone
14:32 tekonivel so i'm tempted to translate "contact the circulation desk" to just "concact the library"
14:33 owen Those opac messages are problematic for many people
14:34 owen "If you don't have a password yet, stop by the circulation desk the next time you're in the library. We'll happily set one up for you."
14:34 tekonivel they intermix OPAC user interface with the functions the library actually provides
14:34 owen That implies that there is a circulation desk *and* that library policy requires that patrons set up their passwords in person.
14:35 tekonivel owen: yeah
14:36 tekonivel it's interesting work
14:36 tekonivel Orwell, Wittgenstein, Sokrates and Agricola are present right here with me :)
14:37 tekonivel also who's that contemporary philosopher from USA who's written about language, politics and power
14:38 owen Stephen Colbert. ;)
14:38 tekonivel owen: lol not him
14:38 owen Noam Chomsky?
14:38 tekonivel owen: yeah Chomsky!
14:40 tekonivel that reminds me; i hope there was a way to say "a person from USA", that waas not the work "american" because there's plenty of America outside of USA (even outside NAFTA)
14:40 tekonivel "usaian" isn't a work
14:41 tekonivel ...word
14:42 owen I would think "American" is generally understood to mean "from the USA," but "North American" or "South American" would be the general terms
14:42 owen I've never heard of a context in which people from North and South American were spoken of collectively.
14:43 tekonivel owen: yeah, but there's Canada too. And the continent of NA is quite different than the nation that happens to cover large parts of it at this time and age
14:43 tekonivel owen: lol that's a good point
14:43 tekonivel owen: there isn't much of a collective there...
14:44 owen "North American" would mean US or Canada.
14:44 tekonivel but just "american" mean from USA
14:44 tekonivel i think that kind of sucks
14:44 tekonivel it's like "european" would mean only people from Finland
14:45 owen I would have to defer to a Canadian on the matter. I've never heard the terms used any differently.
14:45 owen I suspect many Canadians would not like being referred to as "Americans"
14:45 jwagner owen, I think you just made the point -- you referred to Canadians.
14:45 tekonivel if i had "an american passport", which partport would it be?
14:46 tekonivel jwagner: exactly
14:46 tekonivel s/partport/passport/
14:46 wizzyrea_ for one, you wouldn't get an american passport
14:46 wizzyrea_ you would get a United States passport :P
14:46 tekonivel owen: lol they'd prefer to be referred to as "le canadiennes" ;)
14:47 wizzyrea_ what is this, pick on owen day? psh.
14:47 owen But everyone understands "American passport" to mean a United States passport. There's no ambiguity about it in my experience.
14:47 jwagner And people from Mexico are usually referred to as Mexicans.  I think general usage of American means people from the U.S.
14:47 tekonivel wizzyrea_: and prefably "United States of American passport"... other united stats might be out there too :)
14:47 * jwagner would NEVER pick on owen!
14:47 owen "Don't shoot, I'm an American!"
14:47 tekonivel owen: yeah, no ambiquity, but that's exacly what bothers me
14:48 wizzyrea_ welp. Guess we're gonna have to find a new name for our country, owen.
14:48 tekonivel owen: lol, that Brazilian guy who got executed in the London metro shouldn't shouted that :)
14:48 wizzyrea_ I'm kansan first :P
14:49 jwagner wizzyrea_, that might not work.  Telling people I'm a Hoosier is likely to leave them even more confused :-)  Besides, I've lived longer outside Indiana than I lived in it by now....
14:50 tekonivel otoh, sometimes "european" or "people from the EU countries" are mixed
14:50 tekonivel norway is europe, but not EU
14:50 tekonivel the point of this discussion being (on my part), that language is such a sloppy construct...
14:51 tekonivel jwagner: yeah Hoosier sure would confuse me
14:51 wizzyrea_ lol, we should all learn to communicate telepathically
14:51 jwagner No, just communicate in binary -- it's only ones and zeros!
14:51 wizzyrea_ jwagner: but you could say "I'm from Indiana"
14:51 jwagner But that lacks the panache!
14:51 wizzyrea_ lol
14:51 wizzyrea_ that's like me saying I'm a Free-Stater
14:52 tekonivel wizzyrea_: i wonder if that would help... does telepathy convey language or pure emotions/experiences?
14:52 wizzyrea_ who even knows what that means anymore
14:52 wizzyrea_ tekonivel: I'm not sure how it would work
14:52 tekonivel wizzyrea_: i thought you might ;)
14:52 wizzyrea_ well I don't know you well enough to communicate telepathically ;)
14:53 tekonivel wizzyrea_: IRC is not telepathy? i've been fooled!
14:53 wizzyrea_ ^.^
14:53 jwagner wizzyrea_, using the Free-Stater identity would require a lesson in the American Civil War.  Or as people in Virginia refer to it (STILL), the War of Northern Agression.  I'm glad I don't live in Virginia any more....
14:53 wizzyrea_ lol
14:54 wizzyrea_ all a kansan has to say outside the US is, I'm from kansas. Like dorothy
14:54 wizzyrea_ and toto
14:54 wizzyrea_ and they immediately nod and say "Ok, I can place you"
14:54 wizzyrea_ at least that was my experience
14:54 tekonivel we finns aren't sure if we had a "war of independece", "war of brothers" or "war of liberty" in 1917
14:55 wizzyrea_ oh you are from finland!
14:55 tekonivel or "an internal war" or whate4ver
14:55 tekonivel wizzyrea_: yup
14:55 imp wizzyrea_: does it work inside the US too? ;)
14:55 wizzyrea_ yes, actually :)
14:55 tekonivel finlandian, i guess... :)
14:55 wizzyrea_ you are finnish
14:56 tekonivel some say "a finn"
14:56 tekonivel so finland is "the land of finns"
14:56 tekonivel kind of odd, i think...
14:56 wizzyrea_ finnish sounds to me like "I'm kind of like a fin. Sorta."
14:56 wizzyrea_ s/fin/finn
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14:56 collum Amazing. There's actually a wikipedia article on "names for U.S Citizens'[…]for_U.S._citizens
14:57 tekonivel englang=land of english; ireland=land of the ire; usaland=land of people from USA
14:57 tekonivel no wait, that doens't work xD
14:57 wizzyrea_ which phonetically sounds in my mind like "use a land"
14:57 wizzyrea_ which seems fitting
14:57 tekonivel wizzyrea_: *ouch*
14:58 tekonivel wizzyrea_: but pls give me some glass-pearls, a pox and steal my squaw ;)
14:58 wizzyrea_ why aren't the english the engs?
14:58 tekonivel ok pls let's not get to that...
14:58 tekonivel wizzyrea_: i wonder where that comes from
14:58 wizzyrea_ lol
14:59 tekonivel i've understood "ire" is some sort of ugly, agressive thing
15:00 * wizzyrea_ has no interest in squaws
15:00 wizzyrea_ and
15:00 tekonivel anyone here know esperanto? were these issues considered when it was constructed?
15:00 * wizzyrea_ does not have the pox.
15:01 owen wizzyrea_: What about cooties?
15:01 wizzyrea_ everyone knows all girls have cooties, owen.
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15:02 tekonivel "norway" is more abstract... the "way of the nor"
15:03 * owen thinks of Calvin and "known girl" Susie Derkins.
15:03 tekonivel not the "land of nor"
15:03 wizzyrea_ though I knew a kid in HS whose last name was "norland"
15:03 wizzyrea_ oh, and this will bake your noodle
15:03 wizzyrea_ they are norwegians
15:03 * tekonivel is boiling
15:04 tekonivel (pls simmer)
15:04 tekonivel well, i have a friend who's last name is Fail
15:04 tekonivel he's usalandian
15:04 wizzyrea_ ... poor friend
15:04 wizzyrea_ please tell me his name isn't richard
15:04 * wizzyrea_ is giggling madly
15:04 tekonivel John
15:05 wizzyrea_ almost as funny, but not quite.
15:09 sekjal Koha logo is front and center in cloud4Lib presentation.  yay!
15:10 wizzyrea_ woot!
15:11 jwagner sekjal, _cloud_ 4Lib?  New conference???  Or just clouding their minds :-)
15:11 sekjal jwagner: first presentation after keynote
15:13 sekjal talking about sharing infrastructure between multiple installs of multiple tools.
15:14 wizzyrea_ the code4lib channel is hopping :P
15:15 wizzyrea_ they are snarktastic in there
15:16 sekjal yeah, I think I prefer this channel...
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15:20 wajasu hdl_laptop: i removed perl-xml-libxml and perl-xml-sax, which cleaned up things.  Then I added HTTP::OAI and when it goes to install a dependency perl-xml-sax-base, and has conflicting files with perl-xml-sax. (my dist is archlinux)
15:25 tekonivel 45% of OPAC translated; time to restart the rotted Firefox and have a glass of water
15:26 jwagner is now known as jwagner_meeting
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15:39 wizzyrea_ owen: I can't thank you enough for all of the cleanup you've done in the staff interface, it looks really, really nice.
15:39 owen You're very welcome
15:40 owen I'm always on the lookout for rough edges
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15:40 wizzyrea_ at the moment I'm looking at
15:40 wizzyrea_ and I love how this is shaping up
15:41 wizzyrea_ that's a new thing galen just added
15:41 wizzyrea_ the waiting status, but this list used to be so spartan
15:41 wizzyrea_ we will knock these holds out yet
15:43 wizzyrea_ owen: how often do you run your holds queue?
15:44 owen Every couple of hours, although most librarians don't check it so often.
15:44 wizzyrea_ remember your question about the weird orders of holds?
15:44 * owen likes to glace at the list during slow times if he's working at the desk
15:44 wizzyrea_
15:45 wizzyrea_ this is what a 3.2 list looks like before the holds queue has run
15:45 owen wizzyrea_: What does the reserves table say about the priority numbers?
15:45 wizzyrea_ idk, lemme look
15:48 wizzyrea_ hm, what am I looking for? I have some weirdly high ones on titles that only have a couple of holds
15:48 wizzyrea_ like, 12, 14, 16
15:49 wizzyrea_ (we dont have a lot going on, this is totally test data)
15:50 owen That's what I expect to see on those titles with multiple number ones. I was seeing priorities like "1, 2, 435, 736, 1203"
15:50 owen I know brendan has been looking into it for us but I don't know how much progress he has made
15:52 gmcharlt yea, I don't think we've nailed down exactly when it is occurring
15:53 wizzyrea_ well I'm trying to test if the hold queue job puts them right again
15:53 brendan wizzyrea, select distinct biblionumber from reserves where priority > '100';
15:53 wizzyrea_ I don't have any of those
15:54 wizzyrea_ but I also probably don't have more than 100 holds on this system
15:54 brendan ok thanks
15:57 gmcharlt the holds queue job doesn't change hold priorities
15:57 gmcharlt (or if it is, that's a bug, at least the way it's designed to operate now)
15:57 brendan from tracing through things right now..  not finding any issues on _Fixpriority
15:58 brendan funny things is I am sitting right next to gmcharlt
15:58 brendan hi gmcharlt
15:58 gmcharlt hi brendan
15:58 wizzyrea_ hee
15:59 gmcharlt we're listening to rsinger, so we have an excuse for not actually talking too each other right now ;)
15:59 wizzyrea_ hm
15:59 wizzyrea_ it's not matching item home location to patron home location above all else is it?
16:00 wizzyrea_ or is there a pref that does that?
16:00 wizzyrea_ because I just checked in a springfield book and it went priority 1 (incorrectly) to a springfield patron
16:01 sekjal wizzyrea_: how many holds do you have in your system all told?  and what version of the code are you running?
16:02 wizzyrea_ then, a centervill item went to the 1st centerville patron (listed 1)
16:02 wizzyrea_ in this system, probably fewer than 75 total
16:03 wizzyrea_ (and this has some of gmcharlt's newest stuff on it, too)
16:03 wizzyrea_ re:holds
16:03 gmcharlt wizzyrea_: to confirm, the bibs you're testing from my holds bugfix branch?
16:03 gmcharlt *bits
16:03 wizzyrea_ yes
16:03 sekjal wizzyrea_: and I assume you don't have any holds with priority > 75
16:03 wizzyrea_ no, I don't
16:04 sekjal that probably doesn't mean much, but every little bit of data helps!
16:10 wajasu i'm trying to install a perl module HTTP:OAI and it depends on XML::SAX::Base.  But I already have XML::LibXML installed which depends on XML::SAX.  Both contain /usr/lshare/perl5/vendor/XML/SAX/
16:11 wajasu They are different.
16:13 wajasu My distribution's package manager pacman complains about the conflict and stops the install.  I may have to "force" it to overwrite.
16:14 adegroff left #koha
16:17 sekjal for this holds priority issue: can we tell if it happens when placing multiple holds at once, only when holds are done singly, or in both cases?
16:19 gmcharlt wizzyrea_: tracing the process would help
16:19 wizzyrea_ yea, I'm in process of doing that
16:20 gmcharlt if you can go through a sequence of creating a number of holds that result in a glitch, then repeat it, that would be golden
16:20 * gmcharlt is preaching to the choir, of course
16:20 wizzyrea_ :D
16:26 wizzyrea_ these are a set:
16:26 wizzyrea_
16:26 kf bye :)
16:26 kf left #koha
16:27 wizzyrea_
16:28 brendan wizzyrea that first screen shot with priority's listed as 3, 1, 1 is what we are seeing
16:28 gmcharlt having two requests as priority one is an issue
16:28 gmcharlt how are you getting to that point?
16:28 brendan before you move that one around can you look at the priorities for both of those one's listed as 1
16:29 brendan you can see them in teh database
16:29 brendan or you can click on the name and it will show you the priority number listed under the patron's holds
16:30 wizzyrea_
16:30 wizzyrea_ there are several with this patron that have gone funny
16:30 wizzyrea_ the numbers must be based on the max number of holds in the system
16:30 wizzyrea_ you can see the one is waiting
16:31 gmcharlt priority is per hold request
16:31 wizzyrea_ i mean, the erroneous numbers
16:31 gmcharlt so in theory could be 16th in line for dogsong
16:31 gmcharlt assuming, of course, that there are actually that many requests on that title
16:32 wizzyrea_ dogsong
16:32 wizzyrea_
16:32 gmcharlt ? same as the previous screenshot
16:32 wizzyrea_ er
16:32 wizzyrea_ sry
16:32 wizzyrea_
16:32 wizzyrea_ premature paste :P
16:32 gmcharlt heh
16:32 sekjal wizzyrea_: it's looking like that, yes.  perhaps somehow the total number of holds is getting put into the priority field...
16:33 wizzyrea_ I love screencast. it's so fast.
16:33 sekjal wizzyrea_: it's super neat, and mega helpful
16:34 wizzyrea_ here's casey's holds priority
16:34 wizzyrea_
16:35 gmcharlt sekjal: it's taking priority directly from reserves.priority, it's not attemping a calculation
16:37 sekjal gmcharlt: right, no calculation in the display.  But priority has to be figured out somewhere... perhaps the initial assignment is erroroneous
16:37 gmcharlt er, round and round we go
16:38 gmcharlt wizzyrea_: are all of the hold requests we're looking at news ones that you created for testing today?
16:38 wizzyrea_ no, some of them are from last friday, I'm working one from today
16:38 wizzyrea_ the ordered screengrabs are in #kohakansas (just keeping my thoughts in order there)
16:38 wizzyrea_ from the ones I've done today
16:39 Kivutar left #koha
16:40 sekjal it seems to me that the first trick is to figure out when the priority value is being mis-assigned, from a workflow process level
16:40 sekjal which will point to code, etc.
16:40 wizzyrea_ yea, I'm trying to document every step
16:40 sekjal cool
16:40 wizzyrea_ not in this channel though >.>
16:41 wizzyrea_ b/c I don't want to spam
16:41 sekjal right
16:41 gmcharlt yeah - a summary at the end would be good - also need the state of all of the holds sysprefs
16:46 wizzyrea_ here's the holds policy:
16:47 wizzyrea_ I wonder about StaticHoldsQueueWeight and RandomizeHoldsQueueWeight
16:48 wizzyrea_ we've always been a bit fuzzy about how that works
16:48 gmcharlt they're used only by the holds queue cronjob
16:49 gmcharlt to specify which libraries are preferred sources of items to fill hold requests
16:50 gmcharlt and (for the randomize setting) to mix the order up
16:50 wizzyrea_ so an item placement triggered by checkin doesn't follow those rules
16:50 wizzyrea_ ?
16:50 wizzyrea_ er, I guess what you're telling me is that all item placements are triggered by checkin
16:51 gmcharlt right - they influence the picklist
16:53 wizzyrea_ which in turn influences the placement, albeit indirectly
16:53 gmcharlt and the current hold fill target is taken into count
16:54 gmcharlt build_holds_queue generates picklist and current hold fill target map
16:54 gmcharlt when items are pulled
16:54 gmcharlt hold fill target is checked first - if an item is allocated for a specific hold, it's supposed to be used/tranisted to fill that hold
16:55 gmcharlt but if item not being checked in isn't specifically target to a hold request, but can fill it
16:55 gmcharlt it will fall back to filling that request
16:56 wizzyrea_ right, bibs vs items
16:57 sekjal are the holds priorities going weird when the hold is placed, or when someone else's hold is fulfilled?
16:57 wizzyrea_ I actually suspect that, sekjal
16:58 wizzyrea_ i'm not sure why yet
16:58 wizzyrea_ but I've seen something at some point that suggests that might be the case
16:58 wizzyrea_ but I haven't reproduced it yet
16:58 sekjal wizzyrea_: which might be the case (former or latter)?
16:58 wizzyrea_ that the problem happens in the process of moving items about
16:59 wizzyrea_ filling and moving, possibly ignoring holds
16:59 gmcharlt transiting => bad priorities, perhaps?
16:59 sekjal ah.  that seems a little more plausible, given the increased complexity
16:59 wizzyrea_ there's a weird thing where if you ignore the hold for 1 priority, the next time the item is seen it goes to #2, while #1 is still technically #1
16:59 wizzyrea_ then it goes back to one
17:01 wizzyrea_ part of bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3595
17:01 munin Bug 3595: normal, P5, ---,, NEW, Items seen at checkin should always go to 1st priority hold
17:01 wizzyrea_ well, all of it really
17:02 wizzyrea_ it is probably related somehow
17:02 schuster joined #koha
17:03 nengard joined #koha
17:07 sekjal mmmm, Code4Lunch
17:07 wizzyrea_ on the brightside:
17:11 gmcharlt wizzyrea_: one thing about your testing - are you the only one actively working with holds in your test database?
17:12 wizzyrea_ at the moment, and yes, friday we had 3 people doing stuff
17:12 wizzyrea_ at the same time
17:12 gmcharlt ok
17:12 wizzyrea_ if I can't reproduce it I'll give you all logins and permission to go to town ;)
17:13 wizzyrea_ don't suppose it is caused by using a single sign on
17:13 brendan nope
17:13 gmcharlt the reason I'm asking is if (for completely new holds) is if you can reproduce all by yourself
17:14 sekjal left #koha
17:14 wizzyrea_ i'm trying to lol
17:14 wizzyrea_ xmas in the big house is working perfectly though
17:14 wizzyrea_ except for the initial wtf of why did henry get it and not sharon
17:14 gmcharlt it'll be easier on us poor programmers :)
17:15 wizzyrea_ nope, just me
17:16 nelsonf left #koha
17:29 owen is now known as owen-away
17:29 wizzyrea_ gmcharlt did you fix 3595? was that part of the stuff you did over the weekend?
17:30 nengard you can always tell when i'm doing training - those are the days i enter 100 bugs ;(
17:30 wizzyrea_ i may be crazy but it doesn't seem like it's broken anymore... will have to check again.
17:31 wizzyrea_ you know what would be super helpful
17:31 wizzyrea_ a preferences export
17:38 tekonivel some more translation... i'm trying to work up to 50% today
17:38 tekonivel after that there's some reading and emails to do
17:38 tekonivel long day
17:46 schuster If I wanted to force copy specific holds - ...  rather than bib level where should I start?
17:46 sekjal joined #koha
17:46 schuster In looking at opac-reserve.tmpl - activating the copy list is forced by an "on click"...
17:51 * tekonivel woders what is an "aperture card"
17:51 * brendan secretly wants to answer nengard's barcode question with "well nengard it's time for the barcode stork conversation"
17:51 brendan of course the barcodes come from the barcode stork
17:52 * wizzyrea_ reminds brendan that nothing in #koha is secret
17:52 brendan that was for all :)
17:52 * brendan kind of humour
17:52 wizzyrea_ well, when a codabar and a UPC-E really love each other...
17:53 wizzyrea_ i know lol
17:53 brendan they create little codabar-39's
17:53 wizzyrea_ so cute and tiny!
17:54 nengard goofy boy
17:55 nengard it was a question I got while training today - never thought about asking :)
17:56 wizzyrea_ blerg, I must not be creative enough to make this stuff die. Or I follow the rules too well.
17:57 tekonivel there's /nooo/ way to translate "at" from english to finnish....
17:57 * tekonivel calls it a day
17:57 nengard time for lunch
17:57 nengard be back
17:58 wizzyrea_ brendan: I just made it happen!
17:58 wizzyrea_ What I did:
17:59 wizzyrea_ placed a hold on the normal holds tab
17:59 wizzyrea_ CHANGED THE PICKUP LOCATION, and the ones I changed the pickup location for all are priority 1
17:59 wizzyrea_ let me do it again...
17:59 brendan ok set it all back to normal and place a hold for that patron from the opac
17:59 brendan I've done that and that knocks it out of wack too
18:00 wizzyrea_ normal = delete all the holds?
18:00 brendan just adjust the priorities so they are all normal
18:01 wizzyrea_ okies, gimme a sec
18:02 nelsonf joined #koha
18:02 gmcharlt wizzyrea_: re 3595 - not yet
18:02 gmcharlt it's more complicated
18:02 wizzyrea_ always, lol
18:03 gmcharlt as some libraries need the hold_fill_targets to take precedence to minimize transits
18:03 gmcharlt but I'll cobble up yet another syspref :)
18:03 brendan hi nelsonf
18:03 brendan any overdue luck?
18:06 cait joined #koha
18:08 gmcharlt wizzyrea_: light dawns
18:09 jwagner_meeting is now known as jwagner
18:09 gmcharlt hmm - may need to add a for 3.2, then, to avoid that kind of change
18:10 wizzyrea_ gmcharlt re 3595, a syspref that controls which message shows up re: transits would be good, because right now it shows both
18:10 wizzyrea_ and it's confusing
18:10 brendan bug 3595
18:10 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3595 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, Items seen at checkin should always go to 1st priority hold
18:11 wizzyrea_ er
18:11 wizzyrea_ no, that's not the one I was thinking of >.<
18:11 wizzyrea_ my brain is awash I'm not sure how you keep it all straight
18:12 wizzyrea_ I was thinking of 4234
18:12 wizzyrea_ bug 4234
18:12 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4234 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, Automatic transfer shouldn't take precedence over a hold transit
18:12 wizzyrea_ christ. I will stop talking onw
18:12 wizzyrea_ now*
18:16 owen-away is now known as owen
18:17 gmcharlt wizzyrea_: alas, light dims - I'm not able to reproduce the priority changing when I changing the pickup location from the staff bib details page
18:17 chris wizzyrea_: you are closing in on 10,000 lines in irc .. don't stop now :)
18:18 chris
18:18 wizzyrea_ lol
18:18 wizzyrea_ interesting, because I can do it every time
18:18 wizzyrea_ I will screencast it for you
18:18 wizzyrea_ 1s
18:18 wizzyrea_ moving video!
18:19 * gmcharlt prepares some popcorn
18:20 wizzyrea_ I got it!
18:20 wizzyrea_ it's when it prompts you that "logged in location is different from home location"
18:20 wizzyrea_
18:20 schuster let me at it, me an munin are buds ya know I can drive him mad...
18:23 wizzyrea_ @ be
18:23 munin wizzyrea_: Error: "be" is not a valid command.
18:23 wizzyrea_ I tell you, he is having an existential crisis
18:23 owen wizzyrea_: I give you high marks for the video, but the soundtrack was lacking.
18:24 wizzyrea_ pft
18:24 brendan morning chris
18:24 chris hiya brendan, hows code4lib going
18:24 brendan good been spending more time here then listening
18:25 brendan but I'm interested in the next talk
18:25 wizzyrea_ was better than what you would have gotten, something off of my "chill" soundtrack
18:26 sekjal hey, chris. currently listening to eXtensible Catalog talk.  very interesting
18:27 tomascohen left #koha
18:27 wizzyrea_ shortened to XCat, of course. Librarians love their acronyms.
18:27 wizzyrea_ j/k j/k
18:27 owen I don't have time to say whole words!!!
18:28 wizzyrea_ man, you should live in kansas... everything is Kan(insert here)
18:28 wizzyrea_ KanGuard
18:28 wizzyrea_ KanEd
18:28 chris sekjal: ah yeah that would be an interesting one
18:28 wizzyrea_ KanFind
18:28 wizzyrea_ Kan we not Kan anymore?
18:28 Colin left #koha
18:29 sekjal on to Matching Dirty Data
18:30 * owen mutters, "Filthy data, we hates it"
18:30 brendan second dirty thing said today
18:30 wizzyrea_ It's like Speed Matching
18:34 seneca joined #koha
18:34 seneca Greetings all!
18:35 seneca Having imported most of my records from another system, I've got many records for items that no longer exist in the library
18:35 wizzyrea_ brendan: I haven't actually gotten my OPAC hold to show up at all in the staff side
18:35 wizzyrea_ when I changed my pickup location
18:35 seneca (I think the old system didn't REALLY delete things when it said it did)
18:35 wizzyrea_ after reorganizing the priorities
18:36 seneca Anyone know where/what I would look for in the mysql database to find all those records with no items and delete them all there?
18:36 gmcharlt wizzyrea_: still can't reproduce :(
18:36 wizzyrea_ no way!
18:36 brendan oh man wizzyrea_ way to add more to it :)
18:36 wizzyrea_ !!
18:36 gmcharlt heh
18:37 wizzyrea_
18:37 wizzyrea_ here are my holds prefs
18:37 wizzyrea_ is there something terribly wrong there?
18:38 jwagner seneca, you're looking for titles with no items attached?
18:38 seneca yep
18:38 wizzyrea_ gmcharlt: on the first one you try or subsequent holds?
18:39 gmcharlt I've tried it both ways
18:39 wizzyrea_ ya, sec
18:39 seneca jwagner: I'm kinda looking around the database now and nothing's jumping out at me yet - is there a way to do a search for such items in the staff client?
18:39 jwagner seneca, I don't know the SQL, but I'll bet someone else does.  Basically, you want to select everything from biblio table where biblionumber is not contained in biblioitems or items.
18:40 adegroff joined #koha
18:40 seneca ok, biblionumber is what I'm looking for, though, eh. Cool, that's a good first step. Thanks!
18:40 jwagner biblionumber is the linking field between biblio, biblioitems, and items.
18:41 seneca very good to know
18:41 chris seneca: select biblio.biblionumber,biblio.title from biblio left join items on biblio.biblionumber = items.biblionumber where items.itemnumber is null;
18:41 chris i may have just written that in postgres syntax not mysql, but you get the drift
18:41 seneca I'm sure I can grock together the SQL command from that info
18:41 chris a left join, and then find the nulls
18:41 seneca oh, thanks chris
18:44 chris right bus time
18:45 chris bbiab
18:54 jwagner is now known as jwagner_meeting
19:06 schuster I like this one for the Kan comments - KanKoha...;)
19:07 wizzyrea_ hehe
19:08 brendan KanKohaKon11
19:08 wizzyrea_ oh lordy
19:08 brendan ewh - to many k's in a row
19:08 wizzyrea_ lol I"m going to KKK11!
19:08 wizzyrea_ bad!
19:11 wizzyrea_ brendan, I got the same thing from the OPAC (this is from ages ago) changing the pickup location mucked it up
19:12 wizzyrea_
19:12 brendan hmm.. so we've got wackiness when you change the location, wackiness when someone just places a regular hold...
19:12 brendan Wizzyrea_ can you try and del that hold from the opac and see if all the priorities go back in line
19:13 wizzyrea_ yep sec
19:14 wizzyrea_ nope :(
19:18 wizzyrea_ does yours behave differently?
19:19 wizzyrea_ because maybe mine's just messed up
19:19 wizzyrea_ which would be infuriating for all involved
19:20 gmcharlt wizzyrea_: hmm - it stopped failing for me
19:21 wizzyrea_ !!
19:21 wizzyrea_ ok
19:21 wizzyrea_ well
19:21 wizzyrea_ maybe it's just me then
19:21 wizzyrea_ lol
19:21 braedon|work joined #koha
19:21 wizzyrea_ lol in an ironic looking for a cliff to leap off of kind of way
19:22 wizzyrea_ tbh, the priority list isn't that important as long as they're going to the right person in the right order
19:22 wizzyrea_ at least not for us
19:23 wizzyrea_ sh. I'm being quiet now
19:23 brendan yeah true -- it's just if patrons are looking at their priority they may ask why am I so high?
19:23 brendan heh -- that came out funny
19:23 brendan I'd reply - quick smoking stuff then
19:24 wizzyrea_ lol yea
19:24 wizzyrea_ it would be better if it were fixed though
19:24 wizzyrea_ if we can actually prove it's broken
19:24 sekjal perhaps a syspref to disable priority as a concept.... just prioritize by date.  that'd work for a lot of libraries, wouldn't it?  until this can get fixed
19:26 gmcharlt no, too drastic
19:26 gmcharlt and would break rather a lot of other stuff
19:27 sekjal more work than just finding the root of the problem, probably
19:27 gmcharlt I'm going to noodle around with having reserve/ *not* accept what the browser passes as the priority
19:27 gmcharlt and have it calculate the correct priority on the fly
19:28 wizzyrea_ gmcharlt: you using some flavor of linux + firefox?
19:28 wizzyrea_ for testing?
19:31 brendan gmcharlt stepped out for a minute
19:31 brendan peeking - looks to be firefox os X
19:31 brendan :)
19:32 wizzyrea_ well crap that's the same as what I'm using
19:33 sekjal left #koha
19:38 * brendan too
19:38 brendan heh
19:40 wizzyrea_ so you do or don't get the same results as me, brendan
19:40 adegroff left #koha
19:40 brendan I get similar results from the same setup
19:41 wizzyrea_ ok good then I'm not nuts
19:42 wizzyrea_ now for something completely different:[…]e=player_embedded
19:43 richard joined #koha
19:44 sekjal joined #koha
19:45 brendan bug 4201
19:45 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4201 major, P5, ---,, NEW, Holds priority listings assigning large numbers
19:45 brendan wizzyrea_ add any comments to that
19:46 brendan or even change the setting to blocker
19:46 wizzyrea_ k
19:46 wizzyrea_ well I think it's sufficently apt to happen that it is warranted to do so
19:47 gmcharlt I've set it as a blocker for now
19:53 wizzyrea_ brendan did you see this screencap:
19:53 wizzyrea_ this one shows the wierdness associated with clearing the cache
19:55 magnus_away left #koha
19:56 wizzyrea_ i like the moving videos because then you can see exactly what I did
19:56 brendan what's that icon in the dock that spends the whole  time bouncing?
19:56 brendan for wizzyrea_
19:56 wizzyrea_ quassel
19:56 brendan googles
19:57 jwagner_meeting is now known as jwagner
19:57 brendan ah
19:57 wizzyrea_ ok, afk a bit heading home, but will be back
19:57 brendan I think I spent more time watching that then watching the vdieo
19:57 * brendan goes to rewatch
19:57 chris back
19:58 owen gone
19:58 owen left #koha
20:06 cait hm, pootle is loaaading...
20:07 * gmcharlt slaps forehead
20:07 gmcharlt two calls to _FixPriority have been broken for rather a long time
20:07 Nate left #koha
20:07 chris cait: someone keeps uploading .po files
20:08 chris and it makes pootle spin working out all the change
20:08 chris s
20:08 cait ok, will wait for pootle to figure it out
20:08 cait ah, now I got to the home page :)
20:08 chris python doesnt do threading very well
20:09 chris so its a single thread essentially, which means everythign has to wait
20:10 Genji joined #koha
20:10 cait chris: thx for explaining :)
20:11 gmcharlt wizzyrea_ et al.: please pull from the holds branch of git:// and try again
20:11 chris git rules
20:14 liz-nekls joined #koha
20:14 liz-nekls left #koha
20:15 chris gmcharlt: bug 4256
20:15 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4256 blocker, P5, ---,, NEW, auth_by_bind doesn't fetch user LDAP entry breaking replicate
20:15 chris has a patch attached, but not sent to the list
20:16 chris just a fyi so the patch doesnt get missed, if you want i can try the patch out and send it on to the list?
20:16 gmcharlt ... "along with fix for mungling of mapping (I'm not quite
20:16 gmcharlt sure that code as-is works for anyone).
20:16 gmcharlt "
20:16 gmcharlt worries me
20:16 wajasu left #koha
20:16 chris yeah
20:17 gmcharlt that kind of blanket assertion is ... questionable
20:17 chris *nod*
20:17 * chris eyeballs the patch
20:18 chris so he's taken a die out
20:18 gmcharlt make it blithely process along if the user didn't specify a mapping section in the LDAP config
20:18 chris yeah
20:18 chris i dont like it
20:19 jwagner left #koha
20:19 chris and if we are gonna repeat the $search_method call, lets shift it out of the if else
20:22 Nate joined #koha
20:22 schuster left #koha
20:26 liz-nekls joined #koha
20:27 gmcharlt not necessarily - if you're doing auth_by_bind and *not* replicating, don't need the extra call
20:27 seneca left #koha
20:27 chris ah right you are
20:29 gmcharlt so it actually means adding *another* if :)
20:44 sekjal atz "mystery meat" lightning talk... very illuminating
20:44 chris heh, yeah seeing lots of atz++
20:44 chris he called some vendors out huh?
20:44 brendan yup
20:45 brendan atz++ gets some here too
20:45 chris he's a good man
20:46 sekjal atz++, indeed
20:50 jdavidb left #koha
20:50 sekjal and brendan wins a prize!
20:50 chris w00t
20:50 chris whatcha get?
20:50 liz-nekls !!
20:50 liz-nekls is now known as wizzyrea
20:52 brendan I went with the oxygen xml editor
20:52 chris ive heard good things about that
20:52 brendan yeah maybe nicole could get some from it too
20:52 sekjal nice choice, brendan.
20:53 chris when is your talk sekjal ?
20:53 sekjal tomorrow morning
20:53 sekjal 10:55 local time
20:53 chris ah cool
20:54 sekjal still have to gather up more CC images to make it pretty
20:54 nengard nicole ... what??
20:54 biglego left #koha
20:55 nengard brendan - a book on oxygen? or oxygen itself?
20:55 brendan a key for downloading oxygen
20:55 nengard oxygen is very very very expensive - I use a free XML editor :) but I used oxygen when I was a metadata librarian
20:55 nengard wow! cool - congrats
20:56 brendan yeah thinking of someway that we could share it
20:56 brendan whoops should have offed that one
20:56 nengard hehe
20:57 nengard i like the editor i'm using :)
20:57 brendan I see the license police coming after me
20:57 brendan :)
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21:28 Lee joined #koha
21:29 Lee so does Josh lurk here?
21:30 chris ferraro?
21:30 Lee yeah
21:30 chris not for nearly a year no
21:30 chris but this is all publicly logged
21:30 chris[…]10-02-23#i_399001
21:30 Lee well then I cant chat here
21:31 brendan you can if you use [off]
21:31 chris at the start of a message
21:31 Lee off like this
21:31 chris or just make a new # and chat there
21:31 brendan but you're right probly best not to chat here
21:31 chris no
21:31 chris its best to use a different channel, to easy to miss the off
21:31 brendan chris++
21:32 Lee ok
21:32 richard i'd open a new channel and invite who you wanted to chat with
21:32 richard /join #lee (or whatever you choose)
21:33 richard and then
21:33 richard /invite chris (or whoever you choose)
21:48 cait good night #koha
21:48 cait left #koha
21:49 sekjal time to pack it up for the evening.  cheers, #koha
21:49 sekjal left #koha
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22:20 brendan joined #koha
22:32 moodaepo @wunder 56001
22:32 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in South on Monks, Mankato, Minnesota is -12.3�C (4:31 PM CST on February 23, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 78%. Dew Point: -15.0�C. Windchill: -23.0�C. Pressure: 30.03 in 1016.8 hPa (Falling).
22:34 brendan hi moodaepo
22:35 brendan @wunder asheville, NC
22:35 munin brendan: The current temperature in Sunset Mountain, Asheville, North Carolina is 2.1�C (5:34 PM EST on February 23, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 85%. Dew Point: -0.0�C. Windchill: -1.0�C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009.0 hPa (Rising). Winter Weather Advisory in effect from midnight tonight to 6 PM EST Wednesday...
22:35 brendan @wunder 93117
22:35 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 16.3�C (2:32 PM PST on February 23, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 52%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Pressure: 30.21 in 1022.9 hPa (Falling).
22:35 moodaepo brendan: Ahoy
22:36 moodaepo How did your presentation go?
22:37 brendan it went very well
22:37 brendan had a good mix of people
22:38 moodaepo Nice. Too bad couldn't make it this year, next year!
22:39 richard is now known as rich-away
22:40 nicomo left #koha
22:47 hdl_laptop hi brendan... Congrats for your presentation
22:48 brendan hi hdl_laptop
22:48 brendan thanks
22:48 brendan kudos also go to gmcharlt and sekjal
22:49 gmcharlt brendan++
22:49 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: I know he is bright at presenting ;)
22:49 gmcharlt sekjall++
22:49 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: yep, I managed to get enough coffee in me yesterday morning ;)
22:49 brendan gmcharlt++
22:49 brendan hdl_laptop: atz was there too
22:49 brendan was great to see atz
22:50 hdl_laptop would have been great to be there
22:50 gmcharlt we missed you
22:50 gmcharlt I'm looking forward to NZ
22:50 chris :)
22:52 brendan atz was telling me that your presentation last year ( hdl_laptop ) was awesome
22:57 hdl_laptop thanks
23:01 hdl_laptop good night folks
23:01 gmcharlt good night
23:06 CGI175 joined #koha
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23:41 nelsonf joined #koha

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