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00:50 pianohacker Good evening
00:51 chris hi pianohacker, recovered from the crash?
00:51 pianohacker Hi chris
00:52 pianohacker No, not yet. Some very odd voodoo going on in that server, but since the backup is running it will have to wait till tuesday
00:52 chris yay for backups
00:52 chris
00:52 chris sysprefs now translatable, thanks to you and fredericd
00:53 pianohacker Cool! Most of the credit on that to fredericd, glad someone finally put the pieces together :)
01:03 gmcharlt braedon|work: yes - that's fine - creating 952s first works well too
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03:22 Amit hi all
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04:45 brendan evening #koha
04:45 masonj hiya brendan
04:45 brendan heya masonj
04:46 masonj ive recently restored 'beep' functionality to my irc client...
04:46 Amit heya brendan, mason
04:46 brendan hi mait
04:46 brendan yeah've I got beep functionality (it's bad during skype calls or meetings)
04:47 masonj i reluctantly switched from  quassel , back to colloguy
04:48 masonj i realised i missed irc-beeps
04:48 masonj during the work-day :)
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07:16 chris hi magnus and nicomo
07:16 nicomo hi crhis
07:16 nicomo oops
07:16 nicomo hi chris
07:16 magnus hi chris and nicomo
07:16 * nicomo not fully awaken yet
07:16 nicomo hi magnus
07:17 magnus chris: thanks for correcting history.txt ;-)
07:17 chris no worries
07:17 magnus nicomo: thanks for dumping me to 103... ;-)
07:17 chris heh
07:17 nicomo you're welcome :-)
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07:32 htaccess chris: how do i get your changes on my fork?
07:32 chris good question
07:32 htaccess heh
07:32 chris i pushed them earlier today
07:32 chris im not sure how you rebase your fork
07:32 chris or if you merge or what
07:32 htaccess yea, git pull on my fork doesnt pull them in
07:33 htaccess ill look at the docs
07:33 chris i wonder if there is a doc
07:33 chris *snap*
07:33 htaccess i asked on #github too
07:33 htaccess 20:18 <@tekkub> add a remote to their repo and pull
07:33 htaccess 20:18 <@tekkub>
07:33 chris nicomo: meet htaccess he is a fellow catalysta and is interested in doing some code janitorial work
07:34 nicomo hi htaccess
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07:34 chris htaccess: nicomo is one of the owners of biblibre, the biggest Koha development/support company
07:34 nicomo ah ah
07:34 chris (biggest in terms of ppl working fulltime on koha)
07:34 nicomo there's big and big
07:34 htaccess ahh, see "Pulling in upstream changes"
07:34 chris and biggest in number of patches :)
07:34 nicomo we're 10 people, no Google yet
07:34 htaccess nicomo: hi :)
07:34 nicomo ;-)
07:36 chris ahh that makes sense
07:37 chris htaccess: originmaster is the branch that tracks
07:45 htaccess hmm
07:45 htaccess CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in docs/history.txt
07:45 htaccess just merging originmaster
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07:46 chris ah yeah i made some changes there, to fix that conflict, the version from originmaster is right
07:46 chris i had 2 ppl at 102 developers, nicomo and magnus actually :)
07:47 chris u'll end up in that file after your patches :)
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07:47 CGI342 catalogue search is not working but z39.50 search is going well
07:48 CGI342 I have koha-3.004_fixed on debian lenny
07:48 CGI342 what should I do
07:48 htaccess chris: so is 'Updated history' the last commit on origionmaster?
07:49 chris lemme check
07:50 htaccess looks like it
07:50 htaccess[…]mits/originmaster
07:51 htaccess is there any particular reason you are not just using master to track
07:51 chris yup
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07:51 chris ahh thats my master, and its a bit butchered at the mo
07:51 htaccess kk
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07:52 htaccess so would it be easier for you doing merges if i commit to my originmaster branch?
07:52 chris yup
07:52 chris that would be good
07:52 chris or a branch based on it
07:53 htaccess cool
07:56 CGI342 is any one?
07:56 chris nicomo: you've seen this[…]lan-moves-forward
07:56 chris ?
07:57 nicomo yeah
07:57 nicomo crazy political babble
07:58 nicomo we sadly get use to it here in France
07:58 nicomo but having an inefficient government has a nice side-effect : it's going to be 5 years before they put any law into effect, so...
07:59 paul_p hi chris & al
08:00 nicomo but still, it's a disturbing instance of demagoguery + ignorance + authoritarianism
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08:01 chris *nod* the scary thing is, others will follow (well australia already has their filter)
08:02 nicomo yeah, France and Australia really seem to be in a competition for that price of runner-up to China
08:02 nicomo :-(
08:02 chris its a strange world
08:02 paul_p maybe we could plan a massive move to NZ ? ;-)
08:03 chris hehe
08:08 CGI342 catalogue search is not working but z39.50 search is going wel
08:08 CGI342 I have koha-3.004_fixed on debian lenny
08:09 htaccess chris:
08:09 htaccess $ diff <(find -name '*.pl') <(find . -name '*.pl' -print0 | xargs -0 egrep -l '^use warnings') | grep '<' | wc -l
08:09 htaccess 228
08:09 magnus_breakfas is now known as magnus
08:09 chris quite a few
08:09 htaccess out of 471
08:10 chris over halfway at least :)
08:10 htaccess :)
08:10 htaccess time to get to work!
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08:13 chris how was breakfast magnus
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08:13 magnus nice enough, thanks
08:13 kf good mornign
08:13 magnus should keep me going for some hours...
08:13 magnus hiya kf
08:14 chris hiya kf
08:14 kf chris: I saw the translation updates - any news about my button problem?
08:15 chris haven't been able to figure out whats up
08:15 chris ill figure it out though :)
08:19 htaccess hmm, im tempted to just do a oneliner to do s/use strict;/use strict;\n#use warnings; FIXME - Bug 2505/ and then review it carefully vs editing all the files by hand
08:19 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2505 major, P3, ---,, NEW, enable Perl warnings in all modules and scripts
08:22 chris i think that's safe enough, as the worst that can happen is a double up of use warnings, with one being a comment
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08:28 chris hi htaccess
08:28 chris doh tab fail
08:28 chris hi hdl_laptop
08:28 hdl_laptop hi chris
08:34 kf chris: thx (was afk, fighting for a birthday muffin in the kitchen)
08:35 chris hehe
08:36 htaccess theres a few missing use strict too
08:36 chris right, those should definitely be fixed
08:36 htaccess yea, but ill do it as a seperate commit
08:37 chris sounds good
08:43 htaccess ill make a bug for it too (if there isnt one already), can anyone create bugs on buzilla?
08:45 kf htaccess: yes, but I think you need to register first
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09:16 kf can someone help me with bug 4226?
09:16 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4226 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, doesn't replace 001 when keepids is not specified
09:17 kf Im not sure I understand what Brian is suggesting
09:19 chris gah, marc makes my brain hurt
09:20 chris i cant really parse that either
09:34 nicomo kf: when you import an auth record
09:34 nicomo it comes with it's own ID in 001
09:35 nicomo but Koha needs to have it's own ID in the DB and links it to 001
09:35 nicomo so one way to do that is to try to reuse the incoming 001 as the koha authid
09:36 nicomo but that's dangerous, I guess is what he's saying
09:36 nicomo the number might not be unique
09:36 nicomo koha expects an integer and it might not be
09:36 nicomo etc.
09:37 nicomo that's what I gather from the bug report at least
09:38 nicomo in UNIMARC we would use the -keepids option and push the original to 009 or 035 and let Koha generate it's own authid in 035
09:38 nicomo original 001 to 009; new authid created by Koha in 001
09:39 nicomo I think (not sure) that what Brian is missing is that possibility to keepids, but move them
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09:40 kf nicomo: sorry, a colleague came to ask me something - reading back now
09:43 slef just sent version control tag snapshots of koha 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 to chris. Is anyone here with access to
09:43 kf nicomo: we get all our data from our union catalog - the id numbers are in bibiographic and authority data, so just moving around would still make problems - the authid in bibliographic must match the authority id
09:44 kf nicomo: I was not sure, if his suggestion will break it
09:45 nicomo I have to say I don't see the need for the change mentionned
09:45 nicomo unless I'm missing something myself
09:45 nicomo and yes, it might break it
09:45 nicomo as far as I can tell
09:45 kf ok
09:46 kf I came to this conclusion too - but was not sure
09:46 nicomo In a similar situation what we've done is:
09:46 nicomo keepid 035
09:46 kf migration might be not the problem, but cataloging is done in the union catalog and we import data every night
09:46 nicomo kf: yes, we have that too
09:46 kf ah, right
09:46 nicomo and still move the id
09:46 kf which number do u use as authnumber then?
09:47 nicomo bulkmarcimport returns a list of authids with the corresponding original ids
09:47 nicomo authid:keptid
09:47 * chris goes to bed
09:47 chris night all
09:47 nicomo bye chris
09:48 kf good night chris
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09:48 nicomo kf: we then use the authid to write it in the biblio record and make the link
09:48 kf and you replace the numbers in bibliographic data with koha ids?
09:48 nicomo yes
09:48 nicomo that way we can both: have the original ids somewhere in both biblio and auth records
09:48 kf sounds complicated
09:49 nicomo and at the same time use the "native" koha link to the authid
09:49 nicomo it does sound complicated
09:49 nicomo but then Brian's problem is a real one
09:49 nicomo what if the original ID is not an integer?
09:49 kf we have that g
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09:50 kf 9 characters and the last can be X
09:50 nicomo is it 0-padded on the left?
09:51 nicomo I should say: left-added with zeros?
09:51 kf I think not, or perhaps I have never seen numbers that low: 160247667 is an example
09:51 nicomo this one would work
09:51 nicomo but 00000123X would not
09:52 nicomo and even with 160247667
09:52 kf the last charater is a check digit, so we delete it in bibliographic data and use the 8digit form as authid
09:52 nicomo if you want to create a local authority, it will try to create 160247667+1
09:52 nicomo which might later conflict with an incoming record
09:53 kf yes, that would be a problem, but they are not allowed to
09:53 kf your solution is better
09:53 nicomo so anyway we felt we had to do something a bit more complicated, but "cleaner" in the long run
09:53 kf is it included in cronjobs or doesi t need extra work?
09:54 nicomo you mean is it entirely automated?
09:54 kf yes, sorry
09:54 nicomo no problem: yes it is
09:54 nicomo we have a script which takes the authorities 1st
09:55 nicomo gets a yaml file with authid XXX = original ID = YYYY
09:55 nicomo goes through the biblios with that
09:55 nicomo and creates / modifies local records accordingly
09:56 kf ah ok, will this be part of 3.2?
09:56 nicomo not that I know of
09:56 nicomo maybe 3.4
09:56 nicomo but I'm not even sure because it's not really a part of Koha
09:57 nicomo it's "massaging" of marc files
09:57 kf yes, but it would help people in  'union catalog environments'
09:57 nicomo and it's pretty tailored to the use of the French Union Catalog
09:57 nicomo it's already available actually
09:57 nicomo just not in Koha
09:58 nicomo[…]p=sudoc;a=summary
09:58 nicomo I guess one could start from that and adapt it to further Union Catalog environments
09:58 kf its pica?
09:58 nicomo more or less
09:59 nicomo with some modifications for the french market
09:59 nicomo but the basis system used is PICA, that's correct
09:59 kf I just asked because i see a PPN there :)
09:59 nicomo eheh, yes
10:00 nicomo we've all become bilingual human / pica
10:00 kf I think the bigger problem might be the import format, so when koha changes we will need to write our own script to do the changes
10:00 nicomo not sure
10:01 nicomo the approach we took was basically to do all the required work on data outside of koha
10:01 nicomo then use the standard addbiblio
10:01 nicomo modbiblio
10:01 nicomo etc
10:02 nicomo kf: I added a comment on Brian's bug page
10:03 kf I just read it
10:04 kf I m trying to describe our problem right now
10:04 kf not sure it will be understandable
10:04 nicomo kf: and PPNs are left-padded with 0000
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10:04 kf ah, so I never saw a small number :)
10:04 kf might be because our union catalog migrated from another software some years ago
10:05 kf thx for discussing this with me, nicomo :)
10:05 nicomo you're welcome
10:06 nicomo I'd be interested in exchanging information about the way we both manage the PICA union systems
10:06 nicomo and their interactions with Koha locally though
10:08 kf sure
10:08 kf but I think there is not so much interaction right now
10:09 kf we do the nightly imports for new and changed data and the library can download data with z39.50 after cataloging
10:09 kf I tell them to add the PPN to fast adds after cataloging in union catalog is done - so not much real interaction here
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10:42 gmcharlt kf: nicomo: now that MARC21 supports $0 in headings fields to link a heading back to an authority, it will get even more complicate
10:44 gmcharlt slef: nobody here has direct access to, but thus far cfouts has been responsive to requests to put files up
10:51 kf gmcharlt: yes, and $0 is repeatable, we move 'our' $0 to $9
10:52 slef @seen cfouts
10:52 munin slef: I have not seen cfouts.
10:53 gmcharlt kf: yeah - I think we'd be better off if Koha didn't rely on storing the heading-to-auth link in the MARC record
10:53 htaccess grrr merge conflicts :(
10:53 gmcharlt slef: you'll have to email him directly -
10:53 gmcharlt and kept the linkage info out of band
10:53 gmcharlt using the $0 or the equivalent only for record import and export
10:54 kf better support for $0 would be nice, but our current solution works fine - I just dont want someone to break it :)
10:55 Amit heya galen, kf, slef
10:55 kf we also delete (DE-576), source of authority number, because it does not work with zebra
10:55 kf hi Amit
10:57 htaccess um could someone tell me which are the correct bits in these two files:
10:57 htaccess i have a merge confilct rebasing
11:00 gmcharlt htaccess: I don't recognize the GetMemberRevisions bit - is that a local development you're working on?
11:01 htaccess its from chrises origionmaster which it tracking git.koha master afaik
11:03 htaccess[…]ter/C4/
11:03 htaccess looks like the top one for
11:06 htaccess and the tmpl one
11:08 gmcharlt right - the issue isn't necessarily with the repo you're rebasing from
11:08 gmcharlt but that you have patches in your tree that didn't come from the main HEAD (or originnmaster in your case)
11:09 gmcharlt if you can abort the rebase
11:09 htaccess well i just did a continue after fixing those
11:09 htaccess and now i got more conflicts
11:10 htaccess i think its stuff from chrises master
11:10 gmcharlt do a git log in your local repo - I'm curious what it says about the Revision History tab patch
11:11 gmcharlt ah, OK, I see the patch in chris' master branch
11:11 htaccess
11:12 htaccess i just committed a big patch to this branch tho, i though i had merged it properly before i started
11:13 gmcharlt anyway, it looks like your topic branch was based on chris' master branch, but you tried rebasing against originmaster
11:14 htaccess yea i tried rebasing against originmaster
11:14 tekonivel hello all
11:15 tekonivel i'm translating Koha to finnish (language of Finland :)
11:15 tekonivel i would like to hear what is your favourite way to test the translation
11:16 tekonivel perhaps we should define a new pseudo-language in the interface, and use our translation-in-progres .po -file for that
11:16 kf tekonivel: are u using pootle for translation?
11:16 tekonivel yeah, pootle indeed
11:16 tekonivel on Koha site
11:17 htaccess oh well, its either merge hell or throw away a huge patch i spent the evening on ...
11:17 tekonivel i thought i could download the .po -file with wget, and assign it to a language, say fi_FI-test, and then iterate thought testing, translating and wgetting
11:17 * htaccess goes to bed
11:17 kf not sure I understand your problem, we have a test installation where we update translation with files from pootle after I changed things.
11:18 tekonivel kf: you're not using a live system while testing the translatin, are you
11:18 kf where is the advantage of a pseudo language to the normal language code?
11:18 tekonivel kf: then users won't get all confused when the interfaces keeps changing all the time
11:18 kf no, our test installation, but we had no problems so far
11:18 tekonivel to isolate users, basically
11:19 tekonivel kf: what method are you using to update the translation, from Pootle to your Koha. wget or something similar? or is there a proper tool for this?
11:19 tekonivel that i should be aware of
11:20 tekonivel hmm, testing the translation with a live system might yield some user feedback
11:20 kf my colleague does the updates, but I think he uses wget
11:20 tekonivel kf: ok, thanks
11:21 tekonivel we're only translated 25% of the OPAC at this time, so no tests are beginning yet
11:21 kf tekonivel: chris hat a koha installation for translation some time ago - perhaps ask him how he kept it up to date
11:21 tekonivel but i was wondering if there's a standard procedure for this
11:25 tekonivel kf: ok thanks, this straightened my thought quite a bit
11:25 tekonivel kf: which language are u translating, by the way?
11:25 kf German
11:26 tekonivel kf: genau :)
11:26 kf be warned: translation is a neverending process
11:27 tekonivel kf: i didn't want to hear that :)
11:27 kf something is changed, you find new typos, terms got translated differently at different places...
11:28 kf neverneverneverending ;)
11:28 tekonivel luckily we've got a fairly standard library-lingo up here in Finland
11:29 tekonivel it's so much easier to update translation of Koha that some proprietary system, because we can do the modifications ourselves
11:29 kf yes it is :)
11:31 tekonivel instad of waiting for a year for a comma to be replaced
11:33 tekonivel anyhow, a few libraries are interested in Koha up here in Finland, and we're translating the OPAC as a centralized effort on behalf of (it's all a bit complicated to explain how we're organized9
11:34 tekonivel we even have a handful of libraries using Koha in their everyday operations, though no public libraries at the moment
11:39 kf :)
11:46 tekonivel we're are possibly facing a very unconvenient situation, where one company (Axiell) has full market dominance in public library systems. we're now translating koha to feed discussion and hopefully also dynamics on the marketplace
11:49 gmcharlt tekonivel++
11:50 kf tekonivel++
11:51 gmcharlt when I was at Endeavor, I worked a bit with the LINNEA consortium and their Voyager setup
11:51 tekonivel awwwww
11:51 gmcharlt I happy to see that some libraries there are looking at Koha
11:52 tekonivel gmcharlt: yeah the situation is kind of odd here at the moment
11:52 tekonivel Axiell bought all the library systems on the market
11:53 tekonivel so now they basically have a monopoly in defining what kinds of library services 4.5 million finnish taxpayers can get
11:53 tekonivel in the helsinki region (about 1 million ppl) we're using Innovative Millenium
11:55 tekonivel i'm talking about public libraries here... academic and other sorts of libraries are a world of theeir own
11:57 slef tekonivel: as I understand it, it's unusual in global sense for any library management system to be dominant in a country/sector market, but I think it happens more often in your part of the world and I'm not sure why.
11:57 slef ( sold Koha to a client in Sweden a few years ago and it was very tough)
11:58 tekonivel yeah... :( it's a small market up here and libraries tend to choose what the neighbour has too
11:59 tekonivel earlier we had the market basically divided between ATP and Tieto, (after a few merges), but nowadays it's just Axiell alone (plus Innovative in Helsinki region, like mentioned
11:59 magnus norway is a bit different, we have a mix of systems in public libraries
11:59 tekonivel magnus: you've got Axiell there too, don't you?
12:00 magnus not much, we have norwegian systems
12:00 tekonivel ah ok
12:00 magnus Bibliofil, Mikromarc, Tidemann and some Aleph in the public libraries
12:00 slef Is that because of the languages, or other factors?
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12:00 tekonivel have you any idea if Axiell has been looking at your market at all? here it was a bit of a surprise... they came from nowhere and acquired all of Finland, basically
12:01 magnus i think language is a part of it, yeah
12:01 tekonivel slef: that's one thing definetely
12:01 slef I have heard from Welsh libraries that they have had to translate Engish systems (often a legal requirement) and pay for the privilege of doing so.
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12:01 magnus and i think norwegian libraries have some notion of being special and not able to use what others are using...
12:03 tekonivel magnus: lol that sounds so familiar...
12:03 magnus we are going to have out big, national library conference in about a month, and Axiell is actually not among the exhibitors - maybe too busy in Finland... ;-) but koha will be there! ;-)
12:04 magnus s/out/our/
12:04 slef Special \Spe"cial\, a. [...] 4. Limited in range; [1913 Webster]
12:04 slef
12:04 magnus slef: hehe
12:04 slef English is an evil language.
12:04 tekonivel magnus: awesome :)
12:05 tekonivel magnus: have you been keeping an eye on danish projects, like Summa and TING?
12:05 magnus tekonivel: yeah, a bit, from a distance - they are doing some very interesting things
12:06 kf lunch time, bbl
12:06 tekonivel magnus: great. i'm sure they'd be willing to cooperate
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12:09 magnus tekonivel: there is going to be some cooperation around the swedish project Öppna bibliotek (sharing of user-generated data) this year, we just got the grant to do it
12:11 tekonivel magnus: fscking a!! great, go for it!
12:11 tekonivel magnus: i wish we had something like that too.
12:12 tekonivel i want to join you guys :)
12:12 tekonivel have you had chats with Teknikhuset and their CS Library?
12:12 magnus tekonivel: you are probably very welcome! there will be a conference/hackfest around it, probably after the summer
12:13 magnus tekonivel: no, i have heard about them, nut not been in contact
12:13 magnus s/nut/but/
12:14 tekonivel magnus: ok, their products seems quite well thought. only in the discovery layer -arena though
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12:14 tekonivel it's works with Koha too :)
12:15 tekonivel or so they claim... i haven't seen that in action
12:15 magnus they have a discovery layer that works with koha?
12:15 tekonivel magnus: yeah, so they claim
12:15 magnus ok
12:15 tekonivel but other dicovery layers are Koha compatible too, like SOPAC
12:16 magnus yeah, when you have an open system like koha that supports lots of protocols it shouldn't be too hard... ;-)
12:17 tekonivel magnus: yeah, but there's no proper, standard way for ILS<->OPAC interaction, so screenscraping and reindexing needs to be done, with backlinks for functions like placing holds
12:18 tekonivel but yeah, so much easier if you can pop the hood of the ILS and take a look what happens underneath
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13:21 magnus i'm collecting statistics - is there any way to get the number of performed searches from inside Koha, or is that a job for the apache logs?
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13:29 jdavidb I would definitely do that through the apache logs, magnus.
13:29 magnus thanks, that's what i thought...
13:30 jdavidb You'd have to have AccessLog set to something meaningful in the Vhost definition, of course.  Those logs can get pretty big in a hurry, so best done carefully.
13:33 owen Hi everyone
13:34 jwagner G'morning owen
13:36 kf hi owen and jwagner
13:38 owen You guys getting rain over there in the DC area?
13:38 jwagner Not yet, due in later tonight, I think.
13:39 jwagner Guten tag, kf
13:39 owen We've got it today, and it's a refreshing change
13:42 jdavidb left #koha
13:43 jwagner owen, as long as it's JUST rain and not ice or more snow...
13:47 gmcharlt greetings from not-so-sunny Asheville
13:47 owen Hi gmcharlt
13:49 jwagner Code4Lib?  Hope it's fun.
13:49 kf online training - bbl :)
13:49 kf left #koha
13:50 owen Is this new or have I not noticed it before? On my search results page: "7 available: * Wells [J DiTerlizzi] (1)"
13:50 owen Where are the other 6?
13:53 collum owen: did you apply my 'on hold' patch I did this weekend?  Hope it's not a result of my patch.
13:53 owen That's just what I was testing collum, and I don't think it's a result of your patch.
13:53 * owen tries again
13:54 owen No collum I see this in one of my older branches too
13:54 brendan joined #koha
13:55 owen It's only because I was looking carefully at the "on hold" status from your patch collum that I noticed the item count
13:56 chris_n` is now known as chris_n
13:59 collum Do you get different results for xsl and non-xsl displays?
14:00 jwagner owen, I've seen something similar, trying to remember where & what the fix was.  You're not running independent branches, are you?
14:00 owen No
14:00 owen XSL results in the OPAC are correct
14:01 owen (and your fix is working for me collum)
14:01 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: around ?
14:01 * collum saw a discrepancy in a record yesterday between xsl and non-xsl, but I thought it was bad data.
14:01 hdl_laptop hi all
14:05 chris_n g'morning
14:05 chris_n any thoughts on what might cause a new item not to be indexed in zebra even though the entry in zebraqueue is marked as done?
14:06 chris_n this has happened for every item cataloged since last Thursday
14:07 chris_n has been running with no errors every 20 minutes
14:07 hdl_laptop some changes in record.abs ?
14:07 hdl_laptop a space attack
14:07 chris_n hehe
14:08 chris_n probably the second, the way things go around here :)
14:08 chris_n I'll take a look at record.abs
14:08 hdl_laptop (seriously, space in record.abs can beak things)
14:08 jdavidb joined #koha
14:08 hdl_laptop (in the index declaration)
14:08 chris_n ahh.. I see
14:09 liz-nekls joined #koha
14:10 gmcharlt hi hdl_laptop
14:10 gmcharlt what's up?
14:12 hdl_laptop Just to tell You I had received your email.
14:13 hdl_laptop Gonna work on that.
14:13 hdl_laptop and revert this patch
14:13 liz-nekls good morning
14:13 hdl_laptop hi liz-nekls
14:13 liz-nekls is now known as wizzyrea_laptop
14:13 wizzyrea_laptop mornin hdl_laptop
14:14 * jdavidb waves at wizzyrea_laptop.
14:14 wizzyrea_laptop :D hi there!
14:17 wizzyrea_laptop left #koha
14:18 liz-nekls joined #koha
14:18 * jdavidb velcroes liz-nekls to her chair.
14:19 liz-nekls lol
14:19 liz-nekls gmcharlt: I left off something very important on 4231
14:20 liz-nekls this is the intranet cart, not the opac cart, but even so I wasn't able to reproduce it this morning
14:20 liz-nekls so I'm asking my coworkers to please check it again this morning
14:21 * owen wonders why the leader for all children's picture books in our collection indicates that they are sound recordings...
14:21 liz-nekls I pulled the new weekend stuff, will look at the status stuff here in a bit
14:21 liz-nekls lots of stuff today
14:21 liz-nekls is now known as wizzyrea
14:36 magnus left #koha
14:39 tekonivel oshit!
14:39 tekonivel is b00rken :(
14:39 tekonivel i wonder if any admins are here atm
14:39 zico joined #koha
14:39 tekonivel they're possibly fast asleep
14:39 wizzyrea chris will be up in a couple of hours
14:40 zico hi
14:40 jdavidb_ joined #koha
14:40 wizzyrea hi zico
14:40 zico i am watching a strange matter in Koha-3.0.5
14:40 zico i don`t know.. if it is bug or not
14:40 zico but.. when i search any book and click "Browse Shelf"
14:41 zico then..the images of books of that Shelf comes same
14:41 zico means... i am getting same image for each and every item of Shelf
14:43 jdavidb left #koha
14:43 jdavidb_ is now known as jdavidb
14:45 zico is it bug of koha-3.0.5 or not?
14:45 zico can anyone help me a little?
14:45 Ropuch zico: it's the same for me
14:50 zico Ropuch: so, it`s a bug?
14:56 zico is it bug?
15:19 wizzyrea ooh, I like the sound for "hold found"
15:19 wizzyrea very pretty
15:19 wizzyrea :P
15:24 joetho_away test
15:26 hdl_laptop hi
15:26 hdl_laptop zico: could be a bug in 3.0.5
15:27 nicomo left #koha
15:27 zico Ah!!! :(
15:28 nicomo joined #koha
15:29 hdl_laptop I donot have any image on my instance So Cannot test
15:47 joetho_away older Koha versions get images based on ISBN. I'm not sure about v3.05.
15:58 nengard joined #koha
15:58 wizzyrea zico: are they amazon images or google images
15:58 wizzyrea ?
16:01 zico wizzyrea: they are google images
16:02 wizzyrea is it the same with the amazon images?
16:07 * jdavidb has a Monday morning present for gmcharlt.
16:15 zico left #koha
16:20 kf joined #koha
16:21 brendan @wunder asheville, nc
16:21 munin brendan: The current temperature in Sunset Mountain, Asheville, North Carolina is 8.4�C (11:21 AM EST on February 22, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Windchill: 7.0�C. Pressure: 29.71 in 1006.0 hPa (Falling).
16:21 brendan @wunder 93117
16:21 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 11.8�C (8:17 AM PST on February 22, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 68%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017.2 hPa (Rising).
16:21 jdavidb @wunder 20852
16:21 munin jdavidb: The current temperature in Flower Valley, Rockville, Maryland is 6.8�C (11:13 AM EST on February 22, 2010). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 51%. Dew Point: -3.0�C. Windchill: 7.0�C. Pressure: 29.62 in 1002.9 hPa (Rising).
16:23 kf hi #koha
16:25 jdavidb Hi, kf! :)
16:26 wizzyrea jdavidb: I can't decide if that's exciting or ominous
16:26 kf pootle is ill - does chris knowß
16:27 jwagner wizzyrea, jdavidb's weather forecast?
16:29 jdavidb :P It looks very nice out there right now.  Just chilly.  But the piles of snow and ice are meltin'.
16:37 Kivutar left #koha
16:40 miguelxercode left #koha
16:40 kf bye all :)
16:40 kf left #koha
16:45 nicomo @wunder lyon france
16:45 munin nicomo: The current temperature in Feyzin, Feyzin, France is 11.8�C (5:00 PM CET on February 22, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 71%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Pressure: 29.35 in 993.8 hPa (Steady).
16:46 jdavidb_ joined #koha
16:46 nicomo eh, I have Californian weather: 11.8°C :-)
16:47 wizzyrea @wunder Lawrence, KS
16:47 munin wizzyrea: The current temperature in Channel 6 Downtown, Lawrence, Kansas is -5.1�C (10:46 AM CST on February 22, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: -8.0�C. Windchill: -5.0�C. Pressure: 30.11 in 1019.5 hPa (Rising).
16:47 wizzyrea brr
16:47 nicomo omg
16:47 wizzyrea snow everywhere :P
16:47 jwagner nicomo, you wouldn't be gloating, would you?
16:47 nicomo indeed I am
16:47 jwagner Harrumph.
16:47 nicomo just compensation for Paul, who's in warmer still Marseille
16:48 nicomo @wunder marseille france
16:48 munin nicomo: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 13.0�C (5:30 PM CET on February 22, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.47 in 998 hPa (Steady).
16:48 jdavidb left #koha
16:49 jdavidb_ is now known as jdavidb
16:49 * jdavidb brings in another Velcro Chair, and sits down on it.
16:50 * jwagner hopes jdavidb has some padding....
16:50 jdavidb Plenty.  :P
17:02 jdavidb left #koha
17:02 tekonivel i wonder if anyone here could do something about Koha Pootle at It barfs on me :-Q
17:02 jdavidb joined #koha
17:03 owen tekonivel: I think you'll have to wait for chris to wake up
17:03 gmcharlt jdavidb++
17:03 gmcharlt liz-nekls: thanks
17:04 jdavidb Thanks, gmcharlt!   Was that for the 3482 pull req?
17:04 gmcharlt yep
17:05 jdavidb :)
17:05 jdavidb We had two different folks go at that two different ways; at some point, it may be useful to reconcile them--but they work.
17:07 jwagner @karma jdavidb
17:07 munin jwagner: Karma for "jdavidb" has been increased 16 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 16.
17:07 * jdavidb does a little happy dance.
17:09 * jwagner will have to get to work, accruing new karma, to stay ahead....
17:10 jdavidb @karma jwagner
17:10 munin jdavidb: Karma for "jwagner" has been increased 18 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 18.
17:10 jdavidb oooooo...
17:10 * jwagner puts on my karma-magnet suit
17:11 ebegin Are the tweet of Koha ILS are generated automatically?
17:12 ebegin I mean on
17:12 tekonivel owen: ok no worries. i'm going through the answers of our 23 things -cource in the meanwhile :)
17:13 owen ebegin:
17:13 ebegin Asking the question because the links always point to the diff pages, not the page themself, ex:[…]266856895&do=diff
17:14 owen ebegin: I agree that is annoying, but I think it may be a limitation of the wiki software in terms of what kind of RSS it generates
17:15 gmcharlt ebegin: yes - I think it's something nengard set up that's pulling from a couple RSS feeds
17:15 nengard I didn't like it either until chris pointed out that the page it points to at least shows us what's changed
17:15 gmcharlt never mind
17:16 nengard own and gmcharlt are right - I having it pull any Koha specific rss I can find
17:16 gmcharlt owen answered that :)
17:17 ebegin nengard, in my opiniion, someone clicking on the link through twitter would expect to get the content.  Make sense?
17:17 nengard it does
17:17 nengard but i can't do anything about it
17:17 nengard tha's the wiki RSS feed - so unless that changes....
17:17 ebegin Was that a limitation of wiki?
17:18 nengard don't know if it's a limitation ... it's just the way the rss is generated ... don't knwo if we can change it
17:18 owen Is the wiki hosted by LibLime?
17:18 ebegin ok.  You can add some string manipulation on the feed within Yahoo Pipes to get rid of "&do=diff" at the end
17:19 laurence left #koha
17:19 owen That's an interesting idea ebegin
17:19 nengard owen ebegin - but this is one of those situations where we're split
17:19 nengard some people like that it goes to the diff page...
17:20 * gmcharlt prefers the diffs
17:20 nengard :) see
17:20 gmcharlt owen: yes
17:20 nengard i think we should just leave it and those who don't like it can click on the page link at the top to see the full page
17:20 owen But gmcharlt, if you want to see the diffs couldn't you use the RSS feed?
17:20 ebegin :)
17:21 gmcharlt but owen, if you want to see the full pages, couldn't you click on the links?
17:21 gmcharlt ;)
17:21 nengard i'll let the boys duke it out
17:22 ebegin I think that it useless to tweet the differences on a page on twitter...
17:23 nengard the yahoo pipe poulates a lot of pages automatically - not just twitter
17:24 Colin left #koha
17:24 * ebegin is having hard time to remember his yahoo ID and pwd... it's been so long...
17:36 jdavidb_ joined #koha
17:37 brendan left #koha
17:42 * wizzyrea is not a diff fan :P
17:43 jdavidb left #koha
17:43 brendan joined #koha
17:43 owen The trouble is, just pointing to the page without indication that (let alone how) it has been updated is similarly confusing.
17:51 nengard agreed
17:55 adegroff left #koha
17:58 chris amy works at ptfs now?
17:59 chris and morning all
17:59 chris pootle fixed, fredericd fyi, pootle leaks ram and needs a restart every so often
18:02 chris_n ram_leaks--
18:02 brendan left #koha
18:03 paul_p left #koha
18:06 rhcl joined #koha
18:06 brendan joined #koha
18:20 chris_n left #koha
18:21 ebegin karma ram_leaks
18:21 ebegin @karma ram_leaks
18:21 munin ebegin: Karma for "ram_leaks" has been increased 0 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of -1.
18:21 ebegin @wunder montreal, quebec
18:21 munin ebegin: The current temperature in Montreal / Dorval International, Que, Quebec is -2.0�C (1:00 PM EST on February 22, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 48%. Dew Point: -8.0�C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016 hPa (Falling).
18:23 chris @wunder wellington, nz
18:23 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 17.0�C (7:00 AM NZDT on February 23, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 14.0�C. Pressure: 30.24 in 1024 hPa (Steady).
18:28 collum @wunder 41011
18:28 munin collum: The current temperature in Newport Aquarium, Newport, Kentucky is 7.8�C (1:25 PM EST on February 22, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 82%. Dew Point: 5.0�C. Windchill: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.67 in 1004.6 hPa (Falling). Dense fog advisory in effect until 4 PM EST this afternoon...
18:29 sekjal joined #koha
18:29 collum Melting snow.
18:31 jwagner melting_snow++
18:37 chris_n joined #koha
18:45 nengard left #koha
18:45 chris_n left #koha
18:57 cait joined #koha
18:59 mib_x7i5zh joined #koha
19:00 wajasu joined #koha
19:08 mib_x7i5zh left #koha
19:08 wajasu i'm trying to install 3.02-alpha and Makefile.PL mentions a perl modules that I can't find in cpan.  Graphics::Magick
19:08 chris_n joined #koha
19:10 gmcharlt wajasu: what platform are you using?
19:10 wajasu wondering where I can find the perl module Graphics::Magick to install 3.02-alpha
19:11 gmcharlt trying to help you - are you running Debian, Ubuntu, or the like?
19:11 mib_xzfi66 joined #koha
19:12 gmcharlt if so, you can apt-get install libimage-magick-perl
19:13 wajasu i'm running archlinux.  Trying to write up an install.archlinux
19:13 braedon|work joined #koha
19:15 wajasu ok let me see if there is a perlmagick package
19:16 wajasu i might have found something.  I'll check if it has perl bindings.
19:21 gmcharlt wajasu:
19:26 schuster joined #koha
19:26 schuster wizzyrea or nengard about?
19:26 owen Oh wow, "claims returned." Our old system had that and I almost forgot about it.
19:27 owen We never understood what it was for :)
19:27 schuster I need someone to test adding a patron for me and tell me if the is missing first name on the form.  I have Surname and other name only.
19:28 schuster This is a git pull from ?? Last night?
19:29 owen I see first name.
19:29 gmcharlt as do I
19:29 jdavidb_ left #koha
19:29 schuster This is a fresh install nothing ever on this computer other than windows before Debian took over.
19:30 schuster - is that what you all have?
19:30 owen Yes
19:30 schuster very odd...
19:31 schuster This is for a "NEW" patron not an existing one.
19:31 owen What category patron schuster?
19:31 schuster Oh ...  I selected library...
19:32 schuster Didn't think about categories asking for different things.
19:32 gmcharlt yeah - theory is that institutional patrons don't have first names
19:33 schuster That explains it then...
19:33 owen ...but shouldn't there just be one "name" field, labelled "name?"
19:34 gmcharlt yeah, that would make more sense than "surname"
19:35 * owen thought that had been working properly before
19:35 CGI261 joined #koha
19:36 jdavidb joined #koha
19:36 * jdavidb grumps around some.  Two choices for internet service, and both of them stink.
19:36 CGI261 left #koha
19:37 owen That sounds like the American way, where the "two" is sometimes replaced with "one"
19:37 gmcharlt yes, we're quite proud of our "hi"-"speed" internet service
19:38 jdavidb Verizon's service rocked, technologically, until the Snowpocalypse on Feb 7.  (Took them three tries to get *billing* right, but the service worked.)  Been down ever since.
19:38 jdavidb I told them if a Verizon tech happened by here, I'd make sure he stayed here until it was fixed.  I got a big chain and a padlock...
19:43 chris back
19:43 cait hi chris
19:45 chris hiya cait
19:48 braedon|work anyone know the function used to hash borrower passwords?
19:49 chris md5_base64
19:49 chris from Digest::MD5
19:50 braedon|work ahh, done in perl
19:50 braedon|work fun
19:50 braedon|work was assuming it was the mysql md5 hash
19:50 chris naw, thats less portable
19:52 owen Lots of great enhancements coming up from PTFS!
19:52 owen (and Middletown Township Public Library)
19:52 chris oh yeah?
19:52 chris awesome
19:53 owen new stuff in Bugzilla at least
19:53 jwagner owen, I'm finally getting around to creating the bugzilla entries for the last dozen or so that I didn't do earlier.  Some of them I think are going to be VERY well received.
19:53 chris sweet
19:53 owen jwagner: I'd love to hear how you implemented Bug 4238. We've talked about that one before but no one ever followed through
19:53 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4238 enhancement, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, OPAC timeout feature for patron privacy
19:53 jwagner I'm particularly interested in what people think of   Bug 4237
19:54 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4237 enhancement, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, Add other item statuses
19:54 jwagner owen, I don't know specifics on the code without looking, but it's a simple timeout -- no activity for X seconds and it goes back to OPAC main page (and does a logout if someone is logged in).
19:55 chris that will be handy, actually both will :)
19:55 * chris looks forward to committing the patches to 3.4
19:55 owen jwagner: Do you know if it clear the Cart?
19:56 jwagner Good question.  I'd have to set up a test & see.
19:57 laurence joined #koha
19:57 owen Bug 4239!
19:57 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4239 enhancement, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, Allow holds on multiple items of selected titles
19:58 jwagner owen, that's the one I was talking to you about a couple of weeks ago, that might be extended to what you were wanting.
19:58 jwagner (only allow holds on certain item types, wasn't it?)
19:58 * owen wonders if he asked for a pony
19:58 chris wow that will be awseome
19:59 chris if that gets done we are back at 1.03 ;-)
19:59 chris HLT will be super happy
19:59 cait our library too
19:59 owen the bug report says it works per-itemtype. I'd love to see the option of alternatively doing it per-ccode
19:59 owen Poor HLT, the wide world got ahold of their software and junked it up something good ;)
20:00 chris hehe, they got plenty back in return
20:00 chris but it is nice features they used to love are coming back
20:01 chris as well as all the new ones they also love
20:02 jwagner owen, yes I think you also asked for a pony during that conversation.  However, none of our clients have sponsored pony functionality.  Therefore, you're on your own for that one :-)
20:03 cait lol
20:03 owen jwagner: I barely recall our previous conversation.
20:03 owen I do wonder about the example you cite in the bug report: a multiple-volume DVD.
20:03 jwagner Like one title for Lost, with items attached for Season One, Season Two, etc.
20:04 owen Setting the rule to apply to your "DVD" item type will allow multi-item holds on all DVDs. Does that mean they intend to create a separate itemtype for multi-volume DVDs?
20:04 jwagner I'm not sure it's come up as a problem so far.  I think they're allowing it on all DVDs.  If it were a problem, then yes, they'd have to create a separate item type.
20:06 * owen wonders how difficult it would be to modify the feature to accept ccodes...
20:06 cait I think its useful for serials
20:06 owen Definitely useful for serials.
20:06 owen If we get this enhancement it will enable us to actually use Koha's serials management.
20:08 cait :)
20:08 cait bug 4240
20:08 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4240 enhancement, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, Add a "did you mean" spell checker to the OPAC
20:09 jwagner owen, I don't know.  Shouldn't be too hard -- maybe set up a different syspref & copy the code we did for item types?
20:09 cait nice!
20:10 collum :)
20:10 collum For all of the enhancements.
20:10 laurence left #koha
20:11 collum Another variation of holds would be to tie bibs together. Multiple bibs satisfying one hold.  In other words, I don't care if I get the large type or regular type.
20:12 owen That's Koha version 1 isn't it chris? :)
20:13 gmcharlt yeah, it had a concept of meta-bibs
20:13 Nate left #koha
20:14 chris yeah id love to get that back, maybe at a level above marc .. rather than between biblio and item like it used to be
20:14 collum interesting
20:14 gmcharlt possibly adopting by adopting FRBRisms
20:15 chris MARC has a lot to answer for :)
20:17 paul_p joined #koha
20:20 tomascohen left #koha
20:28 jwagner collum, see Bug 4243 -- I think your patch from last night may have done something similar?
20:28 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4243 enhancement, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, Show hold status in OPAC/staff
20:30 Genji joined #koha
20:30 owen jwagner: Regarding[…]hment.cgi?id=1662
20:30 owen The yellow box at the bottom is a message displayed below the holdings table?
20:31 jwagner Yes.  It should be the total count of all holds on the title.
20:31 gmcharlt jwagner: collum's patch does part of that
20:32 jwagner It sounded like it, from the description.  Yet another one to reconcile :-(
20:32 collum jwagner: yep. What they said ---
20:32 chris gmcharlt: i just tested 4155
20:33 chris the js is still not letting me click save when i toggle a checkbox
20:33 paul_p left #koha
20:33 gmcharlt anything in the javascript error console or Firebug?
20:34 jwagner OK, I have maybe 4-5 more that aren't entered, but I need to gather more info on them first.
20:35 chris ahh my bad
20:35 chris needed a shift refresh to beat the js into submission
20:36 adegroff joined #koha
20:36 chris hey its amy!
20:36 adegroff :-)
20:36 chris hows things?
20:37 adegroff just quietly but publicly lurking
20:37 chris :)
20:37 jwagner If you want to privately lurk, you need a disguised nickname :-)
20:37 Genji hello all. in regard to subject indexing.. i used "scan @attr 4=21 @attr 4=1 @attr 6=3 <term last returned>" to get the subject list.... my client comments "I noticed that all the subjects consist of one word. in fact, most of our subjects are phrases (two or  more words)." why is this?
20:37 chris gmcharlt: another blocker bites the dust :-)
20:37 gmcharlt hi Amy!
20:37 gmcharlt cool
20:38 gmcharlt Genji: artifact of the index setup
20:39 Genji gmcharlt: hmm.... the index for subject goes 'subject, subject:p'
20:40 gmcharlt it is possible to construct phrase indexes, although they currently don't span subfield boundaries
20:40 gmcharlt @attr 4=21 ? did you mean @attr 1=21 ?
20:40 munin gmcharlt: Error: "attr" is not a valid command.
20:41 gmcharlt munin: be quiet
20:41 munin gmcharlt: Error: "be" is not a valid command.
20:41 Genji hmm... the subject is just stored in one marc field. its not even in a subfield. and yes, i ment 1=21.
20:42 Genji so, how do i tell scan to return the phrase indexed items instead of the word list?
20:43 Genji Or do i need to remove the first 'subject' from the marc def?
20:43 wizzyrea munin is having an existential crisis
20:53 chris hm i wonder if anyone can help pauline, i dunno the answer im afraid
20:59 collum left #koha
21:00 jdavidb left #koha
21:00 nicomo left #koha
21:06 jdavidb joined #koha
21:06 * jdavidb rejoins the world of DSL, happily.
21:06 chris sweet :-)
21:06 jwagner You mean Verizon finally came?
21:06 * chris goes to get a coffee bbiab
21:07 jdavidb They did!  Didn't take ten minutes to fix, either.
21:08 Genji so, how do i tell 'scan' to return the phrase indexed items instead of the word list?
21:08 jwagner Two weeks to get someone there, 10 minutes to fix.  Is it just me, or is there something wrong with this picture?
21:09 jdavidb :)
21:10 jdavidb I won't quibble.  The techs--both of them--were talented and quick.
21:11 jwagner Compared to some of the Comcast techs I've dealt with over the last few months, that's a BIG plus.
21:11 joetho_away left #koha
21:12 jdavidb yah.  Techonolically, I've rarely had trouble with Verizon.  Billing and customer service folks reek badly, but the service itself has been usually very good.
21:14 wizzyrea oh wow, pauline is from the 6th floor museum
21:15 owen ?
21:15 wizzyrea you know, the museum on the 6th floor of the texas schoolbook depository
21:15 IrmaCalyx joined #koha
21:15 wizzyrea where JFK was shot from?
21:15 wizzyrea on Dealy plaza
21:15 wizzyrea dealey*
21:16 owen What a way to describe where you work. "You know, where JFK was shot from?"
21:16 IrmaCalyx G'day #Koha
21:16 wizzyrea probably why they call it "the sixth floor museum"
21:16 wizzyrea :)
21:16 chris back
21:17 chris oh i meant to go visit that when i was in plano, but ran out of time
21:17 wizzyrea man, all I could think of was john wilkes booth, but I think who I was really thinking of was Lee Harvey oswald
21:17 jdavidb I took some great pics of a friend at Dealey, and the Kennedy Cenotaph monument a few blocks away a few years ago, for a model portfolio.
21:19 IrmaCalyx Would anyone like some off the excess heat we have in Sydney this morning?
21:19 * jdavidb raises his hand.
21:19 * jwagner sticks my hand up too
21:19 jwagner Want us to box up some snow in return?
21:19 * wizzyrea raises her hand
21:20 IrmaCalyx Thanks, that would be good!
21:20 * jdavidb gets out a biiiiig box.
21:20 jwagner Meet you halfway for the exchange?  Hmm.  What's roughly halfway between DC and Sydney?  Hawaii?  Midway?
21:21 IrmaCalyx Thinking in  constant heat, high humidity and no wind is hard
21:21 jdavidb I used to live in the West Texas desert, IrmaCalyx.  It's like living in a microwave oven, isn't it?
21:21 wizzyrea jdavidb: large freighter with lots of containers
21:21 IrmaCalyx So yes send your snow "down under"
21:21 jdavidb you've got the sauna effect going on, which may be worse.
21:22 IrmaCalyx Thanks for listening to my's helping already!
21:23 jwagner well, you've been putting up with our complaining for the last few weeks :-)
21:23 IrmaCalyx :-)
21:23 * jdavidb watches his iTunes panic over having 30-odd things to download..
21:24 jwagner Good night, all....
21:24 jwagner left #koha
21:25 owen What is the purpose of the "RESTRICTED" authorized value?
21:25 chris pass
21:26 cait im not sure it really does something
21:26 owen I never really wondered about it until today looking at someone's screenshot. But I agree cait I don't think it actually does anything.
21:26 jdavidb Y'all have a good day.  See you tomorrow.
21:26 jdavidb left #koha
21:27 owen I wonder if it's just a MARC thing that has no connection to functionality
21:27 collum_ joined #koha
21:27 cait I was asked during a presentation if you could restrict items to age groups with htis setting
21:28 owen We project our wishes on features we don't understand :)
21:28 chris heh
21:28 cait :)
21:29 adegroff left #koha
21:32 cait next question was if you can change btypes from child to adult by cronjob ;)
21:33 owen Makes sense
21:33 Nate joined #koha
21:39 chris yeah you'd have to write the cron job, but cant see why not
21:39 cait that what I told them
21:50 chris_n left #koha
21:54 Nate left #koha
21:55 Tyler joined #koha
21:56 brendan left #koha
21:57 Tyler left #koha
21:59 cait ok, time to go to bed :) good night koha
21:59 cait left #koha
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22:04 brendan joined #koha
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22:28 Lee joined #koha
22:31 Lee Just got a white paper (sort of) from OCLC's Larry Alford, Chair of the Board of Trustees saying using Z39.50 isn't fair to OCLC and that it is a "lite cataloging service" for libraries cataloging on the cheap
22:31 chris LOL
22:31 chris OCLC get more greedy every year
22:32 Lee They say if all libraries don't use OCLC exclusively they will have to be for profit
22:32 Lee The tone reminds me of Abrams rant
22:33 chris people don't like competition
22:33 Lee Yeah he says that those records aren't quality material
22:33 chris do they have catalogue records in maori?
22:33 chris if not, he can stfu
22:34 * chris is sick of anglocentric rants
22:34 Lee I know it is all about the money...but if you don't know about z39.50 a librarian might think OCLC is the only game in town
22:35 Lee Just makes me sad
22:35 chris maybe in the US, OCLC doesnt help nz libraries much at all
22:35 Lee It seems every one wants to tell libraries exactly how they will handle info....
22:35 chris yeah
22:36 Lee but they are branching out in Europe...
22:37 Lee Oh wait here is his email address!
22:37 Lee I guess maybe I will direct my rant toward him
22:37 Lee not that it will do one bit of good
22:38 Lee before I go, every groovey in Koha-land?
22:39 Lee :P okay then I'll try and catch you at the next meeting.
22:40 Lee left #koha
23:00 saorge joined #koha
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23:25 moodaepo @wunder 56001
23:25 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in South on Monks, Mankato, Minnesota is -6.5�C (5:21 PM CST on February 22, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: -9.0�C. Windchill: -12.0�C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014.1 hPa (Falling).
23:26 rhcl left #koha

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