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00:57 Genji hiya all
00:58 Genji okay, marc field 652 has subject information. how do i make a list of subjects, and then filter that list?
00:59 Genji ahh.. how do i make a list of all subjects in idx su?
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02:12 brendan @quote random
02:12 munin brendan: Quote #6: "gmcharlt: kf: hold requests are a plot to sell more aspirin ;)" (added by wizzyrea at 12:13 PM, June 16, 2009)
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06:00 brendan later #koha
06:00 brendan cya in a few
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06:16 pianohacker Hello
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15:49 nengard hi all, are any of you using LibX at your libraries - and if so  - do you want to answer some questions about it to be published in my book?
16:01 nengard well - if you're interested PM me ;)
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19:16 braedon|work morning #koha
19:17 cait hi braedon
19:20 * braedon|work wishes he had gone to be earlier, as usual
19:20 braedon|work s/be/bed/
19:22 cait I know that feeling
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22:41 gmcharlt chris: about?
22:41 chris yup
22:41 chris  <-- working on this
22:41 chris and updating the translation branch
22:41 gmcharlt yeah, was checking on the translation branch - noticed a forced updated between this morning and now
22:42 gmcharlt and was wondering if it is still pullable or if I should hold off
22:42 chris probably best to wait til tomorrow, a bunch of the syspref .po files ended up using hte french not the english, so fixing them
22:42 chris ill have that all fixed by tomorrow though
22:43 chris the other thing i did over the weekend to help the transition to frederic is
22:43 chris
22:44 chris which has my settings, plus the whole po dir
22:44 gmcharlt chris++
22:44 gmcharlt ok, I'll wait to pull - send me another pull request when you're ready
22:45 chris will do, thanks
22:45 chris hows asheville?
22:45 gmcharlt it's a nice college town
22:45 gmcharlt I've been there all of ten minutes, though :)
22:45 chris :)
22:46 chris i hear 1115 has snacks and drinks :)
22:46 gmcharlt yeah, I think the whole intertubes knows that now :)
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23:00 braedon|work to migrate existing book issues from an old system to Koha, do you just need to add "issues" table entries? or are there more dependencies?
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23:04 masonj_ braedon: issues and oldissues tables
23:05 chris issues is for things currently out, oldissues for returned
23:06 braedon|work so moved from one to the other when returned?
23:06 chris yup
23:07 braedon|work what is the items onloan date field used for?
23:07 masonj yep, and a little script to set/update the items.onloan date , for the issues items
23:07 masonj snap...
23:07 chris and the marc
23:07 chris 952 something or other
23:08 braedon|work haha, ok
23:08 braedon|work thanks
23:08 masonj yep, a moditem (onloan-> '2112-11-22'), will update the marc stuff too
23:10 braedon|work we are creating 952 records for the items and then importing them, so can just add the onloan date then
23:12 gmcharlt you need 952 fields for items anyway, but you don't have to create them yourself
23:12 gmcharlt you can populate items and issues
23:12 gmcharlt then run misc/maintenance/
23:23 chris done
23:23 chris sending new request to pull
23:23 chris less were broken than i though
23:23 chris t
23:29 braedon|work gmcharlt: i have a script that runs through the old system item data, tries to find  matching marc record for the biblio from marc archives,  creates one from the data if it can't find one, and adds the item data to it in a 952 field
23:29 braedon|work all the marc records with 952 fields are then exported to a file, and imported into Koha
23:30 masonj[…]ns-In-Afghanistan
23:33 braedon|work gmcharlt: i suppose i could switch the item stuff to writing directly to the tables, but i was having to parse and create marc records anyway, so there didn't seem much point
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