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02:43 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 14.3�C (6:37 PM PST on February 03, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 9.0�C. Pressure: 29.76 in 1007.7 hPa (Rising).
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02:56 braedon_ -- and the great silence was broken by weatherwatchers --
02:56 chris_n we need a bot on #kohanews to subscribe to an rss feed on our new website
02:57 chris_n braedon_: yeah, it goes from feast to famine around here at times :-)
02:58 brendan you can usually catch me checking the weather about three times a day
02:59 brendan you'd think I'd just look out the window ;)
02:59 braedon_ :)
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03:23 braedon|work what is the best way to get the required versions of Graphics::Magick, Lingua::Stem::Snow and PDF::API2::Simple for 3.02 alpha on debian? cpan doesn't seem to have them, and the versions in the repos too old
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03:30 Amit morning #koha
03:34 * braedon|work wispers: shh, don't wake the sleeping lurkers
03:40 chris_n howdy Amit
03:40 Amit heya chris_n
03:40 * chris_n learns a somthing new about gitweb
03:40 chris_n[…]f5d5;hb=HEAD#l390
03:41 chris_n takes you right to line 390 of C4::Lables::Label
03:47 chris_n ok, sleep time
03:47 chris_n g'night
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05:01 CGI317 hey guys
05:01 CGI317 can any one tell me from where to get pearl modules
05:01 CGI317 best link
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05:10 CGI317 ??
05:13 CGI317 want to know perl module lniks for koha
05:13 CGI317 can any one help me
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06:14 shamas hey any one there
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07:00 Ropuch Morning #koha
07:00 brendan mornig Ropuch
07:01 Ropuch Hi brendan
07:01 brendan morning actually
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07:04 Amit heya Ropuch, brendan
07:04 Ropuch Hi Amit
07:06 brendan Hi Amit
07:06 brendan goodday to you
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08:16 kf good morning
08:17 brendan good night #koha
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08:18 kf good night brendan
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08:40 CGI562 hello house
08:41 CGI562 has anyone seen charmlt today?
08:41 CGI562 please, i need to speak to someone about koha
08:42 CGI562 I want to know exactly how to load marc record on koha because when i tried what charmlt told me it was giving me broken link
08:42 CGI562 please someone help me
08:43 CGI562 i need to fix this as soon as possible
08:43 CGI562 i mean today
08:46 kf you mean gmcharlt?
08:47 kf we need more information to help you
08:47 CGI562 ya
08:47 CGI562 thanks
08:47 kf which marcflavor is your system?
08:47 kf you need valid marc21 records for koha
08:47 CGI562 ok
08:47 CGI562 what
08:47 kf or unimarc
08:48 kf depending on your installation
08:48 kf did you try staged marc import or bulkmarcimport?
08:48 kf what error message do you get?
08:48 kf which version of koha are u using?
08:48 kf for gmcharlt - its a bit early in us
08:49 CGI562 Koha 3.0.2 stable version for ubuntu
08:49 CGI562 sorry, I was just trying to put my url(tag 856) to link my local books
08:50 CGI562 but I always receive broken link
08:50 CGI562 like http://localhost/e-books/vbook.pdf
08:51 CGI562 kf?
08:53 CGI562 hello kf?
08:54 kf ok, so yo already loaded records but have problems with linking?
08:54 kf can you give me an example of your links?
08:55 kf we have working links in our opac, i can compare to yours
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09:03 kf ok
09:03 kf hi hdl
09:10 Amit heya kf
09:11 kf hi Amit
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09:19 CGI562 kf, I have a pdf file in this directory e-books in document root (/var/www) since I am using ubuntu and I wish to link my record with a pdf file inside this. this is the url http://localhost/e-books/vbook.pdf
09:23 kf hm
09:23 kf not sure this will work
09:23 kf or it will only work on your server
09:24 kf if you cant access the link in your browser
09:24 kf you cant access it from koha
09:24 kf I think you should use your domain name or ip in the url
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09:58 kf we have problems with search + icu and alpha - can somebody help with some tips what to check? already deactivated most search functions (query stemming, fuzzy etc.)
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10:36 martinmorris good morning all, can anybody help me with a minor niggle in my koha installation?  i'm set to single branch mode, but the staff login screen still offers 'My Library' and 'Biblioteko Butler' (the actual name of our library) in a drop-down box?  Can I get rid of that?
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11:37 martinmorris good morning all, can anybody help me with a minor niggle in my koha installation?  i'm set to single branch mode, but the staff login screen still offers 'My Library' and 'Biblioteko Butler' (the actual name of our library) in a drop-down box?  Can I get rid of that?
11:37 nahuel hmmm
11:37 nahuel In libraries configurations
11:38 martinmorris in  Administration?
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11:52 kf martinmorris: you cant get rid of it by configuration - I think the singleBranch syspref does not change that
11:52 kf but it should be no problem
11:53 kf its only staff login and both options have the same effect
11:53 martinmorris oh it's no problem at all, I just wish it wasn't there :)
11:53 martinmorris thanks kf
11:53 kf I think you could add something to the template to take singleBranchmode into account
11:55 martinmorris i might have a poke around but i was merely curious
11:57 kf someone else alpha-testing ? we have problems with search, for example can only search for kw when adding kw: to the search term
11:57 kf problem occurs with normal indexing and with icu
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12:14 Ropuch Hello nengard
12:14 nengard hiya
12:19 kf hi nengard
12:19 Ropuch nengard: I came across your article in which you're saying that the librarians who never switched ILS  are affraid of changes
12:19 Ropuch Hi kf [;
12:19 kf hi Ropuch - sorry :)
12:19 Ropuch nengard: but I can't find it
12:19 Ropuch kf: you should'nt be ;-)
12:20 CGI562 kf
12:20 kf yes?
12:20 CGI562 u didn't solve my problem
12:20 nengard Ropuch - um .... what article?
12:21 nengard I don't think I ever said that in an article ...
12:21 CGI562 i didn't get u right
12:21 CGI562 I still can not link up my record to my pdf book
12:21 kf I dont think localhost links will work
12:22 kf have you a link that works in your browser?
12:22 kf can you post an example 856-field?
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12:23 nengard Ropuch, all of my presentations and publications are listed here:[…]ons-presentations
12:24 CGI562 856 ## - ELECTRONIC LOCATION AND ACCESS    3 Materials specified e-books on Digital Library    a Host name    d Path /home/project/Desktop/e-books    f Electronic name Digital.pdf    k Password project@2009    l Logon project    o Operating system ubuntu    p Port 8080    q Electronic format type pdf    u Uniform Resource Identifier[…]books/Digital.pdf
12:26 CGI562 It goes to this link but reports fatal erro 404 broken link
12:26 kf is your opac accessible?
12:27 CGI562 yes
12:27 CGI562 do you see anything wrong with opac
12:28 kf can you give me a link to this record?
12:28 CGI562 kf?
12:28 kf a link to your opac?
12:29 kf[…]books/Digital.pdf is not working in my browser
12:29 kf so it cant work in koha I think
12:29 CGI562 sorry, it is an intranet site, you may not access it
12:30 kf is the link shown in your opac?
12:30 CGI562 yes
12:31 kf we use less fields than you do
12:31 kf we only have u for the url
12:31 kf and display text (x? not sure about that one)
12:31 kf I dont think koha can actually do something with the other values
12:33 CGI562 is gmcharlt there now?
12:35 gmcharlt hi CGI562
12:35 kf ok, need to get back to patron import anyway bbl
12:40 CGI562 gmcharlt, the other time u instructed me to set my 856 tag $u to something like this but I always receives broken link eroor 404? pls, what can I do?
12:40 Ropuch nengard: thanks!
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12:43 shamas hey
12:43 shamas i want to know about marc 21
12:43 shamas from where i can get help
12:43 shamas and how to install marc for windows
12:44 gmcharlt CGI562: I assume that link works when you test it in your web browser directly?
12:45 gmcharlt shamas: has a lot of information about MARC21
12:45 gmcharlt if you're completely new to MARC, read the tutorials linked from that website first
12:46 shamas ok thnx
12:46 magnus CGI562: when I try to look at i am told the server can not be found. are your sure that is the correct address?
12:49 gmcharlt kf: re searching, is your test OPAC accessible from outside?
12:50 kf gmcharlt: I think no, but I can perhaps change that
12:51 kf gmcharlt: let me check with my colleagues
12:51 gmcharlt kf: alternatively, email me your Zebra configuration files
12:51 gmcharlt though I suspect it may more likely be due to some recent changes to C4/
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12:54 CGI562 gmcharlt, it didn't work, maybe there is something wrong or there is another way of going about it?
12:55 gmcharlt I think the first thing to determine is whether  is in fact the correct URL - it may not work (yet) at all, regardless of whether you're following a link from your Koha catalog or putting in the URL directly
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12:56 gmcharlt and it may be up to whoever is setting up your server and network to add to DNS
12:57 gmcharlt if you can put up a screenshot of what you see when you try to follow such a link, we may be able to help you better
12:57 CGI562 gmcharlt, it is an intranet site so it cannot be viewed online
12:58 kf gmcharlt: i fear its we patched from 3.0.61
12:58 gmcharlt hmm - I read again and see that you're getting a 404 error, so DNS problems are not an issue (at least from within your intranet)
12:59 kf gmcharlt: collegues are still at lunch - zebra configuration files - records.abs etc?
12:59 gmcharlt so it may simply be that some work is needed to configure the webserver to serve things like[…]books/Digital.pdf
12:59 gmcharlt kf: right
13:00 kf gmcharlt: ok, colleague must be back every minute now, I will tell him and thank you!
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13:02 gmcharlt kf: are you working from a dev-mode install for your alpha testing?  if so, try creating a new branch and git revert the following commit:  eb6b10f8c91 and see if that fixes the immediate problem; if not, try reverting earlier commits to C4/Search.pmm
13:02 gmcharlt I'll be testing that myself as well
13:04 kf gmcharlt: sorry, no dev install, we test-patched our standard install (a clone from production server)
13:04 kf gmcharlt: can you reproduce problems in search?
13:04 kf with search - sorry
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13:05 gmcharlt actually, a little more info might help - OPAC or staff, advanced search or the search box?
13:05 kf everywhere :(
13:06 gmcharlt ah, no searches work at all without manually appending kw: ?
13:06 kf gmcharlt: mom, I will check and give you more information
13:07 kf gmcharlt: some things still work - I think it was barcode (retesting now), but free text search seems to be broken everywhere
13:07 Ropuch I'm gonna test 3.2 this weekend as sson as I get my new laptop - should I get it from HEAD or test the one from alpfa tarball?
13:08 gmcharlt Ropuch: up to you, but my recommendation is to do it as a dev-mode from a git clone rather than the tarball
13:08 Ropuch gmcharlt: fine by me :)
13:08 gmcharlt to checkout the 3.2-alpha version itself, do a git checkout v3.02.00-alpha from the git clone
13:08 kf gmcharlt: opac (simple search): only isbn 3* and call number r* give me results
13:09 chris_n g'morning
13:09 kf gmcharlt: can you point me to the patch that needs to be reverted on git?
13:10 gmcharlt kf: I'm not having any problems doing an OPAC simple search on title, keyword, subject, etc. in my 3.2 install
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13:11 Ropuch gmcharlt: I just  want to avoid sending wrong-version patches
13:11 gmcharlt Ropuch: ah, if you're planning to patch, then work from HEAD
13:11 Ropuch gmcharlt: I hope I'll be able to ;>
13:11 gmcharlt cool
13:11 kf gmcharlt: oh :( so we need to find out what our problem is. only isbn, issn, call number seem to work, title, keyword, author etc. not
13:12 gmcharlt kf: so rather than jump to conclusions, Zebra config + info from the OPAC apache log should help track this down
13:12 chris_n gmcharlt: searches appear to work fine here running over the alpha
13:12 kf my collegue told me that there were no errors in the logs
13:12 chris_n but I don't think I'm running zebra with an icu(?) config
13:13 gmcharlt and if you can send me a copy of your C4 and opac CGI directory, I can compare it against alpha just to make sure that there wasn't some problem when you applied the patches
13:13 kf we patched from 3.0.61 - which we will need to do later too. perhaps this is part of our problem
13:13 gmcharlt yeah, right now the ICU config is definitely on the list of things to test
13:13 chris_n gmcharlt: is that a better configuration for zebra?
13:14 kf gmcharlt: its not icu atm - he told me he reconfigured it to be standard search
13:14 gmcharlt speaking of ICU and diacritics, I'd love it if you or someone else could point me to a good sample of German MARC21 records
13:14 gmcharlt kf: so it affects both ICU and standard config? hmmm
13:14 kf atm it seems so, perhaps we missed some stupid little thing
13:14 gmcharlt chris_n: yes, ICU to handle character normalization is better
13:15 kf gmcharlt: lets discuss that - there are some things to consider about German MARC21 records
13:15 gmcharlt speaking of which, chris_n, is there much in the way of Greek and Hebrew in the Foundations catalog?
13:15 chris_n I know jdavidb was having issue with searching on  a system with zebra in ICU
13:15 kf gmcharlt: bt I can sure send you examples
13:15 chris_n gmcharlt: very little atm
13:15 kf icu is not working with some search sys prefs
13:15 gmcharlt kf: thanks
13:15 chris_n gmcharlt: more spanish
13:15 kf I told him that and he turned some of them off - told me it works better now
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13:20 chris_n kf, gmcharlt: cait was helping jdavidb the other day with zebra ICU search problems
13:21 * jdavidb looks around for owen, and hides.
13:21 chris_n jdavidb: did you get your zebra ICU/search issue resolved?
13:21 owen It's okay jdavidb I'm not really awake yet
13:22 jdavidb chris_n:  ran a reindex last night, with one little change to the icu chain; gonna test here momentarily.
13:22 * chris_n holds his breath ;-)
13:22 kf i am cait ;)
13:23 chris_n lol kf :-)
13:23 kf no joke
13:23 jdavidb Seems to be working; I'm not getting as many results as I was on the production server, which has fuzzy on, but what I'm getting looks *REAL* good.
13:23 jwagner kf, that split personality is really going to get you in trouble....
13:23 jdavidb And diacritics appear to be working like I want.
13:23 chris_n kf: I believe you; its just funny
13:24 kf jwagner yesss... dont know which to choose yet
13:24 chris_n jdavidb: any chance you can switch to the latest head and try it?
13:24 jdavidb Not on that server.  The customer's health and nerves are fragile enough already.
13:24 chris_n hehe
13:24 kf jdavidb: fuzzy was on here and seemed working, turned in off now to investigate our problem after patching
13:24 nengard okay  - my job this AM - add the patron card documentation to the manual using the tutorial chris_n gave me yesterday !!
13:25 * chris_n runs and hides ;-)
13:25 gmcharlt why is everybody hiding from everybody else in this channel today?
13:25 nengard hehe
13:26 jwagner gmcharlt, because the Finger of Doom is pointing at them???
13:26 jdavidb chris_n, I'm gonna be spinning up a couple of instances with new HEAD here in the next day or two; I'm thinking of doing (at least) one with ICU indexing; it's so darn good with diacritics, I'm thinking of making that our stock installation mode.
13:26 chris_n nengard: did my response to you email explain?
13:26 nengard no doom - at least not for chris_n - he already walked me through everything :)
13:26 nengard chris_n -yes!! waiting to see if they tried to make the font smaller
13:26 chris_n nice
13:27 jdavidb owen:  When you wake up, I hear you're having deranged hold-prio issues.  I hope I can help; I've had occasion to work with that.
13:28 nengard bug question for gmcharlt - or anyone - do we still want someone other than the person who patched the bug to closeit?
13:28 nengard clost it?
13:28 nengard i have many bugs i reported and patched and i could close - but i haven't cause i'm the one who wrote the patch :)
13:28 gmcharlt nengard: more that the original reporter should close it
13:28 nengard okay - well that's me :)
13:29 nengard I'll clean up my bugs after i do the documentation update
13:29 gmcharlt sure, it would be great if somebody else tested and closed self-reported, self-patched bugs, but I think the original reporter closing them is more reasonable to expect
13:29 nengard chris_n - i do need something from you :) you said the label and patron card help files didn't make it into your patch - so if you have those, can you submit them so i can use them and improve upon them?
13:30 nengard well - everyone who has HEAD installed - if you could go through the budgets sections and make sure I caught all of the language changes before i close that bug it would be great - if not, i'll close it and open a new one if anyone finds something i missed
13:30 CGI562 gmchart, I 've test this on my laptop that has no koha just to see if apache can open the link and it works. I think what happen is that webserver is redirecting request to koha document root. Do you know the koha document root?
13:31 gmcharlt that is purely dependent the mode you used when you installed Koha - you have the check the Apache config
13:32 chris_n nengard: I'll get those off shortly
13:33 nengard thanks!!
13:34 owen jdavidb: Here's the kind of thing I'm finding:
13:34 owen[…]ority-problem.png
13:37 jdavidb Two problems to cope with, owen--cause, and cure.  cure is easy; I wrote a script to clean up the mess, and reorder the holds in the order they were placed, which I'd be happy to share; it's copied a fair bit from some bits of C4::Reserves.
13:38 owen jdavidb: We used to have a similar script, but it was for 2.x and never got updated. Is your script general-purpose enough that it can be committed?
13:38 owen Something for /misc perhaps?
13:38 gmcharlt +1
13:39 jdavidb As to cause, I found a problem on the rendering of that table with a duplicated TMPL_VAR; those things are picked off in an array by the pl script, so one array was twice as long as it should be, with each entry twice.
13:40 owen And here I thought it was gremlins.
13:40 jdavidb I don't know if the problem was in our development, or running HEAD; we've hacked there a bit.  But that sort of problem creates the symptom you're seeing.
13:40 jdavidb owen:  I'd think the script would be useful enough for misc/maintenance.  *shrug*
13:41 gmcharlt if you can send me the relevant commit from your hackery, that may be enough to figure out if it applies to HEAD
13:41 gmcharlt jdavidb: please submit the script, then
13:41 CGI562 left #koha
13:42 jdavidb I'd have to *find* it.  part of the recent hackery has a new column in reserves, and I don't know if that's part of HEAD or not.  I could also check HEAD and see if the error is still in there; it was plain as the nose on my face, when I saw it.
13:46 jdavidb owen:  the script is at for your immediate problem-solving pleasure.
13:47 owen I wish I knew how to duplicate the error so I could test it
13:49 nengard owen - chris_n says you were working on graphics for the label/patron card makers to show how to figure out the measurements
13:49 nengard any chance you're still doing this?
13:50 chris_n owen: this was the graphic to show measurements like margins, pitch, height, width, etc
13:50 jdavidb gmcharlt, owen:  The error that was causing this kind of holds-priority problem for us is *not* present in HEAD.  a duplication of the hidden-input borrowernumber/biblionumber pairing was causing it, for us.
13:51 jwagner jdavidb, but is it present in .061?  owen's running near enough to our version level.
13:52 jdavidb two shakes.
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13:53 jdavidb Nope, I don't see it in that batch, either.
13:53 owen nengard: It's something I worked on quite a while ago. I'm sure I still have the images, not sure if they're complete.
13:54 * owen thought he remembered attaching the images to a bug report...
13:55 owen Here we go, Bug 2069
13:55 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2069 enhancement, P3, ---,, NEW, Label Example Image
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13:56 owen nengard: I have the originals of all those. I can send them to you in format of choice
13:57 nengard owen, let's do png since that's what all of the screenshots in the manual are
13:57 CGI562 gmcharlt, can u pls give ur email addy?
13:57 owen nengard: Are the sizes of that Bug's attachments appropriate?
13:58 nengard sorry - wasn't even looking at the bug ;) off to check it now
13:58 gmcharlt CGI562:
13:59 nengard owen, the sizes look a-ok
14:09 gmcharlt @later tell hdl_laptop would appreciate your comments on bug 4104
14:09 munin gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
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14:10 jwagner @wunder 20817
14:10 munin jwagner: The current temperature in Potomac, Maryland is 1.8�C (9:03 AM EST on February 04, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 66%. Dew Point: -4.0�C. Windchill: 2.0�C. Pressure: 30.27 in 1024.9 hPa (Falling). Winter Storm Watch in effect from Friday morning through Saturday evening...
14:11 kf @wunder Konstanz
14:11 jwagner Sigh.
14:11 munin kf: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 6.0�C (3:00 PM CET on February 04, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 49%. Dew Point: -1.0�C. Pressure: 29.96 in 1014 hPa (Falling).
14:11 jwagner kf, can I make a quick trip to Germany???
14:11 jwagner We're supposed to get a repeat of the December blizzard starting tomorrow :-(
14:11 kf sure, come and visit :)
14:12 * jwagner packs suitcase in a hurry
14:13 kf :)
14:13 Ropuch @wunder Wroclaw
14:13 munin Ropuch: The current temperature in Wroclaw, Poland is 1.0�C (3:00 PM CET on February 04, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 70%. Dew Point: -4.0�C. Windchill: -3.0�C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1020 hPa (Steady).
14:14 kf Ropuch: I win today :)
14:16 kf time to leave - will continue work on our search problem tomorrow. bye #koha
14:16 kf left #koha
14:24 tekonivel left #koha
14:24 tekonivel joined #koha
14:25 hilongo hello there!  :)
14:27 hilongo Quick question ... I have installed koha 3.0.5 downloading and installing... but I'm having some problems getting it to run properly and thought that maybe I should try to get koha from git... but my koha is already in production ... so I don't know how to procede to replace one with the other :-/
14:30 gmcharlt hilongo: the crude-but-simplest way would be to do a new dev-mode install from Git, then just point it to your production mysql database and Zebra database
14:31 gmcharlt and update your Apache config to point to the new install, of course
14:39 owen nengard: Have you done documentation of rotating collections yet?
14:41 nengard nope
14:41 nengard all this new stuff came at once :)
14:42 owen I'm working on some pretty heavy template revisions for it, you might want to wait
14:42 hilongo gmcharlt: OK ... so, the steps would be: 1) git clone (somewere)  2) git pull  3) git fetch --tags  4) git reset --hard (what would I put here?) 5) point this new kohaclone to my mysql and zebra databases (how do I do this? editting the new koha-conf.xml or something else too?)  6) point Apache (via koha-httpd.conf) to the new location)  7) Dance the victory dance .. ...
14:42 nengard owen - thanks!! and awesome!! it did look like it needed your touch :)
14:44 gmcharlt 1) git clone git:// 2) git checkout -b active origin/3.0.x (or replace origin/3.0.x with the tag of the specific version you want to run)
14:44 gmcharlt no need to be doing git fetch, git reset --hard for an initial install
14:45 gmcharlt 5) perl Makefile.PL (when asked, put in your existing mysql DB credentials and set path to existing production Zebra config)
14:45 gmcharlt make; make install
14:45 gmcharlt compare the koha-conf.xml generated by the dev mode install to the already in place and update it
14:45 gmcharlt bounce apache
14:46 gmcharlt dance the victory dance
14:46 gmcharlt missing some details, but hopefully you get the idea
14:49 * jwagner envisions gmcharlt dancing a victory dance
14:50 wizzyrea i bet it's glorious
14:51 owen I bet it involves some poppin' and lockin'
14:52 hilongo coming soon at Youtube maybe?  :)
14:52 jwagner I seem to remember some discussion of creating a haka for Koha -- maybe when chris gets better?
14:52 gmcharlt naw, I dance like a robot whose battery has run down
14:53 wizzyrea Hmm, reminds me of the sound kids toys make when the batteries still have enough juice to go, but it's all warbly and weird
14:53 wizzyrea owen will know what I mean
14:53 wizzyrea that isn't to say gmcharlt is warbly and weird, but that's how I imagine his run down robot dance
14:54 gmcharlt I meant when the battery is completely run down ;)
14:54 wizzyrea Ohh... I think they call that performance art.
14:55 jwagner wizzyrea, something like Tom Paxton's The Marvellous Toy?  "It went ZIP when it moved and POP when it stopped and WHIRRRR when it stood still"
14:55 wizzyrea jwagner hehe yes, exactly
14:55 wizzyrea sorry I will try to stay on target ;)
14:57 wizzyrea so. Bugs. Anything you would like me to poke at, an area as yet untouched?
14:57 wizzyrea or touched only briefly
14:57 collum Owen: opac-detail has an id element defined twice. (<body> and <div>)
14:57 * chris_n has gone through a case of bug spray already and its not even 1000 yet :-P
14:57 collum If this id is referenced in css or js which one wins?  Or is it browser specific?
14:58 gmcharlt wizzyrea: sysprefs and acq
14:58 owen collum: I don't know, it's invalid.
14:58 * collum doesn't have access to koha right now so I hope this is the right page.
14:58 wizzyrea okies
14:59 owen collum: I confirm the problem. The <div> should probably be the one to be renamed.
14:59 collum owen: OK.  I can play with it tonight.  Unless you just want to do it real quick.
15:00 owen I'll leave it for you. The <div> in question just needs a unique id that more or less describes its role/position. Doesn't need to be brilliant.
15:00 collum yep
15:03 owen Thanks collum
15:04 collum np
15:10 CGI562 left #koha
15:16 wizzyrea hm, is this the error colin was referring to in bug 4107?
15:16 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4107 blocker, P5, ---,, NEW, adding order ends in error
15:17 wizzyrea afk, NExpress Users Group
15:17 wizzyrea always a fun time.
15:17 wizzyrea is now known as wizzy_meeting
15:17 rhcl_home left #koha
15:18 gmcharlt wizzy_meeting: different bug, I suspect
15:18 gmcharlt have you set up at least one budget?
15:23 chris_n nengard: I just submitted a couple of patches, one of which is necessary to the correct functionality of the card tool
15:24 gg joined #koha
15:25 nengard ah - ok i'll look for it to be pushed
15:25 wizzy_meeting yea, I do have a budget
15:25 wizzy_meeting will go back
15:26 wizzy_meeting still shouldn't it fail in a nicer not so geeky manner?
15:27 IrmaCalyx joined #koha
15:27 wizzy_meeting Ah, and even that error is a little misleading
15:27 wizzy_meeting you need a FUND
15:29 gmcharlt wizzy_meeting: no question - the failure should be nicer, and tell you "go plz make new fund now" - definitely worth filing a bug for
15:29 irma joined #koha
15:29 owen I can haz fund plz kthankxbai
15:30 * gmcharlt appoints owen as creator of all new error messages
15:30 owen that one's for when we get a lolcat translation to go with the Klingon and Swedish Chef one.
15:31 * jwagner tells owen just to make them all say Eats, Shoots and Leaves
15:32 wizzy_meeting lol owen
15:32 wizzy_meeting I will file a bug thx gmcharlt
15:35 hdl_laptop left #koha
15:37 wizzy_meeting erm who would be the proper assignee for new-acq?
15:37 wizzy_meeting I feel funny assigning it to ryan
15:38 wizzy_meeting is now known as wizzyrea
15:38 wizzyrea for now :P
15:38 wizzyrea bug 4111
15:38 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4111 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, should fail in a more accurate fashion when no funds are defined.
15:39 nengard awesome
15:39 nengard spell checking the manual now as a way to kill time while waiting :)
15:39 owen wizzyrea: I'd think hdl would be an appropriate assignee for new-acq
15:40 * gmcharlt goes to change default acq assignee
15:40 wizzyrea ty gmcharlt
15:41 wizzyrea ok, going to talk practical koha use (for real this time) with our nexpress librarians. back in a bit
15:41 owen gmcharlt: I'd happy to be the default assignee for the OPAC and delegate. At least it makes more sense than having them go to Josh.
15:42 gmcharlt owen: cool - which email addy?
15:42 wizzyrea owen++
15:42 owen
15:43 irma Hi all
15:44 irma I like to view the log of the 30/1/2010
15:45 irma the address URL
15:45 irma is different now...
15:46 irma any suggestion please?
15:47 owen
15:47 owen Or more specifically,[…]g/koha/2010-01-30
15:49 gmcharlt who wants to be default assignee for SIP2?
15:49 irma terrific. Thanks Owen and goodnight from me...
15:49 irma left #koha
15:49 gmcharlt atz has this bizarre fascination with Evergreen at the moment ;)
15:51 gmcharlt owen: done (re OPAC)
15:51 gmcharlt I've also removed as default assignee for all components still left with him except website (for which I've added myself as CC)
15:52 jdavidb Colin has been doing a *lot* of SIP work lately, gmcharlt; might talk to him about taking that.
15:54 gmcharlt @later tell Colin would you be wiling to be the default assignee for the SIP2 bug component?
15:54 munin gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
15:55 owen Hmmm... No way to delete a rotating collection?
15:55 owen seems to cover the process, but the template lacks an interface. I wonder if it's buggy.
15:56 gmcharlt owen: no doubt there are rough edges with it, yes
15:56 * owen grumbles
15:56 gmcharlt and I'm fully prepared to push it out of 3.2 and into 3.4 if need be
16:02 owen gmcharlt: right off the bat I see that transfers of rotating collection items aren't getting handled properly by the returns template
16:02 owen I'm getting conflicting messages
16:02 * gmcharlt 's hand starts moving towards the revert dagger at his side
16:03 joetho_away left #koha
16:06 rhcl_away @seen chris
16:06 munin rhcl_away: chris was last seen in #koha 1 day, 6 hours, 9 minutes, and 54 seconds ago: <chris> cool
16:06 rhcl_away any word on chris? is he posting anywhere?
16:07 rhcl_away is now known as rhcl
16:07 gmcharlt rhcl_away:
16:07 rhcl tnx
16:08 owen[…]nsfer-message.png
16:08 * owen grumbles very loudly about that dashed yellow box
16:13 nengard owen - what do you want that box to do?
16:13 owen <div class="dialog alert"> is the correct (standard) style, not <div class="dialog error">
16:14 gmcharlt owen: hmm, check the last 20 commits or so - I think I may have pushed an unrelated patch that violates that
16:15 owen I may have already caught it gmcharlt, I do remember another one
16:16 owen But my primary concern about that screenshot is the conflict between the two transfer messages
16:17 gmcharlt yep, that does it
16:17 gmcharlt it's going to be moved to future
16:18 * gmcharlt grumbles, slaps self for pushing it in the first place
16:24 * gmcharlt is also not looking forward to the X/HTML 5 vs. XHTML2 vs. XHTML1 mess
16:29 owen There's not going to be any discussion of XHTML2
16:29 * owen puts his foot down
16:29 gmcharlt he - I'm kicking off the discussion now, actually
16:33 * owen has high hopes for HTML5 and would stick with XHTML-style markup conventions.
16:40 Kivutar left #koha
16:49 wizzyrea timeout on local hold, anybody proposed that?
16:49 wizzyrea (3.4, for sure)
16:50 gmcharlt not to my knowledge
16:50 wizzyrea sweet, I'll um.... file a bug I guess. Is there a category for 3.4 yet?
16:50 owen wizzyrea, can you elaborate?
16:51 wizzyrea yessir... so lets say you have a bestseller, and you give it a itype of Local hold, restricting it to branch only patrons
16:51 wizzyrea that item will probably not be popular anymore in 6 months
16:51 gmcharlt wizzyrea: I add rel_3_4 to bz
16:51 wizzyrea so no reason to have that itype on it anymore
16:51 * owen supposes he can stop rushing to fix rotating collection templates
16:52 wizzyrea but, 6 months down the road you have to manually remove that itype
16:52 wizzyrea it would be nice, if at catalog time, you could set an expiration date
16:52 owen Sounds like date-based itemtypes
16:52 wizzyrea to automatically change the itype to a non restricted one
16:52 wizzyrea does that exist?
16:53 gmcharlt wizzyrea: ah, interesting - akin to Evergreen's notion of "age protection"
16:53 owen Just trying to understand the goal better
16:53 * owen could use some age protection himself
16:53 wizzyrea I'm not familiar with that
16:53 gmcharlt though age protection is an item attribute in EG, not an attribute of (EG's equivalent of) the item type
16:53 wizzyrea but it sounds like it's related
16:53 wizzyrea :)(
16:54 wizzyrea I actually think that item attributes are sorely underused in koha, I bet that would be a huge job to revamp :(
16:54 wizzyrea make holdability dependent on item specific attributes instead of itypes
16:55 wizzyrea the local hold thing, now that I'm thinking about it, was a bit of a shoehorn
16:56 wizzyrea brb have to move my car, the realtors next door are getting mad (wow, this meeting is putting me in a foul temper)
16:56 wizzyrea ty for the tag gmcharlt, I'll condense my thoughts and add a bug/enhancement for 3.4 for local hold time-limits
16:57 rhcl I've just purchased and
16:58 rhcl these will be for community use (I'll gladly transfer ownership) if the community wants them
17:01 * chris_n hates it when he accidentally triple clicks and closes more windows then he intended... bah...
17:02 owen That's great rhcl. You'll have to try to connect with chris when he's back online
17:04 rhcl yep
17:16 wizzyrea rhcl: chris is quite ill, was in the hospital. You might try emailing him
17:16 wizzyrea if you want response quicker
17:21 rhcl Oh, it can wait I'm sure.
17:24 jwagner chris is made of sterner stuff than I am.  I don't think I'd be tweeting while doctors were attacking me with scalpels and forceps....
17:24 jwagner whimpering, maybe, but not tweeting!
17:27 rhcl what's the escape sequence to "hid" posts here from being logged?
17:27 rhcl hide
17:27 jwagner Isn't it open-bracket off close-bracket?
17:27 rhcl [test ]
17:27 owen That's how I remember it
17:27 rhcl well, that obviously worked
17:28 rhcl wizzyrea: did you want a peek at our libki? We've got a couple clients up and running.
17:29 owen jdavidb: It worked!
17:29 jdavidb I see that!  wooooot!
17:29 rhcl your
17:30 * jwagner says I'm gonna tell!!!!
17:30 jdavidb jwagner:  :P
17:30 jdavidb I figured you'd *help* jwagner.
17:31 jwagner Nah, I don't bother with faces.  I just mutter curses....
17:31 gmcharlt rhcl: remember that while [off] will prevent logbot_backup from recording it, it doesn't prevent anybody who's on channel for logging and posting the conversation </standard disclaimer about IRC logging>
17:32 rhcl sure, understand that... this is a pretty minor thing
17:32 jwagner The problem with making faces is that my face works independently of my thoughts.  When I think I'm grimacing in anguish, Jeetika thinks I'm in a good mood....
17:35 jdavidb you just have a very happy face, jwagner.
17:36 jdavidb (unlike mine.  When I'm happy, it looks pretty neutral.  When I actually smile, it's time to run and hide in fear.)
17:36 jwagner Like I said -- face != mood....
17:37 paul_p left #koha
17:37 * owen face=neutral;mood=hungry
17:37 owen is now known as owen-away
17:37 nengard is hungry a mood?
17:39 imp sure
17:40 imp sometimes it's a "don't get between me and my food"-mood :D
17:40 rhcl I have a coupon for a 1/4 lb double cheeseburger from BK in my hand right now. I'm mood.
17:41 jwagner Isn't is more that the cow is mood?
17:41 nengard oh my
17:41 * jwagner is getting slap-happy, I think
17:42 jdavidb jwagner:  so go slap someone?  I have a little list...
17:42 jwagner Have baseball bat, will travel!
17:43 jwagner Speaking of which -- 15 days until spring truly begins!  (i.e., when pitchers and catchers report for spring training)
17:44 jwagner Oh the happiness of me!
17:44 * jwagner thinks I'd better go get some lunch now.
17:44 rhcl need a coupon?
17:44 nengard hehe
17:45 jwagner For celery sticks?  (I _HATE_ healthy lunches!)
17:51 joetho joined #koha
17:52 * chris_n adjusts his hungry mood with two pieces of homemade wheat bread
17:54 braedon|home left #koha
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18:08 schuster There we are... was having trouble connecting...
18:08 schuster cgi562 did you get your root document directory worked out?
18:08 eric_b left #koha
18:08 jwagner left #koha
18:08 nicomo joined #koha
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18:08 schuster wow did I scare everyone away or is it lunch time?
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18:10 schuster Is there an easy way to compare to files say without doing it line by line manually?  I want to look at at 3.00.00 3.00.04/5 and 3.2 as there are things that happened along the way and I'm curious to see them.
18:11 schuster compare two rather than to
18:11 chris_n diff maybe
18:11 chris_n or even git diff
18:11 jdavidb_ joined #koha
18:11 jdavidb_ is now known as jdavidb
18:12 schuster so git diff /kohaclone1/ /kohaclone2/
18:12 schuster Sorry don't know git well yet.
18:12 fallor joined #koha
18:12 chris_n like that you would just do 'diff -u /path/file1 /path/file2'
18:13 chris_n you may want to redirect the output to a file and then edit the file with your favorite text editor
18:13 chris_n so 'diff -u /path/file1 /path/file2 > file.diff'
18:13 chris_n then 'vim file.diff'
18:13 chris_n or whatever
18:14 pastebot joined #koha
18:14 chris_n wb pastebot
18:14 masonj_ left #koha
18:15 schuster thank you chris_n - you are of great value to the community!
18:15 schuster @karma chris_n ++
18:15 braedon|home joined #koha
18:15 * chris_n thinks munin is at lunch
18:16 schuster hmmm might be my que ;)
18:16 chris_n lol :-)
18:16 schuster in looking at today with a perl programmer there were several "FIX ME" spots that concerned me so I wanted to take a closer peek.
18:35 owen-away is now known as owen
18:36 joetho joined #koha
18:36 owen schuster:[…]494449811;hb=HEAD
18:37 owen Maybe that will tell you something?
18:43 wizzyrea rhcl YES!
18:52 ebegin 11:00 UTC for the Koha meeting, this is in 24h format, so 11am UTC, right?
18:53 sekjal joined #koha
18:54 jwagner ebegin, see -- depends on your timezone.  Looks like a painful 6:00 AM ET here
18:54 ebegin jwagner, yep, I'm on the Eastern Time too :)
18:55 jwagner I doubt I'm going to make that meeting....
18:58 sekjal is now known as sekjal-away
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19:00 Peach joined #koha
19:00 tomascohen joined #koha
19:01 Peach Hi all
19:03 Peach left #koha
19:05 rhcl whizzyrea: "YES" what?
19:05 rhcl BK coupon?
19:09 CGI646 joined #koha
19:10 CGI646 hello
19:10 joetho bk coupon yes. She talks about health food but dreams about BK coupons.
19:11 CGI646 can someone answer a koha question for me?
19:13 jdavidb Ask away, 646; if someone can answer, they'll chime in.
19:14 CGI646 cool - thanks.  i am just looking at the koha demo and is there a way to print out barcodes for the patrons or books?
19:15 CGI646 i looked in reports
19:15 * jwagner says "Paging chris_n"
19:16 jdavidb The demo on the site is a fair bit out-of-date; I think there has been some recent work in that area, particularly on patrons.  What is already present, for items, is in the Tools menu, as "Label Creator."
19:16 CGI646 ah...just found it thanks!
19:16 * chris_n drags himself out of a pit of bugs and grasps the keyboard
19:16 wizzyrea you probably want to look at the demos on
19:16 jdavidb wizzyrea++
19:17 wizzyrea and there's a slightly better method for connecting to the IRC channel there as well :)
19:17 wizzyrea one where you get to pick your nick
19:17 chris_n jwagner: here.... just
19:17 jdavidb The demos at are fresher, at the moment.
19:17 wizzyrea they are actually up to head as of yesterday
19:17 CGI646 ok - i am looking for a program for a small charter school and found this through a google search.  i have looked at library express - is koha a pretty good program?
19:17 wizzyrea we think so
19:17 jdavidb awesome, wizzyrea!  you rock!
19:18 wizzyrea jdavidb had you not seen that?
19:18 wizzyrea I've been busy >.>
19:18 jdavidb I saw it the night you stood it up, but I've not been back there since; been kinda busy with stuff here.
19:18 wizzyrea and gmcharlt too, he's written most of the content
19:18 wizzyrea PH helped with the CSS a little
19:19 jdavidb :-O  Someone other than owen knows css around these parts?  Who knew!?  :P
19:19 wizzyrea lol
19:19 owen I've just got the best marketing team
19:19 jdavidb heheh
19:20 CGI646 thanks for your help and feedback - i'll check out the demo at
19:20 CGI646 thanks again
19:20 jdavidb 646, you could do a *lot* worse for your library than koha.
19:21 wizzyrea some argue that you couldn't do better :)
19:22 jdavidb for some libraries, I'd agree, wizzyrea.  I don't think that (today) you could get Queens Borough to say so, or Library of Congress, but someday, someday...
19:22 jwagner chris_n, I was just seeing if you wanted to describe your label & patron card creator for CGI646
19:22 CGI646 the school doesn't have any kind of program now and they only want to enter in their data once
19:23 schuster Koha would be a good starting point as a school...  and the price is right generally
19:23 schuster Depends on if they have a Debian server that can be setup and someone to help do updates.
19:23 wizzyrea a good nerd always helps
19:24 jdavidb Koha's pretty darn good for K-12 work (I hope schuster agrees with that; I'd consider him authoritative on that.)
19:24 wizzyrea in fact,
19:24 wizzyrea I would consider a good nerd a requirement for running koha
19:24 wizzyrea :P
19:24 wizzyrea or at least someone who's willing to geek out with us while we help get you going
19:25 CGI646 i would be that nerd
19:25 wizzyrea excellent :)
19:25 CGI646 maybe :)
19:25 wizzyrea lists the requirements
19:25 jdavidb you've already demonstrated one important skill--you're here, askin' questions.
19:26 CGI646 very tru
19:27 joetho it lists the requirements for being a nerd?
19:27 jdavidb What youo see right now is a pretty normal population here, for this time of day.  During US working hours, are usually several folks around who can help with things.
19:27 CGI646 pardon my ignorance - do the requirements listed mean it won't run on a windows environment?
19:28 jdavidb It has been done on Windows, but it's not a popular setup.
19:28 rhcl You wouldn't really want to try. :)
19:28 CGI646 ok
19:30 CGI646 ok - let me poke around some more in the demo during the last few minutes of my lunch break.  thanks again for the advice/feedback etc.
19:30 jdavidb You bet.  best of luck.
19:32 CGI646 thanks
19:32 CGI646 left #koha
19:33 * jdavidb has done his good deed for the day, and can now return to grumpy-old-coot mode.
19:33 francharb left #koha
19:35 wizzyrea lol grumpy-old-coot
19:35 wizzyrea ...can it run on windows. I'm not sure I really want to go there
19:36 wizzyrea running anything on windows kind of gives me the heebie jeebies
19:36 jdavidb wizzyrea, I don't think either one of us is quite masochistic enough for that.
19:36 wizzyrea and it is, truly, masochism
19:36 wizzyrea "Please microsoft... hit me again... oh the pain... again!"
19:36 rhcl all the (best) help would be for Linux, to try on Windows would require some knowledge and ability to wing some of it
19:37 jdavidb One o' these days, when I'm up for some pain and suffering, I'll try to spin Koha up using IIS.  Behind a firewall, natch.  Merely looking at the IIS package opens you up to all sorts of leaky security.
19:38 wizzyrea I looked at it sideways once, and a russian hacker pwnt my brain
19:38 rhcl IIS with Win98 on a PII ?
19:38 * jdavidb throws a Koosh at rhcl.
19:38 rhcl What the *heck* is a Koosh? That don't even google right
19:39 jdavidb
19:39 rhcl Oh, it's a ball thingie
19:39 brendan left #koha
19:39 wizzyrea very popular in the mid 90's
19:39 wizzyrea a squooshy, crazy looking ball
19:39 rhcl I got some good swag day before yesterday.
19:40 * jwagner screams in anguish
19:40 rhcl well, off to clean off my workbench...
19:40 jdavidb wizzyrea: You still running Easy Peasy on your Eee?
19:40 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
19:41 jdavidb you okay, jwagner?
19:41 jwagner WHY are subscription periodicity values hardcoded in the template and the pm file?  It's impossible to do a report to list a serial title and its frequency!!!
19:41 wizzyrea actually, I was running UNR on it
19:41 wizzyrea ubuntu netbook remix
19:41 * jdavidb nods.
19:42 wizzyrea is good.
19:42 jdavidb I switched to EEEBuntu a while back, and it smokes along pretty well.
19:42 * jdavidb hasn't tried running Koha on that.  Yet.
19:42 braedon|work joined #koha
19:47 john joined #koha
19:48 tomascohen left #koha
19:50 nicomo left #koha
19:51 brendan joined #koha
19:51 wizzyrea hmm have we seen any movemint on bug 3595
19:51 wizzyrea movement
19:51 brendan munin ?
19:51 * wizzyrea cries... munin is away
19:51 wizzyrea[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3595
19:51 gg left #koha
19:51 brendan oh bummer...  How am I to figure out the weather?
19:51 gg joined #koha
19:51 wizzyrea
19:52 wizzyrea[…]eld2=-119.827&e=0
19:52 tomascohen joined #koha
19:53 Jo joined #koha
19:53 brendan thanks munin er...  wizzyrea
19:53 wizzyrea I remember where you are, he doesn't ;)
19:53 brendan so munin is a guy to you?
19:53 brendan I think of munin as an it
19:53 wizzyrea it
19:53 wizzyrea it doesn't
19:53 Jo morning all
19:53 wizzyrea >.<
19:53 brendan morning Jo
19:54 Jo I think Munin is a guy
19:54 wizzyrea hey jo. any word from chris? I sure hope he's feeling better
19:54 Jo no word.
19:54 wizzyrea poor fella
19:55 Jo I had tonisls out when I was 27. It was all terrific until the morphine wore off then I was in unbelievable pain for about 3 days ... so not expoecting to hear from him :(
19:55 * jwagner sends chris lots of ice cream, popsicles, and other cool and soothing stuff
19:55 Jo Mason: you up and about yet?
19:56 wizzyrea chloraseptic spray
19:56 wizzyrea man I had mono in college, and that was terrible, i can only imagine what it must be like to have your tonsils out
19:56 Jo liquid painkillers (childrens paracetemol is ghastly in large amounts )
19:57 wizzyrea chloraseptic spray *then* take your pills
19:57 Jo a dm on twitter gets to his phone - if he has it switched on of course
19:57 wizzyrea spray -> pill pop
19:57 tomascohen left #koha
19:57 Jo ah - see there you go! My Dad would have said gargle with whiskey (swalowing optional)
19:57 tomascohen joined #koha
19:57 wizzyrea i hear that works for the hiccups too
19:57 wizzyrea lol
19:57 * jdavidb chills a bottle of whiskey.
19:58 Jo asking a kid to swallow straight whiskey was a bit dodgy i alwasy thought
19:58 wizzyrea haha yea
19:58 Jo so, talk to me about the bug squashing party next week.
19:59 schuster makes them sleep well though not the bug squashing, but the wisky
19:59 Jo probably  both :)
19:59 Jo i have a bunch of bugs found in our test koha 3.x.
20:00 cm joined #koha
20:00 Jo i was thinking i should load them into bugzilla but now unsurte.
20:00 Jo shhould i wait until after i have tested them on the latest release
20:00 wizzyrea yea, probably
20:00 wizzyrea what kind of bugs
20:00 Jo probably what?
20:00 Jo advanced search,
20:01 wizzyrea wait until you've tested on the latest release
20:01 Jo patrons accounts
20:01 Jo no blockers just little annoyances which will trash the goodwill towards going live in about 3 mins flat
20:01 Jo ok - sonext question.
20:02 Jo will there be a latest release test database that we could access for the bug squashing day
20:02 Jo i doubt that chris will have been able to get ours updated by then
20:02 wizzyrea um, the bywater demo on is up to date to db revision 111
20:02 wizzyrea if that heps
20:02 wizzyrea helps
20:02 Jo cool.
20:02 wizzyrea which is... yesterday
20:02 Jo i would like to particpate and will roster one of senior staff on as well (good intro to koha community)
20:03 wizzyrea yea, finding bugs is almost as important as squashing them :)
20:03 Jo we won't be able to fix anything but are quite at finding, testing and reporting back
20:03 john is now known as john_brice
20:04 Jo quite good (i meant)
20:04 Jo right - off to work
20:04 gmcharlt Jo++
20:05 sekjal-away is now known as sekjal
20:05 wizzyrea wb
20:07 cm left #koha
20:07 vickiteal joined #koha
20:07 owen Hi vickiteal
20:07 wizzyrea hey vickiteal
20:08 vickiteal left #koha
20:08 wizzyrea owen: what do you think of this interface
20:09 wizzyrea does it look odd to you?
20:09 wizzyrea like it needs some padding or something
20:09 owen Yes
20:10 * wizzyrea realizes she should close her tabs before sending screenshots
20:10 wizzyrea but is terribly lazy
20:10 owen It's okay, it gives us all a chance to snoop ;)
20:11 owen wizzyrea: How did you reach that page?
20:11 wizzyrea good question
20:12 joetho one facebook tab. Not bad.,
20:12 wizzyrea let be backtrack
20:12 wizzyrea ;)
20:12 wizzyrea I created an order
20:12 wizzyrea I hit "Close this basket"
20:12 wizzyrea Clicked "Yes"
20:13 wizzyrea and that did it
20:13 wizzyrea incidentally, if you hit back, and do those steps from a completed basket, it creates a new basket
20:13 wizzyrea identical*
20:13 * owen gets so confused by acquisitions
20:14 wizzyrea me too
20:14 wizzyrea I suppose it makes sense if you use it every day
20:14 wizzyrea it's very hard to test :/
20:15 owen I'd love to see the workflow diagrammed
20:15 tomas joined #koha
20:15 wizzyrea yes, that would be super helpful
20:15 sekjal agreed.
20:15 tomascohen left #koha
20:15 braedon|work anyone know what version of Graphics::Magick 3.2a needs? the perl makefile has it as an undisplayable character when it complains about it
20:16 braedon|work (for me)
20:17 wizzyrea hrm
20:17 wizzyrea can anybody else replicate? I'll file the bug if so
20:17 Jo I can draw up our acquisitions workflow if you like
20:17 wizzyrea ooh, and if you cancel the download the basket disappears
20:18 braedon|work is it just me that gets XML Parsing Errors when viewing those links?
20:18 wizzyrea or disappears regardless of whether you print or not
20:18 Jo we use koha entirely for acq
20:18 wizzyrea the screencast ones?
20:18 braedon|work ya
20:18 wizzyrea I've never had an issue with them
20:18 sekjal Jo: that'd be great!
20:18 wizzyrea[…]b93e/00000128.png
20:18 owen Jo: It might be helpful but you probably don't have all the features we're looking at. New stuff in 3.2
20:18 braedon|work that one works
20:18 Jo ok - onto it now (nothing like putting off other stuff that has to be done)
20:18 wizzyrea yea, it's just the png without the wrapper
20:19 wizzyrea oh hell, and the PDF isn't actually downloaded/generated
20:19 wizzyrea booo
20:19 wizzyrea sigh off to bugzilla I go
20:20 nengard left #koha
20:24 jdavidb left #koha
20:25 Jo looking at the conversation I think we use acquisitions in a very low level way :( My diagram may not be all that helpful for bigger systems
20:26 Jo or for koha 3 for that matter ...
20:37 martinmorris left #koha
20:38 martinmorris joined #koha
20:39 wizzyrea okies, I have a headache, see you all tomorrow
20:39 wizzyrea :)
20:51 jwagner left #koha
21:17 brendan @seen munin
21:17 brendan boooooo
21:17 owen munin didn't survive the Great Lunchtime Booting of Feb. 4 2010
21:21 owen left #koha
21:35 * chris_n squashes the last bug of the day
21:35 chris_n and heads back to the stall
21:38 schuster left #koha
21:38 Jo so I have done a visio diagram of how we use acquisitions here at HLT as a starting point. Can someone advise what would be the best way to share it?
21:38 richard i think visio lets you export as jpeg
21:38 Jo Can save it as png, jpeg etc or a visio drawing
21:39 Jo (waves at Richard)
21:41 chris_n Jo: maybe in both visio and jpeg?
21:42 Jo ok.
21:42 Jo now how do I share them? I can load them into Kete from where they can be downloaded
21:43 Jo but they kinda belong somewhere more Koha community space than HLT
21:43 Jo I'll load them into Kete and someone clever can take them from there and put them anywhere useful
21:43 brendan Hey Jo
21:44 brendan I'd say send it to Nicole and maybe she can add it to the manual
21:44 brendan err.. nengard that is
21:46 Jo oh Brendan ... I suspect we operate at a very basic level compared to other big organisations.
21:46 Jo maybe way way to simple :)
21:46 brendan jo - I think it all helps
21:47 Jo but I will alert her to it and she can take it from there :)
21:47 brendan if you're doing that way I'm sure their are loads of others that are doing the same way
21:51 Nate goodnight everyone!
21:51 Nate left #koha
21:52 Jo here 'tis:[…]m?view_size=large
21:53 * brendan loves kete
21:54 chris_ back, sorta
21:54 joetho jo nicole mentioned earlier today that all her screenshots are png
21:55 hdl_laptop joined #koha
21:55 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: ?
21:56 chris_ is now known as chris
21:56 hdl_laptop @later tell gmcharlt about  bug 4104 I asked matts to cope with that
21:59 sekjal hey, chris
21:59 Jo Hi Chris
21:59 sekjal how are you?
21:59 brendan hi chris - sending get well virtual teas
22:00 chris mostly ok, pretty out of it
22:01 chris but the swelling is going down so i can swallow again
22:01 chris_n hey chris
22:02 Jo got lots of happy drugs I hope
22:02 hdl_laptop get well chris
22:03 rhcl_away wb chris
22:04 chris yeah some decent painkillers
22:04 chris and thanks all
22:08 joetho try not to yawn Chris
22:10 gmcharlt hi hdl_laptop
22:11 Nate joined #koha
22:12 Nate left #koha
22:12 gmcharlt welcome back, chris
22:12 sekjal KUDOS board meeting minutes published to the listserv
22:13 hdl_laptop left #koha
22:17 chris sweet, when was the meeting sekjal?
22:17 sekjal just wrapped up a few minutes ago
22:18 * chris updates
22:18 chris CILEA and Mill run added
22:19 chris fixing up now
22:20 magnus_away left #koha
22:22 chris right and now to add libriotech
22:23 sekjal alright, time to get some fresh air.  until tomorrow, #koha
22:23 sekjal left #koha
22:26 chris ok, now just ptfs europe to go and that should be everyone represented on that page now
22:26 chris inclusion++
22:29 saorge joined #koha
22:34 saorge_ left #koha
22:35 richard left #koha
22:39 richard joined #koha
22:39 brendan inclusion++ indeed
22:41 moodaepo @wunder 56001
22:43 * moodaepo broke mon wunder?
22:43 chris_n gmcharlt: will munin be back soon?
22:44 gmcharlt oops, didn't noticed it had died
22:46 chris wheres owen i needs his mad skillz
22:46 brendan yup as owen says "munin didn't survive the Great Lunchtime Booting of Feb. 4 2010"
22:46 munin joined #koha
22:46 brendan munin++
22:46 chris yay munin
22:47 gmcharlt actually, it had survived, it just dropped its connection to and failed to regain it for some reason
22:47 chris i need some css styles
22:49 T3SS3L joined #koha
22:50 T3SS3L hello everybody
22:50 T3SS3L any from América ?
22:50 * T3SS3L is in Guatemala
22:51 T3SS3L left #koha
22:51 brendan @wunder 93117
22:51 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 16.1�C (2:45 PM PST on February 04, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.90 in 1012.4 hPa (Falling).
22:52 chris @wunder wellington nz
22:52 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 15.0�C (11:05 AM NZDT on February 05, 2010). Conditions: Fog. Humidity: 94%. Dew Point: 14.0�C. Pressure: 30.39 in 1029 hPa (Steady).
22:52 brendan gotcha beat by just a little bit
22:52 brendan 1.1 is a win in my book
22:53 rhcl_away chris: I snagged and
22:53 rhcl_away these are for the community--I'll be glad to transfer ownership to whoever represents the community if they want them
22:56 chris thanks very much
22:56 rhcl_away np
22:56 chris when chilts is back, ill get you to point them to
22:57 rhcl_away OK
22:58 rhcl_away Eventually I'd like to go ahead and actually transfer the ownership, but no hurry for that.
22:59 chris yeah, jo at hlt is who you want to talk to about that one
23:14 Jo i'm back
23:16 martinmorris left #koha
23:32 joetho left #koha
23:50 davi left #koha
23:59 CGI833 joined #koha

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