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00:04 richard bob are you about?
00:04 richard ack, wrong #
00:05 chris_n gmcharlt++
00:09 moodaepo @wunder 56001
00:09 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in South on Monks, Mankato, Minnesota is -12.7�C (6:05 PM CST on February 02, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 84%. Dew Point: -14.0�C. Windchill: -18.0�C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1019.9 hPa (Rising).
00:11 brendan @wunder 93117
00:11 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 14.8�C (4:07 PM PST on February 02, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 29.79 in 1008.7 hPa (Steady).
00:11 nod
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00:15 chris_n nice website!
00:15 chris_n wizzyrea++
00:16 joetho yeah, she'll probably lock us out in a few months.
00:16 joetho @karma wizzyrea
00:16 munin joetho: Karma for "wizzyrea" has been increased 53 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 53.
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00:41 chris_n wb jdavidb
00:41 jdavidb ty, chris_n.
00:47 pianohackr|work apt-get -b source needs a "I am not a paranoid basement-dweller, please disable the 30 minute long test suite" flag
00:52 chris back
00:52 chris gmcharlt: yes should be fine
00:52 gmcharlt cool, 'cause I did it half an hour ago ;)
00:53 chris hehe
00:53 chris sweet
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00:56 CGI155 hello
00:56 mao how are you
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01:04 chris_n lol pianohackr|work
01:04 chris_n apt-get --install_NOW! -b source
01:05 jdavidb apt-get --I_know_what_Im_doing_here -b source
01:06 chris
01:06 chris katipo are back !!
01:07 pianohackr|work All I really want is the latest graphviz with collision avoidance on edges
01:07 pianohackr|work Why in god's name am I building ocaml from source?
01:07 slef needs updates... ideally being a click-sortable table like I think thd suggested but I don't know any plugin for that OTTOMH
01:08 richard yay
01:08 richard thanks chris
01:08 slef wizzyrea: can you update Turo Technology LLP to please?  We completed that transition a while ago.
01:08 chris i can
01:08 chris email me whatever text you want and ill change it right now
01:08 pianohackr|work an easy-to-see field like "Geographical Area" would be nice
01:08 slef oh, can we have logins again?
01:08 chris we sure can
01:08 chris you'll need to ask wizzy for that
01:08 chris but i can make changes in the meantime
01:08 chris is that the only bit you want changed?
01:08 slef chris@bigballofwax?
01:09 chris yessir
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01:21 braedon chris: Steven will write something up for the support page, and get back to you, thanks.
01:22 chris cool
01:23 slef
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01:25 slef[…]reloaded-english/ is a more involved method
01:26 slef main thing we'd need to decide is what columns to list
01:27 chris *nod*
01:28 chris way i figure it, pure alphabetical is 100 times better than what we used to have, and we can just keep improving it
01:28 chris at least i can add kyle and zeno now
01:29 slef come near the end of the alphabet and see if you still agree ;-)
01:29 slef but the previous list discussion was right: sortable is The Right Way
01:29 * gmcharlt awaits the Aaaardvark Koha Consultancy
01:30 slef gmcharlt: there used to be a guy in the phone book where I grew up called "Zzitz, Zeke Z"
01:30 * chilts creates A1 Koha Consulting Limites :)
01:30 chilts Limited even :D
01:30 gmcharlt he or his parents didn't know when to stop, evidently ;)
01:30 * slef starts !!!Koha!!! Co
01:31 chilts heh
01:33 slef ok, I'm gone. bbl
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01:40 Jo can anyone suggest a good online set of library icons (a full set for all sorts of different media types etc)
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01:43 braedon hmm, any ideas what could cause the MARC record import tool to duplicate some biblios on import? the staged record manager shows the correct number of biblios, but once imported there are 513 extra biblios in the database. The duplicates seem to have no items attached.
01:52 gmcharlt 3.2 alpha tagged
01:53 chris w00t
01:55 Jo for the non-geeks among us, Galen please what does alpha tagged mean?
01:56 gmcharlt Jo: it basically means that I've drawn a line in the sand - i.e., this point is 3.2 alpha
01:56 Jo woo hoo!
01:56 Jo go you
01:56 joetho clap clap clap clap clap clap!
01:57 Jo this is quite a big step
01:57 brendan w00t
01:58 Jo I'll share a nice story with you: just heard of a computer guy in Palmerston who volantarily installed Koha for a school, and the local librarisn are cataloguing the schools library - after hours as volunteers :)
01:58 chilts gmcharlt++
01:58 Jo gmcharlt+++
02:01 Jo That paid support is so pretty
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02:03 Jo would be cool to be able to view the paid support providers on a googlemap - so geographically
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02:05 chris_n gmcharlt++
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02:15 chris[…]history/tags.html
02:15 chris nice range of ppl contributed to 3.2
02:17 Jo Oh look at that ... that is such a community effort!
02:17 wizzyrea_ :)
02:18 wizzyrea_ back looking at the site if you have more you want to do
02:18 Jo would you like to correct a date?
02:18 wizzyrea_ though I'd be just as happy playing video games >.>
02:18 wizzyrea_ sure
02:18 wizzyrea_ url?
02:19 Jo - the date for the general koha meeting says 2009 - should be 2010
02:19 wizzyrea_ O naught gmcharlt!
02:19 wizzyrea_ naughty~
02:19 wizzyrea_ done :)
02:19 Jo I am amazed at how quickly you guys have got this thing up and running and gorgeous :)
02:20 gmcharlt wizzyrea: 9 February 20010 ? are you planning to make me immortal for that?
02:20 wizzyrea_ HA
02:20 wizzyrea_ naughty wizzy!
02:20 Jo 20010 is not actually much of an improvement my ove :)
02:20 gmcharlt (not that I would complain if you could do it! :) )
02:20 wizzyrea_ there, this time with feeling
02:21 Jo the other thing was for the staff demop I needed a login and password
02:21 wizzyrea_ Oh, true. I will add that info
02:21 Jo cool
02:22 Jo and my only other comment was to include kohacon 2010 somewher .. maybe under events?
02:23 Jo I did try and register but have not recieved an email. I figured it might not be active yet?
02:24 wizzyrea_ well, there are no SPF records for, so it likely got nuked as spam :(
02:25 wizzyrea_ yes, I was going to add that as well. Kinda hoping chris would write the article ;) but I know he's super busy
02:25 wizzyrea_ mine took a good 10-ish minutes to come through when I was testing
02:26 Jo can't you just steal his work while hes not looking?
02:27 wizzyrea_ HEE. I like how you think
02:28 wizzyrea_ <lazy> can somebody hit me with the kohacon10 url?</lazy
02:28 wizzyrea_ >
02:28 chris
02:30 wizzyrea_ ty kindly
02:30 chris_n fwiw, my registration email got nuked by gmail anti-spam
02:31 chris yeah check the spam folder
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02:33 Jo ok
02:33 wizzyrea_ yea, not surprising :(
02:33 wizzyrea_ the controls on the DNS for domainz are kind of sparse
02:34 wizzyrea_ and I hesitate to host the DNS @ NEKLS since we'll be changing our ISP in the next few months
02:34 wizzyrea_ and not sure how slaving is going to work :/
02:34 wizzyrea_ with the new ISP
02:34 wizzyrea_ so if someone wants to volunteer to host the DNS, that would be cool
02:35 wizzyrea_ helpful for me, def, b/c then we could have wildcards and subdomain blogs
02:35 wizzyrea_ since is running wpmu
02:36 chris ah jo went with domainz not freeparking?
02:38 wizzyrea_ ya
02:39 Jo yep
02:40 Jo we had an account with them already and didn'twant stuff all over the place
02:42 chris fair enough
02:44 wizzyrea_ maybe the people who host the dns for would be willing to host DNS as well?
02:44 wizzyrea_ says she who is totally ignorant of anything and everything surrounding kete and/or who does what in NZ
02:44 wizzyrea_ :P
02:45 wizzyrea_ gmcharlt love that you put the release notes on the site
02:45 wizzyrea_ what a relief to finally have a place to put that stuff, eh
02:45 gmcharlt wizzyrea_: Kete, HLT, Kete, HLT - why do I think there's a connection :P
02:45 chris it feels like 2004 again
02:46 wizzyrea_ i hope that's a good thing :P
02:46 chris yep
02:46 wizzyrea_ I think we should be sure to tag/categorize as granularly as possible
02:46 wizzyrea_ since we can
02:47 chris yup
02:51 Jo I don't understand the question but I don't see why not
02:51 Jo Chris?
02:52 chris its not me
02:52 Jo dns stuff - who would know?
02:52 Jo simon?
02:52 chris yeah katipo host the dns for
02:52 Jo I am blissfully unaware of the detail of loads of stuff i am involved in :)
02:52 Jo Richard: are you about still?
02:53 richard hi jo
02:53 Jo can you read back a second or 2 and asnwer the question about hosting the dns
02:53 Jo can we do it?
02:53 Jo (we as in you :)
02:54 wizzyrea_ no particular epic hurry, fwiw. It's working in the capacity we need it to now. :)
02:55 richard i don't see why not. where is the record now?
02:56 wizzyrea_ it's in the domainz default config
02:56 IrmaCalyx G'day all
02:56 wizzyrea_ just doing forwarding
02:56 IrmaCalyx what an exciting day today !!!
02:57 IrmaCalyx So much good news
02:57 Jo hi Irma
02:57 IrmaCalyx hi Jo  terrific progress today
02:59 IrmaCalyx i sent a tweet with new website
02:59 wizzyrea_ I'm actually quite pleased with how it is turning out.
03:00 chris yeah its looking good
03:00 IrmaCalyx I like to ask about the possibility to include in 3.2 Australian English spelling
03:00 IrmaCalyx is there time for that?
03:00 chris if you are fast
03:00 chris you can base it on either the NZ or the GB one
03:00 IrmaCalyx catalogue is one term
03:00 chris yeah thats all fixed in the NZ and GB ones
03:01 IrmaCalyx P.O. Box?
03:01 chris that too
03:01 chris
03:02 IrmaCalyx ok...worrying is overrated...I withdraw my question
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03:05 gmcharlt chris: any word on the tlhIngan Hol translation?
03:06 chris nengards friend never got back to her about it :)
03:06 gmcharlt drat
03:10 IrmaCalyx tlhIngan Hol?
03:10 chris klingon IrmaCalyx
03:10 wizzyrea_ best time conversion website?
03:11 chris we dont restrict koha to this planet, or even to reality ;-)
03:11 wizzyrea_ hahahaha
03:11 gmcharlt wizzyrea: wolfram-alpha
03:11 chris wolfram alpha does a decent job
03:11 gmcharlt btw, note that I set the time zone for the events calendar to London
03:11 wizzyrea_ fine by me
03:11 gmcharlt closest to UTC+0 that the events widget offers
03:11 chris close enough
03:11 chris yeah
03:12 wizzyrea_ it sure is pretty
03:12 IrmaCalyx re KohaCon ...I have started writing an invitation and hope to be able to have it translated in all Koha's languages
03:12 wizzyrea_ I can't stop admiring it >.>
03:12 chris sweet IrmaCalyx
03:12 chris Jo: you about?
03:13 IrmaCalyx <wizzyrea_> me too :-)
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03:13 chris heya pianohacker
03:13 pianohacker hi, chris
03:13 IrmaCalyx must go back and tackle some of my tasks - cheers.
03:13 pianohacker I had a nitpick question: does the test suite requirement for alpha->beta include the db-dependent suite?
03:14 pianohacker cya, IrmaCalyx
03:14 IrmaCalyx cia all
03:14 * chris defers to gmcharlt
03:14 pianohacker Cool
03:14 gmcharlt pianohacker: the portions that are applicable, yes - if parts are hopelessly out of date, it would be OK to remove them
03:14 pianohacker Good to know
03:15 pianohacker Once I get the sysprefs editor in more reasonable shape, might poke at that
03:15 gmcharlt but normally, of course, a failing DB-depdent test *does* indicate that something had changed, after all ;)
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03:17 chris chris_n: you about?
03:18 chris_n here
03:18 chris[…]ml#author_of_year
03:18 chris check it out :)
03:18 chris_n wow
03:19 gmcharlt chris_n++
03:19 * chris_n will have a hard run to hold the pole position
03:19 gmcharlt now you get to continue your dominating position by fixing all of the blockers for 3.2 ;)
03:19 chris hehe
03:20 * chris_n crawls under the table
03:20 pianohacker chris_n: Feel like updating the translation system to include .pref files?
03:20 chris_n actually he climbs on top of the table and enjoys his 30 seconds of glory :-)
03:20 pianohacker I've only been avoiding it for nine months now
03:21 chris_n pianohacker: I think I'm free between 0100 and 0500 each day....
03:21 pianohacker Hahahaha, know that feeling
03:25 joetho tlhIngan Hol ??
03:25 chris type that in google joetho
03:25 joetho you weren't kidding either, were you?
03:25 chris hell no
03:25 joetho actually lolling here
03:25 chris swedish chef comes after that
03:25 chris :)
03:26 chris i wonder what a king response is?
03:26 chris need help waiting for king response to my message posted yesterday
03:26 pianohacker We need a bot that we can poke and will spit out a random username that should respond to a mailing list post nobody's touched
03:26 chris :)
03:27 joetho well *I* need a bot to do that
03:27 chris it can be
03:27 chris king_response_bot
03:27 wizzyrea_ king probably = kind
03:27 wizzyrea_ kind response
03:27 wizzyrea_ but that's way not as fun
03:27 chris you are ruining my nonsense
03:28 chris :)
03:28 wizzyrea_ PBBT
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03:31 chris_n wb brendan
03:31 brendan heya chris_n
03:32 chris_n cool, lots of fresh news on the new website
03:33 chris_n stock demos++
03:34 chris :)
03:34 * chris_n feels like a kid in a candy shop ;)
03:35 wizzyrea_ ^.^ i'm glad you like it
03:36 pianohacker Definitely, I like the feel of this a lot better
03:36 pianohacker Feels more like a community project
03:38 brendan gmcharlt are you going to KohaCon10
03:38 gmcharlt yes
03:38 chris w00t
03:38 wizzyrea_ if he doesn't go I'll go down to florida and smuggle him in my suitcase
03:39 * chris_n hits the sack
03:39 chris_n g'night
03:39 brendan great
03:39 chris night
03:39 wizzyrea_ gnite
03:39 gmcharlt wizzyrea: heh - will no doubt feel that way anyway at the end of the flight
03:39 brendan night
03:39 gmcharlt g'night, chris_n
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03:40 Amit hi brendan, chris, chris_n2
03:40 Amit morning #koha
03:40 brendan hi amit
03:40 Jo Chris: here now
03:41 chris whatcha reckon, would you be up for asking penny if she wants to do our keynote/opening speech?
03:42 Jo yes indeed. absolutely :)
03:42 Jo wizzyrea: you still about
03:44 Jo nw
03:45 wizzyrea_ i am
03:45 wizzyrea_ sup?
03:47 Jo Its ok - I found what I was looking for (you had it covered). Do you think you might try for some sleep today at all?
03:47 wizzyrea_ :) yea, it's only almost 10pm here
03:47 pianohacker It's only 9:45 PM there, perfectly reasonable time of day
03:48 Jo (I was looking for irc under community resources but found it under free support ... of course :)
03:48 Jo oh thats alright then :)
03:48 wizzyrea_ early for me (though I'm rarely online for koha now. Usually smashing digital avatars with a virtual hammer)
03:48 chris by 10pm im like this[…]1405&id=507121749
03:48 wizzyrea_ hehe that's cute
03:49 pianohacker A baby photo you can show atu 15 years from now without a "DaaaAAAAaaAd"
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03:49 Jo oh thats funny - wa sthat new years eve?
03:49 chris its was about 2 days ago
03:50 chris[…]1399&id=507121749
03:50 chris (laurel has been putting photos up)
03:50 Jo I feel a blog post coming on about today; its been an extraordinary thing to watch
03:50 Jo koha community in action - makes me feel all gooey inside
03:50 Amit heya pianohacker, Ropuch, Jo
03:50 Jo hiya Amit
03:51 brendan that's a cute kid there chris
03:51 Jo he makes beautiful babies
03:51 Jo although I'm sure Laurel's good looks have a lot to do with it to?
03:51 chris id say that was 97% of it
03:52 Jo I'm pretty sutre that hairy fellow is actually Simon - not Rachel :)
03:52 pianohacker hi, Amit, Jo, brendan
03:52 chris yeah simon is too cool for facebook :)
03:52 chris well actually to privacy savvy probably :)
03:52 Jo thought it was a privacy thin g ..
03:53 si too old and crust for this web 2.0 malarky
03:53 si crusty, even
03:53 chris heh
03:53 wizzyrea_ malarky!
03:53 wizzyrea_ can I get a humbug?
03:54 chris si:[…]p?g2_itemId=72265
03:54 si although I did enjoy the sleeptalkinman blog somebody directed me at the other day
03:54 chris thats the photo
03:54 si
03:54 si that's very modern
03:54 gmcharlt bah! no humbug for you! ;)
03:54 si hey
03:55 * si guesses that Chris and Si putting the oar into LCA
03:55 si with me maintaining my anonymity, as per usual
03:56 chris its actually charlotte and atarau having a yell at each other ;)
03:57 si heh, could be
03:57 si "my dad could take your dad"
03:59 chris hehe
04:00 wizzyrea_ those are way cute children you guys got there
04:00 russ
04:01 si mines cute
04:01 si chris's is as ugly as sin
04:01 chris hehe
04:01 russ lol
04:01 chris you should russ's
04:01 chris see even
04:01 richard lol
04:01 pianohacker bbl eggercise
04:02 si did I see russ's name on the kohacon volunteers list
04:03 si just like old times
04:03 russ aye
04:03 chris yep, he's been roped back in
04:03 si good man
04:04 Jo Waves at Si
04:05 si hola jo
04:05 si you're a good man too
04:05 si :-)
04:06 gmcharlt my god, it's full of NZers! :)
04:06 braedon surprisingly... :P
04:07 Jo me: I'm a good Man? Wow - thank you Si. I'm taking it as high praise :)
04:07 Amit left #koha
04:07 Jo waves at Russ to :)
04:07 chris ok hometime
04:08 * russ waves as he heads out the door
04:08 Jo see you Chris
04:08 Jo sterling work today folks
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04:24 wizzyrea_ for the record: text-transform: uppercase is my mortal enemy. I hate it with the heat of a million suns.
04:24 wizzyrea_ that is all.
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04:37 wizzyrea_ ok, going to whack virtual avatars with digital hammers. ttyl :)
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05:02 Jo Good night all. Off home to thebambini
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06:02 indradg
06:03 indradg wizzyrea: did the DNS hosting get sorted out?
06:07 Amit heya indradg
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06:44 Amit heya nicomo
06:45 nicomo hi Amit
07:04 pianohacker good night, all
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07:04 Ropuch Morning #koha
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07:32 magnus is now known as magnus_away
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08:17 chris evening
08:19 frederic left #koha
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08:21 kf good morning :)
08:26 chris hiya kf
08:27 francharb joined #koha
08:27 chris i had a question did you want BSZ listed here
08:27 Kivutar joined #koha
08:28 kf hi chris
08:29 kf not sure chris - our situation is a bit different from the other companies
08:29 kf I will have to discuss it
08:29 chris no problem
08:29 chris just let me know anytinme
08:29 kf of couse, thank you for thinking about us
08:30 chris @later tell magnus do you want libriotech listed, email me what you want and ill put it up
08:30 munin chris: The operation succeeded.
08:30 kf koha-community++
08:30 kf the new site looks great today
08:32 Amit heya Kf
08:33 kf hi Amit
08:56 kf chris: still aroundß
08:56 kf ?
08:57 chris sure am
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09:55 magnus_away is now known as magnus
09:56 magnus chris: thanks, i'll email you when i have figured out the text... ;-)
09:56 chris cool
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10:23 kf chris ?
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11:03 gmcharlt good morning
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11:12 kf good morning gmcharlt
11:19 magnus good morning gmcharlt
11:19 magnus and congrats on the alpha ;-)
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12:05 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: about?
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13:21 chris_n g'morning
13:22 jwagner *grumble* why does morning has to come so EARLY in the day???
13:22 jwagner (And I'm working from home -- got to sleep in a bit....)
13:22 chris_n` joined #koha
13:22 jwagner But good morning anyway.
13:22 owen joined #koha
13:23 gmcharlt good morning
13:23 imp moin :)
13:24 * jwagner wanders off to get some caffeine
13:24 * chris_n sees his bip proxy has finally gotten up for the day
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13:24 chris_n` is now known as chris_n
13:25 owen Hi all
13:25 chris_n heya owen
13:27 owen I hearby nominate wizzyrea to take over when it returns to the community's hands. looks fantastic.
13:27 owen wizzyrea++
13:28 owen It's a perfect WordPress theme for us
13:28 Colin Any documentation on how budgets are supposed to work in 3.2? Seem unable to commit against them
13:29 owen hdl_laptop or paul_p? Could we get a quick lesson on budgets?
13:36 magnus jwagner: move to europe, then you could have your morning in the middle of the day :-)
13:38 Ropuch hehe
13:39 jwagner magnus, but then my mornings would come in the middle of the night!
13:40 magnus jwagner: nah, it's 2 pm here now - perfect time for a morning if you ask me
13:42 jwagner I'm sure there's a good argument against that logic.  I'll find it when I wake up :-)
13:45 magnus ;-)
13:46 nengard owen - it is perfect - so perfect I chose it for my book ( and now I have to change it :(
13:49 nahuel owen, !
13:49 nahuel hi
13:49 nahuel :)
13:49 owen Hi nahuel
13:49 nahuel did you see your last patch on admin/ on 3.0.x ?
13:49 nahuel and my previous patch
13:50 chris_n gmcharlt: patch resubmitted for
13:50 nengard Colin - I'm still waiting for some help on that from BibLibre - the budgets documentation :(
13:50 owen nahuel: ?
13:50 nahuel héhé
13:50 nahuel I made a patch :
13:51 nahuel -            -name     => "mandatory",
13:51 nahuel +            -name     => "mandatory$i",
13:51 nahuel and you patched the file as :
13:51 nahuel -            -name     => "mandatory$i",
13:51 nahuel +            -name     => "mandatory",
13:51 nahuel so it doesn't work anymore
13:51 owen nahuel: I did?
13:52 nahuel It seem you did :)
13:52 * owen wonders if he has been sleep-patching
13:52 chris_n lol :-)
13:52 nahuel héhé
13:54 owen I don't have any recollection of making that change!
13:54 owen You have my apologies for breaking something
13:55 jdavidb hdl_laptop: ping?
13:56 hdl_laptop jdavidb: yes
13:57 kf hdl_laptop: thx for your email, will try at the weekend (or today after dentist...)
13:57 jdavidb This icu thing is giving me issues;  When I reindexed, I got a bunch of "unknown element transliterate" errors.  Just for kicks, I removed the transliterate elements from the icu.xml file, leaving just the transforms, and it finished, but nothing whatever is searchable.
13:57 jdavidb I suspect I missed something *real* obvious.
14:00 jdavidb Ever seen that happen before?
14:00 gmcharlt chris_n: pushed
14:01 chris_n gmcharlt: one other question
14:01 chris_n this commit:[…]9fd8dac785831af66
14:01 chris_n only has part of the patch I submitted
14:01 hdl_laptop never.
14:02 chris_n gmcharlt: see[…]org/msg04094.html
14:02 jdavidb Dern.  The whole thing seems like such a good idea, if I could just make it work!
14:02 hdl_laptop jdavidb: have you cheched the encoding of your icu chain file ?
14:02 hdl_laptop It truly IS.
14:04 jdavidb With the transliterate elements removed, it doesn't have anything controversial in it.  I suspect that the encoding was screwy on some of the transliterate rules, which might have caused the error.  But with them all easy ascii chars.
14:04 gmcharlt chris_n: result of a merge of other work on, I expect - 068 has been an utter mare's nest for some reason
14:05 chris_n so shall I reformat and resubmit?
14:05 chris_n the syntax is incorrect
14:05 gmcharlt yes, but please check with hdl_laptop and Colin - we need to stop patch-fighting on that update
14:05 chris_n will do
14:06 hdl_laptop chris_n: hands off for me
14:06 jdavidb the file sizes in zebradb/biblios/register are large, which makes me think it put *something* in there, but just can't get it back out again.
14:07 chris_n Colin: how about you?
14:08 hdl_laptop jdavidb: what does zebraidx tells you ?
14:09 Colin chris_n: Just took a look.. I think some of the add columns are in other upgrades. I'm sure we took some out because it caused a failure and
14:09 jdavidb When it's doing the reindexing?  Nothing unusual there; looks like any other indexing I've done.
14:09 Colin the column that should be added wasn't
14:11 hdl_laptop mmm... maybe you have not reset your base between no icu and use of icu...
14:11 tekonivel left #koha
14:12 jdavidb hdl_laptop: When I use yaz-client to search, It shows that it worked fine, but returned no records.
14:13 jdavidb I made the changes to the default.idx file that are in your there something else that needs doing?
14:13 schuster joined #koha
14:14 chris_n Colin: ahh, I see... tnx
14:15 Colin chris_n: I think db update 65 and 68 duplicated some steps
14:17 jdavidb zebraidx -V returns "Using ICU" at the end of its' output (we're on 2.0.34, Debian Etch, and yaz-icu package is installed.)
14:17 tekonivel joined #koha
14:20 chris_n Colin: ok, it appears that the confusion on my end was isolated to one topic branch
14:20 chris_n tnx
14:24 owen gmcharlt: Can you clarify for me? Is there anything special we should do with our commits for 3.2?
14:24 gmcharlt owen: no, patch against head, just don't expect enhancements to be applied to HEAD
14:24 gmcharlt just bugfixes
14:25 owen Sure
14:25 gmcharlt once the dust settles in a day or two, chris and I will work out something for handling enh patches destined for 3.4
14:26 owen "error: Untracked working tree file 'koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/im​g/itemtypeimg/sfdicons/Book.png' would be overwritten by merge. could not detach HEAD"
14:26 owen Got that when trying to rebase
14:27 gmcharlt owen: if you had installed a preview of that icon set, remove it first, then try rebasing
14:28 * owen didn't think he had
14:29 owen But there they were. Okay.
14:32 hdl_laptop jdavidb nothing more
14:33 * jdavidb shrugs.  I'm not seeing any errors in the logs...just not getting any results.  happily returning zero records, every time.
14:35 hdl_laptop quite strange
14:35 hdl_laptop what is your icu chain now ?
14:37 jdavidb <icu_chain locale="en">
14:38 jdavidb <transform rule="[:Control:] Any-Remove"/>
14:38 jdavidb <tokenize rule="l"/>
14:38 jdavidb <transform rule="[[:WhiteSpace:][:Punctuation:]] Remove"/>
14:38 jdavidb <transform rule="NFD"/>
14:38 jdavidb <transform rule="[:Nonspacing Mark:] Remove"/>
14:38 jdavidb <transform rule="NFC"/>
14:38 jdavidb <display/>
14:38 jdavidb <casemap rule="l"/>
14:38 jdavidb </icu_chain>
14:38 jdavidb itty bitty chain.
14:41 hdl_laptop looks ok
14:44 jdavidb I've restarted zebra for this instance, but there are other instances running on the same server.
14:48 hilongo hello everybody ... :)
14:48 nengard Is there a way to trick the system into thinking it's an older version so that it will run some db updates that I somehow missed?   I don't want to wipe my db and start over (losing all my content) - but none of the patron card things work cause I missed some db updates apparently - and who knows what else I missed
14:49 kf you could change your version number setting in sys prefs - but not sure if this is a good idea
14:49 kf dentist appointment now... bye all!
14:50 kf left #koha
14:52 nengard anyone else with a tip I'm missing?
14:52 Colin nengard: If you know what the missing change is you can get the sql from and apply it directly in mysql
14:53 hdl_laptop nengard: you can trick that
14:53 ebegin joined #koha
14:53 nengard Colin - tried that didn't work ... not sure why
14:53 hdl_laptop set version in systempreferences to 3.0100000
14:53 nengard hdl_laptop with the new sys prefs interface is that info still in the db?
14:53 owen nengard: You'll have to manually go to the old system preferences page
14:54 owen admin/
14:54 nengard owen i can do it with mysql
14:54 owen It's still there
14:54 nengard ah
14:54 nengard cool
14:54 Colin nengard: do a backup first
14:55 hdl_laptop Colin++
14:55 * owen heads down to the dungeon to talk to our cataloger
14:55 Colin nothing ever goes wrong on backed up systems
14:56 nengard bleh - okay everything works - but patron cards still don't
14:56 nengard so i'm out of ideas here
14:56 nengard chris_n anything?
14:57 nengard I did get this error ---
14:57 nengard
14:57 nengard looks like 106 is being skipped
14:57 nengard is that the patron card db updates
14:58 Nate left #koha
15:00 hilongo I'm having some problems with holds in 3.1.5 looping forever whrn called from staff interface... I saw in the mailing list that is fixed in git repo ... how can I get a copy of that file without installing git??
15:01 gmcharlt hilongo: you can go to, navigate to the proper file (in the 3.0.x branch), and download it (the blbo link for th efile)
15:02 slef Colin: I've just spent an hour sifting backups for corrupted files.
15:02 slef as in, backup copies of them.
15:02 slef hi all
15:02 slef I could have done without this today.
15:03 slef How's it going for anyone else?
15:04 gmcharlt passable
15:07 chris_n nengard: om
15:07 * chris_n is overrun atm :-P
15:07 gmcharlt wheeee - 3.2-alpha tarball with all translations expanded coming in at 235M
15:08 nengard chris_n no prob-  just want you to know I still don't know why I can't access it or get the DB to update - and that's why it's not documented ... but then again I still need help learniing how to use it before documenting it anyway :)
15:10 slef gmcharlt: can we cut it up somehow, or generate translations from Makefile*?
15:10 gmcharlt slef: yes - I think I'm going to release two tarballs - one with no translations expanded, and the traditional full one
15:10 gmcharlt but ask people to prefer downloading the former
15:11 slef make LANG=en:fr:... install # would be pretty cool, but I don't know if we can
15:12 gmcharlt slef: shouldn't be too hard to do - good thing to try to add for the beta
15:12 Nate joined #koha
15:13 * chris_n 's oldest daughter got her mothers engagement ring stuck on her (daughter's) finger... :-P
15:13 jwagner chris_n, your children do have a problem with their hands/fingers, don't they?  How's your son doing, by the way?
15:14 chris_n nearly all better... just awaiting the new nail to grow out and all of the feeling to return
15:14 jwagner That's good.
15:14 chris_n it all started with pianohacker's finger getting broken
15:14 chris_n :-)
15:15 jwagner It's catching???
15:15 chris_n look out! ;-)
15:15 * jwagner tucks hands into pockets....
15:16 * chris_n looks at nengard's paste
15:17 chris_n nengard: are you running the latest version? ie the alpha?
15:18 nengard yes
15:19 nengard and that was me trying to upgrade my db - the paste
15:19 chris_n hmmm... it appears those version numbers don't jive with the current
15:19 nengard after running that I still can't access the patron card pages I mentioned yesterday - but then again if version 106 is the patron card db updates - that's why - my install skipped them
15:19 nengard what???? how is that possible???
15:19 nengard I fetched this morning
15:20 chris_n om
15:20 nengard :(
15:20 chris_n your ok
15:22 chris_n ok, it is the USING BTREE issue which hdl_laptop caught and patched
15:22 chris_n for some reason it appears to still exist in your repo
15:22 nengard hmmm
15:23 nengard i feel like i should wipe and start all over again :(
15:23 chris_n[…]8ce2c385aeab99c4b
15:23 chris_n nengard: try this
15:23 chris_n git checkout master
15:23 slef LLEK - it's like Koha, but with your sysadmin's fingers broken?
15:23 chris_n then fetch and rebase the master
15:23 * nengard laughing at slef
15:24 chris_n then git checkout -b pcardstest
15:24 chris_n and try running the installer/data/mysql/ script form the cli
15:24 nengard rebasing now
15:25 nengard 'form the cli'?
15:25 gmcharlt from the command line
15:25 nengard ahh :)
15:25 nengard hehe
15:25 chris_n sorry :-(
15:25 nengard no prob
15:25 slef From Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms (Version 1.9, June 2002) [vera]:  CLI       Command Line Interpreter / Interface (OS)
15:26 nengard chris_n - my system hates me :(  --- error on rebasing:
15:27 chris_n ouch
15:28 nengard see - hates me
15:28 slef Published Welcome to[…]ommunity-org/886/
15:29 slef nengard: manual merge time for you :-/
15:30 gmcharlt hi folks - munin will be going away for 15-30 minutes while I upgrade my VPS
15:30 schuster has anyone seen this?  Has anyone developed for the iphone???
15:30 schuster It is released as creative commons code.
15:31 slef schuster: we've developed some webapps for iphone but not a koha.  Is that an app or a webapp?
15:31 owen Must be an app, they link to the App store
15:31 munin left #koha
15:32 slef schuster: it's a Noncommercial licence, which is non-FOSS and largely anti-cooperative
15:32 slef owen: I'm not up with the rules of apps and App store. :)
15:32 hilongo Bye munin ... see you soon!  :)
15:33 owen slef: If it's on the App Store, then they must have submitted it to Apple and gotten Apple's approval. That's a big reason for not choosing to go the app route.
15:35 schuster You can download the DCPL iPhone code which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License, but largely unsupported.
15:36 schuster slef - iphone app new version 1-30-10
15:39 owen nengard: Are you trying a manual merge?
15:44 nengard owen - working with chris_n found the problem and submitting a patch shortly
15:44 nengard :)
15:45 owen nengard I've got a question for you when you finish, and I'm sure I'll remember what it is by then.
15:45 nengard LOL
15:52 nengard okay - got a question - i have this error: "Can't locate Graphics/"  but I thought I installed that module yesterday - can someone tell me where to get that module? chris_n said I can't do cpan - so I did apt-get install
15:53 wizzyrea nengard: did you get in ok?
15:53 nengard yes
15:53 wizzyrea sweet
15:53 nengard emailed you to say so :)
15:53 wizzyrea sorry to hijack your theme lol
15:53 nengard added the newsletter
15:53 wizzyrea nengard++
15:54 chris_n nengard: install libgraphics-magick-perl also
15:55 nengard chris_n doing now - but also reopened bug since the module isnt' listed as required on the about page
15:55 chris_n that is the perl interface for the Graphics Magick stuff
15:55 chris_n k
15:56 nengard chris_n - still getting a 500 error :(
15:56 chris_n I probably need to add some lines to the Makefile to alert the installer
15:56 jdavidb RT @ranginui (chris):  admitted to hospital operating in the morning
15:57 chris_n ?
15:57 jdavidb wizzyrea and I both apparently just spotted it on twitter that chris is in the hospital.
15:57 chris_n nengard: was the last install successful?
15:58 nengard i sent you the error i got in a PM
15:58 nengard didn't want to have a big paste here
15:58 chris_n np... was that before or after the 500 error
15:59 nengard i got the 500 error before installing and then again after installing
15:59 nengard jdavidb - oh no!!!! not more info??
15:59 jdavidb I seem to remember....'sec, nengard.
16:00 owen chris pointed to this link:[…]es/aa_quinsy.aspx
16:00 owen Which sounds like it's not too serious.
16:01 gmcharlt here's hoping
16:01 nengard owen - that's good - except that chris is an adult not an teen....
16:01 nengard a teen
16:01 jwagner Any kind of infection requiring surgery is serious :-(  Fingers and toes crossed....
16:01 jdavidb I seem to recall him saying that his doctor was impressed at how swollen his tonsils were a day or two ago, but I can't find that in the logs.
16:02 gmcharlt he tweeted that as well
16:03 gmcharlt
16:03 jdavidb gmcharlt++  ; good find!
16:03 nengard i follow way too many people on twitter - i miss too much coming from my friends :(
16:03 gmcharlt besides, he doesn't get to run away from being 3.4 RM that easily ;)
16:03 nengard LOL
16:04 jwagner gmcharlt, it was the 3.2 alpha release that did it!
16:04 slef I didn't realise it was chris
16:04 slef I thought it was his child
16:04 jwagner He's been sick for a week or so, complaining about a sore throat.
16:05 hilongo Another question on reserves ... I got it working... but now, if I want to place a hold on a chequed out item Koha tells me that I cannot do that, because there are no copies available ... ??  any idea about this?
16:05 owen hilongo: do you have circulation rules set up?
16:05 slef hilongo: can't you place one on "Next Available"?
16:12 owen Sorry hilongo I'm not sure what to suggest if you've got circulation rules set up already. I don't have an installation of 3.0.5 to test on
16:13 sekjal joined #koha
16:19 rhcl_away is now known as rhcl
16:20 munin joined #koha
16:21 gmcharlt @quote random
16:21 munin gmcharlt: Quote #26: "<chris> as an aside C4::Search makes my brain hurt" (added by jdavidb at 05:21 PM, August 22, 2009)
16:21 jdavidb woot!
16:21 jwagner munin, welcome back
16:21 munin jwagner: Error: "welcome" is not a valid command.
16:21 jwagner Humph
16:21 owen I blame C4::Search for chris's tonsil troubles
16:21 jwagner It's searching for them?
16:22 nengard aren't we all in rare form today :)
16:22 * gmcharlt starts working on a munin plugin to elicit more harumphs from jwagner and jdavidb
16:22 jdavidb :D
16:22 * owen is still giddy from yesterday's excitement
16:22 nengard hehe
16:22 jwagner gmcharlt, not necessary, we'll harrumph for any/no reason.
16:23 jwagner Besides, 6-8 inches of new snow on top what was already there is enough of a reason for harrumphing.
16:23 jwagner I'm gonna have to go out & shovel a path to the garage soon....
16:23 jdavidb Having a near-perfect commute, while jwagner is stuck at home, is plenty of reason for me to harrrumph!
16:24 jwagner Harrumph!
16:24 jwagner On the other hand, I have a nice soundtrack to the day, which isn't feasible at work.
16:27 jdavidb hm...soundtrack.  (wish I hadn't left my iPod at home today..)
16:29 sekjal if I do a full zebra rebuild, does searching in the system go down for that time, or will the old index still be used until the new one is complete?
16:33 jwagner sekjal, the catalog will not be searchable until the reindex is complete.
16:34 sekjal jwagner:  thanks!  thought that might be the case.  I guess I'll wait until overnight to run it, then
16:34 schuster gmcharlt - are sounds in circulation still part of 3.2?
16:35 owen schuster: Nope
16:35 owen The never were
16:36 cait joined #koha
16:36 owen There are some old patches floating around, but nothing was submitted that worked with HEAD
16:36 schuster well phewey - I thought we were getting audible que's when there was a problem....
16:37 schuster schuster goes off grumbling to sit in a corner and stew
16:37 owen All the patches I saw were flawed in some way, partly because audio handling in browsers is so poor
16:37 * owen has some hope for HTML5
16:37 * jdavidb hands schuster a box of crackers, to go with his stew.
16:43 nengard didn't someone get sounds working on their system - thought i read that somewhere
16:44 owen Yes, and he had a public git repo for the work, but didn't prepare a patch that worked with HEAD I think
16:44 wizzyrea i know there's stuff on bugzilla about it
16:44 wizzyrea 3.2.1 :)
16:45 wizzyrea maybe
16:45 wizzyrea NEKLS is interested in sounds too
16:45 wizzyrea though, they only work if they actually have a bearing on something actually happening
16:46 owen wizzyrea: You mean a continuous loud techno soundtrack isn't the sound you were interested in?
16:46 wizzyrea well, I might be for that... I was thinking of schuster's problem where things appear to get checked in but don't actually get the status changed >.>
16:47 wizzyrea where if you put the ding in the wrong place, it might be meaningless
16:47 owen From mhafen: "These patches probably won't apply against the current code base, but I've got a git repo where they are current:  git:// on the WCSD branch."
16:48 schuster Yes that was what I was thinking of owen - I may get my local guru to look at it to see if we can at least locally apply it after 3.2.
16:50 dpavlin left #koha
16:54 nengard head is spinning from the acq budget naming emails!!
16:54 jwagner What about a new approach?  Spend::Lots::Money??
16:55 nengard LOL
16:55 nengard do not add to the confusion!! :)
16:55 jwagner But then you could have variants for Some, Little, No money!
16:58 cait :)
16:58 wizzyrea for god's sake don't fork and have Spend::Obscene::Amounts::Money
16:58 jwagner How about a fork that says Give::jwagner::Lots::Money?
16:58 nengard Okay we have Source Budget, Main Budget, Budget Period --- any preferences/complaints/confusions?
16:58 nengard which one should it be for the top most budget?
16:58 wizzyrea lol STAY ON TARGET
16:59 * jwagner thinks that IS my target :-)
16:59 nengard i tried ... time for a nap :0 hehehe
17:00 owen nengard: FWIW I prefer Source Budget of those options, but we don't even use acquisitions :P
17:00 nengard I like Source Budget too - like the source of the money - but the complaint in the email list is it sounds like developereese
17:01 rhcl wizzy: do (have you) use(d) any particular registrar for domain names you could recommend (over godaddy)?
17:01 nengard rhc1 why not godaddy?
17:01 owen I love that nobody knows what this stuff should be called.
17:02 wizzyrea NEKLS usually goes through directnic
17:02 wizzyrea but it's mostly historical
17:02 wizzyrea i actually like the godaddy DNS controls
17:02 wizzyrea having them host the records is a breeze
17:02 wizzyrea imo
17:02 rhcl godaddy = annoyance factor (email, trying to sell hosting services)
17:02 wizzyrea yea, you do have to fight through a lot of cruft
17:03 wizzyrea a lot of libraries use network solutions
17:03 wizzyrea their controls aren't bad either
17:03 * wizzyrea has poked around in a lot of registrars, thanks to KLOW
17:03 fredericd joined #koha
17:04 fredericd hello
17:04 slef network solutions were a pain to transfer away from last time we tried
17:04 slef resells who also fund debian and others
17:04 Sharon SQL question - if want a count of the number of holds on a title, what table and field would that be in?  I should know this, but can't remember.
17:04 slef bbl
17:05 sekjal what about "incoming budget" or "incoming funds"?  that indicates that it's top-level, and (I think) sounds more user-centric
17:05 wizzyrea ooh, I like that
17:06 wizzyrea Total Moolah
17:06 jwagner Sharon, reserves?  group by biblio number (join to biblio if you want the title itself)
17:06 wizzyrea Available Funds?
17:06 wizzyrea (the word funds looks strange to me today)
17:07 sekjal so, perhaps the hierarchy could be - (adjective) funds::budgets::allocations ?
17:08 owen (adjective) funds::budgets::budget lines ?
17:08 nengard owen i like that
17:08 nengard that makes logical sense to me - i can see it graphically
17:08 gmcharlt -1 to allocations, which are more commonly used to describe influxes of money into a fund
17:09 sekjal ah, good point, gmcharlt
17:09 sekjal budget lines are good
17:09 gmcharlt one thing - I'
17:09 gmcharlt is there anything that actually preventrs one from having more than three levels of funds?
17:10 gmcharlt if a library wants to do library system budget::branch fund::branch juvenile fund::branch YA graphic novels, for example
17:10 jwagner is now known as jwagner_shoveli
17:10 sekjal my understanding is it's arbitrary.  once you have a root budget, you can subdivide it any way you like
17:10 gmcharlt maybe just saying budget::fund::fund::fund with the explanation that a fund can have a parent would be sufficient
17:11 nengard the language i see on the pages now is Root Budget::Budget:: Sub budget -- we need to replace those bits of language - but i do like budget::fund::fund .. .etc
17:14 nengard so - the question is can i rename sub budget to fund and budget to fund and root budget to budget?
17:14 nengard are you confused yet?
17:14 paul_p left #koha
17:17 gmcharlt nengard: 'sub budget' isn't a distinct concept as such, so just renaming the links to 'Child Fund' or 'Subsidary Fund' or the like wouldn't affect functionality
17:17 sekjal I think have just two entities, the budget (which is set by some kind of external funding source like the Board of Trustees) and a fund (which is a chunk of that money that the library sets aside for something specific)
17:17 gmcharlt so yeah, Root Budget => Budget ; Budget => Fund ; 'Sub-Budget' to language about creating child funds
17:17 gmcharlt shouldn't break anything
17:18 gmcharlt and changing the fund list to a tree control or something would make hierarchical arrangements more clear
17:18 gmcharlt or just adding a parent fund/budget column to acqbudgets
17:19 owen gmcharlt: There is supposed to be a tree control but it's not working, IIRC
17:19 gmcharlt ok, so to summarize so far - Budget::Fund (and children Funds to the nth degree)
17:19 gmcharlt is everybody on #koha cool with that?
17:19 wizzyrea +1
17:20 wizzyrea makes sense to me
17:20 nengard okay  - so i change all occurences of Root Budget or Budget Period to Budget
17:20 nengard and then all occurences of Budget to Fund
17:20 owen Bug 4000
17:20 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4000 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, Budgets table doesn't show tree view for sub-budgets
17:20 nengard and the one place it read 'sub-budget' i call it 'child fund' ?
17:21 nengard I do like the idea - just confirming that i understand right
17:21 gmcharlt +1
17:22 nengard okay - i will tackle this as soon as i'm learning about the new patron card creator
17:22 nengard i believe i already have a bug assigned to me for it
17:22 nengard chris_n giving me a tutorial on how to use the patron card creator so i can document it
17:29 Kivutar left #koha
17:30 Nate left #koha
17:31 wizzyrea owen: that theme found me, I didn't find it. I really don't have much to do with the awesomeness of its design (
17:33 Sharon left #koha
17:33 Sharon joined #koha
17:35 nengard thank you chris_n for helping me with the patron card tool - now you can all benefit from what I learned:[…]patroncardcreator
17:35 nengard chris_n++
17:35 nengard wizzyrea - feel free to change it :) hehe so it doesn't look like i'm copying you :)
17:37 wizzyrea aww, but it's so PRETTY and appropriately koha green!
17:37 wizzyrea :)
17:41 nengard i know - what about the one i use on the newsletter site? that's green too :)
17:41 nengard hehe
17:41 nengard or i can use that one for my book site :)
17:44 francharb left #koha
17:46 schuster @later tell chris - we need to talk about ncip and what it would take to complete that for Koha and Evergreen
17:46 munin schuster: The operation succeeded.
17:47 Colin left #koha
17:48 nicomo left #koha
17:51 * jdavidb is wondering if he's losing his mind.
17:53 jdavidb Still wrestling with icu indexing;  I stopped Zebra, reindexed, and restarted.  now, author, title searches work, but a general search in opac or staff returns nothing, every time.
17:53 jdavidb (title searches work the way I'd expect with diacritics, even.  Very cool)
17:55 joetho joined #koha
17:56 Colin joined #koha
18:04 jwagner_shoveli is now known as jwagner
18:08 nelsonf joined #koha
18:10 cait jdavidb: try to turn off sysprefs
18:11 cait jdavidb: we had an issue with some of them and icu indexing
18:11 cait its worth a try :)
18:11 jdavidb Any particular ones to look at?
18:11 cait query stemming fuzzy autotruncate
18:11 jdavidb okay.  I'll take a swing at that.  Thanks, cait.
18:17 cait perhaps field weighting - I dont remember which combination worked and cant access administration from here
18:18 schuster nengard - still looking for different opacs?  I just found this one
18:18 nengard thanks - don't need them now that the newsletter will be on the new koha site
18:19 zspalding joined #koha
18:19 wizzyrea nengard: I'm sure we could find a place to do what you were doing
18:19 wizzyrea on the new site
18:19 wizzyrea though I guess we don't want to make it too fully featured as yet
18:19 nengard it's not a big deal - it seemed to be partly controversial
18:20 wizzyrea I'm for helping you avoid controversy >.>
18:20 nelsonf left #koha
18:20 chris_n 'book bag' sounds much more relevant than 'cart'
18:21 * chris_n loves to see how others have customized their opac
18:22 chris_n and thought nengard's header was a nice addition
18:22 jdavidb cait:  undoing fuzzy had the biggest impact.  I'm getting results identical to kw=foo   when I just enter foo.  (which is not even *close* to the results that I get on the production instance for just entering "foo".
18:24 jwagner chris_n, I don't think it's made it into head yet, but I did a patch to create a syspref so sites could rename the Cart to whatever they want.  One of my sites calls it Saved Items.
18:24 chris_n very nice
18:24 * chris_n thinks of wal-mart when he sees the word 'cart' ;-)
18:26 jwagner I just wish it would be as easy to replace the shopping cart image.  I think there are two or three different versions of it; I couldn't track them all down.
18:26 * nengard trying to keep track of all of the occurences of budget, fund and root budget :)
18:26 cait jdavidb: so its working better now?
18:26 nengard might be the most files i've edited for one patch
18:27 jdavidb cait:  better.  not optimally, but that's progress.  Thanks a bunch!
18:27 cait jdavidb: no problem, I did not configure our installation for icu, so I m glad what I know helped a bit
18:30 owen chris_n: It was book bag before, but "Cart" was chosen for 3.0 because it was thought that users would understand the metaphor because of experience with e-commerce sites.
18:31 owen schuster: that opac example is running 2.x
18:31 * owen is perplexed by the .aspx extensions, wonders if they did that to match an existing site
18:34 * owen is looking forward to jwagner's patch so the issue can be moot
18:35 jwagner I sent it in quite a while back, don't know if it's in the new 3.2 version or not.
18:36 owen jwagner: Is your patch also attached to a bug report?
18:37 jwagner Bug 3719
18:37 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3719 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Create syspref to allow sites to rename OPAC Cart
18:37 jdavidb jwagner++ , even though I'm having to install that patch on a bunch of systems...
18:37 jwagner I did three separate patches, but the third replaced the second.  You helped me with the js files, remember owen?
18:38 * owen doesn't seem to remember much these days, what with my sleep-patching and all
18:38 gmcharlt owen: sleep-patching is fine - makes you even more productive
18:38 jwagner Looks like I didn't attach the patches to the bug report -- want me too?
18:38 jwagner to even?
18:39 owen jwagner: You might also want to revise the patch now that the staff client has a cart too
18:39 * owen thinks it's a great practice to always attach your patch to the bug report
18:39 zspalding left #koha
18:39 jwagner There's a whole bunch of stuff that will need to be updated for the new version.  I'm hoping this one snuck in with all the other stuff so I don't have to do it :-)
18:40 owen I do see your submission on the patches list but I don't think it made it in
18:41 chris_n so is the 'b' in borrowers.b_* for "business" and if so, where is the "Alternate Contact" info stored?
18:41 owen I do notice that your original patch uses the deprecated tag-like TMPL syntax, "<TMPL_VAR NAME>" instead of <!-- TMPL_VAR NAME -->"
18:41 jwagner I've attached the two patch files to the bug report
18:41 chris_n and why is there no "Business contact" section on the edit borrowers screen?
18:42 owen chris_n I think it's "b" as in the main contact info is "a"
18:42 wizzyrea chris_n: fwiw, NEKLS hides all that stuff in favor or primary/alternate
18:42 wizzyrea using jquery :P
18:42 owen wizzyrea: I'd like to see a screenshot of that
18:43 wizzyrea for example
18:43 * chris_n thinks the db schema could still use some cleanup
18:44 wizzyrea instead of home/work/mobile
18:44 owen I see wizzyrea, thanks
18:44 nengard I have submitted a follow up patch to bug 3854 -- i hope I got all of the places this needed to be changed.  If not, let me know or feel free to make edits of your own :)
18:44 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3854 minor, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, References to Budget Period should be Root Budget
18:46 brendan joined #koha
18:48 brendan left #koha
18:49 jwagner owen, on the TMPL_VAR NAME calls, is that just in the js sections?
18:50 owen jwagner: I didn't look through the whole patch, it just caught my eye
18:50 jwagner I think I was copying some existing syntax, so if that was outdated....
18:51 owen We switched from <TMPL to <!-- TMPL because of the way the template processor works for translations
18:52 jwagner gmcharlt, what happens with patches that have already been submitted?  Do they stay in the queue? or need to be resubmitted?
18:52 gmcharlt they stay in the queue
18:53 jwagner Let me know if I should clean that one up now, or wait until after it's pushed.
18:54 gmcharlt well because of the <TMPL thing and the cart-in-staff interface, cleaning it up now would be nice
18:54 jwagner Hrmm.  The branch I did that on got corrupted. I might just try editing the patch files directly & resending.
18:55 jwagner That won't account for the staff side though -- that'll have to wait until I get a 3.2 updated system.
18:55 gmcharlt make that create a new branch, apply the patch to it, make a new commit, squash, then resubmit, and it would work better
18:55 gmcharlt literally editing the patch is not likely to be swallowed by Git all that well
18:55 * jwagner is sure jdavidb can manage that :-)
18:56 chris_n hehe
18:56 * jdavidb perks, seeing more work land in his lap.
18:56 jwagner heh heh heh
18:56 * jdavidb is gonna start charging jwagner when she does that.
18:57 jwagner Remember our discussion of git commands last week?  When I said I handled the complicated stuff by saying "Daaaavvvvviiiiiiiddddd"?
18:58 jdavidb mmmm-hmm.  Harrrrumph!
18:59 chobbs joined #koha
19:00 chobbs Hello all - anybody have a minute to help me troubleshoot a patron import error? I'm getting "Header row could not be parsed" despite the fact that my header row is an exact match for the example CSV.
19:01 brendan joined #koha
19:01 gmcharlt chobbs: what versin?
19:02 chobbs gmcharlt:  3.00.05
19:02 Colin looks like the last batch of fixes before the alpha has broken a few steps in the ordering process
19:04 sekjal left #koha
19:05 tomascohen left #koha
19:06 chobbs Grrr. Looks like my text editor didn't put proper ends-of-lines on the file. That would explain it...
19:10 chris_n so it appears that the borrower.b_* fields do not get populated during a patron import
19:10 chobbs That did it. And curse Mac OS X for not including dos2unix in the shell :)
19:12 * chris_n finds an incorrect case in his csv template
19:12 chris_n and remembers having to change the case of the 'B' in his template due to work on LEK which changes it to lower case
19:13 owen The truth comes out about LEK's enhancements ;)
19:15 chris_n there's more to be told to that story than there is time atm :-\
19:16 chris_n it does highlight a bug in or import_borrowers script: fields not imported should generate an error message passed back to the user
19:16 chris_n silent_fails--
19:21 braedon_ joined #koha
19:21 chobbs chris_n:  good enough for me right now - importing 13115 patrons right now (but I blanked all the B_fields anyways) ;)
19:23 chris_n chobbs: great! However leaving one with the impression that their data imported successfully when in reality it did not is a problem
19:24 nengard gmcharlt weren't downloads going to be on koha-community? just wondering cause the links go to in your recent email
19:24 chris_n ie. if one of the columns was mistyped in your csv, the script will still tell you it imported 13115 patrons ok
19:24 gmcharlt nengard: that was only a fallback
19:24 nengard ah so you have access to good!!
19:25 gmcharlt nope, but cfouts has been willing to stage the files
19:25 nengard ah
19:25 nengard got it
19:25 wizzyrea cfouts is awesome
19:26 wizzyrea cfouts++
19:26 owen cfouts++ also for helping us with our migration even though it was away from his employer
19:27 gmcharlt cfouts++
19:28 wizzyrea aaand updated here:
19:28 gmcharlt wizzyrea++
19:29 magnus gmcharlt: tiny typo in your email: ./install.pll ;-)
19:29 * gmcharlt submits patch to rename it to install.pll ;)
19:30 * jwagner thinks gmcharlt will need to patch Perl itself too
19:30 chris_n cfouts++
19:32 braedon_ wizzyrea: just me being pedantic, but would it be possible to line up "Questions? Comments?" headings with the other text? It's hugging the wall, and keeps bugging me :)
19:33 wizzyrea yea, probably :)
19:33 wizzyrea will look at it here in a bit
19:34 wizzyrea this theme was H1 heavy, which drove me nuts. There's something about the h2 styles that makes it do that
19:34 braedon_ ahh
19:35 wizzyrea but it bugs me too, you're not alone in that
19:35 wizzyrea :)
19:35 braedon_ haha, good to know :)
19:40 richard joined #koha
19:43 gmcharlt counting noses - how many people would be up for a bug-squashing this Saturday on #koha?
19:45 toins joined #koha
19:45 jwagner gmcharlt, you mean with 3.2?
19:45 nengard we're expecting a storm here so I'll be snowed in and can probably help in the AM - but I have to see my sister in a play in the PM
19:46 gmcharlt jwagner: yep, 3.2
19:46 wizzyrea could probably do some in the middle of the day, testing anyway. Otherwise kiddo's birthday :(
19:46 jwagner I'm not at that level yet except for one demo site, so I can't be of much help :-(
19:46 owen gmcharlt: The spirit is willing, but the family will probably prevent
19:46 gmcharlt would a weekday be better?
19:47 nengard always
19:47 owen Yes for me
19:47 wizzyrea yes for me too
19:47 Colin sure thing
19:47 wizzyrea is there pizza?
19:47 wizzyrea j/k j/k
19:47 wizzyrea :)
19:47 gmcharlt wizzyrea: I'll email you all the pizza you can eat
19:48 wizzyrea yesssss
19:48 wizzyrea wait...
19:48 wizzyrea virtual pizza is my favorite.
19:48 wizzyrea how did you know?
19:48 nengard heh
19:48 wizzyrea dangit now I want pizza.
19:49 gmcharlt ok, I'll propose next Thursday for the bug squash
19:50 nengard it's on my calendar!
19:50 nengard I'll be here
19:50 jdavidb jwagner, I can probably get your test-monster up and breathing before the weekend.
19:52 wizzyrea anybody have a really good set of test data that they'd share
19:53 wizzyrea bibs/items/patrons
19:53 * chris_n has whined for that for a long time
19:53 nengard wizzyrea i don't know if mine is really good ... but i'll share if no one else has really good data ;)
19:53 chris_n but with little success
19:53 nengard and if someon ehas really good data- i'd love it!!!
19:54 owen wizzyrea can't you steal an export from one of your libraries? Or is for more than internal use?
19:54 chris_n I'd love to see several size/configurations of test data available to devs
19:54 wizzyrea owen: the exports are huge, in the 10-12GB range :/
19:54 wizzyrea not so good for my dev virtualbox
19:55 wizzyrea which is smallish
19:55 owen wizzyrea: You can export a range of biblionumbers
19:55 wizzyrea hmmmm
19:55 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: wednesday could be good.
19:55 hdl_laptop for bugsqushing session
19:55 hdl_laptop (/me reading back logs)
19:55 gmcharlt ok, Wednesday it is
19:56 hdl_laptop next thursday i cannot
19:56 nengard moved on my calendar to weds the 10th
19:56 wizzyrea mine too
19:56 hdl_laptop And I would like our team to participate
19:56 gmcharlt :)
19:57 gmcharlt did you think I would refuse? ;)
19:57 * jdavidb will be here, but there's no tellin' what sort of things might interrupt me *participating*
19:59 * jwagner looks innocent....
20:01 * chris_n will be there as much as possible too
20:03 magnus will cheer from the sidelines
20:04 gmcharlt you_all++
20:04 jdavidb left #koha
20:04 nengard wizzyrea -this page is missing the IRC info (address and such)
20:04 wizzyrea uh, are you sure?
20:04 wizzyrea IRC (real-time chat)
20:04 wizzyrea Kohaphiles of all types can be found on our real-time chat IRC channel. Point your favorite IRC client at and join #koha or use a web based client like Mibbit.
20:04 wizzyrea Connect through Mibbit
20:04 nengard OH BOY!
20:05 nengard going blind
20:05 wizzyrea :)
20:05 nengard thanks & sorry
20:05 wizzyrea sok
20:05 the_eye_doctor joined #koha
20:05 the_eye_doctor Hi, is there a nengard here? I'm here for your appointment
20:05 wizzyrea lol!
20:05 the_eye_doctor left #koha
20:06 nengard how the heck was that????
20:06 nengard or -- who the heck was that?? :)
20:06 nengard can't type either - can you tell my 8 hour work day is done and i'm totally fried?
20:06 owen Sorry, couldn't resist. I've never tried mibbit before :)
20:06 nengard hehe
20:06 wizzyrea owen: do you like that trick I did?
20:06 wizzyrea :)
20:07 nengard k - logging off - i have submitted a couple patches and updated the documentation a bit - tomorrow a lot more documentation updates - as long as I don't find other things to patch :)
20:07 nengard left #koha
20:10 wizzyrea I like the mibbit widget, it makes connecting easy, and no more CGI-blah blah nonsense :P
20:11 Colin left #koha
20:13 * owen learns of selection styles from the stylesheet
20:13 owen
20:13 braedon_ ooo, awesome
20:16 wizzyrea braedon_: I fixed your questions/comments peeve :)
20:17 wizzyrea for the record, pianohacker++ for helping with the CSS
20:17 braedon_ wooo!
20:17 wizzyrea he made some tweaks last night
20:17 braedon_ wizzyrea++
20:17 braedon_ pianohacker++
20:18 braedon_ ahh, beautiful alignment. all is right with the world
20:18 wizzyrea I was gonna say, owen, if you have suggestions about the site I'm happy to hear them :)
20:18 wizzyrea I'm feeling a bit stabbity about text-transform: uppercase
20:18 * owen would agree
20:19 wizzyrea OH OH then I'll fix it
20:19 wizzyrea it makes me feel unhappy
20:19 owen wizzyrea, I'm going to send you an alternative to that koha logo in the green box as soon as I have time. Tomorrow prob'ly
20:20 wizzyrea okies
20:20 wizzyrea I
20:20 wizzyrea am for that
20:25 wizzyrea owen: I was going to color match it to the header but I just hadn't gotten there
20:25 wizzyrea but I will wait for your no doubt much more artistic rendering tomorrow
20:28 owen Am I alone in seeing this kind of thing?[…]ority-problem.png
20:28 jwagner owen, what version?
20:29 owen
20:29 pianohacker joined #koha
20:29 pianohacker hello
20:29 jwagner roughly the same as our working one then.  We've seen it occasionally, and jdavidb has a script to clean it up.
20:29 jwagner The holds queue seems to get itself knotted up somehow.
20:30 owen jwagner: A script that runs nightly? We used to have one that we used when we hosted our own install of 2.x
20:30 jwagner No, he just runs it when we see a problem.  Check with him tomorrow for details.
20:30 wizzyrea bah I can't see your screenshot
20:30 wizzyrea we're really close to your version
20:31 jwagner The problem is that there are multiple holds all with a priority of 1, right?
20:31 wizzyrea I don't think we've seen that no
20:31 owen wizzyrea: Can't see my screenshot? Why?
20:31 wizzyrea it wouldn't load
20:31 wizzyrea but I finally got it
20:31 wizzyrea :)
20:31 wizzyrea lemme ask and get back to you
20:32 jwagner It's not always multiples of priority 1, we've seen multiples of priority 14 or whatever.
20:32 owen Our old script would clean up that kind of thing and undo any changes the staff had made to hold priorities
20:32 jwagner That sounds similar to what his does, but I don't know specifics.  I think it resets priorities based on the date/timestamp
20:32 owen Right, exactly.
20:33 wizzyrea my peeps tell me they haven't seen your problem.. you are indep branches?
20:33 wizzyrea or no?
20:33 jwagner The times we've seen it were not very long after a migration, trying to shoehorn alien hold data into Koha tables
20:33 owen No
20:34 jwagner Sometimes during normal ops, but rarely
20:34 owen jwagner: We have just migrated (although it was really more like an upgrade, no_vendor_lockin++ )
20:34 wizzyrea ohh, probably has something to do with your move maybe?
20:35 jwagner Possibly, although our migrations were from other systems entirely (Dynix, Horizon, etc.).  I'd think Koha-to-Koha would be a lot cleaner.
20:35 owen Could be, I thought it happened infrequently but persistently
20:35 jwagner I don't know that he's ever figured out what causes it.
20:36 gmcharlt random question - does anybody know who answers
20:37 * owen is going to guess "Nobody" :P
20:37 wizzyrea doh
20:39 owen jwagner: Here's an interesting data point: the "priority" number in the database for all those "1" priority holds looks like this: 141, 209, 210, 227, 235, 237
20:40 jwagner So do you have 230+ holds on that title?  Are these the "right" priority numbers?
20:40 paul_p joined #koha
20:41 owen No, they're randomly large numbers (should be 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37)
20:41 jwagner I dunno.  Talk to jdavidb, he's dug into the guts of that problem.  I just know the symptoms, & when we see them, we have him run his script.
20:42 owen I will, thanks
20:43 jwagner I haven't looked, is there a bugzilla report on this type of problem?  If not, there probably should be....
20:48 owen A strange example:
20:49 owen The entry with "421" priority has a reservedate "2009-12-18" but a timestamp "2010-02-03"
20:49 owen Manually re-ordered?
20:49 wizzyrea whoa
20:49 jwagner *blinks*
20:50 owen that might explain why there isn't an item with priority 1
20:51 jwagner Wonder if you could reproduce it -- take an existing OK title & manually reorder holds, then check the table values.
20:52 owen This one is just absurd:
20:54 wizzyrea wtf seriously
20:54 jwagner What she said.
20:55 magnus left #koha
21:03 braedon_ this is not in any way koha specific, but has anyone come across an issue where mysql is started before networking on bootup, causing it to fail?
21:04 braedon_ debian, on a virtualbox vm(which i suspect may be part the problem - never had the issue before)
21:06 jwagner owen, I emailed jdavidb to read the logs, so he'll know what you're asking about tomorrow.
21:06 jwagner I'm gonna sign off now.  Got that long trip home, after all :-)  (Two seconds, that is)
21:07 jwagner left #koha
21:10 wizzyrea any reason why a library using no authorities would be unable to add something to 100$a?
21:10 owen wizzyrea: You double-checked the MARC framework?
21:10 wizzyrea hmm, what about it?
21:11 owen that it's not trying to link 100$a to an authorized value or something like that
21:11 Jo joined #koha
21:11 wizzyrea ty ty , will check
21:12 wizzyrea nope, not that
21:13 wizzyrea it's like, you can click in it, but you can't type anything
21:14 pianohacker wizzyrea: BiblioAddsAuthorities?
21:15 pianohacker It's a lovely syspref that is on by default for some reason
21:15 wizzyrea off :/
21:15 pianohacker Hrm
21:15 wizzyrea toggle it maybe and see if it helps?
21:15 wizzyrea you know turning it off and on again lol
21:16 wizzyrea nope, not that
21:18 owen left #koha
21:18 wizzyrea what triggers the little ellipsis? Authorities?
21:19 wizzyrea erm, would the Authority types preferences have something to do with it?
21:23 pianohacker Well, there's authorities and then there's authorized values
21:23 pianohacker Does the 100 $a field have a plugin assigned to it?
21:23 wizzyrea forgive my ignorance, where do I look for that
21:23 pianohacker In the subfields structure editor
21:23 wizzyrea (this is not the area I muck about in much)
21:24 pianohacker (your sanity thanks you)
21:24 wizzyrea[…]dmin/
21:24 wizzyrea is that the right spot?
21:24 wizzyrea sorry, should have truncated that link
21:25 pianohacker Administration -> MARC Bibliographic Framework
21:26 pianohacker Then MARC Structure next to Default framework
21:26 pianohacker Then find the 100 tag, and click subfields next to it
21:26 pianohacker Then Edit Subfields
21:27 pianohacker Then $a, then display more constraints
21:28 pianohacker wizzyrea: Here's what mine looks like:[…]on_001_4SnlSI.png
21:28 wizzyrea oh brilliant, the thesaurus was on
21:28 wizzyrea silly
21:28 pianohacker Well, I have a thesaurus too
21:28 pianohacker And I can type in the $a subfield
21:29 wizzyrea we turned it off, and now it seems to be working
21:29 pianohacker Huh.
21:29 pianohacker What version are you marooned in?
21:29 wizzyrea this one is ooold
21:29 wizzyrea
21:30 pianohacker (also, just discovered that the password for bywater's demo is bywater/bywater, rather than demo/demo)
21:30 wizzyrea it's a teeny library, it works for them and no reason particularly to update
21:30 wizzyrea ty ty will fix
21:30 wizzyrea done
21:32 wizzyrea ph: i do like what you did to the CSS, very nice
21:32 wizzyrea you're right about the click effect, that's much prettier
21:35 collum left #koha
21:35 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: about?
21:40 brendan pianohacker - we've got two demo's up
21:40 brendan one is bywater/bywater and the other is demo/demo
21:41 pianohacker brendan: Ok. The one linked from the website is bywater/bywater
21:41 wizzyrea doh lol
21:41 wizzyrea oh good
21:41 wizzyrea phew
21:41 pianohacker I think
21:41 wizzyrea you're killin me smalls
21:41 brendan ah I see send the blind man (well actually the one who hasn't been reading the #koha channel)
21:41 brendan s/send/said
21:42 * pianohacker gives brendan some new a and i keys, the current ones seem to be problematic
21:42 pianohacker said painohacker
21:42 brendan thanks greatly
21:42 brendan heh
21:43 braedon_ can anyone explain what changing the marc framework of a book actually does(ie, from default to books)? does it drop any data? or just change how the marc record is viewed?
21:43 brendan speaking like yoda today I am
21:44 pianohacker braedon_: If a tag/subfield is present in one framework and not another, I think transferring it will drop that tag
21:45 braedon_ hmm, so no knowing anything about what fields are actually useful, doing so could be potentially bad
21:46 pianohacker I think the tag coverage of most of them is the same, but...
21:47 braedon_ probably all right to leave them as default for this installation i think
21:48 pianohacker If you're concerned, you can delete the example frameworks except for default, then duplicate some new ones from the default, and then change those
21:49 chobbs left #koha
21:49 braedon_ for future reference, would changing the frameworkcode field in the database have the same effect as editing the marc record and changing the dropdown? ie, when is the conversion from one framework to the other done?
21:50 pianohacker braedon_: Editing it in the database would change the way the record is displayed but not the content, but it would get dropped when you saved the record
21:51 braedon_ the problem with building one from the default, is that i wouldn't know what ones to change, and I don't think the librarian that will be using the system would either
21:52 pianohacker Hrm
21:53 pianohacker That might be a mailing list question, then, I'm not positive that all of the example frameworks cover the same tags
21:54 braedon_ Thinking about it, i will have to come up with something. if you leave it on default, whenever you save a marc record(well, for all the ones i have tried it on at least) there are a bunch of required fields that it wants you to add, as they aren't in the original record retrieved from z39.50 servers. If you switch it to books, it stops complaining
21:55 braedon_ i suppose i can look at the logs and find what it has dropped for a given record
21:55 pianohacker braedon_: Which specific subfields? You can turn that off, there's some weird and unnecessary defaults
21:56 pianohacker unfortunately, I must drop out and get some work done, adios
21:56 pianohacker left #koha
21:58 chris_n braedon_: I don't believe the changing the framework drops any data iirc
21:59 chris_n if the record had the tag and/or subfield it will still be there, just not displayed
21:59 braedon_ ok
21:59 braedon_ i'm having a look into one i changed to books, to see what it did
22:00 * chris_n has added/removed tags from frameworks often and noticed no data loss as a result
22:01 brendan gmcharlt++ #busy-man and I'm loving seeing all the gitosis messages
22:01 chris_n there are some things that you should not change unadvisedly, however, like mapping of marc fields to koha fields
22:02 cait left #koha
22:05 schuster left #koha
22:09 Nate joined #koha
22:12 collum joined #koha
22:15 braedon_ ok, in the test i did, moving a random book from default to books, it deleted a 019 tag, and a 695
22:15 braedon_ it also added a 942
22:16 braedon_ time to work out what on earth they are :)
22:17 wizzyrea slef about?
22:19 toins left #koha
22:20 wizzyrea nm :)
22:21 braedon_ chris_n: it looks like whenever you save a marc record, it reformats it(obviously), and any tags that Koha doesn't know about, are not transferred over
22:21 braedon_ chris_n: the 019 and 695 tags don't appear in the default mark framework at all
22:24 chris_n braedon_: are you hiding or actually removing  the tags?
22:26 braedon_ not
22:27 braedon_ the original marc records are imported
22:27 braedon_ what i am then doing is moving them to the books framework, and saving
22:28 chris_n I missunderstood earlier... by change I meant hiding subfields rather than deleteing tags from the framework
22:28 braedon_ and also then to other frameworks, and back to books
22:29 braedon_ so should all tags in default be in the others? just some hidden?
22:30 chris_n I'll have to defer on that answer to gmcharlt or someone else more familiar with what goes on when certian tags are actually removed from the framework
22:31 braedon_ ok
22:31 bebbi joined #koha
22:31 chris_n I do know hiding/unhiding does not affect the tag/field in the record
22:31 braedon_ cool
22:32 gmcharlt right, but once the record passes through the Koha MARC editor, tags not represented in the framework can get stripped
22:32 gmcharlt (which doesn't actually seem all that good)
22:32 * chris_n agrees
22:32 braedon_ "not represented" - hidden or removed?
22:32 gmcharlt removed
22:32 braedon_ ok
22:33 chris_n then, I think the marc editor is on the slate to be revamped at some point iirc
22:33 braedon_ that seems to be what i found in the tests
22:33 joetho left #koha
22:33 chris_n I would think you'd like to keep all tags/fields of the original marc record intact
22:33 chris_n and use the framework as a sort of filter for editing/displaying
22:33 brendan wow really likes the URL name -
22:34 bebbi left #koha
22:35 braedon_ who has it?
22:35 gmcharlt I do
22:35 bebbi joined #koha
22:35 braedon_ haha, o, right
22:35 brendan gmcharlt you need a matching jacket or varsity jacket kind of thing
22:35 gmcharlt no, I need a badge :)
22:36 brendan of course :)
22:39 pianohacker joined #koha
22:39 pianohacker brendan: Do you have an online preview of the new VOKAL icons?
22:45 braedon_ gmcharlt: does that apply for subfields? or just whole tags?
22:45 gmcharlt I think it applies to subfields as well
22:46 braedon_ hmm, ok
22:46 braedon_ fun times :)
22:47 brendan pianohacker --> http://demo-staff.bywatersolut[…]
22:47 brendan username - demo
22:47 brendan same for password
22:48 brendan right now they are listed as sfdicons -- but I changed that to vokal
22:50 wizzyrea sniff test. Aesome
22:50 wizzyrea awesome, even.
22:51 brendan wizzyrea - I'm going to update the demo to the current HEAD by the end of today - so you can update that information on
22:52 wizzyrea woot!
22:52 wizzyrea email me when you're done and I'll fix it
22:52 wizzyrea
22:56 brendan wizzyrea -> updated now
22:56 wizzyrea oh sweet lol that was fast
22:57 brendan
22:57 wizzyrea ty kindly
22:58 brendan sure thing and let me know if you want me to change anything
22:58 wizzyrea nope you make it look lovely ;)
22:58 wizzyrea updated
22:59 brendan I may have missed this - what's the process to get access to edit or add to the koha-community
22:59 wizzyrea create an account, see the first post on the site
22:59 wizzyrea there's a link
22:59 wizzyrea and if you don't get the email let me know
23:00 wizzyrea 1. it's not always instantaneous and 2. it's been getting caught in spam filters a lot
23:00 brendan doh
23:01 brendan hey cool - if worked I'm registered
23:01 brendan s/if/it
23:02 wizzyrea squee!
23:11 braedon_ is there some magic to defining issuing rules? nothing i do seems to add anything
23:13 Sharon left #koha
23:15 brendan braedon_ this could deal with bug 3870
23:15 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3870 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, Can't add circulation and fines rules
23:18 braedon_ those three fields are not in my database
23:18 braedon_ i am on 3.00.05 at the moment - should they be there?
23:19 brendan hmm.. not sure I was speaking to head
23:19 brendan I don't have a 3.00.05 database at the moment
23:20 braedon_ i will try adding the fields
23:20 braedon_ can always delete them
23:21 paul_p left #koha
23:22 braedon_ fixed
23:22 braedon_ magical
23:22 braedon_ thanks
23:23 ebegin left #koha
23:25 brendan ah the power of
23:27 braedon_ well, if you know what to search for
23:27 gmcharlt vokal++
23:27 gmcharlt brendan: do they want a credit in the release notes?
23:27 brendan yes
23:27 brendan give the credit to Vokal
23:27 gmcharlt Vokal or VOKAL?
23:28 brendan
23:28 brendan hmm.. not sure
23:28 gmcharlt heh - they don't seem quite sure either
23:28 brendan
23:29 gmcharlt vokal seems the most common
23:29 brendan I agree
23:29 brendan yes give them all the credit
23:29 brendan I'm just the middleman
23:29 gmcharlt yeah, I'm asking about the sponsor section specifically
23:48 ebegin joined #koha
23:49 pianohacker vokal++ # The new icons are very tasteful and consistent
23:50 eric_b joined #koha
23:55 brendan didn't get this in yet
23:55 brendan hi pianohacker
23:55 brendan greetings
23:56 pianohacker greetings to you too
23:56 pianohacker bye again, just wanted to see the new icons :)
23:56 pianohacker left #koha
23:58 brendan @wunder 93117
23:58 ebegin left #koha
23:59 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 18.0�C (3:52 PM PST on February 03, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.70 in 1005.6 hPa (Falling).

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