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00:10 brendan @wunder 93117
00:10 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 12.8�C (4:03 PM PST on January 20, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.46 in 997.5 hPa (Rising). Coastal Flood Warning in effect until 4 am PST Thursday...
00:21 chris @wunder wellington nz
00:21 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 23.0�C (1:00 PM NZDT on January 21, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: 16.0�C. Pressure: 29.47 in 998 hPa (Steady).
00:22 chris gotcha beat today brendan
00:22 brendan wow thats beating me by a lot
00:22 brendan almost double
00:24 chris yeah its been nice weather for the conf
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00:26 chris bob from calyx, and mason are sitting next to me, fixing koha bugs, during the lunch break :)
00:26 chris (im reading mail)
00:26 brendan awesome
00:27 russ chris: say gidday to bob for me :-)
00:35 chris will do, i just went off to another session, they are still bugfixing
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00:35 chris im at the attracting and retaining ppl for a floss project
00:41 brendan chocolate works
00:41 chris :)
00:41 brendan or for chris - peanut butter
00:41 chris well my wife
00:43 brendan :)
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02:19 chris_n2 g'evening
02:55 chris hi chris_n2
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02:58 chris_n2 heya chris
02:58 chris_n2 hows the conference today?
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03:06 chris good, in a postgres talk at the moment
03:07 chris_n2 cool
03:37 chris_n2 g'night #koha
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03:43 Amit heya chris_n2, chris
03:43 Amit morning #koha
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07:04 Ropuch Morning #koha
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08:49 Amit heya nicomo, Ropuch
08:50 nicomo hi Amit
08:50 Ropuch Hello Amit, nicomo
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10:00 kf hi #koha
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13:36 chris_n g'morning
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13:39 jwagner good morning chris_n
13:42 owen Hi all
13:42 * chris_n came in to a squid overwhelmed by a spam-bot which a user unwittingly installed on their computer :-P
13:42 oceb Hi owen
13:43 owen chris_n: Ouch. Do you know how it got there?
13:43 chris_n over 53.5 million (yes million) attempts to access a mass email site
13:43 jwagner That soundeth not fun :-(
13:44 chris_n owen: it appears to have been in a download from a very popular radio talk-show website
13:44 owen Oh how nice.
13:45 * chris_n notes that that user is currently re-formatting and re-installing his os, etc.
13:45 jwagner So will that teach the user an effective lesson?
13:45 chris_n as nothing I know of would remove it
13:46 chris_n jwagner: you did not hear that from me ;-)
13:46 chris_n this user is perfectly capable of doing this, however
13:46 chris_n some are not
13:47 chris_n moral: Don't install bunches of "gadgets" on your computer.
13:50 jwagner Use it as a teaching moment :-)  Make the user get up in front of everyone and explain what he did and why it was a Bad Idea....
13:51 * jwagner is grumpy today
13:52 hdl_laptop hi
13:52 * jdavidb would be tweeting and/or otherwise broadcasting which popular radio talk-show site has been hacked.
13:53 * owen too
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13:57 oceb hi schuster
13:58 schuster Heyo!@
13:58 chris_n
13:58 chris_n hi schuster
13:59 chris_n unfortunately all of the main-line virus/malware/spyware software failed to pick up on it
13:59 chris_n which does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling
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14:02 owen Hi schuster, magnus
14:02 chris_n ehlo magnus
14:02 * jdavidb lols at owen's latest tweet.
14:03 owen Seriously, how did I live without "git commit --amend," and why don't they teach you that one on the first day?
14:03 * jdavidb started using the heck out of "git blame" the moment he learned about it.
14:04 chris_n yeah, git reset HEAD^ is another very useful line when used in conjunction with git rebase -i
14:04 chris_n you can back up and split commits in the middle of the interactive rebase
14:05 chris_n very cool for sorting out a mass of development work after the fact
14:06 owen jdavidb: I love the accusatory tone of "git blame" :)
14:07 jdavidb owen:  I do too.  It got some chuckles in my git presentation yesterday, too.
14:10 gmcharlt git credit? :)
14:10 gmcharlt git blame-if-it-be-buggy-take-​all-the-credit-otherwise?
14:10 owen Heh... Two interchangeable commands, but pick one based on your mood.
14:14 chris_n lol
14:15 gmcharlt and nicely enough,
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14:20 Nate Greetings #koha!
14:22 owen Hi Nate
14:22 Nate hiya Owen!
14:22 Nate did you guys get snow?
14:23 owen Just after Christmas, but it's all but gone now
14:23 owen Kids around here got a whole extra week of Christmas vacation because of it
14:24 Nate not bad. looks like Ct is gonna get hit again this weekend!
14:24 Nate i want an extra week of Xmas!!
14:27 jdavidb We're expecting a "sloppy inch" in the DC area tomorrow.  :/
14:27 Nate yeesh
14:27 schuster @wonder 75074
14:27 Nate it does seem unseasonable warm here
14:27 munin schuster: Error: "wonder" is not a valid command.
14:27 schuster @wunder 75074
14:27 munin schuster: The current temperature in Brookview, Plano, Texas is 10.1�C (8:15 AM CST on January 21, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 37%. Dew Point: -4.0�C. Pressure: 28.97 in 980.9 hPa (Rising).
14:28 schuster Balmy ;)
14:28 jdavidb @wunder 20852
14:28 munin jdavidb: The current temperature in Flower Valley, Rockville, Maryland is -1.7�C (9:23 AM EST on January 21, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: -5.0�C. Windchill: -2.0�C. Pressure: 29.97 in 1014.8 hPa.
14:28 Nate @wunder 06516
14:28 munin Nate: The current temperature in Third Avenue Park, West Haven, Connecticut is -2.1�C (9:09 AM EST on January 21, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: -5.0�C. Windchill: -2.0�C. Pressure: 30.25 in 1024.3 hPa (Rising).
14:28 jdavidb If you could @wunder jwagner's_office, you'd get something almost that cold, I think.
14:28 Nate ha!
14:29 Nate Thank God for space heaters
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14:35 kyle hello all
14:36 Nate hi kyle
14:36 owen kyle++ # For lots of new patches recently
14:37 kyle Is anyone around familiar with the Koha reports wizard and the custom SQL reports?
14:37 kyle owen: I've got alot of great stuff ready to release, but I figured I'd wait until 3.2 is out the door before sending patches.
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14:40 kyle I have custom SQL reports that need to be run periodically for each of my libraries. Am I correct in assuming that I need to create the report for *each* library and schedule a run for each one? I.e. there is no way to put something like _LIBRARY_ in the statement and have is swapped out for the branchname at run time?
14:40 kf it will be possible, there is a patch from biblibre
14:41 owen[…]2136b9ce5d66ca840
14:41 kf
14:42 kf :)
14:42 kyle Sweet : ) Any eta for this to be committed?
14:43 owen Post 3.2 I assume
14:45 kyle I've been thinking about adding a 'Custom Reports' module where you could upload a custom report file ( say myReport.krz ), and it would magically appear and be click and run. The file be a zip file with the perl and template files, and a file describing data about it ( description, landing page, etc ). I just wonder if it would be worth the time and effort.
14:46 kyle I think if the current reports system gets run time vars, my idea would be superfluous
14:49 jwagner Has anyone ever fixed the problem with being unable to schedule reports?
14:49 owen kyle: I would think that your idea would allow for more flexible reports if perl scripts were included which could do data processing
14:49 jwagner See Bug 1993
14:49 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1993 enhancement, P3, ---,, NEW, Task Scheduler Needs Re-write
14:50 kf jwagner: its a rights problem afaik, I think nengard tested it for documentation
14:50 jwagner Also Bug 3935
14:50 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3935 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Schedule tasks periodically
14:51 jwagner kf, do you have any more info?  I'm not seeing an update from nengard in the bug report.
14:52 kf mom
14:54 kyle owen: That's exactly my thoughts.
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15:01 oceb hi gmc_mob
15:02 owen gmc is now a made man.
15:03 gmcharlt concrete boots!
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15:06 owen Kansas steals Ohio's State Librarian:[…]rarian-jo-budler/
15:06 owen It should be a good fit, she's very Open Source-friendly.
15:10 jwagner gmcharlt, online?
15:11 gmcharlt jwagner: yes
15:11 jwagner For various good reasons, my dev server is still at .061.  I need to do some relatively minor patches.  Can you accept patches done at that version of head, or do they need to wait until I get up to the current head?
15:14 gmcharlt jwagner: patches against head are more likely to apply; you can submit patches against your .061, but be prepared for them to bounce if they touchc any files that have been changed from .061 to .100
15:14 jwagner OK.  I may send a couple this week.  Thanks.
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15:30 mgcleveland wizzyrea, you here?
15:34 * chris_n finds a second infection... ugh
15:34 chris_n it appear to be a ddos bot
15:36 mgcleveland wizzyrea: I fixed the problem.  Turns out i had an incompatible version of  I don't know how that happened but it's fixed now!  Thanks for your help!
15:37 wizzyrea oh, hi, just got in, that's great to hear
15:38 wizzyrea I barely helped, but it's my pleasure to walk the troubleshooting path with you. :)
15:38 mgcleveland hey!
15:38 mgcleveland well you made me think about versioning issues
15:38 mgcleveland which turned out to be the problem
15:39 mgcleveland like I said, i really don't know how that got in there
15:39 mgcleveland maybe someone else was fiddling with the source code
15:39 mgcleveland >(
15:39 hdl_laptop hi kyle
15:39 hdl_laptop how are you ?
15:39 kf jwagner: sorry, phone call
15:40 mgcleveland ok well I'm outta here
15:40 kf jwagner: its in nengard's git look for scheduler and trouble shooting
15:40 mgcleveland thanks again!
15:40 oceb mmm
15:40 oceb hi guys
15:40 oceb where i can found my AmazonAssocTag
15:40 oceb ?
15:41 mgcleveland left #koha
15:41 owen oceb, are you trying to set up Amazon content?
15:41 owen Did you get your AWSAccessKeyID and AWSPrivateKey?
15:42 wizzyrea mgcleveland yea, it would probably be important to know how that got changed. :/
15:43 kf bye #koha
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15:43 oceb owen : yes, i have AmazonAssocTag
15:43 oceb sorry
15:43 owen oceb: AmazonAssocTag is not required for Amazon content
15:43 owen But AWSAccessKeyID and AWSPrivateKey are
15:44 oceb uhmmm
15:44 oceb i have two
15:44 oceb but i havent covers =(
15:44 owen oceb: Remind me what version you're on?
15:44 oceb uhmm
15:44 oceb 3.0.5
15:45 oceb when i put GoogleJackets on, it shows some covers from google... but nothing from amazon
15:45 * owen isn't sure if some Amazon preferences changed since 3.0.5
15:46 wizzyrea I don't think you can use both
15:46 owen oceb, in the development version I'm using you also have to turn on OPACAmazonCoverImages and OPACAmazonEnabled
15:46 wizzyrea I don't think you can use both amazon covers AND google covers
15:46 wizzyrea I thought they were mutually exclusive
15:47 wizzyrea at least that's what I was told a while back
15:47 oceb yeah, i know
15:47 oceb but with google off, it doesn't work anyway
15:47 oceb @owen :
15:47 munin oceb: Error: "owen" is not a valid command.
15:47 oceb owen : i have OPACAmazonCoverImages on
15:48 oceb i can't find 'OPACAmazonEnabled'
15:48 owen oceb: What about AmazonEnabled ?
15:48 owen (OPACAmazonEnabled may have been added since 3.0.5)
15:48 oceb omg
15:49 oceb it's on local use tab :oP
15:49 oceb OPACAmazonEnabled is off =O
15:49 oceb omg im a donkey :P
15:50 owen Can't blame you for missing it on the Local Use tab
15:50 owen That sounds like a bug
15:51 oceb =o
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15:51 oceb well i have OPACAmazonEnabled on, OPACAmazonCoverImages on and AmazonEnabled on
15:51 oceb but doesn't work
15:51 oceb and i have Google Jackets off
16:00 hdl_laptop kyle: thanks for your hard work.
16:01 hdl_laptop Just a question : why not working on top of what jean-andre did for offline-circulation
16:02 owen is now known as owen-away
16:02 hdl_laptop Why choosing a package rather than a plugin firefox ?
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16:15 jwagner Has anyone worked with the globalDueDate syspref?  I've set a date there, but the system is ignoring it.  Is there another setting I need to use to say "pay attention" to it?
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16:33 jwagner Found the globalDueDate problem, never mind
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16:35 oceb hi toins
16:36 toins hi all
16:36 toins hi oceb
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16:49 CGI213 Hello I finish installing Koha but I cannot find where to add new patrons, when I go to the patrons page there isn´t a new button, does anyone has an idea of what could I do
16:51 oceb hi CGI213
16:51 oceb wich version of koha?
16:51 CGI213 HI
16:51 CGI213 3.0
16:52 oceb what do you see on /cgi-bin/koha/members/ ?
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16:53 CGI213 only the option to search by last name
16:53 oceb do you have patron categories?
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16:54 CGI213 yes
16:54 oceb uhmm maybe javascript
16:55 oceb wich browser are you using?
16:55 CGI213 firefox
16:56 oceb strange...
16:56 oceb do you have some extension ?
16:57 CGI213 what do you mean by an extension
16:57 oceb a firefox extension
16:57 oceb like ad-blocker.. or else
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16:59 oceb hi brendan
17:02 brendan hi oceb
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17:11 chris_n for the record: it turns out that this was a root-kit based DDOS bot launching an attack against
17:11 chris_n what a fun morning :-|
17:12 * jwagner hands chris_n a box of chocolates or a stiff drink, whichever he'd prefer.
17:12 frederic joined #koha
17:12 * chris_n takes the chocolates :-)
17:12 rcatlin hi David
17:12 frederic hello
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17:15 * oceb on the phone
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19:09 jwagner hdl_laptop, still online?
19:13 oceb joined #koha
19:20 hdl_laptop jwagner: ?
19:21 jwagner Looking at Bug 4037, it seems like you might have done some work in latest head/3.2 on the inventory tool.  Is that the case?
19:21 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4037 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, Inventroy Tool Missing Item Type Filter
19:23 jwagner I have a patch for Bug 3294, but there are also problems at our current level (.061) with selecting on item type and location.  If you've done significant work in those areas, I don't want to try to touch them at this level.
19:23 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3294 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, inventory tool
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19:55 wizzyrea BibLibre did the bib maintenance enhancements (bulk editing/adding, Bib merging)
19:55 wizzyrea right?
19:55 wizzyrea or am I smoking it
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19:59 jwagner wizzyrea, the two are not mutually exclusive :-)
20:01 wizzyrea HAHA
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20:09 cait hi #koha
20:09 jwagner Guten Abend, cait
20:09 cait Guten Abend jwagner
20:10 cait :)
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20:19 seneca Quick question: When a book is on hold, should its status be "available" or something sounding more "hold"-y?
20:20 cait on hold - on shelf and not yet pulled and checked in?
20:20 seneca no, post-check-in, but pre-picked up
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20:22 schuster in community it currently says available.
20:23 schuster Which confuses our librarians and won't allow others to place holds on that book since it is "available" unless someone has a fix for it.  I know in the fork that has been addressed.
20:23 cait hm I thought it would be shown as waiting
20:24 cait we are on 3.01.61
20:24 seneca ah, when another user goes to place a hold on the same book, they'll just be added second in line/priority, right? If they were observant, they could see that they were number 2 when they placed the hold...
20:25 cait they can see it in their account too, when its activated in sys prefs
20:25 seneca I'm running the VM from Kyle Hall and it still says "available" until it is officially checked out
20:25 schuster we are on an older version .32 I believe so maybe there is a "patch" that I don't have...
20:25 schuster go to more about and check the version...
20:25 cait I can only check tomorrow, now access to our koha systems from home
20:26 schuster .32 says available when on the hold shelf.  FYI.
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20:26 schuster Let me restate that 3.01.32 says available on the hold shelf so others can't place a hold.
20:27 seneca
20:28 seneca and it says "available" even after checked in and put on the hold shelf - guess I should upgrade
20:28 seneca schuster, it says "available" when it has been pulled and placed on the hold shelf?
20:30 seneca cait, thanks for the info - seems like it might have been fixed in the time between schuster (and me) and you
20:31 seneca wait, schuster, what "fork" are you referring to? I didn't realize there were two branches of Koha...
20:32 cait fork = liblime enterprise koha
20:32 schuster cait correct on the fork, but looks like community has the patch so not a fork on that patch!
20:32 schuster Upgrade!
20:33 seneca ah, non-free version, got it
20:33 seneca Will do!  Danke!
20:33 chris koha is at now ... and non-free as in freedom
20:34 * chris doesnt like to play the liblime marketing game, .. there is not community koha and liblime enterprise koha
20:34 chris there is koha .. and liblime's fork
20:36 seneca I only see version 3.00.04 on the site. Where might I find the 3.01.xx version?
20:37 cait seneca: where are you from?
20:37 cait seneca: you can download it from
20:37 chris or you can get 3.0.5 from
20:37 chris we cant edit the website im afraid, to fix all the wrong info on there
20:38 cait ah, didnt know that
20:38 chris i would upgrade to 3.0.5 first
20:38 chris its the latest stable release
20:38 seneca how do you pm in the web version of the irc client? ;)
20:38 seneca so the 3.01 tree isn't "stable" yet?
20:39 chris thats right
20:39 chris it will be 3.2.0 when its released (within a month or so)
20:39 seneca wonder if my holds=available problem is fixed in 3.0.4
20:40 cait seneca: sent you a pm, dont know if you can see it ;)
20:40 seneca I can cait, but I'm unsure how to reply - I'm in this web-based irc client
20:40 chris seneca, 3.0.5 is hte latest stable
20:41 chris not 3.0.4
20:41 seneca Anyway, I'm from Dayton, OH USA
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20:41 seneca awesome, thanks chris
20:41 chris
20:41 seneca I will dl it
20:41 seneca there already
20:41 chris it has tons and tons for bug fixes since the version you have
20:41 seneca excellent
20:42 seneca are there release notes for it somewhere? possibly in the tarball?
20:42 chris yep
20:42 chris and in git
20:42 seneca sweet
20:42 seneca gotta run to lead a training session now, but thanks to all for your guidance
20:42 cait ah, just wonderes about the Danke - im from Germany
20:42 seneca this is indeed why I love FLOSS :)
20:43 chris[…]eca3f94f07aa3b006
20:43 seneca ah.. I'm also a language teacher, so I flip back and forth between languages way too often ;)
20:43 seneca thanks again, chris!
20:43 seneca g'bye all
20:43 seneca left #koha
20:43 cait bye seneca :)
20:44 cait ah too slow
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20:48 CGI324 hello all im getting this error message do you have any idea what could it be
20:48 CGI324 Connection failed to
20:49 davi joined #koha
20:50 cait CGI324: are you behind a firewall?
20:51 wizzyrea can you telnet to from the command line of the server?
20:52 cait hi wizzyrea :)
20:52 wizzyrea ah hello cait, how are ya?
20:53 cait fine thx, hope you too
20:54 wizzyrea Yea, making it through :D
20:56 CGI324 we do have firewall what port do I have to open
20:56 gmcharlt CGI324: port 7090
20:58 cait nice teamwork here :)
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21:05 hdl_laptop wizzyrea: yea we did bib merging.
21:06 tirabo joined #koha
21:06 hdl_laptop wizzyrea: we planned to do bib bulkediting, but it is not done at the moment
21:06 wizzyrea okies
21:06 wizzyrea ty
21:07 hdl_laptop bib merging is available on shelves
21:09 hdl_laptop later tell jwagner sorry for delay, I was caught by some tough work. yes we did some work on inventory stocktaking. You can look at master branch
21:09 hdl_laptop @later tell jwagner sorry for delay, I was caught by some tough work. yes we did some work on inventory stocktaking. You can look at master branch
21:09 munin hdl_laptop: The operation succeeded.
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21:37 CGI010 Hello i am getting this error message when adding a new item to a record, do you know what I am doing wrong or what is happening
21:38 CGI010 Can't call method "append_fields" on an undefined value at /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0/MARC/File/ line 92.
21:39 wizzyrea is this a new installation?
21:39 CGI010 yes
21:39 CGI010 just finished installing
21:39 wizzyrea I'm guessing that you are missing a perl module, but i'm not sure which one
21:39 wizzyrea sec, let me see if I can find out which
21:40 CGI010 thanks
21:41 wizzyrea this message may help:'t-call-method-"append_fields"-p25867064.html
21:41 wizzyrea lms if I can get you an example of what should be in /etc/perl/XML
21:42 wizzyrea parserdetails.ini, was the part i left off
21:44 wizzyrea this is what my ParserDetails.ini looks like:
21:44 oceb left #koha
21:46 wizzyrea iirc it's the last bit [XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser] that is the one that is actually used
21:46 wizzyrea that must be at the bottom of the file
21:46 wizzyrea somebody jump in if I'm full of poo
21:52 CGI010 the last part at the bottom is the same but I dont have anything above it
21:53 CGI010 do we need to have that
21:53 * chris_n2 thinks wizzyrea is full of good advice atm
21:53 chris_n2 CGI010: there is a parser test script in the 'misc' subdir iirc
21:54 chris_n2 run that and it will tell you if the parser is correct
21:55 chris_n2 misc/
21:55 chris_n2 is the one
21:55 wizzyrea hrm, guess it's not that
21:56 richard left #koha
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21:57 CGI010 I cant find the file
21:57 wizzyrea is this version 3? or 2.2.9
21:58 CGI010 yes
21:58 CGI010 3
21:59 chris_n2 did you install from a tarball or a git repo?
22:00 chris_n2 rather.. what sort of install did you do? standard, single, or dev?
22:02 CGI010 tarball
22:02 CGI010 and standart
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22:11 chris_n2 CGI010: I've got to run out; try /usr/share/koha.. but I'm not sure
22:29 magnus left #koha
22:34 CGI010 left #koha
22:36 cait good night #koha
22:36 cait left #koha
22:37 brendan joined #koha
22:43 CGI680 joined #koha
22:44 CGI680 I found an error that has laready been reported "3520" and there is a patch to solve it but how do I implement the patch?
22:47 CGI680 this is the error "Can't call method "append_fields"
22:51 seneca joined #koha
22:51 seneca Does anyone here use Kyle Hall's VM appliance?
23:04 CGI680 left #koha
23:05 chris chris_n2++
23:05 chris_n2 seems those funds might be put to better use imho
23:07 chris always the way
23:08 chris reinventing the wheel, in order to try not to reinvent the wheel
23:09 seneca are you referring to the VM appliance?
23:09 gmcharlt seneca: no
23:09 seneca k
23:09 * chris_n2 now knows a bit more about John Yokley
23:10 chris the VM appliance is cool :)
23:10 seneca it certainly was easy to "install" ;)
23:10 gmcharlt seneca: we're referring to and the responses to it
23:10 seneca though now I need to upgrade it and the built-in upgrader either hangs, or I don't understand what it's asking me
23:11 chris gah, everyone keeps wanting to split users vs developers
23:11 chris STOP IT ALREADY
23:11 chris thats not how FLOSS works best
23:12 seneca I agree
23:13 chris_n2 hot topic
23:13 chris "letting the users organise themselves before passing it off to the developers to do something"
23:13 chris yeah ... thats not how you get FLOSS developers to work with you
23:14 chris_n2 maybe they just need to re-skin bugzilla so people won't recognize it is bugzilla :-)
23:14 gmcharlt of course, one of the ultimate ways to vote on the desirability of a feature is to, well, fund it
23:14 chris that would be a much more laudable goal
23:14 chris_n2 hehe
23:14 chris wrap bugzilla with a nicer interface
23:14 chris_n2 then they could get over their bugzilla hang-up
23:15 gmcharlt to be fair, bugzilla does not have a friendly face, and it takes work to have it be useful for the kind of fund raising that I think Lori Ayre et al are trying to do it
23:16 chris yup, making bugzilla nicer would be good
23:16 gmcharlt but still, an important part of any new feature database will be having it actually be accepted by the users *and* developers (and user/developers and developer/users) who are the audience for it
23:17 chris yeah, erecting artificial barriers is a way to create real ones
23:25 davi left #koha
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23:31 Nate goodnight #koha!
23:31 Nate left #koha
23:31 chris_n2 ok, enough said... time to eat
23:46 tirabo left #koha

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