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00:02 chris_n2 interesting: bugzilla uses TT
00:33 chris yeah TT rules
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02:00 seneca anyone here ever have a "deep recursion" problem?
02:01 seneca any time I access, my CPU usage maxes out and I never get a response in the browser
02:06 chris_n2 seneca: what does the log say?
02:14 seneca the apache error.log says:
02:15 seneca crap...brb
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02:16 seneca ok
02:16 seneca the apache error.log says:
02:16 seneca [Thu Jan 21 20:48:21 2010] Deep recursion on subroutine "utf8::SWASHNEW" at /usr/share/perl/5.10/ line 251, <DATA> line 275.
02:16 seneca [Thu Jan 21 20:48:21 2010] Deep recursion on subroutine "CGI::Carp::die" at /usr/share/perl/5.10/ line 198, <DATA> line 275.
02:16 seneca those two lines
02:18 seneca which I'm not sure I understand what it's saying
02:18 seneca with the "<DATA> line 275" bit at the end
02:19 seneca it's that slams the cpu, but this error makes it sound like it's a perl issue?
02:31 chris_n2 seneca: this is a 3.0.x version of Koha?
02:32 seneca eah
02:32 seneca latest "stable" as I was told today
02:32 seneca 3.0.5
02:32 seneca just upgraded to it this evening
02:33 seneca running on Debian linux, and I'm upgrading everything else in the system right now, just to check
02:33 * chris_n2 looks
02:35 seneca no change:(
02:47 seneca just mailed the general mailing list with the problem
02:52 seneca is it most definitely bed time - goodnight all
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02:53 chris_n2 seneca: not sure what's up with your install, the latest 3.0.x branch works fine here
02:53 chris_n2 @later tell seneca: not sure what's up with your install, the latest 3.0.x branch works fine here
02:53 munin chris_n2: The operation succeeded.
02:56 chris_n2 however, some error trapping is wanting for deep recursion to happen in any case, I think
02:57 chris_n2 g'night
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03:38 Amit hi brendan, chris
03:38 Amit morning #koha
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08:01 Amit heya nicomo
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08:05 nicomo hi Amit
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08:17 magnus hi all
08:17 magnus @wunder bodo, norway
08:17 munin magnus: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is -1.0�C (8:50 AM CET on January 22, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 55%. Dew Point: -9.0�C. Windchill: -7.0�C. Pressure: 30.51 in 1033 hPa (Steady).
08:17 magnus windchill--
08:42 nicomo_laptop @wunder lyon france
08:42 munin nicomo_laptop: The current temperature in Feyzin, Feyzin, France is -0.3�C (9:03 AM CET on January 22, 2010). Conditions: Light Drizzle. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: -1.0�C. Windchill: 0.0�C. Pressure: 30.20 in 1022.6 hPa (Steady).
08:43 nicomo_laptop funny, doesn't feel like 0°C, feels warmer
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09:56 chipsy hi guys, is it possible to install koha on virtual box
09:57 toins chilts: of course
09:57 toins chipsy: of course
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10:01 magnus chipsy: there's even some ready-made images available:[…]irtual-appliance/
10:02 chipsy but while trying to install array::compare it couldn't
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10:06 chipsy can i used diff barcodes other than the ones koha generate automatic
10:12 greenmang0 @wunder mumbai
10:12 munin greenmang0: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 30.0�C (3:10 PM IST on January 22, 2010). Conditions: Smoke. Humidity: 37%. Dew Point: 14.0�C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Steady).
10:13 greenmang0 @wunder delhi
10:13 munin greenmang0: Error: No such location could be found.
10:13 greenmang0 munin: C00L BAWT
10:13 munin greenmang0: Error: "C00L" is not a valid command.
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12:39 jwagner Good morning all.
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13:32 * chris_n learns a new git trick early today
13:32 chris_n git checkout <tag>
13:32 chris_n lets you jump back to that tag and then return to your current work by git checkout <working branch>
13:36 jwagner I prefer the git checkout jdavidb trick, better known as squawking "David, HELP!!!!"
13:36 * jdavidb cackles maniacally.
13:37 chris_n you can git a list of tags by 'git tag'
13:37 * jdavidb thinks he's answered more git questions so far in 2010 than he has answered Koha questions...
13:37 * chris_n often consults with the oracle at #git
13:37 jwagner Don't worry, we'll catch up on the Koha side :-)
13:37 jdavidb I'm sure.
13:37 * chris_n imagines jdavidb and jwagner on a treadmill that is getting faster and faster
13:38 jwagner "Stop the world, I want to get off" :-)
13:38 chris_n lol :-)
13:38 jdavidb That's a good image, chris_n.  Now, to make the image more realistic, imagine me with one leg, and jwagner with one foot all bandaged up, on that treadmill...
13:38 chris_n hehe
13:38 jwagner No problem, we'll just walk on our hands, right?
13:38 * chris_n hands jdavidb a crutch
13:39 chris_n then how will you type code?
13:39 jwagner voice recognition software?
13:40 jdavidb I had Dragon 8 on my PC in Abilene, when I was having a bout with carpal tunnel syndrome.  Took a *while* to teach it how to understand perl coding.
13:40 * chris_n has often thought it would be nice to 'think' code into vim
13:41 chris_n wow, redhat has a very slick looking bugzilla interface
13:52 slef hi all
13:52 jwagner Morning, slef
13:53 slef damn. can't see
13:53 slef brb
13:56 slef that's better
13:58 chris_n howdy slef
13:58 chris_n @wunder Dunn, NC
13:58 munin` chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 5.6�C (8:54 AM EST on January 22, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 96%. Dew Point: 5.0�C. Windchill: 4.0�C. Pressure: 29.41 in 995.8 hPa (Falling).
13:59 jwagner @wunder Bethesda, MD
14:00 munin` jwagner: The current temperature in Langley Fork Park, McLean, Virginia is 1.3�C (8:57 AM EST on January 22, 2010). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 89%. Dew Point: -0.0�C. Windchill: 1.0�C. Pressure: 29.92 in 1013.1 hPa (Rising). Winter Weather Advisory in effect until 1 PM EST this afternoon...
14:00 jdavidb @wunder 20817
14:00 munin` jdavidb: The current temperature in Potomac, Maryland is 1.5�C (8:54 AM EST on January 22, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 73%. Dew Point: -3.0�C. Windchill: 2.0�C. Pressure: 29.72 in 1006.3 hPa (Steady). Winter Weather Advisory in effect until 1 PM EST this afternoon...
14:01 jdavidb Neither one of those are "Bethesda."  Sheesh.
14:01 jwagner @wunder jwagner's office (no, the heat isn't fixed yet)
14:01 munin` jwagner: Error: No such location could be found.
14:02 slef so it looks like kohala have got their infernal Java app working, so I miss yet another CA meeting :-(
14:03 chris_n kohala ???
14:03 chris_n is that like 'koala'?
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14:13 Nate Hello #koha
14:13 Nate I hope everyone is doing well today!
14:14 hdl_laptop hi jwagner
14:14 slef chris_n: kohala is roughly the French KUDOS
14:14 chris_n ahh
14:15 jwagner Bonjour hdl_laptop, got your message.  Thanks.
14:16 jwagner I finally have my hands on a current head version (thanks jdavidb), but it looks like your changes haven't solved the problem I ran into yesterday.
14:18 hdl_laptop what is the problem ?
14:18 hdl_laptop jwagner: I saw your patch for inventory
14:19 jwagner Actually, your changes have kind of fixed it by eliminating it :-(  Under Tools, Inventory, at our level (061) there were some problems with limiting by item type and/or location.  Sometimes they would work, sometimes they wouldn't.  Your version doesn't have either option to limit.
14:20 jwagner For the ones that didn't work, there are known items with those item types or locations, so it's not a matter of the query coming up empty.
14:21 jwagner I didn't see a bug report on it, but I did see nengard's Bug 4037 referencing item type filter in the new version.  That's why I suspected you'd done some work there.
14:21 jwagner (Sheesh, bugzilla is SLOW today!)
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14:29 jwagner hdl_laptop, did you have a reason to remove the item type and location limits?
14:30 hdl_laptop itemtype is quite tricky : since you have itype, itemtype, and ccode.
14:30 hdl_laptop itemtype is at bibliolevel
14:31 hdl_laptop location, I can't remember a good reason to remove that
14:31 hdl_laptop itemtype, you may want to control ccode or itype depending on what you are going to do
14:37 jwagner I think our people would be happy to use items.itype and items.location.
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14:50 chris_n hdl_laptop: re email; my debuglevel is 2, but the deep recursion problem appears fixed in the current 3.0.x HEAD even with debuglevel = 2
14:51 hdl_laptop mmm... thx eiro then
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14:59 schuster slef - can you expound on the kohala comment or drop me an email with what's going on?  I don't read French, but user groups should collaborate...;)
15:04 hdl_laptop schuster: kohala was meant to collaborate with a us group... It is in its bylaws ;)
15:04 schuster hdl_laptop - is there any information about the group someplace and who is active or leading?
15:04 hdl_laptop
15:05 hdl_laptop there is a kohala page
15:05 hdl_laptop use ggltranslate because it is only french
15:05 schuster once again the French come through!  Thanks for the other tip...  May have to poll the KUDOS group for someone who read french to keep up with it!
15:09 magnus hm, looks like the download-link on is pointing to 3.00.04_fixed, even though they host 3.00.05...
15:18 slef magnus: let me see if I have access to fix that.
15:19 slef hrm, it doesn't know my openID
15:20 slef I don't have a password recorded for it
15:20 slef and I probably can't register a new account because it has an eyetest.
15:20 slef #fail
15:20 slef I can't request a password reset because it has an eyetest
15:21 slef #epicfail
15:21 slef I may try the hearing test when I get my headphones, but I hate these things.
15:22 slef schuster: what do you want to know?  KohaLA is using a non-FOSS Java app to hold its meeting.  Ask us questions and I'll answer when I return.
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15:47 schuster slef thanks - Who is the current board of directors?  how many members do you currently have?  what benefits does koha-fr currently provide?
15:47 schuster slef - what is your current dues?
15:48 schuster dues/membership fee
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15:52 slef schuster: is a buggy list of directors; I don't know the membership numbers; it provides no discernable benefits yet AFAIK; it's EUR20/year but my last payment bounced and no-one answered when I asked for correct details and I've not chased it up yet.
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15:58 schuster Thanks!  good to know as we start building KUDOS - we want reach out ...
16:00 moodaepo @wunder 56001
16:00 munin` moodaepo: The current temperature in South on Monks, Mankato, Minnesota is -0.8�C (9:55 AM CST on January 22, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 95%. Dew Point: -1.0�C. Windchill: -6.0�C. Pressure: 29.88 in 1011.7 hPa (Steady).
16:01 chris_n schuster: are you reloading all 53k images every night into the db?
16:02 schuster yes - again there is no way for me to tell which are new or modified.
16:02 schuster I will do the same with the borrower records once I get a command line utility that I can use with a cron job.
16:03 chris_n I'd think since rsync can tell, that there is file system level info which could be looked at to tell
16:04 chris_n I think there are three dates attached at the file system level iirc
16:04 chris_n they are date created, date last modified, date last accessed
16:05 chris_n date last modified should tell you which have changed I think
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16:20 slef chris_n is right at least for most fs
16:20 chipsy my koha doesn't save catalog
16:21 chipsy can anyone help
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16:22 slef Thanks for the question, but to help with that, we need a bit more information.  You probably need to tell us:-
16:22 slef * Any error message (preferred) or precise problem description,
16:22 slef * How to obtain the error, step-by-step if possible.
16:22 slef (This is copy-pasta.  I see many bug reports that are missing vital info like the above and this seems better than you getting no reply.)
16:22 slef
16:23 chipsy if i tried manuall new record, after filling the info on book cat
16:23 chipsy it will ask me to save
16:24 chipsy when i additem it took me to select Xml ...
16:24 chipsy then it hook there
16:25 slef select xml?
16:25 slef First of all, are you using koha 3.0.5?
16:27 chipsy 3.0.1
16:28 slef Is it the LiveCD?
16:28 chipsy no i configure my self
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16:29 slef Why such an old version?  Has it worked for you before?
16:29 slef I mean: has this installation worked for you before?
16:29 slef What step of[…]ng/adding-records do you get to when it takes you to select Xml, and what is shown in the address bar when for "select Xml"?
16:30 chipsy yeah
16:31 chipsy nothing happens
16:32 slef I don't understand, sorry.  Maybe someone else will help.
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17:32 schuster chipsy - was this the virtual server from Kyle Hall or where did you get your tarball from?
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17:35 liz-nekls i think from some organization in brazil?
17:35 schuster wizzyrea - changes her disguise...
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17:39 jwagner schuster, you scared her off!
17:54 chris_n owen about?
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18:07 chris_n @later tell owen here's an excellent article on the clearfix hack and why to use space rather than period:[…]learfix-css-hack/
18:07 munin` chris_n: The operation succeeded.
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19:13 wizzyrea ok I'm back :P
19:15 jdavidb welcome back, wizzyrea! :P
19:19 wizzyrea hehe thanks
19:32 chris morning
19:46 jdavidb Hi, chris!
19:46 wizzyrea hey chris
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19:48 chris http://www.librarytechnology.o[…]
19:51 chris i hope people take note of this
19:53 chris there are some pretty clear lessons on how not to do it
19:54 chris clear, economic realities, which i hope people take note of, and don't make the same mistakes
19:57 chris_n interesting to say the least
19:58 wizzyrea heh, they came in only above 2 products that don't exist. That's telling
19:58 chris_n very
19:59 chris_n yet self-hosted Koha ranked well
19:59 chilts wow, I love it when people put down the _facts_ (and it's clear for all to see)
19:59 slef I think our libraries were all marked as self-hosted Koha.  We only got added to LTG very recently.
20:00 slef I have problems promoting that survey because it isn't under anything like Open Database Licence.
20:01 slef biab
20:02 wizzyrea slef: I was going to suggest that next year the co-op would be listed as a vendor, but given your 2nd statement I guess not
20:02 wizzyrea which is totally your right
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20:14 chris_n howdy pianohackr|work
20:22 slef wizzyrea: it's interesting research and I hope we'll show up in our own right, but All Rights Reserved goes against my principles.
20:22 wizzyrea understandable
20:24 slef hrm... is he describes "self-support" in the preamble, but I see only "Koha -- Independent" (which could cover that and much else) in the tables.
20:25 slef our principle 4 is autonomy and independence, so I'd say all our libraries are independent but supported by us ;-)
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20:36 slef bbl
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