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00:17 brendan @wunder 06516
00:17 munin brendan: The current temperature in, East Haven, Connecticut is 3.5�C (7:15 PM EST on January 18, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 1.0�C. Windchill: 3.0�C. Pressure: 29.85 in 1010.7 hPa (Rising).
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00:29 chris_n2 looks like chris is getting ready to present Koha
00:59 chris gah
00:59 chris i feel like i talked way too fast then
01:00 russ heh - always the way
01:01 chris_n2 nice presentation chris
01:01 chris_n2 chris++
01:04 chris thanks
01:07 gmcharlt chris++
01:20 chris made some good contacts to talk with in the evenings too
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01:32 * chris_n2 performs the obligatory daily reboot of his XP box
01:32 chris_n2 brb
01:32 chris_n2 exit
01:32 chris_n2 heh
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03:42 Amit heya brendan, chris
03:43 Amit morning #koha
03:52 chris_n2 howdy Amit
03:53 Amit heya chris_n2
04:10 Amit @wunder Bangalore india
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05:04 chris_n2 g'night #koha
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05:50 richard i wonder when 3.2's release date is
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06:05 Amit heya richard
06:05 richard hiya Amit
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07:09 nicomo morning all
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07:31 chris hi all
07:36 kf hi chris
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08:07 toins morni
08:07 toins morning all !
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09:10 nicomo morning Mr toins
09:10 toins hello nicomo
09:10 toins what's up ?
09:23 hdl_laptop hello toins
09:23 toins hello hdl_laptop
09:35 chris @wunder wellington nz
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09:35 chris hmm, it feels hotter than that
09:35 toins @wunder marseille france
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09:36 chris thats pretty humid .. looks like rain today for you
09:39 toins nope, is it sunny
09:39 toins and temperature is 3 times higher...
09:39 toins wunder--
09:43 magnus @wunder bodo, norway
09:43 munin magnus: The current temperature in Bodo, Norway is -1.0�C (10:20 AM CET on January 19, 2010). Conditions: Light Snow. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: -2.0�C. Windchill: -8.0�C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1020 hPa (Steady).
09:44 chris  <-- this looks interesting
09:48 chris as does
09:48 chris (things i learnt about in the last 2 days)
09:57 Ropuch Morning #koha
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10:23 chris ok, time for sleep
10:23 toins good night chris !
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13:31 chris_n g'morning
13:33 nengard morning
13:35 * jwagner opens bleary eye
13:35 jwagner Good morning, I think....
13:35 owen Hi
13:35 * chris_n passes out coffee/tea... your choice
13:35 jwagner Already almost through the first cup of tea.  It's not helping....
13:35 chris_n owen: thanks for the excellent blogs on customizing opac
13:36 chris_n jwagner: your supposed to drink it, not pour it into your eyes ;-)
13:36 owen You bet. I'm just sorry I've been too busy to do more
13:36 chris_n owen: they saved me hours of time I'm sure
13:36 jwagner chris_n, so THAT'S what I've been doing wrong!!!
13:37 chris_n did any of you get to see chris's presentation on koha yesterday?
13:37 chris_n he did a great job
13:37 owen You watched it online chris_n?
13:38 chris_n yes
13:38 * chris_n wishes he could have flown to NZ, but did not think he could make it back in time for work today :-)
13:40 chris_n owen: I had a bit of a problem with the clearfix class and my list menu
13:41 chris_n applying the clearfix class caused the first item in the menu to be elevated vertically above the others
13:41 chris_n it turns out the hidden "." was causing this
13:42 owen Interesting...I've never seen that.
13:42 chris_n and setting the 'content' parameter to " " rather than "." fixed it
13:42 chris_n I read multiple articles and all said to set content: "."
13:42 * owen thinks, CSS quirks? Why haven't I heard of this before?
13:42 chris_n so I'm not sure if there is an issue from higher up in my css that may be causing the problem or not
13:43 * chris_n is very, very green at CSS and web design in general
13:43 owen The C in CSS pretty much means all bets are off when it comes to code re-use
13:44 chris_n but I don't see where using a space rather than a period would affect things adversely
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13:45 owen I wonder if there was a good reason for the original creator of the hack to have chosen it
13:45 * chris_n thinks CSS is a bit more magic and arcane than perl
13:45 chris_n yeah, I don't know
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13:47 chris_n I could not seem to debug it even with firebug
13:47 owen Good morning schuster
13:50 schuster Hey great wizard of css and javascript owen!  and Chris_n buddy extraordinary!
13:50 chris_n howdy schuster
13:50 schuster just read an ad for a super heros contest...
13:51 * chris_n was wondering what was in schuster's coffee ;-)
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13:52 jwagner What I'd like to know is how you WIN the super heroes contest?
13:52 hdl_laptop hi everyone
13:52 chris_n owen: do you have any suggestions on where to find a *good* reference for CSS syntax
13:52 jwagner Bonjour hdl_laptop
13:53 chris_n hey hdl_laptop
13:53 chris_n howdy gmcharlt
13:53 gmcharlt greetings from the airport
13:53 hdl_laptop hi gmcharlt.
13:54 owen chris_n: I find the Sitepoint references handy:
13:54 owen Productive conference gmcharlt ?
13:55 gmcharlt owen: certainly informative - upshot, at least regarding the big news, is that things are very much in the air
13:55 owen yeah, we shouldn't really have expected anything more
13:56 owen We can always hope for bold moves I suppose
13:58 gmcharlt missed opportunity - this conference would have been perfect time to make such moves
13:58 Nate joined #koha
13:59 gmcharlt the deal isn't finalized yet, of course, so obviously that has to happen before PTFS would make any larger announcements
13:59 Nate Hi everyone!
14:01 chris_n gmcharlt: that is some hope
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14:32 * owen isn't feeling much like a CSS wizard today, fighting with a WebKit oddity this morning.
14:32 owen Safari for Windows isn't getting any interest around here but Chrome is.
14:37 schuster Just reading through the newsletter some interesting development items going on there... great job to Middletown and East brunswick and PTFS I'm looking forward to the did you mean feature!!!
14:38 schuster I was surprised though about the selfless plug for a new support company - spin off that looks probably much like LibLime did when Athens first started to use them...
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14:40 chris_n schuster: which newsletter?
14:41 owen[…]uary-2010/#middle
14:41 chris_n owen: does the background image used in the menu at the top of the page scroll when hovered over?
14:42 * chris_n noticed the image has three different images in it with slightly different gradients on each one
14:43 owen Yes, the hover state of the link has a different background-position set
14:43 owen That allows you to use one image file instead of multiple ones.
14:44 chris_n that makes sense
14:44 jwagner schuster, on the Did You Mean thing, I haven't gotten around to writing it up for bugzilla yet, sorry.  It uses an open source dictionary called Aspell, and I need to track down the dependencies (I think there's one other one).
14:44 owen chris_n:[…]oors-meet-sprites
14:46 * owen visits the mtpl OPAC and reads "The AOL browser does not work with Koha"
14:47 owen I would like to add, "And Owen will drive to your house and punch you in the face if you use the AOL browser."
14:47 jwagner We've had major problems with users at MTPL getting kicked out as soon as they log in, and all of them that we've identified are using the AOL browser.  I know there were always issues with it for Unicorn....
14:47 ColinsC joined #koha
14:47 owen Honestly, I didn't realize there still was such a thing as the AOL browser.
14:48 owen I should be so lucky.
14:48 ColinsC is now known as Colin
14:48 nengard schuster - i'm confused as to what plug you're referring to?
14:48 jwagner Yep, you should be, owen.  A small but vocal contingent of MTPL patrons still use it, anyway.
14:48 nengard was there something someone wrote that you think i should have edited out>
14:48 nengard ?
14:49 owen jwagner: How does one see the "did you mean" feature?
14:49 nengard owen - lawyers still love AOL - no friggin clue why - but that's the way it was when I was in the law library and I don't see that it has changed much
14:49 * owen boggles
14:49 jwagner owen, it's still in test right now.  I hope we can move it to their production server in the next couple of weeks.
14:50 owen Okay jwagner, I misunderstood, thought it was live on their opac
14:50 jwagner Not yet.
14:51 jwagner Found my notes, the other dependency is
14:51 owen jwagner: Were you aware that Koha at one time had a similar feature?
14:52 owen[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2539
14:52 munin Bug 2539: normal, P3, ---,, NEW, kohaspsuggest is deprecated, notes outmoded
14:52 jwagner Yes, we saw the existing code & built off it.  Made life much easier :-)
14:53 owen The original version didn't use a spelling dictionary did it? It just checked against data in your catalog?
14:53 ColinC left #koha
14:53 jwagner I don't know what the original did.  Ours uses the Aspell dictionary.  We're looking into how sites can add terms to the dictionary, either locally or perhaps through the Aspell list/site.
14:54 jwagner MTPL came up with a bunch of terms that the dictionary didn't match.
14:57 owen jwagner: Please do file a bug report when you get a chance so others can follow your progress
14:57 jwagner Will do.  I want to clarify the techie end of it with the developer (the dependencies).
14:58 owen I know my library will love to see that one come down the pike.
14:59 jwagner Could use some input on it -- right now the code is hardcoded to suggest five terms.  The number of possible suggestions is quite high.  Would people prefer a syspref to allow the sites to control how many terms are suggested?  From what I've seen in testing, it's pretty good at coming up with the proper term within that first five.
15:01 owen Many users will be accustomed to Google's *one* suggestion, but then Google never makes mistakes ;)
15:01 jwagner Of course not!
15:01 owen hdl_laptop here?
15:02 hdl_laptop yes
15:03 owen If I have a patch for biblibre/3.2_community should I send it directly to you? Or to the patches list (or both)?
15:03 gmcharlt I think all patches should go to with a header indicating the target branch
15:03 hdl_laptop jwagner : probably Text::Aspell (for dependency) + aspell libs
15:03 owen What's the best way to do the header gmcharlt ?
15:04 gmcharlt subject line - [biblibre/3.2_community], e.g.
15:04 gmcharlt git-format-patch can be used to tweak the subject line
15:04 * owen thinks he has been told this before
15:05 hdl_laptop git format-patch --subject-prefix=3.2_community
15:05 hdl_laptop ...
15:05 hdl_laptop or even better : "biblibre/3.2_community"
15:06 hdl_laptop thus, you can tell the repo you want it to be on
15:08 owen Okay, looks like that worked. Thanks!
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15:14 gmcharlt about to board a plane - see you later
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15:32 owen I could use suggestions for a strange problem: I'm getting different results from a mysql command line query than I am from running a script in the browser
15:32 owen I've checked all the connection details and they're the same
15:38 hdl_laptop cached information ?
15:39 owen that's what I'm looking into. It's an external PHP script querying our Koha database. I've never seen it do this before.
15:41 slef predictable criticism of LCA-NZ from fsdaily[…]source_conference
16:31 * chris_n seems to remember that the HLT board meets today to review the draft Koha Committee Rules
16:34 gmcharlt joined #koha
16:35 chris_n wb gmcharlt
16:35 chris_n smooth flight?
16:37 gmcharlt so far - still in the air
16:39 wizzyrea gmcharlt is so epic he even chats while flying
16:39 wizzyrea you are def one of my geek heroes
16:39 chris_n arggg!!
16:40 * chris_n learns the very downside of having opac customizations stored in the db....
16:40 wizzyrea :( you deleted them?
16:40 chris_n <--- overwrote his dev db while restoring the current production db to do a debug run
16:41 chris_n forgetting that small caveat
16:42 chris_n chris_n--
16:42 munin chris_n: Error: You're not allowed to adjust your own karma.
16:43 chris_n at least I'm not having to explain to someone else why I deleted their data :-\
16:43 jwagner chris_n, you have backups, of course :-)
16:45 * chris_n writes "I will always backup my data." 100xs instead of doing lunch :-)
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16:47 Ropuch ;>
16:51 kf left #koha
16:52 chris_n man do I <3 firebug...
16:52 chris_n it just saved my data
16:53 schuster nengard -
16:53 schuster I was away in a meeting.
16:53 owen chris_n: I once scoured the cache of multiple browsers and computers looking for a remnant of an opac customization I overwrote.
16:54 nengard schuster - oh okay - and do you not think that belonged in there? should I have edited that out? that's kind of what I'm asking
16:54 nengard it's Koha related news
16:54 nengard I don't mind advertising Koha services
16:55 nengard especially when they're from such a trusted source as Kyle and Crawford
16:55 chris_n owen: the data was loaded, but hidden in the syspref admin form; poking around with firebug I saw it and grabbed it...
16:55 * chris_n will now dutifully back up his data... even if it is only development data :-P
17:07 gmcharlt nengard: *advertise* in the newsletter?  that's a swamp of controversy, in my opinion; I think a news item is OK, and I don't think there is an issue with that item as such
17:08 nengard gmcharlt advertise was a bad word - basically i didn't see that news item as a problem either
17:08 nengard i don't mind 'mentioning' koha related services in news items - how's that for wording?
17:10 gmcharlt I think that's OK, but be careful - it is the place of the newsletter to provide useful news, but not to go beyond that, IMO
17:14 nengard you don't think it's 'useful' to know that crawford is now helping other libraries who want koha?  or are we still talking about future articles and saying that Kyle's was a-ok?
17:15 slef I think we're talking about future.  That was OK IMO.
17:15 gmcharlt nengard: I'm with slef
17:15 * owen agrees
17:15 nengard okey dokey
17:15 * chris_n agrees
17:15 nengard will do
17:15 gmcharlt as I said, the news item is OK
17:16 slef Anyone here know about KohaCon 2010 organisation or should I wait for chris to awake?
17:16 gmcharlt slef: check with chris
17:16 gmcharlt though IIRC, he'll take any and all help with organizing it
17:17 nengard gmcharlt is right - chris wants any and all help
17:17 slef most importantly, seems to be blank
17:17 nengard and suggestions
17:17 slef and I mean blank as in looks like crashed, not just blank as in empty page
17:18 gmcharlt as far as the general issue goes - library willing to help others, cool - they can talk about it as much as they want;  a library commercializing such help, though, is moving into vendor territory, and with respect to marketing needs to be treated as neutrally as any other
17:19 slef I hope kyle was OK with me sneaking "reportedly its “new support company” submission form has been broken for weeks, which is irritating" into[…]any-go-round/870/
17:20 slef I'm fine with the checking on "gets a mention in the newsletter" being much more relaxed than the checking on getting listed on, by the way.
17:21 slef Anyone know what happened with the kudos meeting at #alamw10 and developer-members, by the way?
17:21 wizzyrea I heard the meeting was kind of a mess :(
17:21 owen Uh oh :(
17:21 slef oh dear :(
17:22 slef Last night I sent an email about it that I think I'd had in drafts for days
17:22 wizzyrea especially in comparison to the very professionally run LL/PTFS users group meeting
17:23 owen I didn't realize there was an official LL/PTFS users group meeting
17:23 gmcharlt wizzyrea: speaking of which, was the LLUG run by customer libraries or by LL staff?
17:23 wizzyrea PTFS staff, iiuc
17:24 owen Did PTFS have their own Koha customer user group?
17:24 wizzyrea they co-opted the LL user group meeting as their koha user group meeting, I think
17:25 slef So, PTFS is continuing the LL community fork as well as the LL software fork?
17:25 slef very sad :(
17:26 owen slef: you don't you think there is a role for a vendor-based user group?
17:26 slef owen: not in a free market, no.
17:26 laurence left #koha
17:26 * owen could see how they could be useful if member libraries used it to exert leverage on their vendor to affect service
17:26 schuster nengard - sorry I was away again...  I Love the newletter don't get me wrong, I know there has been LOTS of controversy dealing with vendor relations in the past and if you were on the vendor support website or not blah blah blah... and then to see the link - go there and the about us refered you back to Kyle Hall but yet that company isn't on the support sit
17:26 schuster site yet...
17:27 owen What vendors are and are not on the support page yet doesn't have much relation to reality.
17:28 slef owen: I think it would be more effective if libraries formed a consumer co-op, rather than tried to hijack a vendor-controlled space.  There's the perception that user groups will be closed by their sponsor if the PR from closing will be less than the PR damage the group is inflicting, which hinders free expression of users.
17:29 slef owen: but then, there are many other problems with purchasing library silence in this market, so ...
17:30 schuster I am not sure yet that PTFS realizes that KUDOS is INDEPENDENT of a vendor...
17:30 schuster And we want to be that way.
17:30 owen What do you mean they don't realize it?
17:30 francharb joined #koha
17:31 schuster I will leave my comment about the newsletter drop now - I just wanted you to be aware of it.  I remember in setting up KohaCon09 and the concerns about being as vendor neutral as possible.
17:31 owen schuster: The present situation is a complete bizzaro-world of that time.
17:32 wizzyrea lol, yes
17:33 cait joined #koha
17:33 cait hi #koha
17:33 schuster yep - and will continue until we have some concrete items out of PTFS as to their plans.
17:35 chris_n or concrete actions out of PTFS
17:36 * chris_n dislikes the waiting game personally
17:36 schuster We will be waiting until sometime in February I suspect once the actual handoff occurs - who knows maybe it won't go through.
17:38 wizzyrea lord help us if it doesn't
17:38 wizzyrea boy would we be screwed then
17:38 schuster OK back to a development/setup question - has anyone here run zebra on a different server than the production apache server?
17:39 chris slef: registration form hasnt been written yet
17:39 wizzyrea I am sure this has been done
17:39 chris and schuster, we STILL CANT EDIT THE WEBSITE, so the only place we can mention companies which should be on the website is the news letter
17:40 francharb left #koha
17:40 chris and if you remember kohacon09 was pushed to be anything but neutral, its only that others pushed back ... so lets not use what happened there .,. and the retarded pizzagate as an example
17:41 wizzyrea lol pizzagate
17:41 * chris catches up on scrollback
17:42 hdl_laptop hi chris hi cait
17:42 gmcharlt schuster: that's a possible setup, yes - you can configure Zebra to communicate over TCP/IP instead of a Unix socket
17:43 hdl_laptop schuster: I have
17:44 cait hi hdl_laptop
17:44 slef chris: can we replace the blank-as-in-crashed page with a page with info about expected registration dates and prices, please?
17:44 chris yep
17:44 chris for the record, its free
17:45 slef ok, thanks
17:46 chris andy and I might try to do that during a break at the conference today, altho i already have meetings scheduled for 2 of them :) so no promises
17:46 slef none expected
17:47 slef other thing I'm curious about is sponsorship info: what do you need/want?
17:52 chris ahh i have to update that too, biblibre have now promised some support
17:53 chris any and all offers, be it a pledge of some money to help pay for the venue .. or whatever else anyone is in a position to do
17:55 chris the venue costs about $4k nz all up
17:55 chris i have about 1700 of that covered, and i will get my bosses to cover a decent amount too
17:55 chris any more can be used for things like livestreaming
17:56 chris (international bandwidth = not free)
17:58 owen chris, you should ask participants to fill their carry-on baggage with bandwidth (in 3-oz containers obviously)
17:58 chris heh
17:58 chris seriously tho
17:58 chris if we do just record
17:58 chris and put it up later
17:59 chris giving someone a HD to take back would probably actually be cheaper
17:59 slef seriously - what should I be asking the co-op for? I'd rather give something useful.
18:00 slef uploading an HD is probably simple - I'd probably land in London not that far from our data centre
18:01 chris would the co-op be in the position to offer say 200 pounds?
18:02 chris with that we could get snacks and drinks for the 3 days easily
18:03 slef I think so, but I don't know what other plans members have for the community budget, so I'll ask.
18:03 owen I could go for 200 pounds of snacks...must be lunchtime.
18:03 gmcharlt chris: if we just do recordings, is there anybody known to be good at video editing?  if not, and the co-op can help with that, that might be an option for in-kind support,
18:03 chris_n lol :-)
18:03 chris that would be cool
18:03 chris ahhh yeah, excellent idea
18:03 * gmcharlt is just tossing ideas around willy-nilly
18:03 chris yeah ideas are good
18:04 slef video editing causes me problems (eyesight and relevant hardware too far apart) but I'll ask the others
18:05 chris slef: speaking of eyesight i went to a great session on accessability and free software
18:05 slef cool... I should check out some videos.
18:06 chris
18:08 slef ok, I've proposed those sponsorship ideas and I'll get a reply in due course
18:08 nengard owen is silly
18:08 nengard sorry - just catching up
18:08 nengard :)
18:08 owen I'm blaming the hunger
18:09 chris thanks slef
18:11 schuster What you didn't like my non professional videos that I put in the archive of the sessions?
18:12 schuster It was enough for me to get them digitized!
18:14 chris hehe
18:14 nengard Well - we certainly need a digital video recorder this time around
18:14 nengard that would make things easier in the long run
18:14 chris they were good, you could have done some editing work on my abs
18:14 chris though
18:14 nengard LOL
18:15 chris i was talkng to the ppl doing the filming at LCA, its all digital, im hoping to get them to do kohacon as well
18:16 schuster There's professional and then there's free...  Key is to record the screen not the speaker too much in my experience on tech conferences.
18:17 nengard schuster - but what is the screen is boring?
18:17 nengard usually my screens are boring - what matters is what i'm saying
18:17 slef I have a DV cam, but it's pretty small and old.
18:17 slef The ideal would be a set up like Debconf VideoTeam
18:17 nengard i might be able to borrow a Flip --- but I don't know how much they store
18:21 * owen could lend one
18:26 sekjal joined #koha
18:26 chris heya sekjal
18:26 sekjal hey chris
18:30 sekjal so, I wanted to let everyone in here know that I'm working on drafting up a report on the KUDOS meeting last Saturday.  Vicki took the notes, and is in transit today, so I'm waiting on her to be sure I got it all correct in my head
18:31 owen Thanks sekjal
18:32 sekjal I wanted to address the concerns folks had on the listserv about the membership language we had distributed last week
18:33 jdavidb left #koha
18:35 sekjal anyway, the end result is the bylaws will be inclusive for membership of both users and developers, with no "non-voting member" class
18:36 chris thats great news
18:38 sekjal we were trying hard to avoid a situation where there'd be a conflict of interest; the IRS is really strict about that in non-profits these days
18:39 gmcharlt sekjal++
18:40 sekjal but we determined that could be more effectively handled at the policy level than the bylaws level, since we'll have to submit conflict of interest policy document, in either case
18:42 chris makes sense
18:43 sekjal Once Vicki gets safely back, we can get her notes summed up and distributed.  I just wanted to say something quickly to address the concerns of the community
18:43 chris thanks for that
18:49 gmcharlt left #koha
18:50 chris ok bus time
18:50 chris bbl
18:51 sekjal later, chris
19:04 chris_n sekjal: tnx
19:10 jdavidb joined #koha
19:18 slef sekjal: thanks.  If it's anything like the UK, as long as the non-profit is not engaging in trading, it's actually fine and people are a lot more scared about it than they need to be, which ends up in needlessly discriminating against the working class.
19:23 sekjal the goal is for KUDOS to eventually receive grant money for developing Koha, and solicit bids from developers to do the work. so long as people aren't in a position where they can award themselves any of the money, we should be just fine
19:31 richard joined #koha
19:31 richard hi
19:33 chris_n howdy richard
19:33 richard hiya chris_n
20:03 chris back
20:04 richard hi chris
20:16 chris bob from calyx just won a netbook
20:16 sekjal nice!  congrats to bob
20:17 chris i won a book yesterday, koha is cleaning up at linux conf :)
20:17 wizzyrea hehe nice
20:18 chris_n neat
20:18 Ropuch :)
20:19 chris benjamin 'mako' hill up now
20:20 chris[…]chedule/video/mfc
20:20 chris talking about freedom
20:20 chris i recommend if yu have the time, to watch it, he is a super smart guy
20:23 wizzyrea oh I was finally kind of able to get the 56k stream
20:23 chris they are all being recorded to
20:23 chris o
20:28 jdavidb left #koha
20:31 Nate left #koha
20:32 bebbi joined #koha
20:34 chris_n owen: would you believe that the 'content: ".";' issue is firebug related?
20:34 owen Oh yeah?
20:36 chris_n switched FB off and the "." worked as advertised
20:36 chris_n switched it on and had various problems with the first block being positioned incorrectly
20:44 richard is now known as rich-away
20:53 nengard left #koha
20:54 jwagner left #koha
20:54 SelfishMan What is the latest official release?
20:54 wizzyrea 3.0.5
20:55 SelfishMan That's what I thought.
20:55 SelfishMan 3.0.4 is the latest on but that didn't seem right
20:55 chris its worse than that
20:55 chris go to the download page on there
20:55 chris it points you to 3.0.2
20:56 SelfishMan Worse is that I'm trying to support someone running
20:57 chris yeah, thats not even 3.0.x
20:57 chris thats like early early 3.2.x
20:57 SelfishMan former liblime contract
20:57 wizzyrea HAHA shock.
20:57 chris ah that would explain it
20:57 wizzyrea I think that's only a little behind where we are
20:58 wizzyrea well, "a little" = 60 or so DB revisions
20:58 schuster nengard - flips that we have each hold 1 hour and we didn't have them last year when I DV'd all of that.  Then I had to get it off the DV into a usable format for the web.
20:59 SelfishMan this whole thing is a mess and I'm beyond fed up with it
20:59 chris you and me both
20:59 SelfishMan fscking politics
20:59 wizzyrea You should blog about the bad situation you've been put in :P
20:59 chris its not even that, its greed
20:59 wizzyrea by them
20:59 chris there are no politics involved
21:00 chris there is a landgrab .. and people trying to resist that
21:00 chris and ppl sitting on the fence
21:00 schuster conference stuff - Screen captures are good with voiceover - when I digitized I enhanced the sound quality before exporting them.
21:00 SelfishMan greed is a better definition
21:01 chris hopefully the soon to be owners of LL .. will realise the good business decision is to return to the model that got LL to where it was, before it forked and imploded
21:01 SelfishMan wizzyrea: not worth blogging about.
21:01 chris i hope they are smart enough too, otherwise i fear for LL clients
21:01 SelfishMan not when choosing not to renew a contract and very carefully stating why is so much more effective
21:02 chris SelfishMan++
21:03 SelfishMan the question is if the new owners will carry the self-hosted people with support contracts
21:03 chris_n non-renewal++
21:03 * chris_n has encouraged a client he does work for to do the same when the contract is up
21:03 chris_n what marc field are tags stored in by koha?
21:04 chris im not sure they are stored in any
21:04 chris but i might be wrong
21:04 chris_n hmm... "-t TTT to define the MARC fields/subfield to use to fill the tag cloud. If not defined, the cloud table won't be filled."
21:04 chris_n from
21:06 nicomo left #koha
21:10 schuster SelfishMan++  I am selfhosted...
21:10 schuster They already have a couple Middletown I believe is self hosted they tried the cloud and it was tooo slow for them.
21:11 SelfishMan schuster: we have major bandwidth issues at my library so I had to deploy in house for the catalog to even be acessible
21:11 SelfishMan I ned a new keyboard
21:11 schuster chris_n I believe that was an item Biblibre designed???
21:11 wizzyrea that is a compelling reason to host internal
21:12 schuster That was the exact reason we host internally.  We have a huge pipe, but when everyone is doing pandora it becomes a very full pipe.  I don't want to compete and our networking people won't "carve" for specific purposes.
21:14 wizzyrea We have 30 geographically separate libraries using the same catalog, it's a compelling reason to cloud host.
21:14 schuster What I'm trying to get around is why we have items that are not getting checked in.  We have a very busy morning daily and 3-5 items depending on the day don't get checked in even when the librarian
21:14 wizzyrea with 30 different ISP's
21:14 schuster swears they saw every title come up on the screen.  When it is multiple campus' I tend to believe the librarians.
21:14 SelfishMan wizzyrea: the cloud makes sense for that
21:14 chris yeah thats a bug, the fix is to make the title not show up until it is verified being returned
21:15 chris speeding up is just glossing over the problem
21:15 schuster wizzyrea - yes that also makes your life easier in dealing with servers and pointing the finger - can you get to google?  no then call your isp...
21:15 chris because then it will just occur less frequently
21:15 chris ok gotta go talk to ppl irl
21:15 chris back later
21:15 wizzyrea ooh, the morning tea break
21:16 * owen knows not this "irl" you speak of. Until quitting time.
21:16 schuster OK - thanks chris I understand what you are saying...  need both though!!!  speed to deal with the verification.
21:16 wizzyrea schuster: definitely. I think if we self hosted we would still cloud host it
21:16 wizzyrea wowie, our local ISP has the worst on hold music ever
21:16 wizzyrea it's like a kids lullaby cd or something
21:17 wizzyrea not that those aren't wonderful, but it's kind of annoying hold music, mostly because flutes don't translate so well over the phone
21:18 Ropuch I'm gonna make  "Worst on-hold music of teh decade" some day ;.
21:19 chris_n schuster: I think tags were done by LL iirc
21:20 chris_n bbl
21:20 owen tags yes, but I think looks at subject headings
21:26 rich-away is now known as richard
21:26 collum left #koha
21:29 hdl_laptop chris_n those tage you are referring to are merly subjects in the biblio displayed as tag cloud.
21:29 hdl_laptop Nothing to do with user tagging
21:30 owen left #koha
21:32 hdl_laptop I have to go to bed.
21:37 schuster jwagner around?
21:38 schuster drat missed her.
21:44 schuster ok wizzyrea - I think I've asked you this, but need to bring it back to the forfront.
21:46 schuster Do you have specific instructions on things you do when you add another location?  Instructions written down?
21:47 schuster I know it is a matter of "just adding another location" but wanted to make sure there aren't other things that need to be "setup"
21:50 wizzyrea ooh, good question. Let me ask my folks
21:50 wizzyrea I think we do
21:50 wizzyrea one sec
21:52 schuster peeps I love having peeps...
21:53 wizzyrea schuster: check your PMS
21:53 wizzyrea PMs. Criminy
21:53 chris tell people that, loudly, ... seriously cutting off peeps is the danger we face
21:53 wizzyrea it really is
21:53 wizzyrea and I lurve my koha peeps
21:55 wizzyrea I have an impatient: schuster!
21:56 nengard joined #koha
21:59 schuster nengard is back be careful what you say!
21:59 schuster Kidding... ;)
22:01 bebbi left #koha
22:01 gmcharlt joined #koha
22:03 chris back in atlanta gmcharlt ?
22:04 gmcharlt chris: back home in Gainesville
22:04 chris ahhh ssh'd into work eh? the usermask through me off
22:04 chris threw
22:08 moodaepo left #koha
22:09 moodaepo joined #koha
22:11 sekjal left #koha
22:14 cait night #koha
22:14 cait left #koha
22:16 magnus chris: i just turned on memcached, but it doesn't seem to have much impact. is there a good way to verify if its working?
22:16 chris yes
22:17 chris it wont do anything for a start, unless you edit your koha-conf.xml
22:17 schuster thanks all...  have a great evening/day
22:17 chris but if you have done that
22:17 chris to verify it is doing something
22:17 schuster left #koha
22:17 chris telnet 11211
22:18 magnus memcached_servers should/could look like ?
22:19 chris then type stats
22:19 chris yeah
22:19 magnus -bash: telnet: command not found :-(
22:19 chris heh
22:19 chris apt-get install telnet
22:20 magnus hm "STAT get_hits 0" doesn't sound too promising...
22:21 chris <memcached_servers>127.0.0.​2:11211</memcached_servers>
22:21 chris ack session finished, need to walk
22:22 magnus walk the walk! ;-)
22:24 magnus oh well, time for bed anyways, will investigate more tomorrow. g'night, folks
22:24 magnus left #koha
22:27 * chris_n2 puts flounder in the oven
22:27 chris ok back sitting down again
22:30 chris next talk is "Which databases solve my problem - a survey of open source databases"
22:33 nengard left #koha
22:34 brendan joined #koha
22:37 wizzyrea Ahh, that sounds interesting
22:37 wizzyrea Noooo... not flounder!
22:37 * wizzyrea is reminded of The Little Mermaid and winces a little
22:50 chris things to read about, Cassandra, HBase and Riak
22:50 * chris uses #koha to take notes
22:51 chris_n2 wizzyrea: this is flounder made from whatever was in the fridge on the fly
22:58 wizzyrea she is very droll
22:58 wizzyrea er
22:58 wizzyrea no droll is not the word
22:58 wizzyrea monotone
22:58 wizzyrea dull?
22:58 wizzyrea good info, but dull
22:58 chris selena?
22:58 wizzyrea yea
22:58 wizzyrea at least over the webcast
22:58 chris in person too
22:58 wizzyrea haha
22:58 chris being a presenter is hard
22:59 wizzyrea extremely
22:59 chris just knowing your subject is like 5%
22:59 wizzyrea esp on tech stuff
22:59 chris the rest is charisma
22:59 chris (either real or faked) :)
22:59 wizzyrea hehe
23:00 wizzyrea she makes me feel yawny
23:00 wizzyrea cool hair though
23:00 chris its 15 mins til lunch time, im hungry :)
23:00 wizzyrea ooh, last presenter before lunch, that's a tough spot
23:00 chris yep
23:00 wizzyrea just like the first post lunch spot
23:00 chris it has given me lots of things to read about though
23:01 wizzyrea yeah def
23:01 wizzyrea thx for sending me the stream link, lots of good stuff going on down there
23:02 chris no problem
23:08 pianohackr|work joined #koha
23:10 brendan left #koha
23:10 chris ok, shutting the laptop, back later
23:15 tekonivel left #koha
23:15 tekonivel joined #koha
23:15 chris_n2 heya pianohackr|work
23:19 pianohackr|work Hi, chris_n2
23:32 moodaepo @wunder 56001
23:32 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in Mankato, Minnesota is -6.0�C (5:15 PM CST on January 19, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: -7.0�C. Windchill: -12.0�C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014 hPa (Steady).
23:53 pianohackr|work left #koha
23:53 pianohackr|work joined #koha
23:54 pianohackr|work Does anyone else have a laptop that intermittently freezes whenever something's inserted in one of the USB buses?
23:55 pianohackr|work That sledgehammer in the closet is looking more and more tempting
23:59 chris_n2 hehe

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