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00:00 chris_n2 prior to reindexing zebra
00:00 someoneagain woah strange
00:00 someoneagain i would have assumed it would have been the other way around
00:00 someoneagain reaffirming my belief that zebra is voodoo
00:03 chris_n2 zebra just indexes certain fields of the bibs iirc
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00:03 * chris_n2 is not a zebra handler, though
00:03 chris_n2 throw me to the lions, but please not the zebras ;-)
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00:05 chris_n2 clone->(pianohackr|work)
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00:21 * chris_n2 hates it when a remote reboot fails on a server 15 miles away :-P
00:37 chris_n2 bbiab
00:39 chris better than 15,000 miles away :)
00:52 chris @wunder wellington nz
00:52 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 15.0�C (1:00 PM NZDT on January 13, 2010). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Steady).
00:56 chris_n hehe
00:56 chris_n from 15 miles away from chris_n2
01:06 Genji okay, where is template language stored, in koha 3? what would cause en to be picked up, instead of ar-Arab?
01:06 Genji For some things.. not all things..
01:07 chris en is the default
01:07 chris if it cant find the arabic template
01:07 chris it will drop back to en
01:07 chris_n and we're back up
01:08 chris also, it respects the languages setting of a persons browser
01:08 chris_n fsck threw and error on boot and the system dropped into maintenance mode
01:08 chris if they havent picked a language in the opac explicitly, it will try to give them the one their browser is asking for
01:08 chris chris_n: yeah, ILOM are the win for that
01:09 chris or even an serial port -> ethernet and have console to serial port :)
01:10 chris_n sadly, @INC is not fixed
01:10 chris bummer
01:10 * chris_n cannot figure out what happened there
01:11 chris_n it appears that @INC is hardcoded in the perl binary (from what little I could extract from #perl-help)
01:12 chris_n but if there were an issue with the .deb, the roof would be off by now
01:12 chris_n so how to roll back to 5.10.0
01:13 * chris_n heads back home
01:13 chris_n bbiab
01:41 chris_n2 would cpan'ing Storable actually cpan Perl?
01:43 chris thats a definite maybe
01:49 chris_n2 aha
01:49 chris_n2 216:2010-01-12 12:10:46 upgrade perl 5.10.0-22 5.10.1-8
01:49 chris_n2 that stinks
01:50 chris_n2 it looks like it was a dep of a perl module I installed
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02:51 chris_n2 g'night #koha
02:51 brendan night chris_n2
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03:34 Amit hi brendan, chris
03:34 Amit morning #koha
03:34 brendan Hi Amit
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05:34 brendan @wunder 93117
05:34 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 13.0�C (9:31 PM PST on January 12, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 30.11 in 1019.5 hPa (Steady). High surf advisory in effect from 8 PM this evening to 9 am PST Friday...
05:34 brendan @wunder 06516
05:34 munin brendan: The current temperature in Third Avenue Park, West Haven, Connecticut is -6.5�C (12:09 AM EST on January 13, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 42%. Dew Point: -17.0�C. Windchill: -10.0�C. Pressure: 30.14 in 1020.5 hPa (Rising).
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06:40 CGI828 hi when I try to import record via z39.50 and want to add it it show '003 is not filled'
06:41 CGI828 wht should I do
06:41 CGI828 If fill manually then it accept and save
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07:13 brendan evening all
07:13 brendan @wunder 93117
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07:13 Ropuch Morning #koha
07:13 brendan hi Ropuch
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09:42 kf hi #koha
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09:48 paul_p hello everybody
09:49 kf hi paul_p
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10:16 Amit hi nicomo
10:40 nicomo hi Amit
11:16 kf hi Amit and nicomo
11:17 Amit heya kf
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12:59 brendan morning all
13:00 paul_p hi brendan
13:00 brendan good morning paul_p
13:01 brendan happy belated birthday!
13:02 paul_p thanks brendan ;-)
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13:23 brendan @wunder 93117
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13:29 brendan morning owen
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13:32 * chris_n thinks brendan has been up for a while
13:32 chris_n g'morning #koha
13:32 Nate hello everyone!
13:32 chris_n @wunder 28334
13:32 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is -3.0�C (8:27 AM EST on January 13, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 57%. Dew Point: -9.0�C. Windchill: -3.0�C. Pressure: 30.00 in 1015.8 hPa (Rising).
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13:33 brendan morning chris_n
13:34 brendan yup been up - the rain woke me up a little while ago (very loud)
13:35 chris_n we have a metal roof and at times it is nice... other times deafening
13:36 brendan oh man - I don't think I've ever get any sleep with a metal roof and a rain storm...
13:56 owen Hey all
13:59 chris_n howdy owen
14:03 brendan hi owen
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14:10 someoneagain so when trying to run ./ -r -v -a -b          i got this error
14:10 someoneagain Can't locate C4/ in @INC
14:10 someoneagain so i found that the was in koha/lib/C4 and ran this
14:10 someoneagain perl -I /data/koha/lib/ -r -v -a -b
14:11 someoneagain it worked but i guess my question is- is that normal? should /data/koha/lib be in perls @INC ?
14:12 toins someoneagain: try this : export PERL5LIB="/data/koha/lib/" and then -r -v -a -b
14:12 toins someoneagain: yes /data/koha/lib/ should be in perl5lib
14:12 someoneagain weird... i have this in my /etc/rc.local
14:12 someoneagain export PERL5LIB=/data/koha/lib &
14:13 someoneagain but if i type       export |grep PERL        i get no returns... uh..
14:14 someoneagain is that not the right way to set a variable? putting it in /etc/rc.local ?
14:15 toins someoneagain: not sure... what is your OS ?
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14:16 someoneagain centos 5.4
14:16 someoneagain Linux library 2.6.18-164.el5 #1 SMP Thu Sep 3 03:33:56 EDT 2009 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux
14:17 toins someoneagain: you can set this env var in ~/.bashrc
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14:19 someoneagain ive been tinkering with unix/linux for a few years, but ill admit im not at all fluent. i was under the impression that anything in the ~/.bashrc only gets executed when that user logs in, right?   if that is so, what i was curious about is this- does perl always need to know to look in /data/koha/lib even when noone is logged in? thats why i thought /etc/rc.local would have made it systemwide, that is to say, even if noone
14:22 chris_n someoneagain: koha-httpd.conf handles the envar for Koha
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14:23 chris_n you need to include the export statements in your user .bashrc if you want them to load automatically
14:23 chris_n else you need to export prior to running the cli scripts
14:23 toins chris_n : but zebra isn't running under apache vhost...
14:23 chris_n koha-conf.xml has the pathing zebra needs to run iirc
14:24 chris_n plus, zebra does not use the C4 libs
14:24 chris_n if you run from crontab, you have to deal with KOHACONF and PERL5LIB, though
14:28 kf bye #koha
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14:28 chris_n bye kf
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14:37 CGI454 hi
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15:05 nengard hi all - i won't be around for the meeting this afternoon so I'm posting my newsletter notes in the agenda - just fyi
15:11 magnus the meeting is in about 4 hours, right?
15:14 nengard yes
15:16 * owen has to be at another meeting then :(
15:18 nengard seems like today is a busy day for all
15:18 nengard i'm split 100 ways today
15:18 nengard in a webinar right now - chatting with you all - and doing my work work :)
15:23 schuster what webinar are you in?  Always interested in what others are "watching/hearing"...
15:24 owen Maybe it's on how to do three things at once
15:24 brendan heh
15:24 schuster brendan is here!  It's probably a company meeting... LOL!!!!
15:25 brendan good morning schuster
15:25 brendan I'm getting ready to catch a flight - so I'll be missing the meeting too, unless my plane has got wi-fi
15:25 brendan I maybe able to catch a little bit of it during my layover...
15:27 schuster I believe the KUDOS board is going to post the agenda and some discussion points later today or tomorrow to spur discussion on Saturday about membership etc...  FYI.
15:30 nengard schuster - learning about zotero - i don't know enough of how to use it yet
15:31 nengard brendan Delta has wi fi -
15:31 brendan oh cool I'm flying delta
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15:33 schuster Ah yes zotero - good tool, but saves to the hard drive rather than virtually read an article today about syncing your hard drive to their server today.
15:34 nengard schuster - new version saves to the web
15:34 nengard it's in beta
15:34 schuster do you twitter?  what is your sceen name?  I've got an app for my iphone since I can't get it at work...
15:34 schuster beta automatically or you have to sync?
15:37 nengard schuster - don't know havent installed it yet
15:37 nengard and yes i twitter -- nengard
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15:39 nengard also follow kohails on twitter
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15:48 wizzyrea wow you guys are quiet
15:51 schuster waiting for you to say something profound...;)
15:51 wizzyrea I climbed to the top of the mountain and saw the Yogi. He told me "Go back down"
15:52 nicomo wizzyrea: that wasn't in KS, right?
15:52 nicomo too flat, I guess
15:52 wizzyrea hey, we have hills
15:52 nicomo oh?
15:52 nicomo sorry, didn't know :-)
15:53 wizzyrea it's ok :D
15:53 nicomo put that down on my Europeo-centrism
15:53 * nicomo suspects that's not an English word...
15:53 schuster hills are very different than mountains...  A snow drift doesn't count...;)
15:53 nicomo eh eh
15:53 * paul_p is on a page saying "clic 'Order' once you have filled your credit card #, but can't find any button saying 'order' ...
15:54 owen nicomo: In face wizzyrea lives in the only part of Kansas with its own "mountain"
15:56 nicomo owen: right, up about 150 feet from downtown Lawrence, culminating at 1037 feet
15:58 wizzyrea Schuster: like you can talk, texas boy :)
15:58 nicomo interesting
15:58 * nicomo improving his English, now knows that "hill" and "road bump" are synonyms ?
15:58 nicomo ok, I stop teasing
15:58 wizzyrea LOL
15:59 wizzyrea nicomo: I like you
16:01 nicomo wizzyrea: funnily enough, Lyon where I live culminates at exactly 1000 feet also
16:01 nicomo
16:02 collum Hey. Texas has mountains.  Just a short 8 hour drive from schuster
16:04 wizzyrea LOL
16:04 wizzyrea that is a strange coincidence of geography, nicomo
16:05 schuster I'm really a South Dakota/Minnesota boy - Black hills...  Big rocks out of the ground...  hmmm how did those presidents get up there...
16:08 nengard News from ByWater/BibLibre this morning:
16:08 nicomo yeah, way cool, this is going to be an interesting day
16:08 nicomo ByWater and BibLibre Announce Partnership to Provide Services for #Koha Users in the U.S. See and
16:08 nicomo and with that I have to go get my daughter, bbl
16:10 wizzyrea oh that is exciting
16:10 paul_p 1st breaking news of the days ;-)
16:10 wizzyrea woo!
16:10 paul_p do you think it was one of the "Expect some ILS news tomorrow" twit from mbreeding? ;-)
16:11 wizzyrea lol
16:19 nengard paul_p - somehow I missed that yesterday  -I follow too many people
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17:00 Vanzetti is now known as nahuel__
17:07 * chris_n goes off in search of food
17:07 owen May you fell a mighty beast chris_n
17:07 chris[…]re-partner-in-us/
17:08 chris yay!
17:09 nengard :)
17:09 nengard my favorite part?  --- "full, open and honest participation."
17:11 chris it's my favourite part too ;)
17:11 * owen is happy for some good news
17:17 chris yup
17:20 chris what time is the meeting?
17:20 chris just under 2 hours?
17:21 nengard 2pm EST :) ... um .... 19:00 UTC
17:21 nengard yes
17:21 nengard under 2 hours
17:21 chris dangit
17:21 chris i think ill have to miss a chunk of it
17:21 chris normally i go into work a bit later, but have a rl meeting .. so cant do that
17:24 Ropuch I have a meeting at 18:00 UTC, hope it won't last long
17:24 chris owen are you gonna be at the meeting?
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17:26 zico hi
17:27 zico i am implementing "new and upcoming" feature in my koha 3.0.5 system
17:27 zico you know.. "new & upcoming" feature means... it will show some book`s front page in my OPAC
17:27 zico is there anyone who can help me a little
17:27 zico i created amazon aws private key..... created database
17:28 zico but.. facing some little bit problem
17:28 zico is there anyone ..who can help me?
17:28 chris are you following owens blog?
17:29 zico which blog?
17:30 chris
17:36 zico left #koha
17:36 chris_n heya chris
17:40 Nate hiya everyone
17:40 Nate thanks for the post chris
17:40 Nate exciting times we are in!
17:40 zico joined #koha
17:40 chris_n congrats to Biblibre && Bywater
17:41 Nate thanks chris_n!
17:42 paul_p thanks chris_n
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17:43 zico joined #koha
17:44 zico chris: i followed this one:
17:44 zico but.. your given one... i can see that.. i need to populate my database
17:45 zico but... how can i populate my database? i mean, with which data?
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17:48 sekjal is now known as sekjal-away
17:50 owen zico: My blog post leaves out that information because it would get too technical and too far from being about Koha
17:51 owen I built a custom PHP interface for adding titles to that database. You could even use a GUI like phpMyAdmin if you wanted
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17:59 chris_n am I missing something or does the web-installer totally redirect script errors to the browser so they are not logged in the error log?
18:00 gmcharlt chris_n: yes, upgrade errors do get redirected to the browser
18:01 owen is now known as owen-away
18:01 chris_n methinks they should also go to the log for later reference
18:08 Ropuch Yup
18:09 nengard k - time for me to go get ready to teach my class - i'll talk to you all later - owen has my notes about documentation manager -- and I put my newsletter notes on the agenda
18:09 nengard talk to you all later
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18:14 zico hello
18:15 zico chris: i followed doc before
18:15 zico now.. from your given doc.. i can see that.. i need to "populate my database" with biblionumber
18:16 zico now.. my question is... how can i populate my *this* database??
18:16 zico can you help me a little?
18:17 chris you missed owens answer before, it was blog
18:17 chris 06:49 < owen> zico: My blog post leaves out that information because it would get too technical and too far from being  about Koha
18:17 chris 06:50 < owen> I built a custom PHP interface for adding titles to that database. You could even use a GUI like phpMyAdmin  if you wanted
18:18 * chris has to go now, bbl
18:19 zico i used phpmyadmin
18:19 zico but, i just want to know that, how can i populate my *new* database with biblio number?
18:20 zico do i need to import the biblio number individually from koha & need to paste it in *this* database?
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18:36 cait hi #koha
18:40 thd-away is now known as thd
18:46 owen-away zico: Yes, the new titles database is separate from Koha. It duplicates information in Koha.
18:46 owen-away is now known as owen
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18:50 owen zico and I don't seem to be having much luck today
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18:50 joetho hi owen
18:50 owen Hi joetho
18:50 joetho reely beeg news, eh
18:51 joetho potential ecstaticness here
18:51 joetho meeting here in 10 min, correct?
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18:51 joetho i want a Free The Owen Guy tshirt
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18:55 nahuel__ joetho, yep
18:55 cait news?
18:57 gmcharlt it's official -[…]e.aspx?pressId=81
18:57 nahuel__ wow
18:57 cait wow
18:58 nahuel__ seems to be great for koha
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19:00 cait what will happen to lek?
19:00 owen I think there's no way of knowing yet
19:00 zico joined #koha
19:00 owen "committed to resolving community differences" is encouraging
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19:01 nahuel__ :)
19:01 BobB Good morning all, what have we missed?
19:01 zico owen: that means, do i need to take my "biblionumber" from koha database and import it into my *this upcoming database*?
19:01 owen zico: yes
19:01 cait oh, i overread tat
19:02 cait that
19:02 nahuel__ BobB, nothing, just[…]e.aspx?pressId=81
19:02 Genji Whos Ptfs? anyone in koha-devel that works there?
19:02 owen jdavidb and jwagner
19:02 Genji Sweet!
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19:03 gmcharlt greetings all
19:03 gmcharlt it's 19;00 UTC
19:03 * chris_n looks around for the ptfs folks
19:03 gmcharlt let's get this meeting started
19:03 tajoli joined #koha
19:03 nahuel__ 19:01 :p
19:03 BobB OMG!
19:03 gmcharlt let's start with a roll call
19:04 * gmcharlt = Galen Charlton, 3.2 RM
19:04 owen Owen Leonard, Nelsonville Public Library
19:04 davi Davi Diaz, worker for (slef is in another meeting)
19:04 Nate Nate Curulla EVP ByWater Solutions
19:04 * chris_n = Chris Nighswonger ,FBC
19:04 schuster David Schuster - Plano ISD
19:04 brendan_m joined #koha
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19:04 wizzyrea Liz Rea - NEKLS
19:04 * nahuel__ = Nahuel ANGELINETTI, BibLibre
19:04 tajoli Zeno Tajoli, CILEA (Italy)
19:04 * Ropuch Piotr Wejman, Biblioteka CSNE
19:04 IrmaCalyx Irma Birchall - CALYX information essentials
19:04 cait Katrin Fischer, BSZ Germany
19:04 BobB Bob, Calyx
19:04 thd Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City.
19:05 magnus Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway
19:05 paul_p joined #koha
19:05 bebbi joined #koha
19:06 Genji Waylon Roberton, Palmerston North, New Zealand. Ind. Contractee, with one client so far.
19:06 Colin joined #koha
19:06 zico owen: "biblionumber" is a table in "koha" database
19:07 nahuel__ zico, a column, not a table
19:07 zico is it possible to import a table in my new "bibliodb" database?
19:07 owen zico: You'll have to hold your questions until after our meeting
19:08 Sharon joined #koha
19:08 zico oh! is there a meeting going on?? i am sorry then
19:08 gmcharlt agenda can be found here -[…]etingnotes10jan13
19:08 zico please let me know.. when you are free.. i am waiting
19:09 gmcharlt first item - 3.2 - I will be doing a massive pull/push from the BibLibre 3.2 branch after ALA, i.e., after the 18th, and that will become the basis of 3.2 alpha
19:09 gmcharlt I'll be branching 3.2, and opening trunk so that the 3.4 RM can start accepting patches for HEAD
19:10 gmcharlt with the news that was just announced, I am hopeful that we'll be able to deal some issues like getting release tarballs put up with less muss-and-fuss than we had in the past
19:10 paul_p hello world, sorry for being a little bit late
19:10 owen gmcharlt: Does that mean that in the meantime we should be doing testing/patching against BibLibre's "community" branch?
19:11 gmcharlt owen: that would be a good idea, yes, although there will undoubted be some bug fixes to deal with after the merge takes place
19:12 gmcharlt move on, next item is 3.0 - as hdl isn't here, any comments on that, paul_p ?
19:12 nahuel__ gmcharlt, when the alpha will be released ?
19:13 gmcharlt nahuel_____________ ;) - 25 January
19:13 chris back
19:13 nahuel__ okay great
19:13 nahuel__ else for koha 3.0 we are still fixing stuff
19:13 paul_p about 3.0 : hdl commited some patches on 3.0.x recently. I don't know if he plans to release a 3.0.6 (and he won't be here today, in a train)
19:14 tajoli Is not too early to open 3.4 immediately after 3.2 alpha ?
19:14 gmcharlt tajoli: yes, 3.4 can be opened immediately once 3.2 alpha is out
19:15 gmcharlt moving onward (since I want to get us to the 3.4 discussion quickly), I don't think there are any particular action items from the previous meeting
19:15 nahuel__ We are sending all patches to patches mailing list
19:15 gmcharlt so let's move on to #4, wiki relicensing
19:15 paul_p we already have x00 patches to submit into 3.4 branch
19:15 tajoli But the code of 3.2 could change a lot from alpha to first stable.
19:16 paul_p all the devs we did for University of Lyon3, that you can see on, branch lyon3
19:16 tajoli Or git is so magic ?
19:16 thd from the previous meeting I could say something about wiki content relicensing
19:16 paul_p tajoli: in fact, the 'alpha' will already be a close-to-final release
19:16 nahuel__ for the 3.0.6 I think hdl will release "soon" a release, to have multiple little updates, instead of some big bugfix releases
19:16 gmcharlt tajoli: code changes in 3.2 once alpha is relesed will be bugfixes only
19:16 paul_p gmcharlt: why don't you wan't to call it beta ? you think it's really too far from stable ?
19:17 gmcharlt nothing world-changing will be accepted into 3.2 after alpha; huge changes would go into HEAD for 3.4
19:17 paul_p for me a alpha is an unworking version, with some features missing or badly broken
19:17 paul_p and a beta is a full features, but still buggued
19:17 gmcharlt paul_p: I'm calling it alpha just as a matter of sequencing; if there are no major blockers, we can have either a very quick beta or jump from alpha to general release
19:18 paul_p alpha to general, I can't think it will be the case ;-)
19:18 tajoli +a on pauo_p alpha defintion
19:18 brendan_m joined #koha
19:18 owen I'm comfortable with the alpha label just because it has been so long since patches were pushed to HEAD.
19:18 paul_p but at least in France, alpha means really not working at all
19:18 chris alpha seems fine to me
19:18 nahuel__ it means "not tested" at all, i mean
19:18 davi same here
19:18 tajoli also in italy
19:18 chris there are enough open blockers
19:18 chris to call it alpha
19:18 gmcharlt there are enough open blockers, indeed
19:18 * chris_n agrees
19:18 tajoli alpha is unstable
19:19 paul_p owen: maybe you're right. But for Aix-Marseille, they are working with a 3.2, and don't report a lot of things (not they are not live, it's just for testing)
19:19 chris and so it is
19:19 chris_n nothing is stable until stable
19:19 chris beta is slightly less unstable
19:19 chris :)
19:19 thd paul_p: if there is no reason to keep it long in alpha then you should be pleased that the label would be quickly changed to beta
19:19 chris a beta may follow soon after .. but since this is the first release ever
19:19 gmcharlt I'm not particularly fond of this sort of semantic debate - I'll start naming them after colors or something if it this is a real issue ;)
19:19 chris it really could only be alpha
19:19 chris :)
19:20 thd :)
19:20 * chris_n votes for blue
19:20 gmcharlt more seriously, it's the first, we'll call it alpha, if it's a stable alpha, well, more power to us
19:20 tajoli OK
19:20 paul_p gmcharlt: I agree, but for PR it's important: calling it "alpha" means for libraries : "wow, bad news, we're far from a release"
19:20 wizzyrea yea, and people don't get too excited about alpha releases
19:21 chris_n all the more reason to work out the bugs quickly
19:21 wizzyrea yes, shed that nasty alpha title ;)
19:21 davi I would jump to beta if possible
19:21 wizzyrea (by fixing bugs)
19:21 chris marketing shmarketing
19:21 chris its the first release, hence alpha
19:21 Genji freeze the code, do bug bingo.
19:22 thd paul_p: yet they will be all the more impressed if it would move quickly to beta.
19:22 gmcharlt besides, who says we need to actually release a stable?  Google's stuff does well in perpetual beta ;)
19:22 * gmcharlt is joking, just to be perfectly clear
19:22 davi Sometimes the last beta is exactly the release, so start with alpha can be ok
19:23 paul_p ok, chris & gmcharlt, you get my voice IF you add to the PR : "we expect that this alpha will be quickly followed by an alpha release once feedbacks have confirmed it's possible"
19:23 paul_p or something like that, your english is better than mine ;-)
19:23 chris ill do it in french :-)
19:23 gmcharlt paul_p: fair enough
19:23 gmcharlt thd: you had comments on the wiki reliensing?
19:23 * thd is impressed with any release and apologises for the patches he has neglected to send
19:23 thd yes about the wiki content relicensing
19:24 brendan_m left #koha
19:24 joetho Joe Tholen  / SEKLS / Kansas
19:24 thd The lawyer from SFLC said that we should really contact everyone for ascent
19:25 thd I am endeavouring to do that but some people will be unfindable
19:25 brendan_m joined #koha
19:26 gmcharlt thd: given[…]e.aspx?pressId=81, one of the entities involved will be changing
19:26 schuster thd - if you need assistance let me know I'm a pretty good bloodhound. sniff sniff...
19:26 brendan_m left #koha
19:26 gmcharlt for people who are truly unfindable, I move that we count them as approving the change, although we'd respect their desire if they show up and vote to the contrary
19:27 thd Yes, that certainly may change the significant issue of the copyrights controlled by LibLime
19:27 gmcharlt thd: it's guaranteed to change the ownership of such copyrights
19:27 owen ...and transform it into an issue of copyrights controlled by PTFS
19:28 thd The motivation of real concern had been about LibLime copyrights.
19:28 ccurry joined #koha
19:28 ccurry Hello all.  Zebra question for you.
19:28 chris ccurry: there is a meeting going on currently
19:28 thd I think that we could pretend that others have abstained unless we here from them.
19:28 brendan_m joined #koha
19:28 ccurry chris: ok; I'll send it to the list.  Thanks anyway.
19:29 gmcharlt owen: indeed, but for the moment, I am somewhat optimistic that we have a chance to get some action now
19:29 CGI913 joined #koha
19:29 thd We should, however, resolve the LibLime copyrights or I will make the effort to mark them.
19:29 owen Agreed.
19:29 paul_p well, I think what we have to do now is ... to do nothing. Or at least ask PTFS about what thy plan to do with & all this stuff
19:29 paul_p s/at least/just/
19:29 gmcharlt yes
19:29 thd paul_p++
19:29 chris i think the latter is a valid question
19:30 davi paul_p, ask PTFS as soon as possible, please
19:30 chris_n sounds like a job for Joann
19:30 gmcharlt I just spoke with somebody at PTFS - they obviously will have a lot to do absorbing LL and LL's customers, but I would encourage everybody to communicate with PTFS
19:30 paul_p me ? no, jo
19:30 richard joined #koha
19:30 richard hi
19:30 paul_p chris_n++
19:30 paul_p hi richard. meetin going on
19:30 chris_n after all, that's what we asked HLT to do
19:30 paul_p yep, absolutly !
19:31 chris definitely
19:31 davi paul_p,   If we have to fork we should know the sooner the better
19:31 slef hi
19:31 davi hi
19:31 * chris_n thinks 'fork' is a bad word atm
19:31 thd The press release does not make it clear whether they have completed all the technical details of acquiring LibLime yet today.
19:31 paul_p davi: on this matter, there's nothing new with the PR. We already have a independant development !
19:31 gmcharlt my view is that the overall plan concerning HLT remains unchanged; HLT just has a different group of people to talk to
19:32 chris exactly
19:32 chris_n right
19:32 paul_p gmcharlt++
19:32 schuster gmcharlt ++
19:32 tajoli right
19:32 chris in exercise in semantics
19:32 chris_n and new potential
19:32 davi paul_p, ack
19:32 chris[…]o-acquire-liblime
19:32 chris vs
19:32 gmcharlt and as I said, for now I'm reasonably optimistic that we have a chance of getting the community's wishes respected
19:32 chris[…]e.aspx?pressId=81
19:32 slef oh wow yikes yuk
19:32 paul_p the positive point is that we can't have a more silent ear facing us ;-)
19:32 thd The press release refers to a transition before the end of the month.
19:32 chris i know which entity that makes me feel better about
19:33 brendan_m bye
19:33 brendan_m left #koha
19:33 chris paul_p++ # it can only get better
19:33 paul_p a silent ear... nice mistake : an ear is always silent :D but you all understand what I mean !
19:34 paul_p closed ear / silent mouth
19:34 chris_n language is a wonderful thing ;-)
19:34 nahuel__ really usefull
19:34 irma joined #koha
19:34 thd There is one more thing about wiki content relicensing
19:34 paul_p hi irma
19:34 irma Salut!
19:35 gmcharlt thd: please go ahead
19:36 thd The lawyer from SFLC will send a message which I will forward to the mailing list about how the epilogue to GPL describing how to invoke this license has no magic words.
19:36 cait ?
19:37 thd We need not follow the wording exactly to refer to "the program" when we mean the wiki content.
19:37 thd cait: are you still lost?
19:37 cait better now, thx thd
19:37 gmcharlt thd: we'll await the SFLC foward, then
19:37 gmcharlt if there's nothing more, I'd like to move onto the core of this meeting
19:38 gmcharlt 5. #
19:38 gmcharlt Roles for 3.2.x and 3.4
19:38 thd I am referring to wording which states that license X applies to your program
19:39 nahuel__ gmcharlt, what about ?
19:39 nahuel__ we are voting ?
19:40 gmcharlt nahuel__: this meeting may or may not be the time to do it, but I want to get the discussion started at any rate
19:40 gmcharlt[…]elopment:roles3.4
19:41 gmcharlt summarizes the current proposals for 3.4 project roles
19:41 slef I have no web right now.
19:41 nahuel__ In my opinion, chris is the good person to be release manager
19:41 gmcharlt as some people have put their name in but have not completed their proposals, what I suggest we do is
19:42 gmcharlt vote at the next general meeting
19:42 gmcharlt with one exception - I don't think there's anybody else who's volunteering to be release manager for 3.4
19:42 bebbi left #koha
19:42 gmcharlt so if there is no objection, I would like to suggest that we vote on chris's proposal now
19:43 chris_n seconded
19:43 paul_p yes, and I don't think anyone will do
19:43 nahuel__ good idea
19:43 cait gmcharlt++
19:43 * paul_p vote for chris
19:43 chris_n +1 # for chris
19:43 gmcharlt hearing no objection thus far ...
19:43 wizzyrea +1 for chris
19:43 slef +1
19:43 gmcharlt +1 for chris
19:43 nahuel__ +1
19:43 davi +1 # for chris
19:43 cait +1
19:43 thd ++
19:43 chris dag nabbit
19:43 nahuel__ (for chris)
19:43 magnus +1 for chris
19:43 * owen has already chained chris's ankle to the desk
19:43 Nate +1
19:43 chris_n lol chris
19:43 cait :)
19:44 Colin +1
19:44 Sharon Chris will do great
19:44 richard indeed
19:44 schuster + chris
19:44 paul_p anyone against chris ?
19:44 tajoli +1 on chris and on his proposal
19:45 sekjal-away +1 for chris
19:45 paul_p "if someone against chris, up you hand, or stay silent forever"
19:45 sekjal-away is now known as sekjal
19:45 someoneagain left #koha
19:45 gmcharlt hearing no -1, I congratulate the next release manager of Koha, Chris Cormack
19:45 chris thank you
19:45 * owen cheers
19:45 paul_p hourra pour chris !
19:45 chris_n speech, speech
19:45 BobB +1
19:46 cait yay :)
19:46 paul_p ( but, frankly, it's not a surprise :D )
19:46 chris id like to thank the academy
19:46 paul_p and you mother and your father ?
19:46 paul_p and your wife ?
19:46 chris hehe
19:46 schuster Hope you got approval from your WIFE!
19:46 cait and pets? ;)
19:46 magnus 3 cheers
19:46 gmcharlt and to confirm - I move that we hold elections on the other project positions during the next meeting, to give time for people to complete proposals
19:46 gmcharlt and also to encourage more QA managers/bug wranglers/people before we all should bow to join the pool ;)
19:46 chris schuster: you know thats the rule of a succesful marriage :-)
19:47 schuster 12 years....
19:47 chris :)
19:48 paul_p gmcharlt: (& all) you may have seen that BibLibre did not propose any role. but the main idea behind that was just to let other take a place & an involvement. we will be very happy to add a QA manager or endorse whatever is empty
19:48 paul_p + we are on the way to hire a new developer that will probably work a lot with the community
19:48 gmcharlt paul_p: my view is that everybody who wants to be a bug wrangler (and I will be adding myself to the list) should be one
19:48 chris im very happy someone has volunteered to do database documentation
19:49 paul_p yep. tajoli++
19:49 chris you can never have too many bug wranglers
19:49 tajoli thank
19:49 paul_p chris: right, but you don't need an official role for that ;-)
19:49 wizzyrea fwiw I volunteer to help with bug wrangling
19:49 slef I've been snowed in so haven't looked yet. not sure about other coop workers
19:49 gmcharlt paul_p: chris: I'm also seriously considering proposal that we establish  module owners where possible
19:50 chris_n good idea
19:50 davi no yet neither
19:50 thd gmcharlt: In what sense of ownership?
19:50 chris yeah, that is a great idea
19:50 chris wrangling the bugs for those modules?
19:50 paul_p wizzyrea: wrangling bugs or finding bugs :D ?
19:51 schuster paul_p - Nicole is on the list!  She is an employee of yours!
19:51 wizzyrea I'm accomplished at both >.>
19:51 gmcharlt thd: my idea is a that module owner would be responsible for wrangling bugs for that module, and  helping to coordinate feature work for that module
19:51 Sharon being very familiar with the ins and outs of a particular module is a good idea, I think
19:51 paul_p schuster: right, I was thinking of a dev role ;-)
19:51 schuster gmcharlt++
19:51 wizzyrea I like the idea of having a go-to person/people for a module
19:51 paul_p gmcharlt++ too
19:52 schuster I know nothing about acq, but am pretty versed in circ and fairly in cat!
19:52 thd I am willing to put my name forward at a lower level of granularity
19:52 paul_p (+ default assignee of is meaningless atm)
19:52 chris yes
19:52 gmcharlt getting back to the proposal - any objection to holding the remaining project votes next meeting?
19:52 chris none from me
19:52 thd ++
19:53 chris_n +1
19:53 paul_p one question/suggestion about translation manager
19:53 chris whoever is chosen i will work closely to help handover
19:53 chris there will be a lot of work for the translation manager for 3.4
19:53 paul_p we have 2 candidates. brendan speaks english, and I think it would better to have someone not speaking english. Frédéric is french, but, he don't participate to irc meetings
19:54 paul_p frederic1: par là ?
19:54 chris with the templates changing, will need work
19:54 paul_p yep, heavy one.
19:54 chris much simplification thankfully, but still work
19:54 thd paul_p: Does he always have too much work to participate in IRC meetings?
19:55 paul_p thd: don't know
19:55 * thd knows that he should ask that directly
19:55 paul_p (it's 9PM in france)
19:55 * thd was up all night again
19:55 nahuel__ chris, but.... Template Toolkit manage translations, isn't it ? We won't need anymore baaaad tmpl_process...
19:55 paul_p maybe someone could ask him the question of his involvement?
19:55 schuster Maybe if they provide a report or an update to the RM that would suffice?
19:56 paul_p (I don't think it's a good idea for me to ask him the question, because he's a competitor, I don't want business questions to interfere with community question)
19:56 thd I can inform those who have not communicated with him that his English is fantastic
19:56 chris nahuel__: thats a maybe, it can do on the fly translation that might be to slow, we can talk about that in another meeting :)
19:56 gmcharlt I'd prefer that it be discussed a bit more openly on the mailing lists, at least
19:57 chris i will send a mail on the koha-devel list
19:57 nahuel__ chris, of course !
19:57 chris about translation manager
19:57 chris frederic and I have discussed it though, and he does have a good idea how much work is involved
19:57 chris 99% of it is answering emaisl
19:58 paul_p yes, I agree. note i've nothing against him in this role, just want to have a community as reactive as possible.
19:58 chris *nod*
19:58 ColinC joined #koha
19:59 gmcharlt ok, I think we're ready for the next agenda item
19:59 gmcharlt the Koha newsletter
19:59 paul_p this one will be short ;-)
19:59 gmcharlt nengard isn't here, but I think her update pretty much says it all - From Nicole: The Koha Newsletter will be found at until control of the domain is turned over. It will be published on the 15th of each month starting with January (2 days from now). Send all future story ideas to Nicole at with the words 'koha newsletter' in the subject line somewhere. I (Nicole) will not be at the meeting to
19:59 gmcharlt day since I will be teaching a workshop at that time.
19:59 thd I can say further that he has put attention to important issues about scripts running in not left to right and other details which we had been missing
20:00 * paul_p very happy to have the newsletter revived !
20:00 chris yay!!
20:00 chris nengard++
20:00 paul_p (for all that don't know : we used to have such a letter a long time ago)
20:00 slefweb joined #koha
20:00 chris_n nengard++
20:01 magnus nengard++
20:01 ColinC left #koha
20:01 cait nengard++
20:01 thd paul_p: when was that the case in the past?
20:01 paul_p thd, yep
20:01 paul_p it was written by pate eyler
20:01 paul_p (kaitiaki)
20:01 davi why adds in the newsletter?
20:01 chris and rachel for a short while after
20:02 slefweb davi: adds or ads? This is a very slow library PC I'm using now :(
20:02 davi ads
20:02 davi Only Koha ads I see
20:02 paul_p davi: ads ???
20:03 thd paul_p: advertisements
20:03 paul_p yep, but I don't see any ads !
20:03 paul_p (I know what is an ad, my english is not that bad, isn't it ?)
20:03 nahuel__ paul_p, there is a flash animation
20:03 davi sorry, Koha related
20:03 Ropuch davi: you're talking about koha libraries in header?
20:03 paul_p yep, but it's not an ad
20:03 nahuel__ 5 images from koha opacs
20:03 paul_p it's the header of some koha opacs
20:04 davi ok
20:04 slefweb I can see a GMail ad, but that is all.
20:04 nahuel__ slefweb, you're right :p
20:04 nahuel__ too bad
20:04 Colin left #koha
20:04 gmcharlt the header  doesn't strike me as being objectionable advertising, though possibly weighted a bit too much towards US libraries
20:05 davi :)
20:05 nahuel__ then, when will be the next meeting ?
20:05 chris cept for hlt
20:05 magnus i think nengard said somewhere that this was just a temporary location until the community has control of
20:05 chris she sure did
20:05 chris teacup, storm :)
20:05 magnus ;-)
20:06 chris_n heh
20:06 gmcharlt I'd like to call the next meeting at 11:00 UTC+0 on February 2
20:06 slefweb speaking of ads, the ones on mibbit are not really safe for use in a public library :-(
20:06 nahuel__ gmcharlt, great
20:06 chris gmcharlt: im ok with that
20:06 paul_p 11:00 UTC, great, that's lunch time for Europe ;-)
20:07 slefweb looks OK to me
20:07 davi IMHO such ads are not actually needed in the newsletter page
20:07 paul_p easier than baby-to-bed time ;-)
20:07 thd paul_p paul_p: Thank you for helping the English people who do not know frederic1 to better appreciate his candidacy.
20:07 paul_p davi: I agree
20:07 cait
20:07 chris_n gmcharlt: +1
20:07 slefweb cait: what about it?
20:07 gmcharlt ok, it's set then
20:08 gmcharlt any final items to add to the agenda?
20:08 davi remove the ads?
20:08 Topic for #koha is now Discussion channel for the Koha ILS | Next general IRC meeting at 11:00 UTC+0 on 2 February 2010 | Logged at
20:09 cait nothing special, just different from the other press releases
20:09 schuster I love one hour meetings that stay on task.
20:09 * chris_n likes the opac headers as it shows what other's do with Koha
20:09 chris_n others even
20:09 nahuel__ gmcharlt, beta plans?
20:09 slefweb right, I get to walk the 3 miles home now... ttyl
20:09 slefweb left #koha
20:09 gmcharlt davi: if they bother you that much, take it up with nengard - however, since they assuredly aren't commercial advertising, I would suggest that we simply encourage the newsletter
20:10 someoneagain joined #koha
20:10 zico left #koha
20:10 gmcharlt nahuel__: beta will be released once blockers on 3.2-alpha are down to a reasonably small number
20:10 nahuel__ ok
20:10 paul_p cait: it's different, as it's "I", not "the company"
20:10 nahuel__ null number is better
20:10 davi no problem, no bother too much
20:10 wizzyrea left #koha
20:10 wizzyrea joined #koha
20:11 paul_p is it my english or "X and Y merging" is different than "X acquires Y" ?
20:11 chris yes quite different
20:11 chris its definitely not a merger
20:11 gmcharlt paul_p: merger imlies that the two parties are equals, more or less
20:12 nahuel__ like a fusion
20:12 Genji the website gets taken over by the company, and goes out of Joshua's control?
20:12 paul_p yep, that's what I thought I knew ;-)
20:12 paul_p nahuel__: fusion is the french term ;-)
20:12 paul_p Genji: yep
20:12 nahuel__ it don't exist in english too ?
20:13 paul_p the next question is : will it fall into community hands !
20:13 chris i say we give them some space for a couple of days, then ask
20:13 gmcharlt nahuel__: fusion is used in English too, but not to describe business mergers
20:13 paul_p nahuel__: yes, it exist, but I think it's just for atomic fusion. english natives, pls confirm ;-)
20:13 magnus chris++
20:13 nahuel__ k
20:13 cait isnt there a term like fusion food too?
20:14 gmcharlt cait: yes
20:14 paul_p (note that this PR is a kind of bomb news for us, but that's another matter ;-) )
20:14 gmcharlt paul_p: yeah, I'm sorry you and brendan didn't get to enjoy at least a day of having your news all to yourselves
20:14 chris its excellent news though
20:14 tajoli here is 'PTFS to Acquire LibLime'
20:14 tajoli
20:15 chris and on the ptfs site
20:15 wizzyrea I was at least as excited about the surprise news from biblibre as I was about ptfs/ll
20:15 chris i think LBA just got it wrong with her headline
20:15 biglego joined #koha
20:15 irma LBA?
20:15 someoneagain someone should invent a jetpack for cats
20:15 chris_n paul_p: http://wordnetweb.princeton.ed[…]rl/webwn?s=fusion
20:16 paul_p Lori Bowen Ayre
20:16 irma thanks Paul
20:16 sekjal this is one of those historically significant days for Koha, I think
20:16 sekjal coming back from a meeting (sorry I was late to this one) to find all this out was a shock to the system
20:16 someoneagain what is ptfs?
20:16 owen Interesting to read that on Lori Ayre's site. The letter didn't go out to *all* LibLime customers--we didn't get one.
20:17 chris suprise suprise
20:17 wizzyrea sigh :(
20:17 chris_n owen: does that surprise you?
20:17 owen No, not really :)
20:17 thd paul_p: Is the French term for acquisiton also l'acquisition?
20:17 paul_p thd: yes it is
20:18 CGI913 left #koha
20:18 schuster It was sent through the LibLime listserv I suspect as they posted the press release.
20:18 chris oh they kicked you off there already eh ... here's to less of that nonsense from now on
20:18 chris_n gmcharlt: have we closed the meeting?
20:18 gmcharlt chris_n: yes
20:18 chris is someone doing minutes
20:19 chris id like to freak my boss out by showing him i got elected
20:19 chris :)
20:19 Ropuch hehe
20:19 cait :)
20:19 cait I think this was to be expected
20:19 gmcharlt dear boss - remember that web developer type person you hired way back when?  welcome to Catalyst's new line of business! ;)
20:19 chris heh
20:20 * russ thinks he missed something...
20:20 paul_p russ: you missed MANY things ;-)
20:20 chris[…]10-01-13#i_372124
20:21 irma chris: I will watch out for the celebration fireworks coming from the East!
20:21 russ oh i lurk - you would be surprised :-)
20:21 chris
20:21 chris bywater++
20:23 wizzyrea OH snap
20:23 chris[…]le/CA6714841.html
20:23 chris nice writeup by marshall breeding
20:24 owen "...gaining control of an arsenal of assets surrounding Koha"
20:24 owen *sigh*
20:24 thd gmcharlt: what is the news that brendan and paul_p did not have all to themselves?
20:25 gmcharlt owen: yep - whether they decide to play ball re community assets will be one of the real tests of them
20:25 paul_p thd: ???
20:25 thd paul_p: exactly why I asked
20:25 owen I just hope we don't look forward to seeing PTFS claim on their web site to have contributed 99% of Koha's code.
20:25 gmcharlt thd:[…]ounce-partnership
20:26 davi gnb. mvnb      jgfng, vncxm,v    cfmvn xbncvvvvvvvvxbnvfmg,bgnfb,mg sdjfhcmdfnvchbdfncv
20:26 davi vc,,,,,,,,,,vccccvvcccccv
20:26 owen davi: Cat on keyboard?
20:26 * gmcharlt greets davi's cat, dog, or small child
20:27 davi cxxxvcccccccbv,m bnvmm xnxcakjc,hhhhnsdx cnxvb c      dsxcvb djcxbbgfhdg ffffffffjgh
20:27 thd gmcharlt: thanks, I had thought that was old news
20:27 gmcharlt thd: well, that post is dated today, after all ;)
20:27 davi owen,  baby, sorry
20:27 wizzyrea Hi baby!
20:27 Genji Ahh, finalyl we get some details on how koha works. It runs on an Amazon cloud.
20:27 Genji LEK = amazon application.
20:27 * wizzyrea tickles the baby, just to hear some baby laughs
20:27 owen davi's_baby++
20:27 davi wizzyrea,  too young yet to read
20:28 owen Genji: That's just where it's hosted.
20:28 Ropuch davi: take a screenshot for the future ;>
20:28 wizzyrea davi: but please convey my hellos to baby :)
20:28 davi good idea
20:28 owen Interesting: "Following the transaction, Metavore, Inc. will focus on business interests outside the library automation industry"
20:29 chris yeah, i think that whas always the plan
20:29 davi done
20:30 sekjal "...aims to include services such as electronic resource management and document delivery..."
20:30 sekjal neat!  those features would go a long way toward making Koha more viable for larger institutions and academic consortia
20:31 chris yeah it sounds like a good move, and i have faith ptfs will act in an ethical and open manner
20:31 Genji owen: I was under the impression it was hosted by liblime, internally, or in one specific datacenter. But since its on Amazon... my fears of the libs having no library because of datacenter emergency, have been eliminated.
20:31 chris_n gmcharlt: still about?
20:31 * sekjal chooses to trust PTFS as good members of the community, as they've been in my experience
20:31 gmcharlt chris_n: yes
20:32 chris_n I notice that the db ver numbers jump from x.060 to x.100 with the acquisitions work
20:32 chris sekjal: definitely to date PTFS have been an asset
20:32 chris_n in
20:32 gmcharlt chris_n: yeah, there were 40-odd related updates
20:32 wizzyrea gengi: those of us in the cloud on amazon have had AMAZING uptime
20:32 wizzyrea genji, sorry
20:32 wizzyrea >.<
20:33 wizzyrea I do that every time. Apologies.
20:33 chris_n gmcharlt: hmm I have a commit in my repo: e1091f943 which does not appear in the main repo?
20:34 * paul_p think the conference is done, isn't it ?
20:34 paul_p so, time to head to wife & bed
20:34 chris_n gmcharlt: yet my repo says it is up to date on rebase
20:34 chris_n paul_p: g
20:34 chris_n 'night
20:34 wizzyrea good night paul
20:35 chris_n and that commit does not appear in the main repo
20:35 * chris_n scratches his head
20:36 gmcharlt chris_n: checking - I'm pretty sure it's in the main repo, but I'll grab a fresh clone and confirm
20:36 atz joined #koha
20:36 chris paul_p: good night and congrats again
20:36 chris atz my man :)
20:36 chris_n gmcharlt: it does not appear when searching at afaict
20:36 atz hola
20:36 chris_n heya atz!
20:36 owen Hi atz!
20:37 paul_p hi atz !
20:37 paul_p atz: lot of breaking news today ;-)
20:37 atz indeed there is
20:37 wizzyrea omg agz
20:37 wizzyrea atz
20:37 wizzyrea hi
20:37 atz greets wizzyrea
20:37 paul_p (including the last one : Chris cormack being 3.4RM officially)
20:37 atz good choice
20:37 cait hi
20:37 BobB Cheers all, must get ready for the day!
20:38 wizzyrea to what do we owe the pleasure of your company atz
20:38 russ hiya atz
20:38 atz just wanted to come by and see if y'all were freaking out or not  :)
20:38 russ lol
20:38 wizzyrea we are freaking in a happy way
20:39 irma Me too. Thanks for the meeting! Bye.
20:39 BobB left #koha
20:40 nengard joined #koha
20:40 atz cool
20:40 owen Hi nengard
20:40 nengard sorry i missed the meeting all - did I end up getting any more responsibilities?
20:40 nengard hehe
20:40 irma Hi Nicole!
20:40 chris_n hey nengard
20:40 owen nengard: You're RM for 3.4.
20:40 chris_n hehe
20:40 nengard nuh uh that's chris
20:41 owen :)
20:41 nengard i read that on twitter while teaching my twitter workshop :) hehe
20:41 nengard as I read all of the other news
20:41 gmcharlt nengard: we elected chris as RM,; formal votes for other possibles will be done 2 February
20:41 gmcharlt *other positions
20:41 sekjal hey nengard
20:41 biglego left #koha
20:43 gmcharlt chris_n: that odd, e1091f943 is indeed in master
20:43 * chris_n wonders why it does not show up in the gitweb interface?
20:44 atz cached reponse maybe?
20:44 * chris_n checks
20:44 gmcharlt chris_n: gitweb commit search is a little funky, but it's there - ?
20:44 gmcharlt[…]ommit;h=e1091f943
20:45 gmcharlt that URL pattern will let you look up any commit by hash, btw
20:45 chris_n weird
20:46 chris_n so why does[…]8fad3d190922fb897
20:46 chris_n show the version skipping from 060 to 100?
20:46 * chris_n must me missing something here :-P
20:47 chris_n at any rate, there is a fetchrow without execute in e1091f943
20:48 gmcharlt chris_n: yes, you're missing that there was a follow-up patch that resequenced the DBrev numbers
20:48 gmcharlt viz,[…]7ebbbe50f5d3f5f3a
20:48 chris_n git is weird.... out of sync but does not know it
20:49 chris_n so what's the best way to fix this?
20:49 chris_n start a new repo and cherry pick my work off the old one?
20:50 gmcharlt chris_n: bit drastic, but it may well be simplest to do that
20:50 chris new branch would probably be fine
20:50 chris not a whole new repo
20:50 irma left #koha
20:51 IrmaCalyx left #koha
20:51 owen paul_p still around?
20:51 paul_p owen: yes
20:52 owen I have a question about limits on the number of holds a patron can have
20:52 paul_p throw it, even if nahuel__ may have a better answer than me on this matter
20:52 owen It looks like the "maxreserves" system pref is deprecated, but I don't see what it's replaced with
20:53 owen The code still attempts to check maxreserves in a couple of places
20:53 chris_n odd... my repo shows 0c7e7053e2
20:54 paul_p owen: file a bug and affect if to hdl pls. (I suspect the maxreserve can still be used as a fallback if no rules are defined, but i'm not sure)
20:55 atz chris: maybe you cloned from github instead of ?
20:55 tajoli left #koha
20:56 chris git remote show
20:58 cait not sure I can sleep after all those news - but good night everyone! :)
20:58 chris_n origingit://
20:58 cait left #koha
20:59 chris_n gotta run, bbl
20:59 IrmaCalyx joined #koha
20:59 atz maybe a difference in the versions of git used ?   strange problem
21:00 chris yeah i havent seen this one before
21:02 collum Just got out of a meeting and read the irc log.  Wow!
21:02 sekjal collum:  I know, right?
21:05 nicomo left #koha
21:07 paul_p @tell later jdavidb : fun that you're back to LibLime : "PTFS will operate its Koha support business under the name LibLime" (libraryjournal article)
21:07 munin paul_p: Error: I haven't seen later, I'll let you do the telling.
21:07 paul_p @tell jdavidb : fun that you're back to LibLime : "PTFS will operate its Koha support business under the name LibLime" (libraryjournal article)
21:10 wizzyrea hehe paul
21:12 sekjal left #koha
21:14 IrmaCalyx left #koha
21:15 chris wow, i have no idea what i was going to do today
21:21 someoneagain that means you have free time
21:21 someoneagain so then, invent a jetpack for cats. for me.
21:22 slef put iton backwards
21:22 owen Don't worry chris, I have no idea what I *did* today.
21:23 owen But I'm done doing it!
21:23 slef self-roasting cats
21:23 owen left #koha
21:23 chris heh
21:23 gmcharlt slef: and what do you have against our feline overlords?
21:23 slef an allergy
21:24 Nate left #koha
21:24 atz slef: if it makes you feel any better, my parents had a cat that was allergic to people
21:25 Nate joined #koha
21:25 chris i think my cat is
21:25 chris or at least, hates people
21:27 schuster chris - you were going to attend 2 meetings!  Day accomplished!
21:27 chris oh right you are :)
21:27 paul_p left #koha
21:27 slef also cats keep fouling my lawn
21:28 slef I have electronic countermeasures now
21:28 schuster and be elected as 3.4 RM!
21:29 schuster Now I need a nap after listing all your accomplishments.
21:29 chris my silent campaign to have schuster elected failed
21:29 chris next time :)
21:30 * chris will bbiab
21:32 richard left #koha
21:35 richard joined #koha
21:37 collum left #koha
21:50 schuster Hey I can still be a bug rangler!  but right now I'm feeling a little stretched with some things going on - KUDOS, some other State organization things being overly involved does take away from the daily work.
21:52 ccurry left #koha
21:52 gmcharlt schuster: bug wrangling can expand or contract to the time you have available - every little bit helps
21:52 someoneagain woah, electronic countermeasures vs cats? im interested
21:53 chris_n2 gmcharlt: I think that there was some confusion on my git issue earlier
21:53 chris_n2 I could not find the commit in the main repo via webgit
21:53 someoneagain not that i have any particular disdain for cats. quite the opposite. but i do have an unhealthy passion for various countermeasures. and electronics.
21:53 chris_n2 it does appear in my clone
21:53 chris_n2 for the record
21:53 someoneagain left #koha
21:54 someoneagain joined #koha
21:56 Nate ok goodbye for now #koha
21:57 someoneagain goodbye for now nate
21:57 Nate Quite an eventful day I must say
21:57 someoneagain always is
21:57 Nate true
21:57 someoneagain but sometimes, doing nothing is the most fulfulling thing you can do
21:57 Nate left #koha
21:57 someoneagain unless possible alternatives include R&D on feline aviation
21:58 chris back
21:58 wizzyrea lol feline aviation
21:58 wizzyrea wb
22:00 bebbi joined #koha
22:19 schuster left #koha
22:19 someoneagain bbiab
22:19 someoneagain left #koha
22:34 chris_n2 it appears that PTFS has integrated their CMS with an open source ILS (Koha?): "the integration of ArchivalWare with Open Source ILS software" (
22:34 atz that was their goal when they started over a year ago
22:36 chris id love to see it in action
22:37 * chris_n2 wonders if their website is run on their CMS
22:37 chris_n2 its a nice looking site
22:39 Ropuch Isn't ArchivalWare propertialy software?
22:39 wizzyrea yea, it runs on mssql
22:39 wizzyrea :(
22:39 wizzyrea I think that's the only reason
22:39 atz it's definitely proprietary
22:40 wizzyrea someone at some point told me that there was some hint of desire to make archivalware open source, but the database backend wouldn't allow it
22:40 Ropuch Windows 2000 Server, Service Pack 2 or greater or Sun Server, Microsoft Internet Information Services 5.0 or greater, MSQL Server or Oracle
22:40 wizzyrea AH ORACLE.
22:40 wizzyrea YEs
22:40 wizzyrea now I remember
22:40 chris small steps :)
22:41 chris at least they are moving in the right direction
22:41 atz hah... have to support solaris as a defense contractor (which i like, actually)
22:41 moodaepo So basically PTFS can combine ArchivalWare and Koha and sell it as long as they give their clients the koha side of the code?
22:41 chris opensolaris is actually pretty nice
22:41 chris_n2
22:42 chris moodaepo: depends on how tight the integration is
22:42 atz moodaepo: basically they sell archival ware and give you koha with it
22:42 chris if it uses koha's api, then yep
22:42 atz which it should be able to do fine, via the biblios and z39 APIs
22:42 chris *nod*
22:43 moodaepo Ugh ArchivalWare looks like crud compared to Koha...screenshots != in action : )
22:43 chris screenshots are hard
22:44 chris s/hard/lies/ :-)
22:44 Ropuch hehe
22:44 moodaepo s/screenshots/photoshops/ : )
22:46 * Ropuch just spotted an opensolaris cap on os manual and live cd
22:59 moodaepo @wunder 56001
22:59 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in South on Monks, Mankato, Minnesota is -2.4�C (4:53 PM CST on January 13, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 84%. Dew Point: -4.0�C. Windchill: -6.0�C. Pressure: 29.78 in 1008.4 hPa (Rising).
23:09 magnus left #koha
23:42 nengard left #koha
23:48 IrmaCalyx joined #koha
23:49 IrmaCalyx A quick question about Bugzilla � Bug 4042
23:49 IrmaCalyx
23:49 IrmaCalyx When creating a NEW report can one change "Assigned To:   Joshua Ferraro <>" ?
23:49 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4042 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Public OPAC search can fall prey to web crawlers
23:50 chris yeah it was a topic of the meeting this morning, we need new default assignees
23:50 Genji hell.
23:50 chris if you cant change it there (it doesnt ereally matter, they all go to the bugs mailing list so all get read) you can change it right after
23:50 chris to someone you think makes more sense
23:51 IrmaCalyx So, CALYX will leave it as is then as we are submitting a patch for it . OK?
23:51 chris i always change it to me when i claim a bug .. the default one is just so its assigned to something, like i say,
23:51 chris oh, swithc it to you
23:51 chris if you are submitting a patch
23:51 chris (you can do that when you attach the patch even, there is an option)
23:52 IrmaCalyx Ok. Will sitch it when we submit the patch. :-)
23:55 chris excellent :)
23:55 chris yay for patches
23:57 IrmaCalyx change of mind...switched it to Bob as he will see it through.
23:57 chris :)
23:57 chris that works
23:57 chris its good to switch so others know its being worked on
23:57 chris i often change status from new, to assigned also
23:58 pianohacker joined #koha
23:59 IrmaCalyx About PTFS...
23:59 chris yep?

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