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00:03 brendan howdy chris_n2
00:05 chris_n2 heya brendan
00:15 * chris_n2 manually creates a pull request since github does not appear to have the ability to email a pull request :-(
00:31 brendan cya #koha - heading home to cook :)
00:36 chris cya brendan
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01:06 chris_n2 cooking++
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02:17 * chris_n2 wonders if brendan attained a culinary achievement
02:50 brendan chris_n2 an excellent stew will be ready for dinner tomorrow night :)
02:50 chris_n2 sounds good :-)
02:57 chris_n2 g'night #Koha
02:58 brendan night chris_n2
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03:33 Amit heya brendan, chris
03:33 Amit good morning #koha
03:33 brendan good evening Amit
03:33 brendan @wunder new delhi
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07:05 Ropuch Morning #koha
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07:20 CGI076 I m using koha-3.00.04_fixed on debian, when I want to import and save any record from z3950 search
07:22 CGI076 It show ' cant save this record because the following field aren't filled: *ta942 subfield c koha [defualt] item in tab 9
07:22 CGI076 can any one help me?
07:27 Amit heya nicomo, Ropuch
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07:40 nicomo hi Amit
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07:49 CGI076 how can I solve this problem
07:49 CGI076 ?
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08:42 CGI605 I asked Question, can any body help me....?
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09:18 nicomo CGI605: I guess you have to either fill in this field
09:18 nicomo orelse go to admin > MARC framework > edit the subfield > not mandatory
09:20 CGI605 nicomo: how can I fill this one? there is no value in combo box
09:21 CGI605 I want to only import and save record via z3950
09:21 nicomo ok, then make the subfield not mandatory
09:22 nicomo if you want to fill the field and it's a dropbox
09:22 nicomo in the framework it should be linked to an Authorized Value list
09:23 nicomo populating the dropbox
09:43 CGI605 nicomo: there is not mandatory selected, still it show problem
09:44 nicomo sure you're checking the right bibliographic framework? i.e. cataloging with default and looking default framework in admin?
09:47 CGI605 nicomo: Im not getting
09:48 CGI605 Im in Marc Bibliographic framework
09:48 nicomo you should have at least a Default framework
09:48 nicomo admin/
09:49 nicomo then admin/
09:49 CGI605 Im not still getting
09:49 nicomo loook for the field that causes the problem, e.g. 942
09:49 CGI605 plz tell me easy steps as Im new
09:50 nicomo go to /admin/marc_subfields_structure​.pl?tagfield=942&frameworkcode=
09:50 nicomo you should see the subfields for this 942 field
09:56 CGI605 Yeah I m there and there is not mandatory field
09:57 CGI605 error was in 942 in c c
10:07 nicomo CGI605: no further idea then, i don't know
10:13 CGI605 tag 942 sub field c koha [defualt] item ty in tab tab 9
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12:56 chris_n good morning
12:57 jwagner Good morning chris_n
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13:12 nengard morning all
13:16 jdavidb Hi, nengard! :)
13:17 nengard how goes it?
13:19 jdavidb so far, so good.  The caffeine hasn't kicked in quite yet, so ask again later.  :/
13:21 nengard hehe
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14:38 CGI113 hi
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14:48 * owen tries to change Ubuntu's system date so he can check some books out yesterday
14:53 Ropuch date -s?
14:57 owen Didn't work, not sure why
15:01 owen Never mind, worked that time.
15:01 Ropuch sudo date +%Y%m%d -s "20081128"
15:01 Ropuch ropuch@bagno:~$ date
15:02 Ropuch pi�, 28 lis 2008, 00:00:02 CET
15:02 Ropuch But it reminds unchanged in gnome systray clock
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15:16 someone so... ive got an issue while importing a MARC record. the marc record has ~3300 titles, and koha has, as far as i can tell, stopped trying to import at the 25th entry
15:16 someone it still says "Status staging"
15:16 someone but inside of "Manage Staged MARC Records › Batch 1 ", it only lists 25 titles
15:17 someone its been running for uh. 10ish hours?
15:17 owen It should take a few minutes.
15:17 owen I would guess that something in that marc file is tripping it up.
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15:21 someoneagain so apparently my laptop doesnt like running on 1% battery for any sustained amount of time
15:22 someoneagain live and learn
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15:22 someoneagain so yeah, initially all of our book information was just entered into a 5 column excel spreadsheet...
15:24 someoneagain used MarcEdit to convert that data to MARC. i know nothing about MARC21 format but the creator of MarcEdit was nice enough to supply me with the information that was applicable to our excel spreadsheet layout: Field 0: 035$a = proprietary book number, Field 1: 090$a = LC classification number, Field 2: 260$c = Publication date, Field 3: 100$a; indicators: 10 = Author, Field 4: 245$a; indicators: 10 = Title
15:25 someoneagain i guess my question is, is there any particular place on the server i should be looking for detailed information on what is stopping the process from importing the data from the 26th record? (if indeed i am correct for assuming the 26th record is in error, seeing as how the site only shows me details of the imported records going to the 25th record)
15:31 nengard Your error log might have something in it
15:32 nengard that said, you're probably missing a required field of some sort - but I've never used MarcEdit so I dont know for sure how to help you there
15:32 someoneagain ive checked /var/log/koha/koha-error_log and koha-opac-error_log but neither seem to have anything regarding the importing of the MARC file
15:33 nengard this may help:[…]al/using-marcedit
15:33 someoneagain how about this, is it possible to completely cancel the import process and abandon any changes that would otherwise have been imported after the staging
15:33 nengard I'm not the best person to talk to about server issues - i always have to ask to be reminded how to find the error log :) hehe
15:33 someoneagain so that i can try it all over again with a smaller MARC file?
15:34 nengard hmmm - I'm sure you could - but I don't know what command to use
15:34 someoneagain well at any rate thanks for the link, i will definitely read through it ( i know next to nothing about MARC so this should help)
15:36 owen Lots of lurkers here, not many helpers.
15:36 owen nengard: Are you still having trouble with bugzilla today?
15:36 someoneagain i can identify with that, even irl :)
15:36 nengard owen - nope
15:36 owen I don't have any problems accessing it, but it took about 12 hours for my last bugzilla emails to come through
15:37 nengard owen maybe the server needs a restart :)
15:38 moodaepo @wunder 56001
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15:50 someoneagain hrm, well, it has defnintely imported a ton more than 25 records. i just did a mysqldump of koha import_records and its a 3mb text file
16:33 chris_n @wunder 28334
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16:34 chris_n wow... heatwave :-)
16:34 owen Hi chris_n
16:35 chris_n howdy owen
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16:36 schuster someoneagain - dump is more than just marc.
16:38 schuster someoneagain - in MarcEdit you might run the MARCVALIDATOR from the menu on top to see if it finds any particular errors.  You might also search for a few titles beyond the 25th one to see if they actually imported.  Usually it shows the first 25 and there are numbers at the bottom of the screen to go to the next batch of 25.
16:39 someoneagain yeah im thinking something was terribly wrong because i saw screenshots of someone elses koha installation at that particular screen, schuster
16:39 someoneagain and mine didnt have those numbers to go to different pages
16:39 someoneagain so i just nuked the old koha database and recreated it in mysql, and rm -rf'd the entire koha installed directory, im rebuilding it now
16:40 someoneagain im sort of in the dark when it comes to looking at marc files, i dont really know what im supposed to be expecting to see, but ill definitely try that marc validator. im breaking the 3000 line excel spreadsheet into smaller chunks to try doing test imports of smaller amounts at a time
16:42 brendan owen that last patch for bug 4035 - that working ok for you?
16:42 schuster How big is your marc file?
16:42 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4035 major, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Today's checkouts grouped with previous checkouts
16:43 someoneagain it was about 800K
16:44 owen brendan: I tested that patch on HEAD, and as far as I can tell it fixes the problem.
16:44 brendan cool great - I'm just getting a chance to look at that.  I think I'll give it a shot :)
16:46 someoneagain the guy that wrote MarcEdit told me that based on my excel file, this is how i should probably map the fields when using the delimited text translator                      Field 3: 100$a; indicators: 10 = Author  Field 4: 245$a; indicators: 10 = Title
16:46 someoneagain but to be honest i really didnt follow him on that, as far as the 'indicators 10=' part
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16:52 someoneagain hrm, yeah.. i guess that part is important because marcvalidator is showing errors only on those two particular fields
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16:54 owen nengard: Can I ask if you remember a bug report for a particular problem?
16:55 nengard you can ask :)
16:56 owen Here's the bug: Check in an item at Branch A which is on hold for a patron at Branch B. Confirm the transfer.
16:57 owen Then check it in again: You get two confirmation dialogs: One which says transfer, one which doesn't.
16:57 nengard yeah - i think i saw that bug - and it ididn't used to do that .. so it's a new one ... let me see what i can find
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17:00 nengard owen - i'm not having much luck ...
17:01 owen Yeah, me neither. I guess I'll submit a new report and wait for someone to mark it as a duplicate.
17:01 nengard not seeing it in my emails or in the bugs db
17:02 nengard maybe you need to report it :)
17:10 owen Bug 4040
17:10 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4040 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, Checking in an already confirmed on-hold item results in duplicate dialogs
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17:25 collum owen: are you thinking of bug 3345
17:25 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3345 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, Return All items on patron detail does not initiate transfer of holds
17:25 owen collum: No, that's different
17:25 collum OK
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17:33 * owen sees bugzilla emails trickling in from hours ago
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17:53 someoneagain anyone ever seen this when running make test?
17:53 someoneagain t/Dates.t                    (Wstat: 65280 Tests: 135 Failed: 9)   Failed tests:  127-135   Non-zero exit status: 255   Parse errors: Bad plan.  You planned 126 tests but ran 135. Files=21, Tests=198, 11 wallclock secs ( 0.28 usr  0.06 sys +  5.67 cusr  0.84 csys =  6.85 CPU) Result: FAIL Failed 1/21 test programs. 9/198 subtests failed. make: *** [test_dynamic] Error 255
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18:01 chris_n atz++ # death to EXPR
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18:46 owen death to EXPR = death to the 126 instances currently found in the templates
18:48 liz-nekls what, you didn't need more to do?
18:48 chris owen: dont worry about it
18:49 chris H::T::P is gone soon anyway
18:49 chris to be replaced with TT (i have about half the opac done)
18:49 chris which actually does what EXPR is supposed to do, but properly
18:50 owen chris: Is there a TT for dummies that would help me understand what we're switching to?
18:51 chris sure is
18:51 liz-nekls yes, I am interested in that as well
18:51 chris the docs are about 10 million times better
18:52 chris[…]manual/Intro.html
18:53 brendan chris - you still at home or at work yet?
18:53 Ropuch *bookmarked*
18:53 Ropuch Hi chris, brendan, owen
18:53 brendan hi Ropuch
18:55 chris owen:[…]df732409bf178a292
18:55 chris in the koha context
18:55 chris brendan: still at home 10 mins til bus
18:57 rich-away is now known as richard
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19:04 JeremyLC Can I check a single item to multiple borrowers simultaneously?
19:05 owen No
19:05 owen Why would you want to?
19:05 JeremyLC because we already do
19:05 JeremyLC Our patrons get credit for time spent using our materials
19:05 JeremyLC some things, notably movies (for language learning), can be shared
19:06 owen Interesting. Does that mean your library software integrates with some kind of credit-tracking software?
19:06 liz-nekls more to the point... wht is your current library software
19:06 JeremyLC we're a University language lab, credit doesn't apply
19:07 owen You just said patrons get credit
19:07 JeremyLC our current software is an abomination that was grown internally using PHP and apache (I did not write it)
19:08 liz-nekls Ahhhh
19:08 JeremyLC right, course credit.  Their profs. say 'spend x hours/week' in the lab', our software tracks what they check out and use, and how long they had it
19:09 JeremyLC I already know that hourly circulation is not in Koha, but I'm capable of adding that (and, if uni. legal clears it, contributing it back to the project)
19:10 JeremyLC I've been looking through the documentation regarding circulation to try find the answer to the question I just asked (and got answered, thanks)
19:10 owen Just my opinion, but it sounds like tracking these hours is something outside the realm of what Koha should be doing.
19:11 JeremyLC well, for the circulation, I would just change from using date to datetime when recording issues
19:12 JeremyLC (and figuring due dates/times)
19:12 JeremyLC I know I'm not the only one who needed to do that, as I have researched it
19:12 JeremyLC I know the LibLime even implemented such a thing for one of their customers
19:13 JeremyLC (Our budget isn't really big enough to deal with them)
19:13 owen Hourly loans are still within the paradigm of "one item one patron"
19:14 JeremyLC yes
19:14 owen I'm not sure how you break out of that without breaking a lot of other things
19:14 JeremyLC I haven't looked at what I would need to do for 'one item many patrons'
19:15 JeremyLC (re: LibLime, I meant the hourly circulation)
19:15 owen To me this sounds like a whole new module, separate from regular circulation.
19:17 JeremyLC yuck
19:17 Ropuch Hm
19:18 Ropuch Items can have multiple holds
19:19 Ropuch But owen is right, it should be (and would be easier to implement) separate from circ
19:21 Ropuch Bah, now I'm thinking how to do it instead od translating ;-P
19:21 JeremyLC sorry
19:21 Ropuch ;>
19:21 JeremyLC It sounds like I may need to investigate alternatives, then
19:22 owen JeremyLC: A question to ask yourself is whether Koha offers enough benefits aside from this issue to make it worth using
19:22 someoneagain when i go to administration, Libraries and Groups , it wont let me delete franklin, midway, pleasant valley or springfield. it says 'library deleted', but they remain on the page
19:23 JeremyLC I'll have to investigate some more before I can decide that
19:23 JeremyLC It is very powerful, and would be very nice for us to use
19:24 JeremyLC however, these two features are vital
19:25 Ropuch JeremyLC: you can always add some custom buttons to circ templates and call some exterior app, passing some koha-related stuff to it
19:25 JeremyLC I specifically want to avoid that sort of thing
19:25 Ropuch :)
19:26 JeremyLC I'm a technical person in a very non-technical dept
19:26 someoneagain JeremyLC: when you say LibLime, are you referring to Evergreen?
19:26 owen LibLime != Evergreen
19:26 owen LibLime = a Koha support vendor
19:26 someoneagain Ah
19:26 JeremyLC (eng. degree working in foreign lang) I want them to be able to operate without me when I eventually move one
19:26 JeremyLC er, move on
19:27 owen someoneagain: LibLime offers its customers a proprietary fork of Koha which includes some features (like hourly loans) not in the open source version
19:27 JeremyLC I want to leave as little in-house software as possible, and good documentation for what is here
19:28 JeremyLC I would like my successors to be able to do server updates and upgrades without having to wonder what version of which tool I used, an whether newer versions will break something
19:32 someoneagain thats kinda uh
19:32 someoneagain odd sounding
19:32 JeremyLC not if you've had to deal with our existing system
19:32 someoneagain but since im ignorant to all of this ill just keep silent so that my ignorance shows less :D
19:32 someoneagain no, not you, i was talking to owen
19:32 Ropuch sounds reasonable to me
19:32 JeremyLC there is 0 documentation
19:32 someoneagain everything you said was pretty much over my head :)
19:33 JeremyLC no configuration interface either, to do almost any configuring I have to log into phpmyadmin and edit the DB directly
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19:55 chris hourly loans is easy
19:55 chris multiple borrowers .. not so much
19:55 JeremyLC I got that impression
19:56 chris you could ask Liblime to release the code, they do trumpet themselves as teh global leader in open source ... ask them to put their code where their mouth is
19:56 chris otherwise someone will just have to re do it
19:57 chris which isnt hard, but a waste of time and effort
19:57 JeremyLC I could implement hourly loans myself, even using the RFC in the 3.2 docs, but the multiple borrowers issue may be beyond my available time (and talents)
19:58 chris it's something that will require major changes
19:58 chris and really is probably outside the scope of koha
19:58 chris you can use koha as a materials tracking tool ... but bending it that far ..
19:58 chris you are probably best off using an LDAP backend, sharing data between koha and a materials tracking tool
19:59 chris (room bookings, etc)
19:59 JeremyLC we have a campus wide LDAP with all our student info in it (I wrote a MOODLE plugin to use it for auto-enrolments and account creation)
20:01 chris then what i would look at doing is using a materials tracking tool that can talk LDAP to deal with things like shared movies
20:01 chris or, like owen said, make a separate module for Koha
20:03 chris it would bust to much stuff trying to wedge that into regular circulation
20:09 owen Is the "maxreserves" system preference deprecated?
20:10 chris i think so
20:10 chris its replaced with the new smart rules stuff
20:10 owen In :  if ( $number_reserves > C4::Context->preference('maxreserves') ) {
20:11 chris hmmm, you might want to email koha-devel/biblibre ... imho, that should go away for 3.2
20:12 owen I'm trying to figure out what I can't place holds and that's what I ran across.
20:12 chris actually 2 secs
20:12 chris i did a bugfix for that already
20:14 chris bug3785
20:14 chris[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3785
20:14 munin Bug 3785: critical, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, New Install, no maxreserves setting, OPAC holds fail
20:15 owen So a similar change needs to be made to
20:15 chris *nod*
20:16 chris something like this
20:16 someoneagain has this bug reopened?
20:16 someoneagain[…]-June/018995.html
20:16 chris if ( C4::Context->preference('maxreserves') && $number_reserves > C4::Context->preference('maxreserves') ) {
20:16 chris can you try that own
20:16 chris owen too
20:16 someoneagain when i try to place a hold i get the same error that guy got,
20:16 someoneagain brb
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20:17 chris what version of koha someoneagain
20:24 owen So chris it looks like there is no check of the holds allowed count as set by
20:25 owen All we've got is maxreserves, and that's now "if you've got maxreserves set"
20:26 chris yeah there is in the opac
20:26 chris hmm or not
20:26 chris yeah, i think we need to ask biblibre .. it might be there are some patches waiting to be pushed
20:27 * owen 's head hurts from all the patches waiting to be pushed
20:27 chris yeah, i wonder if i can un nominate myself for 3.4 hehe
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20:28 owen No!!!
20:28 owen Not unless you want me to grab your ankle and not let go
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20:28 chris hehe
20:29 jwagner And for the rest of us to grab you as well.....
20:29 chris was worth a shot :)
20:33 someoneagain chris:
20:34 chris ahh thats a pretty old version
20:34 someoneagain doh.... i just downloaded it and installed today
20:34 someoneagain should i have grabbed 3.2?
20:34 chris where did you get it from?
20:34 someoneagain the main site
20:34 chris damnit
20:34 chris now i have to fight the urge to rant about liblime again
20:34 someoneagain sec let me make sure, i might be trippin
20:34 chris urge suppressed
20:35 chris_n hehe
20:35 chris
20:35 chris you want
20:35 chris thats the latest stable release
20:35 someoneagain
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20:35 someoneagain is the link i used on their site
20:35 chris dont ask why that isnt linked from the main site
20:35 chris yeah, its wrong, out of date by months and ....
20:36 * chris stops himself
20:36 chris short version is, 3.00.05 is the version you want
20:36 someoneagain hmmmm... can i do an in place upgrade or do i have to redo everything? like delete and recreate the mysql db, etc?
20:36 chris you can do an upgrade
20:36 chris download the new version
20:36 someoneagain k :| im skird but ill try
20:36 chris unpack it
20:36 chris perl Makefile.PL --prev-install-log /path/to/koha-install-log
20:37 chris (the previous install log will be in your 3.00.02 unpacked dir)
20:37 * chris_n accidentally updates the perl on his production server
20:38 chris_n and now has to rebuild most of the koha deps
20:38 chris_n >:-(
20:38 chris someoneagain: probably in the misc dir
20:39 chris and then after that, make, make test, make install
20:39 someoneagain oh wow, 91meg
20:39 chris yeah lot more languages translated
20:39 someoneagain so this might also explain why make test was failing
20:39 someoneagain (oldversion)
20:39 chris *nod*
20:40 chris chris_n: :(
20:41 chris_n yeah, it appears that a portion of the perl modules are installed in /usr/local/share/perl/version_number/module
20:42 chris that'd be the cpan'd ones
20:42 * chris_n figures there is some obscure reason for not installing them all in the same place
20:42 chris thats why .debs win
20:42 chris cos when you upgrade perl it upgrades all the perl related .debs too
20:42 chris_n sometimes the .debs are not the latest
20:42 chris_n ahh
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21:02 chris_n bbl
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21:04 owen bye all
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21:07 someoneagain hello there richard
21:07 someoneagain im someone
21:07 someoneagain again
21:07 * someoneagain beams
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21:33 JeremyLC My boss suggested an interesting solution to me.  We could suffix a patron number to our barcodes
21:34 JeremyLC So if abcd123 is the code for "Blue Angel", then abcd123-patron2 could be for the second person to simultaneously check out
21:35 chris so have multiple items ?
21:35 JeremyLC yes
21:35 chris its hacky, but it'd work :)
21:35 JeremyLC it gets a bit complex, though, when you consider that we sometimes have multiple physical copies of the same item
21:40 JeremyLC it would save a lot of coding, though.
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21:59 someoneagain gah, the update installer seems to have used a variable quite literally
21:59 someoneagain Installing /data/koha-3.00.05/__INSTALL_BASE__/man/​man3/misc::translator::tmpl_process3.3pm
22:00 chris hlj
22:00 chris whoops
22:01 chris it might have been the wrong install-log .. you might need to see if there is another one
22:01 chris (no harm no foul, you can just get rid of /data/koha-3.00.05/__INSTALL_BASE__/ )
22:02 chris_n2 arghhh
22:02 chris still stuck in perl upgrade?
22:02 chris_n2 so it appears that my @INC has been screwed up
22:03 chris_n2 perl did not upgrade afaict
22:03 chris ahh
22:03 chris_n2 but @INC has pathing in it to 5.10.1
22:03 chris_n2 and some pathing from my dev box as well
22:03 * chris_n2 scratches his head
22:03 chris_n2 so who is responsible for setting the default @INC?
22:04 chris pass
22:04 * chris_n2 winces
22:05 chris its not a .bashrc or .bash_profile or something else setting it for you?
22:08 someoneagain oh snap
22:08 someoneagain you're right chris
22:08 someoneagain gah now ive got to build this all over again lol. poor pseudoserver is getting overworked
22:09 chris heh
22:09 schuster by all...  Hopefully tonight I can finish setting up my testing box for 3.2!!!  You might hear from me later!
22:10 someoneagain do i need to make clean before reruning make?
22:10 chris good luck schuster
22:11 chris someoneagain: hmm might be safest
22:11 schuster left #koha
22:11 someoneagain k
22:17 magnus joined #koha
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22:30 chris_n2 stupid chatzilla
22:36 nicomo left #koha
22:45 hdl_laptop joined #koha
22:54 chris_n2 so much for helpful hints from the folks at #perl and #perl-help
22:56 someoneagain try undernet
22:57 someoneagain and cross your fingers you find the server with the most users still on it after the netsplits
23:01 JeremyLC left #koha
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23:24 brendan_ is now known as brendan
23:25 moodaepo @wunder 56001
23:25 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in South on Monks, Mankato, Minnesota is -8.3�C (5:18 PM CST on January 12, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 86%. Dew Point: -10.0�C. Windchill: -15.0�C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1018.8 hPa (Rising).
23:43 chris_n2 @wunder 28334
23:43 munin chris_n2: The current temperature in Dunn, North Carolina is 0.9�C (6:37 PM EST on January 12, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 20%. Dew Point: -20.0�C. Windchill: 1.0�C. Pressure: 29.83 in 1010.0 hPa (Rising).
23:44 someoneagain how can i pull up a full list of all users and delete the default ones that came with the program?
23:44 someoneagain er, patrons rather
23:46 pianohackr|work left #koha
23:46 pianohackr|work joined #koha
23:48 chris_n2 heya pianohackr|work
23:48 pianohackr|work hi, chris_n2
23:48 pianohackr|work someoneagain: In the patrons section, you can step through them by the first letter of their last name
23:48 pianohackr|work labor intensive, but it works
23:49 someoneagain k
23:49 someoneagain thanks
23:49 someoneagain when i do a search im getting this error. ideas?
23:49 chris_n2 someoneagain: unless you opted to load the sample borrower data, there should be no patrons by default
23:49 someoneagain hmm. doh. thats probably what i did. i just selected a bunch of the samples without really knowing what they were.
23:50 someoneagain [Tue Jan 12 11:51:27 2010] [error] [client] [Tue Jan 12 11:51:27 2010] "my" variable $content_type masks earlier declaration in same scope at /data/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac/ line 586., referer: http://library/cgi-bin/koha/op[…]
23:51 chris_n2 someoneagain: you can open a mysql prompt and drop and recreate the database; then run the webinstaller again
23:51 chris_n2 that will probably be faster
23:52 someoneagain chris_n2: you are referring to removing the users, and not referring to the error above, right?
23:52 chris_n2 correct
23:53 someoneagain k ill probably do that... and while im at it i wont add thet default librarys either because i cant delete them :|
23:54 chris_n2 what version are you using
23:55 someoneagain latest... just reinstalled... uh it ends in 05
23:55 someoneagain not 02
23:56 pianohackr|wor1 joined #koha
23:56 someoneagain hmm i dont know what to do christ
23:56 someoneagain err chris :\
23:56 someoneagain zebra just got done indexing 3300 titles i imported
23:56 chris_n2 so 3.0.5
23:57 someoneagain so if i drop the db and make it anew, ill have to import again... will i have to clear the zebra index's also?
23:57 chris_n2 yeah, if you drop the db, you will have to reindex zebra
23:57 someoneagain i know _nothing_ about zebra. its like voodoo or something
23:57 someoneagain ugh
23:57 chris_n2 just -r -v -a -b
23:58 someoneagain thanks
23:58 chris_n2 look in the misc/migration_tools subdir
23:59 chris_n2 but you'll have to re-import your records into the new db

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