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00:18 brendan @wunder 93117
00:18 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 17.9�C (4:16 PM PST on November 16, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 34%. Dew Point: 2.0�C. Pressure: 30.07 in 1018.2 hPa (Falling).
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02:00 pianohacker what are you up to, brendan?
02:02 brendan I guess losing wireless eh?
02:06 pianohacker Well then
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02:24 pianohacker Good night, #koha
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03:19 chris_n2 g'evening
03:19 brendan evening chris_n2
03:19 * brendan just heading out the door to see 2012
03:19 brendan later all
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03:27 Amit hi brendan, chris_n2
03:28 chris_n2 Hi Amit
03:31 chris_n2 some interesting discussion about a new FOSS ILS which mentions Koha and Evergreen:
03:32 chris_n2 I wonder why they are dumping money into re-inventing the wheel rather than dumping it into helping Koha and EG include the features they would like to see added?
03:33 chris cos they are the smartest people in the world
03:34 chris its been going a year or 2 now, in a year or so they might have a spec, in 5 more years some code, meanwhile the goal posts have shifted again
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05:40 chris_n2 on-the-fly re-write of barcodes... interesting and unique
06:48 chris yeah, and not something we'd want to do i dont think
06:50 Ropuch Good morning #koha
06:54 chris_n2 Ropuch: g'morning && g'night ;-)
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07:00 brendan Hi Amit
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07:59 amadan which version of GD is required for koha?
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08:04 kf good morning :)
08:05 amadan good morning
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08:22 hdl hi
08:25 hdl amadan: perl-GD version 2.39
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08:47 amadan hi HDL, any idea where i can download it? I don't seem to find it anywhere
08:49 chris
08:49 chris Im not sure it has to be 2.39 .. i think 2.39 or later
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08:51 chris i suspect anything later than 2.39 will be fine
08:55 Amit heya nicomo, kf
08:55 nicomo hi Amit
08:55 nicomo hi kf and all
08:57 kf hi Amit and nicomo
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09:08 hdl hi chris
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09:37 amadan thks guys
09:42 imp moin
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09:55 kf morgen imp
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10:18 indradg hdl, around?
10:19 indradg nicomo, ping
10:19 nicomo hi indradg
10:19 hdl hi indradg
10:21 indradg nicomo, hdl sorry to bug you guy... need a spot of help... /me is not near any Koha install atm... I just need the schema for the users table... in a meeting discussion ldap integration
10:21 indradg guys*
10:21 indradg is it online in the docs?
10:22 hdl indradg: i think so.
10:23 Amit hi hdl, indradg
10:23 hdl[…]elopment:dbschema
10:24 indradg Amit, hi there
10:24 indradg hdl, checking!
10:24 Amit heya indradg
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10:32 indradg hdl, thanks, just what i needed to point to :)
10:34 amadan Hi I have installed koha 3.0
10:36 amadan i get the maintenance page
10:37 amadan how do i get the opac page?
10:40 kf amadan: have you already run the web installer?
10:42 kf amadan: try your current url with :8080 at the end
10:43 amadan yes i get a login
10:43 amadan with 8080
10:44 chris and you have logged in and run the web installer?
10:46 amadan one moment
10:53 amadan thks guys working perfectly now
10:54 amadan hehe...reaaalllllyyyyyyyyy excited:-D8-)
10:55 amadan one more thing though, can one remove the test libraries after they have been loaded
10:56 amadan optional libraries
10:56 chris as long as they have no items assigned to them, then yes you can
10:56 amadan and the process....?
10:57 amadan basically drop the databases right?
10:57 chris no, dont do that
10:57 amadan ok
10:58 chris you can delete the rows from the appropriate tables, if you drop the database you will need to run the installer again
10:58 * chris goes to sleep
10:59 amadan i c
11:00 amadan good 2 knoow thks
11:00 Amit hi chris one more library live on koha in india
11:17 magnusenger Amit: cool! ;-)
11:17 Amit hi magusenger
11:24 kf Ropuch: around?
11:24 Ropuch kf: yup
11:25 kf Ropuch: trying z39.50 download from gbv - does this work for you?
11:26 Ropuch Yes, I've got lots of revcords from gbv via z3950 serach&import
11:26 kf hm
11:27 kf dont know why its not working here :(
11:29 Ropuch
11:29 Ropuch My settings for bgv
11:29 Ropuch gbv
11:30 kf Ropuch: thx!
11:31 Ropuch [;
11:31 kf Ropuch: password wrong - thank you for your fast help :) Ropuch++
11:32 kf now lunch time :)
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12:18 imp should I fix something or can i run make upgrade?
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12:38 amadan Help, how can you uninstall koha from fedora
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12:44 imp amadan: just a guess: make uninstall ?
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13:04 kf amadan: I think there is no automatic uninstall possible atm
13:04 kf amadan: there was a script on the mailinglist for uninstall a while ago, but dont know if it woult work for fedora
13:05 chris_n g'morning #koha
13:20 indradg morning chris_n
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13:28 hdl hi chris_n
13:31 jwagner Good morning all.
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13:34 jdavidb Howdy, owen.
13:34 owen Good morning
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13:55 hdl hi owen
13:55 hdl hi jdavidb
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14:02 schuster Howdy all!
14:02 schuster I have a question about indexing...  Is there a recommendation on rebuilding Zebra?  Our searching is slowing down and was wondering what I could do to speed it up.
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14:08 hdl schuster: try rebuilding_zebra with option nosanitize and -x on (HEAD code only iirc)
14:14 jwagner Question for people on the XSLT OPAC results list -- does having the call number in the results list serve any useful purpose?  There's a spacing problem and it seems to only pick up the first call number per site anyway.
14:17 owen jwagner: Do you have a live example or a screenshot?
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14:20 jwagner This isn't the best example (the site I'm presently working on isn't available yet), but see[…]pl?q=harry+potter -- the spacing problem is that there's no space between the library name and call number.  That's easily fixed, but I can't see any real reason to show call number at all.
14:21 owen The reason would be if one of those items had a different call number.
14:21 jwagner But it doesn't show all the call numbers for one branch on the hitlist anyway.
14:22 owen I see what you're saying: if there is more than one call number at a single branch it only shows the first?
14:22 jwagner This site isn't the best example, but there are cases when there might be different call numbers on the same title, like Large print, etc.
14:22 jwagner Yes, so far as I can tell, it just picks up what it considers the first one (chronological?)
14:23 jwagner I've already removed call number entirely for one site; just wondering if that might be a generally useful thing.
14:23 owen Yeah, I see that behavior too.
14:24 owen I'd say: 1) Add a space to the XSL. 2) File a bug for the problem of the call numbers being consolidated incorrectly.
14:25 owen I wouldn't eliminate the call number because we don't have good information on whether others find it useful
14:25 jwagner I'm not sure you can even say they're being consolidated incorrectly -- you really don't want to show ALL the call numbers on this screen and it has to pick one somehow.  But it's annoying....
14:27 owen I don't know how Koha is handling large numbers of items in this display. Is there some kind of logic for preventing an overflowing list?
14:28 jwagner Not that I can see -- I'm looking at the XSLT code and it just says to loop through all of the holding libraries.
14:29 owen We need a good example of a big library with lots of branches
14:30 owen (and then we need to know whether or not they're on LEK) :(
14:30 * owen would like to see some different examples
14:30 jwagner That would be good -- any ideas for large sites using XSLT?
14:31 jwagner Oops, gotta run for a conference call -- back in a bit.
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14:45 wizzyrea jwagner: if you're referring to the call number display in the results list next to each library, please don't take it out
14:45 wizzyrea in our case, we would rather get rid of the LC call number
14:46 wizzyrea because only the individual call numbers make sense
14:46 owen Hi wizzyrea. What are the circumstances that lead to LC call no. being shown? Where is that stored?
14:46 * wizzyrea is pretty big, lots of branchese, and not on LEK
14:46 jwagner wizzyrea, that's what I needed to hear -- that somebody does actually use that one.  (Yes,I was referring to the call number following the branch name)
14:46 wizzyrea here, let me get you an example search
14:47 jwagner I don't see LC call number on the results list, though.
14:49 wizzyrea sorry phone
14:49 wizzyrea http://catalog.nexpresslibrary[…]
14:50 wizzyrea it doesn't always show the LC
14:50 wizzyrea only if there is one in the record
14:50 jwagner owen, I think you were working on a fix for the OPAC record display to sort by library -- is that nearly done?  I'm having to do local changes for several different sites; I'd rather submit a patch just to swap item type & location for now, & wait for your more intensive fixes later.
14:50 wizzyrea but if it is there, it's nonsensical
14:50 wizzyrea esp in our environs
14:50 wizzyrea jwagner: see #4 on that results list I just sent
14:51 jwagner That's the one I'm looking at.  You want to keep the display e.g. Wetmore Public Library[T MEYE] (1), Meriden Community Library[YA F MEYE] (1)
14:51 wizzyrea yep
14:51 wizzyrea but see how it shows the LC call number?
14:51 jwagner OK, I'll just fix the space problem then.
14:51 wizzyrea that makes no sense, since that number doesn't correlate to any library in our system
14:51 wizzyrea it's just a peeve >.>
14:51 owen wizzyrea: I could be wrong, but it seems to me that we *should* take out the display of the LC call number, since any library really using LC would be putting it in itemcallnumber. Does that sound right?
14:52 wizzyrea well, yes, I think I could agree with that
14:52 wizzyrea I know we wanted to get rid of it
14:52 wizzyrea (we talked about that last week, removing it with jquery, but the spans aren't unique enough)
14:52 owen Was that a non-starter with your vendor?
14:52 wizzyrea we're not really pursuing any real issues with our vendor at the moment
14:53 wizzyrea we have a migration coming, we told them to leave us the &(%^
14:53 jdavidb :-o
14:53 wizzyrea alone
14:53 wizzyrea so we are not making any decisions on LEK until at least january
14:54 jwagner I can't really see where that's coming from.  I know it's from the 050 field, but the MARC21slim2OPACResults.xsl doesn't seem to have it.
14:54 wizzyrea jwagner: it's possible that it's already been fixed? We are about 6mo behind on patches
14:55 wizzyrea pretty much, as long as the migration team is getting their stuff done (they are, admirably) and our hosting stays stable (it is, thanks cfouts) the rest is "the devil we know"
14:58 owen wizzyrea: Could be it is fixed. I tried adding an LC number to a record and it's not showing up
14:58 wizzyrea and good morning everybody. :)
14:58 jwagner wizzyrea, is your results list on XSLT?  Looks like it.
14:58 wizzyrea yesm, it is
14:59 jwagner Must have been fixed a while back then -- I went back to our oldest current install and it's not there either.
14:59 wizzyrea oh that's heartening.
14:59 * wizzyrea dies
15:00 wizzyrea man we're so far behind.
15:01 * owen finds where LC was *added* to the file, but not where it was taken out
15:01 jwagner Not _that_ far behind :-)
15:01 jwagner You're not on Koha 2.x or anything....
15:01 * jdavidb shudders.
15:02 wizzyrea yea, I'm looking at one, it's the 050, and it's definitely showing up on our install. Maybe it's a framework thing?
15:02 wizzyrea frameworks are deep magic that I don't quite understand yet.
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15:03 wizzyrea of course I don't have a test server to play around with anymore that matches our current production install.
15:03 wizzyrea yayee.
15:04 jwagner Shouldn't be a framework thing, just a template/xslt thing.
15:05 jwagner owen, OK to go ahead with a patch to swap the item type and library in the OPAC record display, pending your more complete fix?
15:06 owen jwagner: Yes
15:06 jwagner OK, I'll bundle these two together, since I'm having to do them anyway for the same site.  Thanks.
15:15 owen wizzyrea: Your LC number display is a mystery. It looks to me like the 050 display was taken out soon after it was added. Don't know what you'd still have it. Or maybe I'm misreading the git history.
15:16 wizzyrea yea, we probably got updates in that magical period when it was in
15:17 wizzyrea when were they pushed?
15:17 owen April '08
15:20 wizzyrea heh
15:21 wizzyrea we got some updates in march, then again in june
15:21 wizzyrea but i'm not sure what the june updates entailed
15:21 owen But that was March and June *09*
15:22 wizzyrea oh I misread I thought you meant Month April Day 8
15:22 wizzyrea well, then yea, that is very odd
15:34 schuster Plano ISD is large with LOTS of holdings and XSLT - search seuss!
15:34 owen I would not search it with Firefox. I would not search it on my Linux box.
15:36 owen I wonder if it would make sense to say, If there are more than X available items don't list them all on the search results page?
15:36 * owen has a feeling this is something LEK might address, not sure why
15:38 schuster We'd love to have all the locations and one call number for each display as it is, even better if the locations were SORTED first!
15:40 owen So schuster your vote is to either keep it the way it is or to keep it and add sorting?
15:40 schuster I'm not displaying LC anywhere...  Is there a setting? Yes Keep and sort
15:40 wizzyrea ours must be weird
15:40 schuster That way students don't have to make another click to get to the screen.
15:40 schuster with call number that is.
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15:47 reiko hello, when my koha crashes with trapped error, is there a log that i can look at?�
15:49 owen reiko: You should have some error logs specific to Koha
15:50 owen In my test install those are koha-error.log and koha-opac-error_log. I'm not sure if it will be the same for you
15:50 wizzyrea those are the logs I'd look at
16:00 schuster wizzyrea - I presume then that you have a personal test system someplace since you are hosted?
16:11 wizzyrea yea, I do, but it's actually up to date :P
16:12 wizzyrea I don't have a test system for our hosted install
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16:20 reiko thank you owen and wizzyrea
16:24 wizzyrea reiko: Oh! You figured it out? What was the problem?
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16:37 brendan morning #koha
16:38 wizzyrea mornin brendan
16:38 wizzyrea @wunder 66047
16:38 munin wizzyrea: The current temperature in Lawrence Live-Courtesy of the Khoury's, Lawrence, Kansas is 3.2�C (10:36 AM CST on November 17, 2009). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 100%. Dew Point: 3.0�C. Windchill: 1.0�C. Pressure: 29.99 in 1015.5 hPa (Falling).
16:38 brendan @wunder 93117
16:38 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 9.9�C (8:33 AM PST on November 17, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: 4.0�C. Windchill: 10.0�C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016.1 hPa (Rising).
16:38 schuster @wunder 75035
16:38 munin schuster: The current temperature in Plantation Estates, Frisco, Texas is 11.6�C (10:37 AM CST on November 17, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 38%. Dew Point: -2.0�C. Pressure: 29.99 in 1015.5 hPa (Rising).
16:38 brendan wow 9.9 here - that's got to be a mistake munin
16:38 * wizzyrea wins the misery index, schuster wins the lovely weather award
16:39 wizzyrea or at least not terrible weather award
16:39 brendan @wunder 93103
16:39 munin brendan: The current temperature in Eucalyptus Hill, Santa Barbara, California is 15.8�C (8:35 AM PST on November 17, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 59%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015.1 hPa (Rising).
16:39 brendan ah that's better
16:40 chris_n @wunder 28334
16:40 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 16.0�C (11:20 AM EST on November 17, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 72%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 30.15 in 1021 hPa (Rising).
16:40 brendan The thermometer near me must be in the shade or right on the ocean, because the second wunder was more accurate to what it feels like
16:40 * chris_n thinks it is 16 deg inside his office... >8-\
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16:43 pianohacker Good morning
16:43 brendan morning doctor pianohacker
16:44 pianohacker hallo, sir brendan
16:44 hdl Hi pianohacker
16:44 chris_n ehlo pianohacker
16:44 pianohacker hi, henri
16:44 pianohacker chris_n
16:44 brendan heya hdl
16:46 * imp wonders why this doesn't work
16:47 kf bye #koha
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16:52 indradg @wunder kolkata
16:52 munin indradg: The current temperature in Kolkata, India is 24.0�C (9:50 PM IST on November 17, 2009). Conditions: Light Rain. Humidity: 83%. Dew Point: 21.0�C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Steady).
16:53 brendan indradg wins highest temp for the day so far
16:53 pianohacker Hmm
16:53 pianohacker @wunder 81212
16:53 munin pianohacker: The current temperature in Franklin Ave - Downtown, Canon City, Colorado is 7.1�C (9:50 AM MST on November 17, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 38%. Dew Point: -6.0�C. Windchill: 7.0�C. Pressure: 30.21 in 1022.9 hPa (Falling).
16:53 pianohacker Lowest?
16:53 indradg brendan, lol... its cooler today by 10 degree C... till yesterday the week was averaging around 32 deg C
16:54 brendan wow that's hot
16:54 brendan pianohacker I think wizzyrea's got you
16:54 indradg global warming we been told
16:55 pianohacker poor liz
16:58 wizzyrea actually it's warmer now
16:58 wizzyrea by a little
16:58 wizzyrea @wunder Lawrence, KS
16:58 munin wizzyrea: The current temperature in Channel 6 Downtown, Lawrence, Kansas is 3.7�C (10:56 AM CST on November 17, 2009). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 90%. Dew Point: 2.0�C. Windchill: 4.0�C. Pressure: 30.07 in 1018.2 hPa (Rising).
16:58 wizzyrea a very little
16:58 pianohacker Wow
16:58 pianohacker that is insane
16:58 pianohacker Have you had any snow yet?
16:59 wizzyrea yea, we had some last night
16:59 wizzyrea but it didn't survive the morning rain
16:59 wizzyrea it was very close to freezing
16:59 wizzyrea but not quiiiiite 0C
16:59 wizzyrea probably down to 0.5C ;)
16:59 wizzyrea they had 10in about 70 mins north of me
17:00 wizzyrea then it rained and compacted it down into 5in of very wet snow
17:01 schuster wizzyrea - et al...  refering back to the call number issue - I suspect Plano ISD had it removed from the display by LibLime when we went live.
17:06 wizzyrea schuster: idk, it appears that according to the code, it doesn't exist
17:06 wizzyrea so it's a mystery
17:09 owen Anyone here ever done inventory with Koha?
17:11 hdl owen: do you have issues ?
17:12 owen I'm just curious if anyone has done it... We haven't.
17:12 pianohacker owen: using a modified tool, yes
17:12 jwagner schuster, wizzyrea, owen, etc. -- sorry, I've been off in a meeting.  I won't do anything with a patch on the branch call numbers since it sounds like they are used.  Thanks for the input.
17:13 pianohacker owen: The one I offered up to you and gmcharlt to nitpick :)
17:14 owen pianohacker: That sound vaguely familiar...
17:14 pianohacker The one with the multiple tables?
17:17 owen I remember looking at it, but I don't remember how the functionality differed from the existing tool
17:17 owen As far as I can tell there isn't a way to bulk-set a lost status for unseen items?
17:18 pianohacker There is, yes
17:18 pianohacker (In our modified tool)
17:18 wizzyrea ph: O RLY?
17:18 pianohacker Not sure about the current one
17:18 * wizzyrea might squee
17:18 pianohacker YA RLY
17:19 owen What is the status of your version?
17:19 pianohacker Working and used to inventory our catalog, just need to clean up and send
17:20 pianohacker Unfortunately, my boss has other priorities for me at the moment...
17:20 imp can somebody give me some pointers on my problem with updating koha from .01 -> .04? :)
17:21 * jdavidb wants to hear wizzyrea squee.
17:22 wizzyrea dunno, if you can get me a bulk lost item status setting tool I would definitely squee
17:22 jdavidb hm...
17:22 imp I just get "internal server error" if i try to access the admin interface, the content of the log ->
17:23 schuster wizzyrea - I believe in the new "bulk edit tool" isn't that an option to upload or scan a "batch" of barcodes?
17:23 pianohacker imp: is PERL5LIB set correctly in your apache config?
17:23 owen That doesn't quite work with the inventory workflow as I understand it schuster
17:23 wizzyrea the keyword there is "new"
17:23 wizzyrea we don't have much that's new on our install.
17:24 reiko left #koha
17:24 * wizzyrea might be a little disgruntled.
17:25 owen The inventory steps as I see it:
17:25 imp pianohacker: SetEnv PERL5LIB "/mnt2/koha-install/lib" ?
17:25 owen 1) check in everything on your shelf
17:25 imp (it's not in the config right now)
17:26 owen 2) mark anything that hasn't been "seen" since the beginning of inventory as "missing in inventory" or whatever.
17:26 pianohacker imp: There does have to be a SetEnv line in the config, and it has to point to a directory containing the C4 folder
17:27 owen Other than the barcode file upload tool, I'm not sure what the Koha inventory tool is for.
17:27 pianohacker owen: under the current system?
17:27 jdavidb left #koha
17:27 owen pianohacker: Just hypothetically
17:27 pianohacker ah
17:27 jdavidb joined #koha
17:27 imp pianohacker: same for the "PerlRequire" ?
17:28 pianohacker imp: Are you using mod_perl with koha?
17:29 imp pianohacker: LoadModule perl_module modules/, jupp. oh, and there's PerlRequire /mnt2/koha-install/ in the next line inside the main config from apache
17:30 imp just checked the vhostconfig before
17:30 pianohacker imp: Oh, hmm. There should be a separate config for koha
17:31 joetho joined #koha
17:31 pianohacker With two vhosts, one for opac and one for intranet
17:31 imp right
17:32 pianohacker Do those <VirtualHost> blocks each have SetEnv lines within them?
17:32 imp uncommented them right now, lets take a look and restart it
17:33 imp hm, still broken
17:34 pianohacker It's very odd that can't find a module in its own directory
17:34 pianohacker Could you upload your koha apache config file?
17:35 imp sure, mom
17:37 joetho any liblime users on here at the moment?
17:37 imp pianohacker:
17:38 owen joetho: Me.
17:39 wizzyrea me.
17:39 wizzyrea owen, is your catalog slow?
17:39 wizzyrea searches?
17:40 owen No, doesn't seem to be
17:40 wizzyrea ours are fairly excruciating, and I can't trace it to local bandwidth issues
17:40 wizzyrea it's kind of coming and going
17:41 wizzyrea as if someone is doing something very heavy load, and then that job finishes and it's normal again
17:41 imp wizzyrea: maybe other i/o-stuff slowing down the box?
17:41 wizzyrea dk, it's "state of the art cloud hosted solution"
17:43 pianohacker imp: and find /mnt2/koha-install/lib -type d -name C4 works?
17:44 imp pianohacker: yes, it's there ->
17:45 pianohacker imp: OK. There's weirder stuff going on here, but you should be able to fix it quickly, by copying intranet/cgi-bin/installer/ into lib/
17:47 imp ok, the workaround helps a little bit
17:47 pianohacker imp: fix one problem, find another?
17:47 imp but now it's looping around with step 3 (updating the db)
17:47 imp indeed, like always ;)
17:48 imp apache   25896  0.3  0.0      0     0 ?        Z    16:56   0:00 [updatedatabase.] <defunct>
17:48 imp that's bad...
17:48 pianohacker Possibly. Koha does fork it and do it in the background
17:49 pianohacker You could try running from the command line, if PERL5LIB and KOHA_CONF are set in your shell
17:49 pianohacker ( is in installer/data/mysql/)
17:52 imp nearly without nagging ;) ->
17:52 imp \o/ i can login :)
17:52 pianohacker hey, wait a minute :)
17:53 imp thanks pianohacker
17:53 pianohacker imp: updatedatabase really ought to be able to run from the web interface
17:54 pianohacker np, glad it's working; to make your life easier in future, you could check the last section of koha-conf.xml (specifically opacdir and intranetdir)
17:55 imp pianohacker: check like, looking if the paths are ok? they are
17:56 imp hm, somehow the userinterface thinks we are still in maintance mode
17:56 pianohacker ok, something else is wrong. Shouldn't hurt anything, just odd that it's broken
17:56 pianohacker the OPAC?
17:56 imp yes
17:57 imp and opening the globalsettings page returns me towards the installer step 3 / db updater...
17:57 imp but no missing includes inside the logs anymore
17:58 pianohacker Right, we worked around that
17:58 pianohacker So the last line of output mentioned, right?
17:59 pianohacker Could you check to make sure that's the same version as in
17:59 imp Upgrade to done (new AuthDisplayHierarchy, )
18:00 imp should print something if executed?
18:00 pianohacker Nope, you'll have to look inside the file
18:00 imp (it's not executable right now, called it with perl path/to/...
18:00 brendan[…]rainingClinic.htm
18:00 brendan Zebra Training Clinic
18:01 imp our $VERSION = '';
18:01 pianohacker imp: And that's what I see too...
18:01 pianohacker do you have more than one koha installation on this box?
18:01 pianohacker brendan: Hahahah, I'll have to show that to kieran :)
18:03 * pianohacker grasps desperately inside rapidly emptying bag of tricks
18:05 pianohacker You could check to make sure that your command line and apache are pointing at the same koha-conf.xml (though it sounds like they are), and that the Version system preference is set correctly (can be found from mysql using select value from systempreferences where variable = 'Version')
18:07 imp pianohacker: ok, will check it late, have to run now
18:07 imp s/late/later/
18:07 pianohacker imp: good luck...
18:07 imp maybe i'll be late ;)
18:07 pianohacker ..., late, for a very important date?
18:12 joetho uh oh
18:12 francharb left #koha
18:12 joetho show tunes
18:12 joetho <--nuttin wrong with show tunes, though
18:19 Nate joined #koha
18:36 finnx left #koha
18:55 * chris goes to catch his bus
18:57 * chris_n thinks chris must get awful tired of running after the bus every day trying to catch it ;-)
18:58 pianohacker[…]-can-kill-you.jpg
19:02 joetho well he IS predictable
19:04 schuster for those of us that are "self hosted" what is the best way to shutdown/reboot?  I just did a ps -ef and there are a lot of process out there hanging around that I wonder if they would go away...
19:08 pianohacker schuster: As you would only want to reboot at times when no one (staff or OPAC) was using Koha, it might just be easier to selectively prune them using kill (or killall if you're very sure that none of them share a process name with something important)
19:12 schuster I was thinking about using shutdown time 22:00 -r
19:12 schuster That way at 11 pm tonight it should auto reboot and NOBODY should be on...
19:12 jdavidb that should do it, schuster.  Or you could get up and manually check on it.
19:12 jdavidb (But if you want it at 11 pm, use 23:00 instead.
19:12 sekjal joined #koha
19:13 schuster And you know how strong our security is here, I can barely get to the box the way it is!  Telnet from home HA!
19:13 schuster yes thanks for the time adjustment...  You know I'm time challenged.
19:13 jdavidb hehehe.  Come in late?  mwahahah.
19:14 jdavidb I was up all last night with a sick server, schuster, you can do it too.  Builds character.
19:16 pianohacker jdavidb: sick how? I, too, have done weird schedules to get an unhappy but important box running again
19:16 jdavidb Customer was running on a VM with one 32-bit CPU and insufficient memory and disk space.  I was moving them to a new box.
19:17 jdavidb took mysqldump over three hours to export the data, and mysql only about 10 minutes to import it on the new box.
19:17 jwagner schuster, in my Unicorn days I actually cronned a weekly reboot at 2:00 AM on Sunday, with accompanying cronjobs to restart all the Unicorn services.  Unicorn is notoriously memory leaky and I just found that kept my server happy.  Something similar could probably be arranged for koha if you really wanted to.
19:21 schuster ok that begs another question - jdavidb - when I reboot it automatically restarts the zebra right?
19:21 schuster Since he set up the server and alll...;)
19:22 jdavidb It should, yes.  I believe I set it up that way; I usually do.
19:22 schuster Sorry jdavidb - I was home in front of the fireplace last night...
19:22 schuster whew.
19:22 schuster thanks
19:25 owen Does anyone know if there is something in 3.2 that lets you delete something that is checked out and automatically attach a fine to the patron's record for the replacement cost?
19:28 jwagner owen, setting the status to Lost should do that, shouldn't it?  (We've done a lot of development in that area, can't remember what standard Koha does now.)
19:29 owen Ah, of course: set it to lost and it checks it in, then it's possible to delete.
19:30 jwagner As long as there's a replacement cost in the 952v -- that's what it uses to charge the patron.
19:30 owen We never use "lost" in that way because in the past we've basically left overdues on people's accounts forever
19:30 owen Now we're considering giving up on the overdues from 2005 and earlier!
19:31 schuster Isn't there a cron or something for long overdue?
19:31 cait joined #koha
19:31 cait hi #koha
19:31 owen schuster: There is, but I think the only real result of that is that lost items can be hidden in the opac
19:32 schuster But doesn't it move them to lost?
19:32 owen Not lost in the "removed from the patron's account" sense of lost
19:36 schuster[…]rm=long%20overdue
19:36 wizzyrea question... i'm looking to make a report that shows me all patrons that have a mobile number...
19:36 wizzyrea here's what I have so far:
19:36 schuster That indicates it would charge them for the book though?
19:37 wizzyrea
19:37 wizzyrea but that seems to give everybody
19:38 owen schuster: I didn't realize the script could handle that transition was well. Since we've never wanted it, all it has ever done is set the long overdue status
19:39 chris back at work
19:39 owen wizzyrea: Looks like you need to check for "" instead of NULL?
19:40 brendan wizzyrea - you could try and capitalize NULL
19:40 jwagner wizzyrea, try select borrowers.surname,borrowers.firstname,​borrowers.cardnumber,, borrowers.branchcode from borrowers where != "" or mobile IS NOT NULL ORDER BY borrowers.branchcode asc
19:41 owen Actually wizzyrea, looks like you should check for both. At least based on our data
19:41 chris schuster: can your server mail out?
19:42 wizzyrea hmm, I will try with the quotes, I tried it with capital NULL
19:42 * wizzyrea toddles off
19:42 * jwagner read that as toddies off, and envisioned wizzyrea with a stiff drink....
19:43 wizzyrea jwagner: lol, and thanks, the quotes worked
19:43 wizzyrea jwagner++
19:43 owen So... Bulk deletions?
19:44 wizzyrea owen: do you think that there will be records that match both "" and NULL?
19:44 jwagner Thanks :-)  I swear I'm going to update the wiki with all the saved reports I've been doing.  Up to 33 of them now...
19:44 wizzyrea jwagner!
19:44 wizzyrea if you send them to me with descriptions I'll do it and attribute it to you...
19:44 owen wizzyrea: No
19:44 jwagner And those are just the ones that I think would be of general interest, not the ones specific to my sites.
19:44 wizzyrea owen: cool
19:45 schuster drat you sql gurus got to it before me!
19:45 schuster chris - yes it does through a mail relay
19:45 jwagner wizzyrea, if I can't get to them in the next day or two, I might send them on.  But I finally created myself a wiki account just so I could enter these, so I'd better figure out how it works....
19:46 wizzyrea owen: no, we actually hid the input for the mobile number because people were putting in phone numbers there as opposed to the "home" phone, even if the number was the patron's only number
19:46 wizzyrea so our librarians were annoyed that the only phone number in the record wasn't printing on the slip
19:46 chris schuster: i would set up an at job then to run at 23.15 to send you a mail saying "Im alive"
19:46 schuster I get daily emails thanks to jdavidb - on how many overdues are processed and I setup some email notifications for a particular school that email me when they can't deliver.
19:46 schuster I'd have to understand how to edit and setup cron jobs ... ;)
19:47 schuster schuster sits in a corner ashamed...;(
19:47 owen wizzyrea: Yeah, that's a kinda sucky aspect of contact management
19:48 wizzyrea so to fix that
19:48 wizzyrea we renamed the "home" phone to primary phone, and appended a note "shows on transit slip" to the field
19:48 owen wizzyrea: Do you have staff who put "no email" in the email field? That's one of my pet peeves.
19:48 wizzyrea changed the work phone to secondary phone, with no such appendix, and removed the input for mobile
19:49 wizzyrea lol not that I'm aware of
19:49 wizzyrea but the record still shows the mobile number (at our libraries request) but of course that means that since they can see it, they want to edit it
19:49 owen I had to build a custom report for that just so I could clean them up periodically
19:49 wizzyrea and I'm not willing to put the input back
19:50 wizzyrea because then you'll end up with the same original problem all over again
19:50 wizzyrea I'd rather just hide it all together
19:50 wizzyrea schuster: crontab -e, to start
19:51 wizzyrea owen: that's kind of where this report comes in
19:51 jwagner schuster, also do man crontab to read the manual entry, for info on all the options.
19:51 chris at is what you want, to schedule a one off job
19:51 chris cron is for recurring
19:51 chris
19:52 chris i use at to schedule all sorts of things, mostly just to mess with my wife
19:52 wizzyrea lol chris, that's not nice
19:52 wizzyrea or maybe it is, depending on your definition of "mess with"
19:53 jwagner I still have fond memories of the time I programmed my boss's computer (this is in the PC/XT days) to play Happy Birthday when he booted that morning....  Messing with people can be fun!
19:54 chris :) yeah that kinda thing
19:59 owen So anyone, bulk deletions? Anything coming up in 3.2?
20:00 jwagner owen, see Bug 3509 -- we've built some batch delete capability in, and it can take a file of barcodes as input.  Still working out the bugs on the whole feature, not quite ready to submit yet.
20:00 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3509 enhancement, P5, ---,, ASSIGNED, Batch item edit
20:01 owen jwagner: Does it only delete item records? I'm concerned about leaving "orphan" biblios behind.
20:01 jwagner I think BibLibre also has batch delete in a batch edit feature
20:02 jwagner I can't remember, come to think of it.  I think it does delete the biblios, but I'd have to check.  It's been a while since I tested that piece.
20:02 owen Ideally I'd want such a tool to delete the item, and then delete the biblio if it was the last item.
20:02 owen (or offer the option to delete the biblio)
20:03 joetho wizzyrea:
20:03 jwagner owen, I'll check with the developer and let you know.
20:03 joetho that is funny- I had a call about the phone# not printing on transfewr slip just this afternoon
20:03 owen jwagner: If I can help test please let me know. We're looking at a system-wide inventory in Feb., and I know that's part of what we want to be able to do.
20:04 jwagner Will do.  I think we're not too far off having it done.
20:04 joetho that report you worked on doesn't seem to limit to mobile numbers, at least not for me
20:05 wizzyrea hmm
20:06 jwagner joetho, are you getting results with data in the mobile field?  Or empty field?
20:06 joetho but no time to fiddle with it
20:06 wizzyrea mine seemed to work
20:06 joetho it appears to list all patrons
20:06 wizzyrea mm no, not in my case
20:07 wizzyrea here's what I used:
20:08 wizzyrea select borrowers.surname,borrowers.firstname,​borrowers.cardnumber,, borrowers.branchcode from borrowers where != "" ORDER BY borrowers.branchcode asc
20:08 wizzyrea we have 56k patrons in our database
20:08 wizzyrea this returned 7717
20:09 wizzyrea seems logical
20:09 wizzyrea or possible
20:09 jwagner Looks like I had an OR instead of an AND in mine -- try select borrowers.surname,borrowers.firstname,​borrowers.cardnumber,, borrowers.branchcode from borrowers where != "" AND IS NOT NULL ORDER BY borrowers.branchcode asc
20:10 wizzyrea oh yea, if you try to or on IS NOT NULL you will get them all
20:10 wizzyrea that was where mine was failing before I asked
20:10 wizzyrea (thanks for the help, by the way, everybody)
20:10 joetho yes, me too
20:10 wizzyrea koha_teamwork++
20:10 joetho I get SO MUCH out of this IRC forum
20:11 joetho I should give you each ten bucks.
20:11 joetho ummmm, I mean my boss should
20:11 wizzyrea joetho, you can pay me in banjo time ;)
20:11 joetho am I still connected?
20:11 Jo joined #koha
20:11 joetho ha! I just switched my laptop over to wireless to go to a meeting. Love it when the magic actually works.
20:12 chris hi Jo
20:12 Jo morning :)
20:12 wizzyrea mornin jo
20:14 brendan morning Jo
20:21 jdavidb left #koha
20:22 Jo Morning Brendan
20:22 aindilis joined #koha
20:22 Jo got your note about Maori Battalion search in Koha
20:22 Jo glad you liked it :)
20:23 brendan yeah -- looks excellent :)
20:23 Jo so exciting to actually see a fantastic search result using the 2 things together
20:23 chris[…]/bookreview1.html
20:23 chris brendan: you should see if you can find a copy of this book
20:23 chris schuster has one :)
20:24 * chris is in the acknowledgements hehe
20:24 chris it is a really really good read
20:26 brendan I'll see if I can find a copy
20:27 chris if not i can lend you mine to read when you are here ;)
20:27 brendan excellent -- I'll be busy trying to get a part as a hobbit - if they are still shooting at that time
20:27 jwagner Got an OPAC results list puzzler for you.  For a site with Independent Branches on, is there a reason why the Availability line would only list one library?  Or claim no copies are available?  They share bib records, the items can circulate, and do have barcodes.  I've been looking through the .xsl file half the day and I can't see why one or more of the libraries don't show in the list.
20:28 jwagner Turning off Independent Branches didn't make any difference.
20:39 jwagner Hmmm.  Turning off XSLT for the results list doesn't make a difference either.  Somehow it's not reading the items as "available" or maybe even existing.  More digging tomorrow, I guess.
20:41 trupka joined #koha
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20:46 Ropuch left #koha
20:47 Ropuch joined #koha
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20:48 sekjal left #koha
20:50 joetho jwagnfere: this is a problem with our consortium too- I will write you later when I have a minute
20:52 jwagner joetho, thanks -- catch up with you tomorrow?  I'm about to head out.
20:53 jwagner left #koha
20:57 chris
20:57 chris ian walls has submitted a proposal to talk on migrating from millenium to koha
20:57 chris everyone go vote for it :-)
20:58 chris the title is worth it alone :)
21:00 chris Becoming Truly Innovative: Migrating from Millennium to Koha
21:07 owen sekjal++
21:10 brendan @wunder 93117
21:10 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 18.9�C (1:08 PM PST on November 17, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 47%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Pressure: 29.94 in 1013.8 hPa (Falling).
21:11 schuster brendan - I can ILL you the book...;)
21:11 brendan Nice -- let's use NCIP
21:11 brendan oh wait that's not programmed yet
21:12 owen But it's on your to-do list right brendan? :)
21:12 schuster Well for pete sake what you been up to?...  Talked with a vendor yesterday and their product ONLY works with SIP2 libraries...  I believe we all agreed Koha is SIP2 compliant?
21:14 joetho anyone use librarymetricks with koha? I *think* we are going to be the first
21:14 brendan wow Librarymetricks
21:14 joetho it is a patron PC time/print management system
21:14 brendan I was one of the first libraries to use their product
21:14 joetho whoa
21:14 brendan in CT
21:14 joetho love it? hate it?
21:14 brendan they have a SIP2 connection so it should work great
21:15 brendan I was at a horizon library at that time
21:15 brendan I was very pleased with it
21:15 wizzyrea oh NO
21:15 wizzyrea don't use librarymetricks!!!
21:15 brendan it was there first library so they were very responsive to what I needed it to do
21:15 wizzyrea it's so so so so so bad
21:15 wizzyrea and we can't get help with it
21:16 wizzyrea they don't even answer our calls
21:16 brendan heh -- guess times have changed
21:16 brendan I didn't have that same issue
21:19 joetho Michael likes me.
21:19 joetho Phipps
21:19 joetho =one man company, I think
21:19 brendan yeah Michael
21:19 brendan when you talk to him -- say I said hi and see if he remembers me
21:25 joetho jwagner  can you email me the your consortium using indep. branches contact info? We are having some problems with getting holds and transfers to work the way we want and it seems to be related to ind. br. settings
21:25 joetho <
21:28 wizzyrea @later tell jwagner jwagner  can you email me the your consortium using indep. branches contact info? We are having some problems with getting holds and transfers to work the way we want and it seems to be related to ind. br. settings
21:28 munin wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
21:28 wizzyrea [3:24PM] joetho: <
21:29 wizzyrea @later tell jwagner joetho= jwagner : <
21:29 munin wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
21:30 owen 'til tomorrow everyone.
21:30 owen left #koha
21:34 aindilis left #koha
21:35 aindilis joined #koha
21:36 schuster wizzyrea - so you are running independant branches?
21:37 wizzyrea no sir
21:37 wizzyrea we are one glorious shared database
21:45 chris_n2 joined #koha
21:55 imp pianohacker: just sneak preview with some friends
21:55 pianohacker imp: what?
21:56 imp pianohacker: 19:06 < pianohacker> ..., late, for a very important date?
21:56 imp ;)
21:56 pianohacker oh.
21:57 cait imp: film?
21:59 imp cait: "Law Abiding Citizen"
22:01 cait :)
22:05 wizzyrea whoa, someone in our consortium just reported an item that shows both checked out, and available
22:05 wizzyrea *and* it's on the pick list
22:05 wizzyrea that's just nuts
22:05 wizzyrea (on the pick list, to be sent to a patron for a hold)
22:06 imp pianohacker: | 3.0004019 |
22:06 imp (form the db)
22:06 pianohacker imp: so that's right. just one install, then?
22:06 cait wizzyrea: I saw this in koha once too, but was not able to reproduce it : available and checked out, but no hold on it
22:07 wizzyrea cait: well that's very interesting. Wonder how it happens.
22:07 cait wizzyrea: i have no idea :(
22:08 imp pianohacker: more or less, updated my old install
22:08 chris wizzyrea: in cases like that i suspect zebra
22:08 chris and/or the marc_xml
22:08 chris its impossible to be out an not in in the issues table at the same time
22:08 wizzyrea hrm
22:08 chris so it must be in the marcxml saying available and in the issues table saying out
22:09 wizzyrea so it's data corruption?
22:09 chris or vice versa
22:09 chris or it could be just zebra lag
22:09 wizzyrea mmm unlikely in this case b/c it showed up on the hold queue... do you know, does the reserves system look at the issues table or the marc_xml
22:10 wizzyrea (wizzyrea would like to understand)
22:10 chris i dont know, i would hope the issues table
22:10 wizzyrea i mean, if the marc_xml says available, and the reserves system is looking at that, then it won't matter what the issues table says, it's going to try to reserve it
22:10 chris yep
22:11 wizzyrea with all of the attendant librarian confusion :)
22:11 chris do you know the itemnumber?
22:11 chris cos you can easily find out if you do
22:11 wizzyrea yes, un  moment
22:11 chris oh do you have access to your db?
22:11 chris without that, you are pretty much guessing
22:12 wizzyrea no, only through the reports module
22:12 chris crap
22:12 wizzyrea you're telling me ;)
22:12 chris ah well, you can probably do it that way
22:12 wizzyrea joetho got access, but had a hard time making it work, or at least that was the last I heard
22:12 Nate goodnight everyone!
22:12 Nate left #koha
22:12 wizzyrea gnite nate!
22:12 wizzyrea doh, too slow
22:12 chris SELECT * FROM issues WHERE itemnumber = whatever AND returndate IS NULL;
22:13 chris if you get a row, its on issue
22:13 |Lupin| joined #koha
22:13 joetho left #koha
22:13 schuster chris - are you running 3.2?
22:13 |Lupin| good day / night all
22:14 wizzyrea trying...
22:14 chris i run about 20 versions schuster :)
22:14 wizzyrea yea, it's checked out, for sure
22:15 wizzyrea looks like it was checked out via SIP
22:15 schuster I was testing on my site some of the 13 digit ISBN enhancement that I had done and wanted to make sure it was in 3.2 as it is NOT on the LL demo site.
22:15 chris ill check that out for you in a sec schuster
22:15 joetho joined #koha
22:16 chris wizzyrea: cool so its on loan now we need to know the biblioitemnumber
22:16 schuster Currently in my system if there is a 10 digit ISBN - and I type in a 13 digit it pulls up the record.
22:16 schuster ok - thanks chris.
22:16 wizzyrea biblioitem?
22:16 chris select marcxml from biblioitems where biblioitemnumber=whatever
22:17 chris if you dont know you can do
22:17 chris select marcxml from biblioitems where biblioitemnumber IN (select biblioitemnumber from items where itemnumber=whatever);
22:18 wizzyrea ok, I have the result, what am I looking for?
22:18 chris in the 952
22:19 chris what does 952q say
22:19 |Lupin| quick question... is there a way to check that a template parses from the command-line ?
22:21 pianohacker |Lupin|: Unfortunately, no
22:21 pianohacker HTML::Template::Pro is really bad at validation
22:22 pianohacker An unmatched template directive will usually mean 30 minutes of frustrated, random adding and deleting of </TMPL_*> tags rather than a helpful error message
22:22 chris also select onloan from items where itemnumber=whatever
22:23 cait good night #koha :)
22:23 |Lupin| pianohacker: I'm just writing a quick script I can call from the command-line to see whether the template parses or not... would that be a welcome contribution to Koha ?
22:24 cait left #koha
22:24 pianohacker |Lupin|: If you can figure out how to do that, it would be _extremely_ appreciated
22:24 |Lupin| pianohacker: (it wold take care of includes correctly etc. inspired by the gettemplate function found in C4/
22:24 wizzyrea i'm not sure, from this display, which is $q
22:24 chris |Lupin|: last year yes, but html::template::pro is going to be replaced by template toolkit
22:24 chris soon
22:24 chris im sure legacy users might still like it tho
22:24 imp pianohacker: empty bag? or is there still something left to try? :)
22:25 pianohacker imp: mostly empty bag. It sounds like your koha installation has gone schizophrenic
22:25 |Lupin| chris: yeah it'd be nice to have emplate toolkit, but Ineed the script now so I'll write it and send it to koha-dev...
22:25 * wizzyrea is workin' on it lol
22:26 pianohacker imp: There should be an error message somewhere in the log when you try to access something and it sends you to the installer
22:26 pianohacker Listing the version it thinks you have and the version it wants
22:26 wizzyrea chris that last bit doesn't return anything
22:26 wizzyrea and empty column
22:26 wizzyrea an*
22:26 schuster by all.
22:26 pianohacker bye, schuster
22:26 schuster left #koha
22:27 chris right so items.onloan is null then
22:27 wizzyrea yep
22:27 wizzyrea and it shouldn't be, right?
22:27 wizzyrea god that would have been a lot less painful with access to the db ;)
22:28 chris yeah it should be 1
22:28 wizzyrea well crapper, I suppose to fix it we'd have to edit the DB
22:29 chris actually it should be a date
22:29 chris select onloan from items where itemnumber=3603;
22:29 chris +------------+
22:29 chris | onloan     |
22:29 chris +------------+
22:29 chris | 2009-12-05 |
22:29 chris +------------+
22:29 chris the due date
22:29 wizzyrea yea, it's blankeroonie
22:29 wizzyrea any thoughts on what would cause that?
22:30 wizzyrea speculation is ok
22:30 chris sip misbehaving
22:30 wizzyrea AH
22:30 chris and in the marcxml i see
22:30 chris <subfield code="q">2009-12-05</subfield>
22:30 imp pianohacker: maybe it just needed some time to settle down..... tried to reproduce my bug and it worked.... *confused*
22:30 wizzyrea so like, maybe an interrupted connection?
22:30 pianohacker imp: weird
22:30 wizzyrea or a bug in the SIP code?
22:30 chris no idea
22:31 chris when does the issues table say the item is due?
22:31 wizzyrea this doesn''t happen very often. 11/30
22:31 wizzyrea which is also weird
22:31 wizzyrea since the item was checked out on the 9th
22:31 chris and issue date?
22:31 chris right
22:31 chris what i would do
22:31 wizzyrea and it should have been for 2 weeks
22:32 chris is return it, and reissue it to the borrower setting the due_date for the 30th
22:32 chris and see if that fixes it
22:32 wizzyrea yea, I think I'll try that
22:32 chris (you can find the borrowernumber from the issues table also)
22:32 wizzyrea yea, that part I can handle. I do know that it *was* checked out via SIP
22:32 wizzyrea also interestingly
22:32 wizzyrea it had no issuing branch
22:33 chris yeah, sounds like a bug
22:33 wizzyrea and (1s, gotta look)
22:33 wizzyrea but it's gotta be a special bug, because otherwise we'd be seeing this all the time, right?
22:33 wizzyrea I mean, basehor is a pretty high volume library, and they use their SIPTERMS for 90% of their circ
22:33 wizzyrea and this is the first time I"ve seen this particular wierdness
22:34 wizzyrea but I will try re-circing the item
22:37 wizzyrea yes, that seems to have resolved the issue of the dual status
22:37 wizzyrea and thanks for walking me through that, it's always helpful to me to understand how all the bits interact
22:38 wizzyrea it's kind of like wiping the condensate off of your mirror in the morning... I have lots more mirror to clear, but I am able to see a little bit more now
22:38 chris :)
22:39 chris yeah for some reason the moditem part of the issue failed
22:39 chris if you had access to error lgos, you could maybe find out why
22:41 imp pianohacker: just spoted something interesting ->  [error] :Apache2 IO flush: (53) Software caused connection abort at /mnt2/koha-install/lib/C4/ line 1014
22:42 imp and it still drops me randomly back to the updater...
22:44 |Lupin| wizzyrea: nice to have a bit of poetry on #koha :)
22:44 imp meeeh.... it's logging into the normal apache logfiles as well
22:45 wizzyrea cait: you use SIP, right?
22:46 imp pianohacker:
22:46 |Lupin| HTML::Template::Pro:in TMPL_LOOP at pos 2800: PARAM:LOOP:loop argument:loop was expected but not found.
22:46 |Lupin| any idea what may go wrong here, please ?
22:47 wizzyrea |Lupin|: I aim to please :)
22:51 |Lupin| wizzyrea: I'm pretty sure you're successfull ather often... :)
22:51 wizzyrea |Lupin|: aww, thanks *blush*
22:52 |Lupin| :)
22:58 Jo left #koha
23:00 brendan left #koha
23:03 joetho left #koha
23:06 |Lupin| pls perl question...
23:06 |Lupin| in a block
23:06 |Lupin| what can be used to return an expression for that block ?
23:07 |Lupin| looking for something similar to return
23:07 |Lupin| but for blocks rather than functions... does perl have such a thing ?
23:09 pianohackr|work joined #koha
23:10 chris_n2 'evening pianohackr|work
23:10 pianohackr|work hi chris_n2
23:17 rhcl left #koha
23:22 |Lupin| ok this day was long enough, so good night r good day to all
23:23 |Lupin| left #koha
23:40 pianohackr|work imp: still around?
23:41 imp jupp
23:41 pianohackr|work imp: For some reason, it thinks there's a database on your system with version
23:42 pianohackr|work Are there any other koha mysql databases on your system?
23:43 imp pianohackr|work: it's the only one
23:43 pianohackr|work Even ones that are deactivated/no longer used?
23:44 imp yes, it's the only koha database
23:45 imp (and the rest is empty / not accessible for koha)
23:45 pianohackr|work It thinks the Version syspref is
23:46 pianohackr|work Do you use mod_perl for anything else on this machine?
23:46 imp only koha
23:46 pianohackr|work I suspect a cached value of the syspref is causing problems
23:47 pianohackr|work Try disabling mod_perl (removing the LoadModule line) and any config for it, then shutting down and restarting apache, then trying again
23:47 imp i'm still wondering why it's using it sometimes and causing a behaviour that looks nearly random...
23:50 imp pianohackr|work: now it's missing the C4 stuff
23:51 imp (aka nothing works)
23:55 pianohackr|work You do still have the SetEnv lines, right?
23:56 pianohackr|work Sorry, I'm getting frustrated with it, not you :)
23:56 imp erm, nope, removed the setenv lines, mom
23:57 pianohackr|work *whack*
23:57 imp *duck*
23:57 pianohackr|work quack?
23:57 pianohackr|work Anyway, let's see if this works
23:59 imp looks fine, lets see if i can add a book

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