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00:42 chris_n2 ok, perl guru's.... in a perl xs file, what is the proper way to print to STDOUT? would it be 'sprintf' or 'printf'... 'warn' does not seem to work due to the C-ish nature of external function files I guess
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00:49 chris_n2 'printf' works fwiw
00:51 chris warn prints to STDERR
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02:02 mason yep,
02:02 mason 'Prints the value of LIST to STDERR'
02:05 chris_n2 somehow I knew that, but did not know that when I needed to :-P
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02:59 chris_n2 any thoughts on this:
02:59 chris_n2 C:\Program Files\Zebra\bin>zebrasrv -v none,fatal,warn -f "C:\Progra~1\koha\etc\koha-conf.xml"
02:59 chris_n2 file:///C:/Progra~1/koha/etc/koha-conf.xml:82: element include: XInclude error : failed build URL
02:59 chris_n2 file:///C:/Progra~1/koha/etc/koha-conf.xml:109: element include: XInclude error : failed build URL
02:59 chris_n2 file:///C:/Progra~1/koha/etc/koha-conf.xml:153: element include: XInclude error : failed build URL
02:59 chris_n2 21:57:43-10/11 [warn] XInclude processing failed for config C:\Progra~1\koha\etc\koha-conf.xml
03:05 chris_n2 Koha on win32:
03:26 chris_n2 and with Zebra running:
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03:28 Amit hi brendan, chris, chris_n2
03:28 Amit good morning #koha
03:29 chris_n2 hello Amit
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04:33 brendan hello amit
04:37 chris_n2 g'night
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07:23 Ropuch Morning #koha
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08:20 Ropuch Good morning paul_p
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08:26 hdl bonjour
08:28 hdl chris around ?
08:33 chris yep
08:33 chris just adding sindhi to
08:34 chris i think koha will soon be one of the most translated pieces of software
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08:48 kf morning #koha
08:53 hdl hi kf
08:54 hdl armistice day in France.
08:54 hdl Have you seen the celebration for the wall ?
08:55 kf hi hdl
08:55 kf part of it
08:55 kf what was in the news, but not the whole celebration
09:02 Ropuch Hello kf, hdl
09:02 chris hi kf
09:02 Ropuch Hi chris
09:06 kf hi chris and guten morgen Ropuch
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11:00 brendan @wunder 93117
11:00 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 11.6�C (2:59 AM PST on November 11, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 78%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014.1 hPa (Steady).
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11:01 CGI520 hi
11:01 CGI520 this is nithin from india
11:01 CGI520 i need a support from u
11:01 CGI520 pls help me
11:02 CGI520 how to use koha 2.2.5 database to koha 3
11:08 greenmang0 CGI520: as far as i know.. when i tried to use latest version of koha with older koha db.. koha did upgradation of older db
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11:11 CGI520 hi greenmango0
11:12 CGI520 hi greenmang0
11:12 CGI520 pls answer my doubt
11:12 greenmang0 CGI520: as far as i know.. when i tried to use latest version of koha with older koha db.. koha did upgradation of older db
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11:24 niny error in make test
11:25 niny t/Circulation_barcodedecode.t .. DBD::mysql::db selectrow_array failed: Table 'koha.systempreferences' doesn't exist at /usr/local/src/koha-3.00.02/bli​b/PERL_MODULE_DIR/C4/ line 485.
11:25 niny any idea ?
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11:32 niny can any body help us
11:36 kf niny: sorry, I dont know how to solve your problem. perhaps try posting your error message to the mailing lists
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11:40 Ropuch niny: have you creted a koha database?
11:42 niny yes Ropuch
11:43 niny with name as 'koha'
11:44 niny created system user koha
11:44 niny and db user kohaadmin
11:44 Ropuch grant all on koha.* to 'kohaadmin'@'localhost' identified by 'katikoan';
11:44 niny done
11:45 niny I had a XML::LibXML version 1.59 make test error
11:45 niny I ignored it and done make install
11:45 niny is that the problem /
11:45 niny ?
11:51 paul_p2 niny, for sure this is not why you've "koha.Systempreferences doens't exist"
11:51 paul_p2 (but, you may have problems later. You REALLY need the uptodate version of LibXML
11:52 paul_p2 the previous problem can come from mysql login/pass being wrong.
11:52 paul_p2 kf: still about ?
11:52 kf paul_p2: here
11:52 paul_p2 kf:[…]4a0eaabaa0cb8cad?
11:52 paul_p2 is now known as paul_p
11:52 niny we have given root's password and kohaadmin users password as same
11:53 paul_p XSLT for UNIMARC and staff available here
11:53 paul_p niny: no idea then :(
11:53 kf paul_p2: sorry, something is wrong with the link
11:53 niny its ok
11:53 paul_p oups... remove the ? at the en
11:53 paul_p d
11:54 kf just figured out
11:54 * paul_p head for lunch, REALLY HUNGRY !!!
11:54 paul_p see you in a few minuts
11:55 kf paul_p: lunch time here too - ttyl :)
11:55 niny i am using CentOS 5.3
11:55 niny and perl-XML-LibXSLT needs version 1.59
11:56 niny when we tried to install, it asked for XML-LibXML-1.59
11:57 niny But after compilation, make test of XML-LibXML-1.59 shows error
11:57 niny then we ignored it and went for make install
12:36 kf kf: back
12:41 chris_n g'morning #koha
12:41 chris_n @wunder 28334
12:41 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 13.0�C (7:19 AM EST on November 11, 2009). Conditions: Rain. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 11.0�C. Pressure: 29.96 in 1014 hPa (Steady). Flash Flood Watch in effect through Thursday evening...
12:41 brendan morning chris_n
12:42 chris_n *lots* of rain here
12:42 brendan @wunder 93117
12:42 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 10.7�C (4:39 AM PST on November 11, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Pressure: 29.95 in 1014.1 hPa (Steady).
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13:22 kf @wunder konstanz
13:22 munin kf: The current temperature in Konstanz, Germany is 8.0�C (2:00 PM CET on November 11, 2009). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 62%. Dew Point: 3.0�C. Pressure: 29.85 in 1011 hPa (Falling).
13:22 jwagner good morning kf
13:22 kf good morning jwager
13:29 jwagner I'm working on a patch to fix the default setup for a couple of the delivered z39.50 targets.  Are there any others people would like to add into the default list while I'm in there?  There was a posting on the Koha list from Agnes Rivers-Moore last month with some useful targets.
13:41 jwagner Too late now :-) just sent the patch.
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14:01 kf thd: around?
14:06 kf thd-away: around?
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15:26 jwagner Any French speakers online for a syspref translation?
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15:34 hdl jwagner: I am here
15:35 jwagner hdl, thanks.  See Bug 3093 -- it's causing problems for a couple of my sites, so I'm doing a syspref to turn it off.
15:35 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3093 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Enhance placing of holds in staff interface
15:35 jwagner The description is : If ON, displays the Place Hold button at the top of the search results list in staff and OPAC. Sites whose policies require tighter control over holds may want to turn this option off and limit users to placing holds one at a time.
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15:46 hdl jwagner: Si Activé, affiche le bouton de réservation en hat des listes de résultats à l'intranet et à l'OPAC. Les bibliothèques dont les règles de réservations sont strictes devraient désactiver cette option et restreindre les utilisateur à ne placer qu'une réservation à la fois
15:47 jwagner Merci beaucoup!
15:48 wizzyrea lol oi my 50k record import into my virtualbox koha install is at 18%, I started it yesterday
15:48 brendan out of memory?
15:48 wizzyrea I don't think so, it's still going
15:49 wizzyrea I mean, I saw it change from 17% to 18%
15:49 wizzyrea it's just slooow
15:49 wizzyrea (it's a leach off of my working system)
15:49 wizzyrea (my desktop, that is_
15:49 wizzyrea (and it's not the fastest computer in the world))
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16:01 |Lupin| good day all
16:02 kf hi Lupin
16:02 |Lupin| guten nachmitag kf
16:02 |Lupin| hallo :) wie geht es dir ?
16:03 |Lupin| oops :)
16:06 hdl jwagner: no problem
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16:26 brendan Hi Nate
16:27 Nate hiya bren!
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16:31 kf bye #koha
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16:38 schuster wizzyrea - when I did it on my laptop it took forever as my laptop only had 1 gig of memory and my HD was 120 meg - the drive kept getting full due to the indexing of idb - after 24 hours more drive space would be opened as idb ?tables from mysql would delete.
16:38 schuster sorry 120 meg should be gig.
16:39 schuster oh I don't know that was last year... ;)
16:50 |Lupin| hdl: hi. around ?
17:03 |Lupin| or perhaps someone else
17:03 |Lupin| is it mandatory that items have barcodes to be able to issue them ?
17:06 wizzyrea schuster: that may be my problem
17:06 wizzyrea 19% woot!
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17:21 brendan wizzyrea and schuster aren't you both supposed be on holiday today
17:27 |Lupin| see you later, bye
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17:27 schuster brendan - HA!
17:27 schuster Only those federal folks...
17:27 brendan guessing that's a no
17:35 wizzyrea yea,, not us
17:36 jwagner Technically it's a holiday for us, but our company allows us to swap it for the day after Thanksgiving, and I needed to be in today anyway.
17:36 wizzyrea i'm sure I probably could have told them I was too well to attend
17:36 wizzyrea ;)
17:40 sekjal wait, today's a holiday (by someone's reckoning)?
17:40 wizzyrea veterans day in the US
17:40 sekjal really?  already?
17:40 wizzyrea yepper
17:41 * sekjal remembers to remember the veterans
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17:42 jwagner Yes, a solemn Remembrance Day/Armistice Day/Veterans Day to all.
17:52 chris morning
17:53 brendan morning chris
17:54 paul_p bye everybody
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18:35 |Lupin| hi again, everybody
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18:53 chris ok of to work
18:53 chris off also
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19:32 chris back
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19:34 richard hi
19:35 chris hiya richard
19:35 chris_n g'afternoon
19:38 |Lupin| hi richard, chris_n, chris
19:39 |Lupin| chris: I've a question abot the Circulation::AddIssue function. Why does it take a barcode ars arguemnt, and why is there no way to pass it an itemnumber ? is that a bug or a design choice ?
19:40 chris design choice
19:40 chris things without barcodes, shouldnt circulate
19:41 chris (even if you just copy the itemnumber to the barcode field .. everything you want to circulate needs a barcode)
19:42 |Lupin| chris: what's the rationale behind that ? I didn't associate bacodes with my items (they are digital), and want to call AddIssue each time a file is downloaded, for statistical purposes. Shall I add barcode to all the items ?
19:42 |Lupin| chris: well, it the context of  a digital library, it's not that appropriate, IMHO...
19:43 chris koha isnt designed to run a digital library
19:43 chris you are bending it, so you will have to make compromises
19:44 chris barcode is used heavily throughout koha, just write some sql to copy the itemnumber to barcode field, et voila you have barcodes
19:46 |Lupin| chris: hmm the only thing I can do is transmit your remark to my boss... I'm not the one who did this choice
19:46 |Lupin| chris: well, it must also work when an item is added, that I'm not sure how to do...
19:47 chris the easiest way round is to just put a barcode on everything
19:47 chris switch on autobarcode
19:47 chris and it will do it for you
19:47 |Lupin| chris: I understand. I's just that I don't know yet how to implement the filling of the barcode item when a new item is added...
19:48 |Lupin| chris: ok... I was more or less thinking about doing so. But is it ok to (1) copy itemnumbers in the barcode column and (2) turn on autobarcode ? will that work ?
19:49 chris yep, what autobarcode does, is just increment
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19:50 chris so it will take the highest number, and increment it
19:50 chris (id turn it on and test it with a couple of items after backing up the db, and running your sql to set all the barcodes)
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20:01 Jarson Hello, I have a question: what should I do to make a copy of book to be "on loan"? I have no "place hold" option in OPAC
20:03 chris what version of koha?
20:03 Jarson 3.0.4
20:04 chris do you want people to only be able to place holds on items that are on loan?
20:04 chris if not[…]allowonshelfholds
20:05 Jarson what is a difference if a book is on loan or not?
20:05 chris on loan means you have issued it (checked it out) to someone
20:05 chris ie its not on the shelf, someone has it
20:05 chris so to make something on loan, you need to check the item out to someone
20:06 Jarson Ok, I understand. I want to give my users possibility to reserve books :)
20:07 Jarson so I think the option you have shown me is ok
20:07 chris yes, but do you want them to only reserve ones that are issued, or any ones?
20:07 Jarson any ones
20:07 chris you need to change that system preference then
20:07 Jarson thank you
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20:08 ricardo Hi everyone!
20:08 chris Hi ricardo
20:09 ricardo chris: Hi chris!  :)  I have a question for you. If I want that comments in the PO file are loaded by Pootle (in the "comments" boxes, I think) must I put them above or below the "template position comment lines". Or doesn't it matter? (I don't know if I'm being clear enough)
20:10 chris i don't know myself
20:10 chris we'll have to try it and see
20:11 ricardo chris: OK. I know that it works if it's placed above the "template posiition comment lines" (because there's where Pootle places them). But I'm hand editing the file and I'm placing further comments below them. Oh well, you're right: we'll have to try it
20:11 |Lupin| chris: ok, thanks a lot for the help, t should work, indeed
20:12 chris |Lupin|: cool
20:12 |Lupin| chris: that being said I assume barcode and itemnumbers won't probably stay synchronized so I'll really have to lookup the db for a given itemnumber to find out its barcode
20:13 chris yep
20:14 ricardo |Lupin|: Hi Sébastien!  :)
20:14 |Lupin| hello ricardo ! :-)
20:15 ricardo |Lupin| / chris: May one of you please slap me, if I ever again make the mistake of contributing for a translation?  ;-)
20:17 ricardo chris: I'm guessing it's *useless* to translate strings where both the "msgid" and "mgstr" are commented out. Right?
20:18 chris *nod*
20:18 ricardo chris: Right, thanks... Why are there so many of those, BTW?
20:19 ricardo (s/mgstr/msgstr above)
20:19 chris I think the just comments out ones that dont exist anymore, rather than deleting them
20:19 chris (in case they come back)
20:19 ricardo chris: Oh, OK. Thanks for the info
20:19 ricardo chris: In "Arnold Schwarzenegger" style?  ;-)
20:20 chris :)
20:23 |Lupin| ricardo: do you mean that the strings that are commented in the code appear on pootle as strings needing a translation ?
20:23 chris no they dont appear in pootle
20:23 chris ricardo is translating the file locally
20:23 wizzyrea pootle is the strangest name for a product ever.
20:23 ricardo wizzyrea: LOL!
20:24 ricardo wizzyrea: For that kind of sentence, you have to write: "Pootle. Strangest. Name. Ever!"  ;-)
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20:28 niny hi
20:29 |Lupin| wizzyrea: you think so ? well knowing where it comes from it's not that strange...
20:29 ricardo niny: Hi
20:29 niny re-installed full OS and trying to install koha
20:29 niny hi ricardo
20:29 niny make test giving error again
20:29 niny
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20:31 niny any idea
20:31 |Lupin| niny: is it a problem ? does Koha not run ?
20:32 niny we didn't try to do 'make install'
20:33 niny |Lupin|,  any idea why make test is failing
20:33 niny or is it safe to run make install
20:34 |Lupin| niny: I never ran make test and if I were you I think I woldn't bother and just run make install and continue
20:34 niny :)
20:36 |Lupin| strange, I just tried to run make test on my KOha and it asks me for the parameters, like when running perl Makefile.PL, whereas the thing is supposed to be configured already
20:36 niny ok
20:36 ricardo |Lupin|: have you remembered to use "--prev-install /path/to/koha-install-log" at the end of the "perl Makefile.PL" line?
20:37 |Lupin| ricardo: I did _not_ run perl Makefile .pl, but make test... should this one receive the --pre-instal thing somehow, too ?
20:38 niny We had a XML::LibXML problem
20:38 ricardo |Lupin|: Ah, no. It doesn't. That's strange
20:38 niny We are installing Koha-3.00.02 on CentOS-5.3
20:38 ricardo niny: What problem?
20:38 ricardo niny: Why don't you install Koha 3.0.4 ?
20:39 |Lupin| ricardo: there are more recent versions of Koha... perhaps you could try them and see if the problem persists...
20:39 niny it needs XML::LibXSLT-1.59
20:39 niny and XSLT needs XML::LibXML-1.59
20:39 chris 3.0.2 does too
20:39 ricardo niny: You've got to blame chris for that. He's the one that wants to require newer versions of Perl modules  ;-)
20:40 chris anything that uses the XSLT (which is all of the 3.0.x series)
20:40 chris earlier versions of that module have a bug
20:40 ricardo chris: OK, fair enough  :)
20:40 chris if you dont want to use xslt tho (you can run koha without)
20:40 chris or you dont care about the bug
20:40 niny So we compiled and installed 2 of them from CPAN (1.59)
20:40 chris make install wont stop if you ahve an older version
20:41 chris it will just complain, but will still install fine
20:41 niny so this error 255 is not because of that ?
20:41 Jarson left #koha
20:42 niny our machine is behind a firewall
20:42 chris unlikely, like |Lupin| said, id ignore the make test fail
20:42 niny is that problem ?
20:42 chris and make install anyway
20:42 niny ok chris. we are going to do that
20:42 ricardo niny: But is your problem downloading stuff from CPAN, because you're behind a firewall?
20:43 niny no no, its downloading and installed every perl modules. I just asked
20:43 ricardo niny: Oh, OK
20:43 niny because , these exact setup worked for my friend
20:44 niny at his home machine , we are using the same steps/scenario
20:46 ricardo niny: OK
20:46 niny ricardo, chris, we are running make install.
20:47 chris good luck
20:49 ricardo (Line 40540 of the PO file. Oh boy... this *never* ends!)
20:49 chris heh
20:50 |Lupin| ricardo: why are you translating locally rather that in pootle ?
20:50 ricardo chris: If, when I send the PO file to you, you send me back an updated file with some hundreds / thousands more of strings to translate, I will *not* be held accountable for my own actions!  ;-)
20:50 ricardo |Lupin|: Speed!  :)
20:51 ricardo (all the power of "vim" available)
20:51 |Lupin| ricardo: power ? I'm sure you meant emacs :p
20:51 ricardo |Lupin|: Oh good. Text editors "holy war"! Let me get my rifle, first...  ;-)
20:53 ricardo I'm ashamed to say that I had 2 failed attempts of learning "vim" and 2 failed attempts to learn "emacs". At the 3rd attempt of learning "vim", I finally succeeded. And so, that's what I use
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20:54 |Lupin| ricardo: regarding editors I'm totally agnostic, using myself joe, emacs and vim from time to time... I said that just to tease you...
20:54 ricardo |Lupin|: eheheh
20:55 ricardo Besides (g)vim, when in Windows, I also use "Notepad++" and PSPad
20:56 |Lupin| ricardo: perhaps you know the answer to this: how would you convert the unix-line line terminators to window-like ones ? that is, how would you, under Windows, replace the \n by a \r ?
20:58 ricardo |Lupin|: I think that you'll have to replace "\n" by "\r\n"... but most editors (like Notepad++) have some "Format" option to do that transformation in a mouse click
20:59 ricardo (there are some coolest terms to translate in UNIMARC world - "infrared line scanning". ooooh)
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21:07 brendan chris_n around?
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21:07 chris_n brendan: here
21:08 brendan koha/labels/
21:08 brendan would be nice to add a select all button
21:08 brendan when managing a batch of records
21:09 brendan that way if you had thirty barcodes -- and you wanted to export 29 of them
21:09 brendan it would be easier to select all and then unselect one - instead of selecting all 29
21:09 chris_n right; I had that on my list somewhere once upon a time.... feel free to add it :-)
21:09 brendan Ok, busy for the next few
21:10 brendan maybe on the weekend
21:10 brendan I'll let you know if i get to it
21:10 chris_n I also intended to do a multiple delete/edit option
21:11 brendan that would be cool
21:11 chris_n I'm deep into the patron card stuff atm, but will revisit the label code prior to submission of the new code
21:11 brendan cool
21:11 brendan will send a patch if I get to it
21:11 chris_n if you don't get to the button before I get there, I'll add it
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21:12 chris_n bbiab
21:12 collum left #koha
21:12 brendan thanks chris_n
21:12 brendan chris_n++
21:20 ricardo chris: I hope to send you the PO file (for Portuguese - staff) on Friday. Is that OK (for 3.0.5)? I think hdl told me he was thinking about releasing it next week
21:20 chris yep, sounds good
21:21 ricardo chris: Cool, thanks  :)
21:21 ricardo Well, I had enough for today. Going to leave back to home. Take care everyone!
21:22 chris ttyl
21:22 ricardo chris:sure. bye!
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21:33 brendan in a bit #koha
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21:50 schuster just checking if merging bibs made it to the 3.2 timeline?  Was that on target?
21:50 wizzyrea_mobi-1 Gah I was hoping jdavidb was still around
21:50 chris schuster: yep it did
21:50 wizzyrea_mobi-1 Didn't biblibre do some of that?
21:50 chris yep
21:51 wizzyrea_mobi-1 Sweet
21:51 chris the patches ahve been sent, i did some testing
21:51 chris im not sure if its been pushed into main git, but im sure it will be when galen has time
21:51 wizzyrea_mobi-1 left #koha
21:51 wizzyrea_mobile joined #koha
21:51 hdl joined #koha
21:53 wizzyrea_mobile Well the code exists
21:53 chris yep
21:53 chris it just needs to be merged in
21:53 wizzyrea_mobile So that's good
21:53 chris it exists and its public
21:53 chris which is all you need
21:58 niny left #koha
22:07 |Lupin| k, goodnight folks !
22:07 |Lupin| left #koha
22:07 wizzyrea_mobile left #koha
22:09 brendan joined #koha
22:10 chris brendan: congrats on the new go live
22:12 brendan hey Thanks chris
22:12 brendan :)
22:27 schuster left #koha
22:27 ian joined #koha
22:45 chris_n2 interesting.... has anyone tested the web-installer lately with a db user that *does not* have correct db permissions?
22:45 chris nope, what happens?
22:45 * chris_n2 notes that it appears to always say the user has all required permissions even when they don't
22:45 brendan heh
22:46 chris_n2 which may account for some of the confused posts to the list which are clearly errors in the user/permissions
22:46 chris *nod*
22:46 chris sounds like we need to fix that
22:46 * chris_n2 is debugging on his win32 install ;-)
22:50 chris_n2 nothing like a lying installation script
23:59 ian mason: apple on the fridge for you

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