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00:13 mason /me waves
00:15 richard hola mason
00:16 richard russ!
00:16 richard hiya
00:23 russ hi guys
00:26 ricardo joined #koha
00:26 ricardo Hi everyone
00:28 chris hi ricardo
00:28 ricardo chris: Hi chris. I'm editing the PO file as-we-speak :)
00:29 ricardo This Staff file is really *huge* :(
00:29 chris *nod*
00:29 chris ill make sure i merge all changes up into master when the time comes too, so we wont have to redo lots for 3.2
00:30 ricardo chris: Thanks!  :)
00:31 ricardo This PO file is strange... some of the "msgid" are in French
00:32 chris thats probably from the unimarc xlst
00:32 ricardo chris: Right.
00:32 ricardo chris: are those "UNIMARCslim2OAIDC.xsl" strings in the PO file translatable?
00:33 chris i wouldn't bother
00:33 ricardo chris: OK  :)
00:33 chris alternatively, you could ask kf/cait what she did for the german ones (when she is about)
00:34 ricardo chris: German also use UNIMARC?
00:34 chris nope but she translated everything I think
00:34 chris certainly 0% left to translate, so she either just copied those as is, or translated them
00:35 ricardo chris: You can always trust the German. Always methodical and thorough, eheh
00:35 chris :)
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00:52 CGI203 Hi,
00:52 CGI203 anybody there?
00:52 ricardo CGI203: Kinda  :)
00:53 CGI203 I m a librarian for Victoria International College in Malaysia
00:53 CGI203 I was thinking to use Koha as my library system
00:54 CGI203 there are few question i would like to ask here, can i?
00:54 russ go for it :-)
00:56 CGI203 i just wondering for the circulation module can it be separated accessible instead of sharing together with all the modules under admin
00:57 chris access to the functions is controlled by permissions
00:57 chris you can set a user to only have permissions to use circulation
00:58 CGI203 can guide me the way to set permission? and how to create new user for accessing purposes
00:59 chris i can point you at the manual that explains all that :)
00:59 chris[…]new-staff-patron/
00:59 CGI203 thank u very much!!!
01:00 chris[…]atron-permissions
01:03 CGI203 tats all i need to do??
01:05 chris yes
01:05 chris i recommend reading the rest of the manual too
01:05 chris
01:05 CGI203 usually which permission should i need to 'check' for those circulation staff???
01:06 chris circulate
01:06 chris and maybe borrowers if you want them to be able to edit borrower inforamtion also
01:06 chris and then if you want them to be able to pay fines etc, updatecharges
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01:27 CGI203 okok....noted with thx
01:34 chris_n left #koha
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01:43 CGI203 once i set the permission for my circulation can they access to circulation module?
01:53 CGI203 anybody?
01:53 russ they login to the staff site and if it is the only module they have access to
01:53 russ then it is the only one they will see
01:54 CGI203 i cant try it in liblime demo.....
01:55 CGI203 so which mean once i set the permission for my circulation staff under patron management.....they can access the staff portal with pre-define user and password?
01:55 russ yep
01:56 russ a patron/member is just another kind of user
01:56 russ by default they have very limited privs
01:56 russ so if someone at your library started off as a patron
01:56 russ and then became a staff member
01:56 russ all you would do is tweak the privs for their user
01:58 russ the documentation nicole has done is excellent ;-)
01:58 russ
01:58 CGI203 so it tat means even a normal lib patron can access the staff portal?
02:00 russ well in theory but all they would see is the login screen
02:01 russ which is pretty standard for a web based system
02:03 chris without staffaccess set, they cant do anything except see that login screen
02:03 chris and if you read
02:03 chris[…]atron-permissions
02:03 chris it says
02:03 chris IMPORTANT: In order for a staff member to log into the staff interface they must have (at the very least) 'catalogue' permissions which allow them to view the staff interface.
02:12 ricardo (Just translated "fairy tale"... It's one of my favorite strings  ;-)
02:16 CGI203 yeah....i got it...THX!!
02:22 ricardo chris: I'm afraid I will be only able to finish this tomorrow or the day after. Would that be too late for 3.0.5?
02:22 chris you need to ask hdl that one, im not sure
02:22 ricardo chris: Fair enough. Thanks for the info
02:23 ricardo (I'm around the line 39500)
02:40 CGI203 left #koha
02:42 ricardo OK. That's it for today. Reached line 40197, and I'm officially VERY TIRED  :)  Going to sleep now
02:43 chris sleep well
02:43 ricardo chris: Thanks! And you have a great day :)
02:44 ricardo left #koha
02:45 chris_n2 grrr....
02:45 chris_n2 what does this mean: production mode - trapped fatal error
02:45 * chris_n2 thinks it is a nebulous error apache produces when it does not know what else to say
02:45 chris somethign fatal, either compilation error or cant connect to the database
02:46 chris naw its a koha error, check the error logs
02:46 chris_n2 I thought carp would dump it to the browser?
02:46 chris not if its dying before it can carp
02:46 chris_n2 ahhh
02:46 chris_n2 win32 stinks
02:48 chris_n2 and so does my attitude atm :-\
02:48 chris hehe
03:14 chris_n2 win32 *must* have its obligatory reboot.... grrrr
03:14 chris_n2 bbiab
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03:19 chris_n2 and we're back
03:23 chris_n2 is it possible that apache can serve up cached pages?
03:24 chris yes
03:24 chris with mod_cache
03:24 chris[…]od/mod_cache.html
03:26 Amit joined #koha
03:26 Amit hi chris, brendan, richard
03:27 Amit good morning #koha
03:27 Amit @wunder Bangalore
03:27 munin Amit: The current temperature in Bangalore, India is 20.0�C (5:30 AM IST on November 09, 2009). Conditions: Light Drizzle. Humidity: 97%. Dew Point: 20.0�C.
03:27 richard afternoon Amit
03:28 chris_n2 hello Amit
03:28 Amit heya chris_n2
03:35 chris_n2 built-in find_file: can't find file C:\\progra~1\\koha\\intranet\\htdocs\\intran​et-tmpl/prog/en/modules/installer/auth.tmpl with path = [ 'C:\\progra~1\\koha\\intranet\\htdo​cs\\intranet-tmpl/prog/en/includes' ]
03:35 chris_n2 any ideas?
03:35 chris_n2 obviously the path is wrong
03:36 chris_n2 but where does it come up with this? some apache rewrite foo?
03:39 chris_n2 ahh... T::P error
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04:00 chris_n2 T::P bug on win32 is more accurate
04:01 chris_n2 *sigh*
04:01 chris_n2 maybe we'll get koha on strawberry eventually
04:01 * chris_n2 wanders off to find sleep
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07:30 kf good morning #koha
07:31 Ropuch Guten Tag, kf [;
07:32 kf Hallo Ropuch, wie geht es dir? ;)
07:34 Ropuch Good, I guess ;-)
07:34 Ropuch I'm starting to dislike mondays
07:36 nicomo joined #koha
07:37 kf I already do
07:38 Ropuch I'm struggling :)
07:39 Ropuch Graphic card on my work computer finaly gave up, it's good to have some spare private linux box around from times when i was testing koha
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09:49 kaushik what is the best partitioning scheme for koha
09:52 kaushik in linux
10:21 ponzetto joined #koha
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10:26 Amit heya kaushik
10:28 kaushik left #koha
11:02 ricardo joined #koha
11:03 ricardo Hi everyone
11:04 ricardo hdl: Are you there?
11:11 kf hi ricardo
11:12 ricardo kf: Hi  :)
11:35 knop3x joined #koha
11:36 knop3x hi! someone there?
11:37 knop3x I have a quite simple question:
11:37 knop3x Is the koha staff client and OPAC already available in russian and/or ukrainian?
11:39 knop3x I don't find any information on the koha-site except this:[…]lable%20languages
11:39 knop3x And that doesn't help... ;-)
11:45 ricardo knop3x: Hi
11:46 ricardo knop3x: I believe it is...
11:46 ricardo
11:46 ricardo
11:48 ricardo[…]a85c5dd0;hb=3.0.x
11:48 ricardo[…]6abfeb75;hb=3.0.x
11:48 ricardo knop3x:  So, given the above 4 URLs, I would say that yes, there's indeed a Russian and an Ukrainian translation  :)
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11:55 CGI750 issue problem
11:55 CGI750 borrower will leave soon
11:56 CGI750 how do i solve it
11:56 CGI750 version 2.2..9
11:56 kf what is your problem?
11:56 CGI750 how to sepecify duedate for borrowers
11:57 CGI750 i am not able to isssue books after upgrading to 2.2.9
11:57 kf you want to check out with a due_date different to stanard?
11:57 kf I dont know Koha before 3.0.0
11:57 CGI750 when i am trying to issue , i get a red message error , borrower due date expired
11:57 kf oh
11:58 kf perhaps the borrower is the problem
11:58 CGI750 any idea
11:58 CGI750 any idea ??
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11:58 kf check his expiration date
11:59 CGI170 joined #koha
11:59 CGI170 not able to issue books
11:59 CGI170 pls  help
12:00 kf check the expiration date of the user
12:00 CGI170 i am getting error borrower will be leaving soon
12:01 CGI170 Is there is a global option for setting the due date
12:01 kf I dont know 2.2.9 but normally due date is determined by loan rules
12:02 CGI170 in my loan rules i have onle fine parameter
12:02 kf no loan period?
12:04 CGI170 left #koha
12:09 knop3x Hey! Thnaks for the above!
12:11 knop3x But it doesn't seem like a "ripe" translation if 50% are fuzzy...
12:14 knop3x and: Is there a how-to for people about no idea about anything? ;-)
12:15 kf knop3x: translation or koha in general?
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12:16 hdl ricardo: I am here
12:28 knop3x kf: i meant koha in general, but that should include the translation...
12:28 knop3x i think also a "sketch" could helpü...
12:28 knop3x i mean, what is koha? it runs only on a server, right?
12:28 knop3x and you can acces it with a staff client?
12:34 jwagner joined #koha
12:39 kf knop3x: its web based, you can access staff interface via port 8080
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12:45 kf knop3x: perhaps start with the koha manual on
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12:58 chris_n g'morning
12:59 jwagner good morning chris_n
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13:09 Nate joined #koha
13:11 kf good morning jagner, chris_n
13:12 chris_n howdy kf
13:12 jwagner good morning kf
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13:12 Nate morning #koha!
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13:22 chris_n hello owen, Nate
13:22 owen Hi
13:54 ricardo hdl: Sorry. I went for lunch and forgot to change my nick to "ricardo_away". Are you still here?
13:54 hdl yes
13:55 ricardo hdl: Cool  :)  I'm in the process of finishing the translation for the Portuguese Staff PO file, but it may take 1 or 2 days to conclude it. When do you want /plan to release 3.0.5 (so that I can try to get this updated translation for 3.0.5)?
13:56 hdl mmmm... should be next week.
13:57 ricardo hdl: That's great. That should give me plenty of time to finish and test the translation. I'll "pretty sure" that I'll have it ready during this week
13:57 ricardo s/I'll/I'm
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14:43 knop3x thanks again. Will certainly do (doing already). Cu
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15:22 Jpr hi all, I'm in the midst of customizing the front page of our Opac and I've hit a snag that I'm at a  loss as to how to resolve.
15:22 owen You've come to the right place Jpr
15:23 Jpr owen: in fact, I've been using a number of articles from your blog
15:24 Jpr so, here's my question;
15:24 hdl hi gmcharlt
15:25 Jpr I used your CSS for enlittling the login box, and now I've gotten around to editing the mainuserblock.
15:25 Jpr The problem is, the yui-u grid in which the login block is located still makes a bunch of white space where I'd like to be able to put other things
15:25 owen Yeah, your options are very limited there.
15:26 Jpr I'd tried with some CSS, but it doesn't seem to have any effect on the yui-u
15:26 Jpr and given that it continues to 'contain' the login box...
15:28 Jpr so, when you say that my options are 'limited' just how limited are they?
15:28 owen There is no built-in way to put content in the right column.
15:28 owen It would be possible to write content to that area using jquery
15:29 owen But the glitch with that option is that the right-hand column will disappear when the user is logged in
15:29 owen Your javascript would have to take that into account somehow.
15:29 owen And of course you've got the problem of excluding non-js users
15:30 Jpr at least for the moment that wouldn't be a problem, since the OPAC's only available on our internal network
15:31 owen I've filed a bug for this issue already:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3708
15:31 munin Bug 3708: enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Add another customizable region to the OPAC: right sidebar
15:34 Jpr and it isn't possible to reposition or otherwise tweak the CSS of that yui-u block so that it would at least reduce the white-space, thus giving more space to the mainuserblock?
15:35 Jpr or change which type of yui grid is involved?
15:35 owen It's possible, I haven't tried it before.
15:38 Jpr alright, thanks for your help!
15:38 owen Jpr: I'm not sure you're going to be able to get specific enough with the CSS to be able to target just the home page
15:39 Jpr ah, that same yui-u class might be used elsewhere?
15:39 owen Yes, it might be. I can't recall offhand
15:40 owen It's one of the basic building blocks of a YUI grid layout
15:40 owen Okay, yes, for instance, the advanced search page
15:41 owen Oh, and opac-detail as well. So you've got to be sure you're targeting just the home page. Unfortunately, that page isn't identified by a unique <body> id like some pages are
15:41 Jpr hmm, so css is no way to go
15:41 owen (that's a good candidate for a bug)
15:42 Jpr I may just have to get used to that white space, at least for the time being
15:49 Jpr the tag <div id="doc3" class="yui-t1"> isn't page specific either?
15:50 owen No
15:54 Jpr Owen,  thank you again for your help and your time; I do appreciate it.  I'm gonna get down to work, either learning like that white-space or taking advantage of it with jquery.  Thanks again!
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16:04 Ropuch Hello
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16:16 kf ok, time to go home - bye #koha :)
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16:25 jdavidb @quote random
16:25 munin jdavidb: Quote #18: "<pianohacker> nitpicking synergy FTW" (added by gmcharlt at 01:35 PM, July 24, 2009)
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17:28 chris_n it's entirely too quite in here
17:29 * chris_n bangs a few virtual pans for effect
17:30 * sekjal puts on his librarian hat, and shushes chris_n
17:31 jwagner But I thought libraries were beyond the "hush" stereotype???
17:32 sekjal only in learning commons (and related locations)
17:39 rhcl Today is the 5 year anniversary of the Firefox 1.0 release.  Cheers~~~
17:39 jwagner Well, I'm going to go bang a few virtual pans and get some lunch, anyway!
17:40 rhcl I always prefer real food lunches to virtual lunches.
17:42 * chris_n heads out to real lunch as well
17:44 * paul_p heads out to real dinner soon ;-)
17:44 paul_p hello everybody
17:47 chris morning
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18:04 jwagner chris, aren't you up awfully early?
18:05 chris 7am
18:06 jwagner Huh, guess I have my time zones mixed up again.  Good morning, anyway :-)
18:07 chris well daylight savings here has started, and its finished there, so its 2 hours different than it was a month ago
18:07 jwagner OK, that makes sense.  I wondered why I was off that much.....
18:29 chris right, kahu eating breakfast and a coffee for me, time for some email before the bus
18:33 * paul_p didn't send any email to chris, but send some IRC 'morning though.
18:34 chris :)
18:34 chris got some italian translation updates
18:34 chris and some replies from venues for kohacon
18:37 pianohacker joined #koha
18:37 pianohacker good morning #koha
18:38 chris hiya pianohacker
18:38 pianohacker hey chris, how's your tuesday going?
18:38 chris can you do me a flavour, and email me through the url of your patches
18:39 * chris uses his inbox as a todo stack
18:39 pianohacker ahh, gotcha
18:42 chris thanks
18:47 chris ok time to go to work
18:48 pianohacker see ya
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19:10 wizzyrea_mobile Hi peps
19:11 Ropuch Hi wizzyrea_mobile
19:11 wizzyrea_mobile How is everybody today?
19:12 jdavidb Doing good,
19:12 pianohacker hi, wizzyrea_mobile
19:12 wizzyrea_mobile At a conference actually, it's ok
19:13 wizzyrea_mobile Hey ph :)
19:15 wizzyrea_mobile Brb
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19:35 chris_n wb gmcharlt :-)
19:35 gmcharlt silly laptop wanted a reboot suddenly
19:36 chris back
19:36 pianohacker hello again :)
19:37 * ricardo is running Koha's "make test" so takes the time to go get himself a coffee  ;-)
19:38 pianohacker ricardo: You can be the testsuite stress tester for 3.4
19:41 chris thanks for the email pianohacker
19:41 pianohacker np
19:42 pianohacker Feel free to bug me if the merge conflicts get out of hand, I know more about that quirky js than I'd care to
19:42 chris will do
19:43 chris_n hi chris, pianohacker
19:43 pianohacker hi, chris_n
19:43 pianohacker what are you up to?
19:44 chris_n ahh... working to finish up the layout editor for the patron card creator
19:45 chris_n its a wonderful exercise in text based graphics arts layout and design :-P
19:45 francharb left #koha
19:45 chris_n a major step forward for koha and a major step backwards for the graphics art industry. ;-)
19:51 chris these are gonna be a little tricky, old patches, me checks out a version of koha from around july last year
19:51 * ricardo is back from his coffee... but "make test" hasn't finished yet  :(
19:57 * chris_n wonders about a 'make test' for coffee
20:08 * ricardo is now running "make install"
20:16 ftherese joined #koha
20:25 chris pianohacker:[…]fs/heads/ajaxcirc
20:26 chris 2 patches down, not a lot of changes yet
20:26 pianohacker cool!
20:26 chris lots have been done by more recent patches
20:26 chris so some conflicts, but easy enough to resolve
20:27 chris on to number 3
20:27 * pianohacker adds disclaimer that the code is more than a year old, and takes no responsibility for its quality
20:27 chris yeah i figure we can play with the ajaxcirc branch a bit
20:27 chris and tidy it up
20:27 pianohacker Yup
20:30 chris what i did was branch from july 21 2008, apply patches there
20:30 jdavidb left #koha
20:30 chris then cherry-pick into ajaxcirc and fix conflicts
20:40 chris 3 down
20:40 chris ill do some more at lunch
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21:41 ricardo chris: I think I may be being bit by the "pt-BR mistaken as regular PT" bug... Would it be possible, when I send it to you the pt-PT updated STAFF file to copy it also for pt-BR (that might mitigate / solve the bug)
21:42 chris yep
21:42 chris i thought you had solved the bug by fixing the db?
21:43 ricardo chris: I thought so too. And it did solve in one or two setups (two, I think... It's not solving it for the 3rd one, though... Must I run manually ./ pt-BR  (after updating the database), so I get there the missing "includes" files?
21:43 chris umm only if you want pt-BR
21:44 chris id just remove the pt-BR templates
21:45 ricardo chris: No, I don't want it ... I think it's also related to the fact that, in Firefox, there's no "pt-PT"... only "pt" and "pt-BR"... Maybe Koha's detection of "installed browser languages" is picking pt-BR by mistake? Dunno...
21:45 ricardo chris: But would that solve the problem for other people, as well?
21:46 chris well if it pt-BR is there, then it will pick it up, what happens if you remove those templates?
21:46 chris id prefer to not overwrite the BR ones, unless the brazilians ask for that
21:49 ricardo chris: Well, for the "staff" PO file, I believe they wouldn't mind considering they only have 1% translated  :)
21:51 ricardo Yep, this solved the bug:
21:51 ricardo myhost:/usr/share/koha/intran​et/htdocs/intranet-tmpl/prog # mv pt-BR _pt_br_old
21:52 chris cool, so yep looks like the C4::Language module has a bug
21:52 ricardo So, Koha is "picking" pt-BR by mistake... Like I said, maybe it's related to Koha's detection of what languages the user has set up in the Browser ("content negotiation")?
21:52 ricardo chris: Right
21:52 ricardo chris: Oh, boy... I tried to debug the "C4::Language" before (for this bug)... and it isn't pretty  :-/
21:53 chris yeah, its on my list to rewrite too
21:53 chris overly complicated
21:56 ricardo chris: True!
21:58 ricardo Well... It's past my time to go home. I wanted to do this, because I wanted to demo Koha for some people that come tomorrow, and I didn't want to show them this:
21:58 ricardo Look of the Staff client of Koha 3.0.3 (and 3.0.4) when there is a pt-BR folder
21:58 chris yeah
21:58 ricardo
21:58 ricardo (watch the screenshot, if you haven't done it before ^^^ :-/
21:58 chris i think the safest is just remove those templates for now
21:59 ricardo chris: Yeah, probably
21:59 ricardo chris: Can you take care of that for 3.0.5 ?
21:59 chris i think we will just not include pt-BR for 3.0.5
22:00 chris since i wont have tiem to fix C4::Languages before then
22:00 ricardo chris: That's fine by me!  :)  (at least for the staff client, I don't think the OPAC has the same problem)
22:00 ricardo chris: understood
22:00 chris pianohacker: you about?
22:01 chris[…]fs/heads/ajaxcirc
22:01 chris all merged, no idea if it works yet though :)
22:01 chris ok, back to work work i go
22:02 pianohacker chris: that was an impressively fast merge; do you have a git:// url?
22:04 chris yep
22:04 chris git://
22:04 chris or http://
22:06 ricardo chris: Gotta go now... Thanks and take care!  :)
22:07 chris cya later ricardo
22:07 ricardo chris: Bye  :)
22:07 ricardo left #koha
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22:18 pianohacker chris: code pulled, found some bugs (first was old issued_itemtypes_count_loop, now excised from, second will be getting rid of unclosed TMPL_ that causes an incomplete checkout page)
22:19 chris ahh right
22:19 chris if you get a chance, could you fire some patches at me for those?
22:20 pianohacker will probably be later, took a quick look then had to get back to school, but I can send you patches or a pull-request from my github, whichever works better
22:22 Nate left #koha
22:22 chris either is fine :)
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