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00:18 chris_n2 heh
02:55 chris[…]02/shades-of-gray
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14:38 ftherese what does OPAC mean?  is it just the web browser interface?
15:54 ftherese why do most of my imported items show up as lost?
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16:51 Amber Hello
17:06 Amber I was hoping to verify whether or not rebuildnonmarc is still required for koha3 -- I'm most of the way through a migration, and the webpage says to run rebuildnonmarc -- however, this script no longer exists in koha3 downloads (I downloaded both 3.0.2 and 3.0.4)
17:06 Amber I did find a wiki page that says when zebra is used, then rebuildnonmarc shouldn't be used, which might be why it is missing.
17:06 Amber but I don't know why the webpage still says to rebuildnonmarc.
17:19 Amber I'll try again later.
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18:18 Ropuch Evening #koha
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19:37 richard hi
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20:41 ftherese which key is the AmazonDevKey?  is it the same as the AccessKeyID?
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20:52 ftherese how are book borrowers handled within the marc framework?
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21:53 * chris_n2 throws his win32 box off the end of the pier :-P
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23:40 chris hey russ
23:41 russ had to sort out my screen sessions, so good time to get #koha on the speed dail :-)
23:42 chris :)

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