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00:36 CGI950 hello everybody
00:36 CGI950 some one can help me configuring zembra
00:37 CGI950 sorry ...some one can help me configuring zebra
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00:54 ricardo Hi everyone
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01:34 chris heh, who wants to answer pablo on the koha-devel list
01:50 ricardo chris: Hi. I hope to send you an update Portuguese PO file for staff until the end of this weekend
01:51 chris excellent
01:52 ricardo :)
01:52 ricardo chris: I don't know if your magic "msgmerge" will deal well with it, considering that it seems that you have an updated new PO file (right?), but I expect you to do your usual "magic"  ;-)
02:06 ricardo chris: You may also consider re-send your last (?) message (sent to Koha-Devel) to Koha -Translate (about submitting translations for Koha 3.0.5)
02:06 ricardo Well, it's way past my bed time now:
02:06 ricardo @weather lisbon, portugal
02:06 munin ricardo: The current temperature in Lisbon, Portugal is 18.0�C (1:30 AM WET on November 07, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 16.0�C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Steady).
02:07 ricardo 02H05 AM here. Going to bed now. Take care!  :)
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02:21 chris hmm i thought i sent it to both
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03:43 Amit hi brendan, chris
03:43 Amit good morning #koha
03:55 chris_n2 hello Amit
03:55 Amit heya chris_n2
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07:36 ftherese can anyone help me get the fr_FR to work on a git install?
07:40 chris have you done the web install?
07:40 chris if so go to system preferences
07:40 ftherese if I complete the web install will it let me change to french?
07:41 ftherese because at the beginning I only have the option to install in english (en)
07:41 chris yes it will
07:41 chris if you ran install-code and copied the files to the right place
07:41 ftherese ok
07:41 chris you can run anytime
07:41 chris and then at I18N/L10N in the sysprefs
07:42 chris it checks the directory structure and gives you a list of languages that you have, and you can pick them
07:42 ftherese so to get the good z3950 servers and everything else proper to the french install....
07:43 chris you have to install the french sql files
07:43 ftherese how do I do that?
07:43 chris don't know, have never tried, you are best of asking some of the french guys
07:44 ftherese I got this error too: sample_notices.sql
07:44 ftherese ERROR 2003 (HY000) at line 1: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'to' (111)
07:44 chris they do git installs all the time
07:47 chris sounds like you dont have mysql listening on whatever ipnumber to resolves to
07:57 Ropuch Good morning
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15:56 ftherese I am happy to report that I have begun to have success
16:05 hugo ftherese: congratulations. Me too - though my success is on a much smaller scale - I just got Koha installed for the first time this week. :)
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17:09 hugo I am hoping to clean up the records I exported from our old LibraryWorld system before importing them into Koha
17:09 hugo Can anyone give me some pointers about installing MarcEdit on Debian?
17:09 pianohackr|work hugo: I'm assuming you've installed wine; what problems are you having?
17:09 hugo no - haven't installed Wine. I have installed mono...
17:10 hugo Would wine make more sense?
17:10 pianohackr|work you need wine; mono is only for .net apps
17:12 hugo ah - I was heading down the wrong road - thank you
17:12 pianohackr|work np
17:13 * pianohackr|work shakes fist at microsoft for creating arbitrary distinctions - why must they both be called .exe ?
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17:38 chris_n2 ftherese: good to hear things are going better
19:28 * chris continues his discussion in comments on meredith farkas' blog
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20:00 ftherese so my next question is: how do you deal with "unique" call number systems?
20:01 pianohackr|work ftherese: the main special treatment that ddc and loc get is through the cn_sort functionality, which is afaik mainly used for shelf browsing on the OPAC
20:02 pianohackr|work I'm pretty certain that other than that you can use whatever call number system you want, as long as it's ordered alphabetically
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20:07 ftherese Problem is we have something like this Subject(Alpha) - Series(#) - Document(#) - Language
20:08 pianohackr|work okay
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20:08 ftherese I tried doing a search... and it worked, but when I told it to sort by call number... it abandoned ship and returned to the main search page
20:09 pianohackr|work Does anything pop up in your error log?
20:22 ftherese which error log?
20:22 ftherese zebrasrv?
20:24 ftherese nothing unusual in zebrasrv log
20:32 pianohackr|work What about Koha's?
20:32 ftherese where is it?
20:32 ftherese in /var/log?
20:33 pianohackr|work /var/log/koha on a standard install sounds right
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20:33 pianohackr|work hello, paul
20:34 paul_p hi pianohackr|work
20:40 ftherese pianohackr|work: the only errors recorded are missing gif's, which I guess simplifies me trying to figure out why all the image links are dead
20:41 ftherese and a couple of times: line 218
20:41 ftherese error Use of uninitialized value in numeric eq (==)
20:42 ftherese but it happens on a couple of searches
20:54 pianohackr|work Time to head home, see you later, all
20:54 ftherese it also seems to have marked most of my books as (lost) but not all...
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20:54 ftherese see you later!
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23:30 chris_n2 chris: which blog?

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