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00:10 chris_n2 ftherese: any luck?
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01:01 Nate Ok time to sign out for the day gnight #koha!
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01:21 chris_n2 argghh...
01:50 chris_n2 ok perl wizards, I'm stumped
01:50 pastebot "chris_n" at pasted "array weirdness" (210 lines) at
01:50 chris_n2 any thoughts on what causes this weirdness?
01:53 chris hmmm
01:53 chris dunno, but it's a bunch easier to read if you do
01:53 chris[…]submit=Format+it!
01:54 chris_n2 yeah
01:54 chris_n2 no matter how I cut it it always appears to modify the same array contents
01:55 chris_n2 rather than undef'ing the array each pass
01:56 chris $field_font = _set_selected( $font_types, $field_params->{'font'} );
01:56 chris its always passing the same array in
01:57 chris so you are dumping hte same array, each time its passed into _set_selected
01:57 chris_n2 right, it should be, but what's coming out should only have one 'selected' => 1
01:57 chris well nothing is unselecting it
01:57 chris thats a ref to an array being passed in, and being returned
01:58 chris it will just keep setting selected=1 for ever
01:58 chris_n2 ahhh
01:58 chris nothing is unsetting it
01:58 chris_n2 the arrayref is the same... boy did I miss that one
01:58 chris if you see what what i mean
01:58 chris_n2 since I'm passing the ref and not the actual array
01:58 chris *nod*
01:59 chris_n2 so I need to deref it to unset it, correct?
01:59 chris or make a copy, modify that and return it
02:00 chris actually no that wont work
02:00 chris yeah, deref it
02:01 chris you might want to warn on $layout_font too
02:01 chris just to check that is what you think it should be
02:03 chris_n2 *nod*
02:04 chris that my should be stopping the side effect
02:05 pastebot "chris" at pasted "Use array assignment to a loca" (8 lines) at
02:05 chris so it should actually be making a copy each time and modifying that
02:06 chris so i might have put you wrong
02:13 chris_n2 very strange
02:14 chris_n2 derefing it and copying it so:  my @font_types_copy = @font_types; and the weirdness is the same :-P
02:15 chris_n2 recopying each pass even
02:16 chris_n2 it somehow appears that all the vars reference the same memory location
02:16 chris that is really weird
02:19 * chris_n2 consults with the perl gurus
02:19 chris_n2 and bets it is something obvious as it too often is
02:20 chris it is usually the way
02:28 chris_n2 bad algorithm...
02:29 chris ?
02:29 chris_n2 [21:21]<CSJewell>You have an algorithm error in _set_selected. The if statement needs an else { $type->{'selected'} = 0; }
02:30 chris hmmm
02:30 chris_n2 turns out the actual "referent" is not scoped and everything (vars and references) point to the same "referent"... 8-S
02:30 chris ahhh
02:30 chris so i was half on the right track
02:31 chris_n2 adding the 'else' does "fix" the "problem"
02:31 chris_n2 but really being able to destroy the referent would be better probably
02:31 chris yeah
02:31 * chris_n2 tries hard to remember his C++
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02:34 brendan what do you mean "referent" ?
02:37 brendan "call-by-reference"
02:37 chris_n2 brendan: the thing the reference refers to
02:38 brendan ok -- kind of tongue tided there
02:38 chris_n2 theoretically an actual memory address
02:38 brendan ok
02:39 brendan thanks -- understanding the term usage a little bit better now
02:42 chris_n2 brendan: I may be wrong... have been before and will be again
02:43 brendan won't hold anything against you :)
03:02 chris http://stephenslighthouse.sirs[…]_about_a_res.html
03:02 chris check out that last comment and stephens comment on it
03:03 chris he is the master of playing the woe is me, im such a martyr card
03:08 brendan[…]ack-to-the-future
03:08 brendan from the evergreen channel :)
03:09 chris_n2 he is a bit 'slippery' I'd say
03:15 chris_n2[…]submit=Format+it!
03:16 chris_n2 so it appears that I really am just passing around the reference
03:16 chris_n2 and so am operating on the same array regardless of the name
03:17 * chris_n2 spends way too much time chasing rabbits
03:18 chris_n2 brendan: lol
03:18 brendan chris : the idea that Stephen has a response on every comment on his blog -- just really get's under my skin
03:19 brendan I know the claim of too much spam -- but geeze it really bothers me
03:19 chris_n2 self generated spam?
03:20 brendan Wonders how many responses he hasn't posted
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03:41 Amit hi chris, brendan, richard
03:42 Amit good morning #koha
03:42 richard hi Amit
03:43 * chris_n2 thinks there is a wicked heisenbug in perl >8-(
03:43 chris_n2 nothing like being persecuted by your own code
03:43 chris_n2 hi richard, Amit
03:44 richard hiya chris_n2
03:45 Amit heya chris_n2
03:48 brendan hello Amit
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06:00 Amit hi granthpal
06:01 granthpal hi guys.. first install attempt of koha on CentOS image -- opac/staffclient accessible -- added one book -- HOWEVER Search won't respond -- two errors in the log files :: DBD:mysql:st + HTML::Template::Pro:in TMPL_LOOP   ... Can anyone help
06:01 granthpal hi AMit :)
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06:21 * chris_n2 crawls off to sleep
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07:00 ftherese anyone here this morning?
07:00 ftherese evening/afternoon
07:02 Ropuch^ Morning ;>
07:02 ftherese I need to do surgery on my koha database to find out why it isn't being indexed, even though no errors are being reported - maybe it is the way I am using the
07:07 Ropuch^ I've never used bulkmarcimport
07:08 ftherese consider yourself blessed
07:08 Ropuch^ is now known as Ropuch
07:09 Ropuch ftherese: huh, the previous ils' records are so bad I decided to skip migration and create new records
07:10 Ropuch So I'm consider myself busy instead of blessed ;>
07:10 ftherese I'll say... If I decided to do that... I would be at it for at least a year before we could migrate
07:11 ftherese 40000+ records
07:12 Ropuch I was < 10k then, so i had that choice ;>
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07:45 hdl chris around ?
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09:34 |Lupin| hello all
09:34 Ropuch Hi laurence
09:34 Ropuch Uh
09:34 Ropuch Hello |Lupin| [;
09:35 laurence hello Ropuch
09:36 |Lupin| hi Ropuch, laurence
09:38 |Lupin| someone remembers how to solve the dependency problem with libicu36 ?
09:49 Ropuch I've downloaded .deb and instlled it manualyy afar
09:50 |Lupin| Ropuch: I think I did the same but currently I can't find the .deb again
09:50 Ropuch[…]86/libicu36/3.6-3
09:51 |Lupin| Ropuch: thanks, but would you also be able to find a link from a Debian site ?
09:51 |Lupin| Ropuch: also, I'd need the amd64 version
09:52 Ropuch
09:54 Ropuch It's from etch, but should work
09:54 |Lupin| Ropuch: yep I visited this page and didn't see the link to download the binary, but perhaps I went through the page too quickly
09:55 Ropuch[…]-2etch3_amd64.deb
09:57 |Lupin| Ropuch: ahah ! thanks a lot !
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10:28 Brewman OK....silly question of the day.....any one know where to change the text of such things like "Login" and "Password" ? is there a variable file anywhere?
10:28 Brewman That's on the OPAC
10:31 hdl in template file
10:34 Brewman template file? Which one?
10:34 Ropuch hdl: I think it's in .po
10:35 Ropuch Oh
10:35 Ropuch Brewman: you want to change an english version?
10:35 hdl Ropuch: If you want to change that in English, then you have to edit template.
10:35 Brewman Yep, should have mentioned that
10:37 Ropuch ;>
10:38 Brewman Is it the opac-main.tmpl?
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10:41 Brewman Great....found it..../usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opa​c-tmpl/prog/en/modules/opac-main.tmpl
10:41 Brewman Thanks!
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11:03 jan hi all
11:03 Brewman Would anyone be able to look here and tell me what might be wrong?[…]ha/
11:04 jan anyone know the status of AmazonContent and AmazonEnabled ..... both settings are used in source, but in the admin interface you can only set the latter ... :/
11:12 granthpal2 Brewman:  your splash page is all skewed up, but searches are quite fine, results for "system" download within 3 seconds in mumbai, india :)
11:14 Brewman Yeah, its the screen all messed up that I have a problem with!! Any idea where to look? I am thinking it might be a CSS issue but not sure
11:16 granthpal2 Guys ! This is my first installation 3.0.2 on CentOS. I have added one marc record, but it just won't show up in a search...
11:17 |Lupin| granthpal2: have you indexed he dtabase ?
11:17 granthpal2 <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/opac-tmpl/prog/en/css/opac2.css" />
11:17 granthpal2 <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/opac-tmpl/prog/en/css/opac2.css" />
11:18 granthpal2 brewman: your page source -- line 14 --
11:18 granthpal2 what I have is opac.css !
11:19 Brewman I know, I was trying to change things around to see if it is CSS, I will change back to opac.css but I think it'll be the same
11:19 granthpal2 Lupin: I came across a cmd online a few hrs back and ran the zebra index -- it said 2 biblios indexed --- still searching for catch
11:19 |Lupin| granthpal2: the oher thing to check is that the zebra daemon is running...
11:24 granthpal2 Yeah, zebra daemon is on
11:24 granthpal2 log-opac-err shows: Use of uninitialized value in addition (+) at /usr/share/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac/
11:24 granthpal2 other err: HTML::Template::Pro:in TMPL_LOOP at pos 232: PARAM:LOOP:next_loop(0): callback returned null scope
11:31 hdl jan : you can add the one you need. New System Preference.
11:32 hdl But there should be only one valid.
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11:33 jan hi hdl, thanks, i did, i just find it strange that i cannot find some preferences documented, also "OPACShowCheckoutName"
11:35 hdl are you on a 3.2 version or 3.0  ?
11:38 jan latest 3.0.x
11:38 |Lupin| bye all
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11:39 hdl jan: OPACShowCheckoutName is 3.2 iirc.
11:40 jan hdl: i was reading the documentation of 3.0 :[…]cshowcheckoutname
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12:24 Nate Good Morning #koha
12:25 Amit heya Nate
12:25 Nate morning Amit!
12:31 Brewman Anyone know if you can either switch off the Pickup Location drop down when placing a hold or, make it default in a NON alphabetical way?
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12:40 Amit heya Brewman
12:40 Brewman Hey
12:40 hdl hi all
12:40 Amit heya hdl, jwagner
12:41 jwagner Hi everyone
12:46 Nate hi jwagner
12:46 Nate hi hdl
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12:52 Amit hi paul
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13:09 chris_n g'morning #koha
13:09 ftherese morning chris_n
13:09 chris_n ftherese: how's your zebra behaving today?
13:10 ftherese poorly :(
13:10 ftherese well... I guess it works
13:10 ftherese but it doesn't return any results
13:11 ftherese the only way I can find my records is by looking in the inventory
13:11 chris_n have you tried connecting with the yaz-client and doing some search
13:11 ftherese they don't show up in the catalog or in the reservoir
13:11 ftherese even when everything runs without reporting any errors
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13:11 ftherese no... I don't know how that works...
13:11 chris_n 'morning gmcharlt
13:12 ftherese chris_n: yaz-client? what does that do?
13:12 gmcharlt good morning
13:13 chris_n ftherese: check out this example from kete:[…]y-with-yaz-client
13:13 chris_n it should work for koha as well
13:13 chris_n yaz-client is a cli zebra client
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13:14 ftherese ok
13:14 chris_n doing that will at least tell you if the problem is w/zebra
13:14 ftherese zebra gives no errors
13:14 ftherese if I watch the server output
13:14 ftherese the user connects makes the request and then hangs up without a problem
13:23 Amit hi galen
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13:35 nengard is it just me or has the koha list gotten more active lately? maybe it's just that I have so much more to do lately that I can't keep up!!!
13:37 owen I don't think it's just you nengard
13:37 nengard oh good :)
13:38 owen and lots of it is coming from outside the US, which is exciting but makes for more language problems.
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13:43 nengard that is true
13:43 owen Brewman, did you get your template problem sorted out?
13:43 paul_p g'morning USA...
13:44 jwagner Bonjour paul_p.  No jpaul_p today?
13:48 Brewman Owen@ I got the Text in the template sorted, yes. However this problems remains - > look at the was this page is all messed up![…]ha/
13:48 owen What kind of changes have you made? HTML? CSS? Both?
13:49 Brewman To that advanced page? None, that problem was there before I made any changes
13:49 paul_p jwagner: jnope, jbut i'ill jadd j jeverywhere :D
13:50 Brewman It is a CSS problem though, if I strip the css from the page its fine. However, there seems to be an <div> of Boolean that I can't find in any style sheet
13:50 jwagner paul_p, jwell, jI jguess jthat jwill jwork jtoo!
13:50 chris_n lol
13:52 owen Brewman: What version of Koha is this?
13:53 * jdavidb needs some jsleep.
13:53 Brewman Version 3.0001005
13:56 * owen doesn't know what official version number that translates to
13:56 nengard ahhhhhh - too many Js
13:57 * jdavidb finds it jamusing that all the js are jconfusing jnengard.
13:57 paul_p hello jnengard !
13:57 Brewman I think it's 3.0.1
13:57 * paul_p jhas a jlittle jproblem...
14:01 owen Brewman: What templates have you modified?
14:03 Brewman just opac-results (changing to yui-t1 to yui-t4). Nothing else
14:03 Brewman in opacfacets
14:05 owen Brewman: Do you have the opacbookbag and virtualshelves preferences turned off?
14:07 Brewman one sec and I'll check
14:07 Brewman yes, to both
14:07 owen It looks like you must. I wonder if the problem goes away if they're on?
14:08 Brewman We'll, I try it. Gimme a minute.
14:08 * owen is looking at what's missing from your advanced search screen and wondering if there is a connection
14:09 Brewman Both turned on now and no change.
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14:13 owen I'm not sure what to tell you Brewman.  I don't have an installation of that version to check against, but I can't imagine an unmodified installation would have a completely broken advanced search page
14:14 owen I would try to track down any possible changes you might have made. Maybe check the files from the original tarball and diff them against the templates you have installed?
14:16 Brewman Yeah, I know, it's a strange one. It is possible someone else changed it. I thought someone here might spot it straight away, but I will go back to installer files and check. Thanks for your help.
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14:28 jwagner paul_p and others, we have an installation problem.  Doing a git install, we applied paul_p's patch for Bug 3608 to make the messaging options work in patron categories and patron records.  When I try to set some options in the patron categories, it will record and display things like Hold Filled.  But it won't retain settings for Advance Notice (e.g., 5 days, digest).  jdavidb tells me he sees them in the table, but they don't show in the patron categor
14:28 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3608 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Install from scratch, file uploading errors [BibLibre coderun]
14:29 paul_p jwagner: I don't understand the relation btw 3608 and your problem ?
14:29 jwagner And when I create a new patron based on one of the categories, it sees and applies the hold setting, but does not pick up the advance notice setting.  I can edit the record to it, and jdavidb says he sees it in the table, but it again doesn't display.
14:30 jdavidb Bug 3608 prevented loading of sample_notices (which prevented loading of sample_notice_message_transport).  May not be tightly linked, but it's in there.
14:31 jwagner He had to load your patch before I could get any message settings at all in the patron categories.
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14:31 jwagner I checked a couple of other systems.  On my sandbox, updated to latest Koha head, it does the same thing.  On another machine with the same version number (.061) but a couple of weeks behind head, messaging settings display and work properly.
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15:16 hdl gmcharlt: around ?
15:17 gmcharlt hi hdl
15:17 hdl hi how are you ?
15:17 gmcharlt not too bad
15:19 hdl As Chris told, I shall release a new 3.0.5 quite soon.
15:19 gmcharlt understood
15:19 jdavidb hdl++
15:19 hdl any hint on our master branch update ?
15:20 hdl (merge in official branch) ?
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15:27 gmcharlt hdl: ready to go tonight
15:28 redtano test chat
15:28 paul_p redtano: works ;-)
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15:34 owen I'm surprised how many people come in here just to find out if it works. Are they waiting for an emergency to ask a real question?
15:37 wizzyrea idk, I'm surprised that librarians aren't more interested in real time group chat
15:37 wizzyrea i mean, they love conferences
15:39 owen We tried to set up an IRC channel for our 7 branches, and it never took off.
15:39 owen But most people don't sit down at a computer
15:39 wizzyrea jwagner: i'm looking at my current head, and the messaging settings come through fine
15:40 wizzyrea sorry, I know that's like discussion from an hour ago
15:41 * owen has to go pick up a sniffly baby from daycare :(
15:41 owen Wish me luck!
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15:44 chris_n what we need is a "HUD' type hat that has wireless connectivity and scrolls the irc buffer before our eyes as we walk about
15:44 wizzyrea @later tell owen good luck with the baby!
15:44 munin wizzyrea: The operation succeeded.
15:45 wizzyrea hehe
15:45 wizzyrea chris_n did you see/hear about the device that non-sighted people can put on their tongue, attached to a camera, that can allow them to "see"
15:45 wizzyrea lemme see if I can find it
15:46 chris_n sounds neat
15:46 wizzyrea[…]th_tongue_vision/
15:46 chris_n I did read about experiments in sensor implants in the optic area of the brain
15:46 wizzyrea I wonder if you could stretch the functionality of that to create a 6th sense: the internet sense :)
15:49 chris_n heh
15:49 chris_n http://www.associatedcontent.c[…]lants.html?cat=12
15:58 nengard quick question - for koha db is an issue a check out only? or a check out and/or a renewal
16:04 jdavidb An issue can be renewed.  Renewal and checkout are *actions*, and an issue is a record of either.   Renewing updates the issue record.
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16:20 jdavidb gmcharlt:  ping?
16:21 gmcharlt jdavidb: pong
16:21 jdavidb I resubmitted a patch for bug 3775, but it's labeled for 3774.  Fat-finger typing day, I guess.  Can you fix, or do I need to re-re-submit?
16:21 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3775 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Accounts::chargelostitem uses title, but title not available to it
16:22 jwagner wizzyrea, sorry, I've been in a meeting & just saw your response to my problem.  When did you last update head, can you tell?  So far we have a system last updated to head in about July which works, and one updated this week, which doesn't.  But they both have version # .061, so it's hard to tell when the problem crept in.
16:24 wizzyrea mine is updated to about 3 days ago
16:24 wizzyrea I think...
16:25 wizzyrea
16:25 wizzyrea let me make sure I understand correctly: You set up the messaging defaults on the patron categories page, and the defaults for advance notice don't show up?
16:25 gmcharlt jdavidb: that's fine - I'll fix the bug # when I push
16:26 jdavidb thankee, gmcharlt!
16:26 jwagner wizzyrea, correct.  jdavidb says they seem to be recording in the table for the patron categories, but they aren't on the display/edit screen after I set them.  And when I create a patron based on the category, the advance notice setting isn't seen/applied -- the actual patron record's settings don't have it.
16:27 jwagner I'm about to open a bug report.
16:27 jwagner It's a critical/blocker for us, because I can't import patrons for this new site until the messaging settings are fixed.
16:33 wizzyrea that's weird, it shows both places in mine
16:33 nengard MySQL problem - I'm getting an array error with this query
16:33 nengard oops - nevermind - a typo
16:34 wizzyrea OH jane
16:34 wizzyrea jwagner!
16:34 wizzyrea I think I know what your problem is
16:34 wizzyrea you can't have days in advance set to 0
16:35 wizzyrea let me double check that you just tickled something in my mind
16:35 wizzyrea a problem we had waaaaay back when we were testing that enhancement
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16:36 nengard okay - mysql question for real - I have a report that does this:   Patrons who are expired who do not have notes and do not have outstanding fines from before 2006 (2005 on back)   -- I have written it but I'm getting no results - I was querying the amountoutstanding field - is there another I should query?
16:36 * wizzyrea just verified that as true (at least on her system)
16:39 * wizzyrea is on pins and needles
16:39 jwagner wizzyrea, I didn't have days in advance set as zero -- I was setting to 5 days.
16:39 Melanie joined #koha
16:39 wizzyrea doh!
16:39 wizzyrea hey melanie
16:39 wizzyrea well it works on mine :(
16:40 jwagner There has to be something real recent that broke this, but we haven't found it so far.
16:40 nengard I'm working with melanie on the problem i mentioned above
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16:43 wizzyrea I just tried to update my install, it said I had the most current version
16:43 wizzyrea is there maybe some jquery mucking it up?
16:43 wizzyrea mucking the display?
16:44 jwagner This is a brand new install -- no jquery, no local code, no data copied from anywhere.
16:44 wizzyrea bah!
16:44 jwagner Bugzilla opened -- Bug 3776
16:44 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3776 blocker, P1, ---,, NEW, messaging options don't display/retain advance notice settings
16:45 wizzyrea maybe this one jane?
16:45 wizzyrea[…]6d1e9465eaea473e7
16:45 wizzyrea bah, never mind
16:46 jwagner No, that has to do with the patron screen messages, not the notices.
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17:03 wizzyrea_mobile Yay, our proper Internet is down. Stupid AT&T
17:04 wizzyrea_mobile 5 red rlos lights, thumbs up
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17:09 wizzyrea hurray!
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18:09 jdavidb wizzyrea: do we need to velcro you in place?
18:18 wizzyrea yea pretty much
18:18 * jdavidb feels that it his not his day for patches.
18:20 * jdavidb breaks out some heavy-duty velcro, so wizzyrea won't go away any more.
18:20 chris hmm that can't be right
18:21 * jdavidb fears
18:21 chris We've been told there is one notice sent for each
18:21 chris item on the account... so if a patron had 5 overdue books, he/she would
18:21 chris receive 5 seperate emails. Has anyone found a solution for this problem?
18:21 chris that certainly hasn't been my experience ... anyone else ?
18:23 jwagner chris, the nightly cron for overdues lumps them all together, but if they're using something like the Item Due notice, it sends a separate one.  Maybe that's what the poster was talking about?
18:24 chris ahh ill ask, thanks jwagner
18:24 jdavidb Hold pickup notices normally would not combine, either.
18:25 jwagner If I remember right, advance notices don't either, although that's handled separately from things like Items Due.
18:27 chris started the thread off, so if anyone else wants to chip in that would be cool :)
18:39 chris @wunder wellingon, nz
18:39 munin chris: Error: No such location could be found.
18:39 chris @wunder wellington, nz
18:39 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 12.0�C (7:00 AM NZDT on November 07, 2009). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 77%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 30.21 in 1023 hPa (Steady).
18:39 chris i can't see any clouds ... that must be out by the airport
18:40 jdavidb @wunder 20852
18:40 munin jdavidb: The current temperature in Flower Valley, Rockville, Maryland is 10.5�C (1:33 PM EST on November 06, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 43%. Dew Point: -2.0�C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017.2 hPa (Rising).
18:43 chris_n @wunder 28334
18:43 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 15.0�C (1:19 PM EST on November 06, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 19%. Dew Point: -9.0�C. Pressure: 30.30 in 1026 hPa (Rising). Freeze warning in effect from 4 am to 9 am EST Saturday...
18:51 * jdavidb chuckles, as he closes bug 3776
18:51 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3776 blocker, P1, ---,, RESOLVED INVALID, messaging options don't display/retain advance notice settings
18:52 chris ahh, pebkac?
18:53 jwagner Hey!  I resemble that remark!!!
18:53 * jdavidb promised he wouldn't say that where the user could hear it, so he doesn't say it, and asks that jwagner take note that he did not.
18:53 jwagner In defense, I've never set up a system where they only wanted digests as an option.  It didn't occur to me that you had to check both boxes :-(
18:54 chris ahh, that is kinda confusing
18:55 jdavidb With SMS turned off, only the one transport is showing, which probably doesn't help, either.  might convince someone to redraw that table a bit more clearly, or error-check it.
18:56 * jdavidb likes buts that close quick like that, though.
18:56 jdavidb *bugs, even.
18:56 jwagner It still puzzles me that the patron category setup saved it to the table, even without email checked.  It just didn't display or apply it.
19:11 chris yeah, silent fails are annoying
19:15 chris_n chris: last evening's array foo fun turns out to be the result of an arrayref of hashrefs
19:15 chris ahhh
19:15 chris_n so not only did the array have to be de-ref'ed, but the hashes also
19:15 chris that makes sense
19:15 chris_n I was missing the hashes
19:15 chris that is why the else worked
19:15 chris_n actually the else only worked in one case.. :-P
19:16 chris_n which is what finally forced me to find the *real* problem
19:16 chris right
19:16 chris_n perl -d was the magic that showed it up
19:17 chris_n if Dumper showed the memory addresses pointed to by the refs, it would have been quicker
19:18 chris_n so if knowledge is power, I got a little more powerful in the realm of Perl for my trouble ;-)
19:20 jwagner Personally I'd prefer less power and less trouble :-(
19:20 jwagner But it's been a bad week overall....
19:21 * chris_n hands jwagner some chocolates for consolation
19:22 jwagner chris_n, I've already been on a steady chocolate diet since Monday (lots of leftover Halloween candy), so that may be part of the problem.  But I appreciate the thought :-)
19:31 chris_n wOOt!!! after many hours it works :-)
19:31 * chris_n considers taking off coding this weekend to celebrate
19:31 chris :)
19:45 * jdavidb notices at the #koha IRC stats page ( that jwagner is chattier than munin, but that he himself is not.
19:45 jwagner @karma jdavidb
19:45 munin jwagner: Karma for "jdavidb" has been increased 5 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 5.
19:45 jwagner @karma jwagner
19:45 munin jwagner: Karma for "jwagner" has been increased 8 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 8.
19:47 jwagner (refraining from further comment....)
19:47 chris heh
19:47 chris @karma
19:47 munin chris: Highest karma: "chris" (69), "owen" (60), and "gmcharlt" (59).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-20), "failed" (-20), and "src="<!" (-10).  You (chris) are ranked 1 out of 536.
19:49 jdavidb @karma
19:49 munin jdavidb: Highest karma: "chris" (69), "owen" (60), and "gmcharlt" (59).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-20), "failed" (-20), and "src="<!" (-10).  You (jdavidb) are ranked 32 out of 536.
19:49 jdavidb 32..not bad.
19:51 chris_n @karma
19:51 munin chris_n: Highest karma: "chris" (69), "owen" (60), and "gmcharlt" (59).  Lowest karma: "<!" (-20), "failed" (-20), and "src="<!" (-10).  You (chris_n) are ranked 13 out of 536.
19:52 rhcl @seen wizzyrea
19:52 munin rhcl: wizzyrea was last seen in #koha 1 hour, 33 minutes, and 59 seconds ago: <wizzyrea> yea pretty much
19:53 wizzyrea yo rhcl
19:53 wizzyrea sup
19:54 rhcl Hey...our people are playing with koha, and they've talked about how with workflows they can be logged in on one instance as techserv and on a separate instance of workflows as circ, for example...
19:54 rhcl I'm thinking you can't do that in a web browser, short of starting another browser in another profile or using a different browser altoghether.  Si or no?
19:55 wizzyrea um...
19:55 wizzyrea well
19:55 chris thats right
19:55 wizzyrea why would you need to do that?
19:55 wizzyrea I"m just thinking about how koha is structured
19:55 wizzyrea this may be a nonissue
19:55 rhcl Well, I donno, but I do know that June does it all the time in Workflows.
19:55 wizzyrea what I would do
19:55 wizzyrea this is one person, right?
19:55 rhcl yes
19:56 jwagner rchl, I've needed to do that a few times in testing feature development on granular permissions.  In that case, I use IE to log in as one user, and Firefox to log in as the other.
19:56 wizzyrea she would have a techsvcs acct correct?
19:56 wizzyrea so
19:56 jwagner Otherwise, I'm not sure it would come up in real-life use.
19:56 rhcl june has the keys to the kingdom
19:56 wizzyrea I would suggest she keep one window open with circ front and center
19:56 wizzyrea and another window open with cataloging front and center
19:56 wizzyrea her login as techsvcs would allow both
19:56 wizzyrea no reason to have two logins
19:56 chris (if you set its permissions to that)
19:56 wizzyrea just use two windowss
19:56 wizzyrea right
19:57 wizzyrea give her perms for both tasks, and use two windows with the same login
19:57 rhcl OK, tnx
19:57 wizzyrea unless there's something about the situation that I'm not understanding
19:57 wizzyrea but I think that the firewall between the two functions in sirsi is a nonissue for koha
19:58 rhcl I just know that she does some things as "admin" in one WF, then other things <near>simultaneously in another WF as "techserv"
19:58 nengard left #koha
19:58 wizzyrea ah
19:58 chris i think in koha you make her a real user
19:58 wizzyrea then yea, just use two windows
19:58 chris and give that user the appropriate permissions
19:58 wizzyrea <- hasn't used sirsi in a long time
19:58 chris instead of having 'roles'
19:59 wizzyrea right, especially if she's a low flight risk employee
19:59 jwagner The main thing I can think of in Unicorn would be report ownership -- if she normally logs in as TS, but needs to see other users' reports, she'd have to log in as Admin.
19:59 wizzyrea NEKLS actually does role based users, circ, tech, and director
19:59 chris_n owen++ # for a very cool units changing jquery script
19:59 chris depends on how fine you want your audit trail
20:00 wizzyrea yea
20:00 chris if you want to know exactly who it was that issued the book that you had told them not to issue 8 times already
20:00 wizzyrea I brought that up to our team, they said "eh, who cares"
20:00 chris that having individual users is handy
20:00 wizzyrea yepper
20:00 rhcl yes, I think that's what we do. But I remember seeing Dianna@Atchison logging in and out as different roles when she needed to show us different things.
20:00 chris lots of nz libraries have volunteer staff
20:00 wizzyrea well that's because the circ role doesn't have reports rights
20:01 chris its good to be able to have individual logins for them
20:01 wizzyrea or cataloging
20:01 wizzyrea but you could set june as a user with both roles
20:01 wizzyrea and blammo
20:01 wizzyrea all done
20:01 wizzyrea and that stuff is all pretty granular
20:01 wizzyrea and getting more so
20:02 chris yep
20:02 chris its starting to get really nice
20:02 wizzyrea rhcl that's just the way NEKLS does it, you can do it <sings> your way </sings>
20:02 * wizzyrea whips out the top hat and cane
20:03 chris id pay money to see that
20:03 wizzyrea O.o
20:03 * wizzyrea ponders a new career
20:03 chris heh
20:03 rhcl Burger King?
20:03 wizzyrea *sob*
20:03 wizzyrea harsh, rhcl, harsh
20:03 wizzyrea ;)
20:04 chris there is a burlesque house in wellington *grin*
20:07 jdavidb I'm with chris.  Seeing wizzyrea doing a song and dance would be a treat.  ;-)
20:18 jdavidb left #koha
20:19 pianohackr|work joined #koha
20:23 magnusenger left #koha
20:30 chris_n any jquery gurus out there?
20:31 hdl left #koha
20:48 jwagner left #koha
21:02 Nate left #koha
21:03 ftherese hello... trying to install the git version of koha
21:03 chris_n once again luck and fortune win out over skill and knowledge
21:03 ftherese I get to the part about the sax_parser
21:03 Nate joined #koha
21:03 ftherese it says that if I'm using PurePerl or Expat, you'll need to edit your
21:03 ftherese ini file, typically located at
21:04 ftherese /etc/perl/XML/SAX/ParserDetails.ini
21:04 ftherese problem is, I don't know what to do to this file
21:07 pastebot "chris_n" at pasted "/etc/perl/XML/SAX/ParserDetails.ini" (7 lines) at
21:07 chris_n ftherese: mine looks like that ^^
21:07 ftherese ok
21:08 ftherese that seems to have fixed whether it uses sax or not
21:08 ftherese but now the hash between what koha is expecting is different from the hash I have
21:09 ftherese my SAX::Parser=HASH(0x81fe220)
21:09 ftherese sorry KOHA WANTS = SAX:: Parser=HASH(0x81fe220)
21:09 ftherese My hash SAX:: Parser=HASH(0x8881a58)
21:10 ftherese says it looks good
21:10 ftherese but maybe it is a different version or something
21:51 ftherese is there an easy fix for DBD::SQLite2 failing on ak-dbd.t
21:52 pianohackr|work ftherese: not one that I know of offhand, but unless you'll be using offline circ, you shouldn't have to worry about that
21:52 ftherese offline in what sense?
21:52 ftherese because we just might need that
21:53 wizzyrea there's a client for creating circulation files for when you cannot connect to your koha installation
21:53 pianohackr|work right
21:53 wizzyrea[…]line-circulation/
21:53 pianohackr|work you can checkout and checkin books and items, and then upload the changes once your installation is back online
21:53 pianohackr|work it needs a nightly-updated database of patrons and items, tho
21:53 pianohackr|work which is where DBD::SQLite2 comes in
21:54 wizzyrea fwiw, it's almost as easy to just keep track of your items in a spreadsheet and do them manually when the system comes up
21:54 ftherese so it is really that hard to fix?
21:55 ftherese well.. if no one else is using it, I can't imagine it is too important
21:55 wizzyrea I think it's safe to say that you can get by without it
21:55 pianohackr|work ftherese: we've never used offline circ here (was much more needed with our old evil hosted sirsi install)
21:55 wizzyrea of course, if you're like me you're like, "I can't go on! There's an error!!" :)
21:56 wizzyrea woe!
21:56 ftherese wizzyrea: yeah... I have that tendancy
21:56 ftherese what about dom vs grs1... I had some problems with zebra in my last install - had selected dom, which I would prefer if possible
21:57 ftherese what kind of legacy are we talking about here?
21:57 wizzyrea when we've needed it, we've used spreadsheets to track patrons/items, just use the scanner to scan barcodes into the spreadsheet, then have someone go back when the system is up and enter the data
21:58 ftherese grs1 is for legacy support, I don't think I need that, but just want to make sure that it is not perhaps part of my problem
22:08 francharb left #koha
22:18 Nate left #koha
22:29 gmcharlt left #koha
22:37 ftherese I get this IMPORTANT notice with
22:37 ftherese don't use this script before you've entered and checked your MARC
22:37 ftherese parameters tables twice (or more!).
22:37 ftherese any suggestions as to how I should do this?
22:39 ftherese grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
22:39 ftherese the installer doesn't show up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22:39 ftherese this is very anoying!!!!!!
22:39 ftherese I logged in, but /cgi-bin/koha/installer/ is a blanc page!!!!
22:39 pianohackr|work oh my
22:39 pianohackr|work have you checked your error log?
22:40 ftherese oh
22:40 ftherese sorry...
22:40 ftherese I had to reload the page
22:40 ftherese I think it had my previous installation in cache
22:40 wizzyrea ^.^
22:40 ftherese but now I can't install in french...
22:40 wizzyrea :(
22:41 ftherese how do I install in french?  I got from the git repo
22:41 ftherese only en is available
22:42 pianohackr|work ftherese: (in your koha directory, with a command prompt)
22:42 pianohackr|work cd misc/translator/
22:43 pianohackr|work ./ fr-FR
22:43 wizzyrea pianohackr|work it's a good thing you're here
22:44 wizzyrea hey ph, where is that documented?
22:44 pianohackr|work sure, you say that now
22:44 wizzyrea b/c it should be
22:44 pianohackr|work hmm. I learned it from chris, I don't think it's documented
22:44 wizzyrea I always think it's good when you're around
22:44 wizzyrea well that's bad.
22:45 wizzyrea should we put it on the wiki somewhere?
22:45 pianohackr|work wizzyrea: I think it's mainly only needed if you install from git, but yeah, it should be on the wiki
22:45 wizzyrea "so you decided to install from git, you might need to do this"
22:45 pianohackr|work wizzyrea: (plastic cheesecake attack!)
22:45 wizzyrea AIEE!!
22:45 * wizzyrea ducks
22:45 * wizzyrea goes for the plastic cocktails
22:45 pianohackr|work wizzyrea: there's a guide for getting started with git, that would be a good place for it
22:45 pianohackr|work hehe
22:45 pianohackr|work tho that was mainly joetho's fault
22:46 wizzyrea yes, yes it was
22:46 ftherese lets see if that works
22:46 wizzyrea I did somehow end up with said plastic cheesecake
22:46 pianohackr|work that poor, traumatized waitress
22:46 pianohackr|work yes, you did! you sat on the _wrong_ end of the table
22:46 ftherese it is copying a zillion things
22:46 pianohackr|work yup, that's normal
22:46 wizzyrea oh I know between nahuel wanting a bluedy steak
22:46 wizzyrea and joetho and the plastic cheesecake
22:47 wizzyrea and owen on impending baby watch
22:47 wizzyrea chris too for that matter.
22:47 pianohackr|work yeah, seriously
22:52 ftherese ok... the web-installer still only shows en...
22:53 ftherese do I need to rebuild something pianohackr|work
22:54 pianohackr|work ftherese: what kind of install did you do? dev, simple or single?
22:55 pianohackr|work standard, single or dev? rather
22:55 ftherese standard
22:56 ftherese oh
22:56 ftherese do I need to remake it?
22:56 ftherese after the language thing?
22:56 pianohackr|work Yes
22:56 ftherese ok
22:56 wizzyrea ph, I have an additional dumb question for you
22:56 ftherese hey!
22:56 pianohackr|work wizzyrea: no such thing as a dumb question :)
22:56 ftherese lol
22:57 pianohackr|work that is my mantra
22:57 pianohackr|work only thing that's kept me and my coworkers alive and sane
22:57 wizzyrea if I wanted to add a template variable for 952$z (I always have dumb questions) in catalogue/, I've never defined those and I don't think it's there already
22:57 wizzyrea how?
22:57 wizzyrea we wanna show the note on the bib detail page
22:58 wizzyrea (perhaps supplanting the copy number column)
22:58 wizzyrea (mostly I just want to see if it can be done)
22:58 wizzyrea at 4:57 on a friday, no less
22:58 pianohackr|work wizzyrea: it depends how the item information is being fetched
22:59 ftherese it is Skiping all the files in make
22:59 pianohackr|work basically, you just find what call the script uses, then make sure that that call retrieves that specific field from the database
22:59 ftherese even the ones wit the fr-FR directory
22:59 pianohackr|work hrm
22:59 pianohackr|work you can do it manually
22:59 ftherese that is fine
23:00 ftherese where do I put the stuff
23:00 pianohackr|work cp -r koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/fr-FR /usr/share/koha/.../prog/
23:00 pianohackr|work basically, there should be a prog dir where the english templates were installed
23:00 pianohackr|work just copy the fr-FR directories for intranet and OPAC to the right places
23:01 ftherese ok
23:01 wizzyrea you wanna put them right next to the en folder
23:01 pianohackr|work yup
23:01 pianohackr|work ftherese: are you going to be updating this install using git?
23:01 pianohackr|work if so, it would be easier to do a dev install
23:01 wizzyrea bah, I may revisit this next week... thanks for expending some brain cycles on it for me ph
23:01 ftherese pianohackr|work: I just want to see if it will work
23:01 pianohackr|work wizzyrea: np
23:01 pianohackr|work ftherese: right :)
23:01 ftherese I still haven't been able to successfully import my data
23:02 pianohackr|work ahh, I've wanted to send an email; one quick thing you might try is adding the -r flag to rebuild_zebra
23:02 ftherese ok
23:06 ftherese hmmm installer still comes up with only en as option, but everything is in french...
23:06 ftherese crap... and I hit next and it went back to english
23:06 pianohackr|work ftherese: ahh, it sounds like you might have copied the french data into the english folder
23:06 ftherese I didn't do any copying
23:06 ftherese I let the installation progie take care of it
23:07 ftherese when I redid make install I saw it copy those things
23:07 pianohackr|work what does ls /usr/share/koha/intranet/htdocs/intranet-tmpl/prog show?
23:07 pianohackr|work (I think that's the right directory for a standard install)
23:08 ftherese en  fr-FR  img
23:09 ftherese I restarted the webserver
23:09 ftherese still have only en as an option
23:11 ftherese pianohackr|work: I don't know perl works, but I am looking at the
23:11 pianohackr|work I'm taking a look at getTranslatedLanguages, which this depends on
23:12 ftherese use C4::Languages qw(getAllLanguages getTranslatedLanguages);
23:12 pianohackr|work I admit that I've only done English installs before and am doing this a bit seat-of-the-pants
23:12 pianohackr|work You might want to ask the list for help; one of the bibLibre or other folk that deal with translations might be more helpful
23:12 ftherese where is getTranslatedLanguages
23:12 pianohackr|work C4/
23:13 ftherese and where is that?
23:13 pianohackr|work koha source directory
23:14 pianohackr|work ftherese: chris, hdl, ricardo and paul_p are all more involved with translation work than I
23:14 ftherese hmmm
23:15 ftherese I am going to try make clean
23:15 ftherese and then remake
23:15 pianohackr|work *shrug* it's worth a shot
23:24 ftherese pianohackr|work: there are a couple other scripts in misc translator... do you think I need to run any of them?
23:25 pianohackr|work install-code should take care of the whole process (to my knowledge)
23:25 ftherese ok
23:25 ftherese but if it doesn't ;)
23:39 ftherese still can't choose French after uninstalling and reinstalling
23:39 ftherese I think I have to give up for this evening
23:54 pianohackr|work good night to you too then :)
23:54 pianohackr|work left #koha

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