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00:00 schuster I know Washington school district put some stuff out there but I don't think it was pulled in.  Guess I'll see what Galen remembers and we'll go from there.
00:00 chris yep, its not in git
00:00 chris it would need to be reformated and resubmitted
00:00 chris from those patches attached to that bug
00:02 schuster Once again phewie.
00:02 schuster Thank for looking.
00:05 schuster[…]41.html#a20484505 - this was the post found on the lists from Michael Hafen.
00:07 schuster[…]62.html#a20433138 - here's another listing for development - guess I can check with that library.
00:08 chris good idea
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00:12 chris for 3.4 id like to get better visibility on patches waiting to be applied
00:18 pianohacker chris++
00:18 chris even if its just a directory of them
00:19 chris we'll figure something out
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00:46 brendan cya in a while #koha
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02:37 chris_n2 'evening
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03:21 Amit hi brendan, chris, richard
03:21 Amit good morning #koha
03:21 brendan hi amit
03:21 richard amit, hi
03:21 richard and brendan
03:21 richard and chris_n2
03:23 chris_n2 hi Amit, brendan, richard
03:23 Amit hi chris_n2
03:42 pianohacker @later tell owen I've removed the reference to collapsed.gif in the sysprefs editor, and replaced expanded.gif with more.gif for the time being
03:42 munin pianohacker: The operation succeeded.
03:42 pianohacker good night, #koha
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04:49 Amit @wunder bangalore
04:49 munin Amit: The current temperature in Bangalore, India is 21.0�C (8:30 AM IST on November 05, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 18.0�C.
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05:25 brendan goodnight #koha
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06:52 ftherese morning!
06:59 ftherese when I try to add a marc record from the reservoir to the catalog, it tells me some really funny things about what needs to be filled out... like tag 036$b, which corresponds to the movement # of a musical composition... why does that have to be filled in?
07:00 Amit hi ftherese
07:02 ftherese hello...
07:02 ftherese any ideas why it is requireing the musical movement number?
07:04 ftherese and it requires the type of scale too??  but these are not maps!!
07:05 ftherese hmmmm...
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07:29 ftherese I still don't understand why I can't import my records from the reservoir into the catalog!!
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07:57 |Lupin| hello
07:57 ftherese hello :)
07:57 ftherese I am still having trouble importing my records past the reservoir
07:58 ftherese says I should have some fields filled in like musical composition # and other random stuff like map scale type etc.
07:59 |Lupin| ftherese: I'm afraid I can't help right now
07:59 ftherese that's cool
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08:23 |Lupin| has anyone experience with the save method of the CGI module, please ?
08:24 |Lupin| I called it to save a query object, expecting it to save everything including cookies, but apparently it did not..
08:24 |Lupin| anyone know s how to achieve this ?
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08:43 jan anyone know why a checkin can lead to an empty 'current location'?  We have one branch (one library) and i have set it in the staff client ..
08:53 jan (i'm sorry it's not about the topic)
08:54 |Lupin| jan: don't know, sorry
09:01 jan the error: [error] [client] [Thu Nov  5 09:59:04 2009] DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Column 'tobranch' cannot be null at /home/koha/site/lib/C4/ line 530, <DATA> line 253., referer: http://olympia:8080/cgi-bin/ko[…]borrowernumber=53
09:02 jan after that some uninitialized value errors
09:58 |Lupin| wow...
09:58 |Lupin| does not look very normal ifyou didn't do trichy things
10:03 jan the only tricky things i do is is using auth_with_ldap .... really, we want to be as standard as possible
10:04 jan and our mysql server is an external one ....
10:05 jan external as in "no localhost"
10:07 jan and i tried also a mysql server on localhost: no difference
10:10 jan koha@olympia:~/source$ git describe
10:10 jan v3.00.04_fixed
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10:43 |Lupin| jan: I don't knon what to say, I'm sorry
10:43 jan thanks anyway
10:44 |Lupin| Colin: do you know the CGI module a bit ?
10:44 |Lupin| Colin: hi, btw :)
10:44 Colin hi a bit not too deeply
10:48 |Lupin| Colin: I'm dumping the $query object to disk before and after the call to get_template_and_user
10:49 |Lupin| Colin: in the dump before the call the CGISESSIONID cookie does not appear, whereas it appears in he dump done after the call.
10:49 |Lupin| Colin: I'm wondering why this is so...
10:54 Colin Not sure why. get_template_and_user reads it early on (in checkauth)
10:58 Colin CGI::Session is a sepate object Might be worth checking the CGI::Session perldoc
10:58 |Lupin| Colin: yeah I read the code...
10:59 |Lupin| Colin: actually, my concern is that I would like to be able to re-play a script from the command-line to debug it, any idea how I could do that ?
11:00 |Lupin| Colin: actually I thought it was enough to store the input object on disk and to then retrieve it, but apparently, it's not enough...
11:03 Colin I think I've seen Galen mention a way but I've not done it myself
11:06 |Lupin| Colin: was that on IRC ?
11:06 Colin I think in the CGI the session cookie is CGISESSID
11:07 Colin Yws I think it was on IRC
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11:07 |Lupin| Colin: yeah I know CGISESSID, but knowing that is I think not enough...
11:07 Colin Yws/Yes
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11:11 Colin If you put everything in a QUERY_STRING=field=value textfile and feed that as stdin to the script it fails on the session stuff?
11:16 gmcharlt Colin, |Lupin| : you have to set all of the same environment variables that the Apache CGI runner does
11:16 gmcharlt a common trick is to print the contents of %ENV to a file
11:17 gmcharlt munge into a script to set the environment variables
11:17 gmcharlt then include that as part of running the CGI script from the command-line
11:17 gmcharlt in particular, CGI::Session wants to be able to use things like SERVER_NAME
11:18 Colin Galen ex machina - thanks
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11:18 chris_n2_ g'morning #koha
11:19 Colin morning
11:19 |Lupin| gmcharlt: and you have to store stdin in a file from within the script to fetch all headers and then run the script from the command line with its stdin redirected to that file ?
11:19 |Lupin| hi chris_n2_
11:20 |Lupin| it's too bad there is no helper script to achieve this...
11:20 gmcharlt |Lupin|: yes, if the script is accepting POSTed content
11:21 gmcharlt if it's just looking at QUERY_STRING, then you don't need to bother passing stuff to it via STDIN, just set the environment variables
11:21 |Lupin| gmcharlt: my concern is the cookies... and yes the one I'd like to debug is virtualshelves/ which for some reason does not display the drop-down menu of existing shelves...
11:23 |Lupin| gmcharlt: I'm talking about HEAD. On our system this drop-down is not displayed although the uer is owner of the shelf and superlibrarian...
11:37 hdl jan: you might have to look at your CircControl System preference and see if it is PuickupLibrary
11:37 hdl jan: PickupLibrary
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11:37 chris_n2_ hdl:?
11:38 hdl chris_n2_?
11:38 chris_n2_ opps, I see
11:38 * chris_n2_ goes off for more coffee :-)
11:40 jan hdl, it's ItemHomeLibrary at the moment (the default)
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11:41 hdl Do you have HomeOrHoldingBranch set ?
11:41 jan let me check
11:42 jan it's set to HoldingBranch
11:47 jan independantBranches is OFF
11:50 hdl Do your items all have Holdingbranch ?
11:51 hdl Or do you only use homebranch ?
11:51 jan yes, field 952a if i'm correct
11:51 jan and 952b is the homebranch
11:51 jan both set
11:52 jan when a item is checkedin the 952b field is lost
11:55 magnusenger hm, i need to update a lot of items to correct two errors from the migration (change the value in 952$c and add 952$y). Is there a good way to do this? (Export records, update records, import updated records replacing old records (including items) with new ones.)
11:56 magnusenger my plan was to stage the updated records, but it looks like this may not work for the items: "Right now, if a match is found, it completely replaces the existing record (keeping items intact, of course)."[…]rd-matching-rules
11:59 |Lupin| see you later all
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12:58 Nate morning
13:00 jwagner Morning, Nate
13:00 Nate hi jwagner!
13:01 ftherese any ideas why koha requires certain fields before it will import?  Fields such as 036$b 100$a 101$a 122$a 123$a 127$a 615$9 700$a 710$a 801(any) ?
13:03 ftherese some of them seem really odd, and are not even provied with a z39 search
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13:13 hdl Hi Nate
13:13 Nate hey hdl
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13:43 owen Hi #koha
13:44 * owen loves getting messages from munin
13:45 * jdavidb hands munin a cookie.
13:46 jdavidb @quote random
13:46 munin jdavidb: Quote #15: "<|Lupin|>ricardo: you are like the Portuguese Hitchcock!!" (added by wizzyrea at 10:58 AM, July 10, 2009)
13:46 * chris_n greets owen && jdavidb
13:47 jdavidb Hi, chris_n and owen!
13:47 chris_n someone said "cookie"
13:47 * jdavidb offers one to chris_n, too.
13:49 jwagner I want a cookie.....
13:49 jdavidb I've a whole box full, sitting here on my desk...
13:50 jwagner And I'm working from home and can't get to them :-(  THE UNIVERSE IS NOT FAIR!
13:50 owen And here I thought jwagner would be able to put jdavidb's statements to a fact-check
13:50 jdavidb All's fair in love, war, and cookies (Something got lost in translation, somewhere.)
13:50 owen I've got cookies too! Lots of them!
13:51 * chris_n looks around for his quantum teleporter
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13:51 jwagner Well, he SAYS he brought them in, but I was wondering if owen had followed through on the threat about six dozen cookies in exchange for bug hunting.
13:51 jdavidb Someone else needs to come eat these;  if they sit here, I will, and that's Not Good For Me.
13:52 jwagner Feed some to David and Jeetika when they come in :-)
13:52 jdavidb yeeeesssss....
13:52 owen chris_n: If you really had a quantum teleporter there would be companies crawling out of the woodwork with patent lawsuits. "We invented that. We just didn't, you know, make anything with it."
13:54 |Lupin| hi again
13:54 chris_n owen: sadly so
13:54 jwagner A time machine would be worse in that regard, owen.
13:55 * chris_n wonders if M$ would be at the front of the line or SCO...
13:55 |Lupin| gmcharlt: around ?
13:56 gmcharlt hi |Lupin|
13:56 |Lupin| gmcharlt: I think I have found a bug in the virtualshelves code...
13:57 |Lupin| gmcharlt: hmm but maybe it's too early to tell you and I should first see who did change the affected code...
13:58 |Lupin| gmcharlt: sorry to have disturbed you, I'll continue to investigate and report only when I have something precise enough
13:59 gmcharlt no problem
14:02 |Lupin| actually
14:02 |Lupin| is someone here running HEAD ?
14:03 owen Yes
14:03 |Lupin| owen: cool
14:03 |Lupin| owen: would you please accept to create a public list
14:03 |Lupin| owen: and then go to a record and try to add it to that list
14:04 |Lupin| owen: I'd like to know if the public list appears in the drop-down of existing shelves, please
14:04 owen Should I use the same user to add to the list as created it?
14:05 |Lupin| owen: if it's a pblic one you have to I would say
14:06 owen It does NOT appear in the list of existing shelves!
14:06 |Lupin| owen: it's only for _open_ lists that the two users can be different I think
14:06 |Lupin| owen: yep !
14:06 |Lupin| owen: you have found a bug, congratulations :)
14:06 owen |Lupin|: It looks like it's only offering to let you add to private lists, not *any* list you've created.
14:06 owen You mean confirmed, not found ;)
14:07 |Lupin| owen: It would probably also offer to add to open lists, if you would have some
14:07 |Lupin| owen: confirmed, found... js small semantic difference
14:09 owen |Lupin|: This is obviously not a recent bug. Our production system, which hasn't been updated for several months, shows the same behavior.
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14:14 |Lupin| owen: ah thanks, so I will stop to looking for recent changes in git log...
14:15 |Lupin| owen: the code in C4/ is really ugly...
14:16 |Lupin| fixing will probably require several modifications at several places...
14:17 owen If you'd like to rewrite the whole thing, I've got a few things on my wish list... ;)
14:21 |Lupin| owen: I would like but I won't... but I certainly agree that the whole thing would diserve to be rewritten
14:22 * owen is busy rewriting some bad PHP code, replacing it with slightly less bad PHP code
14:24 jdavidb "Our life is frittered away by detail.  Simplify, simplify!"  --Henry David Thoreau
14:27 owen jdavidb: What about frittering away life by trying to simplify, simplify PHP code?
14:27 jwagner I think any kind of code qualifies as "detail" myself.
14:28 * jdavidb writes a new Zen circ page:  <html><body>Why would you want to circulate this item? </body></html>
14:28 schuster left #koha
14:31 jdavidb V 2.0:  <html><body>What's the sound of an item circulating?</body></html>
14:33 |Lupin| V3rc1: <html><body>What's the sound circulation?</body></html>
14:34 |Lupin| V3rc2: <html><body>What's the sound of circulation?</body></html>
14:34 * jdavidb clasps his hands together, and bows silently to |Lupin|.
14:34 jwagner V4rc1: <html><body>What does circulation sound like?</body></html>
14:38 Ropuch Looks like new microblogging engine: htmlitter
14:38 Ropuch ;>
14:40 |Lupin| jdavidb: you probably know this one: what's the sound of one single hand clapping ?
14:41 jdavidb That's an easy one.  Turn on any convenient recorder.  Clap with one hand.  Play back the result.
14:42 jwagner I thought it was a slap in the face?
14:45 owen jwagner: You must be fun at yoga class!
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14:46 |Lupin| owen: I really don't know how to fix this thing at the moment...
14:48 owen Some things take some pondering
14:49 reiko hi
14:50 |Lupin| owen: yeah... I think I'll try to modify just the addbybiblionumber script to be sure the modifications do not break something that works
14:57 reiko i'm using koha and i was having ERROR 114 when searching authorities. Then i read that a fix was needed to change Heading-main to Heading in and it worked.
14:58 reiko but
14:58 reiko BIBLIOTECA
14:58 reiko Enter authority heading ($a):
14:58 reiko when i set a different authority heading
14:58 reiko it gives me another 114
14:58 reiko some work, others dont
14:58 * chris_n occasionally finds it is helpful to be editing the right file if he expects to fix a bug :-P
14:59 reiko well i think i was editing the right one, it started working for authors and author entities
14:59 owen chris_n: I once spent I don't know how long trying to fix a bug with opac-detail.tmpl before I realized I was looking at it with XSLT ON.
14:59 chris_n sorry reiko, my pondering was not aimed at you.. :-)
14:59 reiko but for editors and descriptors it doesn't work
14:59 reiko aaa
15:00 chris_n owen: lol
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15:12 brendan morning all
15:13 owen Hi brendan
15:13 brendan goodmorning owen
15:17 |Lupin| owen: I stupidly removed the last messages from bug-trackit-daemon without looking at them... did you already submit the bug ?
15:17 owen Yes. Bug 3770
15:17 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3770 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, 'Add to list' page does only offers the choice of adding to private lists
15:18 owen Complete with my typo in the title, I see. "does only?" Blah.
15:18 |Lupin| owen: ah open lists don't work either ?
15:19 owen Actually I'm wrong: open lists do work properly.
15:19 owen I'm offered the option of adding to an open list.
15:19 |Lupin| owen: yeah ..
15:20 * owen tends to overlook open lists because he doesn't like them :P
15:20 |Lupin| owen: the code is really weird, there is a mincategory which assumes that one always want to search shelves in a category >= to something, but it does not seem very relevant...
15:21 |Lupin| owen: actually I'm sorry I told you to assing to me because it looks far too difficult with respect to my Koha skills and time..
15:22 owen Easily changed.
15:22 |Lupin| owen: oh thanks.
15:23 |Lupin| Perhaps if I suddenly have a briliant idea I can submit something, bu that would surprise me.
15:24 |Lupin| owen: and actually there is a trick to over come the bug: make the list private, add the items, and make it public again... can you please see if that works for you ?
15:26 owen yes, it's a reasonable workaround, although convoluted if you just want to add to an existing public list
15:26 |Lupin| owen: btw, there are two terms I think to designate the same thing: virtual shelves and lists. Is one obsolete or are the two used in Koha ?
15:27 |Lupin| owen: yeah...
15:27 owen virtual shelves is the out-of-favor term
15:27 owen The term "lists" was chosen because it was thought to be less confusing for general users.
15:29 owen Other sites like Amazon and WorldCat use the "lists" term
15:34 |Lupin| owen: I see, thanks for the historical background
15:37 reiko does anyone know why authority search works for 2 auth types and not for the rest ?
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15:50 reiko when i search authorities using the atribute @attr "1=Any" it gives error 114, is it normal for MARC21?
16:01 |Lupin| reiko: no, can't help, sorry
16:09 reiko ok, |Lupin| thank you
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16:34 owen Hi pianohacker
16:34 pianohacker Hi, owen
16:34 pianohacker How are you doing?
16:35 nahuel hi both !
16:35 nahuel :)
16:35 owen Hi nahuel
16:35 nahuel what's up ?
16:35 owen I'm wrestling with some jquery for a non-Koha project at the moment
16:35 pianohacker hi, nahuel
16:35 nahuel hehe
16:35 chris_n hi pianohacker
16:35 nahuel hi jesse !
16:36 pianohacker hi chris_n
16:36 * pianohacker is studying american history
16:36 chris_n and nahuel
16:36 pianohacker endless, endless fun
16:36 nahuel :)
16:37 |Lupin| hey jesse !
16:37 |Lupin| hi nahuel
16:37 |Lupin| pianohacker: american history... short topic no ?
16:38 owen |Lupin|: :P
16:38 nahuel hi |Lupin|
16:38 pianohacker |Lupin|: ahh, but they have a talent for dragging it out
16:38 owen Yeah, even if the history is shorter, they'll just make you learn it in more detail.
16:38 pianohacker yup
16:38 nahuel |Lupin|, didn't had the courage to say it :p
16:38 owen :)
16:39 gmcharlt the main lesson I learned from American history class in high school is that time apparently stopped after the Civil War
16:40 * pianohacker is also reading Lies My Teacher Told Me - scathing review of the accuracy of most us history textbooks
16:40 owen subversive! Are you heckling your teacher with it?
16:40 pianohacker owen: she actually suggested it :)
16:41 pianohacker our text is better than most, from what I can tell
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16:42 jwagner I'm an historian by training, but by the time I got through grad school I was so sick of it that it was YEARS before I could read history for the fun of it again.  Something about a classroom setting, I guess.  It's much more fun to just read at random.
16:42 jwagner When I was working in Boston, I read my way through the history stacks of the Cambridge Public Library.  Great fun!
16:42 pianohacker jwagner: wow, a grad school education in history? You are a brave, brave woman
16:43 |Lupin| :)
16:43 owen And she learned from it: She hasn't started any wars since then.
16:43 jwagner The degree is in International Affairs, actually.  I had dreams of the State Department then....
16:43 jwagner owen, don't be too sure about that.  What I learned was to cover your trail :-)
16:43 pianohacker owen: None that we know about
16:44 jwagner But my favorite periods to study are U.S. Civil War and World War II.  Hmmmmmm......
16:45 * |Lupin| is interested in WW II, too
16:45 |Lupin| it's strange... kind of a fascination..
16:46 |Lupin| that being said
16:46 |Lupin| I'm sorry to say that but
16:46 |Lupin| I think you are all _so_ lucky to be able to read just any book you want
16:47 |Lupin| I think not being able to do so is perhaps my biggest frustratio
16:47 * pianohacker looks around awkwardly, shuffles feet
16:47 |Lupin| hmm not sure this is good to say for the atmosphere of this channel but could'nt privent from doing so, sorry guys :)
16:47 jwagner |Lupin|, my sympathy.  I can guess that there are a limited number of titles available in Braille or Books On Tape.
16:48 |Lupin| pianohacker: no but I've found a trick to live with that: all the books I'd like to read I offer to friends. Rather efficient technique...
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16:49 |Lupin| jwagner: yeah... but compters tend to change that. There are many negociations with publishers so hat they provide their files to so-called trusted intermediaries, which in turn make them available to print-disalbed persons in a way that tries to be secured...
16:49 |Lupin|
16:50 jwagner Do the Project Gutenberg books get fed into that?  There are so MANY titles available there.
16:50 pianohacker |Lupin|: and I'm betting that their DRM is, of course, totally foolproof and not at all problematic
16:51 |Lupin| jwagner: I don't know but in a way it's not crucial: they are already accessible: you can just download them and read them with yor favourite browser
16:51 jwagner I found I got sore shoulders and crowded luggage from trying to haul enough books along to last through a vacation, so I was going to buy one of the electronic book readers.  Then I found that the Sony E-Reader software could be installed on any computer, and a netbook was only a couple of pounds heavier.  So now my travel machine has upwards of 160 book titles, plus music, plus some videos, plus network access..
16:51 |Lupin| jwagner: also, these books are in the public domain. NOt saying they are not interesting, just saying that there are som many books under copyright which Guenberg doesn't cover
16:52 jwagner |Lupin|, yes, I know that the current stuff isn't available yet. But I've found enough that is free to last through a couple of trips so far. I haven't yet ventured into buying current titles.
16:53 |Lupin| jwagner: but in which format do you download the books ?
16:53 |Lupin| jwagner: ah you read books in the pub domain, ok
16:53 pianohacker I should actually checkout for now and focus on my much-maligned history text, see you all later :)
16:53 |Lupin| there  are also many sites that have books recorded inMP3
16:53 pianohacker left #koha
16:54 |Lupin| hmm, hope it's not because of me he is running away...
16:54 jwagner The Sony .lrf format -- see[…]esc&sort=dateline -- they have several formats
16:56 |Lupin| jwagner: I assume it's proprietary ?
16:57 jwagner The reader software is, but it's free.  See -- you can download & run the software without buying any of the titles.
16:58 jwagner I don't know if it would work for you -- don't think it has accessibility features.  But I really like it.  I wasn't sure about trying to read electronic books, and I'd still rather hold the real thing.  But you can't beat it for traveling.
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17:00 |Lupin| jwagner: yeah it's good that the soft is cost-free, but it's not the same as having an open-format for which other tools could be written.
17:01 jwagner Right.
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17:08 * sekjal is thinking about Koha 4.0
17:09 reiko does anyone know why authority search works for 2 auth types and not for the rest ?
17:12 |Lupin| still not reiko, sorry
17:12 |Lupin| reiko: perhaps you'll get more feedback from the koha list ?
17:13 |Lupin| reiko: I think the list has a broader audience than the chan
17:15 * chris_n goes off in search of food
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17:18 wizzyrea_mobile Tap tap is this thing on?
17:18 |Lupin| yep !
17:18 sekjal sure is, wizzyrea_mobile!
17:18 |Lupin| hi liz
17:19 owen Not too busy wrestling to stop by, wizzyrea_mobile?
17:19 brendan hey wizzyrea |Lupin| sekjal
17:19 brendan all others too :)
17:19 sekjal hi, brendan
17:19 jdavidb Hi, wizzyrea_mobile!
17:19 wizzyrea_mobile Hi peeps
17:21 wizzyrea_mobile I missed u all, so I got an app for my phone. Lol
17:21 wizzyrea_mobile left #koha
17:22 owen Looks like the app needs work :|
17:22 owen Dies whenever the phone goes to sleep?
17:23 sekjal says it stays connected
17:23 wizzyrea_mobile joined #koha
17:23 sekjal might be the network
17:23 brendan @later tell Jo I love the addition to your OPAC http://opac.koha.catalystdemo.[…]q=maori+battalion looks great!
17:23 munin brendan: The operation succeeded.
17:24 |Lupin| wizzyrea_mobile: re:the problem we talked about yesterday, i.e. the drop-down not being visible when adding to a list by bibnumber, actually it's a bug in KOha... Bug 3770 munin ?
17:24 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3770 normal, P5, ---,, NEW, 'Add to list' page does only offers the choice of adding to private lists
17:24 wizzyrea_mobile Ahhhh!
17:24 wizzyrea_mobile I see!
17:24 |Lupin| munin: thanks, you'are so fast in replying !
17:24 munin |Lupin|: Error: "thanks," is not a valid command.
17:24 wizzyrea_mobile He's a good friend
17:25 sekjal oh, munin, you're such a character
17:25 wizzyrea_mobile left #koha
17:25 |Lupin| that thanks may be added ! he could just say you are welcome or so !
17:26 |Lupin| ok, time to leave
17:26 |Lupin| have a good day / evening all, take care !
17:26 |Lupin| left #koha
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17:38 * chris_n thinks wizzyrea_mobile must be picket fencing
17:44 * jdavidb pickets
17:45 hugo joined #koha
17:46 hugo Good afternoon
17:46 hugo Thanks to the help I got here earlier this week, I was able to get Koha installed and running for the first time. Thank you.
17:46 chris thats great news
17:47 hugo it felt pretty good!
17:47 hugo I said, "whoa... it worked!" :)
17:47 chris heh
17:47 hugo Now to populate the DB.
17:47 chris yup
17:48 hugo Our little library has been using LibraryWorld - which seems like an extremely closed system...
17:48 chris most of them are
17:48 hugo I wonder if anyone has done this before? Or any pointers? A quick search on my part didn't find anything obvious.
17:49 chris firing an email off to the main koha list would be my suggestion
17:49 wizzyrea_mobile joined #koha
17:49 chris does it give any export options?
17:49 hugo It was their support fees and reluctance to help when we didn't upgrade right away that had us look at Koha in the first place.
17:49 wizzyrea_mobile left #koha
17:49 chris hugo: sounds all too familiar
17:49 chris wow colloquoy for iphone sux
17:49 chris hehe
17:49 hugo Yes - but simple. I do have a file that I exported earlier this summer. I've got it open in a text editor and am trying to make sense of it.
17:50 chris if it is marc, then you can use to import (you might want to use marcedit to fix the file up first)
17:51 CGI761 left #koha
17:51 hugo how would I tell? I'm a total neophyte with marc
17:52 hugo I'm trying to see where something that would indicate the end of each record
17:53 nicomo left #koha
17:56 CGI782 joined #koha
17:56 mib_mc3i6f joined #koha
17:56 chris can you paste in a line of the file?
17:58 CGI782 left #koha
17:58 hugo oh - sure - cool.
17:59 hugo I think this is one record - there are no line breaks
17:59 hugo 00651nama 2200193   4500001000200000005001800002008004100020010​0013000610200024000740400010000980820013001​0824500570012126000420017830000400022044000​3200260700002800292730002000320852011700340120021120152520.0u800521s1946    nyu   a             eng h  a46022589  a044806006X :c$7.98  dWaOLN__a398bARA04aThe Arabian nights /cillustrated by Earle Goodenow.  aNew York,bGrosset & Dunlap,c[1946].  a327 p.bill. (part col.). ;c2
17:59 hugo 0aIllustrated junior library.1 aGoodenow, Earle,d1913-0 aArabian nights.__aINbc20040512120503.0uef0g0h398iARAjkJlmnop34862000004567qrstu0v0w0xyz12345N6789
17:59 hugo but there are some funky upside down "?"'s
17:59 hugo which didn't copy/paste right
17:59 magnusenger that sure looks like marc! ;-)
18:00 hugo oh - cool. Well, that's good
18:00 chris yep thats marc alright
18:00 magnusenger if you are new to to the wonderful world of marc, having a look at something like this could perhaps be of interest:
18:01 hugo thanks and yes - new
18:02 chris[…]it/html/index.php
18:03 chris this will be handy too, you will probably need to shift your item data, marcedit lets you do that easily
18:04 chris[…]e:how_to:marcedit
18:14 hugo looks like some fun times :)
18:14 hugo I'm trying the first import now.
18:14 owen is now known as owen-away
18:14 hugo I notice that the patrons file I exported from LibraryWorld looks to be quite a similar format (not CSV, for instance) but it looks like Koha wants the parton import file to be a CSV file...
18:15 brendan hi hugo -- I recently did a migration for someone from LibraryWorld
18:15 hugo Hey, well that's pretty cool. I got all of the 7963 records in. Heh.
18:16 hugo Oh - you did? How did that go?
18:16 brendan I was given the MARCout  - so I wasn't invovled in the exporting of items
18:16 CGI988 joined #koha
18:16 brendan then I used MARCedit for a lot of the clean up
18:16 hugo it looks like somehow I managed to do the export ok
18:16 hugo I"ll have to give that a look then -
18:17 hugo I just got the records in, at very first glance they look OK.
18:17 brendan so if you have an trouble with that -- please feel free to ask -- or send a message to the list
18:17 CGI988 hi everyone! who could help me with Koha version 3.0.1, please?
18:17 hugo thank you very much
18:17 brendan hugo -- I'll be in and out all day -
18:17 hugo brendan: I wonder if you can give me a quick hint about Patron import - did you do that too?
18:18 brendan yes -- I used the sample csv from koha
18:18 CGI988 I have to keep cataloguing books still using this old version. God know when our sysadmin will update it:(
18:18 brendan and then copied the information into the fields from the csv export (LW) to the koha template
18:18 brendan you can find the csv template from Tools>Import Patrons
18:19 brendan section of koha
18:19 CGI988 please...
18:19 hugo ok - thanks - I'll take a look later on - have to run to see a client now. Thank you very much for the tips.
18:19 hugo goodbye everyone - and thanks again for all the help.
18:19 CGI988 anyone?:(
18:19 brendan CGI988 what problems are you having?
18:20 hugo left #koha
18:21 CGI988 oh, thank you! When I do the cataloguing, and then search for the biblios I just added, it gives me two results of the same book - one says 1 item found, available, etc., the other says - no items found, but it gives the same normal view of the same book, you know what I mean?
18:21 brendan no I'm not sure what you mean
18:22 brendan maybe you imported the biblio into the catalog twice ?
18:22 CGI988 it didn't before, byt the way, but since last week or so \, somehow it started duplicate the records I'm adding
18:22 sekjal CGI988: if you look at the URL, are the biblionumbers at the end sequential?
18:22 brendan hmm... so it's duplicating the records.  not sure there
18:23 brendan ahhh  good idea sekjal
18:23 CGI988 yes they are
18:23 CGI988 but it didn't duplicate the records at first, and then somehow it started duplicating them... I didn't change anything in the preferences, you know
18:24 sekjal CGI988: okay, and is the item-less record first or second, numerically?
18:24 CGI988 hmmm, wait a sec, I'll double check
18:25 CGI988 wow, it's different every time, one book shows 1 item first, then no item, other books show - no item first
18:26 sekjal CGI988: huh.  definitely not what I expected
18:26 brendan do you have a link that we could look at for your OPAC
18:27 CGI988 uh.. it's on local network only:(
18:27 brendan ok
18:27 CGI988 i can copy here the text it shows?
18:28 CGI988 i mean paste here
18:28 brendan you could use -->
18:28 mib_mc3i6f left #koha
18:28 wizzyrea_mobile joined #koha
18:29 wizzyrea_mobile left #koha
18:30 pastebot "CGI988" at pasted "OPAC results" (12 lines) at
18:30 CGI988 done
18:31 sekjal CGI988: yeah, those look like very much the same MARC record, just in two different biblios.
18:32 sekjal CGI988: and the biblionumber for the itemless record is sometimes greater, and sometimes less than, the biblionumber for the record with item?
18:33 * chris goes to catch the bus
18:34 CGI988 ok i'm confused - which one is the biblionumber - the record number you mean?
18:34 CGI988 as it show in adding the record screen (MARC) record# ...?
18:35 sekjal CGI988:  sorry, I didn't clarify.  The biblionumber is record number for the title.  It can be seen in the URL of the title's details page
18:35 CGI988 oh i see, will check now
18:36 brendan yeah I'm not finding a bug in
18:36 CGI988 ok the one with the item is #148, the one with no item - #147
18:36 CGI988 but it varies from book to book
18:37 ftherese I was able to change the default Marc Grid as it is provided in Koha, but  I still find it odd that 036$b 100$a 101$a 122$a 123$a 127$a 615$9 700$a 710$a and 801(any) are required by default
18:37 brendan ok so that means that they are two different records.  maybe somewhere in your workflow you are adding the biblio twice
18:37 CGI988 how??
18:37 brendan how do you import the records into the database
18:38 brendan are you using marcbulkimport or Stage Batch Records
18:38 CGI988 I add the record in MARC (copying it from z39.50), then click save, then it gives me add item screen where I specify the location of the book and click add item, but I did that before and all [previous 60 books were ok
18:38 sekjal are you using Acquisitions?
18:39 CGI988 no
18:39 brendan when you are searching for the biblio -- are you using search -- or cataloging search
18:39 CGI988 I just import MARC records from library of congress or some other libraries from my list
18:40 CGI988 i use both and bothe give the same duplicated results
18:40 wizzyrea ok, someone told me syntax for getting more than 15000 rows out of a report, but I have conveniently forgotten
18:40 wizzyrea something about limit?
18:42 jwagner wizzyrea, Michael Hafen just posted a bugfix for that yesterday.  The code is in
18:43 jwagner Question on library policy setup -- I'm creating a new library, and I see there is now a URL field.  Is that meant for the library's OPAC URL?  Or as a link to the library home page?
18:44 gmcharlt jwagner: the latter, I think
18:44 jwagner Is it implemented anywhere, or one of those "future development" placeholders?
18:45 gmcharlt not sure about that - I think it's mostly a placeholder for now
18:45 CGI988 I catalogued about 60 or 70 books first, no problem, no duplicates. Then I started catalogue more in a week, and after I clicked save button on the MARC editing screen, it kept asking me - a duplicate is found, do you want to save it as a new record, or edit the existing one, I saved one as a new record, then I had two records for the same book, so I started editig the existing ones....
18:46 CGI988 now it doesn't even show that duplicate warning sign any more, just duplicates it on its own:(
18:46 jwagner gmcharlt, thanks.  I'll ignore it for now.
18:47 sekjal CGI988: odd.  Still using the same browser on the same computer?
18:48 CGI988 no, the computer is different, but the browser is IE the same on all comps
18:49 sekjal CGI988: so the error started after you switched machines? or has it occurred when working on multiple machines?
18:51 CGI988 hmm... now that I think of that - I used firefox when catalogued the first 70 books.... and then I started using another computer with IE, could that be the problem? and it showed me the duplicate warning sign, and then they upgrated the computer and now there's no warning sign, but just duplicating....
18:51 CGI988 is that a browser problem?
18:52 sekjal CGI988: well, different browsers handle Javascript differently, and I know there is some JS in the cataloging module
18:52 sekjal CGI988: it's a possibility.  the coincidence makes it worth checking out, at least
18:53 CGI988 ok... are you going to be here for another 15 minutes or so? let me try catalogue some books using firefox, I'll install it now on my machine
18:53 wizzyrea jwagner Yay for patches... except we can't get them put on our system
18:53 wizzyrea grrr
18:53 sekjal CGI988: yes, I'll be here
18:53 CGI988 great, thank you! I'll be back soon
18:54 wizzyrea I guess my real question is... can't you add some kind of LIMIT statement to the end of your saved reports to get more out
18:54 wizzyrea colloquy for iphone = win, btw
18:56 sekjal wizzyrea: in channel, it looks like you're logging in and out a lot.  But your user experience is smooth?
18:56 wizzyrea yea, actually it is
18:56 wizzyrea it reconnects every time you open the app
18:56 wizzyrea you *can* have it run in the background
18:57 wizzyrea and do push notifications
18:57 wizzyrea but I find that eats too much battery
18:57 wizzyrea and I was already kinda low
18:58 sekjal wizzyrea: hmmm.... I'v been looking for a good IRC client for my iPhone.  I spend a LOT of hours in transit, and it would be nice to be in channel
18:59 wizzyrea well I like, it, I already use colloquy on my Mac
18:59 CGI988 sekjal - you are a genious!!!!! asking me about the browser!!!! yes it's the #$%$#%$#ing IE was messing my cataloguing, oh I hate miscrosoft, the evil!
19:00 wizzyrea oh someone quote add that
19:00 wizzyrea my registration is messed up, somehow
19:00 CGI988 it works perfect with firefox!
19:00 sekjal CGI988: whew, I'm glad we were able to find a workaround.
19:00 CGI988 :))))))
19:00 CGI988 oh such a relief!! thank you SO MUCH!
19:01 sekjal you're very welcome
19:01 CGI988 :)))))))))))
19:01 CGI988 by-bye!
19:01 sekjal cheers!
19:01 gmcharlt @quote add <CGI988> sekjal - you are a genious!!!!! asking me about the browser!!!! yes it's the #$%$#%$#ing IE was messing my cataloguing, oh I hate miscrosoft, the evil!
19:01 munin gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.  Quote #45 added.
19:01 CGI988 left #koha
19:02 sekjal should I add a bug report for this?  Or see if the error can be reproduced in 3.0.4 first?
19:03 owen-away is now known as owen
19:05 Nate joined #koha
19:05 brendan wb Nate
19:06 Nate hello hello!
19:06 brendan sekjal -- I'd say file a bug and then if you get a chance test it again
19:06 brendan and close you're bug if you are able to conclude that it is fixed
19:06 brendan whoops your bug
19:07 wizzyrea ty gmcharlt :)
19:15 jdavidb @quote random
19:15 munin jdavidb: Quote #44: "<thd> People make bugs fairly much in the degree to which they contribute to the code" (added by gmcharlt at 04:07 PM, October 30, 2009)
19:15 * jdavidb raises an eyebrow
19:15 wizzyrea @quote random
19:15 munin wizzyrea: Quote #43: "< Ropuch> Uh - beware of tea: it can burn your throat" (added by chris at 04:35 AM, October 30, 2009)
19:15 wizzyrea munin ++ that one's funny
19:15 sekjal brendan: sounds like a plan
19:15 munin wizzyrea: Error: "++" is not a valid command.
19:16 wizzyrea munin++
19:16 wizzyrea @quote random
19:16 munin wizzyrea: Quote #43: "< Ropuch> Uh - beware of tea: it can burn your throat" (added by chris at 04:35 AM, October 30, 2009)
19:16 jdavidb munin-- #for being a broken record.
19:16 wizzyrea *sob*
19:16 jdavidb @quote random
19:16 munin jdavidb: Quote #40: "<tomascohen> hi everyone, just wanted to say I'm happy i managed to bypass the firewall to be with you *** tomascohen quit (Remote host closed the connection)" (added by ricardo at 11:05 AM, October 08, 2009)
19:16 brendan @quote random
19:16 munin brendan: Quote #34: "<chris> oh except that time .. when katipo decided to write an ils just for fun, then forced HLT to use it" (added by gmcharlt at 02:23 PM, September 16, 2009)
19:17 brendan @wunder 93117
19:17 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 18.3�C (11:12 AM PST on November 05, 2009). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 69%. Dew Point: 13.0�C. Pressure: 30.10 in 1019.2 hPa (Falling).
19:17 jdavidb @wunder 20852
19:17 munin jdavidb: The current temperature in Flower Valley, Rockville, Maryland is 13.6�C (2:13 PM EST on November 05, 2009). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 50%. Dew Point: 3.0�C. Pressure: 29.84 in 1010.4 hPa (Falling).
19:17 brendan cya in a bit #koha
19:17 jdavidb @quote random
19:17 munin jdavidb: Quote #28: "<owen> I'm glad munin doesn't follow me around all day remembering *everything* I say." (added by jdavidb at 09:14 AM, September 01, 2009)
19:37 wizzyrea @quote random
19:37 munin wizzyrea: Quote #24: "<kmkale> interesting word munin. in many indian languages we have a word munim who used to be a sort of accountant for all businessmen" (added by gmcharlt at 10:07 AM, August 07, 2009)
19:41 richard joined #koha
19:41 richard hi
19:41 ccurry joined #koha
19:45 ccurry left #koha
19:53 chris_n hi richard
19:53 richard hi chris_n
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20:36 rhcl in order to run 'rebuild_zebra' you have to have the path to the C4/lib set with the shell command #export PERL5LIB=/usr/share/koha/lib.  In what script should that variable be placed?
20:36 magnusenger left #koha
20:37 brendan you could do it just before you want to run the command
20:37 chris you setting up a cron job rhcl ?
20:37 rhcl cron=yes
20:37 brendan or put it in your profile
20:37 brendan oh whoops
20:37 chris check out the one in misc/cronjobs/crontab.example
20:37 chris you wanna copy that file
20:37 brendan chris++
20:37 chris edit it
20:37 rhcl yea, I have the crontab set, but it doesn't seem to be running the indexer
20:38 chris id add a -v
20:38 rhcl It will run manually if I'm in a shell and export the variable
20:38 chris and the | mailx your@emailaddress -s "indexer"
20:38 chris place that line without the leading #
20:38 chris in your crontab
20:39 chris you'll want the KOHA_CONF one too
20:39 chris # is a comment, so won't actually get run
20:39 chris and piping the command to mailx is handy when debugging, then it will email you the output of what happened
20:40 rhcl BTW, the install instructions for 3.0.4 are *much* better than what I recall for 2.?. If I recall, Paul is the author of that doc? Whoever--much thanks.
20:41 chris joshua before he lost his mind did a lot of those
20:41 chris and they are good
20:41 jdavidb "before he lost his mind".   *snrk*
20:41 rhcl chris: you are too diplomatic :)
20:42 chris i try :)
20:42 * jdavidb waves
20:42 jdavidb left #koha
20:44 * sekjal is reading up on Electronic Resource Management, in hopes of working on one for Koha
20:44 chris yay!
20:45 brendan would be awesome sekjal
20:45 brendan go for it :)
20:45 sekjal we definitely need it at our institution, and I'm pretty sure others need it, too.
20:46 owen left #koha
20:46 sekjal I've got some ideas jotted down about what might need to be changed to implement it, adding more as I work through the existing literature
20:46 sekjal It's likely a big job; maybe Koha 4.0 big
20:59 chris yeah, the nice thing is, with git you can work it in an topic branch along side
20:59 chris merging in master every so often
21:00 sekjal would it be better to publish the RFC as being for Koha 3.2, 3.4, 4.0 or none of the above?
21:00 sekjal wait, obviously not 3.2
21:00 sekjal sorry
21:01 chris id link it to 3.4 but say, this is big work, and may not make 3.4 and will carry on into the next release if so
21:01 chris somethign like that anyway
21:01 sekjal sounds fair.  I definitely need community feedback on what all it should do
21:02 chris *nod* and its worth it just to save 2 ppl doing hte same thing as well
21:02 sekjal I envision it doing so pretty deep structural changes to borrowers and aqbooksellers tables
21:03 chris_n wow, bad things going on at Ft. Hood, TX....[…]TRE5A454F20091105
21:03 sekjal or, perhaps more accurately, replacing them with tables for "people" and "institutions"
21:03 chris you may want to wait until the biblibre changes for acquisitiosn are merged in
21:03 chris (which should be any day now(
21:03 chris[…]rmy-base-shooting
21:04 chris yep, is rapidly becoming big news here too chris_n
21:04 sekjal chris: yes.  I doubt I could even get started before Acq 3.2 is merged
21:05 chris chris_n: kinda proves the lie that having guns protects you eh
21:05 wizzyrea I'd rather have a big stick any day
21:06 sekjal circumstances seem too unclear from the above articles to draw many conclusions... seems like it'd have to be an inside job, though
21:06 chris *nod*
21:07 chris thats the downside of working on a new site, you see lots of bad news
21:07 brendan wow stuff just loaded crazy fast here
21:07 chris[…]s-over-Wellington
21:07 brendan cheers chris
21:07 chris brendan: thats how it should be when we have bandwidth :)
21:08 brendan :)
21:08 chris some nice photos there
21:09 brendan I don't see your hand though
21:09 chris hehe i was at home :)
21:10 chris[…]2157622617136697/ and photos from one of my workmates
21:11 chris heh it looks like nate had a fun halloween
21:12 Nate you like that chris?
21:12 brendan el oso
21:12 Nate rargh
21:12 brendan the bear
21:12 chris heh
21:12 chris[…]21021&id=60801148
21:13 Nate wow whos the creepy guy in the door?
21:13 chris hehe
21:13 sekjal alright, time to catch a train.  cheers, #koha
21:14 sekjal left #koha
21:15 wizzyrea ooh preeeeety
21:15 Nate[…]d=60801148#/photo.php?pid=31520808&id=60801148
21:15 Nate I eat whips for breakfast
21:16 wizzyrea lol wowie
21:16 Nate or you can say im whipped
21:17 chris that's your partner/gf/significant other/whatever you guys call it  eh?
21:17 brendan that's his trainer
21:17 chris heh
21:18 chris that is probably the best way to describe a g/f ever
21:18 brendan agreed
21:18 chris_n why does CGI::Carp::die go into deep recursion on an undeclared var?
21:18 Nate thats the woman
21:19 Nate future mrs nate
21:19 chris hmm good question, seems like a bug to me chris_n, no bugs listed for that on cpan?
21:19 * chris_n finds it rather irritating because the process hangs and has to be killed
21:19 Nate .....eventually that is
21:19 chris Nate: congrats :)
21:22 jwagner left #koha
21:24 wizzyrea trainer?!
21:25 wizzyrea well I guess.... but only if you like it that way >.>
21:27 brendan left #koha
21:30 brendan joined #koha
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21:40 chris i hate the rfi/rfp process
21:42 * chris_n echoes that sentiment
22:03 davi joined #koha
22:09 * chris_n heads out for the day... bbl
22:09 rhcl hey liz, under cataloging, the 100a field is greyed out, and won't let us enter anything. Why come?
22:09 chris you have authorities turned on
22:09 rhcl and it's not supposed to be?
22:17 wizzyrea what he said
22:17 rhcl OK, so should it be turned off?
22:18 wizzyrea are you going to use authorities?
22:18 rhcl I'm in waaay over my head. This is book stuff. I need to get my TS person on chat.
22:19 rhcl We've always used (Sirsi) authorities, and been able to go in and modify them.
22:19 chris yeah you need your cataloguing people
22:19 chris you can do that with koha too
22:19 chris just not in that screen
22:19 chris there is a whole other screen for monkeying with authorities
22:20 * wizzyrea nods
22:20 wizzyrea nekls doesn't use them (yet)
22:20 rhcl ok, where's the monkey screen?
22:20 chris pass
22:20 chris the manual should tell ya tho
22:20 chris 2 secs
22:21 chris[…]hterm=authorities
22:25 rhcl OK, first we conquered the zebra, and now we conquered the monkey. We're on a roll, TS is happy. Thanks both.
22:44 gmcharlt left #koha
22:53 chris_n2_ back... different location... same code
22:54 chris :)
22:58 chris_n2_ @wunder 28334
22:58 munin chris_n2_: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 13.0�C (5:39 PM EST on November 05, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 38%. Dew Point: -1.0�C. Pressure: 30.19 in 1022 hPa (Rising).
22:59 chris @wunder wellington, nz
22:59 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 13.0�C (10:00 AM NZDT on November 06, 2009). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Pressure: 30.15 in 1021 hPa (Rising).
22:59 ftherese I imported all my marc records but they are do not show up in the catalog, or in the resevoir now
22:59 chris caught ya
22:59 wizzyrea @wunder 66047
22:59 chris_n2_ heh
22:59 chris ftherese: are you using zebra?
22:59 munin wizzyrea: The current temperature in Lawrence Live-Courtesy of the Khoury's, Lawrence, Kansas is 18.3�C (4:58 PM CST on November 05, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 47%. Dew Point: 7.0�C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1017.8 hPa (Falling).
22:59 ftherese yes
22:59 chris_n2_ supposed to be 2 C tonight
22:59 ftherese I ran the zebra index too
22:59 chris and you have run rebuild_zebra?
22:59 chris_n2_ time to stack a fire
23:00 chris cool can you try running it again, with -v
23:00 ftherese it seems like it fails at the end
23:00 chris which should give you some verbose output then
23:00 chris <-- paste the error there
23:00 chris_n2_ wizzyrea: still some catching up to do there ;-)
23:00 ftherese waiting
23:00 ftherese it has to sift through another 20000
23:01 * wizzyrea nods
23:04 ftherese 1300
23:04 ftherese sorry
23:04 ftherese 13000
23:04 ftherese the last couple of times it had problems with the lock files
23:04 ftherese but that was just a warning
23:05 ftherese then it failed on something ... I don't remember
23:05 chris ah if it had permissions problems
23:06 ftherese I tried to run it as another user
23:06 chris you probably should be running it as the koha user
23:06 ftherese I am
23:06 chris and all the zebra files should be owned by that user
23:06 chris you might need to do some sudo chown
23:07 ftherese 7000
23:07 chris_n2_ we really need to fix the zebra permissions issue in 3.2
23:08 * chris_n2_ looks for spare time
23:10 ftherese coming up on the end here
23:10 chris i think a dev install butches them a standard install i think works, (or used to)
23:12 pastebot "ftherese" at pasted " problems" (32 lines) at
23:12 davi left #koha
23:13 ftherese this is how I am running the server chris: sudo -u koha zebrasrv -f /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
23:14 chris yep
23:14 ftherese sudo -u koha $/usr/share/koha/bin/zebraqueue_daemon.p
23:14 chris yeah dont run that
23:14 ftherese I need to do the same with the perl -I
23:14 ftherese ok so kill the daemon
23:15 chris you should use rebuild_zebra run as a cron job
23:15 chris (once you have done your initial index with using rebuild_zebra)
23:15 ftherese well... I just want to find out if it works first
23:15 chris then you should just run .. dont use the daemon
23:16 ftherese so what do I do now... because it failed
23:16 chris rebuild_zebra failed?
23:17 ftherese yeah
23:17 ftherese didn't you see my paste?
23:17 chris looking now
23:17 ftherese unless the "fatal" at the end is ok
23:17 chris naw, it looks like permission problems to me
23:18 ftherese should I run sudo -u koha perl -I /usr..../lib /usr/share/.../
23:18 chris yes
23:18 chris but first
23:18 chris ls -l /var/lock/koha/zebradb
23:19 chris and ls -l /var/lib/koha/zebradb/biblios
23:19 chris who are they owned by?
23:19 Ropuch^ joined #koha
23:19 ftherese lock files -koha:koha
23:19 chris cool
23:19 ftherese biblios - key/register/shadow/tmp all owned by koha:koha
23:20 ftherese so I just need to run the rebuild_zebra with koha
23:21 ftherese 500
23:21 ftherese 700
23:21 ftherese counting up to 43000
23:22 ftherese 3500
23:23 ftherese does zebrasrv need to be running?
23:24 ftherese chris?
23:24 Ropuch left #koha
23:25 chris no
23:25 chris only for when you want to search  :)
23:25 ftherese that's a joke right...
23:26 chris no, you dont need it to index
23:26 chris just to search
23:26 ftherese ok...
23:26 ftherese good to know
23:26 ftherese 13500
23:31 ftherese 24000
23:31 chris gotta duck out
23:32 ftherese see ya
23:32 nengard joined #koha
23:42 ftherese still no record or resevoir results in the catalogue search
23:42 ftherese I just imported and indexed 43000 records
23:42 ftherese where the heck are they?
23:47 chris_n2_ ftherese: does show no errors now?
23:47 brendan left #koha
23:48 * chris_n2_ nengard a baked potato with cheese and chili
23:48 nengard ???
23:49 chris_n2_ it's supper tonight
23:49 chris_n2_ was I should say
23:52 ftherese chris_n2: no errors
23:52 ftherese chris_n2_: but still no dice
23:53 chris_n2_ zebra is running now?
23:53 chris_n2_ is now known as chris_n2
23:53 ftherese I think there is a field that is mapped incorrectly... but I don't know which
23:54 chris_n2 ftherese: sometimes it is easiest to reboot to get zebra running
23:54 chris_n2 nengard: heh... sorry... I meant to hand you the potatoe
23:55 chris_n2 potato even...
23:55 nengard OH!!! got it
23:55 nengard :)
23:55 * chris_n2 has been staring at the crt too long today :-P
23:57 brendan joined #koha
23:59 chris_n2 heya brendan
23:59 brendan hi

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