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00:34 chris[…]iblibre-and-floss
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00:37 chris i love this
00:37 chris "There's a poll that will be open through Sunday (25/10) for all to vote on. We've prepared the paperwork to transfer the assets we have, at no charge whatsoever, to the entity selected by the community to receive them - next week. And we ask LibLime to do the same - next week."
00:40 Jo what a great post!
00:40 Jo well done Biblibre
00:41 Jo (printing it out to give to the trustees .... its a damn fine summary of the current situation)
00:41 chris yep it is good, you saw bywater's also?
00:41 chris that is worth them reading too
00:41 chris
00:43 Jo oh thanks for that.
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00:51 chris hmm
00:51 chris brendan: you about?
00:51 brendan yes
00:51 brendan just back now
00:51 chris if you see nicomo, i just noticed the links on[…]iblibre-and-floss appear to be broken
00:52 chris other than that, its a great writeup
00:53 brendan cool - will do
00:53 chris ta
00:53 brendan I see him tomorrow night
00:53 chris i pinged him on twitter
00:53 brendan would be nice if munin was around
00:53 chris *nod*
00:53 brendan hint hint gmcharlt
00:53 chris hehe, he's working on it
01:06 Jo who wants to help me understand this page: http://opensource.web2learning[…]ser.php?sid=88794
01:06 Jo is this saying that hLT is emerging as the preferred choice for short term.
01:06 Jo and not for the long term?
01:07 Jo becuase there appear top be so many pie charts saying contradicting things.
01:07 Jo (shocking spelling - sorry I am not usually so illiterate :)
01:07 chris yeah you have it right
01:07 chris there are 2 questions
01:07 chris and then a pie graph for each rank
01:08 chris so hlt is preferred in rank 1 for shorterm
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01:08 chris and a new foundation is preferred for longterm
01:09 Jo phew - great. thanks :)
01:11 chris :)
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01:58 * chris_n2 wonders if John is paying attention
02:03 chris_n2 biblibre++
02:11 chris John?
02:14 chris ahh yeah
02:14 chris i wondered that too
02:39 * chris repsonds to a comment on the biblibre blog
02:39 chris[…]nd-floss#comments
02:39 chris_n2 *groan*
02:39 chris_n2 why do I torture myself?
02:39 chris hehe
02:40 chris it would be nice if people would inform themselves before tendering public opinions tho
02:40 chris_n2 chris++
02:40 chris_n2 uninformed-comments--
02:41 chris_n2 win32--
02:41 chris hehe
02:41 chris still fighting the makefile?
02:41 chris_n2 yeah
02:41 chris_n2 now it makes even less sense
02:41 chris_n2 I ran dmake in verbose mode on another makefile and things work fine
02:42 chris_n2 but on the koha makefile it borks on a line that looks identical to one that works in the other makefile
02:42 chris_n2 :-P
02:42 chris weird
02:44 pastebot "chris_n" at pasted "Makefile Woes" (23 lines) at
02:44 chris_n2 there... am I crazy or what?
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02:45 chris that is weird
02:45 chris there isnt some hidden weird character or something?
02:45 chris ahh
02:45 chris could it be
02:46 chris --
02:46 chris -e "mkpath" blib\lib
02:46 chris vs
02:46 chris_n2 actually, they were in there and it still borked
02:46 chris_n2 so I removed them on a whim
02:46 chris hmm
02:46 chris thats mental
02:47 chris that looks like it should work
02:47 chris_n2 very
02:48 chris_n2 it must be a very subtle syntax error
02:48 chris *nod8
02:49 chris_n2 furthermore, if we run 'C:\strawberry\perl\bin\perl.exe -MExtUtils::Command -e "mkpath" -- blib\lib' from the cli.... it works of all things!
02:49 chris gah
02:49 * chris_n2 runs from the room stark raving mad :-|
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02:50 chris_n2 maybe I begin to see why M$ has to charge so much for it's produces
02:50 chris_n2 products also
02:50 chris hehe
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03:05 drupsta Nothing going on here?
03:07 chris not much this time of the day
03:07 richard nearly home time :)
03:08 drupsta oh i see
03:15 * chris_n2 delves deeper into the depths of dmake
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03:17 chris_n2 I wonder if it could be as simple as the difference between unix eol and dos eol
03:18 chris \r instead of \n
03:18 chris could be
03:20 chris_n2 actually it can't be... Class::Accessor 's makefile works fine
03:30 chris_n2 I think it is choking on line lengths
03:30 chris ah
03:30 chris_n2 PM_TO_BLIB in koha makefile is >300000 and <3000000 chars
03:30 chris_n2 the same in the class::accessor is <200
03:30 chris ahhh
03:31 chris i wonder what we can do about that
03:32 chris_n2 I found a reference to an error 255 in cygwin which relates to a "The maximum length of this string is 32K characters." limitation of win23 cli "stuff"
03:33 chris_n2 error 255 is what is actually being returned by perl/EU::C
03:33 chris_n2 I'm not sure
03:33 chris_n2 I have asked over on the perl/#win23 channel
03:39 chris_n2 our line is nearly 500000 chars... ouch
03:39 chris ahhhhh
03:39 chris_n2 well, we'll see what the win32 gurus say
03:39 chris yeah we need to fix that
03:40 chris_n2 in *nix you just add a '\' to the end of each line and keep going
03:40 chris_n2 I don't think it works that way in dos
03:40 chris yeah
03:40 * chris_n2 tries to dust off his very ancient ms-dos knowledge
03:41 chris_n2 it is back there very near his cpm knowledge
03:41 chris heh
03:41 chris_n2 which resides next to my TI-BUG Monitor (aka machine code) knowledge :-?
03:42 chris_n2 :-/ even
03:44 chris_n2 quote: "For MS-DOS, OS/2 & Win95 there is a rather severe restriction on the length of a shell line with the result that the shell line is often too short for many compilers and far too short for linkers and librarians."
03:45 chris ah ha
03:47 chris_n2 known possible problem with dmake: "Linux-dmd doesn't seem to support a response file, so currently all filenames are passed to dmd on the command line. So there is a practical limit to the number of files in the application depending on their accumulated path lengths (maybe 100-200 files). But before someone gets near that limit, the problem will have been solved."
03:48 chris_n2 a response file is the solution, but dmake does not seem to support this
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04:03 chris_n2 any reason we don't use Module::Build for our installer?
04:12 chris_n2 its way too late... off to sleep...
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04:39 chris_n2 ok, the guy who manages the Strawberry perl project is going to have a go at installing Koha on strawberry to see if he can figure how to fix the makefile
04:40 chris_n2 off to sleep for real this time
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05:51 mason im planning to have a go at setting up a osx-10.4 koha3 for my next 'fun' project..
05:51 mason i had a go 1.5 years ago,  when i was new to osx, and gave up
05:52 mason but i think im up for the challenge again
05:53 mason both macports, and fink package versions look to be quite current
05:54 mason i think i can sort out a debian-ish MAMP enviroment on my mac
06:11 Ropuch Morning, #koha
06:11 brendan hi Ropuch
06:11 brendan good luck Mason
06:12 mason im feeling lucky..
06:13 Ropuch Hi brendan, mason
06:36 brendan night
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06:43 |Lupin| hello all
06:50 Ropuch Hi |Lupin|
06:54 |Lupin| hello Ropuch
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07:14 |Lupin| hello paul_p !
07:14 paul_p hello |Lupin|
07:18 thd chris: are you there?
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07:18 chris yep
07:18 thd chris: has anyone at Catalyst used AsciiDoc?
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07:19 chris nope
07:20 thd chris: what does Catalyst use for documentation?
07:20 chris latex
07:20 |Lupin| thd: are you asking because of Koha's manual and the possibility to have it done in AsciiDoc which was discussed on Koha-devel ?
07:20 |Lupin| latex++
07:20 thd |Lupin| yes
07:20 chris i really dont mind what its done in as long as nicole is happy
07:20 chris and it can be easily converted
07:21 thd exactly that is what I told nengard
07:21 * |Lupin| finds docbook really cumbersome...
07:21 chris i dont mind docbook, but then i just edit it with a text editor
07:21 thd I actually have used LaTeX but LaTeX can inhibit other contributors
07:22 |Lupin| thd: I'd have said the same about docbook...personnally I find docbook much worse than LaTeX, but I guess that's more a matter of tastes...
07:22 thd DocBook is a good path to LaTeX for fine tuning
07:22 chris but i dont plan to edit the docs
07:22 chris so i dont really have an opinion
07:23 chris i suspect ppl will give nicole docs in random formats and she will convert them to something useful, thats what stephen hedges used to dp
07:23 thd chris: what was shedges using for kohadocs?
07:23 chris docbook
07:24 chris mainly cos you can go from docbook to anything
07:24 thd chris: He also used something else
07:24 thd I know that he had some custom Perl scripts
07:25 chris there are tons of perl modules that work with docbook, but like i say, i dont actually care
07:27 thd chris: Well I told nengard it should really be a personal choice as she would be doing the work.
07:28 chris yep
07:28 thd chris: she did reply that she wanted others to be able to contribute, so she has the right principle in mind for a community effort
07:29 chris yep, altho i think she overestimates how much other people will contribute, people always mean too, but not many often do follow through
07:30 thd chris: the lightweight markup languages like AsciiDoc were written for programmers who would never write any documentation if they had to bother about the formatting excessively.
07:31 chris its not the formatting that stops me :)
07:31 thd chris: we also have fewer votes in the foundation poll than last time
07:31 chris still a few days to go
07:32 thd we need a reminder to people
07:32 chris yep, you could send a mail to the lists
07:32 thd yes I will
07:34 |Lupin| chris: btw, I'm looking for someone with list master priviledge on koha lists... do you by chnce have these priviledges ?
07:34 chris on the main list yes, not on the ones tho
07:43 |Lupin| chris: the mainlist ?
07:43 |Lupin| chris: which one is that ?
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07:44 chris
07:44 chris the main koha users list
07:44 |Lupin| ok
07:45 |Lupin| chris: this is preisely the one with which I have a problem
07:45 chris whats the problem?
07:45 |Lupin| chris: I think I should be subscribed to it but didn't get anymessage from it for... a very long time.
07:45 chris message me the email address you think you are subscribe with and i will check
07:45 |Lupin| chris: subscripton address was
07:46 |Lupin| chris: oops, sorry
07:46 chris ahh thats ok
07:46 chris just it ends up in the bot :)
07:47 |Lupin| in the bot or in the logs ?
07:47 chris the logs
07:47 chris ok you were set to nomail
07:48 |Lupin| chris: ah I tried to restore that to normal but it didn't really work
07:48 chris should be back to normal now
07:48 |Lupin| chris: thanks a lot
07:54 |Lupin| is it still true that XSLT customizatons of OPAC work for MARC21 only ?
07:55 chris not in master
07:55 chris there is a unimarc XSLT file now
07:56 |Lupin| chris: great ! which file is it, please ?
07:56 chris[…]tmpl/prog/en/xslt
07:57 |Lupin| chris: thanks !
07:58 chris no problem
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08:01 kf good morning #koha
08:03 |Lupin| chris: I'm interested in that because in our digital library we have two types of file formats: those which are stored on the file server and those which are automatically produced on-demand.
08:03 chris hiya kf
08:04 |Lupin| chris: so I was wondering whether those formats that are generated dynamically should be catalogued or if the list shold be computed dynamically when needed, and I was suggested to do that in the xslt...
08:04 |Lupin| guten tag kf
08:05 kf hi chris and |Lupin|
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08:18 reiko hi!
08:29 Ropuch Hi
08:31 |Lupin| chris: ?
08:47 chris yep
08:50 |Lupin| chris: just wondering what you think about the previously mentionned question...
08:52 chris hmm dont really have an opinion
08:53 |Lupin| chris: oodoki, thanks
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09:21 reiko hi again chris
09:28 reiko chris_n , are you and chris the same ?
09:28 chris no
09:29 reiko ahh
09:29 reiko sorry
09:29 chris thats ok :) chris_n is chris nighswonger
09:29 chris im chris cormack
09:30 reiko ah, okay
09:30 reiko can i ask a question ?~
09:33 reiko i've been here last tuesday and chris_n helped me getting rid of the 109 error zebra was giving me. filled the var/lib/zebradb directories but neither zebra or manual scan on yaz-client return records, its like the database is empy :\
09:36 chris and zebrasrv is definitely running?
09:37 chris is there anything the log when you do a search?
09:37 |Lupin| for freshly bulkmarcimported records, is it enough to remove them from the biblios and biblioitems tables to delete them from Koha completely, pls ?
09:38 reiko chris yes is running, the logs says:
09:38 mason in koha3 , yes i think, lupin
09:38 reiko 09:31:11-22/10 zebrasrv-2.0(1) [session] Session - OK 1 unix:/var/run/koha/zebradb/bibliosocket 16259
09:38 reiko 09:31:11-22/10 zebrasrv-2.0(1) [request] Auth idPass biblio -
09:38 reiko 09:31:11-22/10 zebrasrv-2.0(1) [request] Init OK - ID:81 Name:ZOOM-C/YAZ Version:3.0.44 d1c53252793e37efda0b7432b18a7c79b9810d86
09:38 mason yoda me talks...
09:38 reiko 09:31:11-22/10 zebrasrv-2.0(1) [log] dict_lookup_grep: (\x01%)((a|\xC3\xA1|\xC3\xA0|\xC3\xA3​|\xC3\xA5|\xC3\xA2|\xC4\x83|\xC4\x85|​\xC8\xA7|\xC7\x8E|\xC8\x81|\xC8\x83))
09:39 reiko 09:31:11-22/10 zebrasrv-2.0(1) [log] dict_lookup_grep: (\x01))((a|\xC3\xA1|\xC3\xA0|\xC3\xA3​|\xC3\xA5|\xC3\xA2|\xC4\x83|\xC4\x85|​\xC8\xA7|\xC7\x8E|\xC8\x81|\xC8\x83))
09:39 reiko 09:31:11-22/10 zebrasrv-2.0(1) [log] dict_lookup_grep: (\x01')((a|\xC3\xA1|\xC3\xA0|\xC3\xA3​|\xC3\xA5|\xC3\xA2|\xC4\x83|\xC4\x85|​\xC8\xA7|\xC7\x8E|\xC8\x81|\xC8\x83))
09:39 reiko 09:31:11-22/10 zebrasrv-2.0(1) [log] dict_lookup_grep: (\x01\x0D)((a|\xC3\xA1|\xC3\xA0|\xC3\x​A3|\xC3\xA5|\xC3\xA2|\xC4\x83|\xC4\x85​|\xC8\xA7|\xC7\x8E|\xC8\x81|\xC8\x83))
09:39 reiko 09:31:11-22/10 zebrasrv-2.0(1) [log] dict_lookup_grep: (\x01\x0D)((a|\xC3\xA1|\xC3\xA0|\xC3\xA​3|\xC3\xA5|\xC3\xA2|\xC4\x83|\xC4\x85|\​xC8\xA7|\xC7\x8E|\xC8\x81|\xC8\x83).*)
09:39 reiko 09:31:11-22/10 zebrasrv-2.0(1) [log] dict_lookup_grep: (\x01\x0D)((a|\xC3\xA1|\xC3\xA0|\xC3\x​A3|\xC3\xA5|\xC3\xA2|\xC4\x83|\xC4\x85​|\xC8\xA7|\xC7\x8E|\xC8\x81|\xC8\x83))
09:39 reiko 09:31:11-22/10 zebrasrv-2.0(1) [request] Search biblios OK 0 1 1+0 RPN @attrset Bib-1 @or @or @or @or @or @attr 1=36 @attr 4=1 @attr 6=3 @attr 9=32 @attr 2=102 a @attr 1=4 @attr 4=1 @attr 6=3 @attr 9=28 @attr 2=102 a @attr 1=4 @attr 4=1 @attr 9=26 @attr 2=102 a @attr 4=6 @attr 5=103 @attr 9=16 @attr 2=102 a @attr 4=6 @attr 5=1 @attr 9=14 @attr 2=102 "a " @attr 4=6 @attr 9=14 @attr 2=102 a
09:39 reiko 09:31:11-22/10 zebrasrv-2.0(1) [session] Connection closed by client
09:39 mason rekio , use yaz-client to debug, first
09:39 reiko i did
09:39 reiko i connected to zebra to biblios
09:40 reiko and tried to find and got no results
09:40 mason was yr zebra index successfull?
09:40 reiko i'm not sure how to check that
09:40 reiko i'm using
09:40 reiko to do so
09:40 mason check zebra index file sizes, befire and after indexing...
09:41 reiko are these the files in var/lib/koha/zebradb/biblios ?
09:41 mason yep, probably....
09:41 reiko well, lots of files there
09:41 mason dpends on yr install selections ,,
09:41 reiko the folder zebradb as 9Mb aprox.
09:42 |Lupin| thanks mason
09:43 mason pastebin your zeb-index output
09:43 reiko thats the aprt when the rebuild_Zebra says re-indexing ?
09:43 reiko *part
09:44 mason yep
09:44 reiko its still exporting now
09:44 reiko long exporting, does it mean anything ?
09:44 reiko 100k .. and beyond
09:47 reiko 10:44:51-22/10 zebraidx(16755) [log] dir /tmp/SjXkJEcBh4/biblio
09:47 reiko 10:44:51-22/10 zebraidx(16755) [warn] Record didn't contain match fields in (bib1,Local-number)
09:47 reiko 10:44:51-22/10 zebraidx(16755) [log] error grs.marcxml.record /tmp/SjXkJEcBh4/biblio/exported_records 0
09:47 reiko 10:44:51-22/10 zebraidx(16755) [log] Iterations: isam/dict 97/27
09:47 reiko 10:44:51-22/10 zebraidx(16755) [log] Dict: inserts/updates/deletions: 27/0/0
09:47 reiko 10:44:51-22/10 zebraidx(16755) [log] Records: 0 i/u/d 0/0/0
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09:49 mason thats a FAIL ;)
09:49 reiko yeah
09:49 reiko i can see that now :\
09:49 mason
09:49 mason thats a successfull ...
09:50 mason ok, you have some errors in your zebra config files , i think.
09:50 reiko hmm
09:50 mason [warn] Record didn't contain match fields in (bib1,Local-number)
09:51 mason or your marc records are very small, or incorrect, null data etc.....
09:51 mason are your marc-records correct?....
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09:51 mason garbage in / garbage out etc..
09:51 reiko you mean in the database ?
09:52 reiko i've converted a database from 2.2.8 to 3.0
09:52 mason no, what you have just imported into your koha using ''
09:52 reiko and it may not be correct
09:52 mason aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
09:52 mason heh
09:52 reiko i've ran some scripts
09:52 reiko to 'migrate'
09:53 mason gotcha
09:53 reiko but maybe they weren't enough
09:54 mason well, its been a year since ive done a koha 2.2 -> 3.0 :/
09:54 reiko hmm
09:55 mason and i dont have a working setup to step-thru the process again
09:56 mason and ive recently got home from work, and its 11pm! :)
09:56 reiko oh, ok.
09:56 reiko do you recommend any documents i could read ?
09:58 mason i can only this one ...
09:58 mason[]=migration
09:58 reiko thank you, but that is the one i've been following all along :\
09:59 reiko and some of these scripts he tells me to run give some errors
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10:00 mason yeah- an error in an important part of the script, will give you glitchy bibs :/
10:02 mason have another go ( or 2 ) at the migration, and email the koha-lists with your error output
10:03 mason if you get stuck, someone will help - we just need the error snippet
10:04 reiko sometimes its hard to catch an error during the procedure
10:04 reiko but ill try, thank you
10:12 |Lupin| rebooting
10:12 |Lupin| bye
10:12 |Lupin| left #koha
10:12 * chris goes to bed
10:17 Ropuch Yay, I'll be sent to 1-month language course to Germany
10:34 kf Ropuch: where are you sent to? :)
11:09 Ropuch kf: don't know yet
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11:41 jdavidb Good morning, #koha. :)
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12:02 kf good morning jdavidb
12:02 jdavidb Hi, kf.  :D
12:07 hdl_away hi
12:08 hdl_away fixed 3.0.4 release available on[…]-koha-version-304
12:08 hdl_away @later tell chris fixed 3.0.4 release available on[…]-koha-version-304
12:11 jdavidb hdl_away:  There's no munin around to do your bidding.
12:11 hdl_away I realized that.
12:11 hdl_away Sorry english ppl,
12:12 hdl_away But I had to release on since I cannot upload any longer to
12:19 Ropuch I don't think this is a problem - thanks, hdl_away [;
12:19 slef thanks hdl_away
12:23 hdl_away is now known as hdl
12:33 slef @later nengard "The server at is taking too long to respond"
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12:36 slef hrm, still no munin
12:36 slef must read scrollback before typing ;-)
12:51 kf hm where is munin? hope he is well :)
12:51 hdl lost in outerspace
12:59 kf poor munin
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13:08 Ropuch Bah, I haven't finished unpacking the 6k books we've been given last month and now i have to spent 50k euro till end of the year
13:08 Ropuch s/spent/spend
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13:13 |Lupin| hi again
13:14 jdavidb Hi |Lupin| !
13:14 Ropuch Hello |Lupin|
13:15 |Lupin| hello again Ropuch
13:15 reiko hello!
13:15 |Lupin| hi jdavidb :)
13:15 |Lupin| I'm encountering problems with opac...
13:15 |Lupin| after having rebooted the system the opac-search does not work anylonger
13:15 |Lupin| zebrasrv is running
13:15 |Lupin| could somebody help with that, pls ?
13:16 |Lupin| hey reiko
13:16 reiko i have a simillar problem
13:16 reiko but my opac-search never worked yet
13:17 Ropuch Hm
13:18 reiko [warn] Record didn't contain match fields in
13:18 reiko (bib1,Local-number)
13:18 |Lupin| reiko: perhaps an authenticationissue... ?
13:18 reiko my problem is that when zebra tries to index over my exported records, h says [warn] Record didn't contain match fields in
13:18 reiko nah
13:19 reiko zebra had some problems with that but i fixed it
13:19 reiko but now i have zebra running and the db accessible
13:19 reiko but i cant migrate my 2.2.8 database to work with 3.0
13:19 reiko which is the main thing im trying to achieve right now
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13:25 Nate morning Koha
13:28 schuster reiko - have you made sure your MARC data is good?  using MarcEdit or some other marc tool?  How big is your file? or do you just have a sample to work with?
13:28 reiko about 75mb
13:28 reiko and no, i didnt make sure my marc data is good :|
13:29 reiko that may be the problem
13:30 schuster can you share it with me?
13:30 reiko the 75mb file ?
13:31 |Lupin| ok, bbl
13:31 |Lupin| c u
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14:00 schuster Has anyone else experienced this problem as I noted in the bug?[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3607
14:05 hdl not me
14:06 hdl but not on production
14:07 brendan joined #koha
14:08 schuster When an item is lost and returned it creates a credit on the account
14:09 schuster That credit you can't do anything with...  Maybe this is a LL issue that community doesn't have?
14:14 schuster Hey Brendan!
14:15 brendan good morning schuster
14:15 jwagner schuster, are you talking about the replacement cost of the item, that was charged & then taken off if the item is returned?
14:16 schuster Question to all you developer types...  the items that people are working on did you get them into so others know you are working on them?
14:16 schuster jwagner - yes that is what I am talking about.
14:16 schuster If it was paid already and then a credit is created I don't have a way to indicate I gave them the money back.
14:17 jwagner schuster, yes, I've seen that problem.  If the patron had paid the replacement cost in the meantime, then returned the book, there's a "credit" in the sense.
14:17 jwagner Sorry, in the sense that the original charge is taken off the account.  But it doesn't seem to know or care that it was paid in the meantime.
14:17 schuster Yes but there isn't a drop down to say waive, pay etc... so you have to create a manual invoice to clear the record after you give the person money back.
14:18 schuster When you run SQL's then the system things the borrower still has this outstanding credit.
14:18 schuster things/thinks
14:18 jwagner Yeah, that's a general Koha thing that needs work.  Not just a LL site thing :-(
14:18 schuster poo...
14:18 schuster Guess that's why I created the bug!
14:19 jwagner schuster, your question about putting things on bugzilla, I've been trying to put our development stuff up there so people would see it & know we were working on it.  There are still several of our items that aren't on the site, some because we're still figuring out what we want to do, and others because I just haven't had the time.  But the goal is to make an entry for all our development items.
14:21 schuster OK great.  I have a couple that I have "sponsored" that I need to make sure get up there as well.
14:22 jwagner What we all need are more hours in the day, or clones to do all the work we can't get to :-(
14:25 schuster Yep...  I'd love a team of free programmers personally not more me's I have enough ideas just need implementers!
14:25 schuster That's one of the reasons we joined Koha was for the community of programmers!
14:25 schuster hee hee...
14:28 schuster hmmm I found 3340 and 3312 to be the same?  3340 has more detail so any reason to not close 3312? and reference 3340?
14:30 schuster Owen here?
14:30 schuster hmmm drat.
14:31 schuster Anybody else have this problem?  When people send a cart it defaults to the default email as a return.  I created a "bug" request for this:
14:31 schuster[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3377
14:31 schuster I want the form to ask for their email address in case they want to contact the sender of the cart.
14:38 slef schuster: once we are sure our bug is general, we submit it to
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16:30 schuster wizzyrea about?
16:41 brendan joined #koha
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17:56 snkahn joined #koha
18:00 snkahn Hi, trying to configure a brand new install of 3.004
18:01 snkahn getting the error 'patron does not exist' when I try to add staff patrons
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18:54 * chris pops in quickly before catching his bus
18:54 chris hdl: you around?
18:57 magnusenger joined #koha
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19:01 * chris does a blog post pointing to the fixed tarball on koha-fr
19:04 * chris goes to catch his bus
19:08 brendan joined #koha
19:09 hdl chris hi
19:11 brendan man plane delayed 4 fours
19:11 brendan I don't think I'll have a chance to meet up with nicomo tonight
19:11 sekjal brendan: oh, yuck
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19:41 chris back
19:41 richard joined #koha
19:41 richard hi
19:41 chris hiya richard
19:41 richard hi chris
19:43 hdl chris hi
19:45 chris heya hdl, was just gonna check you still dont have access to but i did my blog post anyway
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19:52 * chris isnt quite sure why slef is trying to pick a fight, i think ill just ignore it
20:07 kieran joined #koha
20:09 richard friday link -
20:10 chris they have leaked LEK? :-)
20:10 richard lol
20:13 chris gotta love friday before a long weekend :)
20:14 richard yeah
20:14 brendan oh long weekend
20:15 chris labour day on monday
20:15 brendan ah nice
20:15 brendan enjoy
20:15 brendan I want to see some more fancy pancakes for your kids -- chris
20:16 brendan the last pictures I saw looked excellent
20:16 chris hehe, kahurangi turns 3 next month, i have to make a lion cake
20:16 brendan ha
20:16 chris he's been asking for it for ages ... and we have no idea where he got the idea from
20:32 richard is now known as rich-away
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21:08 ricardo joined #koha
21:12 ricardo Hi everyone!
21:13 chris hi ricardo
21:13 ricardo chris: Hi!  :)
21:13 ricardo First things first: my thanks and congratulations to Henri (hdl) for releasing Koha 3.0.4 and to Chris (chris) for managing the translation process.
21:15 ricardo (It's obvious this was and is a very difficult task and I think both are dealing with it very well)
21:17 chris thank you
21:17 ricardo chris: You're welcome  :)
21:17 ricardo chris: I'm having an issue, regarding an upgrade of a previous 3.0.3 install (NOT a git install) to 3.0.4 (using the "perl Makefile.PL --prev-install /path/to/koha-install.log"). In OPAC, I'm not getting the updated translation and in the Intranet, I'm getting a strange "look" (like I got some time ago, where the "pt-PT" directory was missing some folders)
21:18 chris did you catch the latest fixed release?
21:18 chris i think the best bet is to run the upgrade
21:18 ricardo chris: I catched the 2nd one, for sure... I'm not sure that I installed the 3rd one (I think I didn't)
21:18 chris then run pt-PT again, and copy the files
21:18 chris see if that fixes it
21:19 ricardo chris: Right... I'm confident that it will and I thank you for the tip. But I'm concerned that other users may also be affected by this (maybe also for other translations) and they probably wouldn't know the workaround of deleting the "xx-YY" directory and run ""
21:20 chris *nod* maybe you could do a post to the mailing list?
21:20 ricardo chris: I'll test it, nevertheless. Maybe, there's some small bug in "Makefile.PL" for upgrades.
21:20 chris could well be
21:21 ricardo chris: Yes, I'll try to test it tomorrow (I'm back at home, and I don't have access to the server and, unfortunately, I forgot to check the Koha error logs before returning home. Again, I'll do that tomorrow, if I find the time - have a meeting scheduled for mid-morning)
21:22 chris sweet as
21:22 ricardo[…]p?term=sweet%20as
21:22 ricardo Didn't know that one!  :)
21:22 ricardo " Second most common phrase in New Zealand after "awesome".  "
21:22 chris i think its an nz one
21:22 chris yeah
21:22 ricardo Right, eheh
21:23 ricardo chris: I bet that you have to be careful with that expression, if you go outside of NZ (but to other English speaking nation) and say that expression near a girl. She may think that you said something slightly different!  ;-)
21:23 brendan sweet
21:24 brendan :)
21:24 chris hehe yes, i had a friend from canada visiting here
21:24 ricardo brendan: LOL!
21:24 ricardo chris: Eheh... I can imagine the situation
21:24 chris who was quite flattered so many guys were telling her she had beautiful anatomy ;-)
21:24 ricardo chris: ROTFL!
21:25 chris "I was just buying something at the shop and i said i only have a $20 and the guy said sweet ass, new zealanders are very free with the compliments eh?"
21:25 ricardo chris: LOL
21:27 brendan left #koha
21:29 ricardo chris: Yeah... So, I guess that misunderstanding may also be the start of some beautiful friendships  ;-)
21:29 chris hehe
21:29 ricardo :)
21:29 chris[…]elopment:roles3.4
21:30 ricardo chris: Nice. Thanks for the info
21:32 Nate left #koha
21:32 ricardo chris: Do you know if I should check somefile besides "Makefile.PL" for this installation issue(s) ?
21:38 brendan joined #koha
21:41 chris not sure actually ricardo
21:41 ricardo chris: OK, no problem. Thanks anyway
21:43 chilts joined #koha
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22:10 * chris updates the roles for 3.4 page, just got sign off my from employer to stand for release manager
22:16 ricardo chris: That's a very courageous move... I have to admit I'm NOT that brave!
22:17 chris ive done it twice before :)
22:17 chris someone has too
22:17 hdl chris: congrats.
22:17 ricardo chris: Someone, yes
22:18 chris thanks hdl
22:19 ricardo hdl: And congrats to you too!  :)  After being a Release Manager /  Release Maintainer (which I'll bet is a *HUGE* task), I was expecting that one would say to someone else that volunteers as a RM not "congrats" but "my condolences"  ;-)
22:20 chris hehe
22:21 ricardo :)
22:42 rich-away is now known as richard
23:07 ricardo hdl: Are you still there?
23:18 cody joined #koha
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23:50 kieran is now known as kieran-away

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