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00:17 ricardo wb chris
00:18 ricardo chris: Debian 5.0.2 ("lenny") has Locale::PO version 0.17... Maybe the same one as a minimum should be required?
00:19 chris sounds good to me
00:20 ricardo chris: Cool  :)
00:44 ricardo Patch sent:
00:44 ricardo [Koha-patches] [PATCH] Added Locale::PO dependency in Makefile.PL
00:44 ricardo[…]tober/004749.html
00:46 ricardo Back in 30 mins or so...
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01:03 pianohackr|work back tomorrow, bye all
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01:24 ricardo Time to go to bed... Take care everyone!  :)
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01:28 chris_n2 g'night
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07:02 hdl_laptop hi
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07:46 tajoli hi henri daminen, do you ask for me ?
07:48 hdl_laptop tajoli: mmm I don't think so.
07:49 tajoli so all OK for bug fix 3712 ?
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09:03 tajoli Ok, I close the bug 3712
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09:16 kf hi #koha
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11:59 slef hi all.  Is Jesse Weaver still @liblime
12:00 slef ?
12:06 owen joined #koha
12:07 hdl_laptop hi slef no
12:07 hdl_laptop hi owen
12:07 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: around ?
12:07 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: back
12:07 gmcharlt sorry, been sick the past few days
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12:08 owen munin must be at gmcharlt's house fetching him soup
12:08 hdl_laptop oh.... Hope it is not a serious disease
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12:08 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: just flu, and over now
12:08 hdl_laptop hi miguel-xercode
12:08 jwagner gmcharlt, have some virtual chicken soup :-)
12:09 hdl_laptop simple or swine flu ?
12:09 hdl_laptop I had been told on the channel that you were on training session. Tough training ;)
12:09 gmcharlt simple
12:10 hdl_laptop welcome back
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12:14 hdl_laptop Noe are you around ? It is the Flood here
12:16 owen good morning nengard
12:16 nengard howdy owen
12:16 nengard nicomo_laptop reading your long email now :) hehe - will reply soon
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12:18 chris_n g'morning
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12:19 owen slef: Did you find jesse's email address?
12:19 slef owen: not yet. I'm wondering whether to take a bug off him.  Opinions?
12:19 owen Or was that not your question>?
12:20 slef I was mainly wondering if jesse was likely to fix a bug currently assigned to him.
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12:20 owen He's pianohacker at
12:20 slef Does the new label printer cope with unicode?
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12:24 hdl_laptop slef: I know chris_n worked on that
12:24 chris_n slef: not well
12:24 slef yeah, I need to review it
12:24 slef how badly?  better than barfing?
12:26 chris_n slef: there is a post in the list archives recently in which joe and I discuss it a bit
12:26 slef I'm pondering an ugly transliteration hack to the current code to stop it barfing.
12:26 chris_n slef: it produces a broken pdf
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12:26 slef chris_n:[…]63.html#a25654563
12:26 slef ?
12:26 * chris_n looks
12:26 chris_n yup
12:27 chris_n as you can see, I intend on working on the *real* fix
12:27 chris_n but time is a factor at present
12:28 slef amen
12:28 chris_n I will have some hours to devote to it in December, but it may need some co-sponsorship as well
12:28 chris_n it is not an easy issue
12:28 slef tell me what resources you need and I'll see what we can raise
12:29 chris_n as the fundamental issue resides in the difference between how pdf describes text and how ascii describes text
12:29 chris_n slef: I'll get back with you in the  next week or so if that's ok
12:29 slef UTF-8 not ASCII
12:30 slef yes, that would be great... updating bug 2246 should let me know
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12:31 chris_n right, but UTF-8 and ASCII are basically the same in the method by which they describe text
12:31 chris_n ie a table of codes vs. gliph description (for pdf)
12:31 owen I'm curious about something I'm seeing in admin/ "default("MESSAGE2",$template);"
12:31 owen I understand that this is setting the MESSAGE2 variable, but I don't understand why it's doing it in a different way than other template variables
12:32 chris_n slef: the same problem will ultimately haunt the patron card creator as well... so it all needs to be fixed for good
12:37 chris_n bbiab
12:39 slef chris_n: it's the patron card creator which is haunting me.
12:39 slef biab too
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12:48 owen No takers on "default()"?
12:50 owen Hi schuster, CGI926
12:50 slef owen: I don't understand why it's doing it in a different way either, but me and the template system aren't best friends anyway.
12:51 gmcharlt owen: it just seems to be adding logic specific to - I don't think it's meant to be general purpose pattern
12:51 owen Okay, hence pianohacker's comment yesterday that " is very strange"
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12:55 hdl_laptop owen seems really old stuff
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12:58 Nate mornin all
13:03 owen Hi Nate
13:04 Nate hi owen!
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13:17 Amit hi galen
13:17 gmcharlt hi Amit
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13:31 chris_n hi gmcharlt :-)
13:32 gmcharlt hi chris_n
13:32 chris_n gmcharlt: we miss munin
13:32 gmcharlt I've asked cfouts to revive it
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13:35 hdl_laptop owen : in advance notices, there are no input for itemscontent.
13:35 Nate joined #koha
13:36 hdl_laptop gmcharlt :  Should I create itemscontent parameter on and use it just as in overduenotices ?
13:36 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: yes, may as well make that bit consistent for now
13:37 hdl_laptop for release notes if you want to provide your opinion
13:37 ricardo joined #koha
13:37 ricardo Hi everyone!  :)
13:38 chris_n slef: I hope to be back working on it next week
13:38 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: I could also add itemscontent processing to C4::Letters since this will be shared between more than one script.
13:38 hdl_laptop Do you agree ?
13:38 gmcharlt yes, I agree
13:38 ricardo hdl_laptop: Just saw your Release Notes for 3.0.4. That's great!  :)
13:39 ricardo hdl_laptop: I just have one suggestion for now. Update the URLs for the mailing lists so that they don't point to anymore... Do you want me to submit a patch for that?
13:40 slef hdl_laptop: can it list the bug numbers please?
13:40 hdl_laptop which lists ?
13:40 ricardo hdl_laptop:[…]stinfo/koha-devel
13:40 hdl_laptop slef you have them in the release notes.
13:41 ricardo hdl_laptop:[…]fo/koha-translate
13:41 slef hdl_laptop: I thought you said was the release notes :-/
13:41 hdl_laptop ricardo: where are those listed ?
13:41 hdl_laptop oh sorry wanted to say release announcement
13:42 ricardo hdl_laptop: Actually, only "koha-devel" is "wrong" (using "").  koha-translate is correct (already using "")
13:43 hdl_laptop release notes are[…]dbe50df4d995e03a5
13:43 ricardo hdl_laptop: right
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13:46 hdl_laptop ricardo oh you're right
13:46 hdl_laptop will update that straight away
13:50 ricardo hdl_laptop: Thanks!  :)
13:52 hdl_laptop done
13:58 ricardo hdl_laptop: Cool
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14:21 jwagner hdl_laptop, owen, gmcharlt -- catching up a bit here.  There are some existing bugs about other types of notices not being able to read items.content.  See Bugs 3203 and 3383. It's a problem we've been seeing as well.
14:30 hdl_laptop mmm...
14:31 hdl_laptop Will write an RFC to slove that
14:31 cabber joined #koha
14:31 hdl_laptop severe bug which need a general solution
14:33 cabber just testing cgi interface ... hi, all ... cab from nh
14:34 owen Hi cabber
14:34 cabber woo, it works ... ok, then
14:41 cabber is there a way to find out when each version of koha was released? v. for example?
14:42 nengard cabber it's in the git log somewhere .. hang on
14:42 cabber hanging :-)
14:42 nengard cabber - i was wrong - it's base .058
14:42 nengard I have to upgrade mine :)
14:42 CGI963 joined #koha
14:43 nengard looks like 61 is the most recent:
14:43 nengard[…]c4663ab7bf509a62e
14:43 nengard I skimmed here:[…]p=Koha;a=shortlog  for titles that started with 'DB rev'
14:44 nengard[…]t=commit&s=DB+rev
14:45 cabber so it looks like .032 dates back to May 11 ...
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14:46 nengard cabber the patch you're looking for though was in August:[…]85d1c3673f3318a09
14:49 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: is there a way to have a download link ready ?
14:49 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: it's pending action by cfouts, per the message I CCed you on
14:49 hdl_laptop Or should I post it on to be sure it is on the web ?
14:50 hdl_laptop ok. thx
14:50 gmcharlt let's give Clay a chance to deal with it (he's on Pacific time, so may not be awake yet)
14:50 gmcharlt of course, if it doesn't happen ... we have larger problems
14:52 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: I think that 3023 and 3383 are two bugs that can be coped with improving reports and enabling call of reports in letters.
14:59 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: perhaps - question though, what bug did you mean?  3023 doesn't seem relevant
14:59 hdl_laptop sorry 3203
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15:03 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: I like the idea of being able to turn an arbitrary report into notices
15:03 gmcharlt although "arbitrary report" would need qualifiers
15:03 gmcharlt i.e., you can't send notices if a report has nothing to do with patrons
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15:05 jwagner Speaking of sending reports, has anyone ever figured out the problem with the Schedule function?  See Bug 1993 -- it hasn't worked in ages but the Schedule link is still there on the reports page.
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15:06 nengard jwagner - someone told me it did work - but not on sites on a shared server .... not sure if that's accurate or not
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15:40 Topic for #koha is now discussion channel for the Koha ILS | Please vote in the final foundation vote by 25/10/2009 http://opensource.web2learning[…]sid=88794&lang=en | View real-time results: http://opensource.web2learning[…]ser.php?sid=88794
15:40 wizzyrea owen: did you ever get your apache to stop whining about not finding the FQDN for your server in your test install?
15:41 wizzyrea (I found the answer)
15:45 owen wizzyrea: No, what did you find out?
15:46 wizzyrea I just added ServerName "" into my apache2.conf
15:46 wizzyrea and the error went away
15:48 ricardo wizzyrea: OK... but then you have to edit your local "hosts" file to resolve "" to the IP address of the server (or have it registered in DNS)
15:48 wizzyrea yep, I do have that
15:48 ricardo wizzyrea: right  :)
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15:50 owen Re: the "Fine Accrual" message to the Koha list, does anyone know of an outstanding bug that prevents fines from being accrued?
15:51 owen I realize the obvious answer is to check to see whether the fines cron job is being run, but I wondered if there was something else up
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16:12 * nengard lunching
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16:13 ricardo hdl_laptop: May I still write a few small corrections for the Release Notes, concerning (only) the Portuguese translation(s)?
16:14 hdl_laptop you can
16:14 ricardo hdl_laptop: Cool... Thanks  :) Should I submit it as a patch?
16:15 hdl_laptop well, yes
16:15 ricardo hdl_laptop: OK, cool... Doing it now
16:17 hdl_laptop is now known as hdl_away
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16:26 IrmaCalyx *
16:27 owen is now known as owen-away
16:27 ricardo hdl_away: OK. I sent the patch just now:
16:27 ricardo [Koha-patches] [PATCH] Updated references to Portuguese translation in Release Notes
16:28 ricardo[…]tober/004751.html
16:41 wizzyrea sekjal: remember our talk about WP and WPMU?
16:41 wizzyrea I just had a wpmu zen moment
16:41 sekjal oh?
16:41 wizzyrea yea
16:42 wizzyrea I think (squee) that I'm going to move all of my sites into wpmu
16:42 * wizzyrea is sorry, she just had to share
16:42 sekjal awesome!
16:42 wizzyrea if you could see what was in my heart right now, you'd see dancing.
16:43 wizzyrea so thanks for reminding me to look at that again :)
16:43 sekjal I'm really glad it's coming together
16:43 sekjal I love that feeling
16:45 sekjal I hope to be heart-dancing by the end of the day; I'm looking to do a new dev install, then upgrade to 3.0.4
16:46 wizzyrea ooh that's exciting!
16:47 ColinC joined #koha
16:47 sekjal my original dev machine is kind of a clunker, and isn't exactly the same platform as our production
16:47 sekjal best to limit the variables where I can
16:48 ricardo Going home. See you!
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16:53 sekjal hmmm.... my dev install doesn't seem to be generating a koha-install-log; rather, it's using the one from my production install
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17:34 nengard wizzyrea - i can't get MU to install on my server
17:34 nengard gonna ask my host to do it for me :)
17:50 sekjal I'm having trouble doing a dev install on a box that already has a standard install on it.
17:50 sekjal has anyone else experienced this?
17:50 nengard left #koha
17:51 sekjal my koha-conf.xml, koha-httpd.conf and koha-install-log keep copying over from the other install, even though my makefile seems to be listening to the options I put into Makefile.PL
17:52 brendan are you working with a dev-install
17:53 sekjal trying to.  My production install is standard
17:53 brendan so you're working on the dev-install now
17:54 sekjal yeah.  I run Makefile.PL, put in my dev-system configs, and then run make
17:54 brendan ah --
17:54 sekjal the makefile is correctly created, as far as I can tell
17:54 sekjal I just get the config files from my standard install copied over into the dev-install
18:02 chris morning
18:03 wizzyrea nengard: it was a trick, to be sure. I'm sure it's worse when you don't have access to the big config files.
18:03 chris hdl_away: when you are back, looks like the 3.0.4 isnt on download yet
18:04 chris_n hi chris
18:07 sekjal ah, I'm experiencing bug 2474
18:07 brendan morning chris
18:07 brendan morning chris_n
18:07 chris_n hey brendan
18:08 Ropuch joined #koha
18:08 Ropuch Eveneing #koha
18:09 brendan hi Ropuch
18:10 Ropuch Is git clone git:// kohaclone getting me w 3.0.4?
18:11 chris not until you do
18:11 chris git checkout -b 3.0.x --track origin/3.0.x
18:12 Ropuch chris: thanks
18:13 Ropuch I reaaly need get familiar with git soon
18:15 chris[…]220-now/tags.html  <-- stats for 3.0.4
18:20 fsx joined #koha
18:20 Ropuch I'm going to speak about koha on opensolaris con
18:21 Ropuch I'm hoping to arrange a couple of people to cooperate with the project
18:22 sekjal okay, after a couple tries, the work-around for bug 2474 worked.  I have a dev-install at last!
18:32 cabber left #koha
18:34 brendan sekjal -- no onto zebra :)
18:34 brendan now onto
18:34 sekjal I'm making a documentation pitstop first; get some details down on our wiki
18:37 chris_n chris: stats don't seem to be updated atm?
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19:32 chris should be updated now
19:32 chris[…]220-now/tags.html
19:32 chris 1673 commits in 3.04
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19:34 gmcharlt joined #koha
19:35 chris hmmm
19:35 chris hdl_away: you gone to bed?
19:36 * chris wonders if hdl has lost access to put the tarball up on
19:37 * chris_n thought gmcharlt had sent cfouts an inquiry concerning that
19:38 gmcharlt chris chris_n: cfouts has responded, and is awaiting file location from hdl
19:38 gmcharlt unfortunately, I no longer have shell access to the box, so have no ability to do it myself
19:38 chris ahh hopefully get that soon, i wanna do a blogpost about it but not before the file is up
19:39 gmcharlt usual excuse given: with mixture of LL and assets on same virtual server, LL feels it is inappropriate to give shell access to non-LL employees to servers, etc.
19:39 chris will move the stuff off then you goobers
19:39 richard joined #koha
19:39 richard hi
19:39 chris im sorry but im allout of patience
19:40 chris_n hi richard
19:40 richard hiyas chris and chris
19:40 * chris_n tries to imagine goobers working on a web server ;-)
19:40 chris_n and thinks of accidentally dropping his chewing gum into the processor fan
19:42 chris hehe
19:43 chris chris_n: some windows questions for ya :-)
19:43 chris_n ich... go ahead
19:43 jdavidb left #koha
19:43 chris from another chris, on the mailing list :)
19:44 chris_n throw a brick through it... :)
19:44 chris chris brown-syed is cool, he was teaching a class on Koha at Buffalo Uni, way back in the day
19:44 chris i think the answer for him is dont use activestate use strawberry .. is that right?
19:45 chris_n I think he would be well advised to work with strawberry
19:45 chris_n however, it is not for the faint-of-heart atm
19:45 chris *nod*
19:46 chris_n it took some muscling to get some of the modules installed the other night
19:46 chris_n chris: shall I reply?
19:47 chris if you have time that would be great
19:47 chris id just be quoting you anyway :)
19:48 owen-away is now known as owen
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19:55 Jo joined #koha
19:57 chris hiya Jo
19:58 tomascohen left #koha
19:58 chris Jo: got an email from Waitaki, they would like a demo site, so ill use your bibliographic data if thats ok
20:08 hdl_away gmcharlt: chris cfouts : location is /home/hdl
20:09 gmcharlt hdl_away: cool - you'll need to email that to cfouts, as he isn't in channel
20:11 chris hdl_away: nice work on the release :)
20:11 hdl_away gmcharlt: i just sent him answer on .
20:14 sekjal left #koha
20:15 chris
20:15 chris its up :)
20:16 hdl_away wooot
20:16 owen *whew*
20:16 hdl_away have to translate in french now
20:16 chris :)
20:16 hdl_away but 1st, sleep
20:16 hdl_away good night
20:16 chris you deserve it
20:16 chris good night
20:16 gmcharlt good night
20:18 chris_n hdl_away++
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21:07 paul_p joined #koha
21:14 chris heya joetho and paul_p
21:15 gmcharlt hi paul_p
21:35 nengard joined #koha
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21:39 chris hi fsx, nengard and IrmaCalyx
21:43 Jo Hi all
21:43 Jo Chris: yes to biblio data and take borrowers too if you can usefully anonymize it
21:43 chris cloudy up your way levin?
21:43 Jo raining mate
21:44 chris hmm northerly here, so that means we'll get it too
21:44 Jo warm though
21:45 fsx left #koha
21:56 richard bummer. i was looking forward to a dry weekend
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22:15 joetho selfishman
22:16 joetho @selfishman : thanks for the tips and general encouragement
22:16 joetho Youdaman.
22:16 SelfishMan hope it works out
22:16 SelfishMan athena is so much "fun" to migrate from
22:17 chris heh
22:17 joetho The term "Migration" would seem to indicate something occurring regularly
22:17 joetho like geese
22:18 joetho omg that is a horrible image to leave you with, but hey
22:18 SelfishMan from what I have heard it is a regular thing for people to dump athena for koha
22:18 joetho yes, but there is migration, and then there is IMmigration
22:19 joetho migration being the annual event
22:19 chris i wonder if we have covered all the proprietary ILS's yet
22:19 joetho although, if you had to migrate every year, you would keep things clean and simple
22:19 chris not polaris i dont think
22:19 joetho evergreen?
22:19 chris but i think we probably have libraries from each of the others
22:19 chris thats not proprietary :-)
22:20 joetho whatever
22:20 joetho you know what I mean
22:20 chris i dont think there have been any EG -> Koha migrations, i think there have been or will LL -> EG migrations though
22:21 chris EG is pretty nice software
22:21 brendan I think there are a few LL -> EG -- like chris says
22:21 chris im just happy a library is using free software, wether it's EG or Koha
22:24 SelfishMan I can think of many things I would rather see my library spending money on
22:25 mib_ah687x joined #koha
22:26 joetho Salaries.
22:26 mib_ah687x left #koha
22:30 chris_n2 maybe LEK->EG....
22:31 chris i think LL->I dont want LEK so im going to EG instead
22:31 gmcharlt joetho: materials - my wife came back from a training session and mentioned another attendee, whose budget was all of $22 :(
22:31 chris omg
22:31 chris thats like a pack of crayons
22:32 * chris_n2 gives up hope of finding arcane knowledge of dmake
22:38 chris hmm im not sure john is actually reading what people are saying to him, i think ill give up on that thread
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23:49 kieran is now known as kieran-lunch
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