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00:22 ricardo Sleep time. Take care!  :)
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03:27 CGI112 hi. how can I change server?
03:27 CGI112 I want to move to dalnet but dunno how
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03:41 richard this isn't dalnet
03:41 richard oh, gone
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04:04 CGI377 hello all
04:07 brendan hi CGI377
04:08 CGI377 I have a problem in addng item after adding biblio
04:10 CGI377 can any one help me in this regard..
04:10 CGI377 I am really new to Koha and Linux..
04:10 CGI377 Koha installed succesfully on my system.
04:10 brendan which version of koha are you on?
04:11 CGI377 I am using Ubuntu 8 and perl 5.8
04:11 CGI377 Koha version 3.2
04:11 brendan ok have you imported biblios
04:13 CGI377 No I have installed Koha two times.
04:13 CGI377 In my old installation I imported biblio from Library of Congress
04:14 CGI377 in newer one I am filling record myself..
04:14 brendan did you go through the Koha administration section and define a library and itypes?
04:16 CGI377 Yes in administration i defined Library thn some other rules for loans and funds thn aadded biiblio after i press save button
04:17 CGI377 I am diverted to add item page..
04:18 CGI377 there I fill all fields and geet the error when press add item button
04:19 CGI377 Koha error  The following fatal error has occurred:  Can't call method "append_fields" on an undefined value at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/MARC/File/ line 92.
04:19 CGI377 this is the error I am getting..
04:20 CGI377 I am not sure whether some installation problem or i have to do some more setting and configurations..
04:21 brendan if you go to about page -- does it say you have you have everything installed?
04:22 CGI377 about means About Koha page?? this option is last one in more menu..
04:22 brendan yes
04:28 CGI377 yes i have just checked It is showing everything except Zebra version..
04:29 CGI377 could it be the problem of this?? Zebra..
04:30 brendan during your install do you complete a section that delete with SAX?
04:30 brendan that could be the problem
04:31 brendan you need it to be XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser
04:31 CGI377 but during web installation I selected No Zebra Option
04:32 CGI377 now can u plz suggest any solution?
04:32 brendan you should see that in the ParserDetails.ini
04:32 brendan section on you linux install
04:32 CGI377 How do I configure Zebra?
04:33 brendan Zebra should not be a problem then
04:34 CGI377 Then what else??
04:34 CGI377 where am I wrong
04:34 CGI377 Actually my Koha is looking perfect..
04:35 CGI377 I thing I should do some more settings..
04:36 CGI377 [XML::LibXML::SAX] = 1   [XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser] = 1   [XML::SAX::PurePerl] = 1
04:37 CGI377 this is in my ParserDetails.ini file..
04:37 brendan when you run this -- misc/
04:37 brendan what do you get?
04:37 brendan from the /kohaclone directory
04:38 CGI377 how do I run It?
04:38 CGI377 shall I write this command in terminal?
04:39 CGI377 Actually I am new to Linux I know a little..
04:39 brendan yup
04:40 CGI377 -- misc/
04:40 CGI377 I wrote this command in terminal an got..
04:40 CGI377 bash: --: command not found
04:41 brendan you need to run it from the directory you installed koha into
04:41 CGI377 OK got it..
04:43 CGI377 yes it worked
04:43 CGI377 Koha wants something like:     XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser=HASH(0x81fe220) You have:     XML::SAX::PurePerl=HASH(0x8209200) Looks bad, check INSTALL.* documentation.
04:43 CGI377 there is something wrong..
04:43 brendan ok you need to edit your ParserDetails.ini file
04:44 brendan basically you need the XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser=HASH(0x81fe220 at the top of the file
04:44 brendan or sometimes -- you will need to delete all of the other entries in that file except the one you want
04:45 CGI377 i have two files with this name
04:45 brendan hmmm...
04:45 CGI377 /usr/share/perl5/XML/SAX/ParserDetails.ini
04:46 CGI377 and
04:46 brendan not sure about ubuntu -- you may want to look for this file -- /etc/perl/XML/SAX/ParserDetails.ini
04:47 CGI377 yes this one is also there /etc/perl/XML/SAX/ParserDetails.ini
04:48 CGI377 so u are saying that I include following line at top of that file..
04:48 CGI377 XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser=HASH(0x81fe220
04:48 CGI377 shall I do this right now?
04:48 brendan without the HASH part
04:49 brendan you'd need to move that to the top
04:49 brendan then run the misc/sax_parser_print.p again
04:49 brendan misc/
04:50 CGI377 OK
04:50 brendan if that doesn't work -- you could delete all the other entries ---  Although that could cause problems it you are running any other services on that machine
04:51 brendan then I'd do a google search on that issue and how to get that correct
04:51 CGI377 Koha wants something like:     XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser=HASH(0x81fe220) You have:     XML::SAX::PurePerl=HASH(0x8209248)
04:51 CGI377 now got this
04:52 CGI377 shall i replace this one with required one?
04:56 CGI377 no that did not worked
04:56 CGI377 i deleted all other thing but got error
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05:04 CGI377 are u still online brendan?
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06:05 Ropuch Morning #koha
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06:15 Ropuch Hi magnusenger
06:15 magnusenger hi Ropuch et al!
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07:10 hdl_laptop chris around ?
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07:30 kf morning #koha
07:35 Ropuch Hello kf
07:35 hdl_laptop hi kf
07:35 kf hi Ropuch and hdl_laptop
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07:37 openrijal i need some healp regarding offline circulation in Koha
07:38 openrijal can anyone out here help ma?
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07:47 kf openrijal: I m sorry, I did not use the tool yet
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07:48 healthnet is anybody here???
07:50 healthnet heelo
07:50 healthnet i need sone help regarding the Koha Offline Circulation
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07:52 healthnet hello
07:52 healthnet there
07:52 healthnet any one hhere
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07:57 kf healthnet: I m sorry, I did not use the tool yet
07:57 magnusenger healthnet: sorry, me neither
08:00 magnusenger (healthnet: I'm assuming you want to ask the same question as on the list, regarding the offline circ tool. The custom here on the IRC-channel is that you just ask your question and see if anyone answers, not to ask if it is ok to ask, that is more likely to "provoke" silence, I think... ;-)
08:04 healthnet i couldnot install PHP-GTK because of a GLIBC version error
08:05 healthnet it says that we need GLIBC >=2.6 but i have 2.9 installed
08:05 healthnet i couldnot understand the problem
08:11 healthnet can't I get an assistance here???
08:11 healthnet some reference linsk would be very useful fr me
08:13 hdl_laptop
08:13 hdl_laptop which platform are you wking on
08:13 hdl_laptop ?
08:23 healthnet Debian Leny
08:24 healthnet I'm working on Debian Lenny
08:24 healthnet the only problem is the version mismatch
08:25 healthnet i have version 2.90 but it days that we need version 2.60 or greater
08:25 healthnet which is definitely satisfied
08:35 hdl_laptop have you tried to
08:38 healthnet ya
08:38 healthnet i've tried it as well
08:40 healthnet is there any way to include the newer version information in the file
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08:59 healthnet I am usign Koha 3.0.3 in Debian Lenny Stable version. I am facing a problem to install PHP-GTK+ because of GLibc version mismatch. It says that I need version 2.6 or greater whereas I've recently installed version 2.10. But the error still says that I need 2.6 or greater. I can't understand what is wrong???? Please Help
09:07 healthnet what is the topic her???
09:11 Ropuch I know it's not actually an answer to your question, but have you tried 3.0.4 version ([…]oha-version-304)?
09:13 kf Ropuch: offline circ is a separate php program
09:14 kf Ropuch:[…]line-circulation/
09:14 kf but I think there is a new program written by biblibre too
09:15 hdl_laptop kf: yeah
09:15 hdl_laptop we're on it.
09:15 Ropuch kf: i didn't read the scrollback, just saw the last mesg
09:15 hdl_laptop But it is not php-gtk tighten any longer
09:15 hdl_laptop It would be a FF plugin
09:15 hdl_laptop I think we announced that somewhere.
09:15 kf hdl_laptop: I saw the screenshots, looks great
09:17 hdl_laptop
09:17 hdl_laptop here it is
09:19 kf and here are the screenshots:[…]on_firefox_plugin :)
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09:23 ricardo Good morning all
09:26 kf good morning ricardo
09:26 ricardo kf: Hi  :)
09:26 ricardo hdl_laptop: Hi! I just noticed that the file "koha-3.00.04_fixed.tar.gz" has disappeared from[…]-koha-version-304   Was this intentional?
09:28 hdl_laptop not at all.
09:28 hdl_laptop And I have not done that.
09:29 ricardo hdl_laptop: OK, thanks for the info. It must have been some glitch then.
09:29 ricardo hdl_laptop: While I'm at it, I'd suggest to also link the new page from   The version that appears there is still 3.0.2
09:31 ricardo s/the new *page*/the new *file*
09:34 ricardo chris: Are you there?
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10:14 |Lupin| good day all
10:14 ricardo |Lupin|: Good morning Sébastien!  :)
10:16 |Lupin| cheers ricardo
10:17 |Lupin| pls developers
10:17 |Lupin| is it normal that theC4::Items::DelItem function does not update the MARC records ?
10:18 |Lupin| or is it because there is some inconsistency in the db ?
10:23 hdl_laptop |Lupin|: DelItem does : &ModBiblioMarc
10:23 hdl_laptop So I think it is done for MARC records.
10:23 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: weird... because my script tells me there stil are some records after DelItem has been called...
10:24 hdl_laptop Is it a problem of  zebra search ?
10:24 hdl_laptop maybe you have to update zebra indexes
10:24 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: ok... is there a script to run after KOha to MARC links have been modified ?
10:25 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: no no. I have a purgeitems script and I wanted to check that the the 995 fields have really been removed, and apparently they were not removed...
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11:16 chris hi ricardo
11:17 ricardo Hi chris... Just my luck, I have to go lunch now. But I've seen the error logs
11:17 chris :)
11:17 ricardo [Fri Oct 23 12:10:36 2009] [error] [client] [Fri Oct 23 12:10:36 2009] HTML::Template::Pro:template not found! at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/ line 70
11:18 ricardo [Fri Oct 23 12:10:36 2009] [error] [client] [Fri Oct 23 12:10:36 2009] HTML::Template::Pro:template not found! at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/ line 70
11:18 ricardo [Fri Oct 23 12:10:36 2009] [error] [client] [Fri Oct 23 12:10:36 2009] HTML::Template::Pro:template not found! at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/ line 70
11:18 chris right, missing files
11:18 ricardo chris: But they are there :-/
11:20 * ricardo is running "updatedb" ... again
11:31 hdl_laptop chris is there a problem with the tarball ?
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11:40 pastebot "ricardo" at pasted "Koha 3.0.4 ("fixed") error log mentions missing files (e.g: "") that exist" (92 lines) at
11:41 ricardo chris / hdl_laptop: I have to go lunch now. If you could skim the paste that I sent now through "pastebot" and give me some hints to further debug this, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
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11:43 hdl_laptop ricardo: fwiw, i read that files are there.
11:45 hdl_laptop But what could happen is a problem of a) misconfiguration b) access permissions to file c) some change in C4::Output which could break something.
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11:48 nengard just realized I opened x-chat 40 min ago and never joined the chanel - oh well :) morning all
11:52 magnusenger morning nengard!
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11:53 kf good morning nengard
11:59 nengard hiya magnusenger and kf
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12:19 jwagner Good morning all.
12:21 kf good morning jwagner
12:22 gmcharlt chris++ # RM for 3.4
12:23 magnusenger gmcharlt: aggreed!
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12:25 ricardo back
12:26 jwagner good morning kf
12:26 ricardo hdl_laptop: Thanks for the pointers.... Permissions seem to be OK (644 modes / 755 modes in files and directories)... I can show my conf (just have to mask the passwords, obviously)
12:28 ricardo gmcharlt: Hi Galen... Did you already receive a "ransom note" from the "powers-to-be" so that you can bring back "munin" to the channel?  ;-)
12:28 gmcharlt ricardo: nope; if I don't hear back, I'll just resurrect it on my own server
12:28 ricardo gmcharlt: *nod*
12:30 |Lupin| oh, hi gmcharlt !
12:30 gmcharlt hi |Lupin|
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12:30 |Lupin| hello jdavidb
12:30 jdavidb Howdy, |Lupin|!
12:30 jwagner owen, online?
12:30 owen Yes
12:31 kf hi lupin and jdavidb and owen
12:31 |Lupin| guten anchmitag kf :)
12:31 jdavidb Hi, kf!  :)
12:39 |Lupin| hmm I stil have a problem with the DelItem function
12:39 |Lupin| I call it
12:40 |Lupin| and after that fetch a record with GetMarcBiblio, and the record I get still contains item fields
12:40 |Lupin| is that normal ?
12:42 hdl_laptop No.
12:42 hdl_laptop Not at all
12:45 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: I added the items with the AddItem function and I checked: $994 9 is well linked to items.itemnumber (for every framework) and the MARC record looks correct
12:52 jwagner gmcharlt, online?
12:52 gmcharlt jwagner: yes
12:53 jwagner Owen is telling me the followup patch I sent yesterday for Bug 3719 has problems.  Can you disregard it?  I'll send a revised patch.
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12:56 gmcharlt jwagner: ok
13:03 hdl_laptop nengard: around ?
13:03 nengard yes
13:04 hdl_laptop I saw that 3.0.4 was announced on
13:04 nengard hdl_laptop yes i did that
13:04 hdl_laptop But I have to edit that.
13:04 nengard if you log in you should be able ot
13:05 nengard to edit it
13:05 nengard i made you the author
13:05 hdl_laptop because it should point to
13:05 owen Announced in the news sidebar, but the main body of the page still says 3.0.3 :(
13:05 hdl_laptop I logged in but can't find how to edit.
13:05 nengard stupid plone!!!
13:05 hdl_laptop Action is copy.
13:05 hdl_laptop but no edit
13:06 nengard what part do you want me to change? - just the URL for download?
13:07 hdl_laptop url and name
13:07 hdl_laptop I announced that.
13:07 nengard k
13:07 hdl_laptop nengard: it is weird for me not to be able to edit my own page
13:07 nengard i know - but that's plone for you
13:10 nengard hdl_laptop - is this right?
13:10 hdl_laptop ok.
13:11 pastebot "ricardo" at pasted "My "koha-install-log" (only password and hostname / IP information was masked)" (64 lines) at
13:12 pastebot "ricardo" at pasted "My "koha-httpd.conf" (only hostname / IP information was masked)" (119 lines) at
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13:16 pastebot "ricardo" at pasted "My "koha-conf.xml" (only password and hostname / IP information was masked)" (196 lines) at
13:16 ricardo chris / hdl_laptop:  ... and that's it. That's my whole setup, AFAIK.
13:21 ricardo (to recapitulate, this is concerning my problem of Koha 3.0.4 error logs mentioning missing files, that actually exist - like "" and the Portuguese translation in OPAC not appearing updated, and the Intranet / staff client looking *really* weird, after login)
13:25 |Lupin| ricardo: have you tried adding a few prints in the perl script to see whether it can open the files, whic files it tries to open, etc ?
13:26 ricardo |Lupin|: Not yet... I think in this case, it will have to be "warn" (and hopefully they would appear in the error log). I'm guessing that will be my next step, thanks  :)
13:26 ricardo ("warn" instead of "print", I mean)
13:28 |Lupin| ricardo: yep understood. That was what I meant... I knew you would do the right thing
13:28 ricardo |Lupin|: Eheh... Thanks  :)
13:31 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: actually i's my script which is buggy... I printed the record extractedfrom the db after DelItem has been called and it indeed doesn't contain any marc fields...
13:31 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: my @item_fields = $record->fields('995');
13:32 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: what's wrong with that ?
13:33 hdl_laptop fields()
13:33 hdl_laptop Returns a list of all the fields in the record. The list contains a MARC::Field object for each field in the record.
13:33 hdl_laptop field( tagspec(s) )
13:33 hdl_laptop perldoc MARC::Record
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13:33 hdl_laptop You have a bad s...
13:33 |Lupin| hmm
13:33 * |Lupin| puts his hands in front of his face and runs away...
13:34 ricardo hdl_laptop: "You have a bad s..." Now, *that's* what I call a pun!  ;-)
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14:03 ricardo chris / hdl_laptop: Do " TMPL_INCLUDE NAME="filename" " in .tmpl files only work for files in the same directory? If that's the case, I think I know what is the problem...
14:04 hdl_laptop No : it also worke for files declared in includes directory
14:04 hdl_laptop and subdirectory
14:04 ricardo hdl_laptop: OK. Thanks for the info. Hmm... Let's see then
14:04 hdl_laptop we could have
14:04 hdl_laptop includes/serials/....
14:05 ricardo hdl_laptop: Right
14:08 ricardo hdl_laptop: I think I found (part of) the bug... Line 86 in is getting the "pt-BR" folder instead of "pt-PT". Now, I have to find out *why* that's happening
14:09 hdl_laptop should be because of your language selection
14:11 ricardo hdl_laptop: Well, I don't remember of having selected "pt-BR" ever (and I would have no reason to do it)...
14:12 hdl_laptop maybe it is the first one enabled in your list
14:12 ricardo hdl_laptop: I think that one doesn't even appear in my list, but I'll check that. Thanks :)
14:13 hdl_laptop (check language and opaclanguage in your system preferences)
14:15 ricardo hdl_laptop: Right. Will do that right away
14:16 ricardo hdl_laptop: Nothing very weird
14:16 ricardo mysql> select variable, value from systempreferences where variable like '%lang%';
14:17 ricardo language = en
14:17 ricardo opaclanguages = pt-PT,en
14:17 ricardo opaclanguagesdisplay = 1
14:20 ricardo The only thing that doesn't exist in systempreferences is 'opachtdocs' and 'intrahtdocs'
14:20 ricardo mysql> select variable, value from systempreferences where variable like '%docs%';
14:20 ricardo Empty set (0.00 sec)
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14:36 kf bye #koha
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14:58 wizzyrea1 mornin folks
15:00 ricardo wizzyrea1: Morning!
15:00 ricardo hdl_laptop: I think I have a solution... with a very small patch  :)
15:01 hdl_laptop ricardo: what is the problem at last ?
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15:02 ricardo hdl_laptop: A small change necessary in "" module, in the "accept_language" function (the way that a foreach is done)
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15:09 ricardo I have to go to a meeting now. BBL
15:09 ricardo is now known as ricardo_away
15:09 schuster owen available?
15:09 owen Yes
15:09 schuster Question for you...  I know we can take a search and it becomes static.
15:09 schuster Or I should say dynamic and use it again later from the URL
15:10 schuster I have a search but am also setup with the "new" multi location pac - so that it automatically limits to location.
15:10 schuster example - URL automatically limits to location 001.
15:11 schuster If I use a "dynamic search link" though it reverts back to the whole district.
15:12 schuster As I embed the link is there a way for me to have it "read" the beginning of the url so that it would pick up that location limit?
15:12 owen Hmmm... because your link has to be generic (i.e., not pointed right at 001.x) ?
15:12 schuster yes the link started generic - but it is a great search but i would like it to automatically limit to that location.
15:13 schuster[…]it=mc-ccode%3AFIC
15:14 schuster This link for example brings up the "new" items that are part of the fiction collection for 05
15:14 schuster 053.
15:14 schuster But If I put that say on the front page of my pac they only see 053 new items.  I'd like to make that more dynamic so it would use the URL limit automatically as when I do a search in the search box.
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15:15 owen Oh I loved, "0Misc Secondary," I couldn't put it down! ;)
15:16 schuster Hey be nice - I don't have a cataloger any more and some of the curriculum stuff doesn't need to be cataloged!
15:16 schuster I'm building some links for the opac nav so that is where they would be...
15:18 owen schuster: It's possible that you could use some javascript to extract the first segment of the URL and use it to build the link in your nav... Of course that comes with all the caveats of using JavaScript to build your interface
15:19 owen ...and that gets pretty complicated to maintain
15:22 schuster http://001.catalog-test.pisd.e[…]it=mc-ccode%3AFIC
15:24 owen That link times out for me.
15:24 schuster This pull the whole district though all 972 items that were new. not just 001 new items.
15:25 schuster Oh yes[…]it=mc-ccode%3AFIC
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15:25 schuster Sorry the original link is my test server behind the firewall. I changed the URL it should work now.
15:25 schuster You should get 5862 items.
15:27 owen schuster: There are two different situations here I think
15:28 owen If you're talking about a link from OpacNav, then a search like the one you just linked to *should* work as expected as long as you link to a relative URL
15:28 owen So the link in your HTML would look like "/cgi-bin/koha/​%3D+%222009%25%22&&limit=mc-ccode%3AFIC"
15:29 owen Or is that not the case in practice?
15:30 schuster When I do the suggested link - "/cgi-bin/koha/​%3D+%222009%25%22&&limit=mc-ccode%3AFIC"
15:30 schuster It still pulls the whole district even though the url it returns is[…]it=mc-ccode%3AFIC
15:31 schuster The search response doesn't indicate that it was limited at all it just shows "acqdate = "2009%"mc-ccode:FIC" as the search without a location limit.
15:32 schuster If you build the search in the search box it seems to work - but not using that "relative URL" or "URL prebuilt search"
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15:33 owen schuster: I don't understand how your set up works
15:33 schuster Next question then is - can you build a search that the system "thought" went through the search box.
15:33 schuster The branch limiting you mean - owen?
15:33 wizzyrea1 omg we were just talking about this yesterday
15:34 wizzyrea1 we have one branch that feels it's wrong that when you search the catalog you get items from other branches
15:34 wizzyrea1 we are unwilling to switch to independent branche
15:34 wizzyrea1 s
15:34 owen schuster: Is it normal behavior that a search from your advanced search screen shows results from all libraries?
15:35 owen wizzyrea1: You're not running under LibLime's custom "multi-opac" configuration are you?
15:36 schuster Yes we are are running under "Multi-opac" configuration
15:36 schuster[…]c32_multiple_opac
15:38 owen I see how it works schuster, there's a special hidden form field in the search bar that defines the branch limit, and if you choose the advanced search that's not chosen by default.
15:38 owen I thought the search behavior was controlled only by the URL you were searching from.
15:40 schuster hmmm so can we capture that form field and put it into my "dynamic URL link?" or in the opac nav that I'm building?
15:41 owen schuster: I think so, either that or pull the site number from the URL
15:41 schuster
15:42 schuster pull as in using java script to keep it a "dynamic link" by location?
15:42 schuster ok I can't figure out how to use pastebin correctly... sorry.
15:42 owen schuster: Let me see if I can whip up a demo for you later today when I get some time
15:43 schuster  - this is what I currently have in my opac nav bar
15:43 schuster OK thanks I know you have another job, just trying to get around some limitations!
15:43 schuster wizzyrea1 - you there?
15:44 schuster I didn't want independent branches either and this is what LibLime setup for me in order for us to provide a URL to each library and limit the initial search to their location
15:45 schuster ie - - takes them into the pac for secondary and limits the searches to only items at 001, but displays others who have the books that 001 owns.
15:46 schuster - takes you to the elementary opac with a different set of tabs and only searches location 134, but displays others who own the smae books as 134.
15:47 schuster Another enhancement down the road will be to JUST display the items of location 001 on the summary display so it is easier to find the call number for that location - plus they are not in alpha order so it is hard to find Plano Senior in the list at times.
15:52 schuster Feels like he's been talking to himself... Oh well - just like at home with the 2 boys.
15:52 schuster Notice I didn't say anything about my wife...
15:52 schuster :)
15:52 jwagner schuster, I'm paying attention!  Just don't have anything to contribute :-(
15:53 jwagner I like the concept though.  jdavidb & I were kicking around some ideas the other day about separate OPAC interfaces.
15:54 schuster This actually works pretty well depending on how much each location wants to "customize" its front page.  We have 3 different sets of css one for each level.
15:54 jwagner This is another LL-only feature, right?
15:55 schuster High School - - MS - - EL -
15:55 owen jwagner: Check out the wiki page schuster linked to. That's as much as we know I think
15:55 schuster It was a 3.2 RFC and it is running, but I don't know - gmcharlt would understand it better I think.
15:56 owen "this feature is enabled by creating the env vars in web server configuration." Not sure if that means it is *all* happening in the server config?
15:57 gmcharlt jwagner: schuster - I'm pretty sure it's in core 3.2
15:57 gmcharlt owen: yep, it's pretty much all in the server config
15:57 schuster I suspect if you setup any location with this it should work it deals with the koha-http thingy...
15:57 schuster Librarian talk ;)
15:58 owen gmcharlt: How does the location-specific hidden form field get added to the search bar?
15:58 owen "<input type="hidden" value="branch:134" name="limit"/>"
15:58 schuster etc/koha-multi-opac-httpd.conf
15:59 laurence left #koha
15:59 gmcharlt owen: IIRC correctly one of the env vars set for this feature triggers adding the branch limit
15:59 sekjal left #koha
16:00 schuster
16:00 owen jwagner: From what I know of it, this setup only allows you to send different custom stylesheets to each location's OPAC, *not* to configure different system prefs for each one.
16:00 schuster an example of what one of mine on the test server looks like.
16:01 owen So you can't define a different opacheader value for each location, but you can put content for ALL locations in one opacheader and show/hide sections with custom CSS
16:01 jwagner owen, I didn't figure there was any way around joint sysprefs, but having different interfaces for different members of the system would be nice.
16:01 owen ...and then hope no one looks at the page without CSS ;)
16:02 schuster Owen - you helped us with our 3 css styles so you understand that better than I do...
16:02 jwagner I wonder if you can do a page check for presence or absence of CSS -- if absent, display a large mallet bouncing off patron's head or something :-)
16:02 schuster OOOOO like the large mallet can I use that in circ somehow?
16:02 schuster with the operator.
16:02 jwagner Be my guest!
16:02 owen Anyone browsing the web without CSS turned on is accustomed to the mess.
16:02 schuster Is that a 3.2 enhancement?
16:04 schuster SetEnv OPAC_CSS_OVERRIDE opac-plano-HS.css - this allows different css for each location which could be a nightmare to maintain, but would allow each location to have a "different look"
16:05 schuster OK thanks all for your thoughts - need to go find some books that have gone missing...
16:05 jwagner schuster, take that mallet along :-)
16:23 CGI965 joined #koha
16:24 munin joined #koha
16:24 CGI965 left #koha
16:27 ricardo_away There's munin !  :)
16:27 ricardo_away is now known as ricardo
16:27 ricardo @quote random
16:27 munin ricardo: Quote #22: "<jdavidb> owen: you wouldn't know this, being the skinny thing you are, but it is also good for maintaining a panoramic physique, like mine." (added by gmcharlt at 04:24 PM, August 06, 2009)
16:28 jdavidb lol
16:28 ricardo jdavidb: eheh
16:28 francharb left #koha
16:31 jdavidb We were probably talking about bacon in that, IIRC.
16:32 owen Bacon, donuts, television, the could apply to all sorts of vices.
16:32 rhcl Bacon is always good to talk about.
16:33 rhcl And low-fat turkey bacon is less-viceful than the other stuff; which is what I eat.
16:34 rhcl left #koha
16:34 jdavidb I saw a bumper-sticker t'other day, and thought of you, though, owen:  "Bacon is a vegetable."
16:34 gmcharlt cfouts++
16:34 jdavidb cfouts++  #I missed munin!
16:34 rhcl joined #koha
16:38 jwagner Welcome back munin!  We missed you!!!
16:39 * jdavidb chains munin to its' seat, and gives the Boot Monster the ebil eye.
16:39 jwagner munin++
16:39 jwagner BootMonster--
16:40 ricardo eheh
16:40 ricardo @karma munin
16:40 munin ricardo: Karma for "munin" has been increased 3 times and decreased 2 times for a total karma of 1.
16:40 owen Aw, poor munin.
16:40 jwagner Somebody else give it some karma, quick!
16:40 ricardo munin++
16:40 ricardo ;-)
16:40 jdavidb @karma jdavidb
16:40 munin jdavidb: Karma for "jdavidb" has been increased 3 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 3.
16:40 jdavidb @karma jwagner
16:40 munin jdavidb: Karma for "jwagner" has been increased 7 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 7.
16:41 jdavidb Whoa.
16:41 jwagner Heh, heh!
16:41 * jdavidb pouts a little.
16:41 ricardo jwagner: Now, it's the time you'd say "Flawless Victory!"  ;-)
16:42 jwagner Not to jdavidb, I wouldn't.  I need to keep him happy so he'll keep all my systems happy!  A little quiet gloating is sufficient :-)
16:43 jwagner But I'm working from home today, so I can dare a little more.  I have to be more tactful when he's right down the hallway.
16:43 jdavidb Messing with the Infrastructure Geeks is a bad thing.  We're a quiet bunch, but many things hinge on us.
16:43 ricardo jdavidb: LOL!
16:43 jwagner I have a button that reads something like Do Not Meddle In the Affairs of Wizards for Your Passwords Are...Accessible.
16:44 jdavidb yessssss...
16:44 jwagner And another one that says Now That I've Changed the System Password, I Think It's Time To Discuss My Raise.
16:45 * jdavidb makes notes.
16:45 gmcharlt jdavidb: you should use your powers only for good, grasshopper
16:46 jdavidb I don't use my powers to torture people--though, in a couple of customers' cases, it *is* tempting.
16:46 jwagner Does torture by code count?
16:47 jdavidb only if it's very obtuse code. This is open-source, after all.
16:48 jdavidb a line like "dont_do_that() if user=<foo>" would probably not get by very well.
16:48 jwagner I think I remember hearing of a code competition somewhere -- the goal was to write the most obscure and unreadable code that worked, to see who could figure it out.
16:48 jdavidb The Obfuscated C Code contest.
16:49 * jdavidb wants to grow up to be the BOFH.   (
16:52 ricardo For the developers (like gmcharlt) the file "" has a "use warnings" line commented with a "FIXME" comment that says... "#FIXME: turn off warnings before release". Is this FIXME text (still) correct? I thought that the idea was to enable warnings everywhere we can... :-/
16:53 gmcharlt ricardo: yep, that's ancient stuff, dating from the Dark Ages when people were afraid that enabling warnings in Perl would make their code run 20 times more slowly
16:54 jdavidb I only want a warning to land in the log when there's actually something *wrong*, but I'm obtuse like that.  I don't mind having use warnings in everything, and warns set up when disaster strikes.
16:55 ricardo gmcharlt: OK, thanks for the info  :)
16:56 ricardo gmcharlt: BTW, do you have a Koha install accessible? Can you tell me if you have a system preference called "opachtdocs" or "intrahtdocs" ?
16:56 ricardo jdavidb: *nod*
16:57 ricardo (This is for 3.0.x by the way)
17:00 ricardo (I'm editing the "" file... trying to debug a conflict between a "pt-PT" active translation but that Koha is "thinking" that it should get the translation from "pt-BR"... and because the translation of "pt-BR" for the Staff client is almost nonexistent, makes Koha crash hard!)
17:09 ricardo uh-oh
17:10 ricardo I think I spotted the bug... and it's in a table! Let me check
17:11 gmcharlt ricardo: no, just koha-conf.xml settings with those names
17:15 ricardo gmcharlt: Well, there is a bug (at least in this setup) in the table "language_rfc4646_to_iso639"
17:16 ricardo gmcharlt: when "rfc4646_subtag" = 'pt', the "iso639_2_code" should be 'por' and NOT 'pol'
17:18 CGI775 joined #koha
17:18 CGI775 left #koha
17:22 nengard joined #koha
17:24 ricardo OK. So I already found that I have to submit a patch for "installer/data/mysql/en/m​andatory/subtag_registry.sql"
17:25 ricardo gmcharlt:: So my question is... this is a database update, right? What is the best way to deal with this for git, *besides* submitting a patch for "subtag_registry.sql"?
17:26 gmcharlt ricardo: well, it's prety much just a standard DB update - patch subtag_registry.sql +
17:26 ricardo gmcharlt: ""? OK... Let me check that
17:36 paul_p left #koha
17:58 ricardo Hmmm... Isn't "DBversion" lined up with kohaversion ?
18:07 ricardo Hmmm... Updated files, but now I get in a loop
18:08 ricardo "We are upgrading from Koha to, you must update your database"
18:08 ricardo I click on the "update your database" link that takes me to a reassuring page:
18:08 ricardo "Everything went OK, update done."
18:09 ricardo On that new page, I click on the "Continue to log in to Koha" link... and then I get back to:
18:09 ricardo "We are upgrading from Koha to, you must update your database"
18:09 ricardo gmcharlt: Huh?  :-/
18:10 gmcharlt ricardo: yes, it should be
18:11 ricardo gmcharlt: I should be stuck in a loop?!
18:11 gmcharlt um, no ;)
18:12 gmcharlt yes = DBversion should correspond to
18:12 ricardo gmcharlt: Should they have the same number?
18:12 gmcharlt yes, the last DB update should correspond to
18:12 ricardo (It seems that the numbering is quite different between the two)
18:13 ricardo In "", I have:
18:13 ricardo (now I'm changing that to
18:15 ricardo In "", the last "block" mentions ""
18:15 * ricardo scratches head...  :-/
18:17 ricardo gmcharlt: And so I added a new block, in, with the SQL Update that I want to do and that mentions ""...
18:17 ricardo gmcharlt: Am I doing something wrong?
18:26 gmcharlt if you working from HEAD, it would be, not
18:27 ricardo gmcharlt: No... I'm working for the HEAD of "3.0.x", *not* the HEAD of "master"  :)
18:39 gmcharlt right, but generally speaking something like that should be submitted for HEAD and backported to 3.0.x
18:40 ricardo gmcharlt: Agreed... but I don't have a setup for HEAD (database-wise)
18:41 ricardo gmcharlt: So, I can test this only for 3.0.x
18:42 Ropuch How can I pass (in the $newisbn from sub MARCfindbreeding to use it later in $template->param(okladka=>$newisbn)
18:44 nengard okay - totally brain dead - where do i define the max a patron can have due before we prevent checkouts??
18:45 Ropuch Patron categories?
18:45 owen nengard: You mean the max fine? Or number of checkouts?
18:46 jwagner nengard, do you mean noissuescharge
18:46 jwagner Define maximum amount withstanding before check outs are blocked
18:46 nengard max fine - and yes jwagner that sounds right!!!
18:48 nengard and now - where do i put the rental fee in -- it's not circ & fine rules - and i"m sorry - but I'm on cold meds and not 100% today ....
18:48 nengard found it
18:48 nengard item types ;) hehe
18:52 nengard pianohacker around?
18:53 * jdavidb listens for piano music.
18:53 jdavidb Nope.
19:08 pianohackr|work joined #koha
19:09 jdavidb There he is!
19:09 jdavidb nengard:  ping!
19:09 nengard left #koha
19:09 jdavidb Rats.
19:11 ricardo gmcharlt: OK. Correction done and tested :)  The cause of the loop was that I was using the same number from the previous block
19:11 pianohackr|work jdavidb: should i be worried? :)
19:12 pianohackr|work also, hello
19:13 jdavidb nengard was hoping to get hold of you earlier.
19:13 pianohackr|work ahh, i see that in the log
19:14 pianohackr|work how are you, jdavidb?
19:16 jdavidb I'm good.  you!
19:20 pianohackr|work very good
19:22 jdavidb Cool.  I'm outa here...y'all have a good weekend*
19:22 jdavidb left #koha
19:27 ricardo Bug 3730
19:27 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3730 critical, P5, ---,, NEW, Wrong ISO 639-2 Language Code for Portuguese in database
19:27 pianohackr|work munin hath returned, cool
19:27 munin pianohackr|work: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
19:27 ricardo munin++
19:28 ricardo pianohackr|work: Yep, it returned today  :)
19:28 ricardo gmcharlt: I'll assign the bug back to myself
19:29 ricardo Bug 3730
19:32 gmcharlt ricardo: cool
19:32 wizzyrea1 woo munin!
19:32 wizzyrea1 @quote random
19:32 munin wizzyrea1: Quote #14: "joetho: I only looked for missing ccodes- not dysfunctional orphans." (added by wizzyrea at 08:31 PM, July 09, 2009)
19:34 pianohackr|work hi, wizzyrea, gmcharlt
19:37 chris morning
19:38 pianohackr|work good morning chris
19:38 wizzyrea1 mornin pianohackr, chris
19:38 gmcharlt hi pianohackr|work, chris
19:38 jwagner_ joined #koha
19:38 ricardo chris: Good morning Chris! Following up our "yesterday" (for you) conversation, read Bug 3730
19:38 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3730 critical, P5, ---,, NEW, Wrong ISO 639-2 Language Code for Portuguese in database
19:41 chris ahh yep that would explain it
19:42 ricardo chris:  :)
19:42 ricardo chris: I have been debugging this all day, but I finally found the "bugger"!
19:45 jwagner_ ricardo++ for persistence!
19:45 ricardo jwagner_: Thanks!  :)
19:47 chris ricardo: have you sent your patch ?
19:48 chris when you do ill do the same fix for master and send that, im sure it will be wrong there also
19:49 ricardo chris: Not yet... I'm behind a "bad firewall" and I can't use SSH (consequence: I can't copy+paste stuff... I have to retype it  :-(
19:49 ricardo (using a Web console that has that limitation)
19:50 chris ah bummer
19:51 ricardo chris: Yeah... I can copy text "out of it" but I can't paste text "into it"... It will just take me a few moments, even so
19:53 tomascohen left #koha
19:55 ricardo Restarting the browses. BRB
19:55 ricardo s/browses/browser
19:55 ricardo left #koha
19:56 owen left #koha
19:58 jwagner_ left #koha
20:00 wizzyrea1 left #koha
20:01 ricardo joined #koha
20:03 jwagner left #koha
20:04 ricardo Woot! I managed to activate the clipboard in Firefox
20:04 ricardo[…]_to_the_clipboard
20:04 chris :)
20:04 chris nice work
20:10 pianohackr|work Hmm. after upgrading server to perl 5.10, am getting Encode errors (not MARC::File::SAX) when viewing records with diacritics
20:10 pianohackr|work has anyone else seen this?
20:23 chris hmm nope, but then i havent done an upgrade to 5.10 in ages, all the installs were straight on 5.10
20:23 chris missing module maybe?
20:25 chris @wunder wellington, nz
20:25 munin chris: The current temperature in Wellington, New Zealand is 10.0�C (9:00 AM NZDT on October 24, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 6.0�C. Windchill: 10.0�C. Pressure: 30.15 in 1021 hPa (Steady).
20:26 chris speedy reply to don pianohackr|work :)
20:28 pianohackr|work hehe, not an infrequently asked question
20:28 chris yup
20:29 ricardo Bug 3730
20:29 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3730 critical, P5, ---,, NEW, Wrong ISO 639-2 Language Code for Portuguese in database
20:29 ricardo Once again...
20:29 ricardo Bug 3730
20:30 ricardo munin: Let me guess... You don't like to answer the same question twice, do you?  ;-)
20:30 munin ricardo: I suck
20:30 pastebot "pianohacker" at pasted "debugging session for encode error" (36 lines) at
20:30 ricardo munin:  Eheh, nah... Don't worry. We missed you  :)
20:30 munin ricardo: I suck
20:30 ricardo Bug 3730
20:31 ricardo chris: Oh well... I submitted the patch
20:31 ricardo [Koha-patches] [PATCH] Fix for Bug 3730 - Wrong ISO 639-2 Language Code for Portuguese in database
20:31 ricardo[…]tober/004766.html
20:31 chris thanks ricardo
20:31 ricardo chris: You're welcome  :)
20:31 chris hmm that doesnt look pleasant pianohackr|work
20:32 pianohackr|work not in the slightest
20:32 pianohackr|work let's see if I can find a record without an U+FFFD
20:32 ricardo chris: I noted that the versions in "" don't match "" ones, for this branch, but things seem to be working OK, even so
20:34 chris pianohackr|work: and youve tried ./misc/ ?
20:34 pianohackr|work best check that, bleh
20:35 pianohackr|work >_<
20:36 ricardo pianohackr|work:  What does "> _ <" mean?
20:37 pianohackr|work ricardo: right side up emoticon of someone who is frustrated with Perl SAX nonsense
20:42 ricardo pianohackr|work: LOL! OK
20:51 ricardo chris: Still there? This problem that happened in the "subtag_registry.sql" situation, brings me again to think that SQL files should exist only once (only fields with translations would be set per-translation)
20:52 ricardo Similar to what I wrote (for MARC frameworks) at:
20:52 ricardo [Koha-devel] Translation of SQL files
20:52 chris yes that would be the preferable method
20:52 ricardo[…]-July/009943.html
20:52 ricardo chris: *nod*
20:52 chris but involves a big change in the installer and the C4::Biblio module
20:52 chris something for 3.4
20:53 ricardo chris: Right
20:53 chris you could write up an rfc for it on the wiki
20:54 ricardo chris: Write an RFC? Maybe, but I could only do that, with luck, in a few *months* (I'm swamped with work, mostly Koha-related). Implement it? Nah...  ;)
20:54 chris oh yeah writing it up is the important bit
20:54 chris otherwise it will get missed out
20:55 ricardo chris: true
21:13 schuster left #koha
21:20 ricardo (thunderstorm approaching here)
21:21 ricardo @wunder lisbon, portugal
21:21 munin ricardo: The current temperature in Lisbon, Portugal is 20.0�C (10:00 PM WEST on October 23, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 83%. Dew Point: 17.0�C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1022 hPa (Steady).
21:28 ricardo Going home now. Take care, everyone!  :)
21:29 ricardo left #koha
21:38 joetho left #koha
21:43 wizzyrea @wunder Lawrence KS
21:43 munin wizzyrea: The current temperature in Channel 6 Downtown, Lawrence, Kansas is 8.0�C (4:42 PM CDT on October 23, 2009). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 79%. Dew Point: 5.0�C. Windchill: 7.0�C. Pressure: 29.78 in 1008.4 hPa (Rising).
21:56 pianohackr|work chris: ok now you're just being snarky
21:57 pianohackr|work I have no idea what you actually said, but it _looks_ snarky
21:58 chris hehe
21:58 chris i just said "why would we choose one of those names?" "are you joking?"
22:03 pianohackr|work chris: I believe Jo had said you were working for hlt on bug 3230
22:04 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3230 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Automatic Credit when Lost item is returned
22:04 wizzyrea so... kokohu - (verb) to give something secretly or quietly
22:04 wizzyrea (oh yea? you think?)
22:04 wizzyrea and utukoha
22:04 wizzyrea utu = to pay
22:04 wizzyrea koha = gift, with strings
22:04 wizzyrea so... to pay for a gift with strings?
22:04 pianohackr|work any updates on that?
22:04 wizzyrea hilarious
22:04 pianohackr|work wizzyrea: yes, hah hah, he's got quiiite the sense of humor
22:04 wizzyrea ok, later hators
22:04 pianohackr|work see ya
22:04 wizzyrea er
22:04 wizzyrea gators
22:04 wizzyrea >.<
22:05 wizzyrea anyway, ttyl :)
22:05 pianohackr|work bye :)
22:07 chris pianohackr|work: havent done much more on it, but yes i do need to fix it
22:10 pianohackr|work I shall tell the requesting librarian that you are hot on the case, thanks
22:14 moodaepo left #koha
22:30 chris @later tell ricardo submitted patch for master
22:30 munin chris: The operation succeeded.
22:40 rhcl left #koha
22:56 pianohackr|work work's over, back later
22:56 pianohackr|work left #koha
22:59 chennesy joined #koha
23:11 chennesy hello all. could anyone tell me which mysql table and column the marc 700$a field is stored in?
23:11 chennesy the marc framework says "" but that table doesn't exist.
23:12 chris you can check that in the librarian interface, under administration, koha-marc mapping
23:14 chris by default its not linked anywhere
23:14 chris its just stored in the marcxml
23:14 chris (what version of koha are u running?)
23:15 chennesy ah - ok.  thanks.  I'm having char encoding problems, but they seem limited to the 700a.
23:16 chennesy I'm on 3.00.01
23:17 chris ah yep, then yeah its in the marcxml column
23:17 chennesy I get Michèle in the 245 but Michèle. in the 700.
23:18 chris if you look at that raw marcxml in the db for that record, how do they look?
23:18 user55 joined #koha
23:19 user55 is now known as rhcl_home
23:19 chris hi rhcl_home
23:19 chennesy looks like:  Mich&#xC3;&#xA8;le
23:19 rhcl_home Hey, what up?
23:19 chris chennesy: in both the 245a and 700 ?
23:20 chennesy sorry, that's the 700.  the 245a is Mich&#xE8;
23:21 chris ahh that looks liek the problem then, if you edit it in the cataloguing interface does the change stick?
23:21 chris rhcl_home: not much just chilling on the first day of a long weekend
23:21 chennesy let me see...
23:29 chennesy yes, it sticks when i edit the 700 directly.
23:29 chennesy anything i can do globally?  i'm working on a big bulkimport migration.
23:30 chris ahh that looks like it might be the issue
23:30 chris you might want to check the leaders of the record, that should say what it is encoded in
23:30 chennesy ok, thanks!  i'll check it out.
23:31 chris it might be saying its marc8 when its utf8 and the import is double encoding it
23:32 chris (just guessing)
23:34 chennesy this looks like unicode though, right? 02672cam a2200601la 4500
23:37 chris i cant remember which one it is, i think then 9th char?
23:37 chennesy yeah, the 9th.  'a' for unicode, blank for marc-8.
23:39 chris ah right, yeah then it does look right
23:40 chennesy cool.  i'll keep looking around and trying some stuff.  it's strange because I'm only seeing the problem on characters from that one column
23:40 chennesy (marcxml)
23:41 chris yeah that is odd
23:42 chris askign on the mailing list might be useful also
23:43 chennesy ohhhhh, you might have been right about the leader, actually.  the xslt script i'm using to convert the data wasn't assigning the 9th char after all.
23:43 chennesy koha or the bulkmarcimport must have been adding it (?).  i'll try fixing that.
23:43 chennesy thanks!
23:49 nengard joined #koha
23:49 chris cool, good luck
23:49 nengard anyone having trouble with git?
23:49 chris ?
23:49 nengard "fatal: unable to look up (port 9418) (temporary failure in name resolution)"
23:49 chris lemme look
23:50 nengard hope it's - and not my new internet
23:50 chris fine here
23:50 chris looks like your dns
23:50 nengard and can i fix that?
23:50 chris whats your name server?
23:50 chris yep
23:50 chris you're on a mac eh?
23:50 nengard no - on debian
23:50 nengard in virtualbox
23:50 chris ah ha
23:51 chris sudo vim /etc/resolv.conf
23:51 nengard what do i type to find my name server?
23:51 nengard ahhh
23:51 nengard they're comcast - evil evil
23:51 nengard what do i do to fix that?
23:52 chris you can edit that file and change it to the right ones
23:52 nengard how do i know what the right ones are ? :)
23:53 chennesy left #koha
23:53 chris check on your mac
23:53 chris what it has set as its name servers
23:53 chris or on brians pc
23:53 nengard trying to figure out where to find name servers on my mac
23:53 nengard :)
23:54 chris somewhere in control panels im guessing
23:54 nengard hehe yeah - looking
23:56 rhcl_home You can always use OpenDNS -
23:57 rhcl_home or
23:58 rhcl_home
23:59 nengard ok - chris we had to figure this out when we set up the thing in the first place - where the heck is it hiding - google isn't helping - and rhc1_home is that something i have to install?

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