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00:00 rhcl_home No, that's the address you put in /etc/resolv.conf
00:01 rhcl_home your /etc/resolv.conf file should contain a line something like this:
00:01 rhcl_home nameserver
00:01 rhcl_home You can have multiple nameservers in this file, one after another in the format above
00:02 rhcl_home If you use a shell tool and >cat /etc/resolv.conf, do you see one or more lines like that?
00:11 chris any luck nengard ?
00:12 nengard no!!! - reading what rhc1 is saying
00:12 nengard and telling bri to check on his machine
00:12 nengard scared to use something like opendns cause i don't want to mess with settings on my machine now that i have everything up and running
00:12 nengard but my mac doesn't know what my name server is either
00:12 chris opendns is safe
00:13 nengard wonder if i restart - which i haven't done yet today - if it will find them
00:13 rhcl_home Nothing to editing the file and changing it to something else.
00:13 nengard safe - meaning it won't screw up my connections at all
00:13 nengard okay - i'll try that then
00:13 chris nope,
00:13 chris all it does is tell it what to use as a nameserver
00:13 nengard right now the file has 4 lines
00:13 nengard one for domain
00:13 nengard one for search
00:14 nengard and 2 for IPs
00:14 nengard do i just delete the 4 and replace it with the 2 IPs?
00:14 chris just replace the 2 ip ones
00:14 rhcl_home well, you need at least one line like I posted above for DNS
00:14 chris nameserver
00:14 chris and nameserver
00:15 chris sorry
00:15 chris nameserver
00:17 rhcl_home I have a homebrew firewall running Smoothwall that won't pick up my ISP's DNS for some reason--I have to manually enter it.
00:17 nengard thanks guys - that worked
00:17 rhcl_home good good
00:18 nengard sorry so frustrated - still sick and little things bug me now
00:18 chris no worries
00:19 rhcl_home My tech assistant called in today and said his two sons have tentatively been diagnosed with H1N1.
00:19 chris crappy
00:20 chris my son actually had scarlet fever .. can you believe that? i couldnt, i didnt think it was even around anymore
00:20 chris but apparently thats indeed what he had
00:20 rhcl_home Gee, I haven't heard of anybody having that in years.
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00:20 chris yeah exactly
00:21 chris turns out its pretty darn harmless these days
00:21 rhcl_home really? Probably better drugs to treat it.
00:21 chris yeah, ever since pencillin was discovered it became easily treatable
00:23 chris fever, sore throat and a rash
00:23 chris = cranky kid
00:23 rhcl_home for sure
00:25 chris are they still quarantining for H1N1 over there?
00:26 rhcl_home Oh no. Not sure they ever did actually. No, it's fairly common and everybody just regards it as a variant of seasonal flu.
00:27 chris cool, for a while here they tried to contain it
00:27 chris which was a pita
00:27 rhcl_home Yea, but the genie got out of the bottle.
00:28 chris yep
00:31 chris ohh koha.ils that would be sweet
00:32 rhcl_home Yea, would be cool.
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03:11 rhcl_home is now known as rhcl_sleeps
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04:00 chris hi Mehwish
04:14 Mehwish Hi
04:15 Mehwish I have a problem with my Koha Installation
04:15 Mehwish can anybody help me to solve that I am hange since months..
04:15 Mehwish I am new to Linux and Koha
04:21 Mehwish Is thee any one who can solve my problem?
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04:25 Mehwish I have problem in adding Item after I save Biblio.. Can anybody help me??
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04:29 Mehwish hello all..
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04:41 Mehwish can any one help me to solve my problem regarding Koha? I am new to Koha and Linux..
04:42 chris what is the problem?
04:42 Mehwish thanks for reply
04:43 Mehwish when I enter Biblio record and hit the save button
04:43 Mehwish I am redirected to add item page
04:43 Mehwish but when i enter all fields for that and press the button i get error..
04:44 Mehwish Can't call method "append_fields" on an undefined value at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/MARC/File/ line 92.
04:44 Mehwish this is the error..
04:44 chris what version of koha is it?
04:45 Mehwish 3.2
04:45 chris 3.0.2 ?
04:45 chris (3.2.0 hasnt been released yet0
04:45 Mehwish yes I am really a new one to Koha
04:45 Mehwish it is 3.00.02
04:45 chris cool
04:46 chris ok, if you look in the tarball you explanded, in the misc directory
04:46 chris there is a file
04:47 chris if you do ./ what does it say?
04:47 Mehwish ok i have seen the file..
04:48 Mehwish Koha wants something like:     XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser=HASH(0x81fe220) You have:     XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser=HASH(0x82091e8) Looks good.
04:48 Mehwish i got this message..
04:49 Mehwish yesterday someone told me to change few things in this file.. I mean in ParserDetails.ini
04:50 Mehwish first I was getting error then I got this message "with text Looks Good"
04:50 Mehwish but the problem is at its place..
04:50 chris right, ok, i will have a look and see if i can find the answer
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04:51 Mehwish OK
04:51 chris[…]ugust/019916.html
04:52 chris so you have a couple of choices
04:52 chris you can grab that file and apply the patch locally, or you can get
04:52 chris[…]-koha-version-304
04:52 chris 3.0.4
04:52 chris and upgrade to that
04:53 chris (the link is at the bottom of the page)
04:53 Mehwish OK but plz tell me a few things..
04:53 chris as it has been fixed now
04:54 Mehwish Shall I download new tarball 3.04 and follow all the installation steps that are after this step from my installation guide..
04:55 chris there should be on that tells you how to upgrade
04:57 Mehwish OK Thanks a lot.. I am trying now.
04:57 chris good luck :)
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06:19 Ropuch Morning, #koha
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06:27 chris hi Ropuch
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06:49 chris heya brendan, get some sleep dude :)
06:49 brendan :)
06:51 chris glad to hear that apart from the crazy airline dramas things went well
06:54 brendan yeah it was fun -- take me a day or two to but it all together
06:55 brendan recover some sleep
06:55 brendan how's you weekend going?
06:55 chris pretty good, long weekend, labour day on monday
06:55 brendan Yes that's right
06:56 chris and tomorrow kahurangi and i are going to watch the soccer
06:56 brendan excellent and enjoy
06:56 brendan maybe I'll catch you sometime later
06:56 brendan ZZZZZzzzzzzzz!
06:56 chris sleep well
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09:08 fredericd chris: Just read your 3.4 targets as RM: very impressive and valuable!
09:10 chris thank you fredericd
09:12 fredericd Does translation manager represent a lot of work?
09:12 fredericd (reading roles for 3.4 wiki page)
09:13 chris i spent usually 8 or so hours a week on it
09:14 chris most of that is answering emails
09:14 chris setting up users, etc
09:16 chris it is quite fun, you get to talk to people all around the world
09:16 chris with the work with template::toolkit it should make translation easier
09:17 fredericd Yes, I can imagine (fun part).
09:17 fredericd The Pootle machinery is on your server?
09:17 fredericd It would have to be shifted on new translation manager server?
09:18 chris potentially, or i could give the person ssh access to my machine, whatever they prefered
09:18 chris the nice thing with pootle is there is no db
09:18 chris you just have to apt-get install pootle
09:18 chris and then copy /var/lib/pootle
09:19 fredericd I will have to deal with Arabic installations. Do you think it is the moment to improve Koha translability and multilingual support?
09:19 fredericd could be a separated task...
09:20 fredericd I mean: how zebra deals with no-latin alphabet, db text translation, etc.
09:21 chris yes that would be a great thing to do
09:21 fredericd Something else I was thinking about reading your RM proposal: template::toolkit, DB abstraction, caching => why not trying to use Catalyst framework?
09:22 fredericd Everything is already done, tested, and documented
09:22 chris we can add catalyst in after, the reason not to do it first, as that any one of those other things can be done stand alone, and incrementally
09:23 fredericd And Moose integration would ease draticaly code readibility and reusability...
09:23 fredericd yes I understand Koha has huge code base which can't be changed at once
09:24 chris yep
09:24 chris but if we get db abstraction in there, and then tt
09:24 chris we pick modules to use a framework on ... moose is too slow to use without mod_perl2
09:25 chris so we would have to make sure it was safe first
09:25 fredericd or fastcgi: it is recommanded by Catalyst framework, even if mod_perl is supported
09:26 chris i think if we aimed for catalyst or moose, we wouldnt get there, but if we pick small targets
09:26 chris and work towards the bigger one
09:32 fredericd If moose were at disposal in 3.4, and an application-level cache, it would be possible to simplify a lot how koha deal with its various configurations files/parameters
09:32 chris yep, but it is way too much work to get moose into 3.4
09:32 fredericd system preference one level parameters reach it limits and slow down new functionnalities developments
09:32 fredericd it needs fundings...
09:32 chris but if we can get db abstraction and tt in
09:33 chris then we are on the way
09:33 fredericd ok.
09:33 chris and 3.6 could be moose
09:33 fredericd could you send me your /var/lib/pootle files?
09:34 fredericd I would like to take a look and get the picture
09:34 chris its pretty big
09:34 chris its just the .po files
09:34 fredericd a git clone?
09:36 pastebot "chris" at pasted "22:35 /var/lib/pootle $ ls -l" (8 lines) at
09:36 chris thats what a sample directory looks like
09:36 chris and the .po files are in git
09:37 fredericd Ok. I will test this way, by copying HEAD .po files. Thanks.
09:37 chris cool
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14:25 Ropuch Good afternoon
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17:43 * chris_n2 digs out from under a pile of email
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18:30 chris colins proposal looks pretty good
18:30 chris im just really happy someone is crazy enough to want to do QA :)
18:31 Ropuch Hi chris [;
18:33 Ropuch I've just managed to get local covers and Amazon/Google ones working at the same time
18:33 chris ohhh well done :)
18:33 Ropuch Now I'm looking for someone who can point what can be done better ;>
18:33 Ropuch
18:34 Ropuch I'm more than sure some steps are unnecessary
18:34 chris ohh a right up, thats neat :)
18:36 Ropuch It has been  bothering me for some time
18:37 chris i think one change would be to make the path to the images be a variable too
18:37 Ropuch I was considering this
18:37 chris_n2 Ropuch: I'd suggest adding line numbers to your code excerpts
18:37 chris and then the next extension would be to make that be able to be a url
18:37 Ropuch But it's too much thinking for today
18:37 chris_n2 nice tutorial
18:37 chris *nod*
18:37 chris it's a very very good start
18:37 chris well done
18:38 Ropuch My no-perl-jutsu has improved a lot today ;>
18:38 chris :)
18:39 Ropuch It have other limitationa atm; only jpg files, but this can be done easily
18:39 Ropuch Next step is uploading cover images during cataloguing
18:40 Ropuch But getting isbn from addbiblio is a bit hard to me
18:40 chris *nod*
18:52 brendan Just going through and reading the proposal form Collin now
18:54 chris cool
19:10 chris i wonder if hdl has been given back access to yet
19:10 chris i see that that the fixed tarball is there, so it looks promising
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19:15 chris hi nelsonf
19:17 nelsonf Hi Chris
19:18 nelsonf I'm trying to get the e-mail functionality going re circulation / books due and overdue
19:18 nelsonf We're using OpenSUSE and I believe I need to get postfix running?
19:19 chris well you will need some kind of mta running
19:19 chris postfix is certainly one option, or you could use exim4 ... whatever you are comfortable with
19:20 nelsonf this sort of thing is way out of my league, but I'm willing to make an attempt to get it going
19:21 nelsonf do we need an isp to allow for outgoing emails?
19:21 chris well the machine needs to be able to send emails succesfully
19:21 chris you can test it by running
19:22 chris mailx -s "test email" your@email.address
19:22 chris type some message
19:22 chris then hit ctrl-d
19:22 chris and it will try to send email, if you get it, all good
19:23 chris so the computer will need to have a connection to the internet
19:23 nelsonf I'll try this from the command line using PuTTY, right?
19:25 chris *nod*
19:25 chris you can then look in /var/log at the mail.log file (if you are running postfix)
19:26 chris or /var/log/exim4/mainlog if you are running exim4
19:26 chris to see what happened to the message
19:28 nelsonf The other day I think I determined that postfix is not installed, because no postfix folders
19:28 nelsonf Let me look for exim4 now, using WinSCP
19:30 chris it probably isnt either, you will need to install one of them
19:30 nelsonf I see var/log/exim/main.log
19:31 nelsonf I tried to run the mailx command you mentioned, and received an error
19:31 nelsonf -bash: mailx: command not found
19:32 chris yep sure looks like no mailer set up
19:32 nelsonf I've hesitated to configure the mailer, don't want to mess up the koha installation
19:33 nelsonf we're not live yet, but actively testing
19:33 nelsonf question about the big picture
19:33 nelsonf once the mailer is set up, is this all that is needed for Koha to be able to send out those notifications?
19:33 nelsonf or are there additional steps?
19:36 chris you need to set up some cron jobs
19:37 chris take a look at misc/cronjobs/crontab.example
19:37 chris (i think thats the file name, something like that)
19:37 nelsonf I understand from reading the Koha documentation that these cronjobs
19:38 nelsonf run nightly.  Will the e-mails be able to go directly from our Koha/OpenSUSE box to the recipients,
19:38 nelsonf or does an ISP need to be involved?
19:39 chris is the koha box connected to the internet?
19:39 nelsonf yes
19:39 chris then that should be fine
19:39 nelsonf most excellent
19:39 chris the test would be, can you send a mail from it to something like a gmail account, if so, then koha will have no problems
19:40 nelsonf so one way to skin this cat would be
19:40 nelsonf to look for a step by step documentation on how to install postfix or exim4
19:41 nelsonf what about additional security concerns if we start running outgoing email?
19:42 nelsonf ie is the Koha installation more susceptible to hackers if we have a mailer running?
19:43 chris nope, what i would do is make it set up to not accept incoming connections
19:43 chris but only be able to send out
19:43 chris as long as you have the from address of the emails be a valid address (so that bounces can go to it)
19:44 chris there is no reason for the koha box to be able to accept mail
19:45 nelsonf another conceptual question...
19:46 nelsonf we have multiple organizations on this single Koha installation
19:46 chris right
19:46 nelsonf so, the From address might best be set up according to the org for a specific patron
19:47 nelsonf i.e. need for multiple From addresses
19:47 chris hmm not sure if koha can handle that just yet
19:47 nelsonf our circulation is very limited, so sending all bounces to both orgs would not be the worst thing
19:49 chris just as long as someone gets them bouncing bounces is about the worst thing :)
19:49 chris ok time to take my son out to play in the sun
19:49 chris good luck
19:49 nelsonf Is the From address by default the KohaAdminEmailAddress in System preferences of the GUI?
19:51 nelsonf thanks very much chris!  have fun in the sun with your son
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20:04 nelsonf_ exit
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21:35 nelsonf test, using trillian freeware
21:36 nelsonf test again
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