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00:55 ricardo @later tell chris Hi chris. I'm finishing doing the last changes to the Portuguese translation, but I will only finish it on Monday morning (it will be Monday evening for you). I'll send it by e-mail to you
00:55 munin ricardo: The operation succeeded.
01:13 ricardo Bye ppl. Time to go to bed!  :)
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03:08 mason heh, on slashdot today.....
03:08 mason[…]my-free-time.html
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03:47 Amit hi chris
03:49 thd Ropuch: are you still there?
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05:50 Ropuch thd: I'am now ;>
05:50 Ropuch Morning #koha
05:51 thd Ropuch: you asked about the license for the Koha manuals?
05:52 Ropuch thd: yes, but I've already contacted Nicole
05:53 thd Ropuch: How did she respond?
05:53 thd or what was her response?
05:54 Ropuch She said that's ok for me to translate it and advised med to hold off as manual is being changed into Docbook/XML
05:55 thd Ropuch: What did she say about the license?
05:55 Ropuch "You are free to translate and republish the manual whenever"
05:56 thd OK
05:57 thd Ropuch: There is a line at the base of the Koha website stating that the content is distributed under GNU GPL which links to GPL 2.
05:59 thd Ropuch: I had asked Nicole to make that GPL 2 or later when she republishes the manuals so that we can upgrade the license terms if we need to.
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05:59 Ropuch thd: yes, I'm aware of that, I just wanted be sure, as it follows "Koha® and the Koha logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of LibLime and BibLibre in the United States, France and other countries"
05:59 Ropuch Hi nicomo
05:59 nicomo hi all
06:00 thd Ropuch: no one will be using those trademarks against any community effort such as translating manuals
06:00 nicomo Ropuch: what's the beginning of the discussion here regarding TM?
06:00 nicomo if i can bring some clarity...
06:00 thd nicomo: permission to translate the manual
06:00 thd nicomo: trademarks scare people
06:00 nicomo indeed they do
06:01 nicomo we (biblibre) stand there on this issue:
06:01 thd nicomo: I was just explaining to Ropuch that he had no need for concern about trademarks
06:01 Ropuch I would much more encouraging if the manual itslef has some some license link and statement
06:02 nicomo we registered the TM in France in 2005 when a company (Ineo) that didn't seem intent on playing nice with the community starting circling around koha
06:02 nicomo we did the same with a European Union wide TM when some tension emerged with PTFS at the end of 2008
06:02 nicomo we always said we were doing this to protect the TM for the community
06:03 nicomo and indeed we never used the TM
06:03 Ropuch Good move :)
06:03 nicomo we'd be very happy to actually transfer those to another entity
06:04 nicomo a foundation if it's set up
06:04 nicomo another entity such as HLT is the foundation takes too long
06:04 thd Unfortunately, the US trademark could be a small obstacle to the community.
06:05 nicomo yes, but hey, I'm not the culprit on this one :-)
06:05 thd nicomo: yes of course, you are now the victim
06:06 Amit hi ropuch, nicomo, thd
06:06 nicomo but then, biblibre transferring the European TM to the community *at no charge* will put, hopefully, some pressure on LibLime to act in the same way
06:06 nicomo hi Amit
06:06 thd hello Amit
06:07 thd nicomo: if you think that HLT is the best solution for the interim period you should be advocating that on the mailing lists
06:07 nicomo I did
06:07 nicomo and in the poll
06:07 nicomo I'm just waiting for the results of the poll on this
06:07 thd nicomo: don't stop advocating with all the reasons which you can find
06:08 nicomo got to take my daughter to school : brb
06:09 Ropuch ho Amit
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07:05 Ropuch What does "copy available for reference" stand for?
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07:09 hdl_laptop Ropuch : Copies you can consult only on site
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07:46 Ropuch hdl_laptop: thanks
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07:50 toins hello world
07:51 hdl_laptop hello toins it's been a hell of a time.
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07:51 hdl_laptop Would you please vote for relicensing ?
07:51 toins hello hdl_laptop
08:02 Ropuch Hi toins
08:02 toins hi Ropuch
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09:15 ricardo Hi everyone!
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09:31 Ropuch Hello ricardo
09:32 ricardo Hi Ropuch
09:49 kmkale @weather thane
09:49 munin kmkale: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 33.0�C (2:40 PM IST on October 12, 2009). Conditions: Smoke. Humidity: 55%. Dew Point: 23.0�C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009 hPa (Falling).
10:12 Amit hi kmkale
10:19 Amit @wunder Bangalore
10:19 munin Amit: The current temperature in Bangalore, India is 27.0�C (2:30 PM IST on October 12, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 57%. Dew Point: 20.0�C.
10:27 hdl_laptop chris around ?
10:35 ricardo hdl_laptop: Hi Henri!  :) I guess chris isn't here (or he's quieter than usual). I'm doing some finishing touches in the Portuguese translation. What's the deadline for submitting it?
10:36 ricardo (for 3.0.4, I mean)
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10:49 hdl_laptop asap.
10:50 hdl_laptop I have to release by wednesday
10:51 ricardo hdl_laptop: OK, thanks... I'll try to send it tomorrow night to chris
11:12 Amit hi indradg, ricardo
11:15 ricardo Hi Amit!
11:21 ricardo Lunch time... BBL
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12:52 chris_n g'morning #koha
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13:32 Ropuch Hi chris_n
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14:07 CGI870 Hello, is there anyone around that might help with a strange LDAP problem?
14:21 slef Hi. Anyone know if koha has item records only visible by logged-in users yet?
14:21 slef CGI870: if you explain it, maybe you'll find out.
14:41 CGI870 The problem we are having is that the default entry in the koha-conf.xml file keeps updating the borrwers tables in koha even though the update parameter is set to 0
14:44 hdl_laptop slef I donot think so
14:45 slef CGI870: update on every login?  Which koha version?
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14:50 nengard howdy joetho
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15:09 CGI870 Slef> It's version
15:10 slef CGI870: does it update on every login?
15:12 CGI870 Yep....every login. Which is annoying cause if a staff users change an attribute it will change back when the user nexts logs in
15:12 CGI870 BTW, it's only the branch code that changes back,.....others attributes don't
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15:18 chris_n hi brendan
15:24 nengard hi brendan
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15:28 chris_n hi nengard
15:30 slef CGI870: that's odd - you have replicate as 1 and update as 0?
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15:33 nengard this makes me sad :[…]0854104366&ref=nf  I want to help him :(
15:33 Ropuch Hi nengard
15:34 slef nengard: what does it say besides "Registriĝi Facebook por konekti kun Jason Griffey"?
15:34 nengard slef ... hmm - link works for me ...
15:34 slef nengard: presumably you're logged into facebook?
15:34 nengard he says "Looks like the images in the Koha documentation are actually broken...and I don't see any contact info on who to alert. Fail!"
15:35 slef oh wow, ow
15:35 nengard I told him i'm doc manager but not web manager ;(
15:35 nengard and can't help him
15:35 nengard my answer "I'm the Doc Manager - and the one to contact, but I don't manage the website - hence the reason I'm moving the docs. I wish I could help you - and this whole Plone site thing was supposed to be the answer you were looking for, but still has some bugs that aren't being addressed - I am working as fast I can on moving the manual and wish I could help you more than that :("
15:35 slef time to bring back
15:36 nengard i'm working on moving the documentation to docbook xml - and then we can put it anywhere we want
15:36 nengard whether that's or elsewhere
15:36 slef less than 1h left to work today - I guess I should open my list mailbox :scared:
15:39 chris_n hehe
15:40 * chris_n hands slef a fire extinguisher ;-)
15:40 Ropuch nengard: if I can be of any help - just tell me what to do [;
15:40 nengard thanks a bunch Ropuch
15:41 CGI870 yep....repliacte 1 update 0,. I know, very strange
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15:57 slef CGI870: what's branch in your LDAP source?
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16:29 slef Anyone else been invite-spammed by Nouman Soomro?
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17:27 * owen grumbles
17:28 slef owen?
17:29 owen I'm tired of Ben Ide being LibLime's mouthpiece.
17:29 owen Now it seems he's ready to justify their refusal of a public git repo by saying "Git is hard."
17:29 Nate AMEN
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17:31 slef no, peoplehours is hard... git is not generally hard
17:32 slef although I did break a repo of our wordpress last week :-/
17:32 slef take care with git gc
17:32 ricardo_away owen: gee... OK. In that case, would it be possible to convince him / LibLiblime to use Subversion... or even CVS?
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17:45 * chris_n wonders about the validity of the statement Ben Ide makes regarding others withholding code
17:45 owen Those are accusations Joshua has made before, so I'm assuming Ben is getting them directly from him.
17:46 chris_n it would be good to have those entities to categorically deny them publicly to take the wind out of those sails
17:47 owen Actually I think it's best to ignore it. It's a distraction from the real issue of whether or not it is appropriate for to link to LEK demos.
17:48 owen LibLime knows what real community participation is, and they've argued this identical case in the past with reference to *other* entities.
17:48 * chris_n thinks that every issue is real atm :-)
17:48 ricardo owen: *nod*
17:48 ricardo chris_n: *nod*
17:48 owen What is Ben saying, that LibLime is justified because others have done it?
17:48 ricardo (stop make me nodding, or else I'll get a neck problem!  ;-)
17:49 chris_n but I think that I may should not have hijacked the thread
17:49 chris_n owen: correct
17:49 owen Don't worry chris_n: Joshua isn't likely to respond no matter where the thread goes :)
17:49 chris_n I'm sure that there are some modifications, etc. which would truly be of no interest to the community
17:50 chris_n owen: too true
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18:03 chris_n paul_p: congrats on the dev contract
18:16 paul_p chris_n: what are u speaking of ?
18:16 paul_p (OK, understood ;-) )
18:16 paul_p RFCs for koha 3.4
18:22 collum I think my eye is twitching from reading the Listserv.
18:24 owen I'm glad Ben has finally cleared his schedule to the point where he can look at the home page and find out what they hell we're talking about.
18:26 ricardo collum: Eyelid twitch: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia
18:26 ricardo[…]rticle/000756.htm
18:26 ricardo (always happy to help!  ;-)
18:28 collum They need to add Guiness to the treatment.
18:28 chris_n lol
18:29 ricardo collum: LOL!
18:30 ricardo collum: I'm guessing that you mean the Beer and NOT the Book... although I guess that getting hit by the Book may also solve the eye twitching problem...  ;-)
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18:31 collum ricardo: Yes, definitely the beer.  Actually spelled "guinness"
18:32 ricardo collum: *nod*
18:32 * chris_n thinks Ben must not be *too* busy... today at lease ;-)
18:33 chris_n least even
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18:33 * paul_p think all of this will finish with a "community koha" moving to an new url, and that's a real shame...
18:34 ricardo paul_p: *nod*   :(
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18:43 paul_p :( can't answer mails from my hotel (smtp closed :( )
18:48 ricardo paul_p: No Webmail available?
18:48 * nengard laughing at owen's PDF comment
18:53 * chris_n apologizes to nengard for hijacking her thread :-P
18:53 chris_n or who'sever it was
18:54 chris_n owen: lol
18:55 chris_n git create-pdf
18:56 chris oh ffs
18:56 ricardo nengard / owen_ : Sending a PDF it's actually not that far-fetched:
18:56 chris this is the low point in my 10+ years of koha
18:56 ricardo The PGPi scanning project
18:56 ricardo
18:57 nengard chris_n never ever apologize for chiming in
18:57 chris i have to now go defend HLT from someone who has no idea wtf they are talking about
18:57 ricardo chris: Hi!  :)
18:57 chris 2 hours before i have to talk with someone from HLT about Koha
18:57 chris i hope she doesnt read the thread
18:57 nengard sorry you're sad/mad/upset chris
18:57 nengard don't let the minority upset you
18:57 owen_ I don't think it's worth it, chris
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18:57 joetho <--agrees
18:57 brendan *nods*
18:58 joetho patience.
18:58 ricardo chris: I'm furiously editing the PO files. Would it possible for me to send it to you by e-mail in say 3 hours or so? (or do you prefer that I send it in a different way, e.g: git patch)
18:58 joetho Virtue shall prevail.
18:59 * chris just read owen's reply, ill let that one do it
18:59 chris ricardo: no hurry im at conference for one more day
18:59 * chris went to bed all happy
19:00 Ropuch ;>
19:00 chris had dinner last night with RMS, Jo from HLT and brenda chawner
19:00 ricardo chris: Cool... And do you have e-mail access at the conference (or when you return back home)?
19:00 ricardo chris: What conference, BTW?
19:01 chris LIANZA (library association of NZ)
19:01 chris spent 3 hours chatting while eating bangladeshi food
19:01 chris talked about Koha, Software as a Service, DRM .. then the use of passive tense in maori :)
19:01 ricardo ("while eating bangladeshi food" => famous last words  ;-)
19:02 chris hehe, it was really really good, ive never tried it before, but im a fan now
19:02 chris ricardo: i do, but it is patchy access
19:02 ricardo chris: cool  :)
19:02 chris but once i am back in wellington, i will tidy everything up, and push everything up ready for HDL
19:03 ricardo chris: Understood... I'll also be in a training course tomorrow. It'll take place here at work, but my Internet access will be very limited most of the time
19:03 paul_p owen: lol for PDF...
19:03 chris yeah, its just getting the time to use it is the trick
19:03 ricardo chris: right
19:03 paul_p owen++ for his humour
19:03 ricardo paul_p: *nod*
19:03 ricardo owen++
19:04 owen Looks like the Liblime blocks crawls by the wayback machine:*/
19:05 chris yeah its got a robots.txt fikle
19:06 chris or nofollow links or something the spider honours
19:06 ricardo Well, I think there was one progress in this process (strange sentence...): someone from LibLime (Ben Ide) got in the conversation, started talking about making the source code available (as a tarball) and now seems to be considering using git... That's progress comparing to the previous state (no communication from LibLime)
19:07 chris he isnt from Liblime
19:07 chris he is from one of the libraries that is part of WALDO
19:07 chris he has no more knowledge of what liblime plan than you or I do
19:09 chris works in a library that use Koha, and takes cheap shots at the Library that made that possible ...
19:09 Ropuch Looks like it
19:09 ricardo chris: OK, I stand corrected then
19:09 paul_p (well, he may have 'access' to josh, maybe)
19:09 chris tis what made me angry
19:12 owen Things like the dig at "HTL" must come directly from Josh.
19:14 chris oh yeah, he must be parroting
19:14 chris josh needs to be careful
19:15 chris there are people in NZ not under confidentiality agreements who know exactly what happened when liblime pulled out of NZ
19:15 chris first hand knowledge .. and i suspect that places like kapiti are having to bite their tongues very hard
19:15 ricardo ( All this "saga" strangely reminds me of[…]venge_of_the_Sith )
19:16 chris hehe
19:18 ricardo Is it too late to persuade LibLime to not give in to the "Dark side of the Force"? I hope not... (cheesy, I know... but all of this seems a bit surreal to me)
19:19 chris the thing to remember is this hasnt just happened 2 months ago
19:19 chris this has been slowly happening for years
19:20 chris LEK is just the last straw
19:20 chris but like you, everyone hoped liblime could be persuaded otherwise, so were silent publicly
19:21 ricardo chris: understood
19:21 chris also there was a real sense of not wanting to damage the reputation of Koha
19:21 ricardo chris: right
19:22 ricardo OK. I have to go home now. Take care everyone!  :)
19:22 chris cya later ricardo
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19:22 chris hdl_laptop: are you about?
19:23 hdl_laptop yse
19:23 hdl_laptop yes even
19:23 paul_p chris is 100% right: this was slowly happening for years now. I've probably been josh last contact, could not think things would end like this, but I was wrong
19:25 paul_p chris: a mail for you (trans manager) on koha-dev
19:26 chris ahh i just replied to one
19:26 chris oh i have replied to him twice
19:26 * chris will reply again
19:27 chris hdl_laptop: is pushing up the .po files tomorrow night NZ time ok?
19:27 hdl_laptop Yes.
19:27 hdl_laptop Could you check that the french po file is ok for 3.0.x ?
19:28 hdl_laptop I could not merge on Pootle site, so I directly uploaded the file.
19:28 hdl_laptop But can't be sure of the translation
19:29 hdl_laptop anyway, it is the translation we use at
19:29 chris righto
19:29 chris i will test it before I push it up
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19:33 owen Hi CGI901
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19:40 hdl_laptop nengard: I think that creating a new kohadocs project on gitorious could be a sound thing.
19:40 hdl_laptop chris: don't you think ?
19:41 nicomo hdl_laptop: I'm conflicted about this
19:41 hdl_laptop why ?
19:42 nicomo nengard pointed out, rightly, that have our doc on git will limit the potential contributors to the doc project quite radically
19:42 chris not at all
19:42 chris just because we store it in git
19:42 chris doesnt mean people have to use git to edit it
19:43 nicomo ah, that's a different proposition then
19:43 chris dont fall into the having to catalogue in marc because we store stuff in marc trapped :)
19:43 nicomo but it's not a complete answer
19:43 nicomo if we have an editing tool
19:43 nicomo which one should it be
19:43 chris it needs to be one that can save in xml
19:44 hdl_laptop XXE could be the choice
19:44 nicomo and how can we synchronize nicely between it and git
19:44 nicomo bleh
19:44 chris an html only manual is crap
19:44 nicomo agreed
19:44 hdl_laptop and synching could be done with git commit; git push
19:45 nicomo hdl_laptop: you've got to be kidding
19:45 chris i dont mind what editor we choose, the history of the documentation is that lots of people say they want to edit/write but very little do
19:45 chris nicomo: that doesnt seem like an onerous task for the docmanager to do
19:46 chris and the benefits of having version control far outweigh any downside
19:46 nicomo chris: and hdl_laptop you're talking to a librarian here
19:46 hdl_laptop or use git gui if you prefer user interface.
19:46 chris yes but nicole is doc manager
19:46 chris i would expect her to collate and mange the repository
19:46 hdl_laptop manage
19:46 chris and she has more than enough git skill to do that
19:46 * gmcharlt pokes head in - version control  of doc, if not a sine qua non, IMO is very important
19:46 nicomo gmcharlt: it is
19:47 gmcharlt and the same ease of branching that applies to code applies to doc
19:47 nicomo what I'm trying to have a feel for here is how we can have this *and* something easy to use
19:47 hdl_laptop and version control has to do with cvs, subversion, etc.... like it or not ;)
19:48 chris http://www.librarytechnology.o[…] <-- guess you guys all know about this already hehe
19:48 hdl_laptop maybe we could use Alfresco to manage revisions, but would be a little bit overkill nicomo ;)
19:48 chris oh god no
19:48 nicomo hdl_laptop: if I have to translate the manual in .po files you hear from me
19:48 chris we use that at work, its a nightmare pile of java madness
19:49 chris translating doc with po files is a crazy idea
19:49 nicomo come on chris i was kidding
19:49 chris and has nothing to do with xml or storing it in git
19:50 chris sorry, low on humour today
19:50 chris :(
19:50 * chris promises to lighten up
19:50 nicomo well, it's not friday, I'll give you that
19:50 hdl_laptop well... Docbook makes po generation quite easy.
19:50 hdl_laptop ->[]
19:51 nicomo how can one push a docbook file into a nice looking cms, anyone know?
19:52 gmcharlt nicomo: I think I don't mind so much if the DocM has to learn a version control tool (and after all, nengard does know git), as long as the DocM is willing to check doc into the repository that's contributed from outside
19:53 nicomo indeed
19:53 nicomo that makes sense
19:53 chris_n gmcharlt: sorry to bug you again, but could you push the patch for bug 3706 when you get a chance? its a nasty and is causing trouble for some
19:53 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3706 blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Label templates/layouts do not save properly
19:53 chris
19:53 nicomo yes drupal has some stuff about docbook
19:53 chris maybe we could use drupal, then export to docbook to store
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19:53 cait_laptop hi #koha
19:54 chris_n howdy cait_laptop
19:54 nicomo hi cait_laptop
19:54 nicomo import/export docbook in drupal is not a very polished module iirc
19:56 cait_laptop nicomo: reading your rfc's now - I wondered myself how the circ matric can manage more options,
19:57 nicomo cait_laptop: yep, I don't have a clue about the way forward yet for that,
19:58 nicomo but something has to be done
19:58 nicomo it's messy
19:58 chris speaking of 3.4
19:58 chris we need to start collecting proposals for RM
19:58 nicomo and adding options it's going to be messier still
19:58 cait_laptop nicomo: and painful to change ... I have 180 rules in this matrix now
19:58 nicomo cait_laptop: ++
19:58 hdl_laptop hi cait_laptop
19:58 nicomo ergonomics of it all will be important
19:58 cait_laptop hi hdl_laptop
19:58 nicomo if you have ideas, please write them down in the wiki
19:59 brendan chris -- any ideas for who wants to be RM for 3.4
19:59 cait_laptop in horizon we have circ parameters with a matrix for each parameter... but this is not really better
19:59 davi left #koha
19:59 chris brendan: i dont think anyone sane wants to be RM
19:59 chris :)
19:59 nicomo and my memories from Aleph, which I used to manage, are not much better
20:00 chris but I would throw my name in the hat if the community thought that was a good idea
20:00 gmcharlt which makes me inane, eh? ;)
20:00 cait_laptop so we need something new and innovative - not easy :)
20:00 chris_n RM == Routinely Mangled
20:00 nicomo lol
20:00 gmcharlt in any event, /me is decidedly *not* putting my hat into that particular ring
20:00 cait_laptop lol
20:01 chris id like 3.4 to be a short cycle release, predominantly clean up and speed, with some new features
20:01 cait_laptop hm when chris is release manager - who will answer my translation questions? ;)
20:01 chris thats what my proposal would look like in a nutshell
20:01 chris cait_laptop: you, you can be TM :)
20:02 cait_laptop oh
20:02 chris but yes, that would mean we would need a new TM
20:02 cait_laptop not sure if I am able to do that - I would need help on the technical part I think
20:03 nicomo cait_laptop: we could get inspiration from the UIs in CMSs like wordpress or drupal
20:03 chris well i better go mingle, have good days//evenings
20:04 cait_laptop nicomo: I installed drupal for a project in library school, but dont remember much of it, but looking at non-libary-software is a good idea
20:04 cait_laptop bye chris :)
20:04 * nicomo loves drupal, even though I have to admit the learning curve is (too) steep
20:04 nicomo seeya chris
20:05 cait_laptop nicomo: we had joomla and typo3 too, we did a short comparison and drupal made a really good impression
20:06 nicomo the back office of complex web site management systems can be an inspiration, I think
20:07 nicomo here the amount of data to be pulled in the page is not very important
20:07 collum left #koha
20:07 nicomo it's just that it's complex to organize in the page
20:08 nicomo so I guess we could load most of it from the start
20:08 nicomo and work from here, limiting the need to refresh the page?
20:08 cait_laptop not sure if I can follow your thoughts :)
20:09 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: not insane, but a hero ;)
20:10 cait_laptop it should be easier to edit rules or single parameters
20:11 cait_laptop perhaps options to select combinations and change them, something like btype student, all item types, change fine to xx?
20:11 cait_laptop but this might still be too complicated and causing too much errors
20:17 davi joined #koha
20:18 nicomo ah ah cait_laptop you don't follow my thoughts because they're unclear
20:19 cait_laptop or its just too late, just came back from heidelberg, tired
20:19 nicomo yeah I'm tired too: 10;20pm and I've been here since 8:30am, more or less
20:20 nicomo so I'll let chris go mingle and I'll get to bed
20:20 cait_laptop sounds like a good plan
20:20 nicomo :-) yeah, see you all tomorrow
20:20 cait_laptop i will think about the UI - perhaps owen has some ideas?
20:20 cait_laptop good night nicomo
20:21 nicomo left #koha
20:50 paul_p tone up'ing btw owen & ben...
20:50 paul_p time to go to bed (& battery low)
20:50 paul_p bye world
20:52 owen "LibLime has done a fix of sorts" ?
20:52 magnusenger left #koha
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21:15 cait_laptop good night #koha
21:15 cait_laptop left #koha
21:21 indradg left #koha
21:25 davi left #koha
21:36 brendan left #koha
21:43 davi joined #koha
21:45 brendan joined #koha
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21:59 brendan afternoon
22:33 chris_n2 howdy brendan
22:33 brendan hi chris_n2
22:52 pianohacker joined #koha
22:53 Topic for #koha is now discussion channel for the Koha ILS
22:54 brendan heya pianohacker
22:54 pianohacker hi brendan
22:54 pianohacker how's your monday
22:55 brendan been a slow day
22:55 brendan well besides reading many koha mail-list fodder
22:58 pianohacker ahh
22:58 * pianohacker hands brendan a flame-retardant suit
22:58 brendan hehe
22:58 brendan accepted :)
23:01 chris_n2 hey pianohacker
23:06 paul_p joined #koha
23:14 pianohacker hi, chris_n2
23:23 paul_p left #koha
23:53 joetho joined #koha
23:57 joetho pianohacker
23:57 pianohacker joetho
23:57 pianohacker how are you doing?
23:58 joetho pm

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