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00:03 joetho whoops, dropped connection. live by the wireless, die by the wireless. If I missed something, and I AM curious.
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00:28 thd Does anyone think that LibLime fixed something on in response to recent mailing list discussions?
00:30 thd chris_n2: you seem to be a generally careful reader.  Do you think that LibLime fixed something on
00:33 chris_n2 thd: on phone
00:34 thd chris_n2: OK, let me know when you can clarify my question about which I suspect people had not noticed the broken link since May.
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00:35 pianohacker thd: my quick look suggest that something has changed
00:36 thd pianohacker: what something?
00:36 pianohacker the demo links. I'm trying to log in to plone to see if i can get a history of the page, but no luck so far
00:37 thd pianohacker: which demo links do you mean?
00:38 pianohacker thd: I had thought the front page, but second look suggests no. still looking
00:40 pianohacker thd: admitting defeat. have not been watching the web site closely enough to determine what has changed.
00:41 chris_n2
00:41 chris_n2 by Nicole C. Engard  â€”    last modified  Feb 10, 2009 06:31 PM  This document is licensed under the GPL.
00:41 chris_n2 does that answer the question?
00:42 chris_n2 .... by admin    â€”  last modified  Jun 29, 2009 12:18 AM
00:42 chris_n2 thd, pianohacker: so it looks as though neither page has changed recently
00:43 thd chris_n2: yes you found the right spot to check
00:43 chris_n2 I had to log in to see the modification history if that matters
00:43 thd chris_n2: their seems to have been some confusion about that on the mailing list and on IRC earlier.
00:45 chris_n2 thd: I'm not sure which link nengard referred to that was broken
00:46 thd chris_n2: I think that what people were noticing is the demo link in the  blue image points to showcase which is where demos had been linked from in Kea until the new Plone website came in May..
00:47 thd I noticed immediately in May and reported the issue on the mailing list.
00:47 thd I do not think that is a bug we want fixed at this point, however.
00:48 thd Yet people seem to have been confused by it on the mailing list and on IRC earlier.
00:48 chris_n2 thd: its a shame that plone shows only what date content was modified and not exactly what content was modified
00:49 chris_n2 I thought the point at issue was the "New Demo Sites" section on the main-page
00:50 thd I would hate to extend this discussion but under some new subject such as "old bug" correction about the showcase/demo link not being a new change should be identified.
00:50 thd chris_n2: Yes the issue is about all the other demo links.
00:51 thd chris_n2: some messages seem to think that there was a partial fix.
00:51 thd ... but as your time stamps show there has been no recent change.
00:51 chris_n2 I saw that and checked the modification dates earlier today, but finally decided the conversation was really not getting anywhere
00:52 thd chris_n2: I am sorry for my part in it trying to explain a nuanced position about a remedy.
00:52 chris_n2 seems the first order of business is to get organized as that will establish direction and authority to proceed in it
00:53 thd chris_n2: I tried to move the discussion in that direction.
00:53 chris_n2 thd: no need to apologize
00:54 thd chris_n2: I know that I wrote too many messages trying to clarify my previous statement which inspired others.
00:54 thd chris_n2: I have no idea how that came to a few insults exchanged with a confused person.
00:54 chris_n2 I agree that we can move too fast (herd mentality could set in), but also think we need to keep a fire under things so we don't stop short of where we need to be
00:55 pianohacker thd: such person being ben ide?
00:55 thd pianohacker: yes
00:55 pianohacker chris_n2: right, want to strike a balance
00:55 * chris_n2 would never have thought that... :-\
00:57 thd chris_n2: Many believe that much of the electorate is confused and we are liable to have a foundation now option chosen by the majority which will mean much more discussion about bylaws etc without actually having even an interim foundation home.
00:58 thd chris_n2: For that reason above all I have been pressing nengard hard about opening the ballot design process.
00:59 chris_n2 thd: I personally think that the next ballot should not include a "foundation now" option; maybe a "holding organization now and foundation in X months/years" option
01:00 thd chris_n2: If you think that then we should discuss it on the mailing list where at least the ballot drafting committee can see the comment.
01:00 chris_n2 I think there is a very real possibility that a "foundation now" option could top the vote and we would be stuck with not being able to address the immediate issues anytime soon
01:01 thd chris_n2: Yes, I think that is the view of what is likely from most people I have noticed discussing the previous poll on #koha.
01:02 thd chris_n2: I worry that your solution for the ballot would not be seen to be quite neutral enough.
01:03 chris_n2 thd: I'll give it some thought over night and see if I can contribute some constructive conversation tomorrow (which will be a much better use of my time as opposed to making exchanges with Ben Ide... :-P)
01:03 chris_n2 thd: how so?
01:04 thd chris_n2: The danger could be that we should not start by overtly manipulating election outcomes.
01:04 pianohacker marshall breeding and lenora oftedahl have been the most vocal about starting a foundation; perhaps talking to them directly about temporary stewardship would give us an idea about the general reasons behind wanting a foundation
01:04 pianohacker s/a foundation/a foundation *now*, dammit/
01:05 chris_n2 pianohacker: fingers still recovering? ;-)
01:05 pianohacker chris_n2: ... but still as cranky as ever :)
01:09 thd chris_n2: I favour clarifying the options stipulating that an interim holding organisation is only that and does not exclude a foundation later and having a little more text identifying the various options for those who may not recognise that HLT for example was the library for which Koha was first created.
01:10 thd pianohacker: your idea is excellent about finding out from those advocating a foundation now option.  I have been asking to have a response from advocates for positions on the mailing list but I think that few actually read much of my messages.
01:11 thd I just had a thought about structuring the ballot for foundation options.
01:12 chris_n2 I think that marshal breeding is just what he said in his article: an outside observer (that is not meant in a derogatory fashion)
01:12 chris_n2 I don't know who lenora oftedahl is
01:14 thd Interim options could be listed as options for an interim foundation now with the aim of having an agreed independent foundation as quickly as it would be possible to agree on any independent foundation option.
01:15 thd If that could be explained clearly and succinctly it should capture some foundation now votes for actual foundation now options.
01:17 thd Each interim option could be presented twice: once with a quick move to an independent foundation tied to the selection and the other with the long term intent unspecified at this time.
01:19 chris_n2 thd: I'm sure that all discussion will be taken into consideration when nengard forms the final ballot
01:19 thd chris_n2: I like your X months idea but I cannot imagine that a realistic time would seem realistic.
01:20 chris_n2 I've got to run and help my 14 year old with a chemistry report... :-)
01:20 thd good night chris_n2
01:21 chris_n2 g'night
01:21 chris_n2 is now known as chris_n2-away
01:56 pianohacker good night, #koha
02:01 thd goodnight pianohackr
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02:35 ricardo OK. It's WAY past my bed time... I'll go to sleep now. Take care everyone.
02:36 ricardo @later tell chris Hi Chris! I'm planning on sending you the Portuguese PO files (final version) Tuesday evening (in my Time Zone, that is... it will probably be Wednesday noon, for you in NZ)
02:36 munin ricardo: The operation succeeded.
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02:37 ricardo @later tell hdl_laptop Hi Henri! I'm planning on sending Chris the Portuguese PO files (final version) Tuesday evening (in my Time Zone, that is... it will probably be Wednesday noon, for him in NZ)
02:37 munin ricardo: The operation succeeded.
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02:40 slef ricardo is in the same time zone as me... WTF is he doing awake?
02:40 slef Oh, whoops.
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03:27 Amit hi chris, brendan
03:27 Amit good morning #koha
03:28 brendan hello Amit
03:28 brendan how are you doing?
03:31 Amit everything is fine
03:35 brendan excellent news Amit
03:49 thd rach: are you there?
03:54 Amit hi thd
03:54 thd hello Amit
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04:20 SCH good morning
04:20 SCH help plz ..
04:20 SCH how we can Add new authority
04:20 SCH ??
04:54 Amit hi sch
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05:21 SCH hi Amit
05:22 SCH what this Error : invalid authority typesNot all authority types referred to by the frameworks are defined.
05:23 SCH TOTALYou have 1 error(s) in your MARC configuration. Please fix them before using Koha
05:59 Ropuch Morning #koha
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06:05 Ropuch SCH: you want to add new authority, new athority type or new authorised value?
06:06 Ropuch Adding authority is simple: More>Authorities>New Authority
06:11 SCH hi Ropuch
06:12 SCH i found how to add
06:12 SCH
06:13 SCH but did u have any idea about this note < TOTALYou have 1 error(s) in your MARC configuration. Please fix them before using Koha>
06:15 Ropuch Yoe've messed with MARC Frameworks?
06:18 SCH how that ?
06:21 Ropuch Try to run More>Administration>MARC Bibliographic framework test
06:25 SCH yess i was try
06:25 SCH and i found that note
06:25 Amit hi nicomo, ropuch
06:25 SCH how can i fix it
06:26 SCH MARC configuration. Please fix them before using
06:26 Ropuch SCH: do you have any additional info in error message? Framwework code? Tag/field?
06:27 SCH just , nvalid authority typesNot all authority types referred to by the frameworks are defined.
06:27 SCH TOTALYou have 1 error(s) in your MARC configuration. Please fix them before using
06:28 Ropuch Hello Amit [;
06:32 Ropuch SCH: I'm afraid I can't help you
06:33 SCH ok , txxx u ;p
06:36 Ropuch I could if you'd have an field number in error message ;>
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06:52 Ropuch Hello paul_p, greenmang0
06:52 greenmang0 Ropuch:
06:53 Ropuch SCH: maybe paul_p can help you, he's faaaaaar more experienced with Koha [;
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06:54 kf hi #koha
06:58 Ropuch Morning kf
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07:01 kf morning Ropuch
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07:05 kf Ropuch: I know you told me, what institution you are working for... but I forgot to bookmark the link. :( just remember it had a catalog with German books
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07:12 Ropuch
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07:12 Ropuch kf: it's supposed to be have german version in near future
07:12 Amit hi kf
07:13 Ropuch Old and crapy catalog can be found here:
07:13 kf Ropuch: thx :) I keep a list of "German Koha procjects" on one of my wikis
07:14 Ropuch And brand-new Koha will be available in december
07:14 kf our first library is open now: - but still some work to do of course
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07:16 Ropuch Bookmarked  - I'll link to for sure when I finaly get polish-koha-site online
07:16 Ropuch [;
07:17 Ropuch Can you provide me with an url of this 'German Koha Projects" list?
07:18 kf its my private wiki - but I can send you the text in an email ?
07:18 kf I did not found much so far
07:19 hdl_laptop hi
07:20 Ropuch Hi hdl_laptop
07:20 kf hi hdl_laptop
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10:14 kf lunch time :)
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10:30 chris_n2-away breakfast time :-)
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10:52 kf back
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11:09 CGI055 hey
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11:16 slef Afternoon all.  I know it's wrong, but owen's PDF comment[…]tober/020669.html did make me chuckle.
11:20 slef so BibLibre has gone Evergreen too - what does this mean for Koha?
11:36 Amit hi slef
11:36 slef hi Amit
11:37 hdl_laptop slef: Koha is still our main focus
11:39 kf slef: me too
11:39 kf owen++
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12:00 chris_n slef: git create-pdf
12:01 slef chris_n: tell me you're joking
12:02 * jdavidb catches up on an interesting weekend in the email lists...
12:02 chris_n fortunately so ;-)
12:02 * chris_n hands jdavidb a fireproof suit
12:03 jdavidb Thanks, chris_n.  I was already wearing my asbestos longjohns, because of activity in another non-Koha,non-geekery community.
12:03 chris_n lol
12:03 jdavidb 350 emails in the last 36 hours.  Lordy.  That one's a-busy.
12:05 * chris_n wanders off to read up on current sensing circuits
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12:26 * chris_n tries to imagine slef running around with a club, philosophizing :-)
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12:54 * chris_n hits 'send' and ducks under his desk
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12:55 * jdavidb thanks chris_n for his latest, though doubtless some will disagree with it.
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12:56 owen chris_n++
12:56 owen nengard++
12:56 owen too!
12:57 owen Or perhaps we should for a committee to consider the question of whether there should be a vote on the ballot design?
12:57 jwagner owen, go stand in the corner right now!
12:57 Nate gudmorning all
12:57 chris_n hi Nate
12:57 jwagner chris_n, if you can still have a smile and a light heart after that weekend blitz, you have my admiration :-)
12:58 Nate hi chris_n
12:58 jdavidb owen++ #for standing firm on the links thing, and not getting distracted from that central issue.
12:59 chris_n jwagner: sometimes attitude and spirit are very hard to express in an email, and it bears overstating at times with the hope of clarity
13:00 schuster Question about groups - anybody here using them to group a location for searching purposes? Admin setup stuff.
13:00 schuster My question is this - after you setup a group do you need to reindex or anything?
13:00 owen schuster: I wasn't even aware until recently that groups actually *did* anything! :)
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13:01 schuster I setup a group but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. - Yes I didn't think it did anything either, but Paul and HDL seem to think it works for them...
13:03 owen schuster: What do you mean when you say it's not doing anything?
13:04 owen Returning no results, or returning unlimited results?
13:04 schuster My search results only return the original results of location A but isn't including location B as if groups isn't activated
13:05 owen So a search limited to location A looks the same as a search limited to the group containing A and B?
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13:11 schuster Yes as far as I can tell nothing from B shows up in addition to A stuff.
13:12 nengard thanks owen - i didn't feel like i deserved ++
13:12 schuster sorry this weekend was a wash for me so I missed all the fireworks...  No matter what nengard is a gem no matter what people may have said.
13:12 owen You get a ++ for standing up to the committee
13:13 nengard thanks schuster and owen
13:13 schuster Was this all on discuss, devel or on IRC?
13:13 nengard i forget where it was - and it was this morning that Nicole lost her patience
13:14 schuster Too early for that! ;) snuggle with a dog for a few minutes if you can it will make you feel better.
13:15 nengard hehe - I was watching them play for a while and that put a smile on my face - I love how Beau runs into Coda like a bull and knocks her on her back - it's just too cutre
13:15 nengard cute
13:15 owen Trying to test biblibre_integration, getting "Can't locate Lingua/Stem/ in @INC" when I search. That one's new to me.
13:16 jdavidb nengard++ # just for being nengard, even if she is a dog owner instead of a cat's property.  ;-)
13:16 nengard[…]2157603415365540/
13:16 kf :)
13:17 nengard jdavidb - don't fool yourself I'm the property of 2 dogs - there is no owner here :) hehe
13:17 nengard and the picture was obviously not this AM - but still the same general idea
13:17 jdavidb Dogs have owners.  Cats have staff.  Ferrets have playmates!
13:17 magnusenger nengard: :-)
13:19 nengard owen - there are snowballs in koha?
13:22 schuster nengard you beat me to it - I moved to Texas to get away from snowballs!
13:23 nengard schuster i don't know what's worse - the snowballs here - or the heat/droughts/rains in TX
13:23 schuster no drought right now! TONS of rain.  Hopefully that will carry us for awhile!
13:23 * jdavidb used to try to make snowballs out of the slushy-sleety stuff we got once or twice a year in Abilene, with mixed success.
13:24 schuster Mixed at best you always ended up with mushy grass and gravel!   oo that hurts.
13:24 jwagner jdavidb, you can look forward to at least a few snowfalls in Maryland this winter.  Of course, everything will melt off within a couple of days.  Call this winter??? Sneers someone who was raised in the snow belt....
13:24 jdavidb B'zacly!  They were not terribly coherent, but if you got someone with 'em, you got 'em good.
13:25 jdavidb jwagner:  The stuff we got in TX was usually gone within a couple of *hours*.  I'm looking forward to a little bit of Real Snow(tm).
13:26 owen hdl_laptop around?
13:26 jwagner So long as you don't have to shovel it, right?
13:26 jdavidb Got it in one, jwagner.
13:26 hdl_laptop owen: yes
13:27 owen Do you understand this error?  "Can't locate Lingua/Stem/ in @INC"
13:27 owen I'm trying to test biblibre_integration
13:27 toins owen : perl -MCPAN -e "install 'Lingua::Stem::Snowbal'"
13:27 owen So it's a new dependency?
13:28 chris_n lol
13:28 toins i don't think it's new
13:29 slef chris_n: did I write something funny?
13:29 * slef looks at email
13:29 owen toins: I'm usually testing HEAD, so if it was a dependency before I don't understand why I'm getting the error now
13:29 hdl_laptop owen: "new" if you are using stemming.
13:30 hdl_laptop But it was introduced by a patch there is quite a long time ago
13:31 chris_n slef: nothing you wrote; I find it funny that we have a snowball dependency and wonder how long it will last
13:31 slef chris_n: I meant the club/philosophising bit
13:32 chris_n ahh...
13:32 slef chris_n: I think the snowball dependency will last until it gets warm somewhere
13:32 chris_n slef: there was a response to your post to that effect
13:34 chris_n slef: Kyle's reply to your post on open source ballot design
13:34 slef chris_n: oic.  I prefer "Nasty, British and Short" (cf Hobbs)
13:35 nengard chris_n just read your reply - thank you :)
13:35 nengard now I'm off to teach FL librarians about open source and how wonderful it and the communities around it are
13:35 nengard ttyl
13:35 nengard left #koha
13:41 hdl_laptop owen : about YUI dependencies has it been updated to 2.6 or 2.8 ?
13:41 owen hdl_laptop: No
13:42 hdl_laptop I have a problem with CircAutoCompl wich generates Yahoo errors.
13:42 owen There have been no changes to the YUI core files (as far as I know)
13:43 owen That suggests something has changed in the way CircAutoCompl works
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14:05 tomascohen hi, do anyone have some info on reports plugin infrastructure?
14:06 tomascohen i have a few hours this week
14:06 tomascohen to spend on making some reports adding jqplot for some sugar
14:20 tomascohen anyone? a useful google query?
14:21 owen tomascohen: I'm not an expert, but I don't think there is a "plugin infrastructure" for reports
14:22 owen You can build a standalone report, or you can generate your own with the guided reports.
14:22 joetho joined #koha
14:22 joetho[…]hone-attenuation/
14:22 tomascohen i found code in and 2 report-name.plugin files
14:23 tomascohen that looks like a sort of plugin infrastructure
14:25 tomascohen owen: when you create a standalone report you have to manually add a link to it
14:25 owen Yes
14:26 tomascohen I thought perhaps could be used to automaticaly add the plugin to the page
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14:31 * owen is pleased to see some good questions about vendor lock-in on the Liblime-users list
14:34 * owen did some muck-stirring
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14:45 wizzyrea lol no joke. seriously
14:46 paul_p muck stirring ?
14:46 wizzyrea stirring up the muddy waters of the koha list
14:47 paul_p s/koha list/LL customer list/ isn't it ?
14:47 wizzyrea a little of both
14:47 paul_p (good morning wizzyrea & owen & other american ppl
14:47 paul_p )
14:47 owen I'm referring specifically to the LL customer list
14:47 wizzyrea good morning paul_p
14:47 owen If there is any hope of communication from LibLime I think that's where it's going to be
14:47 wizzyrea truth
14:48 wizzyrea unfortunately we've been asked to keep all that crap private to that list
14:48 jdavidb Morning, paul_p, and wizzyrea. :)
14:48 paul_p wizzyrea: "asked" or "must-do" ?
14:48 wizzyrea not that I'm feeling especially compelled ot comply
14:48 wizzyrea s/ot/to
14:49 owen "asked," but I'm sure many libraries would fear some sort of retaliation if they didn't comply
14:50 wizzyrea yes, there is much fear of retaliation
14:51 paul_p owen: with the tone you have on koha public ML owen, i don't know what kind of retaliation you fear :D
14:51 schuster joined #koha
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14:52 tomascohen what do u think of making expose installed report plugins sorting them with a to-be-defined self-defined category hierachy?
14:52 owen I'm not afraid of retaliation (although I think it's possible), so I feel I have a responsibility to speak up.
14:53 nicomo man, who would've tought we'll see the word "retaliation" written in the #koha channel
14:53 nicomo that's just depressing
14:54 owen Luckily it's hypothetical at this point, but the chilling effect is real.
14:54 nicomo chilling and depressing, right
14:58 joetho wizzyrea- my other channel just died. AGAIN.
14:58 wizzyrea do what now>?
14:58 wizzyrea dk dude
14:58 joetho I'll email it
14:59 wizzyrea ah ok
15:04 schuster David B you still hanging around here?
15:04 jdavidb a-yup.  Whazzup, schuster?
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15:25 chris_n owen++ #for muck-stirring
15:26 jdavidb @karma owen
15:26 munin jdavidb: Karma for "owen" has been increased 58 times and decreased 2 times for a total karma of 56.
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15:48 * chris_n ducks again
15:49 chris_n after pressing 'send' that is
15:50 nengard chris_n do i even want to open my email?
15:50 jdavidb chris_n++
15:52 chris_n nengard: it will be ok, I think... I hope... ;-)
15:52 jdavidb nengard:  chris_n once again lauded your abilities to Do The Right Thing on the ballot.
15:52 nengard email read
15:53 nengard as i said earlier - i'm all for just having 1 question at this point - which group do we join?
15:53 nengard and then later we can work on the other questions - but i'm not sure i'm allowed to make that executive decision
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15:57 chris_n there is a fundamental issue at hand which runs parallel to the current issues and will continue after they have passed
15:57 chris_n that is the issue of supporting those in whom we vest authority and leadership
15:58 chris_n if that issue does not survive the immediate crisis, then the community and project are hopelessly lost imho
15:58 hdl_laptop nengard president ;)
15:58 chris_n hehe
15:58 jwagner chris_n++ for cutting to the chase
15:58 * hdl_laptop votes for nengard as Koha's Nobel Prize
15:58 nengard awwwww
15:58 nengard how sweet
15:59 * chris_n thinks she deserves it more than someone else who I know who got it recently
15:59 chris_n opps.... did I say that?
16:02 * chris_n heads out to find food
16:03 slef come on, you know he encouraged peace more in the few days between taking office and being nominated than the previous guy did in 8 years
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16:04 slef nengard: I think I'm for having two questions: What do we join now? (existing groups or none) What is our medium-term aim? (new, existing groups or none)
16:04 indradg joined #koha
16:04 nengard slef - i can do that
16:04 nengard if you answer existing groups to #1 I present you with the groups we have picked
16:05 nengard if you pick none then it's a 1 question survey
16:05 paul_p hdl_laptop: ++
16:05 toins left #koha
16:05 slef nengard: I think I meant a list of the existing groups suggested by project members... although maybe SFC's multimonth waiting list means they're not a "now" option?
16:05 nengard first lunch and then I'll put together the 2 question survey - then later we cna do the detailed one
16:06 nengard OH - yeah - i understand now that i re-read - slef I can do that too
16:06 * nengard lunching
16:07 slef I should finish up here, got to be out of the door, but I may return later to crunch numbers on part 1 and my current project
16:17 Kivutar left #koha
16:21 gbonanome joined #koha
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16:23 * nengard back
16:27 joetho joined #koha
16:28 rhcl RE: Foundation...
16:28 rhcl I think I would find it most helpful if there was a quick summary available - say 5 succinct bullet points summarizing/comparing/contrasting SPI/HLT et al
16:30 ColinC joined #koha
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16:35 owen rhcl: Everyone was supposed to have done a little bit of reading prior to this ballot
16:36 Colin left #koha
16:36 owen left #koha
16:39 paul_p2 joined #koha
16:43 rhcl Owen: as I have, still, it would be good to see if another analysis of the main points would agree with mine. Additionally, except for Jo's and Chris' comments in the IRC meeting, info for HTL is lacking, particularly there official position on the subject if anyone has breached the topic with them.
16:43 rhcl sed s/there/their
16:43 slef rhcl:[…]aheldbyfoundation
16:43 rhcl sed s/HTL/HLT -d
16:44 paul_p left #koha
16:45 rhcl slef: amazing. Thanks.
16:46 slef rhcl: a few of the columns could do with more links, to either Jo's IRC or emails or something more
16:46 slef I'm afk for 180+
16:52 brendan joined #koha
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16:58 paul_p2 is now known as paul_p
17:04 rhcl is now known as rhcl_busy
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18:09 brendan morning
18:09 sekjal good morning, brendan
18:10 brendan hi sekjal
18:11 schuster joined #koha
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18:20 wizzyrea you all may be geeky enough to appreciate this:
18:20 * wizzyrea loves this kind of stuff
18:21 ricardo joined #koha
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18:30 brendan @wunder 93117
18:30 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 16.9�C (11:27 AM PDT on October 13, 2009). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 89%. Dew Point: 15.0�C. Pressure: 29.87 in 1011.4 hPa (Steady). Flash Flood Watch in effect for recent burn areas from 8 am PDT this morning through Wednesday morning...
18:30 ricardo Hi #koha "Idlers"!... as "Mibbit" - -calls you.  ;-)
18:30 brendan yeah rain here!
18:30 ricardo @wunder lisbon
18:30 munin ricardo: Error: No such location could be found.
18:31 ricardo @wunder lisbon, portugal
18:31 munin ricardo: The current temperature in Lisbon, Portugal is 29.0�C (7:00 PM WEST on October 13, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 27%. Dew Point: 8.0�C. Pressure: 29.98 in 1015 hPa (Rising).
18:31 ricardo Pressure rising... This should be caused by the eminent release of Koha 3.0.4  ;-)
18:36 schuster @wunder Plano texas
18:36 munin schuster: The current temperature in Crooked Lane, Plano, Texas is 18.7�C (1:35 PM CDT on October 13, 2009). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 95%. Dew Point: 18.0�C. Pressure: 29.97 in 1014.8 hPa (Rising). Flash Flood Watch in effect until 9 PM CDT this evening...
18:36 schuster I LOVE IT!  Crooked Lane! HA!
18:37 ricardo ehehe
18:37 schuster Too much rain here - ready for it to stop I feel like I'm in Portland OR... not a bad place but just too much rain.
18:38 wizzyrea @wunder 66047
18:38 munin wizzyrea: The current temperature in Lawrence Live-Courtesy of the Khoury's, Lawrence, Kansas is 6.6�C (1:38 PM CDT on October 13, 2009). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 74%. Dew Point: 2.0�C. Windchill: 7.0�C. Pressure: 30.16 in 1021.2 hPa (Falling).
18:39 wizzyrea brrrr
18:39 * wizzyrea is not ready for that kind of weather
18:39 davi joined #koha
18:42 chris_n @wunder 28334
18:42 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 25.0�C (2:20 PM EDT on October 13, 2009). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 54%. Dew Point: 15.0�C. Pressure: 30.09 in 1019 hPa (Falling).
18:42 * chris_n wonders why he has to sit inside in that kind of weather
18:43 owen @wunder 45764
18:43 munin owen: The current temperature in Ohio University, Athens, Ohio is 12.8�C (2:37 PM EDT on October 13, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: 5.0�C. Pressure: 30.08 in 1018.5 hPa (Falling).
18:47 ricardo I'm going home now... Take care everyone! I hope to be back in 2 hours or so
18:48 ricardo left #koha
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19:21 owen left #koha
19:23 Ropuch Good evening
19:30 richard joined #koha
19:30 richard hi
19:41 Ropuch Hello
19:42 * chris_n marvels at how time flies
19:44 brendan @wunder 93117
19:44 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 17.1�C (12:42 PM PDT on October 13, 2009). Conditions: Rain. Humidity: 90%. Dew Point: 16.0�C. Pressure: 29.88 in 1011.7 hPa (Steady). Flash Flood Watch in effect for recent burn areas from 8 am PDT this morning through Wednesday morning...
19:45 owen joined #koha
19:45 brendan yup the rain is here :)  --- coming down pretty hard for here
19:46 Ropuch I've just managed to add custom link "Search for this title in" (thanks to Owen article), and convert koha utf8 title into iso8859-2 in it without touching .pl or .tmpl
19:46 Ropuch I'm so proud
19:46 Ropuch !
19:46 Ropuch [;
19:46 Ropuch Hi brendan, chris_n
19:47 brendan hi Ropuch
19:47 owen That's great Ropuch. Note that in 3.2 you'll be able to set a system preference for your "search for this title in" links instead of having to resort to js hacks
19:47 brendan great job Ropuch
19:47 brendan hey owen
19:48 Ropuch owen: messing with opacuserjss was no that big deal thanks to your article, converting utf was a pain ;>
19:49 Ropuch I've done this quick&dirty way: i'm calling local hosted php with rawurlencoed(iconv..) cia xmlhttprequest ;>
19:49 Ropuch /s/cia/via
19:49 jwagner left #koha
19:50 sekjal left #koha
20:21 pie is now known as chilts
20:21 chilts is now known as pie
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21:01 mitja_i joined #koha
21:02 mitja_i anybody here?
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22:47 ricardo joined #koha
22:50 ricardo Hi all
22:50 pianohackr|work hello, ricardo
22:50 ricardo pianohackr|work: Hi Jesse!
22:51 pianohackr|work how's translation and whatnot going?
22:52 ricardo pianohackr|work: Going relatively well,thanks. I hope to submit it to chris in a hour or so
23:14 davi left #koha
23:27 brendan hi ricardo pianohacker|work
23:27 pianohackr|work hi, brendan
23:27 ricardo Hi brendan !  :)
23:27 brendan err Jesse
23:27 brendan @wunder 93117
23:27 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 16.9�C (4:23 PM PDT on October 13, 2009). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 91%. Dew Point: 15.0�C. Pressure: 29.88 in 1011.7 hPa (Rising). Wind Advisory in effect until 2 am PDT Wednesday...
23:27 brendan wind means big waves :)
23:28 brendan going to see if I can borrow somebody's surf board for tomorrow morning :)
23:28 pianohackr|work wow. is the humidity normally that high?
23:29 brendan no -- but it is raining - so that must be why
23:29 brendan we haven't had rain in a bunch of months
23:29 brendan most of the mountain roads are closed -- erosion from all the fires we had
23:30 brendan so the people who houses survived the fires are being evacuated now
23:30 pianohackr|work aren't they got a deal on mountainside property
23:31 brendan yup
23:31 pianohackr|work *they glad
23:31 pianohackr|work *they glad they
23:31 brendan heh
23:31 * pianohackr|work just hands in his keyboard
23:31 brendan got one of those voice recorders
23:32 brendan whoops get not got
23:32 * brendan hands in his keyboard too
23:33 pianohackr|work if they've improved over the past few years... I remember shouting in frustration  at dragon naturallyspeaking (which, of course, only makes things worse)
23:37 brendan yeah --- I haven't tried dragon in quiet a while
23:37 brendan worked excellent for my grandfather
23:38 brendan but i think he actually spent all the time to properly set it up
23:38 pianohackr|work hah!

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