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01:51 ricardo joined #koha
01:51 ricardo Hi everone
01:52 ricardo s/everone/everyone
01:55 ricardo chris: Are you here?
02:10 ricardo @later tell chris I'll try to fix some small errors in the Portuguese translation today (Sunday, 11-Oct). If I do that, will the fixes still be on time for the 3.0.4 release?
02:10 munin ricardo: The operation succeeded.
02:12 ricardo Back in a while
02:12 ricardo left #koha
02:17 chris_n2-away joined #koha
02:17 chris_n2-away is now known as chris_n2
02:27 chris @later tell ricardo yes that is fine
02:27 munin chris: The operation succeeded.
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07:59 Ropuch Hello #koha
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17:36 pianohacker joined #koha
17:36 pianohacker Good morning, #koha
17:38 ricardo Good afternoon pianohacker!
17:38 pianohacker hello ricardo
17:38 pianohacker how are you?
17:38 ricardo pianohacker: A bit tired, but hanging on, thanks. And you?
17:39 pianohacker good. enjoying a long-awaited day of of school
17:39 pianohacker *off of
17:39 ricardo pianohacker: school?
17:39 ricardo pianohacker: On a Sunday?
17:39 Ropuch Good evening, #koha
17:40 pianohacker ricardo: I'd been behind for a while with my hand injury, am finally caught up
17:40 pianohacker good evening, Ropuch
17:40 ricardo pianohacker: Oh, I didn't know you injured your hand. I'm sorry to hear that
17:40 ricardo Ropuch: Hi. Good afternoon!
18:02 Ropuch Is Koha manual on licensed in some way? I want to translate it to polsih
18:02 Ropuch s/polsih/polish
18:03 Ropuch I can only see "Distributed under the GNU GPL license." in footer
18:03 gmcharlt joined #koha
18:04 pianohacker Ropuch: I'm almost positive it is licensed under the GPL 2
18:04 pianohacker Ropuch: nicole engard would be the person to talk to, as she wrote most of it
18:06 Ropuch I'll ask her tomorrow then
18:06 pianohacker she does not log on to irc very often, just so you know
18:07 Ropuch But she's active on list, so Ill email her
18:08 Ropuch [;
18:24 ricardo I'll return later. Bye ppl!  :)
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18:53 paul_p2 joined #koha
19:03 Ropuch Hi brendan, paul_p2
19:08 brendan hi Ropuch
19:08 pianohacker hi brendan
19:08 brendan afternoon pianohacker
19:09 pianohacker how's your sunday going?
19:09 brendan great so far -- excellent brunch with some friends
19:09 brendan how about you?
19:10 pianohacker pretty good. finally got a day off of school, am applying to colleges :)
19:10 brendan cool which schools you applying to today
19:10 pianohacker MIT  application is in progress, will get to others soon
19:11 brendan is MIT your first choice
19:11 pianohacker yes, I like what I've seen of the research they've done and the way the school works
19:12 brendan great -- the school does seem right up your alley
19:13 pianohacker I hope so.
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20:41 pianohacker bye, all
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20:52 * chris clocks in from lianza conference
20:52 Ropuch i chris
20:52 Ropuch *Hi
21:02 chris_n2 hi Ropuch, chris
21:10 ricardo joined #koha
21:11 ricardo Hi everyone!
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21:26 ricardo It's official: the weirdest nickname has been in this channel ("xsxsxsxxsxs")   ;-)
21:27 brendan hehe
21:27 ricardo brendan: :)
21:27 brendan hi ricardo
21:28 ricardo Hi brendan... How are things going?
21:28 brendan so far a nice and slow sunday -- excellent brunch with friends and now a little relaxing time :)
21:28 brendan how about you?
21:30 ricardo brendan: Not bad. It's a "local elections" evening here in Portugal. But it's a surprisingly quiet night, dispite of that. I'm editing the PO file for the Staff Portuguese translation of Koha (so a new translation gets in time for Koha 3.0.4)
21:30 brendan good for you ricardo
21:30 ricardo brendan: Thanks  :)
21:30 brendan hopefully those you feel should win elections -- will
21:31 ricardo Yeah. I guess so
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