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00:24 CGI477 joined #koha
00:24 CGI477 having trouble with updating koha
00:25 CGI477 when logging in it takes now 5-10 minutes
00:25 CGI477 but once im in everything works fast
00:25 CGI477 anyone know why? i tried emptying the sessions and /tmp folder
00:25 CGI477 cleared my cookeis
00:29 chris you emptied the sessions in mysql?
00:30 chris (im assuming you ahve sessionstorage set to mysql in system preferences)
00:33 CGI477 ya
00:33 CGI477 uses a sessions table
00:33 CGI477 and i think the /tmp folder
00:33 CGI477 at least it populates both
00:33 CGI477 all my other koha installs are working fine except this one
00:33 CGI477 we restarted apache and the database
00:33 CGI477 very odd
00:34 chris yeah it is very odd
00:34 CGI477 we just deleted the folder and did a fresh install no luck
00:35 CGI477 which is really really messed up...
00:35 chris *nod*
00:35 brendan are you accessing it from a different computer? or sitting on the same computer?
00:35 * brendan pops in for just a second :)
00:36 CGI477 the web is on a server and then the database is on a seperate
00:36 CGI477 its not the database though it cant be is what we have come to decide
00:37 CGI477 because once you are in your in and its fast
00:40 CGI477 hm we are gonna wait and see if it fixes itself before monday
00:41 chris seems really odd
00:41 chris have you tried hitting it with lynx
00:45 CGI477 not yet
00:47 CGI477 ya same thing with lynx
00:47 CGI477 its gotta be apache
00:49 chris its feeling that way
01:18 snail CGI477: what i'd do is time the exact time it takes to log in, and then troll through the config files (apache, moodle, etc) for timeouts of that length
01:20 CGI477 ya we ran into more problems lol zebra is being a b
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03:41 Amit hi chris
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06:35 CGI137 z39.50 is not working on KOHA(window version) plz help me in this regard
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06:37 CGI497 z39.50 is not working on koha window version plz help me in this regard
06:38 CGI497 I am also unable to add/edit member in Koha window version
06:38 CGI890 I am also unable to add/edit member in Koha window version
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06:47 Ropuch Morning #koha
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07:47 MHD joined #koha
07:48 MHD morning
07:48 MHD i need help plz
07:48 Ropuch Hello MHD
07:49 MHD hello Ropuch
07:50 MHD i 've an Koha Error , i was trying many time to resolve it , but i dnt resolvet till know
07:51 MHD The following fatal error has occurred:  Tag "" is not a valid tag. at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 1542
07:51 MHD i checked into - cgi-bin/koha/admin/ - but i dnt know exactly what the problem !!
07:53 Ropuch It occur when you try to edit items?
07:53 MHD noup , when i  saved a marc record
07:54 MHD ;c
07:55 Ropuch What koha version you're using?
07:56 MHD
08:06 MHD Tag "" is not a valid tag. ??? how is that ?
08:06 Ropuch It can be problem with or a typo i tmpl
08:07 Ropuch Maybe it's trying to do some sql querry with missing column name/value
08:08 Ropuch But I'm guessing here, I don't know perl really
08:10 MHD ohh , it's oky dnt wry
08:11 Ropuch I have similar problem while editing items, but I'm in hurry with migrating data, so i update them from mysql console if needed
08:11 Ropuch ;>
08:11 MHD ;D
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17:02 Ropuch Hello
17:41 brendan joined #koha
17:48 chris morning
18:41 Ropuch Hello chris, brendan
18:46 brendan hello Ropuch
18:49 Ropuch How is Koha Documentation on licensed?
18:50 Ropuch I'd liek translate it into polish
18:50 Ropuch s/liek/like
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