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00:01 |Lupin| oh, and the name of CPAN's configuration file was even given in the INSTALL.debian-lenny file provided by Koha... hmm!
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00:04 pianohacker find is one of gnu's more bass-ackwards utilities. I still haven't figured out why putting the path first is so important to it
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00:13 chris |Lupin|: sorry to ask this, but do you think you would have time to send a patch to add that package to the file?
00:13 chris if not ill try to get around to it
00:23 pianohacker good night, all
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00:25 |Lupin| chris: of course I can send a patch
00:25 |Lupin| chris: I was simply not sure it was what ppl want and it was worth doing a patch
00:28 |Lupin| ah actually there is a typo in the packages file: it mentions libparam-util-perl whereas it should be libparams-util-perl
00:28 chris yep, real packages always trump cpan
00:29 chris where possible
00:29 chris since that way the get updated by security patches etc
00:29 Jo quick question: can we import a database of items from an excel spreadsheet straight into Koha 3.2?
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00:29 chris no
00:29 chris convert it to marc, and you can
00:29 Jo cool - thanks :)
00:30 brendan well first Jo -- you need to stand on one foot.....
00:30 chris you can import a spreadsheet of patrons tho
00:30 brendan then jump in a quick little circle
00:30 brendan hehe
00:30 chris if you save it to csv in the format that koha says :)
00:31 chris Jo: there are some tutorials about converting a spreadsheet to valid MARC using marc edit on the wiki and mailing lists
00:32 brendan[…]ha_using_marcedit
00:36 |Lupin| chris: patch sent
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00:44 chris cool thanks |Lupin|
00:48 chris is it 9 october UTC yet?
00:48 * chris thinks so
00:48 chris |Lupin|: is it the 9th in france yet? :)
00:48 |Lupin| chris: yes
00:49 chris cool thanks
00:49 |Lupin| chris: sorry, I'm not following regularly enough and have no beeps on hilights
00:49 |Lupin| chris: there are several potential issues with perl Makefile.PL
00:50 Topic for #koha is now If you have edited the wiki please vote for the relicensing at[…]ow&id=relicensing
00:50 chris |Lupin|: wouldn't suprise me
00:50 |Lupin| chris: first is it asks Zebra user and password, or something like that. The default values are kohauser and zebrastripes. But I seem to recall that authenticaton is turned off when connecting to the zebra server, isn't it ?
00:51 Jo Thanks for the help everyone
00:54 brendan :) -- ok heading home for so food -- yummy
00:54 brendan some
00:55 |Lupin| bye brendan
00:57 chris |Lupin|: i dont think so, and i hope it isnt
00:57 chris but i must admit i havent looked recently
00:57 * chris looks now
00:59 chris nope looks to me like it tries to use them
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01:01 |Lupin| chris: I remember having problems with that when I switched from NoZebra to Zebra on our dev machine
01:01 |Lupin| chris: I'll see what happens
01:01 Jo Great visit with Mapuia IT man and librarian.
01:01 |Lupin| chris: Warning: prerequisite IPC::Cmd 0.46 not found. We have 0.401.
01:01 pastebot "chris" at pasted "zebra connection" (11 lines) at
01:01 |Lupin| chris: what should be done with such messages ?
01:02 |Lupin| chris: Can they be ignored o is it better to install a newer version of the package through CPAN ?
01:02 Jo they are dead keen on Koha, and were struggling away in a void a bit. Have introduced them to irc and bugzilla and discussion list so should be all go now :)
01:03 chris cool :)
01:03 chris dh-make-perl them on :)
01:04 chris (for |Lupin|)
01:04 chris or cpan if you dont want to do that, i think if there is a version number its important to be at least that
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01:07 |Lupin| chris: ok... would it be safe to take packages from more recent versions of Debian and just install them ?
01:08 |Lupin| chris: ok thanks, I wasn't quite sure how important this might be
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01:12 chris |Lupin|: yep if they are in backports that would be ideal, otherwise if they will install from a later version
01:14 |Lupin| chris: not sure what to do with IPC::Cmd
01:14 |Lupin| chris: has it been introduced recently in KOha ? Seems it doesn't appear in the package file for lenny
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01:18 chris if its not in lenny must be recent addition to koha
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01:18 chris as vincent danjeans packaged up all the modules for lenny
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01:19 chris hmm
01:20 chris actually, safe to ignore that
01:20 chris and run with the older version
01:20 chris i just grepped
01:20 chris its only used by the installer and
01:21 chris and it works fine with the older version
01:22 chris Galen Charlton       2009-08-01 12:17:18 -0400  568)                             'IPC::Cmd'
01:22 chris yep, newish
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01:43 chris hmmm
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03:23 Topic for #koha is now If you have edited the wiki please vote for the relicensing at[…]ow&id=relicensing
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03:24 thd chris: are you there now?
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03:27 brendan wb #koha
03:29 richard hey your back
03:29 brendan hey richard
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03:35 chris yep thd
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03:37 thd chris: Are the demo links not the strongest tie which LibLime has to
03:40 chris apart from the fact that they host it and are the only ones who can edit/add to it?
03:41 chris and that they use it to put up press about their clients goint live with LEK
03:41 chris adn the pay for support page
03:41 chris disregarding all that, then yeah
03:47 thd Do you really think that as long as they are controlling the domain and providing a Koha based system that they would agree to remove anything which helps their Koha based business?
03:49 brendan I didn't think they did no LEK installs anymore
03:49 brendan sorry non-LEK installs
03:51 chris no
03:51 chris i just dont want references to LEK on there
03:51 chris and i have wanted that pay for support page changed for a year now
03:52 chris their koha based business is fine, they can put their LEK stuff up once its released, until then, keep it off
03:52 chris by slandering the developers and anyone who objected to their fork, they have used up the last of my patience
03:53 thd I just think that asking is liable to be ineffective and it will not promote a reasonable attitude towards favourable change from kados.
03:54 chris asking nicely hasnt either
03:54 chris you can ask nicely, im done with that
03:54 chris ive been trying for 2 years now
03:56 thd I think that Joe said it best when he said that forks tend to go away when both branches want what the other has.
03:56 chris no
03:56 thd no?
03:56 chris that doesnt hold when one fork is never released
03:56 thd under what conditions do forks go away?
03:57 chris it doesnt matter if we want what is in their branch, we cant have it
03:57 chris forks go away when code is released
03:57 chris because only then, can someone reconcile it
03:58 thd Yet if we build things which all the lek customers would find irresistible then LibLime will find them irresistible too.
03:59 chris yes
03:59 chris and they will just keep taking them
03:59 chris like the do now
03:59 thd Not if we change to AGPL 3.
03:59 chris only if we rewrite all the code that liblime has copyright on
03:59 thd for the irresistible features, I do not mean now.
04:00 thd You only have to add a modification under AGPL 3 and then the work as a whole is under AGPL 3.
04:01 chris yeah, they only have to rewrite the modification and its not
04:01 thd Yes that is true.
04:01 chris it would have to be significantly big enough to preclude that
04:02 chris even the fork itself doesnt worry me
04:02 chris im fine with them running LEK forever
04:02 thd Rewriting requires work and I do not think that it is worth bothering to put insignificant features under AGPL 3.
04:02 chris don't see why we should be advertising it on though
04:03 chris and i wish they would just admit the real reasons for forking, and quit with the lies
04:03 thd we should not be advertising LEK but LEK will likely be advertised there while LibLime controls the domain.
04:03 chris in that case, they should not control the domain either
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04:05 chris when you have people from the original library that spawned liblime
04:05 chris asking for links to a demo of Koha not LEK .. i think it behooves the community to listen
04:05 chris (speaking of NPL here)
04:07 thd I do not disagree with the good principle of that position.
04:07 thd I merely think that it is not tactically the best way to go about the issue.
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04:08 |Lupin| hi
04:08 chris i dont think it will work, but i think it is important for us to be publicly on record saying we arent happy with it
04:08 |Lupin| good that #koha is back !
04:08 chris and i dont think any tactic will work with liblime at present
04:09 chris so its as good as anything else
04:09 brendan thd -- it seems that no matter what path -- no response is the usual outcome
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04:11 |Lupin| chris: will it be required that the coming KOha 3.2 works on lenny ?
04:14 chris yep, it does currently
04:15 chris so as long as no one breaks it in the next month or so it will :)
04:15 |Lupin| chris: I'm not sure it does...
04:15 * chris has koha running on 3 lenny machines
04:16 chris and mason about 4 more .. and im sure there are hundreds more
04:16 chris so im utterly sure it does
04:16 * brendan found lenny install easiest so far
04:16 |Lupin| chris: commit po4:br,5 requires a Test::More which is more recent than the one provided in lenny's perl-modules package
04:16 chris yep
04:16 chris you can either cpan it, or dh-make-perl it on
04:17 chris doesnt stop it working on lenny
04:17 chris or did you mean only work with packages that are in lenny, in which case, no that isnt a goal
04:17 |Lupin| chris: well it makes the Makefile.PL print warnings...
04:17 chris yeah, just put a newer version on
04:18 chris you can do taht with CPAN
04:18 chris or dh-make-perl
04:18 chris if a module isnt in lenny, we cant get it in lenny now
04:18 |Lupin| chris: but won't that cause conflicts to for instance install the module through CPAN ?
04:18 chris nope
04:18 chris the CPAN one will take preference
04:19 |Lupin| chris: ok, if that's always guaranted, that's fine
04:19 |Lupin| how about dh-make-perl ?
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04:19 chris only do that for modules that arent in lenny at all
04:19 |Lupin| I guess for this cse it's not very wise because it won't be updated, since there is no equivalent debian package ?
04:20 chris yeah
04:20 |Lupin| chris: ok, I start to understand, sorry it takes so long ...:)
04:20 chris no problem :)
04:20 chris im more short/grumpy than normal since my 2 sons are sick
04:20 |Lupin| So if the module is in lenny with a lower version: install it wih cpan. if it is not in lenny at all, install it with dh-make-perl
04:20 chris so dont take it personally if i give short answers :-)
04:21 chris thats my rule of thumb anyway
04:21 |Lupin| chris: np !
04:21 |Lupin| chris: I'm too hapy that you are here and replying to complain about how you do it !
04:21 chris hehe
04:22 |Lupin| chris: what do your sons have ? is it a serious illness ?
04:22 chris some kind of stomach bug, not serious but messy
04:24 |Lupin| chris: ok, hope they will feel better soon... can't do much unfortunately
04:28 chris yeah, time to go give them baths
04:28 chris bbl
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04:56 chris i admire you persistence thd, but i think that we are wasting our time and we probably should be working to reduce any dependence on Liblime rather than pandering to it
04:57 chris but ive said my piece on that thread now
04:58 thd chiris: If you read closely I suggested just that
05:00 thd chris: When we have reduced our dependence on LibLime, then we should ask for things with the knowledge that we can obtain them suitably in any case if he refuses.
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05:21 |Lupin| goto office;
05:21 |Lupin| see you
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05:42 Ropuch Hello #koha
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05:49 chris hi Ropuch
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06:17 chris wb |Lupin|
06:19 * chris goes to put the kids to bed bbiab
06:25 |Lupin| chris: :)
06:25 |Lupin| a2enmod rewrite
06:26 |Lupin| oooops
06:26 Ropuch ;>
06:26 Ropuch Hi |Lupin|
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07:06 chris heya biblibre .. and others in france :)
07:06 |Lupin| hi Ropuch
07:08 nicomo hi chris hi all
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07:11 kf morning
07:11 chris morning kf
07:12 kf morning chris :)
07:12 chris kf and nicomo
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07:14 |Lupin| gutentag kf
07:15 nicomo chris: ok, done my share
07:15 nicomo :-)
07:15 chris :)
07:15 kf done
07:15 kf should we strike-through our name from the list after voting?
07:16 chris just take it out
07:16 kf ah, sorry
07:17 chris no worries :)
07:17 kf jo asked for opacs for your presentation at lianza - do you want to show a picture of ours with hebrew?
07:17 chris ohhh yeah that would be awesome
07:17 chris paul_p: you have edited the wiki before eh?
07:18 paul_p hello world.
07:18 paul_p chris: ???
07:18 chris i can see hdl, but not you
07:18 kf I will ask the librarian first, but I think there is no problem. I can sent you some good examples after that
07:18 chris paul_p:
07:18 chris kf: that would be great :)
07:18 paul_p chris: i'm tipaul on the wiki. And yes, I edited it many times !
07:19 kf no problem, will have her on the phone today
07:19 chris ahh there you are, right, add your vote then :)
07:22 chris france++
07:22 chris
07:24 paul_p well... it's hard to have NO oss system in a large company... but, yes, OSS is welcomed in french administrations
07:24 chris its probably high in other countries, but their IT managers don't know :)
07:33 |Lupin| pls
07:33 |Lupin| I checked out the master branch and did a standard install of it
07:33 |Lupin| I ran the install-code script before doing the make install
07:34 |Lupin| but the web interface is in english rather than in french
07:34 |Lupin| any idea about what might have been forgotten ?
07:35 chris you need to go into system preferences
07:36 chris and switch it to french there
07:36 chris i think
07:39 |Lupin| chris: no no
07:39 |Lupin| chris: I loaded datas from another database from a configured koha
07:40 |Lupin| chris: I'm pretty sure it has more to do with the generation of messages in french
07:40 kf did you generate the templates?
07:40 chris so you are sure it is set to french in the sys prefs?
07:41 chris and the template files exist ?
07:43 |Lupin| chris: I ran the install-code script
07:44 |Lupin| chris: yeah, just checked the syspref
07:44 chris yes but i would still check they are there, because they make not have been copied across with the make install
07:44 chris may even
07:45 |Lupin| chris: yeah I guess the problem comes from that
07:46 |Lupin| chris: any idea why the make install didn't copy them ?
07:46 chris i think you need to run the make first
07:47 chris ie
07:47 chris then make, then make install
07:47 |Lupin| chris: ah ok
07:47 chris make install copies from the blib/ directory (and other places) taht the make makes
07:47 |Lupin| chris: yeah it seems coherent!
07:48 |Lupin| thanks a lot chris and kf !!
07:48 chris don't thank me unless it actually works :-)
07:48 kf chris had the answer (no surprise there :) )
07:48 |Lupin| chris: well at that point I'm thanking for the intention and the will to help... will thank once more if it actually works :-)
07:49 chris heh
07:51 |Lupin| btw
07:52 |Lupin| there may be a little problem with the which is installed. the ZEBRASRV variable does not include the install prefix
07:52 |Lupin| it says ZEBRASRV=/zebrasrv
07:54 kf hm, we have a problem with sending notices: they are always sent to the library, not to the patron. all other mails (advance, due, checkin, checkout) are sent to the patron - did I miss something in configuration?
07:55 chris this is overdue notices kf?
07:55 |Lupin| chris kf: oops, still in english
07:55 kf yes overdue notices
07:56 chris |Lupin|: ah yes that does require editing currently
07:56 chris |Lupin|: and are the templates in the right place now?
07:56 |Lupin| chris: no
07:57 |Lupin| chris: it's strange it requires editing in that script, whereas the script is generated correctly...
07:57 chris |Lupin|: yep its a bug
07:57 kf I normally generate the templates after make install - never tried it the other way
07:58 chris kf: hmm, you'd think someone would have mentioned that before if it was a bug ... so im guessing a config thing, but i might be wrong
07:58 kf its a HEAD install... so noone might have tested it yet
07:59 |Lupin| kf: but you run Koha from sourcs, don't you ?
07:59 |Lupin| kf: I mean, you do a dev install ?
08:00 kf no
08:00 kf we have a standard install from git... as far as I know
08:01 chris kf: true, but i think some people are running from head already, ill see if i can find out
08:02 kf chris: that would be great - library opens on monday and we need to get notices work soon. will try to investigate the code later... perhaps I get some hints for a syspref I missed or something
08:04 |Lupin| chris: is there a way to copy the templates "manually" ?
08:05 kf |Lupin| wait a moment, I generated de-DE in a dev install
08:05 |Lupin| kf: ok, thanks !
08:05 kf and I note everything down in my wiki... :)
08:06 chris yes |Lupin|
08:06 chris cp -r
08:06 chris :)
08:06 |Lupin| chris: let's do that for the moment... :/
08:07 chris yeah give that a try and see if it works
08:26 |Lupin| chris: yeah that works and I think I'll be happy with that for the moment, thanks a lot for your help !
08:28 chris cool
08:35 |Lupin| chris: yeah it's great
08:35 |Lupin| chris: how are the children btw ?
08:37 chris sleeping
08:38 chris so hopefully on the mend, we'll find out tomorrow
08:38 |Lupin| chris: ok... sometimes one night can change many things...
08:39 chris yep, sometimes the body just needs time to heal itself
08:41 |Lupin| chris: yeah and resting is really the best one can do and is efficient
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09:10 kf chris: hope your children get well soon
09:10 chris thanks kf
09:12 chris <-- irma presenting koha at
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11:00 kmkale @weather mumbai
11:00 munin kmkale: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 29.0�C (4:10 PM IST on October 09, 2009). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 74%. Dew Point: 24.0�C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Steady).
11:00 kmkale @weather thane
11:00 munin kmkale: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 29.0�C (4:10 PM IST on October 09, 2009). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 74%. Dew Point: 24.0�C. Pressure: 29.74 in 1007 hPa (Steady).
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11:09 magnusenger @weather bodø, norway
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11:10 magnusenger hm, somewhere in between would be nice... ;-)
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11:29 hdl_laptop @weather marseille
11:29 munin hdl_laptop: The current temperature in Marseille, France is 22.0�C (1:00 PM CEST on October 09, 2009). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 78%. Dew Point: 18.0�C. Pressure: 30.04 in 1017 hPa (Steady).
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11:29 hdl_laptop @weather lyon
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11:33 gmcharlt @weather Lyon, France
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11:33 gmcharlt magnusenger: I think we've found your middling temperature for you - go visit hdl_laptop! ;)
11:34 hdl_laptop Lyon is nicomo rather.
11:34 hdl_laptop hi gmcharlt
11:35 gmcharlt hi hdl_laptop
11:38 kmkale_ or if you feel like a little tan welcome to India ;)
11:39 hdl_laptop But you would be welcome magnusenger if you come to Montpellier
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11:48 magnusenger thanks gmcharlt and hdl_laptop, I think the urge will only grow stronger as we approach the winter solstice, so don't feel too safe! ;-)
11:49 * hdl_laptop doesnot feel magnusenger as a threat ;)
11:49 magnusenger muahaha!
11:50 hdl_laptop wine is very good here.
11:51 magnusenger i'm not too much of a wine-person, though...
11:52 magnusenger we had one last night that was good: Clos des Vents, Cotes du Roussillon. Any Kohas in that vicinity? ;-)
11:52 hdl_laptop I live in Roussillon : it is the area of Montpellier ;)
11:54 magnusenger a ha! Nice!
11:54 magnusenger I know way too little about France... :-(
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12:11 Ropuch I'm looking for a Koha library with some considerable tag cloud
12:12 Amit joined #koha
12:12 Ropuch My girlfriend is writing an essay about how 2.0 technologies can be and are used by libraries
12:13 Ropuch And I want to provide her with Koha example ;>
12:15 Nate good morning everyone!
12:16 Amit hi nate
12:21 jdavidb joined #koha
12:21 Ropuch Hello Amit, Nate, jdavidb
12:21 jdavidb Hi, Ropuch. :)
12:22 Amit hi jdavidab
12:22 Amit hi ropuch
12:22 Ropuch maybe you know about library with decent number of tags? I need sample of Koha tag cloud
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12:26 kf hi jdavidb and Ropuch
12:26 Ropuch Hi kf
12:26 jdavidb Hi, kf!  :D
12:27 kf :)
12:27 jwagner No, but I have a question on tags, if anyone's familiar with the setup. Following directions on the manual site, I tried running the script as -f 676a -t 606 -c -b -- works fine on one system, won't work on another (tags aren't linked to any records).  Ideas?  Do I have the setup wrong?
12:27 jwagner And good morning everyone.  Happy Friday.
12:30 kf good morning jwagner
12:30 kf I think build_browser_and_cloud is a different feature
12:31 jwagner Hmmm.  On the first system, the tags wouldn't link to anything until I ran it.  Then they linked fine.
12:32 kf hm ok, perhaps Im wrong, cant test as we have tags deactivated now :( but I thought it worked without using any cronjob
12:33 kf and that there is a "french" feature, that also includes some kind of cloud
12:34 kmkale_ bye all
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12:35 jwagner Going back to the manual site, the build_browser_and_cloud references aren't matching up to anything about tags, but I know I found a write up somewhere because I went looking for how to activate the tags & found the syntax.  Much puzzled now.
12:35 kf jwagner: I think your cronjob is linked to the opacbrowser syspref, while taggging works without cronjob
12:36 kf give me a minute, I will activate tagging in our test system
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12:36 kf hm should work without cron job
12:37 kf TagsEnabled to on
12:37 kf TagsInputOnDetail on
12:37 kf added tag to title,
12:38 kf went to Tag Cloud - tag was shown and linked correctly back to my title
12:38 kf I think the opacbrowser feature uses the classification somehow, but never saw it working
12:39 jwagner I think I figured it out -- someone had turned on tag moderation on the second system, so naturally all the test tags I entered weren't working.  Sigh.  Still don't know where I found that script reference.  Maybe I'm just losing my mind :-)
12:41 jdavidb jwagner:  Loss of mind is no particular handicap, in this community, and may well help, in some situations.
12:41 jwagner Harrumph.
12:42 * jdavidb lost his a long time ago, and no one noticed.
12:43 gmcharlt joined #koha
12:44 kf :D
12:45 Amit hi galen, kf, jwagner
12:45 kf I think you are in good company, not sure if I m still sane, just working down my todo list... and trying not to think about its length
12:45 kf hi Amit
12:47 Amit left #koha
12:48 jdavidb kf:  Me too.  This is supposed to be a holiday weekend here in the US, and PTFS normally takes that holiday...but I'll probably spend part of it on some of my to-do list..
12:48 jwagner Holiday?  We don't need no steenkin' holidays!!!!
12:49 kf yeah!
12:50 jdavidb :P  Speak for yerself!  Despite being "out sick" for most of three days, I'm not behind on hours for the pay-period.
12:51 jwagner But you note how cleverly I've moved so many things from my to-do list to your to-do list :-)
12:52 jdavidb Yes, I do.  You're a clever lady, like that.  Be advised that I only allow that sort of thing from people I like.  For others, I'm Teflon John, and the task will get handed off to someone else.  ;-)
12:52 jwagner It's OK.  While I'm busy shifting things over to you, other people are busy shifting things over to me.  What Goes Around Comes Around.
13:10 Colin joined #koha
13:11 kyle left #koha
13:31 paul_p2 joined #koha
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13:41 tomascohen joined #koha
13:46 nahuel joined #koha
13:47 Kivutar joined #koha
14:07 owen joined #koha
14:13 owen Alright munin, lay it on me.
14:13 owen Cool, thanx buddy.
14:24 jwagner Good morning, owen.
14:24 owen Hi jwagner and anyone else awake at an hour that may or may not be decent depending on your time zone and inclination.
14:25 jwagner On the OPAC sort by branch question, if I remember right, you said that just putting the item column second & making location first was enough to get it sorting in branch order, correct?  I've done that change and it seems to work, just want to be sure I'm not missing something else.
14:25 Nate hi owen!
14:25 jwagner (And mornings are never "a decent hour"!)
14:26 owen jwagner: The configuration of the javascript sorter tells it to sort by default on the first column, so if you've physically moved the location column to the first slot it should sort that by default
14:27 jwagner OK, good.  By request of my site I've also done a change in that makes staff client sort by branch _description_ (not code) first, then the original sort on accession date.  Would that be of interest too?
14:30 owen I think that's a good logical choice for the default, so you've got my vote.
14:33 jwagner Did you have a bugzilla entry on this yet?  I can format both my changes as a single patch if people want them -- I need them for one of my sites right now anyway.
14:33 owen I don't want to physically modify the order of the columns in the OPAC, I prefer to change the configuration of the table sorter
14:36 usa joined #koha
14:37 usa left #koha
14:38 owen Hmmm... My label example images are going to be a i18n problem...
14:38 A joined #koha
14:39 A hi chris
14:39 A how can i register a nickname or a channel
14:39 owen A, you don't need to register your nick to participate
14:39 A so
14:40 A there is no registration
14:40 jwagner owen, OK, I won't do a patch yet.  Let me know if you want the code -- got a little complicated because I had to join to branch table to get the description.
14:41 A left #koha
14:41 owen jwagner: I'd so go ahead and create an enhancement bug for your change and submit your patch just for that. I think that's quite worthwhile.
14:41 jwagner OK, will do in a bit.
14:57 wizzyrea joined #koha
14:57 magnusenger left #koha
14:58 Nate left #koha
14:59 Nate joined #koha
15:08 jwagner owen, Bug 3702 & patch sent.
15:08 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3702 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Change sort order of items in staff title display
15:09 owen Thanks jwagner, I appreciate your efforts!
15:10 jwagner Not a problem. One trick we learned, when a system wants a particular library to show first in the list (main lib vs branches) but it's not first alphabetically -- start its branch description with an asterisk, like *Main Branch.  That will sort before Branchname 1, etc.
15:14 * owen has jumped through many a hoop to make sure his system's main branch comes at the top of lists
15:15 owen Librarians of all people should think of such things before naming their libraries!
15:15 wizzyrea jwagner: brilliant simple solution
15:15 wizzyrea our big thing is
15:15 wizzyrea we want the logged in branch to be the selected branch in every case
15:16 wizzyrea since there is no "main" branch
15:16 wizzyrea in our system
15:16 owen So you want holdings from the logged in branch to always be first in the list, then alphabetical by other libraries?
15:18 paul_p2 that would please a lot of libraries I think...
15:18 paul_p2 (in opac as well as in staff...)
15:18 wizzyrea yep
15:19 * owen wants to smack the principal of his daughter's school for sending emails which consist of PDF attachments containing plain text
15:19 wizzyrea oh srsly, that is silly
15:19 wizzyrea owen re: pdf's of plain text
15:19 wizzyrea I think chris was working on that in the holdings table
15:19 * owen thinks he must compose them and give them to his secretary to email for him
15:19 wizzyrea but like, in add patrons
15:20 wizzyrea in add item
15:20 paul_p2 (at least it's not a .doc one of my son school sended .doc with " meeting for classroom xxx on xx/xx/xxxx, witht the teache"
15:20 paul_p2 )
15:22 wizzyrea pretty much, anywhere it would make sense to favor the logged in branch, it would be cool to organize like that
15:22 wizzyrea logged in first, then alphabetical (or acq date, in the case of holdings)
15:22 wizzyrea or in the case of a dropdown just select logged in branch from the list
15:23 wizzyrea would definitely help our libraries Winchester and Williamsburg
15:23 wizzyrea it's a lot of scrolling for them
15:23 owen Hey, at least they *know* they're at the end. What about the K's and the M's?
15:24 wizzyrea truth
15:24 wizzyrea Ottawa would probably appreciate it too
15:40 brendan joined #koha
15:42 jwagner owen and wizzyrea, sorry, was off in a quick meeting.  I've had requests also to always make one branch the first in line for creating etc.  In this case, they always want the main, but having it by the logged in user's library makes more sense to me.
15:50 wizzyrea speaking of that... how do you guys handle staff users?
15:50 wizzyrea we have 3 accounts per library with varying perms
15:51 wizzyrea example: Nekls_Circ, circulate, place holds, no real special perms beyond that
15:51 wizzyrea nekls_tech, cataloguing, circ, holds
15:51 wizzyrea nekls_director, all of those, plus reports
15:52 jwagner Varies by site preference & also how specific they want to get with granular permissions.
15:52 wizzyrea do you guys do actual staff member accounts, like, my individual account would also be my library user account
15:52 Kivutar left #koha
15:52 wizzyrea er, staff user account
15:52 wizzyrea so lrea could circ items, for example
15:52 owen wizzyrea: We only do that for people who are doing very specific tasks, like cataloging
15:53 owen Otherwise we have a general "staff" login for general use.
15:53 jwagner Again, varies.  Some sites want to keep their personal-use accounts separate from their library staff accounts.
15:53 wizzyrea k. I have been wondering about that for a while
15:53 wizzyrea you probably change the passwords with staff turnover?
15:53 wizzyrea or no?
15:53 owen There's too much movement around the circ desk, for instance, to have people logging in as themselves.
15:53 wizzyrea yea, that was kind of what we thought
15:53 owen And yes, wizzyrea, we change passwords as the staff changes
15:54 owen Luckily we're a fairly small operation and it doesn't happen too often.
15:54 wizzyrea so you're not too worried about circulation accountability
15:54 wizzyrea (neither are we)
15:54 wizzyrea that's really the only reason I could think of to do it with individual accounts
15:54 wizzyrea instead of a blanket account
15:55 laurence left #koha
15:55 owen wizzyrea: There are times I wish we had more accountability, but the disadvantages outweigh the benefits
15:59 wizzyrea owen: I'm glad that I'm not alone in coming to that conclusion
15:59 brendan morning #koha
15:59 wizzyrea mornin brendan
15:59 brendan heya wizzyrea
15:59 brendan how goes the grasslands
16:00 wizzyrea Amber waves of grain :)
16:00 * brendan just reading through all the messages on the mailing list from this morning
16:00 wizzyrea oh I know...
16:00 wizzyrea it's just... wowie
16:00 brendan good points - but always seems that we are having a conversation with a deaf person
16:00 brendan who can't read lips
16:01 wizzyrea yes. it's a black hole of info in more than one way
16:01 wizzyrea owen is taking them to the mat ;)
16:01 * owen has been feeling like stirring up trouble
16:01 wizzyrea hehe I can tell
16:02 wizzyrea hey, someone has to
16:02 wizzyrea and you have the support of your superiors to do so, I imagien
16:02 wizzyrea imagine*
16:02 wizzyrea brendan: did california finally stop burning?
16:03 brendan yup no burning at this moment in time
16:03 brendan but it's very brown/yellowish outside
16:03 wizzyrea whew that must be a relief
16:03 brendan the grass that is
16:03 wizzyrea eww
16:03 wizzyrea ohhh
16:03 wizzyrea funny story, it's green like springtime in kansas
16:04 wizzyrea we had a strange summer
16:04 brendan yeah we haven't had rain in a long time
16:04 brendan and we don't get rain until February
16:04 brendan then we get three weeks and that's it
16:05 nahuel left #koha
16:08 kf owen: I think chris sent a patch for bug 3559
16:08 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3559 major, PATCH-Sent, ---,, RESOLVED FIXED, Zotero does not work on opac detail page with xslt on
16:09 owen Yes, and it seems to be working fine now. I hope you don't mind that I marked it as fixed
16:09 kf I have still the problem here
16:09 kf you have xslt on?
16:10 owen Yes
16:10 kf hm strange
16:10 kf I thought it was not pushed yet, will try again on my dev install laptop :)
16:10 kf nope, only working on result list for me
16:11 owen I wonder what could be the difference between our systems? Could it be an issue with the data?
16:15 kf I will check it on my dev install at home again, perhaps it is our data... but its strange.
16:19 CGI825 joined #koha
16:20 owen Hi CGI825
16:30 CGI825 left #koha
16:32 owen jwagner: Can you attach screenshots to Bug 3703 demonstrating the proposed change?
16:32 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3703 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Move OPAC login line to below custom header
16:33 owen left #koha
16:40 francharb left #koha
16:51 joetho joined #koha
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16:57 kf bye #koha
16:57 kf left #koha
17:08 ColinC joined #koha
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17:46 matts left #koha
17:54 chris morning
17:55 brendan morning
17:55 owen joined #koha
17:57 jwagner owen, see screenshot on Bug 3703
17:57 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3703 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Move OPAC login line to below custom header
17:58 nicomo left #koha
18:07 Wizzyrea_ joined #koha
18:09 nicomo joined #koha
18:10 chris right, caught up on mail
18:13 * owen likes a good mail day
18:21 rhcl how does koha use Pazpar2?
18:30 cait_laptop joined #koha
18:32 cait_laptop good evening :)
18:32 owen The latest evidence in the Mysterious Case of the Unknown Yellow Box!
18:32 owen "In our case IMPOSSIBLE was set with USERBLOCKEDOVERDUE"
18:33 owen Does that string not exist in Koha or is my grepping faulty?
18:35 snail joined #koha
18:38 brendan nice just got this email (here's the subject)--> Business Insights: See how Windows 7 can make you more productive
18:47 chris heh
18:47 chris looking now owen
18:50 chris so did anyone understand the point ben was trying to make when he posted those libwebcat links?
18:50 cait_laptop hi chris
18:50 Nate left #koha
18:50 cait_laptop did you get my email?
18:50 chris yes thank you :)
18:51 cait_laptop ok, hope it helps
18:52 chris owen: cant find that string
18:53 chris rhcl: at the moment it uses it only for trying to do some frbr
18:53 jwagner owen, I don't find it either.
18:54 chris rhcl: but i want to expand it so that koha can use it to search multiple sources (not just its local zebra db)
18:57 owen Where are "Fine days" configured?
19:00 cait_laptop circ matrix
19:01 owen Circulation and fines rules? I don't see it.
19:02 chris i wonder if its a LEKism
19:02 cait_laptop no, its there
19:02 chris USERBLOCKEDOVERDUE that is
19:02 cait_laptop ah, sorry chris
19:03 chris hmmm actually i remember biblibre talking about this
19:03 cait_laptop owen: give me a minute, I know I saw it there
19:03 chris how some libraries dont do fines
19:03 cait_laptop fine days is biblibre, nahuel I think
19:03 chris but instead stop a user being able to issue for a set period of days
19:04 chris right, i think it will be in 3.0.x then
19:04 chris not master
19:04 chris im not sure it has been ported for 3.2
19:04 cait_laptop owen: you are right, its not there, but I think its in 3.0.2
19:05 cait_laptop we had 3.0.2 before switching to HEAD, perhaps this is because I remember it
19:05 chris yeah
19:05 chris i think its a feature that hasnt been put in master
19:05 cait_laptop nahuel called me sadistic because we charge fines :P
19:05 cait_laptop I remember that very clearly ;)
19:05 chris yes indeed, its 3.0.x
19:06 nicomo left #koha
19:06 jdavidb It's more masochistic than sadistic.  How much work do libraries go to, to collect dimes?    One of the libraries in our consortium where I used to work figured out that they didn't take in enough money to pay the salary for the person who spent *much* time doing that.  So they quit doing it.
19:06 jdavidb Got her working on something more useful.
19:07 chris so owen if you want to replicate you will need a 3.0.x checkout running
19:07 cait_laptop I dont know, but I found it interesting that libraries that sent advance notices dont get less fines
19:07 cait_laptop than those who do not
19:13 tomascohen left #koha
19:13 jdavidb left #koha
19:16 jwagner left #koha
19:18 pianohackr|work joined #koha
19:23 pianohackr|work there, voted. hi, everyone
19:29 cait_laptop hi pianohacker
19:36 pianohackr|work hi cait
19:36 pianohackr|work how's translation going?
19:38 cait_laptop never finished
19:39 cait_laptop but I think its getting better and better :) hows work?
19:39 pianohackr|work good, putting out a few minor fires
19:47 cait_laptop owen: just checked bug 3559 on my laptop - works here, seems there is something wrong with our install at work.
19:47 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3559 major, PATCH-Sent, ---,, RESOLVED FIXED, Zotero does not work on opac detail page with xslt on
20:04 chris pianohackr|work: the more i think about your yaml solution for translation the more i like it
20:05 chris cait_laptop: good, cos i had no idea how to fix it if was still broken :)
20:06 cait_laptop chris: working on my next bug report right now ;)
20:12 chris cait_laptop: in that case here you go,
20:12 chris the xlst is now translatable for 3.2 also :)
20:12 cait_laptop ah.... thx *sigh* ;)
20:13 chris hehe
20:14 cait_laptop chris: will work on it on tuesday, need our documentation for right MARC21 translation
20:15 cait_laptop can someone confirm that combined search in authorities (from cataloging) leads to an error 500 page?
20:15 chris no hurry cait_laptop
20:15 chris im just using some spare time to update the .po files
20:21 cait_laptop left #koha
20:21 cait_laptop joined #koha
20:23 pianohackr|work chris: nice!
20:35 nengard joined #koha
20:38 owen Hi nengard
20:38 nengard howdy owen
20:47 Wizzyrea_ left #koha
20:51 pianohackr|work hi nengard
20:51 pianohackr|work also owen
20:52 nengard hiya
20:53 pianohackr|work nengard, owen: actually, since you've both dealt with sysprefs in the past, what do you think of this:
20:54 nengard not sure what i'm looking at - multi-tasking listening to a talk and looking at your page ... what are you asking?
20:55 pianohackr|work nengard: just a slight change to the way sysprefs are added to the new editor, was curious what you thought of the format
20:57 nengard hmmm - so if i want to add a new system preferene I do it via a web interface?
20:59 owen pianohackr|work: You're referring to the prefixes for translatability?
20:59 * owen isn't bothered by it
20:59 pianohackr|work nengard: not exactly, you add some information to a file
20:59 pianohackr|work owen: good, thanks
20:59 owen So there's no web based method for adding/editing prefs?
21:01 pianohackr|work editing pref values obviously yes. editing descriptions and adding new ones, no. it would require write access to the files involved
21:01 pianohackr|work as the descriptions are no longer stored in the db
21:04 nengard I think this is okay - but it has to be made perfectly clear (comments or some other way) that we need to remember to put that _ before prefs
21:04 nengard In most case I'll forget :)
21:04 pianohackr|work right. another thing for the rm to look for :)
21:13 chris_n2 joined #koha
21:17 nengard left #koha
21:29 cato left #koha
21:31 cait_laptop time for sleeping - good night :)
21:32 cait_laptop left #koha
21:56 owen left #koha
22:05 chris oh i didnt know about west liberty
22:07 chris learn something knew everyday
22:07 chris pianohackr|work: the TM could look for things like that
22:07 chris to help the RM out
22:08 pianohackr|work chris: yeah
22:09 chris wow III just spammed me
22:10 pianohackr|work dare I ask what about?
22:10 chris lianza (nz version of ALA) conference starts on monday
22:11 chris seems that the email addresses people registered with, were handed/sold to vendors
22:11 chris ive been getting one or 2 spam every day or so
22:11 chris tis fairly lame
22:11 chris "We'll be demonstrating the newest version of Encore Discovery, as well as                                                  delving into our digital library solution, Content Pro and our federated                                                   search product, Research Pro. Of course we'll also be sharing the latest
22:11 chris and greaest about Millennium, alnong with a range of other products that                                                   can benefit your library"
22:12 chris i think ill go stand by their stand wearing my "Free your mind and your data will follow" tshirt
22:12 chris (big koha logo on the back)
22:13 pianohackr|work every good demo needs a heckler
22:13 chris :)
22:17 joetho left #koha
22:20 chris_n2 grrr
22:21 chris sup chris_n2 ?
22:21 * chris_n2 thinks we need to go ahead and put things to a vote and get on with it... :-)
22:21 chris ah yeah
22:23 chris i fear the majority will be new foundation again, and then talk about it for 3 more years
22:24 chris_n2 the more we delay the more we lend ourselves to looking disorganized, playing into LL's "scheme" to make the community look unprofessional and backward
22:24 chris yep
22:25 pianohackr|work I can volunteer for the "come on come on come _on_" team (I help get my parents places on time, so I have experience :)
22:26 chris :)
22:26 chris_n2 lol
22:26 chris i really dont think forming a foundation now is an option, its not something you can rush
22:26 chris however joining an existing organisation
22:26 chris_n2 HLT++
22:26 chris_n2 and now if not sooner
22:26 chris with guarantees everything can leave, buys time to do the foundation properly
22:27 pianohackr|work indeed; we need to really push the benefits of hlt on the list
22:28 pianohackr|work if jo herself could send an email to the list to that  effect, that might help
22:29 chris yep
22:29 chris_n2 I've responded to thd's post
22:30 chris_n2 perhaps the rest of us should as well
22:30 chris i fear that people are sick of hearing my voice
22:30 chris i just wish some of the other libraries werent apparently so scared of liblime
22:30 chris_n2 owen is surely not
22:31 chris im glad to see west liberty and ccfls arent too
22:31 chris_n2 chris: keep speaking regardless of how sick others get
22:32 chris ill try and do a reply later today
22:33 chris_n2 gotta run... and that's probably good as I'm way too focused on the issue to do much more good for it today :-P
22:33 chris_n2 is now known as chris_n2-away
22:34 chris :)
22:34 chris spotya later
22:40 chris ok off to build a tower with kahurangi, be back later
22:41 pianohackr|work see ya, have fun
22:44 davi left #koha
22:49 rhcl left #koha
22:53 davi joined #koha
23:16 pianohackr|work bbl
23:16 pianohackr|work left #koha
23:20 brendan left #koha
23:54 brendan joined #koha

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