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00:00 pianohacker holy cow
00:02 pianohacker something must be wrong with the data collection, though
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01:06 chris_n^2 chris: did you say someone there was using G::M?
01:08 chris yup
01:09 chris for
01:11 chris_n^2 chris: it appears that G::M cannot be coerced to read from strings rather than from files
01:11 chris ahhh
01:11 chris_n^2 it does read from file handles
01:11 chris_n^2 but opening a string as a file handle causes G::M to segfault
01:11 chris dang
01:12 chris_n^2 when reading from the fh that is
01:12 chris_n^2 hard to believe that such a nice package would lack that ability
01:12 chris_n^2 I did post to their list in case there is something I've missed
01:13 chris cool
01:15 * chris_n^2 finds it interesting that "Cuisine" is at the top of the magazine list :-)
01:17 chris heh
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01:32 chris wb brendan
01:39 chris_n^2 boy did I miss the call on G::M
01:39 chris_n^2
01:40 * chris_n^2 hides under his desk
01:59 brendan chris -- chris_n^2
02:00 brendan good evening chrises
02:00 chris heh, night
02:01 chris_n^2 goodnight brendan
02:01 brendan night chris_n62
02:01 brendan ah - you get the idea :)
02:02 chris_n^2 lol :-)
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02:08 chris hiya ebegin
02:09 ebegin Hey!  how are you all?
02:11 chris good thanks, hows canada?
02:11 ebegin Does anyone know why I could have 2 instances of zebrasrv start when I'm calling /usr/share/koha/bin/ start?
02:12 ebegin Chris: Canada is ok I guess :)
02:12 chris you already have one running?
02:12 ebegin nop
02:12 chris weird
02:12 * ebegin just spent 2 weeks in California and looooooved it!
02:12 chris cool :)
02:13 ebegin sometime, I even have 3 instances
02:13 chris hmmm
02:14 chris i havent seen that happen before
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02:45 CGI079 Hello -  I'm installing 3.00.03 on Mac OS X 10.5.8. I'm following the instructions here:
02:46 ebegin Those are nice instructions ;)
02:46 CGI079 sorry - that should be following instructions here:[…]n-macos-x-105/13/
02:46 CGI079 :)
02:46 CGI079 (it's been a long night!)
02:47 CGI079 This is the third time I've tried this - trying to go slowly and get it right. A challenge.
02:48 CGI079 I am having a tough time with the idzebra install - using Fink... I wonder if anyone might be able to help?
02:48 * chris isnt a mac user sorry :(
02:48 CGI079 yes - they seem sort of rare in the Koha world so far.
02:49 chris *nod* most of us use floss
02:49 chris @seen slef
02:49 munin` chris: slef was last seen in #koha 1 day, 9 hours, 34 minutes, and 35 seconds ago: <slef> oic - should have guessed that
02:49 ebegin this doc was written by mj, right?
02:49 chris slef is who wrote that blog post, but it is about 3am for him
02:49 chris yep
02:50 CGI079 And I didn't even know what floss stood for until I looked it up just now
02:50 CGI079 :D
02:51 ebegin Do you have any error message?
02:52 CGI079 I do - but I am guessing that it's specific to my install. The idzebra install fails with "mv: rename /sw/src/​1-1/sw/lib/libidzebra- to /sw/src/​0.41-1/sw/lib/libidzebra- No such file or directory"
02:53 CGI079 The /sw directory is because I'm using Fink
02:53 CGI079 so I thought I'd build idzebra myself
02:55 CGI079 but Mac OS X does't have a /usr/local/bin directory, and while I could of course create it, I felt that by then I'd be so far off the instructions I was following that it would be better to figure out why the Fink install was failing instead - since I only sorta kinda know what I'm doing.
02:57 CGI079 I'd love to get it to work and then rewrite those instructions I have, rewritten so that someone like me could follow them...
02:57 chris that would be great
02:57 ebegin does this file exists?
02:57 ebegin /sw/src/​1-1/sw/lib/libidzebra-
02:57 chris[]=osx
02:58 chris thats way old and out of date
02:58 chris but fixing it would be great
02:58 CGI079 yes, it is :)
02:58 CGI079 when I finally get this working I will be happy to add to that
02:58 chris cool
02:58 CGI079 I did drill down and see how much of tha path existed - let me check again
03:01 CGI079 yes, it does exist
03:01 chris
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03:01 chris i wonder if this is a better path?
03:02 Amit hi chris, brendan
03:02 Amit good morning #koha
03:03 CGI079 yes, I saw that myself -  but I was reluctant to go down the darwinports path, having instructions using Fink - they seem to be two different camps - put things in different places, etc.
03:04 CGI079 But perhaps, having failed with Fink 3 times now, that makes sense.
03:04 CGI079 It's not clear to me, if I install some components using Fink, and others using Darwin Ports, if the path will "know" where all the bits are...
03:05 CGI079 or rather, if all the bits will be added to the parth
03:05 CGI079 path
03:06 chris yeah, not sure about that
03:07 CGI079 thank you for listening - it helps to sort it out in my head!
03:08 chris np good luck
03:08 CGI079 I have one more question if I may...
03:08 CGI079 on an earlier attempt, I got to the CPAN section...
03:08 CGI079 and ran into this situation where CPAN kept telling me that it wasn't up to date, an update could be done easily, etc. etc.
03:09 brendan hi amit
03:09 CGI079 but the CPAN self update failed - due to some recursive dependencies (if that's the right phrase)
03:10 CGI079 and I read elsewhere that it was recommended not to use CPAN to update itself - sound familiar? A big deal?
03:12 ebegin Hey amit!
03:12 Amit heya ebegin
03:17 CGI079 well, on a closer look, I see that the file ebegin was asking about libidzebra- does not exist. libidzebra-2.0.0.dylib does. But missing the .0.1
03:17 CGI079 might be a mis configured file.
03:18 CGI079 the file in the instructions I am following installs version 2.0.22 of idzebra - current version is 2.0.41
03:18 ebegin That may be part of your problem... Maybe the doc was done before
03:18 CGI079 OK to go with the 2.0.22 version?
03:22 ebegin yep... at least on linux...
03:24 CGI079 cool. Thanks. Now here's a though - I'd like to tough this out on OS X - but if I were to take an old box and install linux, is there a feeling that's its better to go with Debian, Ubuntu, or something else?
03:24 chris 3/ws 38
03:25 chris heh, typing fail
03:29 * ebegin likes Debian
03:29 chris ditto
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03:32 chris hi hugo
03:32 hugo hi - I was CGI079 - just installed a real IRC client
03:33 chris ah :)
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03:33 hugo funny - been using a computer for work since 1989. Some things take a while to get to... :D
03:34 hugo well, thank you Chris and ebegin for your input
03:34 hugo I'll keep working on this little mac and see what I can do - I've got 6 weeks to get it working
03:34 chris_n^2 g'night koha
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03:35 hugo Goodnight
03:35 ebegin hugo, slef is the one to look for here :)
03:35 ebegin Good night!
03:36 chris night
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03:41 ebegin Hey chris, what are the latest news about the KohaCon 2010?
03:41 chris the latest news is i have to work on it more :) but it is looking like november
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04:17 Amit chris: India No.1 in ICC Ranking
04:19 chris :)
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05:56 brendan Night #koha -- have an excellent day, evening, whatever :)
05:58 Ropuch Morning, everybody
05:58 Ropuch ;>
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06:22 richard back again
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06:35 pianohacker good night
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06:43 chris hi nicomo
06:43 nicomo hi chris
06:43 nicomo hello everyone
06:44 Ropuch hi nicomo, chris
06:45 chris hi Ropuch
06:54 magnusenger hi everyone - nicomo: i'll send an e-mail your way shortly
06:55 nicomo hi magnusenger
06:55 chris hi magnusenger
06:55 magnusenger hi chris
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07:19 Amit hi nahuel ;)
07:32 hdl_laptop hi all
07:33 Amit hi hdl
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07:40 kf good morning #koha
07:48 Amit hi kf ;)
07:50 kf hi Amit
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09:44 |Lupin| hi there
09:45 kf hi |Lupin|
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10:01 |Lupin| guten morgen k
10:01 |Lupin| guten morgen kf
10:07 |Lupin| gmcharlt: around ?
10:07 gmcharlt hi |Lupin|
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10:13 |Lupin| gmcharlt: hi
10:13 |Lupin| gmcharlt: there is a bug inthe GetCcodes function in C4/
10:13 |Lupin| gmcharlt: it returns an array containing undef at position 0
10:14 |Lupin| gmcharlt: I'm willing to fix this but I'm wondering how you'd like that to be done
10:15 gmcharlt |Lupin|: remove the first return ($count) and just return the array
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10:15 gmcharlt it means that users of GetCcodes would have to get the count (if they need) by looking at scalar(@results)
10:15 |Lupin| gmcharlt: it's not only that the problem
10:16 gmcharlt but that's fine - getting the size of arrays in Perl is a cheap operation, and there's no need for API calls to return both an array (or arrayref) and a count
10:16 |Lupin| gmcharlt: look at the code: the counter is incremented _before_ the value is stored, that's why the first position of the list is empty, even once you have removed the useless size...
10:18 gmcharlt remove the counter outright, and the problem goes away :)
10:19 |Lupin| gmcharlt: yeah I certainly agree. What I'm saying is that there are two things: (1) the function returns an array and its size which is useless and (2) the return array contains an undefined cell because lines 295 and 296 of C4/ appear in the wrong order.
10:20 gmcharlt ah, right
10:20 gmcharlt but rewriting the query so that it's
10:20 |Lupin| gmcharlt: ah I got it. yeah if the function doesn't use a counter at all and just pushes onto the array it will work just fine.
10:21 |Lupin| gmcharlt: yeah the query is poorly written
10:21 gmcharlt SELECT * FROM authorised_values WHERE catagory = 'CCODE' ORDER BY authorized_value
10:21 |Lupin| gmcharlt: it should have a where category='CCODE' clause
10:21 gmcharlt will also remove the unecessary test
10:21 gmcharlt yep
10:22 |Lupin| gmcharlt: actually it was even suggested to completely remove this function because there are more general functions to fetch authorised values... that's why I wanted to know how you'd like this to be fixed...
10:23 gmcharlt GetAuthorisedValues
10:23 gmcharlt for example
10:23 |Lupin| gmcharlt: actually at the beginning I thought you meant not _return_ the counter, and then I realised you meant not using it at all, that was the misunderstanding I think.
10:23 gmcharlt correct - don't use it, don't return it
10:23 |Lupin| gmcharlt: yes, for example... so what to do ? just fix the function or remove it completely ?
10:24 gmcharlt remove it completely
10:24 |Lupin| gmcharlt: ok !
10:24 gmcharlt misc/cronjobs/stats/monthly​ is the only script activiely using it, although it's mentioned but commented out from opac/
10:24 |Lupin| gmcharlt: I'll submit a patch that does so, then
10:25 |Lupin| gmcharlt: yeah, I think I can grep and check everything...
10:56 hdl_laptop hi gm
10:56 hdl_laptop hi everybody in fact
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11:50 |Lupin| bye everybody
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11:57 chris_n g'morning
11:57 jdavidb Mornin', chris_n
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12:32 jwagner Good morning, all.
12:32 * chris_n greets jwagner
12:34 jwagner Can someone refresh my memory on the patron Street Number field?  I seem to remember that the separate street number (as opposed to the address field) is used primarily in European libraries.  Is that correct?  One of my sites wants to hide street number so as to force staff to use address.  I'm wondering if a syspref & patch to turn it on/off would be of general use.
12:35 kf cant speak for european librares in general, but we import street number together with the street
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12:35 kf I will use jquery from owen to hide fields in patron data that we will not use
12:36 jwagner That's a thought.
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12:43 hdl_laptop kf: jwagner this is i think owed to the french normalization of adress.
12:44 jwagner I thought I remembered something about it being European.
12:45 hdl_laptop could be.
12:45 kf but should street number not be available for all addresses in this case?
12:45 jwagner Would a syspref to turn street number on/off be useful for other sites?
12:45 hdl_laptop YASP Yet another Syspref....
12:45 chris_n hehe
12:45 jwagner kf, I'm not talking about removing it from the table, just from the patron edit screen.
12:46 jwagner Yes, those sysprefs breed like mice, don't they???
12:46 hdl_laptop I created a sys pref that would be used as BorrowerUnused fields in template generation.
12:46 kf I think the new editor will help
12:46 kf cant do without them, but perhaps organize them better?
12:46 jwagner hdl_laptop, that would be a really useful syspref -- have you submitted it yet?  Haven't seen it.
12:46 hdl_laptop Or this would boil down to creating framewors for input data.
12:47 kf I think its a great idea, a list of fields you dont use similar to mandatory fields
12:47 chris_n jwagner: or like cloths hangers
12:47 hdl_laptop jwagner: No. This was a special request.
12:47 hdl_laptop But I could commit that.
12:47 jwagner I have one site that does not collect ANY address info (govt site, privacy reasons).  I ended up doing alternate templates for patron display/edit to strip out just about all the fields.
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12:47 jwagner Having a syspref to just list all the fields to NOT display would be really useful.
12:47 chris_n hi nengard
12:47 nengard hiya
12:48 nengard was hoping to find jwagner here :)
12:48 hdl_laptop Problem is that we should then have some screen to edit that.
12:48 jwagner I'm here!
12:48 nengard can you tell me how to use the custom borrower notes?
12:48 nengard I want to document it, but I'm not seeing how to add them
12:48 nengard even with the authorized values set
12:49 jwagner First create the BOR_NOTES authorized value category & some canned notes.  Then, in patron record, go to Checkout tab and click Add a New Message.  You can direct the message to the patron or other staff.  You can select one of the canned notes or enter free-text.
12:50 jwagner We spotted a problem on a few records -- if the patron didn't have any existing alerts (holds, fines, whatever), the Add a New Message link wasn't always showing.  That's fixed in our test systems; we'll have to do a new patch for it when we get it final.
12:50 nengard jwagner OH!!!!
12:50 nengard thank you
12:50 nengard so what's an example checkout note you might wnt to add?
12:50 nengard for some reason i was thinking these were notes on the patron record - not the patron checkout record
12:50 jwagner The classic one we've been using for testing for patrons is "You left your umbrella in the library"
12:50 nengard Ahhhh
12:51 nengard okay - well my default in the patch i just sent is no good :)
12:51 jwagner For staff, a canned note might be "Patron needs to bring in driver's license to verify ID"
12:51 hdl_laptop jwagner: pls file a bug and assign that to me, I will send the patch asap
12:51 nengard so these are notes to be read to the patron or the staff when the patron is there in person
12:51 nengard a reminder
12:51 nengard more than a note - in the sense of the patron notes
12:51 jwagner Both notes will show on the patron checkout tab for staff.  The notes directed to the patron will also show in the OPAC when the patron logs in.
12:52 nengard awesome
12:52 nengard okay - i'm off to poke and prod and document
12:52 schuster Question - about - Biblibre - test site as noted in IRC.  I am able to login - and went to Administration and see "ReservesControlBranch" but can't find any documentation on it - can anyone tell me what it is supposed to do?
12:52 nengard :)
12:52 jwagner hdl_laptop, you mean file a bug asking for the syspref on unused patron fields?
12:52 hdl_laptop if you want
12:53 jwagner nengard, yes that was quite a nice feature.  The developer did a really good job on it.  Best part is that it doesn't overwrite the existing circ & opac notes, so you can keep any long-term notes you need there.  I've seen notes like "child has parent's permission to borrow video games" -- things that shouldn't get overwritten.
12:53 nengard question to any experienced developers - if you want to withdraw a patch that hasn't been pushed and submit a new one - how do you do that??
12:53 jwagner Tell Galen :-)
12:54 hdl_laptop jwagner: or is there one there already ?
12:54 gmcharlt send an email to the patches list accompanying the new patch
12:54 jwagner hdl_laptop, I didn't file one on my Street Number question yet -- is that what you were asking?
12:54 nengard okey dokey gmcharlt - will do - i misunderstood what the bor_notes were supposed to be so my default makes no sense
12:54 nengard i'll fix it
12:54 Colin jwagner: The separate steet number maybe because in many European countries the postcode can generate the whole address except the street number
12:55 hdl_laptop schuster: iirc this is the same thing as CircControlBranch applied to Reserves in order to check that it enforce reserve rules.
12:55 jwagner I thought I remembered something like that.  But I like hdl_laptop's fix better than my proposed syspref only for Street Number.
12:56 jwagner hdl_laptop, what's the email address to assign the bug to you?
12:56 Colin Of course in the UK postcodes are a commercial secret and you have to pay big bucks to get a list (or download it from wikileaks)
12:56 hdl_laptop
12:57 schuster hdl_laptop - for circulation parameters or limiting holds to a location?
12:58 hdl_laptop limiting holds for a borrower on a location
12:59 hdl_laptop Users from lib1 cannot put holds on lib2 and only 3 on lib4 but 10 on lib1
12:59 jwagner hdl_laptop, bug created -- Bug 3656
12:59 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3656 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Specify fields to be omitted from the patron record
13:00 schuster OK thanks - but when an item is returned at lib1 if there is a hold for someone at lib2 it would force a transfer correct?
13:02 nengard gmcharlt i have an issue - i only changed 2 of the files that were in my previous patch - so how do I recreate the entire patch for you? or should I just submit these 2 files and say they replace the other 2 I submitted before?
13:04 hdl_laptop thx
13:05 schuster OOO - Love the filter when patron is selected to search...
13:06 gmcharlt nengard: easiest would be to resend the entire patch series: original patch + patches correcting it
13:06 gmcharlt if you're ambitious, try using git rebase --interactive to squash the patches
13:07 nengard for the the non-ambitious option :) I just send you two patches - one that is the original and then one with the fixes
13:07 gmcharlt ok
13:07 schuster OK - but how does one "Add a borrower" - if we don't find one.  I'm on hdl_laptop's test environment.
13:08 schuster I type in schuster and it says "No patron matched 'schuster'" - on my system it has a NEW button.
13:09 schuster This is checkout - and by Patron.
13:39 mason another late night jquery Q for anyone?
13:39 mason this one is impressively basic :/
13:40 mason this works just fine...
13:40 mason var myDivs = $("div[class='moo']");
13:40 mason .
13:41 mason now, i want to replace the literal string 'moo'  - with a variable-name, like this....
13:41 mason var ddd = 'moo';
13:41 mason var myDivs = $("div[class=ddd]");
13:41 mason .
13:42 mason this doesnt work as i want :/
13:43 mason how to tell jquery 'ddd'  is a $variable , not a "string"
13:44 mason seems like a stupid thing to be stuck on...
13:45 Nate joined #koha
13:49 Ropuch mason: var myDivs = $("div[class="+ddd+"]");
13:51 mason cheers, that works perfectly!
13:51 Nate hello all!
13:52 mason stupid syntax for a stupid problem ;)
13:52 Ropuch ;>
13:53 Ropuch Hi Nate
13:53 mason i reckon jquery is the modern equiv of brainf*ck
13:54 mason (the programing language that is, not the state-of-mind)
13:54 Ropuch hehehe
13:55 Ropuch I don't know jquerry at all ;)
13:56 mason so - in JS ... a '+' either side of a +string+ , declares it as a variable?
13:57 rhcl_away is now known as rhcl
13:57 Ropuch Nope
13:57 Ropuch It works like . in perl
13:57 mason sure, thats how i understood it too?!?
13:58 Ropuch I think it;s just a concatenate operator
13:59 mason i have to ask.... how does wrapping concat operators around a string - make JS parse it as a $var
13:59 mason which is what *seemed* to happen for me...
14:08 chris_n mason: the "" around "div[class=ddd]" cause the JS parser to interpret all that is in between literally
14:09 chris_n so by adding additional "" and concatenation operators, it now concatenates the literal value of $ddd into the string
14:09 mason heh, i didnt even click to that, from the examples i was looking at
14:09 chris_n in this respect it is unlike perl as perl would do fine with "div[class=$ddd]"
14:10 chris_n mason: you have an excuse.... its late where you are I think ;-)
14:11 * chris_n thinks that if everyone just had somebody else's problems all problems would be solved
14:13 mason hmm, my example seems to barf if i *dont* quote it :/
14:14 mason so this clumsy looking thing works  OK ...
14:14 mason var foo =  $("div[class='geo']").filter​([textContent="+geoVal+"]);
14:15 mason oops, bad paste....
14:15 mason var check =  $("div[class='geo']").filter(​"[textContent="+geoVal+"]");
14:16 mason but when i correct it, but removing the redundant quotes, like this - it barfs...
14:16 mason var check =  $("div[class='geo']").filte​r([textContent=+geoVal+]);
14:17 mason s/but/by/
14:17 mason oops, this even..
14:17 mason var check =  $("div[class='geo']").filt​er([textContent=geoVal]);
14:18 mason anyhoo, it is late here - and wayyy too late for JS
14:18 mason thanx for help tho :)
14:20 chris_n mason: I think you need to quote the parameters
14:20 chris_n ie. what is inside the parenthesis
14:20 * chris_n is no JS guru though
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14:51 jwagner XSLT question for people -- there's a check for when a field is last in line (to control ending punctuation): <xsl:when test="position()=last()"> -- is there any equivalent function to see if it's first in line?  Changing last() to first() didn't work.  Any ideas?  The goal is to put some text/punctuation BEFORE a particular field.
14:51 jwagner (in the case of multiple occurences of the field, that is)
14:57 kf perhaps wolfgang would know - but cant ask him right now
14:58 owen jwagner: Maybe this?
14:59 jwagner Hmm.  That seems to be using <xsl:if test="position() = last()">
15:00 jwagner I tried that & got a fatal error.  I'll look at the other variations on that site, though.  Thanks.
15:02 magnusenger jwagner: how about just <xsl:when test="position()=0"> or <xsl:when test="position()=1"> (not sure if they start counting at 0 or 1...)
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15:08 jwagner magnusenger, I'll give that a shot, thanks.
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15:58 jwagner magnusenger and others, the <xsl:when test="position()=1">  works to identify the first field.  Yippee!
16:00 kf grats :)
16:08 jwagner Let's see if other people want the fix I just used it for.  If you have multiple 110 and 710 fields (corporate author), and also 100/700 personal author, the OPAC results list can be confusing.  I had a record with a 100, 700, and 710, and the display looked like the 710 only belonged to the second author (the 700) rather than being a separate author.  I'm tucking in a text label of Corporate Author: before the first 110/710.
16:10 jwagner So that a sample By line in the results list might look like by Scurlock, James D ; First 700 Name ; Second 700 Name . Corporate author: First 110 Name ; First 710 Name ; Second 710 Name .
16:11 jwagner I'm working on a patch for a few other minor XSLT things -- would people like this included, or should I keep it local for this site?
16:12 Kivutar left #koha
16:13 owen jwagner: I'm not entirely clear what you're doing, because I'm not paying close attention ;) ...but anything that improves clarity I would assume is general-interest
16:13 magnusenger jwagner: sounds good to me
16:15 jwagner This particular site is a government research library.  There are individual authors, but the agency itself is also an author.  In the display, it looked like the agency name only applied to the second author (the period in between is almost invisible).  So I was trying to set apart all the 110/710 fields from the personal author names.
16:32 kf jwagner: do you have libraries charging fines and sending notices for it?
16:42 kf jwagner: just fighting a little with configuration right now, will ask on irc another time.
16:42 kf time to leave work now :) bye #koha!
16:42 kf left #koha
16:44 owen @seen chris_n
16:44 munin` owen: chris_n was last seen in #koha 2 hours, 24 minutes, and 5 seconds ago: * chris_n is no JS guru though
16:45 pianohacker joined #koha
16:59 chris_n owen: here now
16:59 chris_n full of lunch and sleepy ;-)
16:59 pianohacker hi, chris_n
17:01 chris_n hey pianohacker... fingers healing?
17:02 schuster left #koha
17:02 paul_p left #koha
17:03 pianohacker heh, not yet. I go to see the orthopedist today, maybe get a cast
17:05 pianohacker How are you doing?
17:12 nengard what happened to your fingers pianohacker?
17:13 nengard and how will you type with a cast on??? hehe - I had surgery on my wrist while in college and the brace I had to wear made it nearly impossible to type
17:13 pianohacker broke two on left hand in bicycle accident
17:13 nengard oh no!!
17:13 pianohacker right handed dvorak :)
17:15 nengard left #koha
17:16 chris_n pianohacker must have scared nengard off ;-)
17:17 chris_n pianohacker: been doing fine other than trying to get rid of a nasty cold
17:17 pianohacker fear my one-handed touch typing skills
17:17 pianohacker ouch, I'm sorry
17:17 * chris_n tries to type without sounding too nasal
17:17 chris http://www.librarytechnology.o[…]   ... it begins
17:17 pianohacker hehe
17:17 chris_n hi chris
17:18 chris someone needs to tell pamela it isnt opensource until its released
17:19 magnusenger "The ability to share customizations and the flexibility that is offered by open-source software was a huge reason for us choosing Koha." Yay!
17:19 chris_n grrrr
17:20 pianohacker One-way sharing is still sharing, right?
17:20 chris_n chris: G::M is working great now
17:20 chris awesome :)
17:22 chris_n I think I'm going to leave GD in place for the patron image stuff and just require G::M if one will be using the Patron Card Creator
17:22 chris_n that will allow those who don't want the extra "bulk" of G::M to opt not to install it
17:22 chris sounds like a great idea
17:24 * chris_n wonders what is so hard to understand about the two words 'open' and 'source'?
17:24 wizzyrea carrier class data center.... you mean... amazon?
17:24 wizzyrea ^.^
17:24 chris heh
17:25 chris well that bit doesnt bother me, its the fact that it's being labelled open source, when it isnt.
17:26 * owen is back
17:26 chris_n hi owen
17:26 * jdavidb chuckles.
17:26 wizzyrea oh, it's not bothersome
17:26 pianohacker hi owen
17:26 chris i rewrote WoW as opensource, its all on my hd, im not releasing it though, but it is open source, trust me
17:26 wizzyrea just funny :)
17:26 chris_n lol
17:26 wizzyrea ooh, did you fix mages?!
17:26 wizzyrea because that's really what I want
17:27 owen Hi chris_n, I was just doing some template tweaks on the new labels branch and encountered an error
17:27 wizzyrea give me back my AP PoM Pyro!
17:27 pianohacker I have an open source WoW. I call it a pepper mill
17:27 chris_n owen: which one.... error that is
17:27 pianohacker grind grind grind
17:27 * chris_n sneezes
17:27 owen I'm trying to create a batch, clicking the "add items" button, doing a search for items to add...
17:28 owen Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at /home/oleonard/kohaclone/l​abels/ line 129.
17:28 * jdavidb rolls his eyes at pianohacker, then realizes he'll need 'em for a meeting in a few.
17:28 wizzyrea PH LOL
17:28 chris_n owen: I think I forwarded a patch for that bug a couple of days ago
17:28 chris_n but it has not hit the main repo yet
17:28 * chris_n looks
17:29 * chris goes back to sleep
17:29 pianohacker cya
17:30 * pianohacker goes to find pain meds and an orthopedist
17:30 pianohacker bbl
17:31 chris_n owen: nope that was another issue with profiles
17:31 chris_n owen: so the error is thrown when you perform the search?
17:31 chris_n ie click the 'Search' button?
17:32 owen Yes: I tried a title search, a keyword search, and a date-limited search
17:32 chris_n hmm... search works fine here
17:33 chris_n which version are you running?
17:33 * chris_n 's is version
17:33 owen My About page reports the same:
17:35 owen Hmmm... looking at my error logs I see a bunch of stuff coming up from a regular search on the staff side
17:35 owen Lots of errors from
17:36 chris_n looking at that line it looks like it may be a data corruption problem
17:36 chris_n specifically 'itemnumber'
17:37 chris_n maybe not
17:38 chris_n but maybe some corruption in an item record
17:40 chris_n looks like GetItemInfosOf does not return any item data for a given bib
17:41 chris_n and results in a hash ref being undefined
17:47 * chris_n breaks into a shipment of pc boards he designed
17:52 rhcl chris_n, so uh, how exactly do you go about designing pc boards? motherboards? who does the fabrication?
17:53 rhcl I need a couple of Shuttle XPC motherboards, which Shuttle won't sell aftermarket.
17:54 chris_n rhcl: these are basically an FM receiver which works with our "hearing impaired" system
17:54 chris_n rhcl: nothing as complex as a MB... yet ;-)
17:55 chris_n I designed these with free software from (Advanced Circuits) who also manufactured them
17:56 rhcl Interesting. Is this your first batch? How do they look?
17:59 chris_n rhcl: this is the second board design I've done, but the first with Advanced Circuits
17:59 chris_n these look very nice
17:59 chris_n and the price was excellent for qty 25
18:00 chris_n rhcl: the first project was a bunch of 2.4KW dimmer packs
18:00 chris_n the boards were fine, but that company was much more expensive and the layout software was cheesy
18:01 chris_n the dimmer packs are getting pic based DMX controllers added next which will be controlled by open-source lighting software
18:02 rhcl looks like pcb artist only runs on windows
18:03 * chris_n found a web-browser written in assembler for a pic and thought of porting koha to assembler to run on it...
18:03 chris_n rhcl: that is the only down-side; but it will run under wine
18:03 chris_n I did some of the work with pcbartist running under wine on ubuntu
18:04 chris_n in the end I could not get the resolution set correctly and had to move to a vbox install of xp
18:05 cait joined #koha
18:05 rhcl I mess around some with old commercial firewalls, like the Firebox and VelociRaptor series--install HD/flash drives and opensource firewall software like Smoothwall et al.
18:06 rhcl Don't know why anybody would want to do it, but those modded old firewalls essentially are/become generic computers that could run Koha.
18:07 chris_n gotta go populate one of these and flush out the bugs
18:07 chris_n bbiab
18:07 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
18:27 collum left #koha
18:41 cait left #koha
18:51 chris back again
19:03 nicomo hi chris
19:04 chris heya nicomo
19:04 chris want a copy of my opensource SAS and um Oracle?
19:08 schuster joined #koha
19:09 Topic for #koha is now It's not open source until you release it |  koha foundation polling begins 29 September 2009[…]sep15#action_item
19:10 nicomo_laptop left #koha
19:12 * chris goes to have a shower
19:12 chris wash the FUD off
19:14 cait_laptop joined #koha
19:19 owen_ joined #koha
19:19 * owen_ glares at owen
19:19 * jdavidb glares at owen and owen_
19:20 schuster schuster glares at boss and jdavidb and owen_
19:21 schuster ;)
19:21 * jdavidb glares at schuster, just for good measure.
19:21 * jdavidb mumbles, "30% chance of rain?  bah!  Nothing within 50 miles of here!"
19:22 owen left #koha
19:22 owen_ is now known as owen
19:28 nicomo left #koha
19:29 cait_laptop hi #koha :)
19:29 owen chris_n?
19:31 jdavidb Hi cait_laptop. :)
19:31 cait_laptop hi jdavidb
19:32 chris back
19:33 cait_laptop hi chris
19:33 cait_laptop you keep me busy with translation! :)
19:37 Ropuch ;>
19:41 cait_laptop hi Ropuch
19:44 Ropuch helo everybody
19:44 chris hehe yeah, we got the xsl being translated now too
19:44 chris at least for 3.0.x .. soon for 3.2.x too, so there will be work there too
19:45 chris but it does mean you can run with XSLT on, and have it in german too
19:45 chris thanks to HDL
19:45 cait_laptop there are some things in the po that should better not get translated. I think I saw file names of images and paths
19:46 cait_laptop but its great that we can have a German xslt now - so dont misunderstand me. Im really like it :)
19:47 chris yep, we will clean it up
19:47 chris for the filenames just copy and submit
19:47 chris (or leave untranslated)
19:47 chris either works :)
19:47 cait_laptop I do that, but someone else might accidently translate and break something
19:48 chris *nod*
19:48 jdavidb left #koha
19:49 cait_laptop chris: I have a new problem - we need items.enumchron shown in opac-reserves.tmpl for item level holds on bound volumes of journals and single issues
19:49 chris righto
19:49 schuster left #koha
19:50 cait_laptop I think it should not be too difficult, but it seems I cant get it right
19:50 schuster joined #koha
19:51 chris wb schuster
19:51 chris cait_laptop: hmm, is it getting passed through by the script?
19:52 schuster wb ???
19:52 cait_laptop chris: I think I dont understand really how the variables work. I think I have to add it to the array in and add a column in opac-reserves.tmpl
19:53 chris schuster: welcome back
19:53 chris that sounds about right cait_laptop :)
19:53 schuster ;) my laptop bottomed out wireless..
19:53 cait_laptop chris: yes... but I think I dont get the variable names right
19:54 chris i have to catch a bus soon
19:54 chris if you want, you can send me a patch
19:54 chris and ill have a look and tell ya whats up
19:54 chris send it to work
19:55 cait_laptop thx chris, this is a very kind offer :) - I will try a little longer to solve it on my own and will send you one when get stuck
19:56 cait_laptop first I have to redo what I did some days ago - accidently killed some of the changes I did
19:56 chris ok, bus time, bb in 40 mins or so
20:04 schuster left #koha
20:11 jhaig joined #koha
20:12 jwagner left #koha
20:15 jhaig I am trying koha for the first time (well, I was playing around with the VMware version yesterday).  I'm starting to install it and I remember somewhere seeing that most people use Debian, so I thought that would be the best bet.  However, the closest install guide I have found for version 3 is for Ubuntu (on  Is this close enough, or is there a Debian install guide somewhere?  Thanks.
20:17 chris_n owen: back
20:17 chris_n for a minute
20:21 chris_n jhaig: ubuntu install should do for debian
20:22 Ropuch It does
20:22 jhaig Thanks.  I would have thought that, but I don't know how picky koha is regarding some of the package version numbers.
20:24 Ropuch I've installed koha on debian testing recently
20:24 Ropuch Quite painless
20:25 Ropuch afair all perl modules can be installed via apt
20:25 Ropuch So there
20:25 Ropuch s no need to install them from cpan
20:28 jhaig That is one thing I was hoping for.  My preference for a server is actually CentOS, but I would need to use CPAN, which would mess up the package management.
20:28 richard joined #koha
20:28 richard hi
20:29 Ropuch hi richard
20:29 jhaig I assume that in the ubuntu guide, I need all the obvious modifications (such as changing the IndexData repository path to include debian and lenny instead of ubuntu and hardy).
20:30 jhaig And likewise, lenny-backports (instead of etch-backports)
20:32 Ropuch deb lenny main
20:32 Ropuch Only added entry in testing sources.list i can see
20:33 jhaig I'm following[…]uide_ubuntu_hardy  which indicates you need backports.  However, this is not the latest Ubuntu, so perhaps that is why backports are needed.
20:34 jhaig But are you saying that 'testing' is needed?
20:36 Ropuch I believe not, i'm just saying how it's look like when using testing like i do :)
20:36 cait_laptop chris: here? found a bug for my problem and got enumchron displayed in opac :)
20:36 jhaig I think I'll disable backports for the moment, and see if I get problems later.
20:39 Ropuch Bah, If any of you ever considered buying D-link dir-615 router, don't.
20:40 chris well done cait_laptop :)
20:40 chris jhaig: you shouldnt need backports with lenny
20:40 jhaig Thanks.
20:44 cait_laptop chris: thx, dont know what the mistake was, just redid what I had tried before.
20:58 jhaig For the record, idzebra doesn't appear to be in the standard lenny repositories, or in IndexData, so I assume it would be in backports.  I'm not intending to install zebra anyway, though.
21:00 hdl_laptop left #koha
21:05 magnusenger left #koha
21:33 chris jhaig: why not?
21:34 chris i would heartily recommend zebra, even for tiny libraries
21:34 chris its a pita to get going, but the search is lightyears ahead of nonzebra
21:40 jhaig I have found it - the package name was idzebra-2.0, not idzebra as the document said.
21:40 chris cool
21:41 jhaig Maybe I'll try it then, but my library isn't really that big.
21:41 chris is that the INSTALL.debian-lenny document?
21:42 jhaig Hmmm, no it isn't.  It is[…]uide_ubuntu_hardy  Perhaps I should have looked at the koha tarball before launching straight into installing the OS  :-)
21:42 chris :-)
21:42 chris yeah, INSTALL.debian-lenny is what you are after
21:43 chris install_misc/debian-lenny.packages also has the list of packages
21:43 chris INSTALL.debian-lenny refers to this file
21:55 Nate left #koha
22:00 cait_laptop gmcharlt: around?
22:00 gmcharlt cait_laptop: what's up?
22:00 cait_laptop I just sent a patch for @bug 3380
22:00 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3380 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, Serial enumeration / chronology should display in opac holds interface.
22:01 cait_laptop its yours, can I take it? :)
22:01 gmcharlt yep
22:01 gmcharlt any bug that has a status of NEW, not ASSIGNED, has not actually been specifically taken up by anybody
22:01 cait_laptop its marked as enhancement, but I think its more a bug, because its really a problem with serials and item level holds
22:01 cait_laptop ah ok
22:03 cait_laptop gmcharlt: thx
22:04 cait_laptop added a screenshot to the bug and going to bed now - got late :) good night #koha
22:04 cait_laptop left #koha
22:06 chris awesome
22:15 jhaig left #koha
23:37 pianohacker hmm
23:38 pianohacker I did work on displaying serials info for PTFS
23:38 pianohacker I think it should be coming soon
23:48 chris good news
23:48 chris maybe you might wanna update bug with that, so kf doesnt duplicate work
23:50 pianohacker I'll bug jwagner, she's more up to speed on that enhancement's journey through the corporate pipes
23:50 chris cool

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