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00:13 chris_n chris about?
00:18 chris_n @later tell chris please release my email from list jail :-)
00:18 munin` chris_n: The operation succeeded.
00:19 pianohacker chris_n: what happened?
00:19 chris_n my reply had to many recipients
00:19 chris_n and so it awaits "moderator approval"
00:21 pianohacker Ah. Might be easier just to resend in approvable form, none of my jailed emails have ever been released
00:25 chris_n chris took care of one the other night for me
00:25 pianohacker ah, nvm then
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00:36 Jo afternoon all
00:37 pianohacker hey Jo
00:38 Jo hiya
01:02 chris_n2-away is now known as chris_n^2
01:40 chris_n^2 its awful quiet tonight/today
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02:00 pianohacker boom
02:00 pianohacker crash
02:00 pianohacker *bang*
02:01 * chris_n^2 loves the sound of virtual noise
02:03 ebegin hi all!
02:04 brendan heya #koha
02:05 chris_n^2 hi ebegin && brendan
02:07 ebegin Is there a solution for the time required to save a record?
02:08 chris_n^2 you mean saving a bib record?
02:10 ebegin yes, that's what I mean.  It currently takes almost 1 minutes between the time I'm pressing the Save and getting the items page...
02:10 chris_n^2 yeah, lots of JS form validation going on there
02:10 chris_n^2 it can be painfully slow
02:11 pianohacker ebegin: do you have a lot of mandatory fields or subfields?
02:12 ebegin Not really "a lot".  Less that the default framework
02:13 pianohacker hmm
02:14 pianohacker reducing it even a tad might help, if it's that slow currently
02:15 chris_n^2 @later tell chris nvm, I resent the email to the list only, tnx
02:15 munin` chris_n^2: The operation succeeded.
02:15 * chris_n^2 takes pianohacker's way out of jail
02:16 pianohacker hehe
02:16 pianohacker chris_n: saw it
02:16 ebegin Anybody knows if the code process only the fields that are displayed in the editor or it validate all values, even those that are not displayed in the editor?
02:16 chris_n^2 @quote random
02:16 munin` chris_n^2: Quote #35: "<sekjal> it seemed like a good idea at the time...." (added by jwagner at 06:58 PM, September 17, 2009)
02:16 chris_n^2 lol
02:17 chris_n^2 ebegin: I think only the fields included in the framework you have setup are validated
02:17 chris_n^2 so less fields == faster validation time
02:18 ebegin Hmm... that could be a nice optimization though.  I'll doublecheck that because we actually don't need validation on fields that are not displayed in the editor
02:18 ebegin ... or maybe I missed someting.
02:19 pianohacker Less validated fields, at least; it loops mandatory fields to see if they're present, rather than looping every field to see if it is mandatory and present
02:19 * chris_n^2 seems to remember some discussion a while back about stripping down the frame work to only the fields/subfields used
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02:33 * chris_n^2 calls it a night
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02:33 chris chris_n^2: discarded the message, so you wont get a double up
02:33 chris_n2-away chris: tnx
03:32 pianohacker good night
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03:48 brendan good night
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04:00 schuster anybody testing the pre 3.2 release?
04:01 chris yep
04:01 chris there are still some things to get merged in though, including the new acquisitions
04:02 chris then there will be more heavy testing, before a release candidate
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04:02 Amit hi chris, brendan, richard
04:02 Amit good morning #koha
04:02 richard hi Amit
04:05 chris schuster: why do you ask?
04:06 schuster Hey...  I was on the Biblibre "test" site and I was going to add a user, but couldn't figure out how there wasn't a button!  When I searched for a borrower Schuster - there wasn't an option to add me!
04:07 chris ah that is just testing some of the stuff as far as i know
04:08 schuster OK just made me panic a little that I couldn't add a user!
04:08 chris i dont think it is running a copy of master
04:08 chris yeah :)
04:09 chris 3.2 is still a little ways off, have to merge in the last of the features, then lots of testing
04:10 schuster In the last IRC they were talking about a final 3.0003 type run before the full 3.2 release or something like that.
04:10 chris well there is gonna be a 3.0.4
04:10 chris but that is 3.0.3 with bugfixes .. none of the new features
04:11 chris its in parallel to 3.2.0
04:12 schuster Henri I thought was running this 303 type system x......115 was the version I was on today...  I want to help out, but am a little handicapped in places!
04:12 chris yep, HDL is doing the 3.0.4 release and I have been helping him out a bit, we are nearly done, then there will be a week or 2 for the translators, then 3.0.4 released
04:13 chris meantime galen and others are working on what will be 3.2.0
04:13 chris you might like to fire off an email to the koha-devel list
04:13 chris asking what would be the best use of your time
04:14 schuster OK that's a great idea.  thanks
04:15 schuster Dogs are asleep and it is cool here tonight so I bet I sleep well tonight!
04:16 schuster talk to ya later!
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04:37 chris hmmm
04:52 wajasu any developers here?
04:54 * chris is just about to catch a bus home
04:56 chris the rest are most likely asleep (the americans), or just about to wake up (the europeans)
04:59 wajasu i'm reading the dev wiki right know and debating weather or not i should set up the dev environment and submit an enhancement.
04:59 wajasu i helped set up a koha box for a new library and they are importing their files.
05:00 chris we are in feature freeze for 3.2.0 at the moment, so it wont make it into 3.2.0 but it could go in the next feature release
05:03 wajasu the pain that they are having is when they import and the item call number is assigned (currently pulled from either the 090 or 050 field), they need it to be smarter.
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05:04 wajasu a preference allows the selection from one or the other of those two fields by specifying which accordingly.
05:06 wajasu i am wondering if we could let them specify a list of places (i.e. more than one) so that during import if the 090 field had a call number, its imported, then if 050 is not empty, import it,  and so on.
05:08 wajasu I might be able to code it backwards compatible so existing system prefs continue with the same behavior, but newer ones that list additonal fields import accordingly.
05:10 wajasu the preference field become a fancier rule field, which it already is.  But, I wouldn't want to submit such a patch unless it made sense for others.
05:11 wajasu I guess if I could do this simple patch, and I understand the process, then I might work on some other need since I have the dev environment set up.
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05:42 Ropuch Morning, #koha
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05:54 Amit hi nicomo, ropuch, magnusenger
05:57 magnusenger hi Amit
06:01 Ropuch hello Amit, magnusenger
06:04 magnusenger hi Ropuch
06:04 nicomo morning all
06:04 Ropuch heheh
06:05 Ropuch #koha: the greeting channel ';>
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06:19 tjr Is there any method to non interactively modify a marc record in Koha, idea is just to add item records to the existing record non-interactively. Can MarcEdit be used non interactively. Has any one written perl program to modify marc record out side koha environment and update the koha marc record (including items) with the modified one .
06:20 tjr Is there any method to non interactively modify a marc record in Koha, idea is just to add item records to the existing record non-interactively. Can MarcEdit be used non interactively. Has any one written perl program to modify marc record out side koha environment and update the koha marc record (including items) with the modified one .
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06:36 Ropuch Morning, paul_p
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06:40 kf good morning
06:41 Ropuch Hello kf
06:42 kf hi Ropuch
06:42 Amit hi kf
06:44 kf hi Amit
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07:09 slef chris: If anyone else asks, I wouldn't use fink on MacOS again. People using MacPorts seem to have far more success than I did, but that may have been the sysadmin.
07:09 slef I should add a comment to that blog page.
07:27 hdl_laptop chris: Is there any Template validator tool we could use to prove our template are well formed ?
07:36 chris htmltidy does an alright job
07:38 kf good morning chris
07:39 chris weblint is good too
07:39 chris hi kf
07:39 kf chris: search for [ Intranet for 3.1.x/3.2 ]  de-DE-i-staff-t-prog-v-3002000.po seems not to work, you get results where the term is not included
07:40 chris hmm not sure if i can do anything about that im afraid
07:40 kf chris: I was afraid you would say that
07:41 kf chris: I think I had this problem before, perhaps something went wrong when the files got updated?
07:42 chris could be i guess
07:43 kf sometimes the term is on the same page as the wrong result
07:51 magnusenger Hm, how is the "Serial record flag" in 942s supposed to work when it is hidden in the editor (hidden = -5)?
07:52 chris hdl_laptop:
07:54 hdl_laptop chris thanks for that.
07:55 hdl_laptop But I want to be able to ensure that an open TMPL_IF or TMPL_LOOP or TMPL_UNLESS is closed.
07:55 hdl_laptop Not an html validator... (even if it should be used more often.
07:55 hdl_laptop Very curious so many </div> are found missing.
07:56 hdl_laptop Maybe because <TMPL_IF> and <div> are misplaced.
07:56 chris yep
07:57 chris nope there isnt a html::template validator
07:57 chris another reason to move to template toolkit
07:58 chris[…]3fb498a9081c14431
07:58 chris plus[…]ate/Convert/
07:58 chris :)
08:04 hdl_laptop plus
08:06 chris yeah we use TT for
08:06 chris only using 1 filter (cleaning whitespace)
08:06 chris but its really handy
08:08 chris (plus you can cache rendered output into memcached)
08:10 chris its on my list to work on once 3.2 is out
08:10 chris magnusenger: sorry just saw your question
08:10 chris and i dont have an answer
08:11 magnusenger thanks for noticing, anyway... ;-)
08:13 magnusenger I guess my real question is how to generate subscriptions for serials when they are imported from a batch of MARC records. Or must the subscriptions be created manually after the import?
08:15 hdl_laptop MARC records and subscription are two different things.
08:15 magnusenger Hm, there's lots of info about subscriptions that are not in the MARC, so i guess the best I can do is to create a very basic subscription from the MARC, just the link to the record, really.
08:15 hdl_laptop We usually add subscriptions after bib imports.
08:16 hdl_laptop yes This is what we usually do
08:16 magnusenger so you use the MARC-data to create some SQL to generate basic subscription-info?
08:16 magnusenger or is there another way to do it?
08:17 hdl_laptop usually ILSes have subscriptions tables.
08:17 hdl_laptop And we use that.
08:18 magnusenger a ha, not sure my client's ils has that, though, must check
08:19 magnusenger hdl_laptop, do you know what part 942s is supposed to play in this?
08:20 hdl_laptop Llers would be better placed than me to answer.
08:20 magnusenger ok, thanks!
08:22 chris lol
08:23 chris good luck with that
08:23 chris i vote asking an ex Ller
08:23 magnusenger ;-)
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08:36 chris ill answer here CGI912
08:36 chris yes, you can use the marc uploader in the tools section
08:37 chris btw, a simple hello is considered polite
08:37 chris :)
08:38 chris and if you ask here, the question and answer get logged so hopefully help others :-)
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08:43 chris heh
08:43 slef cloak and daggers
08:43 chris for the record the question was
08:43 chris 20:35 <CGI912> Is there any way we can update the existing marc record using any other porgram with the modified marc record. At least we should be  able to add items to the existing record this way.
08:48 chris hmm i wonder if penny is still leading the vote for keynote speaker for code4lib
08:49 chris hmm nope tim o'reilly has passed her
08:49 chris Tim O'Reilly [77]; Penny Leach [76]; Paul Jones [75]; Cathy Marshall [71]; Randall Munroe [69]; Peter Morville [68]; Mark Pilgrim [67]; Adrian
08:50 chris Holovaty [63]; Jonathan Zittrain [57];  Mitchell Baker [52]; Jon Udell [51]; Jono Bacon [44]; Andy Lester [42]; Joe Lucia [41]; Richard Stallman [41];
08:50 chris Daniel Pitti [40]; Clifford Lynch [38]; Benjamin Mako Hill [38]; Joan Frye Williams [33]; Patrick Ball [32];
08:55 slef boo! ;-)
08:55 slef where's the vote?  Where's the conference? ;-)
08:56 chris
08:57 chris
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08:58 chris hi Colin
08:58 Colin Hi Chris
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09:27 Amit hi colin, chris_n2
09:30 Colin Hi Amit
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10:28 chris_n2-away slef: code4lib conf is only 5 hours from where I am
10:29 * chris_n2-away might wander out there
10:29 slef chris_n2-away: Asheville, North Carolina
10:29 chris_n2-away oh, g'morning
10:29 chris_n2-away slef: yeah, we often vacation in that area
10:30 slef vote page doesn't work. No time to debug it now.
10:30 slef (just a page of names, one per underlined line)
10:30 slef mmmm, vacation
10:30 * chris_n2-away heads off to find b'fast, bbiab
10:31 Amit hi slef
10:32 slef hi Amit
10:38 slef Damn. I deleted a small feature trying paul_p's git tip. It's not that simple. :-(
10:38 * slef tried to find a copy of that feature in another git clone
10:38 slef s/tried/tries
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10:49 slef heh, his network uplink is protecting him again ;-)
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11:56 chris_n hi Amit
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12:13 jwagner kf, around?
12:17 kf jwagner: just saw your reply
12:17 jwagner To Bug 3380?  Wanted to follow up with you on that.
12:17 munin` Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3380 normal, PATCH-Sent, ---,, NEW, Serial enumeration / chronology should display in opac holds interface.
12:18 kf jwagner: do you always show the volume column or only if there are values for it?
12:20 jwagner Just doublechecked -- it's always there.
12:21 kf jwagner: ah ok, this will work as well. I wanted to try to show the column only when its needed, so that we save some space
12:22 kf jwagner: when do you think its ready to be sent out? its a little urgent for us... library opens on october 12th and patrons need to request volumes of journals because they are in closed stacks
12:22 jwagner Ours is more the brute force approach...
12:23 jwagner The feature has finished testing -- it's a question of when we can get it sent out.  Maybe in the next week?  David?
12:23 jdavidb Likely so.  I'd like to get a bunch of things thrown over the transom this week or this weekend.  Intended to last weekend, but Life Gets In The Way Sometimes.
12:24 jwagner FYI, we are also working on another feature, to allow multiple holds by one patron on one title (i.e., for different serials issues).  That one's not near completion yet, but I thought I'd let you know it's coming.  Haven't done a bugzilla on it yet, come to think of it.
12:24 kf I would be really happy if it could get in 3.2, because its really needed for us
12:25 kf do you want to take the bug then?
12:25 kf or I could try to redo my patch with column only shown when needed
12:25 jwagner If you think ours would work for your needs, sure.
12:25 jwagner Having the column only show when needed would be an elegant revision :-)
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12:26 kf Dont know if I can do this - but I would like to try
12:27 jdavidb kf:  Anything I can do to help, I'll be glad to.  :)  It never hurts to have another contributor to Koha.
12:28 kf you know, Im not a programmer, but I want to learn to do more things. This is something we need and seemed not so difficult
12:29 jwagner kf, I'm not a Real Programmer either, I just play one on TV :-)  And send all sorts of "why didn't you do it this way" feedback to the real developers when I'm testing their stuff :-)
12:31 kf I think working together makes koha so great, librarians and developers
12:32 kf ok. I will try to redo the patch so that the column shows after call number, as in your screen shot, but only when its needed - and will add to the bug if successful or not
12:33 kf ok? :)
12:34 jwagner So you're going to redo yours?  Do you still want us to send ours out?
12:34 jdavidb Excellent!  :)
12:35 kf I wont touch staff, so this will still be missing
12:37 kf I dont know what else jdavidb's patches might include
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12:42 jdavidb Well, I'll still throw it out there, because we're committed to do so in all but the most tiny customizations, or when customer security won't let us.  you can decide, kf, if you'd like to use it.
12:42 jdavidb If your answer is a better one, I'm fine with that, or if you think of a good way to enhance ours, please do!
12:45 kf jdavidb: perhaps its just that I started working on this and perhaps want to find out if it will work as I think... and it would be only a little different to your solution. But we definitely need a solution in a stable koha release - yours or mine. perhaps I should just hand over the bug ;)
12:46 jdavidb I'll bump it to the top of my list, then, and get it thrown over the wall.  Getting it into 3.2 is not up to me, but gmcharlt, but hopefully he can be wheedled into taking it in.
12:47 kf I hope so
12:47 * gmcharlt accepts chocolates ;)
12:47 kf :)
12:47 nengard ooo - is that the secret?? :)
12:47 jdavidb Chocolate can be arranged, gmcharlt.  Lotsa good karma is also negotiable.
12:47 gmcharlt more seriously, doesn't strike me that it's going to be an archiecture-shattering change
12:48 kf I can offer swiss chocolate - Konstanz is near to the border
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12:48 kf gmcharlt: can you ignore my patch from yesterday please?
12:48 jdavidb Not really, gmcharlt.  This is a relatively minor enhancement, codewise, but is a nice touch.
12:49 gmcharlt kf: ok
12:49 kf gmcharlt: thx :)
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13:08 ebegin good morning koha!
13:08 owen Hi ebegin
13:13 owen Thinking about a particularly nasty bug we're experiencing, I wonder if we're missing out on a lot of bug reports because they're staying between customer and vendor?
13:14 owen There's certainly nothing to be gained in publicly fixing a bug if you're not sharing your work with the world.
13:16 slef We used to pass almost all bugs to but I got bored arguing the toss, so it only happens when it's clear-cut and can't possibly be blamed on the customer.  I am reviewing our past fixes while trying to clean my tree for publication, though.
13:17 slef Also, quite a few of the bugs we get are already reported by other more cutting-edge testers
13:17 slef then I just add myself to cc
13:19 slef Finally, sometimes those bugs are already assigned to people so we do a quick local fix and work on something else while we wait for the proper fix.  I should review the ones we're waiting for and tidy/submit our patches in cases where no-one else did.
13:19 slef now I'm off to lunch :)
13:20 slef Before I go, I just checked: we only have 156 Koha bugs open at the moment and a lot of those are local or extension things.
13:20 owen It can be hard--especially for the customer--to know whether it's a local problem or a Koha problem.
13:20 owen It can be hard even for someone like me who has more experience than most customers.
13:21 slef Because we rarely control all the customer's IT systems, it can be hard for us to tell that too.  In at least one notorious case, everyone pointed the fingers at everyone else.
13:21 owen Sounds like my plumber and my heating contractor.
13:22 slef oh yeah... I've been shocked at one site that coordinating with other IT suppliers multiplies my time estimate by about 4.
13:22 slef 2 to 2.5 is normal, but 4???
13:22 slef anyway, I'm starving here.  biab
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13:36 kf jwagner: I love your screenshots :)
13:55 chris_n hi owen
13:55 owen Hi chris_n. Sorry I missed you yesterday afternoon
13:55 chris_n np
13:55 chris_n what did you find?
13:55 owen I had a question about the labels interface
13:55 owen Let me try to find where I was...
13:56 * chris_n throws gmcharlt some virtual chocolate
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13:57 jwagner kf, sorry, been off in a meeting.  Which screenshot?  I've loaded several to bugzilla this morning :-)
13:57 owen Mmmm... virtual chocolate.  Almost as bad as Hershey's chocolate ;)
13:58 chris_n virtual chocolate == very low calories
13:58 owen Okay, chris_n, if you're adding items to a new batch, my thought was that we should hide the buttons to delete items, check dupes, etc.
13:58 chris_n owen: excellent idea
13:58 chris_n some JS magic perhaps?
13:59 owen I thought a check for the TMPL_LOOP of existing items would work
14:00 owen <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="table_loop" -->
14:00 chris_n great
14:01 owen Okay, I'll make it so.
14:01 chris_n it might also be nice to indicate the number of the new batch somehow
14:01 chris_n "There are no items in batch <batch_number> yet"
14:02 brendan joined #koha
14:02 owen Okay
14:02 * chris_n greets brendan
14:03 chris_n I'm off for a bit owen; bbl
14:08 brendan morning
14:11 nicomo hi brendan
14:11 kf jwagner: not one specific, its just great to see new features. :) looked at hold option some minutes ago
14:11 brendan hi nicomo
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14:13 nengard morning nicomo and brendan
14:13 brendan heya engard
14:13 brendan heya nengard
14:14 nengard :)
14:16 nengard spend today and yesterday booking all my travel - shocked that my credit card company hasn't called to ask me if my card was stolen
14:16 kf :)
14:18 Nate left #koha
14:19 jwagner kf, we still have some more in the pipeline -- I'll get them added as soon as they're nailed down.  Been a busy year...
14:21 kf yes, very busy
14:22 kf our librarian asked to display place of publication together with publication year and publisher
14:22 kf would it be ok to add this or is there a reason why it is not shown?
14:22 kf ok, talking about opac detail xslt :)
14:24 jwagner I think it would be fine to show it on the details page.  The more info the better.
14:26 kf jwagner: ok, I think we will add it and sent a patch after wolfgang's vacation
14:45 kmkale @weather mumbai
14:45 munin` kmkale: The current temperature in Mumbai, India is 29.0�C (7:40 PM IST on September 24, 2009). Conditions: Haze. Humidity: 84%. Dew Point: 26.0�C. Pressure: 29.80 in 1009 hPa (Steady).
14:51 owen I'm still not sure what I should do about this error I get when trying to search for items to add to a label batch
14:51 owen Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at /home/oleonard/kohaclone/l​abels/ line 129.
14:51 owen Is there something else I can do to try to track down the cause?
14:51 owen ...besides scratch my head, that is.
14:52 owen Because I've done that and it didn't work.
14:57 chris_n heh
14:57 * chris_n tries to focus
14:59 chris_n owen: do you have a version w/o the labels rewrite you can try the search on over the same database?
15:01 * owen tries it in master
15:03 Nate joined #koha
15:03 chris_n owen: any chance you can grab this version of the script:[…]b32ff8b9aa84bd8ac
15:03 chris_n and try it?
15:03 chris_n that would determine if the changes I made broke things for you
15:06 owen I'm confused now... Has labels_recon been integrated into HEAD now?
15:07 nengard chris_n and owen whenever it is integrated - i need help with documentation - i never understood labels ;)
15:12 nengard left #koha
15:12 nengard joined #koha
15:13 chris_n owen: yes
15:13 * owen is out of touch
15:14 owen chris_n: the version you sent me works in as much as it doesn't return an error. But it also doesn't return search results
15:15 slef nengard: are you using tripit on linkedin?
15:15 nengard slef i was - i think - but I pref dopplr so I haven't updated tripit
15:15 nengard why?
15:16 chris_n owen: on phone
15:16 slef just being stalky, wondered where you were going :)  Bergen?
15:16 slef I don't like tripit or dopplr but I don't know the FOSS options
15:16 nengard slef In Oct - I'm going to Nevada and then California in November I'm going to Bergen, Oslo, Venice and Rome
15:16 slef so I use tripit because it's in my face
15:17 nengard I put all my stuff on my calendar which is on my site:[…]learning-calendar
15:17 slef we need some common standard for calendaring
15:17 nengard we? the world? or we the koha world?
15:17 slef the world
15:18 slef like http://host/homepage/calendar gets you their calendar
15:18 nengard doubt that's gonna happen :) hehe
15:18 nengard oh! like that
15:18 chris_n isn't the koha world *the* world?
15:18 slef but smarter people than me have been trying to do things like that for ages
15:18 * chris_n is now seriously disillusioned
15:18 nengard poor chris_n
15:18 jwagner Can anyone help me understand what RandomizeHoldsQueueWeight and StaticHoldsQueueWeight sysprefs do, especially in a multi-library environment?  What this site wants is to make sure "next available" hold is truly the next available, regardless of the patron or item branch -- anywhere in the system.
15:19 chris_n owen:  I'm puzzled too
15:19 nengard jwagner - you mean my documentation didn't help you??? hehe - probably cause I had no idea what I was saying ....
15:19 slef chris_n: welcome to my world. Moohahah.
15:19 chris_n of course file I pointed you to would not work :-P
15:19 slef disillusioned+puzzled
15:19 * chris_n really tries to get up to spped
15:19 chris_n speed even
15:20 chris_n owen: chris tested the labels stuff... maybe we should check with him to see if he has any thoughts
15:20 * chris_n thinks gmcharlt did some testing also
15:21 chris_n and my catalogers have used it for better than a month now
15:21 chris_n s/used/vetted/
15:21 chris_n to use the latest terminology :-|
15:21 jwagner nengard, I did check the manual site.  It just didn't tell me anything other than the definitions in the sysprefs :-(
15:21 nengard chris_n do your catalogers have any kind of documentation they have written for each other? something I cna use to base my manual docs on?
15:21 nengard jwagner - I know - I was being sarcastic - I didn't understand them at all so I couldn't explain them any better
15:21 chris_n nengard: nothing written
15:22 nengard chris_n -- think they might want to write something?
15:22 chris_n nengard: I'll try to scare something up
15:22 nengard thanks!!!
15:22 * chris_n likes to keep his catalogers very well fed and happy
15:23 owen nengard: I'm working on some interface tweaks for the new labels, so hold off on your screenshots
15:23 nengard owen - no worries - I'm waiting for help with text before I can do screenshots
15:24 chris_n owen: I wonder if you can enable debug and see any additional info in your logs?
15:24 * chris_n does not remember how to do that from the cgi var side
15:24 chris_n something like ?debug=1 maybe
15:25 Kivutar left #koha
15:26 owen You mean DebugLevel in system prefs? That's set to 2, hence the output of the error I guess
15:26 chris_n owen: you might also try adding 'next if !$item; after line 126 in (the label rewrite version)
15:28 chris_n if my very long guess is correct, there may be a bib w/no items or at least a bug in GetItemInfosOf causing an undef item
15:28 * chris_n finds remote debugging via irc difficult ;-)
15:31 slef nengard: the other way to find what something does is to search the source code for that syspref being used and generally boggle at the source until it makes sense.
15:31 chris_n boggle++
15:31 chris_n it often does the trick
15:33 chris_n owen: I have to go work under another hat for a while; I'll look at this again later this afternoon EDT
15:33 owen Thanks for your help as always
15:35 nengard slef sorry was on the phone - and I'm still learning Perl - so boggling might take a year :)
15:35 nengard hehe
15:38 slef @karma boggle
15:38 munin` slef: Karma for "boggle" has been increased 1 time and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 1.
15:38 owen @karma scrabble
15:38 munin` owen: scrabble has neutral karma.
15:44 kmkale byeall GN
15:44 kmkale left #koha
15:46 valczir_work joined #koha
15:49 owen left #koha
15:49 owen joined #koha
15:54 jwagner Re: <slef> nengard: the other way to find what something does is to search the source code for that syspref being used and generally boggle at the source until it makes sense. -- I've grepped for both those sysprefs in C4 and under kohaclone/circ and kohaclone/reserve and I'm not finding them anywhere.  Where else might they be used?
16:00 collum joined #koha
16:02 owen jwagner: My search turns up references to RandomizeHoldsQueueWeight in misc/cronjobs/holds/
16:02 brendan left #koha
16:03 jwagner owen, thanks -- didn't think to look there.
16:03 brendan joined #koha
16:09 kf owen: can you recommend a good introduction to jquery? I think I need to hide some things from display in various places.
16:10 owen You could try this:[…]arted_with_jQuery
16:11 kf owen: thx! :)
16:14 jwagner Back on the two holds queue sysprefs.  The script references them as "Query system preferences to get ordered list of branches to use to fill hold requests."  What I _think_ the code is doing is this:
16:14 jwagner If there is a list of branchcodes in StaticHoldsQueueWeight, it uses those as the branches to pull from.
16:15 jwagner If there isn't a list, it pulls from all branches.
16:15 CGI940 joined #koha
16:15 jwagner If RandomizeHoldsQueueWeight is on, it shuffles the list of branches randomly.
16:16 jwagner So neither of these sysprefs seems directly applicable to my site's request: What this site wants is to make sure "next available" hold is truly the next available, regardless of the patron or item branch -- anywhere in the system.
16:16 jwagner Am I reading that right?
16:20 CGI940 hey i need help with koha
16:20 CGI940 I am currently running Koha 3.0.1. I would like to edit or configure the catalog search bar section on top of the catalogs when a search is made. It is the area that is above all the books that are listed when a search is made. By edit, I mean changing the interface and the way it appears to the general public. I was told that I need to use a css style script to do this or some css style template of some sort. I am really unsure a
16:21 owen CGI940: What are you trying to do?
16:23 CGI940 I would like to change the way the entire page looks
16:23 CGI940 when a user makes a search for a book
16:24 CGI940 sorry if im being too vague, im really new to koha
16:24 kf jwagner: perhaps talk to wizzyrea about this, I think there was a discussion about this on irc some time ago
16:24 CGI940 ok thank you
16:25 owen CGI940: In order for us to be able to help you, we'll have to hear specifics
16:26 owen If you'd like an introduction to the kinds of changes you can make you can check out my Koha Blog:
16:26 nengard left #koha
16:27 CGI940 ok
16:45 CGI940 hey i have another question
16:45 CGI940 do you know where I can access the koha template systems
16:46 owen Look for intranet-tmpl/prog/en and opac-tmpl/prog/en
16:46 kf time to leave - bye everybody
16:46 kf left #koha
16:46 owen But I don't recommend making changes to your templates. You'll run into problems when you try to upgrade
16:47 CGI940 what kind of prolems?
16:47 nengard joined #koha
16:47 owen If you make a change to your template, then upgrade Koha, the changes you made to your template will be overwritten. You'll have to keep track of each change and copy them over after your upgrade
16:48 owen That can get very tedious if you're talking about too many changes
16:48 CGI940 oh
16:49 CGI940 i see i ee
16:50 slef we need a some sort of template-by-version browsing website
16:50 slef do we have one?
16:50 nengard better yet, we need a templating system like wordpress in koha :)
16:51 owen Will template toolkit help that somehow?
16:51 * owen doesn't know anything about it
16:52 CGI940 you said look for intranet-tmpl/prog/en and opac-tmpl/prog/en, where can I find that?
16:53 owen CGI940: Do you know where Koha is installed?
16:53 CGI940 I'm not sure.
16:54 CGI940 I have acess to koha staff through the koha website
16:55 owen CGI940: Sounds like you need to get with the person who installed Koha for you.
16:55 CGI940 ok
16:59 CGI940 Actually is it necessary to have access to koha installation in order to acess the templates? I just found out that we do not have access to where it was installed but can only access it through the web.
17:02 rhcl_away @seen wizzyrea
17:02 munin` rhcl_away: wizzyrea was last seen in #koha 23 hours, 34 minutes, and 38 seconds ago: <wizzyrea> PH LOL
17:03 nengard left #koha
17:03 rhcl_away Hey Liz...our library is looking for a library running Koha to visit.
17:22 mu3lla79 joined #koha
17:22 mu3lla79 هلاااااااااااا
17:23 mu3lla79 عربييييييييييي
17:23 CGI940 left #koha
17:23 mu3lla79 left #koha
17:32 Colin left #koha
17:38 cait_laptop joined #koha
17:54 jdavidb howdy, cait_laptop. :)
17:55 cait_laptop howdy jdavidb
17:55 cait_laptop :)
17:55 jdavidb :)  How are things in your corner of the world?
17:56 cait_laptop ok, I think
17:57 cait_laptop and in yours? :)
17:57 jdavidb Pretty good.  Ready for the mid-afternoon nap, but don't get one.
17:58 cait_laptop dinner time here :)
18:00 jdavidb you're...UTC+2?  +3?
18:01 chris_n back
18:01 cait_laptop not sure... have to google that
18:01 cait_laptop ;)
18:12 cait_laptop UTC+2 or UTC+1 depending on summer or winter time :)
18:14 jdavidb Ah.   We're UTC-4 or -5, again, depending.
18:15 cait_laptop its 8:15 now :)
18:17 Ropuch Same here [;
18:21 chris morning
18:22 cait_laptop good morning chris
18:23 jdavidb Hi, chris! :D
18:48 jdavidb @quote random
18:48 nengard joined #koha
18:48 munin` jdavidb: Quote #17: "<wizzyrea> holy flaming bacon batman!" (added by jdavidb at 09:40 PM, July 17, 2009)
18:48 chris heh
18:49 * jdavidb scratches his head in confusion.
18:51 jdavidb Here's a puzzler...installed lenny on a brand-new-shiny box.  Installed all of Koha's dependencies, and rebooted.  System failed to come up.  Started over, did it again...and this time, it rebooted slick as a pickpocket.
18:51 * jdavidb calls out the pixie exterminators.
18:55 chris id be running memtest on thtat
18:55 chris_n chris: did you run into any problems with the labels item search when testing the labels re-write?
18:55 chris not that i remember chris_n
18:55 chris_n owen seems to have a problem which I cannot duplicate
18:55 chris jdavidb: in fact i run memtest for at least 24 hours on any new machine
18:55 chris_n I suspect corrupt data
18:56 chris chris_n: sounds highly plausible
18:56 jdavidb good idea, chris; I think I'll do that for a while..overnight, at least.
18:57 chris_n jdavidb: run this: in "torture" mode on any new machine for 24hours
18:57 chris_n that will scare the bugs out where you can see them ;-)
18:58 jdavidb hee...yeah, it would.
19:07 nicomo left #koha
19:14 wajasu joined #koha
19:22 ccurry joined #koha
19:24 ccurry Hello, all.  Anyone know if it's possible to hide Shelving Location from the OPAC (952$c); it would also (of course) need to be hidden from the public MARC display.  We're planning to use Koha for a closed stacks library and we don't want to publish location information for security reasons.
19:24 ccurry ?*
19:25 chris the public marc display you can hide easily by changing the framework
19:26 chris to hide it in the non-marc probably needs a template edit
19:27 owen ccurry: Shelving location isn't explicitly labelled in the normal display, I don't think
19:27 mason have people read this one yet?
19:27 mason[…]-a-form-of-theft/
19:27 chris yeah, the guys a moron
19:27 mason
19:27 owen We don't populate shelving location at my library
19:28 ccurry ok.  thanks.  I'll have a look at the templates.  I was hoping this had come up before and there was a syspref.
19:30 owen Geez, I was hoping that article wasn't as simplistic as the URL suggested
19:31 chris it is, he's just mad no one buys his shitty books
19:31 chris "dude its not cos they get it from the library, its cos you suck"
19:32 * jdavidb laughs.
19:32 owen ccurry: Are you talking about the column in the holdings table labelled "Location" ?
19:32 owen[…]
19:33 mason author FAIL
19:33 lernst joined #koha
19:33 ccurry owen:nope: the column in the holdings table labelled "Shelving Location" (952$c)
19:33 owen I don't see that on our system
19:34 cait_laptop $c is LOC
19:35 ccurry owen: It only shows up in the holdings table display if there's data there.
19:36 lernst left #koha
19:37 owen ccurry: I see, you want to use the field for internal purposes but not the public. Gotcha.
19:38 lernst joined #koha
19:39 jdavidb left #koha
19:39 ccurry owen: you got it.  I assume there isn't a better field for this data.
19:40 jwagner ccurry, I'd be interested in a syspref to turn off display of shelving location in the OPAC myself.  Also one to turn off display of the library name if it's a single library site....
19:40 ccurry jwagner: agreed.  If I knew how to build one, I'd do so.  I'm just starting to get my feet wet.
19:40 cait_laptop jwagner: there is one for the last
19:40 owen jwagner: Would a check for single branch mode be appropriate for the single library issue?
19:41 cait_laptop singlebranchmode
19:41 owen ...and I wonder if there are other issues for closed-stacks libraries that could be affected by a "ClosedStacks" preference. Hit them all at once.
19:41 cait_laptop library is not shown in opac when singlebranchmode is on, but location still shows
19:41 ccurry cait_laptop: thanks for that
19:42 cait_laptop ccurry: you are welcome
19:42 jwagner owen, yes, a check for singlebranchmode would work there.
19:43 cait_laptop owen: I think we would need a better request management for closed stacks
19:43 owen Hmf. Ask LibLime about that :(
19:43 cait_laptop yes... :(
19:44 cait_laptop for example allowonshelfholds can only be set globally not for libraries
19:44 cait_laptop i have this problem with our koha library - they have closed stacks and free access areas
19:46 fredericd left #koha
19:47 jwagner left #koha
19:47 cait_laptop and bigger academic libraries with closed stacks want the requests printed on different pinters according to call number
19:50 cait_laptop ok... sorry :)
19:58 pianohacker joined #koha
20:00 owen Hi pianohacker
20:00 pianohacker hey owen
20:02 owen But actually, goodbye. Quitting time. :)
20:02 pianohacker heh
20:02 owen left #koha
20:02 pianohacker see ya
20:02 pianohacker hello, anybody else :)
20:03 cait_laptop hi pianohacker
20:03 pianohacker hi cait
20:04 pianohacker what are you up to?
20:05 ccurry So, I found the template and the code to remove the shelving location information from the holdings table (opac-detail.tmpl line 319 on my instance 3.0.2).  Removing "<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="location_description" -->" worked like a charm.  Anybody know how I can make this display only when a user with a particular patron type [Staff] is logged in?  Feel free to just direct me to the appropriate...
20:05 ccurry  Didn't find, but I could have missed it.
20:08 cait_laptop fighting with perl and koha code... I dont know enough perl :(
20:08 pianohacker Its an ugly language
20:10 pianohacker ccurry: hmm. why would you want staff users to log in to the opac?
20:11 ccurry pianohacker: good point...didn't think that one through.
20:19 collum left #koha
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20:30 chris this coffee is yuck
20:31 pianohacker well, it's coffee; its starting out at a disadvantage
20:31 chris pshaw
20:33 chris_n yuck-coffee--
20:34 pianohacker coffee--
20:34 chris_n awww.... coffee++
20:34 pianohacker @karma coffee
20:34 munin` pianohacker: Karma for "coffee" has been increased 4 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of 3.
20:34 cait_laptop :)
20:34 pianohacker O_o
20:34 chris_n Costa Rico Peaberry++
20:34 chris_n Rica even
20:34 pianohacker @karma Peaberry
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20:35 pianohacker :)
20:35 chris_n Jamaican-Blue-Mountain++
20:35 chris_n heh
20:35 chris anything_but_instant++
20:35 chris_n chris you need a French press to make coffee right ;-)
20:36 chris_n
20:36 wizzyrea rhcl: you are always welcome @ nekls
20:37 rhcl_away Hey, She Speaks!
20:37 rhcl_away is now known as rhcl
20:37 chris chris_n: i have 2, ,.. at work we have espresso machines
20:37 chris but i was just rushing ;)
20:37 pianohacker hi, wizzyrea, rhcl
20:37 rhcl Hi hi
20:37 chris chris_n: you can ask nahuel about our adventures to find good coffee in texas :)
20:37 nengard this is not a discussion for the one who doesn't like coffee ....
20:38 chris_n hi wizzyrea && rhcl
20:38 pianohacker nengard++
20:38 chris_n chris: lol
20:38 rhcl wizzy: do any of your libraries have a bookmobile?
20:38 nengard in fact i think i'm going to make me some tea!!
20:38 chris_n do they serve it to you in the pot down there?
20:38 wizzyrea rhcl: nopers
20:38 * chris_n tries to imagine a Texas coffee cup
20:38 chris chris_n: hotel coffee came in those thermos thingys
20:39 chris_n nengard: tea++
20:39 rhcl[…]dontmesstxmug.jpg
20:39 chris_n hotel-coffee--
20:39 cait_laptop tea++
20:39 chris_n rhcl: is that a 10 gallon cup?
20:40 pianohacker * image not to scale
20:40 rhcl Donno
20:40 chris_n lemon grass tea from Singapore is very good
20:40 magnusenger left #koha
20:40 chris_n pianohacker: lol
20:41 ccurry left #koha
20:41 rhcl Does Koha have a location code for "bookmobile"?
20:41 chris_n chris: last year I picked up a $300 Kitchen Aid burr mill for $7.00 at a thrift store.... nearly new
20:42 richard joined #koha
20:42 richard hi
20:42 pianohacker hello richard
20:42 chris_n t'was missing the glass carafe which I ordered for $14
20:42 * chris_n greets richard
20:42 rhcl Also, I had this really great idea with Swine Flu everywhere and all, that book publishers should make books out of plastic, so that they could be run through a dishwasher (of course, it would be called a bookwasher) when they circulate back in.
20:42 richard hiyas
20:42 rhcl Is there a Koha location code for Bookwasher - In Transit
20:43 chris_n hehe
20:43 pianohacker they need that for the children's board books anyway
20:43 chris chris_n: good deal
20:43 pianohacker those things get nasty
20:45 wajasu is anyone here familiar with cataloguing (i.e. and how the database stores imported marc records?
20:46 wajasu it seems like during the staged import, it is converted to an XML format.
20:48 chris the marc is stored in biblioitems.marc and biblioitems.marcxml
20:48 chris some is stored in the items table too
20:50 * chris_n heads out, bbiab
20:52 wajasu i am assuming that when staged marc data is imported, the code is used and the preference itemcallnumber is parsed to discern which field to grab the call number from.
20:52 pianohacker hmm. not sure if that code is activated on import
20:55 wajasu So it during import the item call number might not be populated, but maybe only shown from the marc record data?  I'll have to really trace this then, uh.
20:56 pianohacker yes
20:56 chris it will be populated if its in the 952 field
20:56 chris what i would do is use marc edit
20:57 chris to put the 'right' callnumber in the 952$p (i think its p would need to check)
20:57 chris then when you import itemcallnumber will get that
20:57 wajasu my user has much of his library in marc edit format, and he imports.
20:58 wajasu he put the 090b as well as the 050 codes in the catalgoing preferences as the field comments maybe misled him to think he could put multiple entries.
20:58 chris yep, so just put the right data in 952
20:58 chris thats what goes in itemcallnumber
20:59 chris those too are biblio level callnumbers
20:59 chris too=two
20:59 chris @marc 952
20:59 munin` chris: unknown tag 952
20:59 chris o it is
20:59 chris[…]ugust/015051.html
21:00 wajasu he wants to make it so he can list '090b 050 ...' in the itemcallnumber preference field so when he imports, it copies the 090 one if its there, then the 050 one if 090 was empty, etc.
21:01 chris yeah, you are gonna have to do some custom work if you want to make that happen
21:01 chris and even then, it wont go into itemcallnumber
21:01 chris as that is linked to 952$O
21:01 chris 952$o even
21:02 chris so you are better off making marcedit copy the right value to 952$o
21:06 wajasu ok i'll look into trying to does this processing outside of koha before import/staging.
21:06 wajasu s/does/do/
21:06 wizzyrea Ohh, talk of the aporkalypse!@
21:07 wizzyrea (swine flu)
21:07 pianohacker ehhhh
21:08 cait_laptop good night everybody :)
21:08 cait_laptop left #koha
21:12 chris nengard: you about?
21:13 rhcl Liz, we really would like to visit one of the KS libraries to check out Koha. What do we need to do?
21:15 wajasu so i should be able to write a macro with marcedit to do the logic of looking at the 090 then 050 and copying that into 952's structure.
21:15 wizzyrea ummmm.... Oct 23 we are having a Kegger, and atchison is rignt near you rigbht?
21:15 wizzyrea erg typing
21:15 wizzyrea atchison is a koha library
21:15 chris wajasu: i *think* so
21:16 wizzyrea alert, rhcl :)
21:18 rhcl OK, should we contact them directly?
21:19 rhcl alert???? Should we ask for Lawrence or Topeka instead???? :)
21:19 wizzyrea Sure, they love visitors
21:19 wizzyrea the director is Diana Weaver,
21:19 wizzyrea nah, neither of them are koha
21:19 rhcl What is Marysville running, do you happen to know?
21:20 wizzyrea mmm I don't know
21:20 chris ohh is that where diana is now
21:20 wizzyrea yessir :)
21:20 wizzyrea she graduated from NEKLS and is now a director :)
21:20 chris :)
21:20 wizzyrea a very good one, at that
21:30 rhcl wizzyrea: Passed data for visit to my director--thanks for the info.
21:31 chris anyone going to access this year?
21:32 lernst left #koha
21:32 Nate left #koha
21:32 wizzyrea sure thing :)
21:33 wajasu chris: thx, i'm going to look into use a XSLT stylesheet that marcedit seems to support and let the cataloger use that.
21:39 nengard left #koha
21:58 nengard joined #koha
21:58 nengard chris i'm about now - sorry was eating dinner
21:59 valczir_work left #koha
22:01 chris ok, time to head into work
22:05 jhaig joined #koha
22:08 jhaig I am getting 9 failures when running "make test" on koha.  The first sign of a failure is "t/Circulation_barcodedecode....DBD::mysql::db selectrow_array failed: Table 'koha.systempreferences' doesn't exist at /root/koha-3.00.02/blib/PER​L_MODULE_DIR/C4/ line 485."  The database 'koha' is empty.  Should it be populated by the time I get to 'make test'?
22:09 jhaig I haven't seen anything in INSTALL.debian-lenny that talks about populating the database.
22:15 mdhafen joined #koha
22:16 mdhafen Hello everyone
22:17 * mdhafen is looking for help
22:18 jhaig I recommend you just ask a question and wait.  It is a bit quiet at the moment, and I'm afraid I will probably not be of much help myself.
22:19 mdhafen will do.  Thanks
22:20 mdhafen So, I have in a day 6 sessions timeout that shouldn't have.  I added warn statements so I see when the session time is updated and when a session is timeout'd.  The time ranges from a few seconds to 1 hour 43 minutes.  The timeout is supposed to be 2 hours.  Would mod_perl2 cause that?
22:23 mdhafen And this is after I added a $session->flush()
22:26 pianohacker mdhafen: koha is not compatible with mod_perl2
22:26 mdhafen So I've heard
22:27 pianohacker the only officially supported method of invocation is through cgi
22:27 mdhafen The apache module for mod_perl loads, but I don't think it's configured anywhere.  Is it still active in that state?
22:28 pianohacker ahh, okay. I wouldn't think that would cause your problem
22:29 mdhafen That's what I'm hoping.
22:29 pianohacker sorry, was reciting the litany :)
22:29 mdhafen Still don't know why the session's aren't getting updated properly though.
22:31 pianohacker what session storage method are you using?
22:31 mdhafen mysql
22:33 pianohacker mdhafen: that is the normal one, but you might try temp to see if that's the cause of your problem
22:33 mdhafen that's a good idea.
22:35 mdhafen Thanks.  I'll check back tomorrow if that doesn't fix it.
22:35 pianohacker jhaig: not too familiar with the database-dependent tests, so won't be able to help you, but note that they're by no means required for installation
22:35 pianohacker mdhafen: k, good luck
22:35 mdhafen left #koha
22:36 chris jhaig: yeah, the web based installer does that ... did you choose to run the database_dependant tests?
22:36 jhaig pianohacker: Thanks.  I eventually found a post in a mailing list saying that some of the tests were new, and that one appears to try to test the database before it has been set up.
22:36 jhaig chris: I chose the default, which was no
22:36 chris i think you can safely ignore that fail, and proceed on and run the web based installer (That will create your db)
22:37 jhaig That's the stage I'm at now, and I've got "The requested URL / was not found on this server." from the web server  :-(
22:38 pianohacker hmm. sounds like an apache config problem
22:39 jhaig Yes.  It had set up the virtual hosts with localhost ip addresses, which didn't help when I've trying to view it from a remote machine.
22:39 pianohacker right
22:41 brendan_ joined #koha
22:42 pianohacker time to knock off for evening, bye all
22:42 pianohacker left #koha
22:50 jhaig left #koha
22:51 chris hmmmm
22:51 brendan left #koha
22:51 brendan_ is now known as brendan
22:51 chris[…]-for-open-source/
22:54 chris im kinda ambivalent about that
22:58 chris ohh now im not
22:58 chris
22:58 richard wholly molly
23:00 pie sweet :)
23:05 brendan left #koha
23:07 nengard left #koha
23:08 rhcl is now known as rhcl_away
23:16 brendan joined #koha
23:46 chris[…]ermans-Late-Show/
23:48 * richard does anticipatory cringeing
23:48 chris yeah, its fairly cringeworthy

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