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00:56 brendan good evening #koha
00:56 chris hiya brendan
00:56 brendan hey chris
00:56 brendan how goes the day for you?
00:57 chris pretty good actually
00:57 brendan excellent :)
00:57 chris[…]works-what-doesnt
01:00 chris so if you are bored on thursday
01:00 brendan more code-athons (hack fests)
01:01 chris the NZ prime minister is gonna be on letterman
01:01 brendan ha
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01:14 chris_n^2 libgd stinks at resizing/resampling images
01:14 chris bummer
01:16 chris_n^2 yup, that means if we are to have good quality images on patron cards we need Image Magic which was an issue for some previously
01:16 chris yeah image magick has its own issues
01:16 chris_n^2 unless there is another library I've missed
01:16 chris_n^2 size mainly iirc
01:19 * chris_n^2 consults w/google
01:26 chris_n^2 ahh.... Imager
01:29 pianohacker Hello all
01:29 chris heya pianohacker
01:31 pianohacker broke fingers on one hand, so will be contributing to chat slowly
01:31 chris eeek
01:31 chris how'd you do that?
01:33 chris_n^2 ouch!
01:33 * chris_n^2 thinks both piano and hacking requires use of all fingers
01:35 pianohacker heh
01:36 pianohacker fell off bike
01:37 pianohacker Thank goodness for right-handed dvorak
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01:45 nathan1021 good day everyone
01:45 pianohacker hello
03:10 Amit joined #koha
03:10 Amit hi chris, richard, brendan
03:10 Amit good morning #koha
03:10 richard hi Amit
03:18 brendan heya amit
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03:57 pianohacker good night
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03:58 mason hi peoples,
03:58 mason and hello Amit!, long time no chat  my friend :)
03:58 Amit heya mason
03:59 Amit mason: after long time
03:59 mason yeah, sorry  - still busy  :/
03:59 mason nearly finished...
04:00 Amit hmm
04:01 mason things are good for you
04:01 mason ?
04:01 mason the weather is starting to become sunny in NZ now
04:03 Amit mason: life is fine preparing for workshop
04:08 mason that is good to hear,  and great job with your koha workshops
04:10 mason i am doing xsl and jquery stuff for the last week :/
04:11 mason its tricky and slow to debug, for me
04:15 Amit mason: i have done
04:17 mason aaah, that sounds interesting...
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04:33 Amit hi greenmang0
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06:09 Ropuch Morning
06:24 magnusenger good morning Ropuch et al
06:39 Amit hi ropuch, magusenger
06:42 Ropuch Hello Amit
06:50 magnusenger hi Amit
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07:15 |Lupin| hello
07:15 Ropuch Hi |Lupin|
07:16 Amit heya lupin
07:19 |Lupin| hi Ropuch & Amit
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07:52 hdl_laptop hi chris
07:53 chris hi hdl_laptop, i updated all the 3.0.x .po files
08:30 hdl_laptop Thx chris
09:38 snail chris: seem to me that the Koha Foundation Forming Survey needs to say whether people or institutions or people on behalf of institutions are voting.
09:39 snail just to avoid confusion
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10:29 chris hmm
10:30 hdl_laptop chris any problem ?
10:31 chris nope
10:31 chris just catching up on mail
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11:55 |Lupin| hello jdavidb
11:55 jdavidb Hi |Lupin|! :)
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13:00 chris_n g'morning
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13:14 Ropuch There are some french tems in new 3.x .po file on pootle, like Co-auteur, Auteur principal
13:14 Ropuch s/tems/terms
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13:19 hdl_laptop Ropuch: Those words are coming from UNIMARC.xsl
13:19 hdl_laptop We have to translate those into English
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13:22 Ropuch Oh, ok
13:22 |Lupin| pls developers
13:23 |Lupin| I'd need help with a Perl message
13:23 Ropuch So I should skip them for now?
13:23 |Lupin| Deep recursion on subroutine "Carp::format_arg" at /usr/share/perl/5.10/Carp/ line 82.
13:23 |Lupin| anyone has experience with that or an idea where it could come from ?
13:24 paul_p2 |Lupin|: set DebugLevel to 1 in systemprefs
13:24 paul_p2 should be enough (to display the true error)
13:24 hdl_laptop Ropuch: I think you can safely skip thme
13:26 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: around ?
13:26 chris_n |Lupin|: sounds like an endless loop
13:27 chris_n you may also need to check your processes and kill the script that is hung
13:28 |Lupin| paul_p2: | DebugLevel | 2     |
13:28 paul_p2 is now known as paul_p
13:28 |Lupin| paul_p2: there are man similar messages about deep recursion in different Perl routines...
13:28 paul_p |Lupin|: mettre autre chose ;-)
13:29 paul_p oups, sorry... "set to something else (1 or 0)
13:29 Colin Lupin: Sometimes its because the template module can't make sense of the template
13:30 Colin or the data passed to it
13:30 |Lupin| paul_p: ah I thought the higher the value, the more verbose Koha is.
13:30 hdl_laptop so verbose that it endsup loooping
13:30 paul_p yep, but there is a bug in the Perl package, and you get an infinite loop when 2
13:30 paul_p 1 is enough in most cases
13:32 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: pong
13:32 hdl_laptop hi gmcharlt howdy ?
13:32 hdl_laptop I would like to propose to expose our CodeRunBase branch.
13:32 Ropuch paul_p: Is Auteur principal the Main author or something related to crime?
13:32 |Lupin| paul_p: right, got a much clearer message now, thanks !
13:32 hdl_laptop There still are some wip.
13:33 hdl_laptop But I think it can be exposed.
13:34 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: sounds good - let me know if I can go ahead and pull into and push it into
13:35 hdl_laptop I have to rebase on master first.
13:35 hdl_laptop But will try and send it tonight
13:36 erik I have managed to add multiple $r subfields to my 952.  It's the same data just in the 952 twice.  Is this something I need to worry about?
13:37 erik almost forgot good morning
13:37 hdl_laptop Have you received tests on ?
13:38 hdl_laptop can you pastebin a formatted record ?
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13:39 paul_p Ropuch: it's main author ;-)
13:41 Ropuch paul_p: i found: Auteur principal (droit p�nal) ;>
13:44 hdl_laptop droit pénal is legally
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14:12 chris_n paul_p++ #pointing out the ease of use native to git
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15:29 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: updating branch master on koha-biblibre and branch master with coderun
15:29 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: thanks
15:30 hdl_laptop It seems that git-daemon has a problem with  git push -f
15:30 * hdl_laptop will check that
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15:44 wizzyrea man, I miss joetho
15:45 * jdavidb isn't good enough at impersonations to pull it off, or he'd try to pinch-hit.
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15:52 wizzyrea he's off playing at the winfield blues festival
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16:36 |Lupin| hi again, everybody
16:39 Ropuch Hello
16:46 Ropuch chris: there's probably a typo in 3.x po: "Sujects" instead of "Subjects" imo
16:47 Ropuch I mean opac .po
16:49 |Lupin| pls
16:49 |Lupin| what's the name of the string comparison operaton to be used in, say, sort ?
16:52 Ropuch eq
16:53 Ropuch If want compare strings
16:54 |Lupin| Ropuch: does it also return -1 if the first is smaller than the second, etc. ?
16:57 Ropuch I'm not sure, remebered that from Robert's Perl Tutorial
16:57 |Lupin| it's cmp I was looking for
16:58 Ropuch Geez, mu new roiuter is pissing me off'
16:58 Ropuch s/roiuter/router
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17:06 |Lupin| hello pianohacker
17:07 pianohacker hi there
17:10 |Lupin| pianohacker: do you perhaps know a tool that would pretty-print a Perl structure, for using to debug a program ?
17:11 pianohacker the Data::Dumper module
17:11 |Lupin| pianohacker: ah, thanks a lot. Will give that a try.
17:11 jdavidb pianohacker beat me to it.  Dumper works like a charm.  Not exactly "pretty," but it works.
17:12 |Lupin| pianohacker: I'm calling the GetCcodes funciton which returns a list of references on hashes. Then I compute a new list by sorting this one based on the lib field
17:13 |Lupin| pianohacker: and the cmp operatior invoked to do the sorting complains that certain strings are not initialized.
17:13 |Lupin| pianohacker: any insight about what may cause this ?
17:14 |Lupin| jdavidb: thanks a lot, too. it's ok if it's not too pretty... as long as it's not ugly either
17:14 jdavidb Not horrible.  I use constructs like this a lot:
17:15 jdavidb use Data::Dumper; warn Dumper(%hash);
17:16 pianohacker yup
17:17 |Lupin| jdavidb: sounds ok, thank you !
17:17 |Lupin| my ($nbccodes, @ccodes) = GetCcodes();
17:17 |Lupin| this is correct... isn't it ?
17:19 jdavidb looks right, near as I can gell.  Dumping @ccodes should tell you much.
17:21 |Lupin| indeed it seems there is an undef in the list... can't understand why...
17:22 |Lupin| yeah
17:23 |Lupin| the GetCcode funciton stores its relsuts in an array using a counter
17:23 |Lupin| it is initialized to 0
17:23 |Lupin| and then for each new value
17:23 |Lupin| it's incremented _first_
17:23 |Lupin| and then he row is stored in result[counter]
17:23 jdavidb oh-hoh.  So the zeroth element is empty.
17:23 |Lupin| so that result[0] is empty
17:24 |Lupin| jdavidb: yeah exactly
17:24 |Lupin| it that a bug or a feature ?
17:24 jdavidb I would call that a bug, myself.  you want the count to be correct, but normally, arrays are filled from zero.  You'd need to make sure all of GetCcodes() consumers knew better, if it did anything different.
17:25 * |Lupin| finds it strange nobody has noticed this before...
17:26 pianohacker I think ccodes are normally dealt with through the generic authorized values functions
17:27 |Lupin| pianohacker: ah...
17:28 |Lupin| pianohacker: the function is IMO rather poorly written anyway: the sql query returns all the authorised values, and it's the function that filters out those of category CCODE
17:28 Colin Lupin: The count variable is totally redundant scalar @results gives you the size of the array for the dirst part of the return
17:29 Colin not dirst but first
17:29 pianohacker and if you're simply iterating over the array, you can use foreach
17:31 |Lupin| Colin: yeah I agree. I don't know why this size was returned and find it rather weird... perhaps this fnction should just be removed the calls to it replaced by generic authorised values calls. Perhaps I'll talk abut that with Galen and see whether he wants me to submit a cleanup pach
17:33 pianohacker sounds good
17:34 Colin Lupin: Yes I think theres a few similar return size + array subs.
17:35 * |Lupin| finds this "bad style" surprisign given that some other parts of Koha are so cleanly written
17:35 |Lupin| anyway... end of working day here
17:36 |Lupin| good evening everybody
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19:10 chris morning
19:10 pianohacker good morning
19:10 chris Ropuch: you still about?
19:10 chris pianohacker: hows the fingers?
19:11 chris (me has broken fingers on his left hand before, playing cricket ... annoying)
19:11 pianohacker alright, typing is getting easier
19:11 pianohacker ah
19:11 wizzyrea ph, you broke fingers!!??!
19:11 pianohacker so you understand
19:11 wizzyrea how did I miss that?!
19:11 pianohacker yes, bike accident
19:11 wizzyrea :( bummer!
19:12 pianohacker they'll heal
19:12 pianohacker how are you?
19:13 wizzyrea doing well. :)
19:13 wizzyrea nothing broken ^.^
19:13 pianohacker hehe
19:13 pianohacker I can fix that >:)
19:14 chris pianohacker: the annoying thing was when i broke my little finger, my teammate thought it was just dislocated, and tried to pop it back in ...that hurt ,.... i dont recommend it :)
19:15 pianohacker urgh, that sounds bad
19:15 chris they do heal remarkably fast though
19:16 * wizzyrea backs slowly away from Pianohacker. Please don't hurt me....
19:17 pianohacker I think if someone had tried that on me with my mom around, they would have had to take _them_ to the hospital :)
19:17 chris hehe
19:17 pianohacker chris: ah, that's good to know
19:18 pianohacker wizzyrea: aw, we wouldn't hurt you
19:18 pianohacker you're too nice
19:18 pianohacker (probably nicer than we deserve :P)
19:20 wizzyrea HA
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19:51 * chris_n burns his copy of the ISO32000 PDF standard
19:52 chris_n now there is an example of how open source is not always what one might imagine
19:56 chris :)
19:59 chris[…]le/CA6698251.html
19:59 chris right time for my bus
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20:15 jwagner pianohacker, my sympathies on the fingers!
20:17 Nate joined #koha
20:18 jwagner For the OPAC More Searches section, does anyone know the syntax for sending a search into an AquaBrowser catalog?  I've tried the usual suspects, like /?query= but AB doesn't seem to recognize them.
20:25 pianohacker jwagner: thanks
20:32 gmcharlt jwagner: /?q= does it on my local library's Aquabrowser installation
20:33 wizzyrea ooh, gmcharlt ++ for arcane knowledge of Aquabrowser
20:33 gmcharlt pfft - it's just a matter of knowing where to look
20:35 jwagner gmcharlt, that's not working -- it just goes into the main AB search screen.  What version is yours at?
20:36 jwagner Maybe this site has things set up funky....
20:36 gmcharlt jwagner: dunno - it's if you want to poke at it
20:37 jwagner It looks different, but that may not be an indication.  Syntax works there.  I'll have to talk to someone at the library, I think.  Thanks.
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20:39 richard hi
20:41 jwagner hi richard
20:41 richard hi jwagner
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20:50 chris back
20:54 richard wb chris
20:54 chris thanks
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21:06 wizzyrea paul_p++ for offline circ addon
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21:13 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: I just realized that I had pushed a wrong branch this afternoon.
21:13 hdl_laptop Repushing that
21:13 gmcharlt k
21:14 chris is it just me, or was ben ide's reply to the authorities mail snarky?
21:14 * chris is catching up on the overnight mail
21:15 wizzyrea well, biblios is one of the waldo things
21:15 wizzyrea so yea, it's "waldo's release" that has what everyone wants
21:15 chris biblios?
21:15 chris or biblios integration with koha?
21:16 hdl_laptop mmm... biblios donot improve research in koha
21:16 chris either way, its not waldo :-)
21:16 hdl_laptop From what I read, ppl would like to search authorities before searching on biblios
21:16 chris i thought he was just making a crack about biblios as it was a liblime thing
21:17 hdl_laptop And I think it is a good idea, but one has to refactor C4::Search deeply
21:17 wizzyrea the biblios with the cross thingie in front
21:17 chris yeah
21:17 wizzyrea the trademark biblios
21:17 chris yep
21:17 hdl_laptop[…]refs/heads/master
21:17 chris written by chris catalfo
21:18 hdl_laptop good night folks
21:18 chris night hdl_laptop
21:18 gmcharlt good night hdl_laptop
21:18 wizzyrea biblios integration
21:19 wizzyrea criminy, i'm going to be quiet now
21:19 chris hehe
21:19 wizzyrea snarky.. yes, a little
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21:25 chris hmm the reserves work looks interesting
21:29 * chris is happy to see Christopher Brown-Syed back
21:30 chris  he did some cool stuff with Koha at Uni of Buffalo
21:32 chris chris_n: you around?
21:33 chris have you looked at this?
21:37 pianohacker chris: that looks pleasant to use. have you used it?
21:38 chris i havent, but some of the guys at work have, and say it was much better than imagemagick
21:38 pianohacker wouldn't be hard
21:38 chris :)
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21:43 wizzyrea blarg.
21:43 chris sup wizzyrea ?
21:43 pianohacker whuh
21:45 wizzyrea well... I can upload my .koc, but it doesn't seem to process correctly
21:45 wizzyrea of course
21:45 wizzyrea the patches for the server side may not be there
21:45 wizzyrea since... we haven't had an update since... june?
21:45 wizzyrea going to try on my dev install
21:45 chris plan stan
21:50 wizzyrea hrm
21:50 wizzyrea no, still doesn't work
21:50 wizzyrea maybe i'm missing something
21:51 chris_n2-away is now known as chris_n^2
21:53 chris_n^2 chris: looks interesting
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22:14 brendan ahhhhh....  good afternoon #koha
22:14 pianohacker hi brendan
22:14 chris heya brendan
22:14 brendan heya guys
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22:15 brendan got an interesting one -- OPACAllowHoldDateInFuture and AllowHoldDateInFuture set to on -- but only appearing on the Staff side not the OPAC
22:16 chris is there another OPAC holds preference overriding it?
22:16 brendan was looking into that -- but haven't found one yet
22:17 brendan but chris that was my same thought
22:17 brendan XLSTDetailsDisplay = off
22:18 brendan nope
22:19 chris might be a bug then
22:22 brendan weird -- works on my server...  looking at someone elses
22:23 brendan was thinking that I would do a restart of Apache - just for the fun of it :)
22:23 chris that wont do anything
22:23 chris if it was mod_perl it would, but its running as cgi, so every instance is a new one
22:24 brendan yup
22:24 brendan just for the hell of it
22:24 chris same version?
22:24 brendan they are a little bit newer -- I believe 52
22:24 chris hmm is possible a bug has crept in
22:25 brendan yup 52
22:25 brendan vs. 40
22:25 chris right
22:25 chris lemme do some quick forensics
22:26 chris opac/ is where it should show right?
22:26 brendan yes
22:26 brendan that all looked similar
22:26 brendan quick look though
22:26 chris august 11 was the last change to that
22:27 chris +if (
22:27 chris +    C4::Context->preference( 'AllowHoldDateInFuture' ) &&
22:27 chris +    C4::Context->preference( 'OPACAllowHoldDateInFuture' )
22:27 chris +    ) {
22:27 chris +    $template->param(
22:27 chris +       reserve_in_future         => 1
22:30 chris hmm it all looks ok
22:30 chris those are the 2 things it checks
22:30 chris <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="reserve_in_future" -->
22:30 chris <th>Hold Starts on Date</th>
22:31 chris seems like it should work .. weird
22:31 brendan DHTMLcalendar_dateformat  => C4::Dates->DHTMLcalendar(),
22:31 brendan I've got that on the 40 server
22:31 brendan not on the 52 server
22:31 brendan no sorry there
22:31 brendan it is on both
22:31 chris weird
22:31 brendan didn't hit the next button
22:34 chris_n^2 chris: GM looks cool; I'll give it a spin... tnx
22:35 chris cool, good luck
23:11 chris_n^2 chris:
23:11 chris yeah peaked early this year
23:12 * chris_n^2 wonders if koha could divine certain trends among library patrons based on frequency of search terms
23:12 chris hmmm it could
23:12 chris that would be very cool
23:12 chris trending searches ala trending topics on twitter
23:13 chris_n^2 "Explore library trends across the <your-country-goes-here>."
23:13 chris sweet
23:14 chris that would rule
23:27 brendan chris -- this section is missing from the 52 server....
23:27 brendan <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="reserve_in_future" -->
23:27 brendan <th>Reserve Starts on Date</th>
23:27 brendan <!-- /TMPL_IF -->
23:27 chris ahhh
23:27 chris that would do it
23:28 brendan do you have a current branch of HEAD ?
23:28 brendan ahh... I guess I can update on of my test ones and see if that is gone
23:29 chris it looks like it is there in head
23:30 brendan ok cool -- looks they are missing that and some other things too...  :)
23:30 chris that would certainly do it
23:30 brendan off to investigate
23:31 richard[…]0library&cmpt=geo
23:32 chris wow
23:32 chris i knew it was big in india, but wow
23:33 richard it's a pretty wizzy thing
23:34 chris yep
23:54 chris hmmmmm

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