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00:00 hdl_laptop current ....  ????
00:00 hdl_laptop I mean,
00:02 hdl_laptop a) looks like we have not been interested enough to provide ppl with comparison operators.
00:03 gmcharlt now I'm really confused - what do search comparison operators how to do with OPAC displays?
00:04 hdl_laptop Nothing.
00:05 hdl_laptop But you seemed to discuss use of Z3950 as an underlying search/retrieve protocol.
00:05 hdl_laptop Never mind.
00:05 hdl_laptop I'd have rather go to bed.
00:10 pianohacker Good night
00:14 gmcharlt g'night hdl_laptop
00:15 hdl_laptop see you. Thanks for your patience
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00:17 richard hi
00:18 pianohacker Hello
00:23 richard hi pianohacker
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01:06 chris hi IrmaCalyx
01:55 brendan good night
01:58 pianohacker good night, brendan
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02:33 chris_n2 g'night
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03:14 Amit hi chris, brendan
03:14 Amit good morning #koha
03:14 chris hi Amit
03:20 pianohacker Good night
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04:39 chris hi magnusenger
04:43 magnusenger hi chris!
04:57 Amit hi magnusenger
05:01 magnusenger hi Amit
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05:50 Amit hi kf
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05:57 kf hi Amit and good morning #koha
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07:50 hdl_laptop hi
07:55 kf hi hdl
07:56 hdl_laptop hi kf
08:12 kf we currently work on our first patch to koha - I managed to create a .patch-file yesterday
08:12 kf can I send this file with my email client to patches mailing list?
08:15 chris git send-email
08:15 chris is the nice way of doing it
08:20 kf yes, but I have to create the patch on my laptop, wich has not internet connection
08:21 chris hmm how were you going to email it?
08:21 chris copy it to another computer?
08:22 kf wanted to do that yes
08:22 chris another linux computer?
08:22 chris cos if so you can just git send-email on it :)
08:22 kf also that we can use the company email address, dont want to use my private one (wich is not subscribed anyway)
08:22 kf no windows :(
08:22 chris ahh well git-send email lets you change the address its from
08:22 kf or ubuntu without git installed (and im permitted to install something there)
08:23 chris you can send it from a mail client
08:23 kf not permitted.
08:24 chris that works, just doesn't make a as nice as email
08:24 kf I think we can do it with git send-email next time, but its vacation time now
08:24 kf creating the patch on my private laptop
08:25 kf I will try to copy all neccessary information to the mail
08:25 kf bbl
08:55 bigbrovar .
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09:03 chris hi Kivutar and paul_p
09:04 Kivutar hi chris and all
09:04 * paul_p and Kivutar at Drupalcon ...
09:04 chris i see your patch kf
09:04 chris ahh cool
09:04 chris josh waihi is tweeting
09:05 paul_p today is more a coderun than a conference.
09:05 chris
09:05 kf chris: hope its ok, my boss did the programming
09:06 chris looks fine to me at first glance
09:07 kf chris: just helped to create the patch and to send it away. It looks really nice for the Hebrew, Japanese and Russian records from LOC I tested.
09:08 chris excellent it will make a lot of people happy then :)
09:17 paul_p chris: do you know when josh w speaks ? and what is the subject of his conference ?
09:20 * paul_p can't find josh waihi on conf schedule :(
09:26 chris he is speaking twice
09:26 chris look for ones about postgresql
09:29 chris fiasco
09:29 chris that's who to to look for
09:30 chris[…]-tools-and-tricks
09:30 chris is one
09:31 bigbrovar chris: morning chris just to confirm dev meeting is 1900 hours UTC today?
09:31 chris yep .. so in 10.5 hours
09:33 bigbrovar aight thanks
09:34 chris paul_p:[…]r/52/my_schedule2
09:39 bigbrovar chris: so to stree you on this but i have really googled it and cant figure out how to add users to koha ..
09:39 chris how to migrate them? or just how to add them?
09:41 chris[…]new-staff-patron/
09:42 bigbrovar add them we dont have any library system to migrate from in the first place .. although we have an ldap server with users not sure how that can be integrated to koha
09:42 chris[…]/add-a-new-patron
09:43 bigbrovar oh users are called patrons .. ahhhhh thanks .. i owe u a beer (or your favourite beverage )
09:44 chris[…]:development:ldap
09:44 chris yeah, patrons is what they are called in america (members in nz)
09:52 paul_p "users" or "readers" in France
09:52 * paul_p suspects patrons being a usa-ism
09:52 chris yep
09:53 kf same in Germany - Benutzer = user and Leser = reader
09:54 chris
09:54 chris translates patron back to member :)
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09:59 chris evening jransom
10:06 jransom evening mr cormack
10:06 jransom you get me email?
10:06 jransom me=my
10:07 chris hmm nope
10:07 chris when did you send it?
10:07 jransom just now
10:07 jransom richard stallman is coming to levin to talk about koha and kete
10:07 chris oh wow, really
10:07 jransom 6th oct
10:07 jransom save the date
10:07 chris thats pretty cool
10:07 chris will do
10:08 jransom :)
10:08 jransom and he is probably going to do a public talk on cc  and community
10:08 chris cool
10:08 chris hes doing the copyright one at lianza
10:09 chris make sure you say free software not open source :)
10:09 jransom copyright and community in the age of digital networks
10:09 chris ahh sounds like the same one as lianza
10:09 jransom yep - will have to watch tht!
10:09 jransom might be a dry run then !
10:09 chris did you send to my work or bigballofwax address?
10:09 jransom work
10:10 jransom brenda has set it up
10:10 chris yay brenda
10:10 jransom sent it to bigball too
10:10 chris ta
10:10 chris did you see that paul_p ? :)
10:11 jransom imagine him coming to our little library ..
10:11 paul_p nope, thanks to point this to me ;-)
10:11 paul_p my question: what can RMS say about Koha
10:12 paul_p I mean koha specific. I bet he will just speak of licence & freedom & all that kind of things (as usual)
10:12 chris he will in his general talk
10:12 jransom i think he interested in talking to us about koha and kete
10:12 chris yes
10:12 jransom his tallk wont be about koha
10:13 chris he is coming to hear about koha/kete .. and also give a talk
10:13 chris 2 different things .. is tht right jo?
10:13 jransom yep - exactly.
10:13 jransom coming for the visit
10:13 paul_p jransom: when Koha won "trophee du libre", in 2003, he was a member of the selecting team
10:13 jransom but if we want him to talk he will while he is here
10:13 paul_p jury ? (french only ?)
10:14 chris no jury is right
10:14 paul_p so, he knows at least a few things about koha. At least 2003 koha :D
10:14 jransom ah - cool
10:14 chris we can get his opinion on with holding code from the community
10:14 chris and how to deal with it
10:14 chris :-)
10:14 jransom lol
10:14 jransom gosh - i bet he has an opinion on that
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10:15 chris that will be both linus and rms who have heard about koha :-)
10:15 jransom you might be able to get a photo with RS too!
10:17 paul_p time to go to lunch. kivutar is hungry...
10:17 chris hehe yeah :)
10:17 chris i showed you my one with linus eh?
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10:18 jransom yes chris - you have.
10:18 chris :)
10:18 jransom i think you attach it to every email you send out :)
10:18 chris hehe
10:19 jransom back to work tomorrow
10:19 jransom been home sick - + 3 kids
10:19 chris so koha worked ok ?
10:19 jransom spose so ..
10:19 chris i guess so, or i woulda heard aobout it
10:19 jransom havn't heard otherwise
10:19 chris should be able to send the loaner back
10:19 jransom so are now running on the new servers?
10:19 jransom fantastic.
10:19 jransom i'll getthat back tomorrow
10:20 jransom they will be pleased
10:20 jransom its damnnear second hand now though...
10:20 jransom anyway - not our problem.
10:22 chris yep switched it over last night
10:22 jransom great stuff.
10:22 chris so if no one even noticed, thats a raging success :)
10:23 jransom indeed it is.
10:27 jransom right - bedtime.
10:27 jransom talk tomorrow.
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11:57 chris_n g'morning #koha
11:58 gmcharlt good morning
11:58 gmcharlt good afternoon
11:58 gmcharlt and good evening
11:59 chris_n lol
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12:05 jwagner and good night
12:05 gmcharlt jwagner++
12:06 jwagner Or, to be Edward R. Murrow-ish about it, Good Night and Good Luck
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12:08 Amit hi galen, jwagner
12:08 gmcharlt hi Amit
12:08 jwagner Hi Amit
12:12 chris_n hi Amit
12:12 chris_n hi jwagner
12:13 kf hi gmcharlt and jane wagner
12:15 Amit hi chris_n
12:16 * chris_n greets kf
12:17 * chris_n suddenly realizes he is working on the wrong branch :-P
12:17 * kf greets chris_n
12:17 jwagner and hi to all
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12:19 |Lupin| hello !
12:19 Amit hi lupin very late
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12:54 owen hdl_laptop?
12:55 hdl_laptop yes
12:55 owen Hi.
12:55 owen I read in the logs you mentioned "patches owen sends which load some jquery code into database"
12:56 owen I don't know what you're referring to
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13:00 * owen is happy to see Galen and Debra Denault mentioned in Marshall Breeding's Library Technology Update today
13:02 hdl_laptop Good.
13:03 hdl_laptop owen: I just saw your patch about additionnal search.
13:03 hdl_laptop (detail page)
13:03 hdl_laptop And I thought it was great to have that kind of stuff parametrized.
13:04 hdl_laptop But also a pity not to be able to translate the strings.
13:05 owen Are you referring to nengard's patch?[…]2f178525ea40ae7c8
13:07 hdl_laptop sorry for blaming you unfair ly.
13:08 owen That's okay :)
13:09 owen I think Nicole's solution was the best available given the current architecture of system preferences
13:09 owen Otherwise we'd need to create a whole management system for those links
13:11 jdavidb @quote random
13:11 munin jdavidb: Quote #12: "<owen> Every time you check in a book a little video loads and Nancy Pearl recites her capsule review of it." (added by gmcharlt at 06:36 PM, July 06, 2009)
13:12 owen I'm glad munin doesn't follow me around all day remembering *everything* I say.
13:14 jdavidb @quote add <owen>I'm glad munin doesn't follow me around all day remembering *everything* I say.
13:14 munin jdavidb: The operation succeeded.  Quote #28 added.
13:14 owen :P
13:14 jdavidb :P , owen
13:14 jdavidb I'm a little slow on the uptake today, but when you hand one out that's *that* obvious...
13:15 kf :)
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13:27 chris_n gmcharlt: what is the goal of ?
13:28 paul_p chris_n: printing spine labels maybe ? :D
13:28 chris_n lol ;-)
13:29 chris_n it does not produce pdf output
13:29 chris_n so I'm wondering just how effective it is with differing spine label media
13:30 chris_n if the goal is simply to be able to feed in a barcode and get out a label, then I'll just duplicate that functionality
13:30 chris_n well, it helps to read the commit messages.... sometimes. :-)
13:32 chris_n ahh, dedicated label printers... I think I'll leave it alone for now.
13:41 bigbrovar chris + 1 for freesoftware
13:54 |Lupin| bigbrovar: do chris++ if you want to increase his karma... :)
13:55 * chris_n rates testing code only a notch above writing POD
13:55 chris_n on the scale of fun things to do, that is
14:03 bigbrovar lupin: thanks
14:04 bigbrovar chris_n++
14:12 |Lupin| pls
14:12 |Lupin| someone knows how to drop some keys in mysql ?
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14:27 chris_n |Lupin|: do you want to drop them completely or just disable them temporarily?
14:34 |Lupin| chris_n: drop them completely
14:34 nicomo_laptop kf: around?
14:34 |Lupin| chris_n: disabling I know actually, but not dropping
14:35 kf yes
14:35 kf trying to sort my mailbox before vacation :)
14:35 chris_n |Lupin|: something like 'ALTER TABLE some_table DROP FOREIGN KEY some_key_name;'
14:35 nicomo_laptop eh eh, I'm trying to do the same *after* my vacation
14:36 nicomo_laptop about bug 3551
14:36 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3551 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, patron able to place hold on book he already has
14:36 nicomo_laptop I'd like to have more info about the "feature" part of it
14:36 nicomo_laptop how do you anticipate patrons to use it as is?
14:37 nicomo_laptop it's just I can't think of a real world use for it
14:38 chris_n-2nd joined #koha
14:39 |Lupin| chris_n: hmm would that work even if the keys are not oreign ?
14:41 kf nicomo_laptop: I share your opionion that it should be changed, but I think chris said some libraries may want it that way so it should be an option
14:42 kf perhaps so can put another volume on hold
14:42 nicomo_laptop ah /me turns to chris_n then
14:42 kf like checked out volume 1 and want to read volume 2 later
14:42 kf chris without _n
14:42 nicomo_laptop too many chris' in here
14:43 nicomo_laptop chris around?
14:43 nicomo_laptop ah no
14:43 nicomo_laptop 3am there
14:43 kf I think he is asleep now :)
14:43 nicomo_laptop probably not :-)
14:43 nicomo_laptop ok, I'll ping him on this tomorrow
14:44 nicomo_laptop even in your exemple, the patron can do just that holding items
14:44 nicomo_laptop so I'm not quite sure, maybe he'll have a good rationale for it though, we'll see
14:44 nicomo_laptop thanks kf
14:45 kf nicomo_laptop: sorry, I dont remember his arguments - but conclusion was: write an enhancement request (which is still on my list, but you were faster :) )
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14:58 |Lupin| question for librarians: assume you have a home-made record in a catalogue, and you find a better record, say, at the national library of your country. Is it possible with Koha to replace the home-made record by the one from the national library, please ?
15:05 owen It's easy to do if the better record can be found with z39.50
15:05 owen Just open the old record, do a z39.50 search, and import the record you find.
15:08 |Lupin| owen: ah ok, thanks. Unfortunately the z39.50 server of our national library is terribly slow. NO other way ?
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15:12 owen |Lupin|: I suspect you could use the MARC import tool as well. There are options for how to handle matched records during the import process, but you'd have to be sure the two records matched on whatever point the import tool looks at
15:12 owen I'm not very familiar with it
15:13 |Lupin| owen: ok, thanks a lot for the pointer
15:15 |Lupin| owen: so the import tool (is it stage MARC records for import you are mentionning, actually) applies some rules to see whether the imported records create some duplicates with already existing ones ?
15:17 owen To my understanding, yes
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15:22 |Lupin| owen: ok, tanks
15:24 |Lupin| and I assume if a more refined merging is required, one has to do it "manually", I mean there are no tools that can help in Koha... Am I right ?
15:26 owen Not that I know of, but I don't know what's coming from paul and hdl_laptop for 3.2
15:26 * owen heads out to a meeting
15:26 owen is now known as owen-away
15:27 hdl_laptop |Lupin|: something arinve to merge two biblios
15:38 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: great ! can you be a bit more precise, or is it too early ?
15:39 hdl_laptop mmm a little too early atm
15:41 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: ok
15:42 |Lupin| just a quick question to all
15:42 |Lupin| I have added a fiew virtualshelves to the database
15:42 |Lupin| I think I did it manually because of accessibility problems
15:42 |Lupin| hey don't appear in the staff client when one logs n as the owner of the shelves
15:42 |Lupin| any idea what may have been done wrong,pls ?
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16:10 |Lupin| Is there some psysperf that should be turned on so that the virtual shelves work, pls ?
16:12 kf there is one for virtual shelves
16:13 |Lupin| ahah, thanks kf
16:15 |Lupin| kf: set to 1 here, should work;;;
16:18 kf hm
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16:46 |Lupin| do the lists have to contain one element to be displayed in the staff clietn, or should they be displayed even when they are empty ?
16:52 pianohacker joined #koha
16:53 |Lupin| hey Jese
16:53 |Lupin| (pia) :-)
16:53 pianohacker Hi, Sébastien
16:53 |Lupin| (pianohacker) :-)
16:54 |Lupin| pianohacker: I'm having a problem with Koha lists... I have created two of them and still, when I log in to the staff client as the user that has created them, they don't appear
16:54 |Lupin| pianohacker: any idea abut what goes wrong ?
16:54 pianohacker Do they appear under Public Lists, under Lists in the staff interface?
16:56 |Lupin| no, it says there are no lists...
16:56 |Lupin| btw the interface still calls them virtual shelves... assume it's normal ?
16:56 pianohacker Probably a bug :)
16:57 |Lupin| hmm ?
16:57 |Lupin| surprising...
17:16 kf bye #koha  - officially on vacation now - yay :)
17:16 pianohacker Bye, have a good vacation
17:16 kf thx, will attend irc meeting tomorrow - but still -vacation yay :)
17:16 kf left #koha
17:21 |Lupin| pianohacker: I just examined the code and tried the SQL requests: they give back the expected result. Any idea what else could be checked ?
17:22 pianohacker Hmm. What kind of lists did you make them? Private, Public, or Open?
17:24 |Lupin| privae
17:24 |Lupin| private
17:25 |Lupin| pianohacker: private
17:25 pianohacker Do they show up if you log into the OPAC as that staff user?
17:25 |Lupin| pianohacker: let me check
17:26 |Lupin| pianohacker: yes they do !!
17:26 |Lupin| pianohacker: so it's just in the INtranet they do not appear... perhas it is because they are still empty ? can hardly believe that...
17:27 pianohacker No, that shouldn't be it
17:27 |Lupin| pianohacker: okk. Anyway, well spotted, thanks a lot. That's at least oone place where they can be accessed from, much better than nothing !
17:27 pianohacker If you look at the HTML source, is there any sign of them? Could be a glitch in the display
17:28 |Lupin| pianohacker: I can check, but in the opac it clearly says there are no lists
17:28 |Lupin| pianohacker: although the sql requests seem correct, as I said.
17:28 pianohacker Yes
17:29 pianohacker I thought you said the OPAC was working?
17:30 |Lupin| pianohacker: yeah the OPAC is working
17:30 |Lupin| pianohacker: it's just in the staff client they are not shown
17:30 |Lupin| pianohacker: no trace of them in the staff client page's source code
17:30 pianohacker Do the lists show up at all in the HTML for the staff side?
17:30 pianohacker Ah
17:30 |Lupin| pianohacker: no
17:31 pianohacker You answered my question as I asked it
17:31 |Lupin| pianohacker: yeah I think I understood it a bit late...
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17:32 pianohacker Okay. There are two tabs on the staff Lists interface; the list doesn't show up on either of them (verifying)
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17:33 |Lupin| pianohacker: since I'm using lynx it is hard to give a correct answer to this one
17:35 pianohacker Ah
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17:36 |Lupin| pianohacker: when I go to cgi-bin/koha/virtualshelves/, there are two links: your lists and then Public virtual shelves. And then come two messages: NO private virtual shelves. No public virtual shelves.
17:37 pianohacker Does anything show up on the staff client if you create a public list?
17:37 |Lupin| pianohacker: let me try that.
17:38 schuster left #koha
17:38 |Lupin| pianohacker: yes, the public one appears.
17:39 schuster joined #koha
17:40 pianohacker Are you logged in as kohaadmin? (grasping at straws)
17:41 |Lupin| pianohacker: yeah I'm logged in with a super libraian account
17:41 cait superlibrarian or root? :)
17:41 |Lupin| cait: super librarian
17:41 |Lupin| cait: no root in Kha...
17:41 pianohacker But not the MySQL account
17:41 cait yeah, thought that
17:42 |Lupin| ah no
17:42 |Lupin| personal account with superlibrarian priviledges
17:42 pianohacker Okay. I'm pretty much at a loss; can't duplicate the problem...
17:42 pianohacker Does it appear with a normal staff user?
17:43 |Lupin| pianohacker: since they are private lists;.. should they appear in the first place ?
17:43 pianohacker They should appear for that staff user, yes
17:43 |Lupin| pianohacker: ok
17:44 |Lupin| pianohacker: do you know how to check at the database level that an account is not superlibrarian, pls ?
17:44 pianohacker The flags column in borrowers is a bit mask; if that column is odd, the borrower is a superlibrarian
17:46 |Lupin| pianohacker: bit 1 of flags, ok, thanks
17:48 |Lupin| pianohacker: k, tried with a non super librarina staff client. Can't see the list, neither in staff client nor in Opac, went to the Manage lists page.
17:50 pianohacker Huh. Confirmed that adding Private lists is buggy with non-JavaScript browsers
17:50 pianohacker Can't add a private list in w3m
17:51 |Lupin| pianohacker: hmm
17:51 |Lupin| pianohacker: in lynx things are different
17:51 |Lupin| I could add the list
17:51 |Lupin| lists
17:51 pianohacker Well, I can add it
17:51 pianohacker It just doesn't show up
17:51 |Lupin| they did show up in the database
17:51 |Lupin| it's just they are not show up in staff
17:51 pianohacker It also doesn't show up in Firefox
17:51 |Lupin| but well, perhaps not such an important issue..
17:51 pianohacker Annoying, though
17:52 |Lupin| pianohacker: do you have them in your db ?
17:52 |Lupin| pianohacker: yep, but not the only thing that doesn't work correctly without js
17:52 pianohacker Yup
17:52 pianohacker Yes...
17:53 |Lupin| pianohacker: cause if you have them in the DB, then aI'm wondering if you can see any difference between these lines and those yu have for lists added with js-aware browsers
17:55 pianohacker I can't figure out why it would be breaking at first glance
17:55 |Lupin| pianohacker: ok, maybe we have to wait and the solution will become obvious later...
17:56 pianohacker yes
17:56 |Lupin| pianohacker: anyway, many thanks for your help, good quesitons that lead to a fairl precise description of the problem !
17:56 |Lupin| thanks a lot for that !!!
17:56 pianohacker No problem. Sorry I couldn't fix it
17:59 |Lupin| pianohacker: common ! I'm pretty sure we will discover soon you have done nine tenth of the path if not more !!
17:59 pianohacker It is nice to know what you're trying to fix
18:02 |Lupin| pianohacker: thanks a lot for your support, it is very appreciated and very encouraging
18:02 pianohacker Not a problem
18:02 pianohacker Which reminds me
18:02 pianohacker sekjal: around?
18:05 owen-away is now known as owen
18:08 bigbrovar hi guys so i have done most of the configuration for my koha server, only area left is how to populate the database with u know .. books .. now before now the librarian in my school used a tool called cutter to get the author number and then cross checks the book for its classification in the ddc website. and input all this data to a spreedsheet (OO.o) now am looking for a way to import the work done in this spreedsheet into koha .. but am at a loss on ho
18:08 bigbrovar w to go about this
18:08 pianohacker Any luck with MarcEdit?
18:09 sekjal I'm here, pianohacker
18:09 bigbrovar oh yeah am using it right now (using it with windows Virtualbox)
18:09 sekjal sorry, been looking at all kinds of screens lately
18:10 pianohacker sekjal: Have you considered simply importing the serials as items, then using a perl script to copy the necessary serials information after import?
18:11 bigbrovar but i dont know how it work.. i exported the spreedsheet to csv .. but i have not used MarEdit before and dont know how to go about it :(
18:11 sekjal some of my issues do have item records, and those have been imported as such.
18:12 pianohacker bigbrovar: I believe that if you search the mailing lists, there is a guide to importing from CSV
18:12 sekjal for the issues that are only in the 'checkin' records, I suppose I could modify my stylesheet to convert them into MARCXML 952, provided I can fill the data in all the right places
18:12 bigbrovar pianohacker: thanks will do that now
18:12 pianohacker sekjal: That might be the easiest way to do it. No standard way to import serials that I know of
18:12 pianohacker bigbrovar: Good luck
18:13 owen pianohacker and |Lupin|, do I need to review the virtual shelves system for no-js issues?
18:13 * owen just skimmed the backlog
18:13 bigbrovar pianohacker: thanks i need it .. more of a generic sysad no nothing about libraries and their methods :)
18:14 |Lupin| bye everybody
18:14 pianohacker owen: Possibly. It looks to be a very strange issue, so fun fun fun ahead
18:14 pianohacker Bye, |Lupin|
18:14 |Lupin| left #koha
18:16 bigbrovar pianohacker: searching produced some promising report .. going thru them now
18:21 indradg joined #koha
18:21 * sekjal mulls over pianohacker's suggestion... hmmmm
18:34 rhcl @seen wizzyrea
18:35 munin rhcl: wizzyrea was last seen in #koha 3 days, 20 hours, 51 minutes, and 26 seconds ago: <wizzyrea> but maybe not
18:35 rhcl harumpf
18:35 rhcl @seen chris
18:35 munin rhcl: chris was last seen in #koha 8 hours, 12 minutes, and 57 seconds ago: <chris> so if no one even noticed, thats a raging success :)
18:35 rhcl harumpf
18:35 chris morning
18:35 pianohacker What are you trying to hide, chris?
18:36 rhcl chris!
18:36 rhcl I just stumbled across this link, anybody know anything about the Pioneer Project (poss just in Nebraska)?
18:36 pianohacker timing++
18:36 pianohacker How are you, chris?
18:36 rhcl[…]aska-presentation
18:36 chris pianohacker: a server go live, switched servers, no one noticed
18:36 rhcl It's going to be presented here:
18:36 rhcl http://www.nebraskalibraries.o[…]2009/program.html
18:36 pianohacker Oh, yes. It is nice when things like that go unnoticed
18:36 rhcl If I did a little song and dance my director would let me go, but I'm kinda ambivalent about going.
18:37 chris hmm never heard of it
18:37 owen I don't see it listed in the program
18:37 rhcl Do a word search for pioneer
18:37 rhcl it's there
18:38 owen Oh, pioneer.
18:38 rhcl 11:00 on Friday
18:38 chris so i wonder if they are doing their own, or going with EG or Koha ?
18:39 owen Whatever they're doing they're leaving no tracks on the web
18:39 rhcl Well, that's not clear, but they talk about both EG and Koha, but almost suggest they have something else in mind too.
18:39 chris yeah
18:39 rhcl Maybe I should go and gather some info.
18:40 owen Maybe you should go and bust the place up
18:40 rhcl Well, huh, I suppose I could do that.
18:41 owen Tell 'em next time they oughta pay protection money to Koha or somethin' like that'll happen again
18:41 rhcl So, how much should I collect from them?
18:42 owen Uh... You got me. Anyone else have any experience with protection rackets?
18:43 pianohacker Just charge them in patches
18:43 rhcl hehe
18:43 pianohacker Make them rewrite the fines module or something like that
18:43 owen I think that may violate the Geneva convention
18:44 pianohacker Hehe
18:45 pianohacker Programming it might not be that bad; getting it to match the cryptic requirements of the circ managers will be the inhumane part
18:46 rhcl @seen nicole
18:46 munin rhcl: I have not seen nicole.
18:47 pianohacker @seen nengard
18:47 munin pianohacker: nengard was last seen in #koha 22 hours, 15 minutes, and 24 seconds ago: <nengard> okay
18:47 rhcl Nicole added the nebraska group to the Koha ILS group. Whatever Web 2.0 group that might have happened to be.
18:48 chris that might just be cos that presentation mentioned koha though
18:49 owen left #koha
18:51 rhcl http://www.lincolnlibraries.or[…]genda01-20-09.pdf
18:52 tajoli joined #koha
18:53 chris_n *groan*
18:53 * chris_n accidentally squashes two patches that should not have been :'(
18:53 hdl_laptop reset --soft HEAD~1
18:54 chris rhcl: still mysterious eh
18:55 chris_n hdl_laptop: I'm two interactive rebases away from the mistake
18:55 owen joined #koha
18:55 hdl_laptop ooops
18:55 hdl_laptop I sympathize.
18:55 chris_n git is like a cat... if you don't handle it just right you will get scratched
18:59 hdl_laptop badly
19:00 hedgesst joined #koha
19:00 chris hey its hedgesst !!!
19:00 chris ltns
19:00 hedgesst hi
19:00 hedgesst (just lurking)
19:01 tajoli Hi,  Koha irc logs is still working ?
19:01 owen Hi neighbor
19:01 hedgesst hey!
19:01 chris they have shifted tajoli
19:02 chris
19:04 chris hedgesst: hows things going? you guys survive the budget cuts?
19:04 hedgesst yep, so far
19:04 collum joined #koha
19:04 hedgesst our cuts landed about a year before the libraries got hit
19:04 cait the irc meeting is not today, is it?
19:05 chris oh sheesh
19:05 pianohacker cait: Nope, tomorrow
19:05 chris stupid timezones
19:05 hedgesst stupid dateline
19:05 cait sorry, chris got me confused :P
19:05 cait and im easy to confuse about timezones
19:05 * owen appreciates gmcharlt's link to the Wolfram Alpha page from the announcement
19:06 tajoli Ok, so the pages and need an update
19:06 chris lol good luck with that
19:08 * chris emails his work to say no he wont be late today, he will be late tomorrow instead
19:08 cait I feel for you chris
19:08 cait (has some experience with tings like that)
19:10 hdl_laptop chris: hi I have a patch to propose to add xsl files to translations.
19:11 hdl_laptop chris : unfortunately, i cannot get js files into the po.
19:11 chris ahhh
19:11 chris well xsl is good start
19:11 chris tajoli: you could ask on the mailing list
19:11 hdl_laptop (struggled one day for that.) But TmplTokenizer is..... a nigthmare
19:12 chris *nod*
19:12 pianohacker hdl_laptop: Speaking of which. Do you have any suggestions on translating the .pref files? Feature freeze is approaching fast, and I haven't had any epiphanies
19:12 pianohacker hdl_laptop: No kidding
19:13 hdl_laptop pianohacker: can you send some .pref file to me ?
19:13 hdl_laptop Are those TT templates ??
19:15 chris hedgesst: i was thnkng about you the other day when i was doing some work on the history docs, its nearly 7 years (about a month away) since I first met you and owen in person
19:15 chris time flies
19:16 hedgesst yeah, I work very close to that motel you stayed in when you first arrived in Columbus
19:16 hedgesst it's been torn down now, just a vacant lot
19:16 pianohacker hdl_laptop:[…]rences/admin.pref
19:16 MickeyC joined #koha
19:17 pianohacker YAML
19:17 chris it wasnt the best motel in the world, probably the best thng that could have happened to it :)
19:17 chris the library near there was neat tho
19:17 hedgesst yes, Grandview Heights
19:19 tajoli Yes, I will ask on koha mailing list about the two pages
19:20 hdl_laptop pianohacker: I thought about the YAML problem.
19:20 pianohacker Might be slightly easier than parsing the templates, as you can use YAML::Syck
19:22 hdl_laptop two choices : use direct gettext over the file and use _('')
19:22 hdl_laptop or use hashes with code languages.
19:23 hdl_laptop So that it could be all in one file
19:23 schuster This spirit of collaboration led to a discussion between Nebraska libraries. Meetings have been taking place talking about an Open Source solution. It has evolved into what is being called the Pioneer Project. The seven libraries that are currently involved in the project represent over 45% of Nebraska’s library users. That number will only grow, especially a
19:24 schuster Minutes from the Lincoln Library meeting looks like they are trying to build a statewide system similar to Georgia.
19:24 hdl_laptop pianohacker: and then when loading, you could filter the hash valuse you want
19:25 chris yeah the question is whether they are gonna use an existing solution to do that, or write a new one
19:26 chris it would seem pretty silly to me to not use EG or Koha to do that, rather than reinvent the wheel
19:26 pianohacker hdl_laptop: Hrm. That last one is a possibility
19:26 chris but what do i i know :)
19:27 pianohacker The first would be easier, but would involve a lot of copy-paste work
19:28 hdl_laptop maybe you could get internationalisation of the systempreferences from the template.
19:29 hdl_laptop A button 'add translation' which would then store the result into the YAML file
19:29 hdl_laptop Potentially a risk.
19:29 hdl_laptop But also a chance
19:29 cait1 joined #koha
19:30 hdl_laptop Same system should be done for MARC structure
19:30 pianohacker hdl_laptop: Note that these YAML files are used directly; systempreference descriptions have been taken out of the database
19:31 jdavidb left #koha
19:32 rhcl schuster: are you in Nebraska?
19:34 owen He's in Texas. You can tell by his ten-gallon hat.
19:34 chris and huge steaks
19:35 chris that was a fun conference
19:35 rhcl Texas Steak Conference?
19:35 chris AKA kohacon09
19:35 rhcl Ah
19:36 rhcl So bacon will be the official food of KohaCon 2010?
19:36 chris hangi
19:36 chris
19:37 cait left #koha
19:37 chris oh utf8 fail
19:37 chris search wikipedia for hangi if that link fails :)
19:37 rhcl But hangi is a method of cooking, right? So you dig a pit and fill it with bacon?
19:38 chris hehe could do
19:38 owen So KohaCon 2010 will be BYOB(acon)
19:38 chris you'll never get that through customs :)
19:39 chris did i show you guys this
19:39 chris
19:40 chris im gonna see if they want to sponsor a bit of kohacon :)
19:41 rhcl looks like a great place to have an after-session get together
19:42 owen chris, ask if they want to sponsor my plane ticket!
19:43 jwagner And mine!
19:47 rhcl Plane ticket isn't much, see if they want to cover my bar bill.
19:47 chris :)
19:48 chris ok, kahu is eating toast, atarau is back to sleep
19:48 chris my work here is done
19:48 * chris goes to catch his bus
19:49 chris bb in 40 mins or so
19:50 sekjal left #koha
19:57 collum left #koha
20:00 brendan left #koha
20:02 MickeyC left #koha
20:04 CGI578 joined #koha
20:04 owen Gmail is down, so I'm going to go make sure my fallout shelter is stocked. See y'all in 75-100 years.
20:04 owen left #koha
20:05 CGI578 left #koha
20:10 chris_n gmail--
20:12 brendan joined #koha
20:13 wizzyrea gmail-- (lol)
20:13 wizzyrea though, if you connect via imap it's technically fine >.>
20:13 wizzyrea <.<
20:13 pianohacker O_o
20:16 hedgesst left #koha
20:18 cait1 left #koha
20:18 tajoli left #koha
20:24 sekjal joined #koha
20:26 richard joined #koha
20:26 richard hi
20:26 pianohacker Quiet, we're mourning the death of GMail
20:26 pianohacker Long live GMail
20:27 chris back
20:27 chris wizzyrea: offlineimap ftw
20:28 chris syncs all your mail locally
20:34 wizzyrea nah, I'm actually receiving new messages
20:34 wizzyrea but we're on google apps so...
20:37 chris yeah, i still love offlineimap tho :-)
20:40 wizzyrea well yes, it does have it's benefits %^.^
20:42 hdl_laptop left #koha
20:45 * chris_n wearily looks for the mistake among 100 commits squashed to 40 :-P
20:45 rhcl wizzy, to what extent are you on Google apps?
20:48 rhcl[…]10323306-264.html
20:52 wizzyrea we use it for all of the things they provide
20:52 wizzyrea so email, calendars, docs, etc
20:52 wizzyrea and yea, we had a brief outage today
20:52 rhcl WE = your office/KS libraries?
20:52 wizzyrea (most people in my office thought it was a relief
20:52 wizzyrea just our office
20:52 wizzyrea nekls
20:52 rhcl icic
20:59 pianohacker Hmm. GMail chat seems to be working through iGoogle, though mail itself isn't
21:01 wizzyrea eya, it's just mail looks like.
21:01 wizzyrea it's all a plot to get us to convert to wave
21:02 chris hehe
21:02 pianohacker oh noes
21:02 Jo joined #koha
21:02 Jo Morning
21:02 chris heya Jo
21:03 sekjal left #koha
21:03 * chris_n finishes up the label creator re-write... ready to submit
21:05 pianohacker chris_n++
21:05 chris_n gmcharlt: how does 40 commit sound (down from 122)
21:05 gmcharlt chris_n: good enough for me
21:05 chris_n s/commit/commits/
21:05 chris_n[…]eads/labels.recon
21:06 chris_n I'll submit a pull request to patches@ later
21:06 Jo good stuff - I'm looking forward to this
21:06 chris you know git has a cool trick for that too chris_n ?
21:06 chris_n ?
21:06 chris_n what's that
21:06 chris
21:07 * chris_n looks
21:10 chris_n chris: I've been doing 'git remote -f -t branch remote_name remote_path' which tracks and forces fetch in one stroke
21:10 chris cool
21:10 chris the request-pull is nice ... makes for a really nice email
21:10 chris_n then 'git branch --track branch_name start_point'
21:10 chris_n I'll try it out
21:11 * chris_n has had a crash course in git over the past week
21:14 schuster see you all tomorrow!
21:14 pianohacker bye, david
21:14 schuster left #koha
21:21 chris_n chris: I must have something messed up w/my repo config as git request-pull borks
21:21 chris_n works fine on my clones however
21:21 chris ah right
21:22 chris well a plain old email will work too ;)
21:27 gmcharlt left #koha
21:28 pianohacker left #koha
21:34 jwagner left #koha
21:34 * chris_n wrestles git to the ground...
21:35 chris_n chris: got it
21:35 chris noice
21:36 chris_n I ended up having to use the md5 from the begin and end commits
21:36 chris ahh good thinking batman
21:52 chris ta si
22:47 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha - don't ask to ask a question, just ask your question :-)
23:30 davi left #koha

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