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01:16 chris @gcalc 120kmph in mph
01:16 munin chris: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
01:16 chris @gcalc 120km in miles
01:17 munin chris: 120 kilometers = 74.5645431 miles
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01:55 chris_n2-away @gcalc 7688.92 miles in kilometers
01:55 munin chris_n2-away: 7 688.92 miles = 12 374.1173 kilometers
01:56 * chris_n2-away realizes that the ISS could cross the USA in ~1/2 sec
01:56 chris :)
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02:01 brendan done traveling for the night :)
02:12 gmcharlt brendan: good flight?
02:12 chris_n2-away @random quote
02:12 munin chris_n2-away: Error: The command "random" is available in the Dict, Factoids, and Quote plugins.  Please specify the plugin whose command you wish to call by using its name as a command before "random".
02:13 gmcharlt @quote random
02:13 brendan ok flight -- lot's of turbulence
02:13 munin gmcharlt: Quote #6: "gmcharlt: kf: hold requests are a plot to sell more aspirin ;)" (added by wizzyrea at 04:13 PM, June 16, 2009)
02:13 chris_n2-away @random factoid
02:13 munin chris_n2-away: Error: The command "random" is available in the Dict, Factoids, and Quote plugins.  Please specify the plugin whose command you wish to call by using its name as a command before "random".
02:13 chris_n2-away opps
02:13 chris_n2-away @factoid random
02:13 munin chris_n2-away: downloading the Perl source
02:13 chris_n2-away hrmm
02:13 gmcharlt @help Factoid
02:13 munin gmcharlt: Error: There is no command "factoid".
02:13 gmcharlt @list Factoid
02:13 munin gmcharlt: Error: 'Factoid' is not a valid plugin.
02:13 gmcharlt @list Factoids
02:13 munin gmcharlt: change, forget, info, learn, lock, random, search, unlock, and whatis
02:14 chris_n2-away ahh
02:14 gmcharlt @random
02:14 munin gmcharlt: Error: The command "random" is available in the Dict, Factoids, and Quote plugins.  Please specify the plugin whose command you wish to call by using its name as a command before "random".
02:14 chris_n2-away @factoids random
02:14 gmcharlt @random Factoid
02:14 munin chris_n2-away: Error: I couldn't find a factoid.
02:14 munin gmcharlt: Error: The command "random" is available in the Dict, Factoids, and Quote plugins.  Please specify the plugin whose command you wish to call by using its name as a command before "random".
02:15 gmcharlt @help info
02:16 munin gmcharlt: (info [<channel>] <key>) -- Gives information about the factoid(s) associated with <key>. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent in the channel itself.
02:16 gmcharlt info koha
02:16 gmcharlt @info koha
02:16 munin gmcharlt: Error: No factoid matches that key.
02:16 chris_n2-away hehe
02:16 gmcharlt @learn koha
02:16 munin gmcharlt: (learn [<channel>] <key> as <value>) -- Associates <key> with <value>. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent on the channel itself. The word 'as' is necessary to separate the key from the value. It can be changed to another word via the learnSeparator registry value.
02:16 chris_n2-away @gcalc speed of light in furlongs per fortnight
02:16 munin chris_n2-away: the speed of light = 1.8026175 * 10^(12) furlongs per fortnight
02:16 gmcharlt @learn koha as
02:16 munin gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
02:16 gmcharlt @info koha
02:16 munin gmcharlt: Key "koha" is not locked and has 1 factoid associated with it: #1 was added by gmcharlt at 02:16 AM, August 31, 2009
02:16 gmcharlt @factoid random
02:16 munin gmcharlt: I suck
02:16 gmcharlt @whatis koha
02:16 munin gmcharlt: "koha" could be
02:17 chris_n2-away s/factoid/factoids/
02:17 gmcharlt @factoids random
02:17 munin gmcharlt: "koha":
02:17 gmcharlt heh
02:17 gmcharlt g'night, all
02:17 chris_n2-away @factoids learn the speed of light = 1.8026175 * 10^(12) furlongs per fortnight
02:17 munin chris_n2-away: (factoids learn [<channel>] <key> as <value>) -- Associates <key> with <value>. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent on the channel itself. The word 'as' is necessary to separate the key from the value. It can be changed to another word via the learnSeparator registry value.
02:17 gmcharlt @later tell hdl_laptop back only middle of Monday US EDT
02:17 munin gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
02:17 chris_n2-away g'night gmcharlt
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02:19 chris_n2-away @factoids learn light-speed as 1.8026175 * 10^(12) furlongs per fortnight
02:19 munin chris_n2-away: The operation succeeded.
02:19 chris_n2-away @factoids random
02:19 munin chris_n2-away: "light-speed": 1.8026175 * 10^(12) furlongs per fortnight; "koha":
02:19 chris_n2-away @whatis light-speed
02:19 munin chris_n2-away: "light-speed" could be 1.8026175 * 10^(12) furlongs per fortnight
02:20 * chris_n2-away heads to off to a sleep cycle
02:21 chris_n2-away one more for the record....
02:21 chris_n2-away @gcalc 35 miles per gallon in rods per cup
02:21 munin chris_n2-away: 35 miles per gallon = 700 rods per US cup
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03:06 bigbrovar_ Hi guys am really new to koha (or in fact any library system) helping to setup one for my school's library. I have everything setup and running now ( koha 3.0). before i installed koha, the library kept a record of their books in openoffice spreadsheets..its a PITA  slow process but over time there have a huge collection now (we have small library) i was wondering if its possible to import this spreedsheet to koha.. of do they have to import the books one by
03:06 bigbrovar_ (real koha / library system noob here)
03:07 pianohacker Hmm. If you export the spreadsheet as CSV
03:07 pianohacker There are import tools
03:07 pianohacker MarcEdit is what you want
03:07 pianohacker (runs under Wine)
03:16 bigbrovar_ hmm
03:17 bigbrovar_ Marcedit ?
03:17 bigbrovar_ will google it
03:18 bigbrovar_ thnx .. how is your day going btw (4:17am here .. raining as hell)
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07:31 chris and we are back
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07:34 SelfishMan heh
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07:35 SelfishMan Any reason this channel isn't on one of the bigger networks like OFTC?
07:35 kf good morning
07:35 hdl_laptop SelfishMan: History
07:35 SelfishMan ?
07:36 SelfishMan good or bad?
07:36 hdl_laptop there are pros and cons on either side
07:36 SelfishMan true
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07:44 chris its been on here since 2000
07:44 nahuel hi all
07:44 nahuel :)
07:44 chris hasnt been a compelling reason to move it
07:47 chris hi nahuel
07:48 nahuel what's up ?
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07:52 chris not the usual ... what's up with you?
07:52 chris hmm just the usual i mean
07:52 chris hi paul_p
07:55 paul_p hi chris
08:01 hdl_laptop chris: nahuel was asking about the #koha problem
08:01 hdl_laptop i think
08:02 nahuel Why don't we go to freenode ?
08:02 chris why?
08:02 nahuel More stable :)
08:02 nahuel more generic
08:02 chris hehe
08:02 chris less stable
08:02 chris but more generic
08:03 nahuel less stable ?
08:03 chris has been running for 12 years
08:03 nahuel with downtimes :)
08:03 chris with very very few outages
08:03 chris less than freenode
08:04 nahuel hmmm, as I know biblibre and koha-fr gone to freenode because when I arrived at biblibre, there was lots of downtime
08:04 nahuel "there were"
08:04 nahuel was were ... anyway :p
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08:06 chris oftc might be an option
08:06 chris speciallyf if we were to join SPI also
08:06 nahuel Well, it's just an idea :)
08:06 nahuel SPI ? what's that ?
08:08 chris
08:08 chris
08:10 nahuel ho great
08:11 chris
08:13 nahuel :)
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08:16 Amit hi chris, brendan
08:17 chris hi Amit
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08:19 |Lupin| good morning, everybody
08:19 |Lupin| guten morgen kf
08:20 kf guten morgen lupin
08:24 Amit hi lupin, kf
08:28 kf hi Amit
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09:16 bigbrovar .
09:16 |Lupin| hello Amit
09:17 bigbrovar hello guys
09:17 Amit any one experience with
09:18 hdl_laptop Amit: it seems that you should drop a message to koha-devel or to forum ;)
09:18 Amit hdl: i have done but stuck on plugin
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09:31 chris for anyone who uses identica
09:35 bigbrovar chris: might want to add the koha logo :)
09:36 chris yep have done
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11:56 chris morning ptfs
11:56 Amit hi jdavidb
11:57 jdavidb Howdy, chris and Amit.  :)
11:57 chris must mean its time for me to go to sleep
11:57 chris g'night all
11:57 jdavidb Probably so, yeah.
11:57 jdavidb g'night, chris.  Sleep well!
12:03 jwagner morning/g'night chris
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12:09 chris_n @wunder 28334
12:09 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 22.0�C (8:02 AM EDT on August 31, 2009). Conditions: Light Drizzle. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: 20.0�C. Pressure: 30.05 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
12:10 chris_n how very mondayish
12:10 chris_n g'morning
12:11 jdavidb Morning, chris_n.
12:14 paul_p hello USA ! good morning !
12:15 jwagner Bonjour paul_p
12:15 chris_n hi paul_p
12:19 jdavidb Hi, paul_p! :)
12:19 chris_n m$--
12:20 * chris_n thinks win32 fails silently too often >:-(
12:21 * jdavidb thinks win32 fails too often, period.
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12:21 chris_n that too
12:25 paul_p shortest version: /me thinks win32 fails
12:25 paul_p :D
12:28 * chris_n notes how easy it is to break a window to start with
12:28 chris_n what a name to choose for an os
12:39 chris_n interesting post from
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12:47 kf gmcharlt: online?
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13:17 schuster Morning everyone!
13:23 owen Hi schuster
13:25 jdavidb Hi, schuster. :)
13:49 schuster Joe Atzberger around?
13:54 owen schuster: he goes by atz, so it doesn't look like it
13:56 chris_n @factoids random
13:56 munin chris_n: "light-speed": 1.8026175 * 10^(12) furlongs per fortnight; "koha":
13:56 chris_n @quote random
13:56 munin chris_n: Quote #3: "< bignose-work> the only constant in climate over the next several decades will be that the climate doesn't match what you just got used to." (added by chris at 01:55 AM, June 12, 2009)
13:56 chris_n heh
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14:02 jdavidb @quote random
14:02 munin jdavidb: Quote #22: "<jdavidb> owen: you wouldn't know this, being the skinny thing you are, but it is also good for maintaining a panoramic physique, like mine." (added by gmcharlt at 04:24 PM, August 06, 2009)
14:02 jdavidb lol
14:08 owen schuster++ for KohaCon videos!
14:10 schuster - I got these uploaded this weekend.
14:11 schuster[…]lWithJoeAtzberger
14:11 schuster I'm waiting for some tapes to be returned to me so that I can do the rest.
14:11 schuster I'll get them posted on the wiki and an email to Discuss hopefully today.
14:11 jdavidb schuster++
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14:17 owen Coming to us from Atlanta, brendan?
14:18 brendan coming to you from Atlanta
14:18 brendan morning owen
14:19 hdl_laptop hi all
14:19 * owen grumbles about the new "Clear screen" button on the circ page
14:19 brendan hmmm...  why's that owen?
14:20 hdl_laptop a simple clear would have been much simpler.... I think
14:20 owen 1. Because it's ugly. 2. Because you can click "check out" with no barcode and get the same result
14:20 brendan I remember the clear screen button from my horizon days
14:21 brendan wasn't sure if I used it then either
14:22 schuster Must be in a newer patch as I don't have that yet.
14:22 schuster In production that is.
14:22 owen No schuster it was a recently approved patch
14:23 jdavidb One of ours, I think.  an East Brunsick PL idea.  (ex-Horizon, sure 'nuf.)
14:23 schuster Ah - someone indicated that several of the PTFS enhancements were in bugzilla - is there an easy way for me to find them?
14:24 jdavidb jwagner as the filer, maybe?
14:29 * owen should calm down about the button as it's controlled by a syspref
14:31 jdavidb The patches we're doing--PTFS is very cognizant of the fact that EBPL is an odd library, and wants odd things.  Most everything substantial we're sending, and quite a lot of the little tweaky ones, will have a syspref.
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14:48 kf passwords in clear text is also a Horizon thing
14:48 kf and really odd to want that back
14:50 jdavidb kf:  I'm with you.  That's such a Spectacularly Bad Idea....
14:50 kf are they no privacy laws that prevent that?
14:50 kf they = there
14:51 jdavidb No, unfortunately.  Not for passwords, anyway.
14:51 kf I think our data protection officer would say thats not acceptible
14:53 jdavidb I pitched a fit about it, but that's what they wanted.  Fortunately, probably, gmcharlt is gonna throw that one in the oubliette.
14:53 jdavidb (So we'll have to maintain it.  But I'm okay with that.)
14:54 * owen submits a patch to move the clear screen button:[…]hment.cgi?id=1090
14:59 kf owen: looks nice now :)
15:08 * owen is picky that way
15:11 ecorrado jdavidb: East Brunswick as in East Brunswick, NJ?
15:11 jdavidb ecorrado:  Yup.  That's them.  They've apparently been Horizon users a long, long time, and are pretty set in their ways.
15:12 jdavidb Knowing that we're not ever gonna get Koha to be Just Like Horizon, we've managed to give them some things that made them a bit more comfortable.
15:12 ecorrado jdavidb: I gre up in the next town over and worked in a nearby library for a bit. I am aware of them :-).
15:13 ecorrado I heard they were lookign at Koha a while back... glad to see they went that way.
15:13 jdavidb They're good folks, really, and want the best for their patrons.  I was astonished at how much holds traffic they have; they promoted use of holds a while back, and it caught on.
15:14 jdavidb 5000-ish circs a day, about 700 or so of which are holds fulfillment.  It's amazing.
15:14 ecorrado jdavidb: I haven't been there for a while, but they were always recognized by the public as the best librry in the area.
15:15 ecorrado I'm not surprised about the holds... my mom used to get them to hold the latest Steven King books before they came out and would be way down on the list.
15:16 jdavidb On some new popular stuff, they're getting 20 and 30 copies, and running 150+ holds in the queue.
15:18 jdavidb The patrons are pretty sophisticated, too...they get twitchy about any oddities on that holds queue.
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15:20 jdavidb Hi, gmcharlt!
15:20 gmcharlt hi jdavidb
15:20 schuster gmcharlt - heya!  we've been talking about you - ears burning?
15:20 schuster (kidding sorta)
15:20 gmcharlt heh
15:24 gmcharlt so, any juicy gossip about me that I should know about? ;)
15:25 schuster I hear you are implementing RDA for 3.2 - :0
15:25 gmcharlt :)
15:25 jdavidb No one has yet proven that you're Michael Jackson's love child, gmcharlt, but the jury is still out on that.  :P   And yeah, there's the RDA thing.
15:25 kf hi gmcharlt
15:26 schuster Are sounds still part of 3.2 circ?
15:26 kf question: we want to try to send our first patch tomorrow - changes in xslt for detail and results to display ltr/rtl languages in 880 fields
15:26 gmcharlt kf++
15:26 kf I saw that jane wagner send a patch on this file wich isnt in git yet
15:27 gmcharlt schuster: yes, there are a couple patches floating around that will be included
15:27 kf will this be a problem? I think we will write a bug report tomorrow - but we have a little time problem, because I will be on vacation from wednesday to wednesday
15:29 kf so we want to send it tomorrow (I hope I will be able to generate a patch file with git on my laptop...)
15:34 kf gmcharlt: should we integrate janes changes in our file, although its not in git yet? she made xslt follow sysprefs in her patch
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15:40 owen Hi sekjal
15:40 sekjal hello owen
15:44 kf we will try and see what happens :) - good bye #koha!
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15:51 jwagner_away is now known as jwagner
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16:18 owen Watch out gmcharlt, paul_p is cracking the whip! :)
16:18 paul_p owen: ??
16:18 * gmcharlt cowers in fear
16:19 owen "cracking the whip" meaning urging him to work harder ;)
16:19 paul_p lol
16:19 paul_p I realize my mail may let you think i'm upset. Just to be clear : that's not the case ! ;-)
16:20 gmcharlt paul_p: no, it's fine
16:40 chris_n gmcharlt: on a fresh install of 3.2 my browser says "production mode - trapped fatal error" and the logs say nothing... :-(
16:40 chris_n any thoughts?
16:41 chris_n hold on
16:41 chris_n never mind...
16:42 * chris_n has spent too many hours staring at the screen for his own good
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16:42 chris_n Bad arg length for Socket::pack_sockaddr_in, length is 0, should be 4 at /usr/lib/perl/5.10/ line 214.
16:43 chris_n anyone know what weirdness this is?
16:45 chris_n 3.0 works fine, 3.2 croaks with the above mentioned error
16:48 SelfishMan Not certain but I'm betting an address/IP is missing from the config
16:50 chris_n actually the config is correct
16:55 schuster Anybody else notice that when an item is checked in after a transfer is returned current location is not updating?
16:55 schuster Coming back to "homebranch".
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17:01 chris_n gmcharlt: should koha-conf.xml contain tags for memcached_servers and memcached_namespace if memcached option is not selected during install?
17:01 chris_n SelfishMan: it appears you are correct
17:02 SelfishMan The memcached stuff shouldn't matter
17:02 SelfishMan It's been a while since I've played with that bit of code though
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17:28 gmcharlt chris_n: doesn't matter to me, really, although keeping them in there so that sysadmin knows that the option exists woudln't hurt
17:29 chris_n gmcharlt: any thoughts on the Socket::pack_sockaddr_in weirdness I mention above?
17:29 chris_n 3.0 works fine... 3.2 blows chunks
17:30 chris_n with the same config
17:30 gmcharlt chris_n: check Michael's patch pushed yesterday
17:30 gmcharlt does that help
17:30 gmcharlt ?
17:30 * chris_n looks
17:39 Sharon I just realized I asked a question in #kohakansas, thinking I was in wonder I didn't get an answer!
17:40 Sharon Does the syspref TransfersMaxDaysWarning count business days or calendar days?
18:01 chris_n *groan*
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18:01 chris_n gmcharlt: yup, that fixed it up
18:01 chris_n tnx
18:01 chris_n hi pianohacker
18:02 pianohacker Hi, chris_n, gmcharlt
18:03 gmcharlt hi pianohacker
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18:29 * chris_n notes the cool new progress indicator on
18:46 chris ohh ill have to try that
18:47 chris and sorry abot that memcached thing, and thanks to Michael for fixing it
18:48 jdavidb You're up early, chris.
18:48 chris btw chris_n .... if you are up for it, id be interested in some benchmarks from you before and after switching on memoize
18:48 chris i got some pretty decent performance increase, would like to see how others get on
18:48 chris that reminds me, i have to edit the INSTALL file
18:49 chris jdavidb: yep trick is to get up before the household wakes up, that way i can grab a shower without a toddler trying to help
18:49 jdavidb heheh...toddlers are so helpful!
18:52 chris hdl_laptop: are you around?
18:52 chris_n chris: I'll be glad to
18:54 chris thanks chris_n
18:55 chris_n I'm in the process of testing the merge of labels stuff into 3.2
18:55 chris ahh sweet :)
18:55 * chris is reading
18:55 chris[…]s-autour-de-koha/
18:55 baseballfreak47 joined #koha
18:55 chris with the help of google translate
18:57 chris ok breakfast time bbiab
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19:04 baseballfreak47 So im installing Koha on this computer with ubuntu using this site:[…]d9d47;hb=HEAD#l81 I have installed everything up to line 72 where it says, "Using the ubuntu.packages file included in the Koha source tree,    73 run the following:
19:04 baseballfreak47 $ sudo dpkg --set-selections < install_misc/ubuntu.packages
19:05 baseballfreak47 i tried that and it didnt work any suggestions?
19:06 baseballfreak47 brb
19:06 pianohacker What error did it give?
19:07 pianohacker chris_n: around?
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19:09 chris_n here
19:10 pianohacker Does your school do any print management? Trying to find an open-source print management tool without success
19:10 chris_n we do
19:10 pianohacker What do you use?
19:11 chris_n currently I'm on a proprietary package, but I'm in the process of moving to an FOSS package... hold on
19:11 pianohacker Okay. Thanks
19:16 chris_n pianohacker: take a look at
19:16 chris_n that is the comes the closest to matching what we currently run
19:17 brendan does libki do any print management?
19:17 brendan that kyle hall package for computer management IRC
19:20 sekjal hey, brendan.  how was your flight?
19:21 chris ohh i like this
19:21 chris F.Démians : “Son inclusivité. La vraie richesse de Koha, c’est la communauté mondiale de ses utilisateurs et de ses développeurs, son ouverture à toute contribution, l’esprit de coopération qui anime ses membres”
19:21 chris which google translate tells me is roughly
19:21 chris What do you think are the main strengths of Koha?
19:21 pianohacker pykota looks very, very nice.
19:21 brendan flight was bumpy --
19:22 chris F. Demians: "His inclusiveness. La vraie richesse de Koha, c'est la communauté mondiale de ses utilisateurs et de ses développeurs, son ouverture à toute contribution, l'esprit de coopération qui anime ses membres” The real wealth of Koha is the world community of its users and its developers, open to any contribution the cooperative spirit that animates its members "
19:22 chris ohh remind not to paste from google translate again
19:23 chris_n heh
19:23 pianohacker We have been animated by spirits? Ghost-powered development for the win
19:23 chris i think it means vodka
19:23 chris :)
19:23 chris_n pianohacker: I'm looking forward to getting it running here and getting off of the blackhole of closed source in that area as well
19:23 sekjal brendan: sorry to hear that.  chris helped me get the circulation state script beaten into submission, and now its just looking at odd cases and trying to fix them
19:24 chris ill have to get someone to translate it better, but i like the quote
19:24 * chris_n feels very animated atm
19:24 chris :)
19:25 pianohacker Maybe someday in the far off future when I have some free time (ha), I can integrate powerline with pykota
19:25 chris ok im off to work back in 50 mins
19:25 pianohacker bye
19:25 chris pianohacker: make it your dissertation :)
19:26 pianohacker ooh
19:26 brendan chris++
19:26 brendan pianohacker sounds like a plan
19:26 pianohacker Very much
19:27 chris_n someone else was asking about enforcing print policies w/koha some time back
19:28 * chris_n pokes his zebra
19:29 owen_ joined #koha
19:32 brendan left #koha
19:35 owen left #koha
19:36 owen_ is now known as owen
19:39 Sharon left #koha
19:43 brendan joined #koha
19:55 bigbrovar left #koha
19:59 bigbrovar joined #koha
20:06 kf joined #koha
20:13 chris back
20:14 kf has someone time to answer a newbie git question? I managed to produce a patch :) but it was just a test - how can I get back now?
20:14 chris get back from where? :)
20:14 * kf searching for words
20:14 kf to the state where I can produce this patch with updated files tomorrow at work?
20:14 chris ahhh
20:15 kf does not help that its late and my internet was down for hours ...
20:15 chris so you have a commit that you don't want anymore?
20:15 kf I think so
20:16 chris did you make it on a branch, or did you make it on master?
20:16 kf good question
20:16 kf git branch tells me im on mywork
20:16 chris all good then
20:17 chris you can just go back to master, make a new branch, make your changes there
20:17 kf ah ok
20:17 kf but I loose my koha install from mywork branch this way?
20:17 chris or you can revert the commit
20:18 chris and you will be back where you were before
20:18 kf is there an easy way to do this?
20:22 jwagner joined #koha
20:26 chris_n2-away kf: 'git reset --soft HEAD' will take you back one commit, but not remove the work of your commit
20:26 chris yeah, thats probably the nicest way, thanks chris_n
20:27 chris_n2-away 'git reset --hard HEAD' will take you back and remove your work as well
20:27 chris_n2-away is now known as chris_n2
20:27 kf thx, will try that!
20:28 kf hm should the changed files change back?
20:29 kf or how do I know it worked?
20:29 nengard joined #koha
20:30 chris git log
20:30 chris should no longer show your commit
20:30 nengard anyone who speaks French on?
20:31 chris i used google translate nengard, it does an ok job, i think they are all asleep now
20:31 nengard ahh
20:31 nengard okay
20:32 kf still shows
20:33 kf hm
20:34 gmcharlt kf: is your commit at the top?  if so
20:34 gmcharlt git reset --hard HEAD^
20:34 gmcharlt will get rid of it
20:34 gmcharlt note the trailing ^
20:35 kf I think it worked
20:36 magnusenger left #koha
20:37 kf left #koha
20:37 kf joined #koha
20:38 sekjal Did Koha 3.0.2 or 3.0.3 limit the number of rows that can be exported from a Guided Report?  After I upgraded, I'm getting capped at 10,000
20:39 chris yep
20:39 chris i have a fix for that half done
20:39 chris that will respect the limit you specify in your sql
20:40 chris (if no limit is set it will still cap at 9999)
20:40 chris just as a backstop
20:40 chris or a catcher as you guys say :)
20:41 chris basically there is a bug in the code
20:41 chris
20:42 chris is the broken bit
20:42 chris (that second regex)
20:43 chris should be something more like
20:43 chris $sql =~ s/\bLIMIT\b\s*(\d+)\,*(\s*\d+)?\s*/ /ig;
20:43 kf chris chris_n gmcharlt: thx for the help! hope I can redo the patch tomorrow with the newer files.
20:44 chris yay kf :)
20:44 sekjal ah
20:45 kf not my work sadly, I will just help to create the patch file.
20:45 chris but that regexp isn't quite right either (it fails if you dont specify an offset and a limit)
20:45 chris i hope to have some time today to fix it up and send a patch
20:45 chris then you can do SELECT * FROM borrowers LIMIT 10000000000 if you so wish :)
20:46 kf good night everybody!
20:47 chris night kf
20:47 pianohacker Good night
20:48 kf left #koha
20:48 sekjal cool, thanks chris.  my boss needs a certain report to load into our temporary course reserves solution, so I've got to figure out how to get it to him soon
20:50 schuster I was able to find that bit of code and adjust the number 35000 until the patch comes through.
20:50 chris yep thats a quick temp fix
20:50 chris find the line that goes
20:51 chris $limit  = 9999 unless $limit;
20:51 chris in C4/Reports/
20:51 chris and change that to some high number
20:51 schuster :)
20:51 jwagner chris, might it be a good idea to set a syspref for limit so that sites can specify their own & change as needed?
20:52 schuster Cook - go for it jwagner! ;)
20:52 chris that would work too, but if it respects the limit you specify on your query
20:52 chris that would be better
20:52 chris at the moment if you only want 10 .. you get 9999
20:53 chris and if you change the syspref
20:53 chris the person next to you who wants 700, now gets 10
20:53 jwagner I'm thinking of people who may not know enough SQL to know how to specify a limit.  Syspref could be a fallback -- if there's a limit in the report SQL, use it, otherwise use syspref
20:54 schuster I'm one of those who knows just enough to be dangerous!
20:55 schuster Didn't know Limit existed until I ran a report and read chris' comment.
20:55 chris thats what the limit catchall is for, so ppl dont do select * from biblio,items,borrowers;
20:55 chris and asplode
20:56 sekjal well that fixes my problem for today
21:01 schuster yippie! I helped someone!
21:04 chris :-)
21:04 chris its a good feeling eh
21:07 pianohacker Hmm. DNS for is working for me
21:08 chris yeah
21:08 chris seems fine
21:12 nengard left #koha
21:20 brendan left #koha
21:20 sekjal left #koha
21:20 schuster see you all tomorrow!  off to American Football 8 year old practice
21:20 pianohacker bye
21:20 schuster left #koha
21:29 CGI426 joined #koha
21:30 chris jerks--
21:30 chris jerks--
21:30 chris complete_tools--
21:32 brendan joined #koha
21:32 pianohacker chris: ?
21:33 chris ahhh, ppl annoying me today
21:33 * chris calms down :)
21:34 owen Uh oh, what'd we miss?
21:35 gmcharlt chris was on the bus, which was jerking him around ;)
21:35 pianohacker left #koha
21:36 chris hehe
21:36 chris actually yeah it was the whiplash bus again this morning
21:36 brendan damn
21:36 * brendan investigates helmets to purchase and send to NZ
21:37 brendan err.. back braces
21:37 pianohacker joined #koha
21:38 chris a good bus mechanic might help more ;)
21:39 |Lupin| joined #koha
21:43 |Lupin| hi
21:43 chris hi |Lupin|
21:44 |Lupin| hey chris, how is NZ ? how are you ?
21:44 chris spring is here, the sun is shining, it's good
21:46 |Lupin| yeah !
21:46 |Lupin| here the wether is very nice, too
21:55 CGI426 librarian lurking
21:56 CGI426 surprised to see weather is "under dev"
21:57 chris ?
21:57 CGI426 MT here
21:57 CGI426 guess...
21:58 CGI426 my login needs to be reset or you'd see me
21:58 chris type /nick nickname
21:58 CGI426 Lee
21:58 chris ahh heya :)
21:58 CGI426 smile
21:59 CGI426 so I really have a question for anyone
21:59 pianohacker Okay
22:00 CGI426 working on a digital location
22:00 CGI426 virtual
22:00 CGI426 setting up a second library location in Koha
22:00 pianohacker As in a library/branch, or a shelving location?
22:01 CGI426 can i change the location in admin to something other than stacks?
22:01 CGI426 since no digital object will be located in stacks
22:01 pianohacker Usually shelving locations are set during cataloging
22:01 CGI426 stacks is the shelving location
22:01 owen left #koha
22:02 CGI426 for our regular location
22:02 pianohacker You set them up under Admin -> Authorized Values, then choose them when you catalog an item
22:02 CGI426 writing this down...
22:03 CGI426 thanks
22:03 pianohacker Usually, though, if you're dealing with two entirely different kinds of items
22:03 pianohacker You give them different item types
22:04 CGI426 the records are coming from OCLC
22:04 CGI426 we edit them with dublin core to reflect a digital object linked to a url
22:05 pianohacker Okay
22:05 pianohacker You can still set itemtypes on the individual items, rather than at the bib record level
22:05 CGI426 okay
22:06 CGI426 will that increase discoverability?
22:06 pianohacker It's easier to search for different item types, yes
22:06 andy joined #koha
22:06 hdl_laptop chris around ?
22:07 andy is now known as pie
22:07 chris sup hdl_laptop ?
22:07 hdl_laptop hi
22:07 hdl_laptop howdy ?
22:07 CGI426 thanks piano hacker
22:07 gmcharlt left #koha
22:08 pianohacker No problem
22:08 hdl_laptop chris : I have a question about translation workflow, it seems that French po file is not the one that is now on pootle
22:09 chris oh?
22:09 hdl_laptop Is there something to do to check that so that it won't happen again ?
22:09 chris i only push to 3.0.x from pootle
22:10 chris basically if no one else pushes .po files then it wont happen
22:10 chris ie, things should go into pootle, then into git .. not into git first
22:11 hdl_laptop yes.
22:12 hdl_laptop But the fact is that at the moment, i think that french translation is more up to date in pootle than on 3.0.x branch
22:14 hdl_laptop At least, it is what I saw on our branch.
22:14 hdl_laptop By the way, i have pushed a BIG couple of patches on koha-maintenance/reconciliation.
22:14 hdl_laptop You can update.
22:14 chris ta
22:15 hdl_laptop I donot think strings will change a lot.
22:15 chris hmm i just pushed to git recently
22:15 chris ill do another push from pootle that will update what is in 3.0.x
22:15 hdl_laptop I have taken that.
22:15 chris it is much safer if we dont both try to push .po files
22:16 hdl_laptop I saw you pushed two days ago.
22:16 chris because we will clash with each other
22:16 hdl_laptop now, I never push po files.
22:16 chris cool
22:16 chris i will do a new push
22:16 chris 2 secs
22:16 hdl_laptop unless it comes from 3.0.x
22:17 pie left #koha
22:17 andy joined #koha
22:18 chris ?
22:18 andy left #koha
22:19 chris you push from 3.0.x to ?
22:19 CGI426 left #koha
22:23 chris pushed from pootle
22:24 nahuel left #koha
22:24 chris[…]=shortlog;h=3.0.x there we go
22:25 chris hdl_laptop: did you see this too
22:25 hdl_laptop chris : thanks but staff need update too.
22:26 chris not according to git it doesnt
22:27 chris 10:23 ~/git/koha-gitosis (3.0.x)$ diff misc/translator/po/fr-FR-i​-staff-t-prog-v-3000000.po  /var/lib/pootle/intranet3_0/fr/f​r-FR-i-staff-t-prog-v-3000000.po
22:27 chris 10:27 ~/git/koha-gitosis (3.0.x)$
22:27 chris 10:27 ~/git/koha-gitosis (3.0.x)$ git diff
22:27 chris 10:27 ~/git/koha-gitosis (3.0.x)$
22:27 chris so whats in my git is the same as what is pootle and what is pushed up
22:29 * chris is confused
22:33 hdl_laptop mmmm... Maybe a little lack on one of our local branch
22:39 |Lupin| good night, everybody
22:40 |Lupin| good day NZ, chris...
22:40 |Lupin| left #koha
22:43 gmcharlt joined #koha
22:44 gmcharlt hi hdl_laptop
22:44 hdl_laptop hi howdy ?
22:44 nahuel joined #koha
22:44 hdl_laptop hi nahuel so late ????
22:45 brendan well hdl_laptop  so late ?
22:45 hdl_laptop I am quite accustomed to that ;)
22:45 hdl_laptop Have to update some translation
22:45 brendan :)
22:48 hdl_laptop The plan about feature and topic branches seems really HEAVY work on bugfixes.
22:49 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: yep - goal is a solid release, not a buggy one :)
22:49 hdl_laptop But I agree it also is the only "sane" way to do.
22:50 ecorrado is now known as edc_away
22:50 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: We may have one french Biblibrarian "hackfest" in the next few weeks.
22:50 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: cool
22:51 hdl_laptop Hopefully we can use that in that purpose.
22:51 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: I also think that some features could quite easily be generalised :
22:51 hdl_laptop extended_attributes
22:51 hdl_laptop Matcher
22:52 hdl_laptop any thoughts about that ?
22:53 hdl_laptop (apart from well, let's first integrate those features wherever possible 1st, which would be also a reasonable opinion maybe the only one to have atm).
23:02 gmcharlt Matcher & extended_attributes, sure, but priority should be bugfixing
23:02 chris *nod*
23:04 brendan bugfixing++
23:04 brendan err bugfixing--
23:04 hdl_laptop bugfixing++
23:04 gmcharlt ?
23:04 gmcharlt bugfixing++
23:04 brendan just kidding
23:04 brendan :)
23:05 hdl_laptop bug-- fixing++
23:05 pianohacker @karma bugfixing
23:05 munin pianohacker: Karma for "bugfixing" has been increased 3 times and decreased 1 time for a total karma of 2.
23:05 hdl_laptop I utterly agree on that.
23:11 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: about the patches owen sends which load some jquery code into database, I see there an obvious problem for translation and internationalization.
23:12 hdl_laptop Is that some issue you are considering ?
23:21 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: I have pushed some patches from HEAD which could be fixing some issues and some of our bug fixes too onto reconciliation
23:40 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: re jquery in DB - yes, there is a potential translation problem
23:40 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: noted re the other patches
23:41 hdl_laptop chris : az is for azerbaidjan code I gues
23:41 hdl_laptop s
23:42 chris that was my guess too
23:42 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: I thought some of those translation problems could be avoided by a WebServices architecture.
23:43 hdl_laptop But I have to work on xslt and columns.def translation
23:48 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: chris : I have seen OPAC and Summary and HTML as Object Identifier for yaz. I think It could be a good way to take things out of Template Code if we would be able to use those IDs in order to get information.... For 4.0 :P
23:49 jdavidb left #koha
23:49 chris not sure i understand you
23:49 gmcharlt 4.never :) the Z39.50 definitions are not a good basis IMO
23:49 gmcharlt in any event, something to argue about later ;)
23:49 hdl_laptop yes
23:51 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: but it still could be a good canvas in order to design output formats : Summary, detail, HTML, ...
23:52 jwagner left #koha
23:52 hdl_laptop rather than copy/paste
23:52 chris JSON
23:53 chris and with that, im going to lunch
23:54 hdl_laptop bon apetit.
23:54 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: what would be the best base in your opinion ?
23:54 hdl_laptop ccl ? CQL ?
23:54 hdl_laptop WTFL ?
23:57 gmcharlt lol
23:57 gmcharlt honestly, I think simply enumerating and clearly definiing the current structure would be enough
23:59 hdl_laptop mmmm....

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