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00:46 pianohackr|work Hi again
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01:10 bigbrovar hi guys am helping to configure koha for my schoool library .. am head deep in the reading the doc.. but am having problems with AmazonAssocTag part
01:25 chris ahh which version of koha bigbrovar?
01:25 chris amazon recently changed their TOS so the amazon stuff has recently changed
01:27 chris[…]bebf3e05a08830235
01:27 chris on master
01:43 bigbrovar thanks chris
01:43 bigbrovar am using koha 3.o
01:43 bigbrovar 3.0*
01:44 bigbrovar and yeah the amazon secret access key
01:44 bigbrovar and i have added the key to koha
01:46 chris yep, im not sure that 3.0.x has that patch
01:46 bigbrovar hmm
01:46 chris ie, that its doing what the new amazon TOS says it needs (they only started enforcing it this month)
01:47 bigbrovar what is the latest stable version of koha
01:47 chris 3.0.3 .. 3.0.4 is due in the next week or so
01:47 bigbrovar oh ok
01:47 bigbrovar hmm
01:47 chris and 3.2.0 not too much longer than that
01:47 chris (i just cant see that code change in the 3.0.x codebase yet)
01:48 bigbrovar am really very new to koha how easy is it to upgrade from one instance to another
01:48 bigbrovar like one version to another
01:48 chris[…]9fcd0d726c0191bad
01:49 chris how did you install, from a tarball or from git?
01:49 bigbrovar tarball
01:50 chris when 3.0.4 comes out you can download that, then you run
01:50 bigbrovar u think it would come with the patch?
01:50 chris perl Makefile.PL --prev-install-log /path/to/koha-install-log
01:51 chris yes it will, ill make sure it does ... otherwise amazon won't work :)
01:51 bigbrovar maybe i should just wait for the 3.2.0
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01:51 chris 3.2.0 has a LOT of new features
01:51 chris so might be worth waiting for
01:51 bigbrovar because am still configuring koha now
01:51 bigbrovar it has not been deployed
01:51 chris right, might be best to wait then
01:51 pianohacker The sysprefs editor, for one, will be much nicer :)
01:52 chris hehe yes it will :)
01:52 bigbrovar so i might was well wait
01:52 bigbrovar as*
01:52 chris sounds like a plan
01:52 bigbrovar if i might add which distro do u run koha on?
01:53 pianohacker debian's the preferred one
01:53 pianohacker What are you using?
01:53 bigbrovar version?
01:53 bigbrovar ubuntu lts
01:53 chris lenny for production
01:53 bigbrovar 8.04
01:53 pianohacker Ah. I've had success installing on ubuntu as well
01:53 bigbrovar oh u run it on lenny?
01:53 bigbrovar hmm
01:54 chris lenny has most of the perl modules as .debs
01:54 pianohacker (I run on Arch Linux for my production servers, but I'm weird)
01:54 bigbrovar hehehe
01:54 chris i think only one or 2 have have be CPAN'd on
01:54 bigbrovar pianohacker: arch is great
01:55 bigbrovar hmm
01:55 bigbrovar i have a lenny disc
01:55 bigbrovar but i have not tried debian before (yeah i know)
01:55 pianohacker Yup. I can barely stand dpkg after dealing with pacman
01:55 bigbrovar am a still a noobie at this whole linux shit
01:55 pianohacker But having things available as .debs makes life so much easier
01:56 pianohacker You're doing much better than some others that have passed through this channel, trust us
01:56 bigbrovar pianohacker: what i love the most about arch is the one config file rule them all philosophy
01:56 pianohacker bigbrovar: Yup, another advantage
01:57 pianohacker exim configuration on ubuntu, for one = slow, painful method of suicide
01:57 bigbrovar yep
01:57 chris postfix ftw :)
01:57 bigbrovar hehe
01:57 pianohacker postfix++
01:58 bigbrovar hmm so what do u guys feel .. if am going to reinstall koha which distro is best = easier ubuntu or debian lenny
01:59 pianohacker You could probably do well either way, but debian is a little better supported
02:00 bigbrovar hmm debian it would be then .. can u link me with a good guide on how to install koha on lenny
02:00 pianohacker I think there's one in the tarball
02:01 bigbrovar never installed debian before so am a lil nervous but i run arch so it cant be that hard (not that arch was hard but u get the point)
02:01 bigbrovar oh ok
02:01 chris INSTALL.debian-lenny
02:01 bigbrovar great then
02:01 chris ubuntu is just debian really
02:02 bigbrovar cool i have the cd .. so 3.2 would be a major release
02:02 pianohacker Yes
02:02 chris lots of neat new stuff
02:03 bigbrovar hate to sound like a bug but now am salivating .. when do u think it would be released?
02:04 chris there will be a beta release next month
02:04 chris and a full release in october (Thats the plan anyway)
02:05 bigbrovar great
02:05 bigbrovar main while i can get familiar with koha using the 3.0 installation i have
02:05 pianohacker Yup
02:06 chris if you are interested there is a developers meeting coming up next week
02:06 bigbrovar oh cool when and were here?
02:06 pianohacker[…]etingnotes09sep02
02:06 pianohacker Here, yes
02:07 chris ahh beat me :)
02:07 bigbrovar great
02:07 pianohacker That's what munin needs, is a wiki search
02:07 chris oh that would be great pianohacker
02:08 bigbrovar although i will be more of a non listener than anything
02:08 pianohacker That's part of what they're for
02:08 chris yep
02:08 pianohacker Worst comes to worst, there'll be a transcript posted after the meeting
02:08 bigbrovar i meant more of a listener than anything
02:09 bigbrovar guys do u work in the library or you are just admins /devs or all of the above
02:09 pianohacker I work in a library as a sysadmin, and do some dev work
02:09 pianohacker Your basic Koha nerd
02:10 bigbrovar hehehe
02:10 bigbrovar am just a noobie sysad still cutting his teeth in the trade
02:10 bigbrovar know next to nothing about libraries ..
02:11 * chris works for
02:11 bigbrovar but felt we needed a library system so i googled and koha came up
02:11 bigbrovar so here i am
02:11 pianohacker That's how my library found Koha, proud tradition
02:11 * chris is translation manager for koha, and is busy updating .po files
02:12 bigbrovar wow u guys are doing an awesome job btw
02:13 bigbrovar in case i want to host koha instance its same as a general like wordpress instance right
02:13 bigbrovar or is there a special way to host it
02:13 pianohacker Kind of. It's Perl instead of PHP
02:13 bigbrovar which host would u recommend for koha
02:14 pianohacker Oh, I see. Hosting with a general webhost is kind of difficult with Koha, due to the Perl module requirements
02:14 chris well it needs a bunch of perl modules
02:14 chris yeah what pianohacker said :)
02:14 pianohacker hehe
02:14 bigbrovar hmm
02:14 chris so one that will either let you install those, or will install them for you
02:15 bigbrovar would have to google more on that
02:15 chris those perl modules depend on yaz too
02:15 chris id recommend a vps
02:15 pianohacker One possibility would be a virtual private server (like Amazon S3 or RackSpace Cloud)
02:15 chris over just your plain host
02:15 bigbrovar just get more interesting :)
02:15 pianohacker dangit
02:15 bigbrovar hmm
02:15 chris is a good option too
02:16 pianohacker yup
02:16 pianohacker There's also zebra
02:16 chris hmm southerly has just hit
02:16 * chris gets the dogs in
02:16 pianohacker Have you heard about zebra? Installing it is just oodles of fun
02:16 bigbrovar were i install say a debian/ubuntu instance in the cloud and run koha from there right?
02:16 pianohacker exactly
02:17 bigbrovar wow i hope that wont be too expensive for a small school like ours :)
02:18 pianohacker If you don't need people from outside the school to be able to see your OPAC, you could just host it yourself
02:18 chris *nod*
02:18 bigbrovar yeah that is the plan
02:24 bigbrovar thanks guys
02:24 bigbrovar hope to be at the meeting for 2 sept
02:24 pianohacker Cool. Good luck
02:26 bigbrovar are u guys on identica ? the microbloging thingie
02:27 chris i am
02:28 bigbrovar your handle if u dont mind?
02:28 chris
02:28 bigbrovar mine is bigbrovar
02:29 pianohacker Not me, unfortunately :) My github is my main identity
02:29 pianohacker Sorry,
02:31 bigbrovar hehe
02:31 bigbrovar chris: sub u
02:31 chris ohh nigeria very cool :)
02:31 bigbrovar yeah but its not what u think :)
02:34 chris I dont know of any other Koha libraries in Nigeria
02:34 chris there are quite a few in Kenya
02:34 chris
02:34 bigbrovar well Nigeria is a MS country :(
02:35 bigbrovar we are the only school based on foss
02:35 bigbrovar like all our computers run ubuntu
02:35 bigbrovar including lab pc and laptop we give to students
02:36 chris good for you guys :)
02:36 bigbrovar and as usual the MS guys came and offered to throw 200 free* vista licenses at us
02:36 chris yeah, thats their usual trick
02:36 chris they are like drug dealers .. the first one is free, then you are hooked
02:37 bigbrovar was glad to show them our computer labs happily running linux
02:37 chris hehe
02:37 bigbrovar and told them when / if we need them i would give am a call
02:37 bigbrovar i was really polite though
02:37 chris *nod*
02:38 bigbrovar there came with their suits and wimo smart phones .. and asked why we use FOSS in the first place
02:38 bigbrovar because there have even better products
02:38 bigbrovar all we had to do was to sign a lil agreemement
02:39 bigbrovar and we get tons of free* MS goodies
02:39 bigbrovar hehe
02:39 chris hehe
02:41 bigbrovar its going to be hard for FOSS to take hold here
02:41 bigbrovar MS has an iron grip on things
02:42 bigbrovar but i hope i can help change that
02:42 bigbrovar at least let people know there is an alternative
02:42 chris at least the kids at your school will be being exposed to something else
02:42 chris so thats a good start
02:43 bigbrovar well its a uni
02:43 bigbrovar and 2nd degree uni
02:43 bigbrovar
02:44 bigbrovar
02:45 bigbrovar chris: do u work in a school too
02:45 chris nope, i work for a company who specialise in FLOSS
02:46 bigbrovar wow what area of FLOSS
02:46 chris
02:46 chris thats who i work for
02:47 bigbrovar thinking of starting one here too .. but it would be hard
02:47 chris catalyst does a lot of moodle and drupal work .. amongst lots of others
02:47 bigbrovar but its one thing i have in mind
02:47 chris very cool
02:47 bigbrovar oh ok
02:47 bigbrovar we will be moving to moodle too
02:47 chris have you seen mahara?
02:48 chris
02:48 bigbrovar and our website run on drupal (although we are movign it to plone)
02:48 chris it works well with moodle
02:48 bigbrovar wow
02:48 chris we are working on getting single sign on with moodle + mahara + koha
02:49 bigbrovar ddamn that would be hot
02:50 chris all we need is a good student management system
02:51 bigbrovar hmm tot moodle was no ?
02:51 chris thats a good course management and delivery system
02:52 bigbrovar true
02:52 chris but more one for tracking who has paid fees, etc
02:52 chris with something like that, there would be everything a school/university needs
02:53 bigbrovar yeah u right just what we need too
02:53 bigbrovar have u tried lots of resources there
02:53 chris *nod*
02:53 chris i havent looked recently, i should look again
02:55 bigbrovar[…].php?form_cat=310
02:57 chris thanks, ill put that on my list to look at tomorrow :)
02:59 chris @weather Abuja, Nigeria
02:59 munin chris: The current temperature in Abuja, Nigeria is 28.0�C (4:00 PM WAT on August 29, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: 22.0�C. Pressure: 29.90 in 1012 hPa.
03:00 chris nicer weather than here :)
03:00 bigbrovar what u guys have setup is the exact idea of what i want to setup here
03:00 bigbrovar a floss based business with focus of edu
03:00 bigbrovar oh yeah
03:00 bigbrovar :)
03:01 chris bigbrovar: <-- this is in wellington next year .. big big linux conference .. one of the few ones Linus goes too
03:01 chris if there is any chance you could get funding to go, Id be happy to show you around our work, and introduce you to the directors who started it
03:02 bigbrovar wow i could work on it .. like if i could save for a ticket ( this people here wont even bother )
03:02 bigbrovar but thanks for the heads up
03:02 chris no problem
03:03 chris also next year, in october or november Kohacon will be here
03:03 bigbrovar i would look into the arrangement .. at least there is enough time
03:03 chris that gives you more time to save :)
03:03 bigbrovar yeah
03:04 bigbrovar have u tried opensis
03:04 bigbrovar am checking it out
03:04 chris no, it looks interesting though
03:06 bigbrovar yeah loos pretty decent
03:06 bigbrovar looks*
03:24 chris_n2 wow... merge is finally done
03:24 * chris_n2 hears his pillow calling
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04:07 chris hmm 120+ kmph gusts
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04:53 chris @quote random
04:53 munin chris: Quote #24: "<kmkale> interesting word munin. in many indian languages we have a word munim who used to be a sort of accountant for all businessmen" (added by gmcharlt at 02:07 PM, August 07, 2009)
04:54 pianohacker @quote random
04:54 munin pianohacker: Quote #24: "<kmkale> interesting word munin. in many indian languages we have a word munim who used to be a sort of accountant for all businessmen" (added by gmcharlt at 02:07 PM, August 07, 2009)
04:54 pianohacker ...
04:54 pianohacker @srand 1025921082
04:54 munin pianohacker: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
04:59 chris heh
05:34 pianohacker Good night
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07:59 bigbrovar .
13:41 bigbrovar .
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19:00 chris wow that seems like pretty bad timing
19:07 chris is it just me or is every image on busted?
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20:05 sekjal hopefully everyone is out having a good weekend.
20:06 sekjal but for those who are in chat, I've got a bit of an urgent problem I could use help with
20:14 chris sup sekjal?
20:16 sekjal trying to run my circulation state capture program
20:17 chris right
20:17 sekjal It should take in the patron's barcode, perform GetMemberDetails(0, $barcode), and then pass that value to AddIssue()
20:17 chris k
20:17 sekjal the return value of GetMemberDetails I'm calling $borrower
20:18 sekjal and I'm calling AddIssue($borrower, $itembarcode, $duedate, 0, $checkoutdate)
20:19 sekjal whoever, when I do that, I get a compilation error saying:
20:19 sekjal "Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 1007
20:19 sekjal line 1007 reads:
20:20 sekjal $borrower->{'borrowernumber'}
20:20 sekjal where $borrower should be lining up with what I fed the subroutine
20:21 chris right, it sounds like GetMemberDetails is failing
20:22 chris ie $borrower is undefined
20:22 chris what barcode are you passing in the first time?
20:22 chris and if you run
20:23 chris select borrowers.*,category_type,categories.description from borrowers  left join categories on borrowers.categorycode=categories.categorycode where cardnumber=your_barcode;
20:23 chris in the db, does it return a result?
20:25 sekjal empty set
20:25 sekjal so, I never got that barcode in the system....
20:26 chris yep
20:26 chris that looks like the problem
20:26 chris in order to handle that
20:26 chris I would do
20:26 chris if ($borrower) {
20:26 chris do your stuff
20:26 chris } else {
20:27 chris warn "Borrwer with barcode $barcode does not exist";
20:27 chris }
20:27 chris or print it, so you have a list of barcodes taht failed
20:27 chris wow typing fail today
20:27 sekjal alright.  looking at that particular barcode, it is oddly short.... I should look it up in the old ILS
20:31 sekjal hmmmm, apparently that particular barcode no longer exists
20:31 sekjal yet it was just extracted from the system
20:31 sekjal so....
20:31 sekjal ::confused::
20:33 chris yeah that is weird
20:33 sekjal still won't compile, even with the if/then statement
20:34 chris whats the error its giving you now?
20:34 sekjal the same
20:34 sekjal can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference
20:35 sekjal same line of
20:35 chris if its undefined that if should fail, and that line should never get called
20:35 chris can you pastebin the snippet of code please?
20:35 chris
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20:37 sekjal oh, right, my code... just a sec
20:37 |Lupin| good evening koha
20:37 chris hi |Lupin|
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20:38 chris hi brendan, still at the airport?
20:38 brendan yup -- looks like the delay is now two hours
20:38 sekjal chris:
20:38 sekjal hi, brendan
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20:38 richard hi
20:39 brendan hello all
20:39 |Lupin| hey brendan, god luck with your plain
20:39 brendan sekjal -- how was the wedding :)
20:39 chris ahh you cant use if (defined
20:39 chris cos my $borrower;
20:39 chris defines it
20:39 chris try just
20:39 chris if ($borrower) {
20:40 sekjal same error
20:40 chris (its undefined by the time it hits AddIssue
20:40 sekjal brendan: the wedding was great
20:40 sekjal went by so fast...
20:40 brendan excellent news
20:41 |Lupin| sekjal: you are now married ?
20:41 sekjal brendan: sorry I couldn't be around to greet you in person
20:41 brendan it does go by so fast doesn't it
20:41 sekjal yes, I am indeed married
20:41 brendan you get some good camping in
20:41 sekjal much to my delight
20:41 chris how bout if ($borrower && $borrower->{'borrowernumber'}){
20:41 sekjal we did
20:41 chris and congrats sekjal :)
20:42 brendan yes congrats sekjal
20:42 |Lupin| congrats too, sekjal
20:42 sekjal thank you all
20:42 * |Lupin| is tempted to say "good luck", also... :/
20:42 sekjal okay, adding the second condition got my 'else' statement to print once, then the same error after that
20:43 chris weird
20:43 |Lupin| k, good night all
20:43 sekjal goodnight!
20:43 |Lupin| good day nz
20:43 brendan sekjal what are you working at the moment -- just trying to catch up
20:43 sekjal circ state capture
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20:44 sekjal trying to pass my script a file with item barcode, patron barcode, out date, and due date
20:44 sekjal and have the script use AddIssue to checkout the list appropriately
20:44 chris i cant see how that if condition can be true ie $borrower->{'borrowernumber'} is true
20:44 chris and it still fail in AddIssue
20:45 sekjal unfortunately, I'm having some trouble turning my patron barcode into a patron object
20:45 sekjal yeah, it just doesn't jive
20:45 sekjal I'll admit I'm pretty new to Perl, but I'm an old hat at logic
20:45 chris yeah :)
20:46 chris what i would try is before the AddIssue call
20:46 chris use Data::Dumper;
20:46 chris warn Dumper $borrower;
20:46 chris that will dump the $borrower variable and we can see what is actually in it
20:46 chris we could then do the same in AddIssue
20:46 brendan one thing that I got hung on before -- was that the patronnumber and the kohapatronnumber never matched for me before
20:47 chris brendan: it's using barcode
20:47 brendan right
20:47 brendan so no need to worry about that
20:47 chris to find the koha borrower, .. but for some reason weirdness is happening
20:47 sekjal I tried to preserve patron number on import.... no dice
20:48 brendan does your system have the problem with multiple barcode numbers per patron
20:48 brendan I think you said you got deleted that before your import
20:49 sekjal Stuart did some kind of fancy footwork to delete extra barcodes, leaving only the most recent
20:49 brendan right
20:49 sekjal however, for some reason, we are only importing a small subset of all the existing patrons
20:49 sekjal supposedly, all the active patrons should be migrated over
20:50 sekjal for a complex definition of 'active'
20:51 chris my ( $charge, $itemtype ) = GetIssuingCharges(
20:51 chris $item->{'itemnumber'},
20:51 chris $borrower->{'borrowernumber'}
20:51 chris );
20:51 chris is the bit failing in C4::Circulation eh?
20:52 chris cos that is all one line as far as perl is concerned
20:52 sekjal its failing in:
20:52 sekjal $sth->execute(
20:52 chris ahh ha
20:52 chris one line again
20:52 sekjal $borrower->{'borrowernumber'}
20:52 sekjal specifically
20:52 chris i now suspect $item->{'itemnumber'}
20:53 chris thats part of the same line
20:53 chris $sth->execute(
20:53 chris $borrower->{'borrowernumber'},      # borrowernumber
20:53 chris $item->{'itemnumber'},              # itemnumber
20:53 chris $issuedate,                         # issuedate
20:53 chris $datedue->output('iso'),            # date_due
20:53 chris C4::Context->userenv->{'branch'}    # branchcode
20:53 chris );
20:53 chris eh?
20:53 sekjal yes, there
20:53 chris thats all one statement, so we know $borrower->{'borrowernumber'} is true
20:53 chris so i bet $item->{'itemnumber'} isnt
20:54 chris but we can check that
20:54 chris by dumping those 2 just before that execute
20:54 chris use Data::Dumper;
20:54 chris warn Dumper $borrower;
20:54 chris warn Dumper $item;
20:55 chris that will at least confirm what we actually have at that point
20:56 sekjal add those lines to
20:57 chris yes please
20:57 chris just before the execute statement
20:58 sekjal nothing different on the terminal
20:58 sekjal did this data dump somewhere else?
20:58 chris you could change the warns to prints
20:59 sekjal ah.  sorry, I was using the wrong copy of
20:59 sekjal argh
20:59 chris ahh that would do it ;)
21:00 sekjal that did something
21:01 chris cool want to pastebin it?
21:02 sekjal
21:02 chris well they both exist then :)
21:03 chris hmmm
21:03 cato joined #koha
21:04 sekjal brb
21:05 chris C4::Context->userenv->{'branch'} is my final suspect then
21:06 chris that is set $self->{"userenv"} = undef;
21:07 sekjal hmmm, that seems likely
21:07 sekjal how can I define the branch from my script?
21:08 chris ahh yeah i see what it does, it gets taht from the active user (ie the logged in one)
21:08 chris that doesnt exist in this case
21:08 chris try
21:09 chris hmm
21:09 chris set_userenv
21:10 chris C4::Context->set_userenv($usernum, $userid, $usercnum, $userfirstname, $usersurname, $userbranch, $userflags, $emailaddress);
21:10 chris in your script somewhere near the top
21:11 sekjal do those values need to be consistant with an existing user?
21:11 chris $userbranch is one you really need
21:11 chris lemme check the code
21:11 chris no
21:11 chris it just populates a hash
21:11 sekjal k, I'll try it
21:12 chris they are inserted into the statistics table
21:12 chris so a migration user might be good
21:12 chris actually no that is only the branch too, yeah branch seems to be the one you really need
21:15 sekjal still won't work for me
21:16 chris damnit
21:16 chris still the same error?
21:16 sekjal yes
21:16 chris ok, where your dumper statements are
21:16 chris can you put
21:17 chris warn  C4::Context->userenv->{'branch'};
21:17 chris it should dump out the value you set it to in your script
21:18 sekjal same error, but now on line 1006.... which is the line of the statement I just inserted
21:18 sekjal so I think we found the problem
21:18 chris *nod*
21:18 chris so userenv is still blank
21:19 chris so it looks like our set didnt work
21:19 chris can you paste that line in?
21:20 chris ah i see the problem
21:20 sekjal C4::Context->set_userenv(1, 'sekjal', 1, 'migration', 'fake', 'MED', 0, '');
21:21 chris ah ha
21:23 chris add this before that line
21:23 chris C4::Context->_new_userenv(123456);
21:24 chris so we make a new userenv (thats our session id)
21:24 chris and then populate it
21:24 chris hopefully that was the missing piece
21:24 sekjal it certainly was one
21:24 sekjal I'm getting something....
21:24 chris C4::Auth does all this when a user logs .. (course we are not doing that)
21:25 chris logs in ever
21:25 chris even
21:25 chris sheesh
21:25 sekjal unfortunately, most of it is FOREIGN KEY violations
21:25 chris :(
21:25 chris those at least should be less opaque to solve
21:25 sekjal that seems like it could be solved by picking a better branch code
21:27 sekjal I REALLY wish I could pick this up tomorrow....
21:28 chris ah yeah, pick a branch code that is in the branches table
21:29 brendan alright boarding the plane now -- gotta run -- sekjal you are in excellent hands...  good luck -- there's still plenty of time and coffee left !
21:29 chris have a good flight brendan
21:29 sekjal thanks, brendan.  fly safe!
21:30 brendan left #koha
21:32 hdl_laptop left #koha
21:38 sekjal alright, some stuff seems to be getting through
21:38 sekjal lots of bad barcode errors, but that's a whole separate issue
21:39 chris *nod*
21:39 chris cool, well thats progress of a a sort :)
21:40 sekjal yes
21:40 sekjal I can live with that
21:40 sekjal for tonight at least
21:41 chris sweet
21:41 sekjal just got to get the bibs to successfully index on the prod system, then I think I can go
21:41 sekjal do some remote maintanence from home tonight
21:42 gmcharlt evening folks
21:42 chris heya gmcharlt
21:43 sekjal hi gmcharlt
22:37 pepe joined #koha
22:41 jdavidb joined #koha
22:41 jdavidb left #koha
23:05 * chris wonders how sekjal is doing
23:07 sekjal chris: looks like the circ state is working okay; I just need to figure out why certain barcodes are bad
23:07 sekjal in-house use seems to be okay, though it won't show up on the default report when run (but its in there)
23:08 sekjal and it looks like all but 2 of 11616 patrons imported
23:08 chris nice
23:09 chris thats a pretty good success rate
23:09 sekjal and the barcode failure are only 44/764
23:10 sekjal I think I can improve that if I don't pre-select which barcode to use; just try them all, and only complain if none take
23:10 chris right
23:11 sekjal I've got an hour before the train, so that leaves me some 45 minutes to see if I can figure it out on my test machine
23:11 sekjal if so, I can go home, and run it there
23:11 chris good luck
23:12 sekjal thanks, chris, for all your help
23:12 chris no worries
23:47 sekjal left #koha

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